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June 19, 2018

If Israel Was a Normative Nation

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If Israel was a normative nation, then the fact that the percentage of citizens who were Jews would simply be an anomaly. If Israel was a normative nation, she would not worry about what was the right thing to do. If Israel was a normative nation, her actions would be completely based on what served her interests. If Israel was a normative nation, other nations and groups would fear the potential retribution she is capable of loosing on any threat. If Israel was a normative nation, other nations would fear her nuclear and other military capabilities. If Israel was a normative nation, Hamas and Islamic Jihad would have been wiped from Gaza a long time ago. If Israel was a normative nation, the Palestinian Authority, Fatah, the PLO and their security forces would have been sent packing to whatever nations would permit their exile and the Arabs would have been given the opportunity to reside as resident aliens provided they accept Israeli law and renounce terrorism. If Israel was a normative nation, none of the Arabs remaining within her borders would even give the slightest thought of entertaining any acts against Israel. If Israel was a normative nation, the world would not dare push as far as they currently push as they would know it would not alter how she acts. If Israel was a normative nation, her new northern border would be the Litani River or further north after making a deal with Russian President Putin to divide Lebanon between the two nations and pushing Hezballah into extinction. If Israel was a normative nation, so many things would so completely different. But Israel is not a normative nation and things are so different because she is so different.


Israel is many things, but normative is not even a possibility. The Children of Israel (Children of Jacob who was also referred to as Israel by HaShem) were the original nation beginning with Abraham passing Isaac and then with Jacob from whom we became the twelve tribes. Then we spent our formative years in Egypt in forced labor, like the majority of Egyptians whose laborers performed forced labor. Then Moses lifted us from the drudgery of forced labor and started the Children of Israel (Jacob) on the most formative journey in history, and it is recorded closely in Torah. The initial lesson we received after the Ten Plagues, which did not affect the area where the Children of Israel lived in Goshen, was being pinned to the Red Sea with the might of the Egyptian Army about to close and descend upon them. Next came HaShem parting the Red Sea, the Children of Israel crossing and the Egyptian Army following only to be drowned when the parting was released, showing the greatness of the power of HaShem. Now the Children of Israel camped at Mount Sinai, where they were to receive the Law, Torah’s Commandments, all six-hundred-thirteen Commandments. Initially, as the tale is told, HaShem came amongst the Children of Israel to allow them to individually hear His laws directly, the entirety of the people died and HaShem was required to revive them. This was attempted again the next day with the hope that after having experienced HaShem, being present would make a difference, but the result was identical. This resulted in having Moses receive the Law and then teach them after receiving them directly from HaShem, as only Moses was able to stand in the presence of HaShem. One would expect that such an experience would also have a lasting effect. These laws received at Mount Sinai were also one of the bases for the morality and systems of governance with its emphasis on the respect for human life and the proper treatment of the stranger and the fact that the community is responsible for even the most vulnerable amongst us which were referred to as the orphan and the widow. For almost another twelve-hundred-years, the Children of Israel lived under Torah and the mitzvahs and commandments finding themselves often falling well short of the expectations.


The Children of Israel resided in the area close to the lands they currently reside. The main differences are the northern border used to be the Litani River and some of the tribes lived on the eastern bank of the Jordan River (see map below). The problem was the Children of Israel were internal and external difficulties and challenges. The first was the splitting of the tribes with the northern ten tribes splitting taking the name of Israel and the southern two tribes taking the name of the larger and more dominant tribe, Judah. The northern tribes were conquered by the Assyrians and assimilated and became lost to history and the southern tribes were conquered by the Babylonians. The Judeans returned as a province of Persia, built the Second Temple, and then fell to Greece and eventually Rome who then dispersed the Judeans, now referred to as Jews as Judeans was too difficult for the Romans to say, but despite all the troubles, the Jews remained a separate group. The one thought which held all Jews together was the simple faith and knowledge that the day would come when they would be returned to their ancestral lands. As in all things, there are Jews who argue over when and under what conditions we are to return to our ancestral homeland. The one thing we all agreed upon was where that land was and that the capital would be Jerusalem. So, it really is no wonder that Israel is not a normative nation.


Eretz Yisroel from back in the time immediately after Exodus and before the additional conquest by King David and King Solomon with the original division of the lands between the Tribes covering both sides of the Jordan River. The Israelis and Jews in general could attempt to demand that Eretz Yisroel, the Land of Israel be made whole as was First Apportioned by Hashem.


So, now we live in the age where almost half of the world’s Jews live in their ancient homelands and passing that halfway point is probably less than a decade away. The world can now honestly say that the ancient Kingdom of Israel has been reestablished. Israel has returned and her ancient language of Hebrew has become the first language to return to use after being a dead language used solely in prayers. That is but one of countless miracles which have come about supporting the nations of Israel which is obviously not normative. This little nation of Israel has been facing a constant threat from the neighbors surrounding her and well beyond her border all claiming that she is an interloper and a trespasser who deserves to be destroyed in order to set the world to rights. What makes things worse is that it appears that many nations, groups and international organizations such as the United Nations and its tentacle agencies all agree that if only Israel were destroyed, then all would be right with the world. Any normative nation facing such threats would be very belligerent and overly sensitive to threats lashing out with all their military might to defeat any and all potential enemies. Any normative nation if forced into a war for their survival and find that miraculously they had prevailed and gained lands five or even ten fold their original size would simply retain ever square-millimeter claiming rightfully that all the lands were required to give additional depth for her ability to properly defend herself. Any normative nation would be permitted such remittance from the people who had attacked and thus after the Six Day War, the new Israeli borders would have been the Golan Heights, Jordan River and the Suez Canal with Israel retaining the Sinai Peninsula. But that was not to be permitted for Israel, as she is not a normative nation. Piece by piece, Israel was required to return lands which could have permitted her to better defend her people and survive in a hostile neighborhood and there are pressures to return every millimeter that continues through today. Some nations clearly state with great volume and determination that Israel must not be permitted independence at all and must be completely eradicated, yet the world condemns Israel for not accommodating these enemies.


Star of David Ornate


But Israel is not a normative nation and as such she has been known in times of great distress in her history to have bent and bent and bent until it appeared she would break, but instead of breaking, Israel would snap and then become a very normative nation striking out at those who wished her harm with a ferocity of unexpected vehemence. That is one historic trait which the modern world has yet to witness, and it would be horrific should such become unavoidable. Israel is not a normative nation and probably wishes to avoid such a response as much if not more so than do those who would bear the brunt of such violence. What has been a great mistaken judgement by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and those supporting their current rioting and incendiary attacks using kites and balloons to burn almost a thousand acres, if not more by now, and their attempting to breach the border with promises of tearing out our hearts and eating our livers, and all sorts of threats depicting the ways they intend to wipe us from the world as we do not deserve to live on this their lands is that we will never defend ourselves. That is really a mistaken thought. The people of Israel are growing exasperated with these antics and the stressful conditions these threats produce. Do not believe that this is true only of the Israelis residing within the range of these attacks because not only is Israel not a normative nation, Israelis are not a normative people because we are all the Children of Israel, the Children of Jacob, we are all family and those who are threatened are actually our bothers and sisters and their families. This makes their children our nieces and nephews and we care deeply for our family members, enough to demand that our government begin to act like a normative nation and respond in like kind to these violences. As ours is a democratically chosen governance, the ruling coalition is not capable of forever ignoring the desire of the people for the Gaza threat to be eliminated with every amount of malice which can be delivered. Eventually, even if we really were saints, there is a point where provocations require a response and that response is almost always an overreaction. The measure of how much of an overreaction is often directly proportional to the amount of time restraint has been the practice. The Israeli public has been showing restraint for at least twenty-five years, and possibly seventy years, or someplace in between, and that reticence will not continue for much longer. We may have the patience of saints, but we are not saints, we are men and women who worry and care about our brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and every other member of our family and that worry will drive our reacting, nay, overreacting. All we can warn our neighbors in Gaza, continue to push Israel until acting becomes necessary at your own risk, and it is your risk.


Beyond the Cusp


June 13, 2018

The Consequence of the View from Hamas


The initial requirement to discuss this subject is to establish why Hamas matters and what their view is. Hamas matters because in an election held in Gaza they received over three-quarters of the votes. Many polls of the Gazan population have shown over eighty percent of Gazan support firing rockets into Israel. The leadership recently was passed on and the new person who is responsible for day-to-day activities and reality in Gaza was passed to Yahya Sinwar. We recently were provided with statements made by Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar who stated, “eat the livers of those besieging” as well as “tear out their hearts from their bodies.” Such statements do not leave much room for doubt. Additionally, Yahya Sinwar has declared, The March of Return will continue,” Sinwar said. “It will not stop until we remove this transient border.” On the violent riots and attempts at the border that Hamas refers to as the “March of Return,” he additionally stated, (The) “March of Return affirms that our people can’t give up one inch of the land of Palestine. The protests will continue until the Palestinians return to the lands they were expelled from 70 years ago.” What must be noted of great importance is his reference to seventy years ago. Seventy years ago was the year 1948, the year when Israel came into existence. He is simply declaring that the violence in one form or another, mass rioting on the border, tunneling into Israel to attack Israeli civilians, firing rockets over the border targeting Israeli communities, flying kites with incendiary explosive devices over the border intending to burn crops or peoples homes or businesses or other properties, and new forms of violence we have yet to witness as well as military action should they receive sufficient provisions to be a potent enough threat to invade Israel, all until Israel is completely destroyed and the Jews eradicated. This is the view from Hamas and thus the generally accepted view of the vast majority of Gazans.


To reach an agreement with Hamas and the denizens of Gaza, the Jews in Israel would need to flee, commit suicide or allow Hamas and the Gazans to slaughter them while the remainder of the Israeli population would have to decide to live under Sharia with Hamas as their permanent governance or fleeing. Hamas will not stop violent resistance and insurrection until they erase Israel or something very much dramatic should occur. Even if Hamas were forced from Gaza along with their supporters into the Sinai Peninsula, they would carve out an area on the Israeli border where they would fight any Egyptian forces while continuing to attack Israel. Read that again, Hamas pushed from Israel would remain on the Israeli border and fight Israel while also removing any remnant of Egyptian authority even if such would require Hamas to fight a war with Egypt. This would end up placing Hamas backed by Iran and potentially reinforced by IRGC troops sent by Iran fighting against Egypt unless Egypt simply surrendered their border area with Israel to Hamas and Iran. This would provide Iran with another border where they could place their troops along the border with Israel in addition to the Lebanese and Syrian borders. So, if Israel were to push Hamas and their supporters out of Gaza into the Sinai Peninsula, that would very definitely make Egyptian leaders very upset as they have enough problems with the terrorist and criminal entities currently populating much of the vast Sinai Peninsula, and to Israel it is very large, almost three times the size of Israel. Pushing Hamas from Gaza thus would not only not resolve the problem; it would also make problems for Egypt who would rightfully blame Israel for this added distress. But that would be but a small part of the added problems such would cause.


Additionally, pushing Hamas into the Sinai Peninsula would make the problem a factor of over four from fifty-one kilometers to two-hundred-sixty-six kilometers. What would make things exponentially worse is the fact that once established on the Egyptian side of the Israel-Egypt border, Hamas would gain access for importing heavy weaponry and whatever provisions they might desire by simply using the Red Sea or Mediterranean Sea as well as the smuggling routes already existent within the Sinai Peninsula. Where Israel might be capable of patrolling the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea where they border the eastern leg of the Red Sea and the northern Sinai Peninsula along the Mediterranean Sea, the western leg of the Red Sea is largely within Egypt and thus Israel would need to rely on Egypt to patrol this region. As this is also the route taken by shipping using the Suez Canal, patrolling this region would be next to impossible. The result of these conditions would result in a far more dangerous and heavily armed Hamas with provisions of any nature which Iran might decide to provide. This could include tanks, heavy mobile artillery, far larger missiles with advanced guidance systems, anti-armor weaponry far more advanced than the current level, more advanced anti-aircraft weapons including MANPADS and if they establish a region of sufficient size, they could be provided with aircraft and pilots. The simple point is that with Hamas in Gaza, Israel is capable of enforcing a blockade permitting all non-military use goods to pass including all humanitarian provisions while preventing military and other weaponry. Egypt also has a similar blockade on Gaza which permits in negligible aid when compared to the amounts which pass through Israel into Gaza. The problems of losing control prevents Israel simply pushing Hamas out of Gaza into the Sinai Peninsula as this would, with time, make Hamas into another Hezballah with over one-hundred-fifty-thousand missiles and rockets all aimed at Israel now along the southern Egyptian-Israeli border just as Hezballah has along the Lebanon-Israeli border and now the Syrian-Israeli border. Pushing Hamas from Gaza would actually be counter-productive.


Israeli Borders Map showing current border with Hamas and Gaza and Israeli border with Hezballah in Lebanon and Syria and Egyptian border with Gaza and Israeli blockade of Gaza

Israeli Borders Map showing current border with Hamas and Gaza
and Israeli border with Hezballah in Lebanon and Syria
and Egyptian border with Gaza and Israeli blockade of Gaza


That leads us to the big question, what option does Israel have concerning Gaza as continuing with the threat growing constantly more dangerous is completely unacceptable. Israel would be foolish to push Hamas along with Islamic Jihad into the Sinai Peninsula for the reasons above. This would mean that the reconquest of Gaza allowing the leadership and other members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad to escape is not a viable solution. Any point at which an Israeli intervention into Gaza would begin to give the hint that this was not going to be another smash and leave operation but a complete reconquest, the leadership of Hamas and Islamic Jihad would do everything in their power to escape to the Sinai Peninsula, something which must be prevented. This would require more than simply taking the Gaza side of the Gaza-Egypt border as it is assured that there exists more than one escape tunnel leading from their network surrounding their command bunker in the sublevels of the Shifa Hospital into the Sinai Peninsula crossing either under the Egypt-Gaza border or even passing under the Mediterranean Sea and back into the Sinai Peninsula. Israel would need to take all these separate tunnels and do so before the leadership under the Shifa Hospital could discern what Israel was planning. The simple and only means of reaching peace on the Gaza border would be to destroy the entire leadership of both Hamas and Islamic Jihad and completely cleanse Gaza of all weaponry and weapons manufacturing facilities. The factories can be left intact but the forms and molds for making rocket engines and as much other dedicated weapons machinery would need be destroyed or confiscated. It is understandable that not all such machinery can be removed as some equipment is dual use and thus legal, but taking the vast amount and the dies for making the rocket and mortar components would set back production to such a point as to remove much of the threats. Further, those who manufacture these weapons would be amongst the Hamas officials who would be on the Israeli lists of wanted personnel, which would start with Yahya Sinwar. Lastly, any Hamas officials who might escape would need to be placed on international arrest warrants by Israel and any other nations who would also desire to remove these terrorist leaders from becoming a threat.


One item of interest is that despite his brave words, Yahya Sinwar has not been an active member in the border rioting. He has not joined those slinging rocks across the border, those flying kites with incendiary kites over the border, those cutting the border fence attempting to cut holes through which to pass, those crawling to the fence with weapons to shoot at IDF positions nor those burning thousands of tires to produce smokescreens. Yahya Sinwar has appeared one morning at the aid station over half a kilometer behind the active rioting where he delivered his great speech declaring, “The protests will continue until the Palestinians return to the lands they were expelled from 70 years ago.” This has been his contribution, the man who used to be the commander of the militant arm of Hamas and now its absolute leader within Gaza, shouting where the media could cover his brave outbursts demanding the followers risk their lives committing acts of violence and war against Israel. It is an act of war to hurl incendiary devices onto fields of crops causing close to twenty-million dollars in damage and soon to surpass even that number. It is an act of war to attempt to force a mass border transgression with the intent of murdering the civilians of another nation. It is an act of war to fire upon border agents of a neighboring nation. It is an act of war to purposely destroy border-monitoring equipment with the intent of allowing for an invasion or the incursion of a small group to conduct terrorist attacks. It is an environmental act of war to pollute the air across a border through the burning of tens of thousands of tires causing noxious smoke to cover acts of aggression and attempted breaching of the border to conduct acts of terror. It is an act of war to have leaders demand people riot on the border with the intent of their actions leading to the destruction of another nation. The actions which Hamas and Islamic Jihad have been taking on the border with Israel are sufficient provocation which any other nation would have used troops to bring such actions to an end removing any threat posed. Such actions would be legal under international law as explained in this article, “Anticipatory Self-Defence Under International Law” (PDF File).


Yahya Sinwar Bravely Declaring Support for Rioters from the Remote Safety of the Aid Tent

Yahya Sinwar Bravely Declaring Support for Rioters from the Remote Safety of the Aid Tent


The rioting and the entire coverage by the world media have been disgraceful. Their depiction of everything being an orderly, peaceful, benign, civil rights demonstration has been literally turning a blind eye. The stringers are providing the media with their stories as they sit calmly and safely on the Tel Aviv beach at their favorite coffee bistro, sleeping in their five-star hotel, and eating in the finest restaurants. These stringers are mostly Hamas propaganda operatives, better known as trusted sources within Gaza. These stringer know to stand exactly in the middle of the entirety of the action with the rioting and violence on one side and the peaceful scenes of families having picnics and kids playing soccer, of men kneeling in prayer and the aid tent treating the injured, and they know to face away from the rioting when aiming their cameras except to take a video of a group rushing by with a person on a stretcher. We showed one of their videos which showed a youth on crutches who suddenly was capable of fleeing with great alacrity despite his crutches which he held over his head waving them in the air, suddenly he was perfectly capable and no sign of a limp. (video can be watched in our article here) This has a name here calling it Pallywood. The media in Hamas has their stories and pictures checked by minders from Hamas and if they hope to continue covering things as they occur in Gaza, then they must keep to the dictated lines of propaganda. There is a limit to what is permitted to be shown through the Western Media to their viewers and break these rules and you no longer are provided with coverage. Lose your ability to report on the happenings in Gaza and you might also lose your position, your employment. This is why the major media companies’ reporters use the stringers which Hamas assigns them and choose to sit in Tel Aviv all comfortable and safe. What is also interesting is that reporters can freely report from inside Gaza knowing they are safe from injury but the same is not true from the Israeli side. Think about this for a minute, it is not because the Israelis are more dangerous, it is because the Israelis are in greater danger of being shot. In Gaza, you know that unless you are very unfortunate, you will only be targeted if you are performing an act of aggression. If you are with the IDF forces and poke your head up to take a picture or shoot a video, you are very likely to be shot by a sniper from within Gaza, a Hamas or Islamic Jihad sniper. The reality is very different from reported and the solution is definitely different from reported. As far as the Deal of the Century from President Trump, it will be dead on arrival, as Mahmoud Abbas will refuse anything which permits Israel to exist as the Jewish State; and Hamas, under Yahya Sinwar, will not even be read as long as Israel exists and it would not be necessary should Israel cease to exist. The simple truth is the Palestinian Arabs from both societies under their current leadership and any leadership in the foreseeable future have one stipulation for peace, no Israel and no Jews. It really is that simple, and Israel simply refuses to commit suicide, thank you.


Beyond the Cusp


June 4, 2018

Hamas and Their Who Did Israel Kill Today Ploy

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The first claim came when Hamas informed the media of a story they were bound to jump on immediately, after all, it was one of their own, a “photo journalist” who had been struck down by those presumably kill-crazed IDF soldiers. Their snipers intentionally murdered a reporter wearing a “Press” flack jacket clearly marking him, even through all the smoke from the ten-thousand burning tires, as a noncombatant. Then, after the world had heard the breaking news stories throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, and likely the remainder of the world, those listed among their main targets for the propaganda, the real story emerged. The so-called reporter only did reporting the Hamas way and now he became the Hamas story. He had been shot for a reason and it was further reported that this “photo journalist” was a Hamas member and Murtaja held the rank of Neqqib, or Captain, in Hamas. But it is very likely that to this day there are millions who can tell you that the Israelis mistakenly or on purpose shot a representative of the media and far fewer who can report the rest of the story, that this presumed reporter was in actuality a high-ranking member of Hamas. Sure, he also worked as a “photo journalist” plying the media with slanted stories and pictures to match as the reporters from the mainstream international media schmooze with one another at high-priced bistros along the Tel Aviv beachfront taking in the sights and relying on “photo journalists” like Murtaja to write their stories and provide the pictures to match. In reality, Murtaja was no more than a ranking member of the Hamas propaganda arm and not an innocent on the front lines doing a tough job for informing the world with honest reporting.


A while after that story played out came the next one. Hamas are more than simple terrorists; they are masters at playing the media and making it sing their tunes day and night. This time it was the baby named Layla al Ghandour. Italy’s largest newspaper, Il Corriere della Sera, which printed her photo on the front page and Al-Jazeera reported that, “Layla al Ghandour is the face of the massacre in Gaza.” What a story, an innocent, small, vibrant, healthy eight-month-old Palestinian baby girl with her whole life ahead of her was snuffed out by that evil Israel lethal tear gas. When we first heard this story, one we had almost been expecting as it is a canard of the Hamas and PA use of media against Israel, we immediately asked, who in their right mind takes any eight-month-old to the front lines of a confrontation knowing there will be tear gas, burning tire smoke and a thousand other things which are unhealthy for an adult and worse for an infant. But then we remembered that the Gazans are paid $200 for attending the rioting and $500 if the family member is injured, possibly even $3,000 if they lost one of their members, and one can predict that this family received a bonus for the death being an infant. In all fairness, we need also point out that in response to a CBS Evening News interviewing Prime Minister Netanyahu stating that Hamas was paying people plus pushing women and children with the hope of getting casualties to push on the media; NBC Nightly News reporter Daniel Medina tweeted “Netanyahu continues to throw out conspiracy theories to US media. Reporters must push back against these types of baseless claims with zero evidence to support them.” Well, when the entirety of the story about poor little Layla al Ghandour finally emerged, it sure looks as if Hamas was doing exactly as claimed. The real story came the next day when a physician from Gaza told the Associated Press the day after she died that the child had a pre-existing illness and he did not believe her death was caused by Israeli (tear) gases. As Giulio Meotti reports later in the article, “The next World Press Photo award is ready for Haitham Imad, the photographer who has immortalized Layla in her mother’s arms.”


The latest story of the Israeli murderers on the Gaza border revolves around Razan Al-Najar, a nurse presumably shot as she tended the wounded. Now we hear of a twenty-one-year-old volunteer medic, according to a witness we are told, was shot as she ran toward the fortified border fence, east of the south Gaza city of Khan Younis, in a bid to reach a casualty. We used a Reuters article but there are plenty more from all around the globe. We are willing to bet that very few bother to point out that this death, like virtually, if not, all deaths reportedly caused by IDF fire, are investigated be the IDF in a very transparent way. Every piece of information garnered is provided anyone who requests such, but almost nobody cares to ask. If Nurse Razan Al-Najar was killed as an illegal act, then we will also hear, provided we seek out the information, that the IDF soldier who took that shot and any officer which ordered them to shoot will all be facing disciplinary actions which can scale from an article of reprimand to a public trial for capital murder. For those who doubt this truth, please read this and realize that the IDF does not tolerate any questionable shootings. When the results of the IDF probe into her death are complete, does anybody believe that their results will be broadcast to the world in anywhere near the level of the current screaming from every hilltop coverage of this shooting as reported by Hamas? Of course not, as their results will be buried deep inside the papers and never reach the airwaves unless it is found to be an illegal shooting and an IDF soldier and commander are facing charges. There were some who also reported that there had just been rifle fire and a grenade fired into the IDF positions on the border but this was usually mentioned well after the coverage of Razan Al-Najar, a nurse, being shot despite wearing her bright, white uniform.


Nurse Razan Al-Najar reacts to tear gas as she works at the scene of clashes at Israel-Gaza border (photo credit: IBRAHEEM ABU MUSTAFA / REUTERS)

Nurse Razan Al-Najar reacts to tear gas as she works at the scene of clashes at Israel-Gaza border


Perhaps the time is long overdue to discuss the realities of the Hamas rioting and attempts to utilize human waves lead by their Hamas terrorist members to breach the border in the hope of reaching Israeli civilian towns and kibbutzim and to, as the Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar stated, “eat the livers of those besieging” as well as “tear out their hearts from their bodies.” As we have reported, the rioters and especially their Hamas leaders were given maps showing the closest Israeli civilian population point for each of the areas with directions on how to best reach these places in the least amount of time. That is what the IDF soldiers are attempting to prevent. They are defending their homeland from an invasion force intent on murdering mostly civilians, not defeating the opposing military. Hamas and virtually every Gazan know the rules about the border. There is a three-hundred meter military no-go zone on the Gazan side of the border fence and anybody entering that zone becomes a legal target. This is one of the rules which Hamas always quotes to the media as proof that they reside in a prison situation and that Israel are the prison guards, and they make very mean and angry guards. There is seldom, if ever, any mention that there exists a five-hundred meter no-go zone on the Egyptian border and that the Egyptians mowed clear a space this wide along their border in the middle of Rafah destroying hundred upon hundreds of homes, businesses and other structures (see image below). But it is not the five-hundred meter Egyptian zone where buildings were razed but the three-hundred meter Israeli zone which covers field areas without structures that the world complains over. It is not the closed Egyptian Rafah crossing but the Israeli crossings where tons of aid are delivered daily that the world claim makes Gaza a prison. There is a reason why the aid does not always help the people, and that is Hamas itself. Even when there is no conflict actively engaged, Hamas takes most of the aid and divides it between themselves and those who are their greatest enablers. The biggest story is why so few apartments have been rebuilt despite building supplies being provided at least twice by European Union and an equal number of times through the United Nations and once by another aid group but the tunnels keep being built, destroyed, rebuilt and new paths built unceasingly.


Egyptian Forces Destroy Rafah Homes on Border with Gaza October 2014 (photo credit: REUTERS)

Egyptian Forces Destroy Rafah Homes on Border with Gaza October 2014
(photo credit: REUTERS)


The Gazans know that entering the three-hundred meter zone makes them automatically a target as the rules of the border are concerned. Israel left Gaza in August of 2005 and it was a freely open area until the summer of 2007 when Hamas took over in a coup killing large numbers of PA security fighters and Fatah and PA officers who fell off of high buildings repeatedly over the following few months after Hamas took over. Hamas had claim to having won the election, but Mahmoud Abbas refused to allow their victory to replace him. Hamas took Gaza as their consolation prize. This was when Israel imposed their blockade which still permits all of the aid and non-military use materials into Gaza, often the same day the rest on the day after delivery. This is for security reasons which any sane nation would impose if their neighboring state was run by terrorists and they had the resources to do such. The no-go zone is for the protection of Israelis primarily. The wide knowledge of this zone to the Gazans is for their safety such that they know they take their lives into their own hands entering that zone. This rule is known and begrudgingly recognized by the United Nations and the International Courts. Truth be told, Israel would be within her rights to simply shoot everybody who comes within three-hundred meters of the border fence. Would Israel have enforced the no-go zone from the onset of the violent rioting, then there would have been no real attempts to breach the border, the border fence would not be damaged at numerous points where the rioting has taken place, and there would have been one fairly large number of people shot, most likely with rubber bullets, and the rioting would likely have ended with some really ugly reporting about Israel enforcing their no-go zones condemning Israel for having such a thing. Of course, nobody would be reporting their understanding of the reason for the no-go region or that it is a safety barrier for both sides as it prevents misunderstandings. Further, there is a reason that these border breaches are being attempted at this time. Israel is in the process of building a new fence and this fence will be a true border barrier. This will be an above ground stronger barrier and a new below-ground tunnel barrier. Once this new border divider is completed, then Hamas will no longer be able to attempt to easily breach the border with human waves of even bolt-cutters as have been wielded during these riots. Still, had Israel from the onset of the first people arriving at the border area enforced the three-hundred meter security area, the rioting would have been called off early on. It was the fact that Hamas has found a means of getting their terror operatives to the border fence with breaching tools that has these riots continuing.


What has been amazing is that Israel has been capable of recognizing which people approaching the border are armed with breaching agents, explosives, firearms and other items which could be used to destroy equipment, the fence or used to kill soldiers and these have been the people shot. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have recognized and admitted that it has been their terrorist members who have made up well over eighty-percent of those killed. That is over four out of five killed have been terrorists. However Israel is capable of making these determinations is probably some technology that the rest of the world would likely love to get their hands on for their own enforcement efforts. There are reports that an Israeli company using face recognition software can spot criminals and terrorists out of an airport crowd. The system, as far as we know, is still being tested and improved. All such systems would need actual use time and have adjustments made, but to have such algorithms is a definite bonus. Having one that works under rioting conditions, as it appears the Israelis have managed to do due to their high percentage of terrorists from Hamas and Islamic Jihad in their targeted killing has been simply amazing. Have their been any innocents injured or killed, of course as in any war or conflict situation. But over an eighty-percent terrorist kill rate and probably an even higher kill percentage have been guilty of attempting to damage or destroy the fence, equipment or have shot at the IDF with firearms, thrown grenades or Molotov cocktails or flews incendiary kites over Israeli positions. Show any other military with such a high percentage of terrorists over innocents ratio. There is a reason the same nations whose media decry Israel defending her border send their military officers and trainers to Israel to learn the best and most efficient and proficient ways of engaging and preventing terrorism.


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