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February 8, 2014

What if the Arabs Refuse to Take Steps for Peace?

We hear a whole lot of commentary from Secretary of State Kerry about the necessary steps that Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israelis must take in order to facilitate success in the peace negotiations he is currently stewarding between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. What we have yet to hear made public is any requirements which Secretary Kerry is demanding from Chairman Abbas and the Palestinians. What we have heard is a continuous flood of commentary from numerous Palestinian spokespersons all ridiculing Secretary Kerry, rejecting all of the proposals presented to them, demands that more be forced from the Israelis, denunciations of Prime Minister Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders, a whole litany of conditions which must be fulfilled before they will consider negotiating earnestly, specific demands such as full “Right of Return” for Arab Palestinian refugees, countering any comment by Israelis of a limit to what Israel can be expected to surrender with demands that Israel go much, much further, their ubiquitous demand that the Palestinian state must be completely free of Jews with no Jew ever being allowed to step foot in their lands even to visit Jewish holy sites, claims that all the Jewish holy sites are actually Muslim holy sites, refuting that there is any proof that the Jews ever lived in the area of Israel at any point in history, claims to be the descendants of the Canaanites who were driven from their homes by the Hebrews (who had no history of ever being in the area), and the overriding claim to the right to continue their resistance until all of their beloved Palestine has been liberated from the colonialist occupiers (which means terrorism until Israel is destroyed plus ignoring the fact that Israel was born from the colonial British Mandate making Israelis also victims from colonialism). So, please excuse me if I have doubts over whether or not the Israelis have any partner in this peace process or simply uncivilized, demeaning, demanding purveyors of terror seeking Israel’s destruction and overly concerned with murdering the Jews and pursuing a rejectionist agenda.


The first truth which Secretary of State Kerry, President Obama, Foreign Minister of the European Union Lady Ashton, the several leaders of European nations, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and all the rest of those who feel they have a right to demand concessions of Israel in the name of equality, peace on Earth, fairness, and general expressions of ill-will towards Israel must learn and fully understand is that there is no real Israel-Palestinian impasse but the real dispute needing arbitration is the Arab-Israel need to make peace. Until this truth is realized and made the crux of all efforts there will be no solution to the Middle East that will actually address the refusal to accept the presence of Israel as the state for the Jewish People. As long as the problem is addressed as only between Israel and the Palestinians, a construct invented with the successful aim of altering the view of the difficulties from little Israel against the Muslim Arab world of nations to the all-powerful Israel against the unarmed and powerless Palestinians, the underlying problem will continue unaddressed and will resurface to completely obliterate any remnant of any agreement forged between Israel and the Palestinians. By addressing the actual and full measure of the concerns over the existence of Israel as the Jewish state one needs to include the fact that there already are a full range of Muslim nations, some which do not permit the legal practice of Judaism and other religions other than Islam, and as such are accepted, then Israel being a Jewish State becomes an acceptable proposition instead of a unique case and first country reserved to be the refuge for a particular people. Any nonbiased review of human history will reveal that if any peoples needed a refuge, a nation of their own where they would always be welcomed, that is the Jewish People. There are two situations that will remain hanging over the negotiations dooming them to failure for all time until the world finally decides to address the real root of the problem, the Arab and Muslim rejectionism of Israel as anything but a Muslim state as they believe that since it was once Muslim ruled lands it must forever be under Muslim rule and the resettlement of the Arab refugees and all of their descendants which currently are demanded to be returned into Israel proper in order to change the demographics and terminate Israel’s Jewish majority. Only by engaging the entirety of the Arab world will any solution for resettlement of the Arab refugees and their prodigy throughout the Arab world end their exclusionary rejectionist camps, thus terminating the death sentence demands that Israel accept these millions of victims of the Arab rejectionism of Israel’s right to exist as the Jewish State. The Sword of Damocles that is the refugee problem must be removed from over Israel’s head if there is to ever be peace as Israel cannot accept their introduction and has sufficient military might to resist and back up such a refusal.


The real root of the problem was the entire assumptions accepted in the drawing up and implementation of the Oslo Accords. Establishing the Oslo Accords demanded that any solution was to ignore the facts that the surrounding nations, both near and far such as Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Libya and numerous other Arab and Muslim nations needed to make peace and accept Israel as it is. What good is served if some shaky peace is hammered out between Israel and the Palestinians without addressing Syria, Iran, Hezballah ruled Lebanon and potentially Iranian controlled Iraq making a peace with Israel? Syria and Iraq are still in a state of war with Israel, Syria from the wars from 1947, 1967 and 1973 and Iraq from 1948. Also still technically in a state of war with Israel are Yemen from 1948, Saudi Arabia from 1948, Libya as Moammar Kaddafi declared war on Israel in 1967 even if they did not quite get any troops into the fight, and Turkey as declared by Prime Minister Erdogan after the Mavi Marmara confrontation. The peace that is required for peace to be made strong enough to survive going forward, that peace needs to entertain the general acceptance of Israel by the entirety of the Arab and Muslim worlds. Any peace that falls short of a general acceptance is doomed to fail at the first opportunity where any confederation of Arab and Muslim nations felt they were militarily strong enough to defeat Israel. Those who claim that such a condition could never exist are living in a fool’s paradise which will collapse immediately after any of these nations can build a nuclear device and pass it to terrorists to smuggle into Israel or even to the border of Israel and a Palestinian state and detonate leaving Israel with no definitive proof of the device’s origin. Where Israel may not necessarily be the first nation on the list to receive an Iranian nuclear device, Israel is pretty much guaranteed to be in the top three or at most five nations on the Iranian list of targets. For those who require a list of nations which might supercede Israel on an Iranian target list, one might weigh and consider where the United States, Saudi Arabia or Egypt might stand as Iran desires to lead the next caliphate which may require eliminating any competition for that role, which might add Turkey if Erdogan wasn’t so transparently eager to stand with Iran under any conditions they might dictate.


There is another consideration which must be considered by Israel as the incidents of anti-Semitism across the globe are showing a marked and dramatic rise. Europe is rapidly becoming a place where Jews are not safe wearing Judaic identifiable dress or jewelry. A mayor of a major European city, Malmo, actually stated that he was unable to provide protection for the city’s Jewish population and advised them to take it into their own hands or leave; many are leaving. In Paris the day before Holocaust Remembrance Day had a march of neo-Nazis that drew over seventeen-thousand marchers in a downpour of rain. There have been recent defamations of Jewish cemeteries, Nazi graffiti on Synagogue and Jewish community center walls, and most troubling has been the assaults on Jews in the streets including the introduction in the United States of a game named “Kick a Jew Day”, “Knock Out The Jew”, “Hit a Jew” or whatever the local name of what is considered a game with simple rules, find somebody who by their dress, actions or location is suspected of being Jewish and as you walk past them, strike them as hard as possible in an attempt to knock them senseless and then leave them there on the ground. On some recent occasions this game has evolved further and had transformed into a complete beat-down often leaving the Jewish victim near death as in this instance in New Jersey. Should the rise in anti-Semitism continue and reach new heights, then making peace between Israel and the Arab and Muslim states will be of no consequence as such will cause much of the world to be against Israel and Israel will need to use all of its resources and capabilities just to remain alive and be a safe refuge for all the world’s Jews. If anything, the rising anti-Semitism is sufficient excuse for Israel to be left as unmolested and viable as such a refuge for the Jewish people as it may once again become necessary, sad to admit but unfortunately true.


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November 20, 2013

Palestinian Announcement After Abbas and Hollande Meet

French President Francois Hollande and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met in Ramallah where they were reported to have had a frank and honest conversation. President Hollande presented the position that if the Palestinians were serious about establishing an independent state they would need to make at least one single concession and give up their demand for the “Right of Return” forcing Israel to accept numbers of Palestinian refugees and their descendants, some descendants being of the fourth generation of the original refugee, of approximately five million changing Israel into an additional Arab State. Palestinian Authority President Abbas said nothing in response during their meeting. French President Hollande had previously met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and subsequent to his meeting in Ramallah gave a joint speech appearance with Netanyahu before the Israel Knesset. During these appearances and conversations President Hollande also advised the Israeli leadership that they need to completely stop any planned, present or future, construction in what he referred to as the West Bank, historically known as Judea and Samaria from Biblical times and after until the areas came under internationally rejected Jordanian occupation after the 1948-9 wars where over a half dozen Arab nations and militias attempted to obliterate the nascent Jewish State immediately after its birth. President Hollande’s supposedly friendly advisory is just one of a long litany of demands and conditions made by virtually every government in friendly suggestions and lists which Israel need enact if they are truly desirous of a real peace.


The most interesting item is that all of these well-wishers who regularly advise Israel what steps and sacrifices are required of them so as to reach a true and lasting peace with the Palestinians seldom if ever make a similarly lengthy list of actions that the Palestinians need commit to in order to forge a true and lasting peace with Israel. French President Hollande should be lauded for actually having the honesty to ask that the Palestinians make any gesture by withdrawing their demand for “Right of Return” in order to meet Israel somewhere closer to the middle but still far from the middle. Truth be told, for the Palestinians to come even remotely close to making equal and as significant of concessions to even be considered comparable to the long litany of concessions given by the Israelis that started with the Oslo Accords and continuing seemingly in an unending stream over the twenty-plus years since that accord, the Palestinians would need to surrender many of their most dearly held demands. There is no real need to go into the concessions made by Israel as those who would approach the Arab-Israeli peace talks spanning almost fifty years since the Six Day War already are familiar with many, maybe even most, of these concessions and those who blame Israel for every apparent failure for peace will never believe anything presented in defense of Israel. Just to whet anyone who is interested here is a short list of concessions made by Israel to the Palestinians; the over one-hundred terrorists including many convicted of multiple murders just to facilitate the present negotiations, the Oslo Accords themselves allowing for arch terrorist Yasser Arafat to return and be given a pass for all his previous ties to terror and grant him a diplomatic position and a semiautonomous region to control, a ten month building freeze in Judea and Samaria which became a new Mahmoud Abbas demanded precondition after it was suggested it be imposed on the Israelis by United States President Obama early in his first term, Israel has armed and provided ammunition for the Palestinian Security Forces, and perhaps the most significant, troubling and damnable concessions of them all which was the disengagement from Gaza which led directly to the coup by Hamas over the Palestinian Authority which has resulted in tens of thousands of rockets and mortars launched onto Israeli towns, cities, kibbutzim, farms with the intent of murdering innocent civilians and not for any military or tactical purpose.


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said during the joint press conference Monday with French President Francois Hollande that the fate of five million Arab refugees, according to Palestinian provided numbers, must be resolved if a peace treaty is to be achieved with Israel. That must come in addition to the establishment of a PA state in all of Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem. This demand has been codified into law by the Palestinian Authority Parliament in 2008 which states, “Right of Return of Palestinian refugees to their homes and property, along with compensation for their suffering, is a holy cornerstone of their rights that cannot be negotiated away. There will be no consideration of negotiation on this issue, nor will there be a referendum on it.” An additional law passed by the Palestinian Authority Parliament states, “It is forbidden for Palestinian refugees to leave their current domicile as a solution for the ‘right of return.’ Anyone who acts against this law will be seen as a traitor, and will be subject to the penalties that this crime entails.” The penalty demanded for any Palestinian convicted as a traitor is death, often by hanging in a public square before cheering crowds, and the term traitor with its death punishment is also the result of any conviction for a Palestinian who has sold land to a Jew. Yet the world lines up to take to the public platforms before the press or anybody else they can find to listen to demand that Israel make concessions and stop finding ways to prevent a lasting peace which, according to these sources is the Palestinians dearest desire. Why, one must wonder, does nobody demand that the Palestinians at least make a singular gesture to prove their honest desire for peace. Why not simply request that the Palestinians take actions to end the throwing of rocks the size of bowling balls at Israeli motorists which has claimed numerous lives including infants under three years of age, and that is infants plural, and then judge them by their success or lack of honest effort. Why not tell them that the so-called Two State Solution calls for a Palestinian State called Palestine and a Jewish State called Israel, not two Palestinian States under any name, and then watch as Abbas once more trots out the “Right of Return” demanding that Israel surrender and become an additional Palestinian Arab State and the end of the Jewish Homeland. Where are the rest of the politicians willing to make equal and even demands for both sides and not just blame Israel and Jews for every ill perceived in the world?


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September 30, 2013

Why the Palestinians Will Never Accept Any Agreement

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Whether or not the on-again-off-again peace talks between the Palestinians, representing the entirety of the Arab and Muslim world, and the Israelis, representing the Jews, Arabs, Bedouins, Druze, Christians, Muslims and anybody who holds Israeli citizenship, continue meeting; there can never be an agreement as the Palestinians minimal requirement demands more than the maximum the Israelis are capable of offering. The Palestinians have made their minimal demands clear as long as you are willing to listen to what they say to their own people in Arabic and not insist that they only speak truthfully when they talk in English. The Western mainstream media is complicit in this scheme where only the English statements made by Palestinians, Arabs, Persians (Iranians) or other Muslims are to be reported upon and are to be taken at face value without any serious challenges or research into what the same spokespeople say in Arabic, Farsi, or other non-English native tongue. This willful deafness, or at least selective hearing, is done intentionally as the mainstream press, the politicians, the NGOs, the spokespersons, and whoever else in speaking about Israel and the Muslim and Arab worlds so as to permit them to paint a rosy picture of a future where all live together in peace, tranquility and security. Unfortunately as soon as somebody gets wise to this dishonest charade and seeks out those sources who are willing to do what nobody else would allow, translating the speeches, news reports, editorials, sermons, lesson plans, songs, and media of all varieties into English revealing the other side of what the presumed men of peace from the Palestinian, Arab and Muslim societies are truly telling their own people; then they have uncovered the whole picture and can judge which revelation fits best with their actions instead of just dismissing those actions which did not fit the claims made in English.


When we take the time and exert ourselves and read some of the more troubling items on the Internet translated at Camera, Palestinian Media Watch, MEMRI or any of the others easily found with any search engine, then our eyes are opened to a whole new world that is full of vitriol, hatreds, anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, anti-Christianity, anti-Buddhist, anti-Hindu and anti-everything not Islamic; sometimes even anti-Islamic against any sect of Islam not matching the speaker’s version of Islam. Included in the hateful remarks which can be found are those Sunni denouncing the heretic Shiites or the Shiite denouncing the impure Sunnis. The pertinent fact one will find when doing this level of research is that the Palestinians have absolutely no expectation or desire to reach any peaceful treaty with the Israelis and claim that if they have a solution imposed on them, even if it should grant them their every demand setting their boundaries as the 1967 Lines including half of Jerusalem including the Temple Mount, the Old City, the Western Wall and Plaza, Mount of Olives including the ancient cemetery, and virtually every ancient Jewish Holy Sites such as Kever Yoseph and Rachel and the Cave of the Patriarchs (the 1949 Armistice Lines which demark the final front lines at the end of the 1948-9 Arab wars to eliminate the nascent State of Israel immediately after her declaration of independence) as their stated in Arabic minimally acceptable solution would be the eradication of Israel and the few Jews who somehow survive the onslaught, they would be made to pay a very high Jizya tax and accept Dhimmitude, second rate citizen status where the Dhimmi is not permitted to use the sidewalks, may not ride on an animal as they must never be higher than the Muslims around them and has little if any legal recourse and may not even be allowed to give testimony in courts. The Palestinian official position states that should an interim settlement come about, they reserve the right to continue to resist the occupation until all of Palestine has been liberated, simply put Israel has been replaced with Palestine and the Jews routed and likely all been killed.


Furthermore, the Palestinians have been repeatedly stating in Arabic, and even have stated this in English as well, that the Obama Administration and United States Secretary of State John Kerry have provided the Palestinians with a letter assuring them that the United States will be the guarantor of having the Israelis meet every single precondition ever made by the Palestinians. If this is a valid claim then the United States has given their word to go far beyond forcing Israel back inside the Green Line, often referred to as the Auschwitz Borders as first coined by Abba Eban, as well as surrendering all of west Jerusalem, removing hundreds of thousands of Jews from their homes and communities, permitting a Palestinian military comparable to that of any other nation, unfettered passage between Gaza and the West Bank (Judea and Samaria), but also the  right of return for as many as five and a half million Palestinians inside of Israel transforming Israel from a Jewish majority state to an Arab Muslim majority state thus bringing Israel as it is currently recognized to an end with unthinkable ramifications immediately after the next elections. Additionally, there have been rumors floating around from all sides in the current round of negotiations, the Israeli, the Palestinian, and even some in the United States State Department, which should the nine months of promised negotiations pass and no agreement reached then the Obama administration is prepared to force a solution upon the two sides. The presumed forced solution unfortunately looks remarkably like the maximum demands made by the Palestinians where they receive the 1967 Lines as their border, they receive all of western Jerusalem including all noted above, and a partial solution to the right of return which does not include the entire five plus million but some percentage which will be deemed fair by President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, Secretary of Defense Hagel, and possibly Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power along with National Security Advisor Susan Rice; a central group of trusted advisors to President Obama all of whom have some degree of troubling past records when it comes to Israel.


Many will scoff at the idea that there would ever be a forced solution imposed on the parties of the Palestinian-Israeli peace process. There have been some slighted comments made which may indicate that a forced solution is exactly what is waiting at the end of these negotiation should the two sides not reach an agreement. President Obama threatened that Israel may find themselves completely isolated on the world’s stage should they not find some way to appease the Palestinians sufficiently that they break from their refusal of all things Israel reaching an accord which would satisfy President Obama and also the United Nations, Europe and the rest of the Arab and Muslim worlds. Secretary Kerry has also made inferences that no matter what, come the end of the nine months of negotiations there will be a solution one way or another. So, exactly how would a forced solution come into existence? Since the one thing which prevents the United Nations Security Council from forcing a solution on the parties currently is the veto power of the United States who often stand-alone from among the five permanent members. Therefore, all that would be required is for the United States to support a forced agreement for one to come into fruition unless France, Great Britain, Russia or China would suddenly decide to come to the salvation of Israel and utilize their veto to prevent such a strategy. The United States could, most likely with the full backing as cosponsors of Russia, Great Britain and France signing on, present and support a Chapter VII Resolution of the Security Council of the United Nations setting the borders for the newly recognized and admitted full member of the United Nations of the pre-June 1967 Armistice Lines including western Jerusalem as the State of Palestine’s Capital City. What is almost beyond belief is that the one permanent veto wielding nation which might rescue Israel from such a move by the Obama administration would be China. China would likely have some demands made of Israel especially pertaining to Iran but it is entirely possible that China could take the place of the United States as the protector of Israel in the United Nations Security Council. But should the Security Council pass a Chapter VII Resolution recognizing and establishing the borders and offer Mahmoud Abbas full United Nations membership and recognition, the Israelis would be facing the combined military forces of the United States, most of the European nations, Russia, the entire Arab world, most Muslim nations, many African nations, South American nations and Asian nations possibly completely alone with no nation taking her side in what would initially appear to be a desperate and hopeless situation. If I were pressed to name any nations which would side with Israel the list would be very short but would be led off with Canada, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru and Palau. This would not exactly make the most powerful alliance in all of history but it is a start. Sometimes supporters of Israel do wonder if it is possible that the few can be right while the whole world appears to be on the other side. Where I am not entirely sure that stranger things have happened, I feel safe in claiming that if those supporting Israel are on the righteous side of the scale, then it really is amongst the strangest of things in all of history.


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