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September 6, 2018

Where Will World War III be Initiated?


World War I was referred to at the time as the War to End All Wars. The horrific death toll was so great that people believed that the slaughter would impel humanity to act and end all war in the future. The League of Nations was crafted to be a place where all future disagreements between nations could be talked out rather than fought over. Well, this did not work out as expected and instead the precautions placed to prevent Germany from becoming the initiator of any war were the exact reasons, which caused the financial crisis in Germany, which in turn led to Hitler and World War II. The nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima, Nagasaki caused such horrific destructions and further lingering health issues, that it was believed that these would end all wars. Instead of large scale wars, the super powers fought wars through other nations called limited wars instead of wars which would encompass the entirety of the world and weapons as such would, they believed, be the end of civilization if not humankind as well. So, the first question we need address is, what is the possibility that there could ever be another World War, and if so, how, why and where will it originate. These are the questions that we are taking a stab at with our conjecture, suspicions, speculations and subliminal thoughts processes.


The first thing we need to do is find any nation or group of nations who either do not believe that nuclear weapons are as horrific as reputed or believe but could not care less. Actually, we do not need an entire nation to fall into these categories, only their top leadership is required providing the politics of the nation or nations in particular have little or no control or influence in changing their leadership or guiding their chosen path. These leaders also will need to not have much concern for the future of their people as long as their ideals and beliefs are furthered. There are certain political types and religious leaders who fit an extreme ‘ends justify the means’ attitudes. The first are often referred to as extremists, usually referred to as Fascists, Communists, Nazis and either extreme right or left. One relatively frequent theory coming from various conspiracy theorists, such as INFOWARS, which claim that the United States is following down the same path as what led to Nazi Germany except when America turns, it will be far worse in results than was World War II or even any imagination of the results of the consequential war which would result. Another theory, which has some relationship to reality, predicts that Islam will unify behind a prophetic figure and make their final push to complete the Quranic predictions that Islam will rule the world and all the people in the world will surrender to Allah. Followers of the Middle East or world news have heard repeatedly the theme from Iran that Israel will be destroyed. There was a period where numerous figures from the Iranian leadership were claiming that Israel would be destroyed within twenty-five years. Further, some of these leaders in Iran when they were asked about any Israeli response to an Iranian attack, often this was in reference to the claim that Israel is a one or two nuclear nation implying that is all it would take to destroy all Israel, stated that it would be worth the destruction of Iran to rid the world of Israel. Such comments should send shivers down the spines of rational people. Add to this that Iranian leaders have warned the United States that should they interfere or harm any Iranian free actions in the Middle East, specifically with their exporting of oil or supplies to their allies across the Middle East, they would respond by attacking Israel. They also implied that the United States might also be struck, but they stated in plain language that Israel would be struck should they feel impinged upon by the United States.


Still, the United States is far from becoming a threat to the world and Iran is not likely to actually attack any nation for the time being. This could change at any time, but there would be signs that things are in flux and thus be forewarned. Where there is a problem currently is the building friction between the flood of immigrants from Islamic nations where there is great turmoil and these immigrants are bringing their culture with them and building their own areas within European cities where they enforce Sharia and in some cases even authorities such as police and even firefighters require a large police escort when responding to fires. This has led to an increased presence of far right groups allying with the anti-immigrant emotions. This problem has surfaced in the United States recently with the police intervention into an Islamist compound holding children in New Mexico where the children were being trained, reputedly, to become school shooters and other forms of violence. The problem is far more concerning in Europe, especially in western and northern European nations. The friction between the two cultures in Europe could lead to more violent episodes which could lead to a tipping point where violence could result to such a degree over wide regions such that the police would be an inadequate response, and this could lead to the leader of such an inflicted nation to turn to the military to respond. The militaries have more and more been trained in suppression of civil strife as a preparation for just such instances. Still, the military is far better trained at something far more destructive, warfare. Calling out the military is a reaction which could lead to pushing things over the edge leading to open warfare within the nation, civil wars. The violence could spread from one nation to the next in a domino effect. What might trigger this is after one nation successfully brought a violent episode to an definitive end using the military, it would become a more acceptable response leading to people coming to expect such a response to almost any rising violence as has been witnessed in cities in Europe from time to time. Such violence has almost always led to the government responding with ever greater power utilized which has often led to using the military. This was evidenced by the response in the United States to the events which are called the Battle of Blair Mountain where the military was used to quash the coal miners strike which had become violent. There was the incident after which public opinion forced a change such that United States Marines or other military will not be placed along the border any time in the foreseeable future. Both of these incidents show that no matter the training, the military will do what it is designed to perform, as their job is to kill people and destroy things.


Shia vs Sunni


So, Iran has to bring more members of Islam over to their form as currently the Shiites make up under ten percent of all Islam. They are centered in Iran, southern Iraq, Bahrain (though under Sunni rule) and northwestern Saudi Arabia. Europe will probably fall to Islam but it might take close to a century for this to finalize. It is possible that the Europeans could all collect in Britain or Norway and make their stand there but for the most part, Europe is facing a diminishing native population which is becoming ever more ripe for foreign takeover. Those who do not wish to become Muslims will probably flee to the United States, Canada or elsewhere in the Americas. Even many of the Jews will head for the Americas with possibly as high as 35% to 45% going to Israel, maybe even less. The United States appears to be on the verge of a civil war but this is highly unlikely. Even should President Trump be reelected, which is a definitive probability, there may be massive rioting in many major metropolitan areas, but these are not the regions where President Trump has swarms of supporters. If requested, President Trump would provide the stricken cities with assistance though in most cases the mayors will simply ask the governor to provide National Guard, something which tends to quiet people down rapidly. One does not have to wonder very hard why the sight of armored vehicles and soldiers with real fully automatic assault rifles tends to put a damper on rioting. China is another spot we did not mention. Currently China has a dangerous overpopulation of young unmarried males and a severe shortage of women. They could partially alleviate the problem through being simply selective at their border with North Korea and allow women through, especially younger women. North Korea will not be a problem as China realizes that should North Korea actually carry through on any of Kim Jong Un’s nuclear threats that China would receive a fair amount of spillover if not being actually struck for not curbing their rabid neighbor. Asia will remain rather passive with the sole possible problem being Pakistan and India, which would go no further than Pakistan and the northern two thirds of India. World War III may come to movie theaters and end up on Netflix for a while then cable and finally we’ll watch it on commercial television, so please when such a movie comes out, don’t tell us how it ends. The last World War III movie we saw, which was almost as good as the book, was On the Beach (the original) which has a remake which we have not seen. Let’s hope that the movie is not blocked by MGM as it is in Israel. As long as World War III remains a theme for science fiction or horror movies such as Godzilla, the nth remake, then we will be quite pleased. Should World War III catch us all unprepared, we attempt to post our reaction and surprise for as long as possible.


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