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October 19, 2018

Talking Elections in America


The elections are rapidly approaching upon the United States and there is little to campaign upon. The Republicans are counting on the good economy and the general lack of major problems while the Democrats are putting magnifying glasses on even the slightest problems and trying to make them appear systemic. Both parties are facing the dearth of problems as their greatest challenge. While one would believe that the rise in economic realities would favor those who support the President and his tax cuts and backing off on regulatory morass which had been stymying economic growth, that may not be sufficient a reason to get out and vote. On the other side of the coin, the Democrats will cast the improved economy as just paying dividends to the wealthy and not helping the middle class or the poor. Even the lack of the issue of unemployment will still be cast by Democrats as being unusually high. This might be considered to be simply wrong except that people have short memories and may be convinced that real unemployment is still a problem. Then there will be the usual claims that the Republicans are a bunch of racists and the only means of solving these problems is to elect those loving Democrats. Then there will be the concerns about the sporadic but troublesome violence which has struck cities across the country. These will be laid at the feet of President Trump and the Republicans despite the lack of evidence. Still, this is a staple of politicking in America despite the seeming lack of real racism. This will be an interesting election as all will depend on which party can get their base out to vote.


The recent circus over the Kavanaugh confirmation and the DNA test backfiring on Senator Warren will both be forgotten possibly by the time this article is posted. There is one way of possibly producing another brouhaha by sending a nomination for a new United Nations Ambassador to replace Nikki Haley. This would be risky as any time one foments a confrontation, they can never tell how it will eventually play out politically. The other problem would be whom President Trump might consider appointing which the American people would accept on face value and still be opposed strongly by partisan Democrats. Dina Powell has been probably the main person along with Richard Grenell, the recently appointed Ambassador to Germany, Republican Sen. Bob Corker who recently served as Senate Foreign Relations committee chairman. There has been what we consider a humorous suggestion of Trump’s daughter, Ivanka. She will not be the choice for many and obvious reasons. Then there are the less obvious choices such as Secretary of State Pompeo or, should the President want a really big and vocal pushback, appointing once serving United Nations Ambassador John Bolton who currently serves as the President’s Security Advisor. The trick would be to choose somebody with unquestionable credentials but also partisan enough to cause the desired uproar from the Democrat side of the Senate. Still, we doubt that the President will risk any such appointment until after the elections, though one never knows with Trump. If President Trump were to attempt to use such an appointment as a wedge issue in the upcoming elections, we would suggest that the appointment be made ten days or so before the election as the ultimate October surprise. We might suggest a position for the recently retired columnist and renowned economist and generally well-rounded man of knowledge, Thomas Sowell, or Katrina Pierson who was national spokeswoman for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign as well as Allen West who had a stellar military career and is a proven spokesperson for the United States. The problem is whomever the President chooses is going to have some very impressive shoes to fill and will have the stellar performance of Nikki Haley always in the backdrop upon which they will be compared. Of the former choices, the one which stands out would have to be Allen West as he has shown a strong understanding of world politics and particularly the problematic Middle East. And yes, we admit his unwavering support for Israel did color our choice.


Allen West

Allen West


Unfortunately, we do not have a direct line to the White House beyond calling the operator and being shuffled around and put on hold until we give up. But that might have more to do with our living outside the United States than anything else as well as our lack of notoriety. Still, we would love to see one of the above choices be sent by the President at any point in time as they all have their qualifications. Another reason we love the idea of Allen West is he has a quick wit and is difficult to intimidate as he fears virtually nothing, or at least has not shown any indication of such fears. As far as providing sufficient paper trail as evidence of his fitness for such a position, his editorials and speeches would serve well. Nobody could be able to question his patriotism or his dogged determination to get the job accomplished, as proven by his military record. Even the one presumed blemish on his command was his being relieved from his command for what was deemed unprofessional conduct. The story behind this was a simply one. His unit in a combat zone in Iraq, if memory serves, had been ambushed regularly and they had a high-level detainee who was expected of Taliban connections with knowledge of where the next day’s ambush would likely be waiting his troops. This detainee was resisting normative methods of interrogation and Lieutenant Colonel Allen West ordered the other officers and enlisted men out of the interrogation area. He then proceeded to use a less normative form of interrogation by discharging his service sidearm into the sand-bucket used for clearing weapons, except he did so tight behind the detainee’s head. He then racked his weapon and asked again, likely but not proven, brandishing said weapon and the detainee provided the necessary information. He then advised the officers of the gleaned information, preceded to the communication area, called his commanding officer, some general, and informed him of his actions. The gears of the military turned and he was removed from command for his special form of coercion and improper treatment of a prisoner. This would be the kind of officer I would have followed into any war zone as he placed his men ahead of his own career, a rare and exception commander in our book. We would almost dare the Democrats to attempt to use this as ammunition to try and stall his selection as once the real story broke and was carried by FOXX News and any other conservative outlet, the story would get to the remainder of the population and would definitely super-charge the Republican base to support their candidates. But that would be devious and we all know that President Trump would never lay a trap such as this.


Beyond the Cusp


October 9, 2018

After Trump, There Comes the Great Question


We can assume that the Democrat Party will lose the coming midterms largely due to the public lynching of Justice Kavanaugh in his confirmation hearings. The Republicans can probably count on the Democrat candidates using similar tactics against numerous Republican candidates in the most highly contended states. This will backfire on them to the extremes. It is even rather likely that President Trump will easily be reelected should, as expected, the economy continue to roll along with a future that appears bright. This will only be more likely should the Republicans experience a red tide flowing fast carrying Congress securely behind the President and his work of bolstering the economic conditions. The problem comes after President Trump for the Republicans to continue to keep the Trump support of what we call the Silent Majority or the Middle American Normals. Vice President Pence is not a highly exciting personality which would stir the base to come out and vote. By 2024, the Democrats will have a completely new and different body of candidates. They will probably run a fresh face filled with the vigor of youth which will produce the kind of excitement which brings out the younger voters, the very kind of voters which elected President Obama and before him President Clinton. The Republicans will be required to come up with a Presidential candidate who can stir the base and get the working class voters to remain steady with the Republicans. The one person we can see who would bring out such passion would be United States Ambassador Nicky Haley. In addition, Nicky Haley could be the woman to claim the treasured title of first woman President. This would be a great thing as she is an invigorating and special personality as well as a great and steady proponent of conservative thought and policy.


United States Ambassador Nikki Haley

United States Ambassador Nikki Haley


Here is where the problem comes, after twelve years of holding the Presidency, it will be very difficult for the Republicans to hold to power beyond, as the pendulum of politics tends to inexorably swing one way and then inevitably swings back. Finally, even should the excitement of having the first woman President, after the period of Republican hold of Congress will also become challenged, and if Ms. Haley does not have a supporting Congress, she will not be able to accomplish her preferred policy and might fall victim to the same difficulties which plagued President George H. W. Bush with having to allow the raising of taxes in order to receive the votes necessary to at least salvage part of the conservative agendas. No matter what, eventually the Democrats will take the White House and if this should come after a near record time of holding the Presidency by the Republicans, history teaches that any Democrat President, especially if this does not occur until 2032, then the Congress will also be under Democrat rule and the mainstream Republican establishment will have recovered sufficiently to have returned the Republican agenda to the unexciting middle of the road policies which has seemingly always put the base to sleep as it lacks vision. This is what led to the initial two years under President Obama where he also had an unchallengeable majority in the House of Representatives and a cloture proof sixty or greater number of Senators. This was how President Obama managed to force through Obamacare and virtually anything else they chose to pass. This is the great problem which has faced every past correction from the seemingly inexorable move leftward by American politics. This will also have a devastating effect on the rest of the world, as the United States once again will change their loyalties away from their former traditional allies, especially in the Middle East, and ally with former adversaries. But with whom will the Democrats ally?


The next time the Democrats capture the White House the only mystery will be whether they ally on the side of the Sunni or the Shiite base of Islam. This decision will determine whether they will support Saudi Arabia or Iran, as they are the leaders of these two variants of Islam. Whichever side is chosen, the reality will also show a new threat to traditional America. The Democrat Party is at the forefront of their new identity. This new Democrat is currently represented by such as Linda Sarsour and Keith Ellison who both have connections with CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and connections with the Muslim Brotherhood and even potentially with Hamas. The main reasoning behind the Islamic preference for the Democrat Party is largely due to their immigration policy which favors immigrants from the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region which is heavily Islamic. Further, the members of Islamic faiths are very politically conscious and realize that power only comes when you concentrate your power in one group which maximizes your influence. It currently appears that the Islamic power base will be cultivated and grown within the Democrat Party over the Republican Party. Their hard work has been rewarded with Keith Ellison being promoted into the second highest position in the party. The apparent partnering of the Democrats and Islam makes little sense until you realize they also have a common enemy, the Judeo-Christian Ethics. The problem in marrying the remainder of their seeming alliance is easily explained by the overly optimistic belief in their powers and abilities of having an ability powered by their overt belief in the rightfulness of their political agenda to overcome all obstacles if only they are able to take power. By the time the Democrats retake power in the White House, the face of Europe will be changing as the Islamic influx creates political unrest. The Democrats will promise to keep the United States out of any European war and not facing the problems which resulted from the two World Wars. This will be a very appealing platform which will likely be successful.


What will also have come into being is a sufficient number of Islamic voting blocks which can carry certain states for the Democrat Party. These states will be, but not limited to, Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia and possibly the Carolinas. Many of these states are the decisive states necessary for carrying the Electoral College and attaining the White House. This will provide the Islamic blocks considerable power in the Democrat Party. It could be that power which may cause the Democrats to break that promise about not entering into the problems of Egypt and further into the imbroglio all but guaranteed to have worsened in the Middle East. Our best guess is that the Democrats will be beholding to Sunni Islam which will place the United States in direct conflict with Iran as well as possibly, should alliances remain as they are currently, against Russia. The wild card would be whether or not the Chinese desire getting involved or take the intelligent path of remaining aloof and out of all wars which they do not choose to start. The truth is that we are guaranteed that the future is going to be interesting if nothing else. The question is will time change Islam or will it remain set on the path of chasing after world conquest as they believe the Quran demands of them. Should the Muslim Brotherhood remain a power determining the policies and beliefs for Sunni Islam, then we can be assured that world conquest will remain their goal. They will desire to use their power within the Democrat Party in order to serve just that goal.


If anyone believes that the United States is in turmoil currently, just wait until the late 2020’s to the mid 2030’s and what is coming. Imagine the conflict which will arise should one party begin to try and replace the Constitution with a new set of laws which, as time passes, begin to point that they are attempting to place Sharia in place of the Constitution. The civil conflict which this could instigate would make these current altercations pale by comparison. That will be because the Christians, who are usually the quiet or at least polite, will be up in arms and become the strongest of Constitutionalists. Things might even start to become uncomfortable sufficiently for the Jews, who currently are very aligned with the Democrat Party, start to depart out of fear and a measure of survival instinct. If the rise of Islamic interests in the Democrat Party does not give the Jews reason for pause, then they are truly lost to their faith. The Muslim power base and ability to fund campaigns for the Democrats will have them a strong replacement for the Jews who will not have the numbers or financial clout to compete with the Islamic power base. Should these events take place, there will be many Jews fleeing to Israel, as Europe will no longer be a safe refuge. The real question is whether or not the Islamic powers through the Muslim Brotherhood actually take power in the United States as their well laid out plans which are no secret.


We may be sounding like fear-mongers, but the above link is real and what we have laid out here is also a distinct probability. We have traced this slow progression of the hate of anti-Semitism which has slowly but inexorably grown stronger and stronger in places which many claimed it could never grow. This growth has been in the far left and not the right. This is why the left and Democrat Party have become the natural home for the Islamic interests. We have witnessed the expression of Israel hatred from the far left and exemplified by Linda Sarsour and many of her activities. How all of the parties and forces in play will make sure that American political theater continues to defy predictions and make turns and spins which nobody could ever have conceived could occur is anyone’s guess. Who could have predicted that President Obama would be elected at the time that Ronald Reagan gained his reelection and it appeared that Vice President Bush would follow for a full two terms, and he lost to a relative unknown governor from Arkansas. Imagine a time when we had little knowledge of a family known as the Clintons. Of all the things which have occurred in American politics, the one prediction which came true in spades was the warning from President Eisenhower to keep a tight control over the military and its potential marriage with a defense industry which would drain funds from the American public at unstoppable rates if allowed to go loose. Well, they went loose and America reaped the misery. We are, unfortunately, not quite as true seeing as was President Eisenhower, but then he spoke of what he knew and you cannot fault him for the ensuing mess because we did not heed his warnings. What will be coming down the road to us looks to be of equal a threat to the American dream and a Constitution which has never known and potentially will never see its equal outside of the bible, the book which began the entire idea of personal freedoms and national liberties.


Beyond the Cusp


October 2, 2018

Trump Should Let the People Decide


We all know how President Trump loves poking Democrats whenever he has an opportunity. Some of us know he enjoys the same sport against certain Republicans. Further, it should be known that there is a group which President Trump trusts implicitly, the American People as a whole. These are the ones who placed him in the White House with hope that he would perform as advertised and not as his checkered past might indicate. Thus far, they have not been let down. That is why President Trump needs to trust this same group to end the witch trials going on in the United States Senate under the guise of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings where Advise and Consent has become Deride and Accuse. The drama, or caricature of a drama, has been playing out in the Senate chambers and across the front pages of numerous newspapers. In many instances, what has been written bore little in common with what was actually occurring. Topping this bill were the headlines touting the bravery of “Senator Booker Releases Secret Kavanaugh Emails In Defiance Of Senate Rules” when in reality those Emails were cleared for public release numerous hours before his defiant claims, but why let a few small facts get in the way of aggrandizing a potential 2020 Presidential nominee making hay while the sun shines. Every word uttered by a Democrat Senator was repeated breathlessly as if coming from Socrates or the Oracle at Delphi. The Republican Senators were either ignored or deemed inconsequential, which if by that they meant not critical enough, they got that one correct. But they had nothing to add to the broadsides launched by their Democrat colleagues. So, now the entire fight appears to be coming down to how a small number of wayward Republican and vulnerable Democrat Senators will vote on the Kavanaugh confirmation. What is a President with questionable influence to do?


Well, there is something President Trump could do which would have the Democrats and media, but we repeat ourselves, up in arms and crying foul. All President Trump needs do is ask Senator Graham to table the nomination until January and announce that he will meet the Democrat demand that he wait for the midterm election results before having Kavanaugh confirmed. He can state unequivocally that this election will be about the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh and other people whom he will nominate to judgeships in the future and their right to a fair and impartial hearing based on the facts and not last minute grandstanding and accusations which could have been aired early in the proceedings and been properly vetted instead of all the shrill partisanship we have seen in the past two weeks. President Trump can state that he will allow the people to decide and that he will stand by their decision. This would give President Trump two large pluses for his side. The first is that this would call the Democrats’ bluff and make the election all about Kavanaugh, something the Democrats actually fear despite grandstanding on the demand that the confirmation should be held after the midterm elections. Second, it takes the focal point of the election off of the President and places it instead on the Senate confirmation hearings which would permit both sides to use whatever snippets they believe best depict their side or most color the opposition in a bad light in their campaigns and takes away from what did President Trump Tweet today as the central point. Let’s face it, if you were President Trump and you were looking at a choice between him or Kavanaugh in campaigns about who would you trust, Kavanaugh wins hands down compared to Trump. Besides, it would show that the President trusts the people over the Swamp, as it has properly been labeled plus it would not only take the wind out of the Democrat’s sail, it would expose them further as rejectionist as we can be as sure as we are that the sun will rise tomorrow that there will be the same Democrats out in the media crying that Trump is trying to divert the election from himself onto Kavanaugh and how this is totally unfair as it denies the Democrats of their vote on this important position immediately, as the constitution demands.


Remember that these are the same people claiming that the Constitution would favor a longer deliberation even if it took the nomination to beyond the election granting the people a chance to vote on the nomination. Have the vote before the midterms and the Democrats claim that President Trump is rushing the vote due to the coming Blue Wave and push the vote till after the election and President Trump is trying to make the election all about Kavanaugh while ignoring all the other enormous issues which need to be discussed. Talk about damned if you do and damned if you don’t; this is the perfect example of just such a situation. Calling the Democrats’ bluff is the surest means for exposing their duplicity and will be evidence that all they desire is to be seen opposing everything Trump. President Trump would be well served to make a habit out of granting the Democrats exactly what they demand whenever it is guaranteed to have them then take the opposite side and demand that the President not do as they had demanded. There will be numerous times this will present itself as one of the many options and this is one which will also assist with draining the Swamp. This is actually the greatest; some might say sole, saving grace and accomplishment of President Trump’s election thusfar. Trump has opened can after can and jar after jar and emptied the contents of worms and other unseemly things throughout government, the media and the numerous arms and appendages of the government and revealed to anyone paying the slightest attention exactly how rotted to the core the entirety of the Federal Government has become and how the people need to awaken and take back their control and put Washington on a strict diet until the power is back with the States and individual cities, counties and other local governances. This is something citizens of all stripes and parties should be able to agree upon, that the centralization of power in Washington D.C. is an abomination which threatens the freedoms and liberties which Americans have fought, bled and died to protect and are now slipping away with only the slightest amount of time remaining to start to reverse this deadly trend. Some call it the Swamp while others the Deep State, either way it is entrenched and its roots have grown deep.


Deep State

Deep State


This should be a people issue where it is favoring empowering each and every person and taking power away from what can only be classified as oligarchs ruling over their individual fiefdoms which has become what the individual Departments and even individual subcommittees which are assigned specific jobs which somehow never reach any conclusion other than their requiring additional funding the next year. This is how the Federal Government has mutated, as it was never intended to act and behave in this manner. The design under that document that many leftists declare old and no longer usable in this modern times, the Constitution, was constructed with care by some of the most progressive and intellectual political minds of the era in concert with, and here is where the critics hit the nail on the head, some rich, established, privileged, unelected, white men whose main objective was to empower the people and, if anything, handicap the central Federal Government such that it would remain a secondary power to the local governments when it came to the lives of the people within the borders of the United States. This concept has been given short shrift as elected officials continued to take power from the states and local governments and move it to Washington D.C. where the bureaucrats eventually got a taste for power and politicians grew lazy allowing the individual agencies to flesh out the applications and consequences of their ideas by passing legislation which assigned the application to render the desired, or undesired, results from a vague concept to various named agencies and too often added, “and any agency which finds applicable use,” to the legislation. This is what spawned a very aggressive growth industry, which found itself capable of taking a single piece of poorly defined legislation and generating hundreds if not thousands of regulations of which many were beyond even the wildest of applications never dreamed of by the Congressional legislators. This gave rise to special departmental groups within departments who were tasked with applying these regulations and who, some many years later, are still in the process of setting up the application and if only they would get a twenty percent increase in funding they might be able to next year only ask for fifteen percent increase with little if any progress to show for it. Here is a PDF file on Government Waste for your perusing pleasure. We could give additional links, but those should do quite well and we feel assured that most of you already have a decent idea of the problem.


What is difficult is the solution, something that Congress is want to take the necessary steps towards slimming down the various out of control agencies, which is all of them. The problem is these government projects become income streams to the State and local government through which campaign donors, relatives, friends and people of influence are provided with their payback or investment for their support. This is one of the reasons the same road is repaved every two years taking exactly two years to complete and the connecting roads where the potholes abound are basically ignored or patched on rare occasions after a car fell into a pothole which thought it was a sinkhole. That is simply the most obvious example that most of us have witnessed. Another item is they are always building new bridges or highways and seldom repairing the older ones allowing them to collapse such that a new bridge or roadway is required. There is a reason for this as well. Where you will always see signs dedicating the Senator or Governor What’s-his-face Bridge but never this Bridge Repaired by signs because people get upset when you mess with traffic to repair the bridge but are pleased when the new bridge or roadway is completed and can finally be utilized. Ending spending means people will lose their cozy little jobs somewhere down the line and this is never good for reelection. Reelection counts on additional spending for things which have already passed their use-by-date just because it employs, by then, a few hundred people, and that is worth ten times more votes than saving tax monies. When have you heard somebody campaign with a specific agenda of cutting twenty-five percent of the budget and getting elected? If such a person exists, we are willing to bet they did not deliver or even make a valiant attempt at fulfilling that promise. That is because as soon as they got to their newly elected position, they were taken aside and told how things work.


We bet many people would love to know why the government continues to throw good money after bad time and time again. Well, it is easy to find the reasoning. Imagine you had a job, say Congressperson or Senator, and you could invest your money, even up to ten thousand dollars you do not have on trust, into any stocks you desired. I know, so what? Now imagine that you knew that in six weeks Company X was going to receive a ten-billion dollar government contract. Now, you take this knowledge and buy as much of Company X stock as you are able and then one week later after the contract has been voted upon, passed and the public been told via the news, this was big news, the company that before this contract was worth maybe one-hundred-thousand dollars will now greatly expand. Their stock price quadrupled and now you sell your stock and take home a tidy profit. Now let us assume you can do this for a number of years. One would expect at some point you would be charged with insider trading. Well, that is where you would be wrong because the House and Senate saw their way to making the elected figures and the top people in their staff all immune to insider trading laws. That is how a Congresscritter is elected and goes to Washington with maybe a quarter of a million dollars (if that) and after two years is worth fifty million dollars despite their salary being a paltry $174,000. This is the reason that they spend millions of dollars to get elected to Washington D.C. and also why the swamp will be so difficult to drain, the Representatives, Senators, senior staff and friends use these offices as money making ventures at the peoples’ expense.


Hopefully, if you are an American, you are fairly upset with this lucrative set up used by your elected representatives to line their own and close by people’s pockets with your money. Well, the first step is to organize a nationwide project to change the way things are done. You first target will be that exemption from insider trading and the appointment of somebody to enforce insider trading laws against elected representatives and their close associates, staff and friends. This might be called the Insider Outing Group which would want 503 C3 tax-exempt non-profit status. Then you need to get 220 Representatives and 61 Senators to sign a pledge to end the insider trading exemption for all involved and currently covered and their dedication to making this stick permanently. Further, you might start petitions in every state to pass legislation calling to amend the Constitution making such acts by all elected representatives and those around them both illegal with Federal prison time and an impeachable offence. Once their money train has dried up, then and only then, they might be persuaded to act honorably and finally actually cut spending and not just cut the rate of increase of spending. That is another slight of hand used by politicians. They take what the budget as planned with a certain increase, often thirty percent, and then cut the increase in half making it fifteen percent and then claim they cut spending fifteen percent. This way they claim a fifteen percent cut in spending while actually increasing spending by fifteen percent. The really deceitful would claim they cut spending in half in that situation because as long as they can convince themselves what they say is true, that is half the battle, as they know the people will rarely check and call them on these lies. The only way to strip Washington D.C. of their free-spending addiction will be to take the personal profit production out of the equation and then one would still need to force discipline on the elected representatives or replace them regularly. There is some truth in the saying that, “elected representatives and diapers need regular changing and for the same reason.” President Trump took a step in the right direction, but may not have gone far enough, when he instituted a policy where for every new regulation instituted, that department was required to nullify two existing regulations.


It would have been more productive and might have mattered if he had made it five regulations out for every new one put in. Unfortunately, it will take a form of revolution from the people to bring the government under control. It really is a self-perpetuating and out of control monster and it will eat the country into the poor house. President Eisenhower warned in his farewell address about the need to watch over the Military-Industrial Complex, he should have said Government-Military-Industrial Complex. Just as President Washington warned of the evils of political parties in his prescient farewell address, so was Eisenhower and between them they may have targeted the two main problems the people will face against them taking back their nation. We can only hope that the people of America are capable and able of recovering their lost power and becoming the masters of their destiny as was the hope of the Founding Fathers. One thing we often hear in rumor is that there was a strong affiliation between Biblical Law and how the Founding Fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with often reference to Deuteronomy limiting the wealth of kings in their possessions. We did run across something peculiar from Dr. Andrew Porwancher, a core faculty member of the Institute for the American Constitutional Heritage at the Oklahoma University who has researched Alexander Hamilton going back to his birth and other peculiarities and posits that Mr. Hamilton was Jewish. We will leave that as is and, along with this link, each can assign whatever value they care to on these items. Whatever the beginnings of the American adventure, it has taken ill and is in need of resuscitation and requires that its bleeding of treasure through the deficit spending have a tourniquet applied and have it stopped while there is still hope. The world would become a poorer place without the United States and it would be quite painful to watch as she committed suicide.


Beyond the Cusp


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