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November 21, 2018

Rebirth of an Ancient Hatred: Part 1

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Anti-Semitism has returned to our world with a vengeance and many are demanding to know how, why and from where. The answer is actually very telling and exceedingly ugly requiring many of us to take a long and hard look into the mirror on our souls, and this terrifyingly includes a sizable number of Jews. This time around it is easy to blame the initial root cause, but the truth is the root cause has been in the hearts of far too many for whom even the horrors of the Shoah (Holocaust) was not a sufficient wake-up call to rid themselves of their deeply seated hatred for Jews. Many people have come upon their own reasons for permitting the seed of Jew-hatred to grow which are directly traceable to their politics and the convenience of justifying everything by blaming the Jews. The worst part of this latest wave over-washing nearly every society is that they refuse to demand those stoking this hatred stop their incitement. Even more to the root, many refuse to even consider their hate to be unfounded and some even sit at the gateway to information and are knowingly complicit. This round of hatred began around fourteen-hundred years ago and has festered with periods of increased hate and periods of tolerance, but the present time has seen a serious increase in the hatred against the Jews and against the Jewish State, Israel.


This hate had been building in the Islamic Worlds, specifically the Arab Muslim World, and had continued to grow in direct proportion to the efforts of the Zionists to kindle the hope and promise for the Jews to return to their ancient homelands. The Arabs and Muslims were aware that the originating lands for the Jewish People were in the Middle East centered on Jerusalem as it is written in the Quran. The Quran even instructs that if the Jews reside in these lands and follow scripture, the Torah, keeping the Commandments, then they are to be left at peace. But there is that pesky little item known as Abrogation by which if a verse contradicts an earlier verse, then the earlier verse is superseded by the later verse. This is where one of the shorter verses which was said to be amongst the last given by Muhammad, Verse 9:5, which is translated below, by abrogation completely altered the former Quranic claims that the area of Israel rightfully belongs to the Jews who follow the laws of Torah.

Mohsin Khan: Then when the Sacred Months have passed, then kill the Mushrikun (disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah, idolaters, polytheists, pagans, etc. according to V.2:105) wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and prepare for them each and every ambush. But if they repent and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat), and give Zakat, then leave their way free. Verily, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

Accordingly, Quran Verse 9:5 was also said to include the Jews and Christians also giving succor to those Islamic leaders who wished to confiscate the wealth of the Jews and Christians residing under their rule to force them to convert or die. When one performs Iqamat-as-Salat, what they are doing is reciting the verses which profess to have become Muslims and faithfulness to Allah renouncing their former beliefs. What would often be the price to prove their dedication to their new faith would be to give a hefty sum of money to their Sultan, Emir, Ayatollah, Imam or other leader which could be anywhere from a mere 35% to everything they had and owned. A true follower of Allah needs not material items, especially when the leader is short of funds. Of course, if they refused conversion, upon their death everything would be taken to their ruler as spoils of the spread of Islam. In more recent times, other teachings have also come to the fore such as any lands which had once been cleansed and purified by Islamic conquest and served Allah must forever remain under Islamic rule. This became a primary cause upon the return of the Zionists who were buying lands and planning on creating their own country with time. Every piece of land bought by a Jew was now grist for the Imam’s sermon claiming that these plots of land must be retaken for Allah and the usurpers who were stealing Arab Muslim rightful lands must be punished. This led to numerous pogroms with the major occurrences of violence from April 1936 through August 1939, Hevron and Jerusalem anti-Jew violence on August 23, 1929 to August 29, 1929, further rioting came in October of 1933 spilling into November, and finally, 1920 Jerusalem riots starting on Sunday, April 4, 1920 running through Wednesday, April 7, 1920. These were the culmination of growing anger at the Jewish, by Arab standards, stealing, despite often paying premium prices and sometimes having to buy the same plot of land from multiple Arabs who claimed ownership and demanded they be paid for their land which a Jew or Jews had stolen. Such fabrications were just the start of what would with time become an industry.


Inventing facts continued and has had devastating influence to the facts which many believe to be valid and thus cling to them in the Western World, as after all, it was on the news with film and everything. The two best examples of this kind of reporting which both went viral and were considered absolute truth were the Jenin Massacre and the shooting Death of al-Dura. Both turned out to be complete fabrications. We have covered the Jenin Massacre lie in our article What is Said About the IDF? replete with a typical picture used by the world media and an overhead of the complete city of Jenin, a blown-up picture of the refugee camp and from there a picture of the actual combat area which measures slightly larger than two football fields laid side-by-side. The other story about the “death” of al-Dura exploded when the French television station which first carried the story, this had the most to lose, sued the main debunker of the lie who refused to cease speaking of their insidiousness. They lost their libel suit and their entire falsehoods were laid bare when the judge, to his enormous credit, demanded to see the entire unedited and uncut film of the event. When he was given a slightly less edited film which still was missing about half of a minute of film which had been cut from mid-clip, he made his request into an order and demanded that this time he receive the complete and full film. Once the Judge viewed that piece of film, he immediately dismissed the libel suit demanding that the television station pay for the plaintiffs legal costs and reimburse him for his time lost, an extreme order especially in Europe. That should have been the end of the al-Dura myth, as it has become to be known. Neither of these two bald faced lies have gone away. Within the Arab and Muslim World both are just as true as they were at their height. Many still believe that thousands were killed at the Jenin Refugee Camp and that they were largely families and innocents and even more hold to the story that al-Dura was mercilessly murdered by the IDF during a firefight with terrorists and that the IDF refused to stop shooting long enough for father and son to get to safety. These lies are still repeated anywhere in the world you wish to sample.


But with what we have learned and realized about the news going back to Viet Nam and we must assume further back, that the news is manufactured to present the views that the largely leftist news presenting companies desire you to understand. Probably the greatest lie ever perpetrated on the United States television from the last century had to be Walter Cronkite, the most trusted man on the planet, when he reported about how the United States forces in Viet Nam had been routed and the war was lost after the highly successful operations by the North Vietnamese in the Tet Offensive. The reality was that at the end of the day, or the fighting, the North Vietnamese had suffered such a devastating loss that their military capabilities had been completely destroyed and their forces devastated. But that did not meet with what Mr. Cronkite’s minders desired for the American public to think. For Communism to spread, Viet Nam had to fall such that then Cambodia would fall and the dominoes would all topple. Well, Cambodia went Communist and it kind of just petered-out at that juncture. The infestation known as Communism has struck numerous other places along with other forms of socialism, all of which resulted in an impoverished nation with a small number of self-appointed elites getting whatever funds they desired and living very well. Most of these nations which went to the far-left with extreme forms of socialism or some variation of Communism all more often than not also had rampant anti-Semitism. In a fair number of these nations, even ones with next to no Jews residing within, would blame their economic woes on the Jews, either their small minority or the international Jewish cabal and related conspiracy theories. But these were not the main driving force behind resurgent anti-Semitism.


International Jewish Cabal

International Jewish Cabal


Much of the anti-Semitism we are witnessing today in the United States and most definitely in Europe is centered on hate and distrust of Israel and sympathy for the Palestinian Arabs. This has had the backing of millions of dollars invested in propaganda and the infiltration of Arab citizens of the Western nations into selected positions of local governments which are now reaching the point of attempting to win seats in national governments. Much of the anti-Semitism has an ulterior motive working the plan to isolate Israel from the developed world. Their message was more readily accepted in third world nations and those in the developing nations with a few outstanding exceptions such as Brazil and India. Largely, these nations have been inducted into a voting block in the United Nations such that it has become automatic in the General Assembly for any motion condemning Israel to pass overwhelmingly often with votes such as 109 condemning Israel, 30 to 40 abstaining or not voting and as many as 12 actually voting against the condemnations of Israel. Having such a voting block has led to virtually every United Nations agency or committee also falling in line and voting to condemn Israel or even deny any Jewish attachment to their ancient homelands as witnessed both in the Bible and by archaeological finds. The worst of these have been the Human Right Council, UNESCO, UNICEF, the Durban Conferences which were initially called the World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance and lastly, the we hope soon to be defunct, UNWRA. For another example, the Human Rights Council has passed more resolutions against Israel than all other countries combined and Israel is the only nation in the world that has a standing agenda item against it at the start of every session before any other business can be attended. Oh, we did leave out one position which bears mention as it is designed with two purposes, to repeat ad-nauseum every gripe made by the Palestinian Authority and work diligently to tarnish Israel to the point that it can be declared a non-nation and stripped of its right to self-rule placing them under the kindly tentacles of the Palestinian Authority if at all possible, and this position is the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian Human Rights. Israel was condemned by the forty-five-member Commission on the Status of Women because of honor killings of women within the Palestinian semi-autonomous regions and other obstacles for Palestinian women’s advancement. We could continue with the United Nations but this should be more than sufficient.


The problem with all of these is that they write headlines and are grist for the opinion mill where the United Nations can be used to justify anti-Semitism and any form of condemnation of Israel. If you can imagine a reason why Israel is the worst thing to happen in all of history, then it is highly probable that some United Nations agency or approved NGO has found data and reason to back-up your claim and give it the gravitas it should have been denied. When people read in the New York Times, Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune or any of a thousand other left-leaning or pure leftist newspapers at least once a month if not per week an article above the fold on page one about Israel being condemned for some inhuman acts or atrocities, this will have an effect on people and their reaction will not be just concerning Israel, but most will also apply it to Jews generally. It is common knowledge that Israel and Jews are interchangeable and that every Jew loves Israel even more than the country in which they reside. The only problem is that statement is as false as any trope we have heard concerning Jews. There are even some orthodox sects of Jews who do not recognize the right of Israel to be the Jewish State because their interpretation is that only the Messiah can bring the Jews back to Israel and until then we are condemned as Jews to wander the world from nation to nation as their will to permit us to exist flows. There are a number of such Jews who live in Israel and are so convinced of this that they refuse to take citizenship or vote, though they do take the healthcare. There are a number of Jews which would surprise many who place their leftist political proclivities far ahead of Israel and their Judaism. Other Jews have replaced the Commandments and Mitzvahs of the Torah with the political platform of the Democrat Party. These are the Jews who belong to such groups as If Not Now, Jewish Voice for Peace, New Israel Fund, Breaking the Silence, Not in Our Name, Jews for Justice for Palestinians and others who work diligently against the Israeli government. Many of these groups would be quiet and happy if only the “correct and proper” people who “think properly” and who support a “sane and rational” set of policies. They would not protest much of anything were the Labor Party to form the government coalition with Meretz, the other parties in the Zionist Union (which is largely not Zionist) and whichever other parties were to form a government. The fact that a pro-Zionist government, which also includes religious parties, is in power is the major reason why these groups are so furious. They desire an Israel which is a democracy with no attachment to Judaism and which would simply give the Palestinian Arabs anything and everything they demanded even to the point of allowing them to make a single nation with all the Palestinian Arabs granted full citizenship and even some would permit the millions of “Palestinian refugees” to also come into Israel with citizenship because they honestly have swallowed the idea that were Israel to be a nation with seven-million Jews and four-million Arabs with one million people of other religious denominations including Christians and add in ten to twelve-million Palestinian Arabs that Israel would remain free and the Basic Laws would protect the Jewish minority. The problem is that these Jews, especially the ones who are Israelis, give those who desire to blame Israel for the problems in the Middle East the backing to do so because they can claim that even Jews realize that Israel is horrible.


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July 2, 2018

Not This Idea Yet Again!

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I thought we had buried this stupidity long ago, but leave it to the current General Staff, the one that claims that religious officers might be too out of touch, retired officers from previous command level positions, Avigdor Lieberman and rumored others from the Security Cabinet have started debating how to provide Gaza with a port and possibly an international airport. The reasoning is to relieve the economic malaise such that they will no longer be facing a collapsing economy and thus be happier and stop rioting and attacking us. So we really need to say this again? Well, if we must as it appears to be necessary, here goes. The Gazans are not attacking us because they are poor, they are poor because they are attacking us. If they were using most of their production in wealth accumulation and their own betterment, Gaza would be one of the most luxurious places on the planet. The Arabs in Gaza receive some of the highest per capita wealth resulting from the aid provided. They are not lacking for assistance, what they are lacking is the use of the aid provided. One example is when cement is provided for rebuilding damaged homes and structures, it is estimated that Hamas is siphoning off 95% of the cement transferred into the Gaza. The stealing of aid shipments reached such levels that the United Nations suspended aid until Hamas provided assurances that they were not stealing the aid, which Hamas promised they would never ever commit such a horrible crime and the United Nations was satisfied that all would be well and reinitiated the aid shipments. This was absolutely remarkable, but then it was the United Nations. Apparently, with the speed and numbers of tunnels being constructed by Hamas, aid levels must be astronomical providing Hamas and Islamic Jihad with all the construction material they require for building the means for attacking Israel. But there are those in high positions in Israel who actually think that there is a dearth of provisions and aid, especially food and medical equipment and supplies despite Hamas refusing an aid shipment of medical supplies by Israel. But not to worry, there are discussions to build an island or use Cyprus or have some method to permit inspection and then direct movement of goods into Gaza. The current method is to use the port in Ashkelon and delivering almost all of approved goods the same day or the next morning in dozens of tractor-trailers every day when the level of violence permits (see image below). What is even more encouraging in showing the appreciation by Hamas and the Gazans of the aid provided, one of their favorite targets is the Kerem Shalom crossing where the aid is provided forcing the aid to be delayed which then the media blames Israel for not providing aid efficiently. Note in the last link that the rocket barrage held up approximately one-hundred tractor-trailers of aid from being delivered and they believe that this current means is inadequate. What are these crazies smoking and can we get some.


Tractor Trailer Trucks Lined Up to Enter Gaza with Supplies Daily

Tractor Trailer Trucks Lined Up to Enter Gaza with Supplies Daily


The idea of building a dock on a man-made island around three kilometers off shore with a causeway which will have a disconnect section which could be used to cut off travel along the causeway connecting this dock with the shore in case of violence flaring is just as insane now as it was six years ago when it was first floated. If they are actually planning for threats from the shore, then you can bet such will be forthcoming. We would predict that Hamas and Islamic Jihad will launch a major offensive using fishing boats, submersible craft, scuba forces and possibly even finding a way to prevent the causeway being secured and attacking taking the port island supported by sniper fire from the shoreline. If the port is being guarded and manned by international inspectors provided from the United Nations, as they will demand that Israelis would be too controlling and constrict the most critical aid, they will hand the entire island and docks functionally over to Hamas. Basically, within a few weeks, months at the longest, the entire port, which was initially predicted to cost three-billion-dollars and likely resulted in costing ten-billion-dollars, will be required to be bombed out of commission simply because it was taken by the terrorists and bombing it would be less dangerous than attempting to take control back. But what is wrong with the using Cyprus idea? What is the means of taking aid from Cyprus and getting it to Gaza. There is no land route from the island of Cyprus to Gaza. So a shipment pulls into the dock in Cyprus, is unloaded, inspected and then reloaded onto another ship and taken to where? Probably Ashdod or Ashkelon and then taken overland by trucks to Gaza? Perhaps the ships from Cyprus would be permitted to dock at the Gaza docks. Would each ship, likely seven or more per day, receive a military escort by the Israeli Navy to prevent their being loaded with rockets, weapons, ammunition and other military provisions up to and possibly including tanks while going from Cyprus to Gaza. Maybe the Israeli Navy will double in size and have a merchant marine division which will take the shipments from Cyprus to Gaza which will eventually result in a kidnapping of one of the personnel by Hamas, possibly an entire crew, as they attack one of the ships possibly even in such a level as to take control of the entire ship. Everything they think of will provide additional layers, actually take longer, a fraught with danger and troublesome difficulties and reasons why they are simply plans which will result in dangerous situations to Israeli personnel or of Hamas takeover leading to no supervision of what they import while plans are made to destroy the structures leading to using the system already in place. There is no problem getting the aid to Gaza and if the Israeli leadership wish to improve the vision of how aid reaches Gaza, the best means would be to invite the United Nations to come and observe the entirety of the process and allow them to remain until they are satisfied that Israel is passing almost all aid into Gaza with the omissions being items obviously having a strong military use. All these half-baked ideas which bleeding heart leftists propose on a regular basis are a smoke screen which had the intent of causing Israel to question their system which is working perfectly well currently and needs no improvement or a whole new system which will simply lead to failure and a return to what is already in place or Hamas and Islamic Jihad having completely open importation of weapons, additional fighters and anything Iran cares to send their way.


Let us state the reality in as straight forward a manner as we are able. Gaza has plenty of aid and there is even a wealthy class made up of Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders, smuggling families who run the black market and supply the terrorists, the people who command the tunneling and an assortment of people in tight with Hamas. Allow us to give you proof from an earlier article titled Wrong-Headed Policies Pursued on Gaza which explains and displays the difference and why there are wealthy and those who Hamas has relegated to virtual homelessness and also the article Gaza which explains the use of the large quantities of cash and the threat Hamas and Islamic Jihad have acquired with the aid packages and the items smuggled largely from Iran. These two articles pretty much cover both sides of the equation of where the aid money ends up, either it ends up in the leadership of Hamas and Islamic Jihad pockets or is invested in better rockets and even missiles and incendiary grenades they attach to balloons and kites to set Israel fields, forests and wildlife preserves afire as has been happening for the past three months. What the General Staff and all the rest of those leading this misadventure need to think about is how can they hit targets in Gaza which would maximize the effect to end the rioting, fire-kites and balloons and the intermittent rocket fire. A simple and direct plan would be to send a small detachment to Tehran clandestinely in order for them to assist the demonstrators with their biggest problem and remove the entirety of the political class starting with the Mullahs and working their way through the IRGC commanders and other necessary individuals in order to allow the protests to actually have a clean slate to develop a new governance. That is highly unlikely despite the temptations which make one dream of such. Our other means would be, as we stated in one of the articles, to strike those lovely places where the Hamas leadership enjoy the good life. Take out the new mall, the new water park, the lovely hotels along the shoreline, the really nice homes where the leaders reside, the fine dining restaurants and everything else we pictured on the right side in the first article’s pictorial of the two Gazas.


But as far as wasting time and resources on a new procedure to provide the Gazan people better procedures for providing aid, the system in place is probably about as good as it can get and Israel and the outside world cannot do anything about the actual problem, Hamas stealing the people blind and destroying any chance for a functional economy all to continue to try and drive the Israelis from their land by murdering as many as it takes for the rest to flee. That is never going to happen and should Hamas continue as they have, what may be the eventual result of their attempts to drive the Israelis from their lands will be the people of Gaza, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and all, being driven from Gaza and Israel sweeping it clean to make rebuilding it far easier. Hopefully, when Hamas and Islamic Jihad have driven the Israelis to demanding that the problem that is Gaza be remedied with a finality, the General Staff will have spent sufficient time worrying about plans for every eventuality, including this situation, instead of thinking of how they can complicate the method of providing aid to Gaza such that Hamas can import directly, after a small effort to take over an island Israel built replete with port facilities, and have a plan for removing the terrorist leadership and true believers and allowing the Arabs who simply wish to live a normal life to rebuild their region with Israeli aid. Eventually Israel will be forced to retake Gaza. The media has attempted to tell the world that everybody in Gaza is protesting Israel. The reality is that under 3% of the Gaza population have been involved in even the presumed largest day of rioting. This includes those who decided that rioting for a day was a great way to make $300 for showing up so they could tout a whole fifty-thousand protestors. The population of Gaza is approximately one-million-eight-hundred-thousand. So, even if we were to believe that there were twice of many who just were unable to make it to the protest on the busiest day, that would still mean that 90% plus of the Arabs in Gaza have no intention of joining in the rioting along the border and have no real desire to join the invasion of Israel. These people should be permitted to live a normal life, elect their own government, and not be left imprisoned in a virtual jail which is just as enforced from within by Hamas and Islamic Jihad as it is from the Israel side to prevent terrorist infiltrations. Israel accepted 6,000 Gazans for medical treatment in past four months. This was despite the fact that Hamas regularly prevents Gazans from being allowed to cross into Israel for medical treatments. Perhaps Israel is not the problem where Gaza, their economy, medical treatment and aid reception, just maybe the problem is the dictatorial governance made up of Hamas and Islamic Jihad imprisoning the population and stealing even the food from their mouths is the problem. Just maybe that is the real problem.


Beyond the Cusp


May 23, 2018

The Media and Their Lies are Starting to Upset Us


We sat down and started our regular discussion before setting words to media and realized that after what we read about the Gaza War was just too upsetting for us to write anything calmly. We thought things through and decided that we would be better served to sleep on this and not write it while tempers were still flared. We apologize for our delaying reporting but we just need to simmer and calm before writing. As stated by Falstaff after feigning death and thus avoiding Prince Hal’s judgement in Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part I, “The better part of Valor, is Discretion; in the which better part, I have saved my life.” Our discretion may be saving our being hosted here on WordPress as what we want to say in the heat of the moment would prove disastrous in the end, so we will return to this article when heads have cooled and thought gelled into a presentable reaction and assessment of the pure bile, hatred and lies spilling out of the media and we will write this before reading anything further just to be capable of remaining in a clamed state. Until then, and until this is posted, thank you all for your reading support.


The level of animosity in the reporting of the “peaceful” protests along the Gaza border with Israel has been inundated with falsehoods. The pictures show families holding picnics, men in rows in prayer, a tent serving drinks and food and numerous other innocuous activities. Some have shown the smoke screen produced through the burning of thousands of tires. Other pictures show people protesting as if they were marching with Martin Luther King for equal rights. These protests have been reported as being against the Israeli occupation of Gaza. Everything above is a compilation of lies. The easiest to pick apart is the presumed reports of an Israeli occupation of Gaza. Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, a full two years before Hamas violently took charge of Gaza by violently overthrowing the Palestinian Authority governance. Israel had no part in this battle for rule over Gaza. The Palestinian Authority lost a civil war with Hamas and Hamas has ruled Gaza ever since. For everybody’s benefit, the blockade of Gaza began once Hamas took control over Gaza in order to prevent the importation of heavy weapons. The intention was to prevent Hamas from importing weapons as the PLO had attempted with the Karine A weapons ship which Israel intercepted revealing the arms shipment which was attempted to be smuggled into Gaza when the PLO controlled the region before Hamas (see image below). Hamas would have such ships arriving as regularly as they were able had Israel not taken it upon herself to monitor the items being shipped into Gaza. The blockade that the Europeans get all fussy over often gets the aid that is actual aid into Gaza by trucks the same day or the next day. Some items are not permitted into Gaza such as certain metals which are used to produce rockets and firing tubes. Cement is only permitted for rebuilding buildings and the vast majority of that cement is stolen by Hamas to build tunnels which is why no school or hospital has been built in Gaza for many years and why so many of the apartments have not been rebuilt. The fact is that Hamas uses over forty percent of all production in making bunkers and infiltration tunnels all with the intent to destroy Israel. These protests are the latest Hamas weapon against Israel, their own people.


Arms Attempted to be Smuggled on the Katrine A

Arms Attempted to be Smuggled on the Katrine A


What you are not being told is about the kites being flown over the Israeli border with incendiary devices tied into their tails with the intent of setting fires over the border. They have brandished swastika flags along with the Palestinian Flag and if you look closely at the swastika kite, the bottom of the tail has an incendiary device attached (see image below). These are images from Gaza that unless you comb media, particularly Israeli and, oddly enough, Arab media where the reality is represented without any political mendacity in order to make Israel the problem and not reveal the Hamas as terrorists with the murder of Israelis as their intention. The first day of the Gaza rioting Hamas sent a child, a young seven year old girl, across the border near the start of the border violence likely hoping she might be shot in the confusion. The IDF recognized the figure approaching was a young child and took care to see that she was unharmed and found her parents returning her unharmed and hopefully not traumatized by the ordeal. This is far from the first time that children have been used in terror operations. One recently became a darling of the leftists and many Europeans when the Israelis finally were permitted by Israeli laws to arrest Ahed Tamimi as she was finally of age to be considered and tried as an adult. She was arrested for kicking and striking an IDF soldier while doing all she was able to prevent his performing his assignment, something she had been doing since she was a young child while her father would record every confrontation hoping to get any shot which could be used to portray the IDF in a bad light. One can imagine her shock when the same disruptive and violent attacks on IDF soldiers finally resulted in her arrest after over ten years of doing the same thing undisturbed by paying any price. Immediately her picture with her stylishly wild and curly hair became the pin-up girl of the Israel is a monster groups and she was such a hero standing up to those monstrous IDF soldiers. Let us take into consideration that after over a decade of such activity, after finally reaching the age of responsibility, Ahed Tamimi was finally arrested for her actions. She was not shot, she did not require medical services as she was simply arrested and done so with the least amount of violence as required to arrest a sixteen year old girl who was kicking, screaming, spitting, scratching, biting and doing everything in her power to cause just one IDF soldier to get pushed to the point of using even the slightest of violence as her mother, a cousin and others surrounded her and the soldiers recording every action hoping for that perfect picture which might make it appear undue violence was used. For the record, her mother was also arrested for attacking the same IDF soldiers while they were performing their duty. The Tamini family gave the media a completely different story to the media that the IDF came seeking a confrontation and threatened to attack their home. Their darling daughter was merely protecting their home, for the past decade attacking IDF soldiers for a living. She was given a minimal sentence which many thought a travesty with some thinking she got off easy and others believing she was arrested unlawfully. We will leave this to our audience to figure out which loved and supported Israel and which were in Europe protesting her arrest and damning Israel. These are the same claiming Israel is reacting with disproportional force to peaceful protests and not protecting their border from terrorist infiltration.


Swastika Kite and Flag with Palestinian Flags

Swastika Kite and Flag with Palestinian Flags


The Gaza rioting and attempted invasion of Israel has proven to be very revealing. We, all of us, can use these protests and the reactions to them as a measuring device. Those who are protesting that Israel is overreacting and that these protests are simply peaceful with any reports of violence being misrepresentations and that the only violence has been committed by the IDF can be counted as always being anti-Israel. Those supporting Israel one will find that they have already been supporting Israel and have braved the slings and arrows of outrageous accusation by the other group. These two sides live on other sides of what appears to be an uncrossable line as it appears that almost all those who have chosen one side or the other, will remain on their original side of that divide. Once with Israel, always with Israel and once against Israel always against Israel, that appears to almost be a law. One Israel supporter who has proven invaluable has been Colonel Richard Kemp who can be heard at the Gaza border describing what he as a highly experienced military background and knowledge of the laws of warfare and their applications to modern anti-terror military activities to explain the situation here. We apologize for the wind interference, but when in the desert, weather may not always cooperate. Colonel Kemp recognizes that the Hamas effort is to use civilians as weapons to breach the border and then use such a breach through which to push their terror forces. To get this accomplished, they have sent terrorists armed with knives, firearms, wire cutters and other instruments to either engage the IDF or breach the border fence. The fact is that thusfar the vast majority, approaching 85% or more, of those killed have been Hamas or Islamic Jihad terrorist operatives, as admitted by Hamas. The means by which Israel has been capable of picking out the terrorists and those who have been actively attempting to breach the border is astonishingly accurate which has produced this almost unbelievably high level of shooting only actual terrorists. As for those others, how many were aiding in breaching the border versus those who may have been innocent are figures we are unable to verify or even produce at this time, but the percentage of terrorists was verified by the leaders of Hamas on their television channel (see video below). You cannot hope for better than Hamas spokesperson on their television channel supporting that over 80% of those killed, fifty out of sixty-two, especially when you add the three which Islamic Jihad claimed as their terror operatives, and these figures may not be the complete story as their may be others who are attempting to be heroes by aiding the terror efforts and also been targeted, and this we may never know as the IDF will not release such information as they do not wish to reveal their methods. Every nation’s military has their methods and these methods will be kept as guarded secrets. The IDF is no different. The way the IDF is different is they honestly take great care to not kill innocents to as much an extent as any military could possibly manage. They have set the standard so high that military high officials from Western militaries have complained that the IDF has set the standards too high for them to meet. They have sent officers to learn the techniques used by the IDF to assure that they not target civilians while still being effective and most have concluded that the IDF methods cannot and will not be adopted by their military forces as they refuse to place their soldiers in such peril by utilizing the warning systems used by the IDF.



The horrifying thought behind this display of indifference for their people by Hamas is that it could become the tactic by the Palestinian Authority and Israel’s Arab neighbors. The thought of hundreds of thousands of innocent people driven by their governments to attempt and swarm the Israeli border is absolutely horrifying. The other problem is that this kind of attitude is rewarded by the European Union, the United Nations and demonstrators the world over through their decrying the presumed loss of innocent lives when the vast majority of those killed have been terrorists. The furtherance of this problem is fanned by the media and their lies which have become legion. Nowhere are they reporting that Hamas is paying families between one hundred and three hundred dollars per day depending on their level of participation with those rushing the border fence paid the most. Further, they are paying families from three hundred to five hundred dollars for being injured in order to maximize the people reporting injuries and they are paying five hundred dollars minimum per individual reported killed per family. These remunerations are being paid simply to increase the numbers reported killed and injured as well as to maximize the numbers at least appearing near the border and even encourages youths to rush the border even though they may be killed as their family is paid more for their approaching the fence and if they are injured they get more and if killed, at least they know their family will receive the maximum amount of payment. This is another item being ignored by the world media all so as to make the protests appear to be homegrown and not paid for and with those coming just for the minimum payment, they provide the background pictures of families having lunch as part of their protest or the men all praying and the myriad of other pictures depicting an almost party attitude. This is not a party, not a picnic lunch and nothing but an attempt to swarm the Israeli border. What does Hamas hope to accomplish? Either they swarm the border and get beyond the IDF and are able to murder hundreds if not thousands of Israelis after which the world will mourn the dead Jews as they always do after refusing to protect their rights to life. The other possibility is the IDF refuses to allow swarms to pour into Israel killing Israelis and instead they open fire to stop the people pouring through a breach and Hamas has pictures of hundreds of dead Arabs for the European and American media to portray the IDF as vicious killers. Either alternative Hamas will accept as a great victory, one dead Israeli and the other a propaganda bonanza. Either way Israel loses as we wish not to have to kill innocent Arabs which will attempt to pour through the fence and would then murder or severely injure any Israeli they came upon. That is the reason the IDF would have no other choice but to use everything in their capability to prevent such an eventuality. Hamas will continue to attempt to breach the border for as long as there are useful idiots cheering them on across Europe and North America. The sooner the developed world tires of this story, the safer the border will become for Jew and Arab alike. May that day come soon and may the world finally wake up to the foolishness their hatred of Israel is driving them. One last note, hatred of Israel for Gaza while not making a peep about the Syria slaughter of Palestinians and other Arabs or the Turkish mowing down Kurdish men, women and children in northern Syria or the murders going on daily across the Africa Transition Zone has a name, it goes with choosing only Israel to condemn, and it is called anti-Semitism by every measure.


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