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July 12, 2019

Elizabeth Warren Sounding Warning for the Future of Israel


From amongst the leading contenders for the Democrat candidacy to run for President in 2020 is Elizabeth Warren. Recently she was approached by one of the sad plethora of anti-Israel young American Jews about her stand and whether she plans to force the Israeli government to surrender the “occupied Palestinian (Arab) lands” should she win and enter the White House. The conversation went as below:

Becca Lubow, a student and a member of the IfNotNow Jewish anti-occupation movement approached Ms. Warren with their exchange,
“Hi, we are American Jews and we really love the way that you are fighting corruption and we would really love it if you also push the Israeli government to end the occupation,” Lubow said.
“Yes, yes,” Warren said.
“Excellent,” Lubow said.
“So, I’m there,” Warren said.

The encounter was captured in a video that IfNotNow soon posted on social media and can be viewed at the link given above. Bernie Sanders, another of the leading contenders for the Democrat candidacy and a Jew, by birth only, has also stated his support for the Palestinian Arab cause and stated his opposition to the Netanyahu government, something which appears as it will continue for the next three to four years after the September election. Other than Joe Biden, the rest of the Democrat candidates mostly take an anti-Israel position and many would do everything they were able to end all United States aid to Israel. This is something we have stated before as the main thing which we see as frightening. Allow us to explain.


We have absolutely no doubt that losing the aid provided by the United States once would have sounded a death knell for Israel. That is no longer the reality as we will show using the graphs below. The top graph shows Israeli GDP while the bottom graph shows United States aid to Israel. The United States aid began in the early 1970’s and by the 1980’s reached approximately three billion dollars and leveled out at this level from there forward. When this aid originally reached this three-billion-dollar rate it was between ten to twenty percent of Israeli GDP and as such was a significant percentage making it vital to Israel. Israeli GDP has increase steadily since the late 1980’s and in its own way never looked back. Currently that three-billion-dollars of United States aid makes up in the one-percent range against current Israeli GDP. Israel should present President Trump with a three-billion-dollar present and simply decrease the amount of United States aid to the maintenance promised for the new F-35 JSF being incorporated into the Israeli Air Force and a sliding scale as Israel takes over production of her own military needs. This United States aid was initiated when the United States basically bribed Israel with F-15’s and F-16’s in exchange Israel would not pursue production of the Lavi fighter jet which would have been a direct competitor on the international market for the F-16. This was a deal by which the United States gained sales of her own fighters without Israeli competition. With the United States preparing to provide Egypt and Saudi Arabia with F-35 JSF the promise of air superiority has now been broken and thus Israel should plan on producing from scratch her own sixth generation fighter. Once the new Israel fighter is produced, which would likely take a decade, Israel would no longer be dependent upon the United States for her air defense fighters. This three-billion-dollars of United States aid could be utilized by the United States and no longer be a drain on the over-bloated United States budget. But there are more reasons why this is becoming a necessity for Israel.


Israeli GDP Billions $

Israeli GDP Billions $



United States Israel Aid (Military)

United States Israel Aid (Military)


Israel should also begin to produce every weapon used by the IDF. This includes the weapons, bullets, artillery, aircraft, and these could join the Merkava Tanks as proudly produced Israeli defensive weapons, which unfortunately have a habit of appearing to be identical to offensive weaponry. These weapons are only exactly what they are utilized in the military and this decides whether or not they are offensive or defensive. Israel has yet to instigate a war and all her wars have been in response to attacks by her neighbors or by terrorist organizations. This is why Israeli weapons are of a defensive nature. When reading about the wonder weapons which Israel has developed, the mainstay have been interceptor missiles such as Arrow 1, 2, and 3; Iron Dome and David’s Sling, all interceptors of rockets, missiles, ballistic missiles, mortars and other weapons used to try and destroy Israel. The main Israeli activity has been the new barrier being installed around Gaza which is being driven meters underground to prevent tunneling as well as above ground having a strong and reinforced fence which will be resistant to the attempts to destroy the current border barriers which are proving inadequate. In northern Israel a similar border barrier is being considered in order to prevent further tunnel activity by Hezballah in Lebanon. The IDF has also developed a means of detecting these tunnels to a significant depth which has already found dozens of tunnels out of Gaza and Lebanon. There are more advance interceptors being designed and tested which are kept as secretive as proves possible. There have been rumors of laser interceptor to augment the Iron Dome and could possibly be adapted for use against ballistic missiles. But we are not here to guess what the future will bring as we would just as soon be pleasantly surprised and amazed when these systems come on-line and the world marvels with us.


The reason for Israel to become self-dependent for her military needs is something which could provide more than not being overly dependent upon foreign providers. Looking at the majority of what appears as the future of the Democrat Party and one sees a growing number of candidates, Representatives and Senators who are sporting anti-Israel positions. Their antagonism against Israel almost comes seething from their lips. The vast percentage of the current Democrat Presidential candidates are pro-Palestinian Arab and only mouth support for Israel before specific audiences. It should act as a warning to Israel when all of the Democrat Presidential hopefuls refused to address AIPAC, the largest pro-Israel Jewish organization. They also refused to appear at the CUNI convention which is the leading Christian pro-Israel organization. Add to this the seeming constant flow of quotes and Tweets coming from a select group of freshman Congress-critters, namely Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. We would like to believe that these young representatives were not an indication of the future, but that would be attempting to blind ourselves to reality. Supporting Israel, one of the longest running nonpartisan politics but is becoming a partisan political issue with the Republicans supporting Israel and the Democrats attempting to force Israel into committing acts which would challenge her continued existence.


We realize that President Trump is a controversial President if the media is any indication. In Israel he divides people as well but the main area where this divide exists is from the Americans who have recently made Aliyah and who still identify with their United States party affiliations. The vast majority of Israelis are favorable in their views of President Trump as he has been good for Israel. We are also very aware that President Trump may only have a mere year and a half in office if he is defeated in 2020 or five and half years should he win in 2020. Either way, Israel must prepare for the United States post President Trump. It is even difficult to predict who or where the Republicans will find their candidate for 2024. There is but a slight chance that the Republican will win the 2024 Presidential race and even should they win, the odds of their continuing post 2028 are remote if electoral history is any indicator. The United States rarely keeps the same party in the White House for over twelve years in a row in recent times. This means that Israel will be facing potentially an anti-Israel President within the next decade. This is an eventuality which Israel had best be prepared to survive. The Israeli government and particularly its leadership must face facts that counting on the United States to be a close ally and provider of military hardware is approaching its use-by-date after which things could become very dicey.


The problem is that this partnership where Israeli technical aid working with the United States on weapons development and then dependent upon the United States for production of these self-same weapons systems is about to come to an abrupt halt. This will not be a slow estrangement where events will unfold slowly over a decade or more. This will be much closer to having the United States as a close ally on January 19th and then the next day a new President is sworn in and on January 20th Israel will find they no longer have a close ally in the United States. When this happens, all aid from the United States will either completely dry up within a year or will start to come with demands that Israel withdraw from lands presenting them to the Palestinian Arabs to govern themselves. We have already witnessed what this entails. We have one example in Gaza where they would just as soon burn Israel completely to the ground because they love the land so very much. Then with the Palestinian Authority we have Mahmoud Abbas explaining that if he had only one shekel, he would use it to pay one of the terrorists who has murdered Jews. He just as often says Jews as he does Israelis as to him, they are the same. Abbas is so invested in his investing in terrorism and the murder of Israelis, preferably Jews, which comes before paying the workers because the number one occupation is terrorism as far as the ruling elites care. What kind of threat the Palestinian Arabs can pose if they were to become provided for by the United States is something frightening and for which Israel had best have a plan in the works.


Finally, there is another side to this which Israel also need consider. Designing and producing a fighter jet and other support aircraft and air-frames along with all the other requirements for the IDF including weapons and bullets and every other weapons system would provide thousands of higher than average paying jobs. Further, these kinds of production could be placed in the Negev and used to build entire cities around these production facilities providing more jobs and new metropolitan regions for the future growth of Israel. We would like to envision Israel building a spaceport from which Israel and other nations who wish to launch satellites can use which could provide Israel with new friends and benefit her older friends as well. This spaceport could be the central hub for these industries plus Israel could develop systems which are capable of placing satellites in orbit and even emulate another Israeli, Elon Musk, and also develop boosters and even second stages which land back on earth for repeated use. The time has come for Israel to become completely, or as much as she is capable of performing, dependent upon only her own talents and production facilities. Israel could build an entire new passenger airline frame along with her military air-frames and develop the most efficient engines and avionics breaking into this multi-trillion-dollar international market. Once Israel incorporates her economy with an outward look as to how her resources and brain-trusts can best be invested and utilized in order to make Israel a vital nation to the world as a whole, the faster many of the groups fighting her will fail and Israel will have some peace. This is what a spaceport, passenger aircraft production, her own lines of military hardware and a multitude of other vital production businesses such that Israel becomes an asset to all instead of a target for hatred and spite. And, as we stated, the Negev just begs for a spaceport to be built in its center and to use as a hub for a futuristic region.


Israel Space Port Launch Facility

Israel Space Port Launch Facility


Instead, many Israelis are of the notion that the United States will always be there as our friend and staunch ally. We would like to remind them that early in the nation’s history the United States was neutral at best and a hindrance too often and has not been our ally and military partner for the first thirty-five years of our history. Israel used to fly French Mirage interceptors which. though designed as a bomber interceptor to be used should the USSR invade Europe, Israel made do using it as their first line fighter aircraft. This was part of the reason why Israel was developing the Lavi fighter. For those stuck on the United States as providing Israel with aircraft out of any purely altruistic means need to remember that Israel had to forgo producing fighters while this arrangement lasts and this denied Israelis with thousands of jobs and the country with an even healthier GDP. Israelis need to come to grips with the unfortunate fact that the United States is going to become estranged in the not too distant future and guaranteed earlier than Israel will be prepared if certain steps are not taken and taken immediately. Some truths are difficult for people to get their arms around as they have this comfort level of which any new idea which pulls the rug out from under their understanding is met with disbelief. Such disbelief always leads to facing a crisis which should have been foreseen and planned for. One such belief is that the United States will always be there, a belief which will inevitably become false and lead to great panic if not prepared for now rather than waiting to be blindsided. There really is nothing else to add beyond the old set of the six “P’s” which means, Prior Planning Prevents Poor Panicky Performance.


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March 17, 2019

The Divide and the Wall


There is no more perfect measuring tape depicting the divide between those who desire government as usual and those tired of the monster in Washington D.C. which has been named the “Deep State” which envisions minions of the state huddled in their offices and cubicles making rules for the rest of the nation without any recourse by the people to select or remove these bureaucrats. This has been an existing threat to the freedoms and liberties of every American for decades. Some ask where did this “Deep State” originate and how did they gain so much power and influence over even everyday life? That is an interesting question which brings to light the bad attitude many lawmakers really have for their constituents. This story starts as a result of gross mismanagement of the economic front combined with the demands of World War II imposed atop the former problem. The first person to go on the record and warn the people of this growing threat was, from an unsuspected person, President Dwight David Eisenhower. President Eisenhower had probably one of the deepest understandings of how the government functioned and how the unchecked growth in the Federal Governmental Powers would eventually lead to an oppressive state where the rules had become so complex and often contradictory that anybody could be arrested for even the most casual and daily activity. Between his serving as the Commander of all Allied Forces in the European Theater, he learned the tact needed to work with the political; and as President, he came to envision the potential that the Federal Government could grow to threaten the people and the nation. He referred to this threat as the “Military Industrial Complex” but he saw deeper as mentioned in his parting speech given as he prepared to leave office and retire from public life, which we have included below. This additional threat he foresaw was for a technological elite who through computing power, money and control over information would hold the power to control much of life and even potentially take dictatorial control enslaving even the governance of the country reducing the people to pawns they moved as they desired. This short speech is well worth watching as President Eisenhower hits the nail on the head explaining the potential problem which has slowly come into focus and we are witnessing today.



Today, we have as President a non-politician Donald J. Trump, a figure who has proven to be divisive unlike any before him. He managed, as has every Republican from Eisenhower forward, to alienate the Democrat base and their far left set. Trump has also managed to distress the elite Republican guard, also known as the Country Club Republicans who mostly reside in New England but run for office in states such as Texas, Utah or anywhere else they may have a second or third vacation home. Then the far right has become disenchanted with Trump, as he has not turned out to be the hateful White Supremacist they had desired. This is one group which President Trump gladly refuses to give cover as their actions for hating others is repugnant to him. We realize that there are a fair number of people who like to believe that President Trump is aligned with those hate filled people of the far right, but President Trump has nothing for those hate-filled people on the far right any more or less than he feels about hate-filled people on the far left. There have been a few actions by President Trump which have been for the betterment of the American public, though some will deny this with every ounce of their energy. These liberating actions, though, will only prove helpful if the people actually observe, learn and then act upon what they have learned and observed. The biggest item on this list is the revelation of the “Deep State” which is the fulfillment of America ignoring the warnings from President Eisenhower. His warning of a military industrial complex taking control of the governance and using the government to their benefit without concern for the betterment of the people was likely ignored and soon forgotten and the monster grew to the point where it has enveloped much of industry and all of government. Their claim is that when they gain, the people gain, but from what we have witnessed, the people do not gain as much nor as fast thus allowing the elite from the industrial techno-military and dark programs complex to have also engulfed the media and academic worlds into a shadow government. This has been further enhanced by the machinations by the full array of management of numerous bureaucracies, virtual independent or mutually dependent fiefdoms, with their eternal demands for more financing to solve the problem they caused with their previous solutions leading to their never-ending cycles of demands. This has permitted the government to grow to the point where control became difficult and very soon thereafter moved far beyond any point where control was even remotely conceivable. This was greatly aided by the Congress being remiss in performing their Constitutionally defined duties and consecutive White Houses which permitted such delinquency in regard of the Constitution and singing incomplete legislation leading to an ever-growing government bureaucracy.


Deep State and the Swamp


The problem arose when the issues became more complicated, complex, technical and beyond the ability for the average member of Congress to get their arms around. This led to the forming and passing of legislation which did not set laws but rather set vague and generalized goals with the notation for the actual laws, in the form of regulations which Congress has assigned to have equal weight as a law, to be filled in by certain chosen departments within the government and often ending stating any other departments, as determined to be necessary. This permitted virtually every department within the government to make regulations and then set up the enforcement requirements within the agencies leading to the perpetual growth of the departments which for the bureaucracy which is the swamp President Trump alluded to draining. The unavoidable result of this system are the web of regulations which have already become almost innumerable in scope leading to regulations both requiring on one hand and forbidding on the other hand of acts, reportings, and other requirements such that nobody can comply with the entirety without potentially transgressing another regulation when complying with an original regulation. This is the perfect storm required for the government to be weaponized against the very people it was designed to protect. Anyone who owned a small business or even a Mom & Pop store realizes day in and day out trying to meet the regulations they know or have been advised to follow. When they are fortunate, the government leaves things at that, but should somebody decide to target such operations, they simply seek out some regulations, or some group of regulations, which can be applied to their business forcing them to attempt to keep abreast of these demands which can and likely will become overwhelming and often results in their business falling victim to over-regulation forcing them out of business. Moneyed interests can even twist laws to the point of breaking in order to gain their desired results. Such appeared to be the case in the “Kelo v. City of New London” which involved use of eminent domain to transfer land from one private owner to another private owner to further economic development. The Supreme Court decided five to four that the city had the right to force owners of private residences in an area where the city desired to place high-rise condos and a shopping mall had the right under eminent domain to force out the owners of homes, some had been family residences for generations, simply because the new development would provide greater revenue through taxes remitted and thus the development was in the best interest of the people which outweighed the property rights of individuals. Many were very upset with this decision as it put monetary concerns ahead of the individual and their rights. Now, any governing body can decide to take over any neighborhood if the planned replacement will be more profitable for the governing body, individual rights be damned. We hold out hope that in some future this decision will be overturned.


This brings us to the Trump Wall along the Mexico-American border. The present fight, some might even say war, between President Trump and Congress over funding the wall reached a new plateau this week with the House of Representatives and the Senate both passing legislation voiding the State of Emergency declared by the President by which he could get the funding despite Congress. As should have been expected, President Trump used his veto and sent the legislation back to the House of Representatives so the Congress could work on procuring an override to the Presidential veto. It is almost a given that the proponents of this legislation will never be able to get the two-thirds vote necessary in both houses. Yes, there were twelve Senate Republicans who voted for this legislation yet it still only passed the Senate by a vote of 59-41, well short of the sixty-seven required for an override. The mere fact that twelve Senators from presumably Trump’s own party would cross over to rebuke him so flagrantly is simply further proof that the President is not supported by the mainstream of either party. President Trump is honestly the President without a party, he just borrowed one for the time being and many of those Republicans who see their control threatened are quite put out, one might even say they are furious. This veto will soon become another Trump derangement where it will advance their precious “Impeachment Clock” one more tic closer to toc. Thusfar, the “Impeachment Clock” has had an operational problem in that it continues to tic but cannot advance, as it is unable to find the required toc to complete the cycle and move ahead. Thus, the “Impeachment Clock” will forever be stuck at just under three minutes to eleven and never count on to high noon and an actual impeachment trial in the Senate.


Impeachment Clock


The wall along the border will possibly begin in fits and starts but will not be completed even should President Trump be reelected. The only way the wall gets built is if the United States can elect a new President who shares the vision of controlling the border but is at least measurably less contentious. As any Republican elected for the foreseeable future will be treated exactly as President Trump has been treated, the wall would require a Democrat to build it. Any Democrat attempting to build the wall will not see a second term as he will have alienated his entire base as “intersectionality” has a required position in favor of open borders, and as long as the left demands rigid obedience to their chosen mantras which include but are not limited to, open borders, Israel is racist, renewable energy over fossil fuels, free college, free healthcare, Israel committing genocide, Zionism is racism, global warming-climate change will destroy the world and a host of other items approved by the Social Democrat Party. The people behind these far left positions have taken control of the Democrat Party with the old-school Democrats hanging on for dear life hoping not to fall within the sights of these leftists and face a primary challenge. The new left has proven their ability to unseat even long-sitting representatives such as when Representative Joseph Crowley of New York, once seen as a possible successor to Nancy Pelosi as Democratic leader of the House, lost to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a primary race. The Democrat Party will be facing an inevitable and inexorable slide to the far left and demands for making the United States into their idea of a socialist utopia. Unfortunately, there has never been a socialist utopia which incorporated a group larger than a community as socialism depends on the ability to shame those who demands more free things without toting their own share of the work required. Pure socialism worked in the Israeli Kibbutzim but Israel herself necessitated moving from a largely socialist governance to a more capitalistic governance where even the healthcare system, which covers everybody with a set minimal level of care, has four companies which offer the basic required plans as demanded by government and each adds their own flavor to that package plus offer higher degrees of care for additional process. Then there is the other story about the ills caused by collectivism in the Plymouth Colony and the “Third Thanksgiving” and how injecting a little ability for self-gain increased their work levels and productivity. We have often held that man is not a perfect being and some amount of greed is to be found in all people. This makes a system based on needs over production will always lead to an ever increasing list of demands over an ever shrinking productivity, which deems socialism to failure whenever people, and not ants or bees, are concerned. Meanwhile, in a more capitalist system those who have needs simply have to work smarter, harder or both in order to gain those needs. Not as obvious, if one can find the means for having others work and produce for them, they will gain even greater rewards. But socialism aside, since only a Republican President will favor building the Mexico Wall, and any Republican will face the level of hatred which President Trump faces, this may doom the wall to failure. Those who desire claiming that President Trump is being treated differently than other Republicans must have missed out on Bush Derangement Syndrome during George W. Bush’s Presidency or have not been born or was not old enough to remember the taunts and insults hurled vindictively at President Ronald Reagan whose movie poster of him with the chimpanzee “Bonzo” claiming that he was second fiddle to a monkey, and they were not referring to the film. The wall is not going to be completed no matter the steps taken by the President and the swamp cannot be drained as it has reached a size beyond the human capacity to take down any faster than it was built, which is now approaching three-quarters of a century if we take President Eisenhower’s warning as the beginning of the problem. We can only hope that the swamp can be contained, then we can work at draining it. Until them, Americans can assist draining the swamp or enlarging the swamp, there is no neutral on this issue.

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December 18, 2018

The Case in Store for America


There will be a new Congress coming this January which will prove to be informative in numerous ways. Some of the coming news will be readily reported and some will be lauded as coming better late then never and the real hope that the American democracy will survive and much will be ignored, refuted and readily pooh poohed. Politics will be even more centered around President Trump with everything currently being done to weaken his Presidency continuing only to be joined by strong new efforts originating in the soon to be Democrat controlled House of Representatives. Those who have continued thus far protesting and bombarding social media reposting every anti-Trump post no matter how ridiculous the post will continue to serve that purpose giving us all the information which denigrates President Trump with varying degrees of accuracy and amusement. This, they will claim, is doing a public service providing those who may have a loose connection with sanity which caused them mistakenly to vote Donald Trump President in a fit of temporary, or worse, sanity to realize the error of their ways and thus prevent them making the same mistake in 2020. The numbers of people combating these postings will continue to drop making these heroes of America continue their campaign in the belief that they are preventing the reelection of President Trump. Polls will continue to vary wildly from week to week while many people play games when answering these poll questions simply because they do not care about polls and prefer to just have fun. President Trump will continue to have support percentages and disapprove percentages add together to measurably over 100%, an interesting result which implied that there is a group of Americans who disapprove of President Trump while supporting him. Oddly enough, this has some basis in theories about President Trump. There is a theory that a percentage of the American population disapproves of Donald Trump, the person, but support President Trump due to the political policies he is enacting or attempting to enact.


There will be differences in both houses of Congress. The easier change comes in the Senate where President Trump has gained sufficient support that even should Senator Mitt Romney become the next leader of the “conservative” resistance against Trump, he will not garner sufficient Republicans to prevent President Trump having the Senate approve every appointment presented the Senate which is simply a reasonable choice. We fervently believe that should President Trump attempt to appoint somebody whose qualifications for the office are in question, then the Senators will debate such qualifications and suitability for the office professionally and possibly reject such an appointment. The Senate may be requested to hold a special session by the House of Representatives where the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court will preside over the Senate. For those still in doubt, they will be holding trial for President Trump or members of his administration or possibly judges he has appointed such as Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh under Impeachment charges. They will return votes refuting these charges dismissing such allowing all to remain in their positions. So, Impeachments denied and appointments approved and that is the new Senate.


The House of Representatives has already announced what their planned agenda is going to be. First, at least four or five committees are going to entertain criminal charges against President Trump with an intent of bring the first Impeachment charges to the floor of the House. Some of the other committees are taking a more original approach by seeking to bring Impeachment charges against a number of the appointments made by President Trump with at least one announcing they plan to bring Impeachment charges against Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. Other items which will meet similar rejection from the Senate upon arrival are the attempts to reestablish all of Obamacare, Universal Healthcare via Medicare for all, repeal of the Trump tax cuts and reinstituting strict carbon control in an attempt to end all reliance on coal, oil, natural gas and any other fossil fuels. The Senate and the House of Representatives, beyond the approval of President Trump appointments which will pass the Senate, will waste their time and the taxpayers’ monies rejecting virtually everything proposed by the other and the House of Representatives will also reject anything coming from the White House.


But there will be one group which will continue to attempt to make any progress in reaching the conclusion they have been tasked with, and that is the Mueller Special Counsel investigation. Never mind that the only items they have found were extraneous charges of minor malfeasance by a small number of people who were not part of the Trump campaign or administration at the time of their acts. But Mueller has been tasked to investigate President Trump for violations under which he may be Impeached, be that the presumed Russian collusion over the election defeat of Hillary Clinton or anything he may find related or not. Nobody has been all that upset over the little fact that the Mueller investigation has exceeded spending twelve-million dollars thusfar and has shown no signs of making any real progress against the President and has been using what many do believe are inappropriate tactics. It has been stated that Mueller has threatened any of the people he finds even the slightest impropriety, that he still inflates the charges by adding in charges of conspiracy to commit more serious crimes or finding some means of dismissing or reducing sentences if only they will provide evidence, manufactured, invented or actual, against President Trump or those closest to him. There has been evidence of using the perjury trap where you have one person swear to an exchange imagined or real but in a form or order of words differing from another person which Mueller is targeting as his next step to the President. This is followed by a charge of perjury which allows the same trap to be set as Mueller works his way up the path to his eventual target.


President Trump and Speaker Pelosi

President Trump and Speaker Pelosi


There are some things we can all but guarantee. The most obvious is that should the Mueller investigation be closed by the White House, you can bet your bottom dollar that soon to be Speaker of the House Pelosi will bring obstruction of justice charges against President Trump and use that to bring Impeachment against President Trump. The majority of the time spent in the media will be interviewing Democrats from the House of Representatives and select Senators while also building up the numerous individuals seeking the Democrat nomination for President to unseat President Trump. Should a Republican announce their intention to run against President Trump in the Republican primaries, they will get an inordinate amount of media time and be billed as the coming of the nation’s greatest hope. Should they succeed in promoting somebody who replaces President Trump as the Republican candidate, that person will overnight become the most devious and evil person whose mere existence on the ballot throws into question the sanity of those who voted for him during the primaries. There will be questions about how they won the primaries against Trump and they may even claim that the Russians were promoting them because they were disgruntled with President Trump as he did not do as he had been expected to perform. Meanwhile, whomever wins the Democrat primaries will be lauded as the sole logical and sensible choice to help the United States recover from the disasters caused by President Trump and to actually get to doing the work of the people which had been ignored for the past four years. The fact that the Democrat House of Representatives and the Republican Senate could not find any common ground will be blamed on President Trump as he obviously proved to be ineffective and the reason no mere amateur should be elected President and only politicians are qualified to hold the office.


Should President Trump be the Republican candidate, whether winning against opposition or waking to the election after being unopposed, we suspect that Mitt Romney was placed in the Senate as the Senator from Utah such that he could establish a reasonable position allowing him to oppose President Trump in the Republican primary elections. We can predict the entirety of the campaign which President Trump will use for 2020. He will place Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi front and center in his speeches about his inability to get the people’s work done without the cooperation of both Houses of Congress. He will request that the people elect a majority of people who are willing to work with him to get the remainder of those items of the people’s work done, be they Republican or Democrat, as long as they support lower taxes, deregulation, and strong borders and that he requires over sixty in the Senate which means that the majority of those Senate seats being voted need to be filled by those who will support his efforts. President Trump will possibly claim that he faced the revolution lead by Senator McCain and then had an oppositional House of Representatives and plead with the voters, though pleading Trump style will sound more like marching orders, for the people to support him for the election and in giving him a Congress which will permit him to finalize items which he was only able to get temporary motions passed. He will explain that his tax cuts are temporary and he wants to make them permanent and perhaps even make those tax cuts deeper such that the government takes even less from the people and reducing the taxes and regulations on domestic business so as to continue to stimulate the economy such that the nation reaches full employment which will allow the additional people being employed will reduce the strain on government while adding to the tax revenues. If you desire to see a similar campaign one need only look back to President John Fitzgerald Kennedy who campaigned on lower taxes and strengthening the military so as to keep world peace and give the American voice more impact in the world. The main difference will be the enemies which each identified with Kennedy making the Communist spread in the world while Trump will talk about the threats to our democracy as we know it.


The campaign will be fiercely fought no matter whom the Democrats choose to be their candidate. The two people who have received some coverage of being front-runners have been Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. We will go out on a limb and claim that neither will become the Democrat candidate for President and it will not be Elizabeth Warren either. The Democrat field might actually draw a sizable number of candidates somewhat like the Republican list last elections. The primary campaigns will probably be more interesting than the actual Presidential elections. What would be guaranteed is that should President Trump be reelected, the demonstrations around the nation may surpass anything ever witnessed to date. The leftists will revolt against such a result and demand an additional Special Council to investigate this renewed tragedy which had to be due to some devious means as Donald Trump could not have won as everybody they know would never have voted for Trump.


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