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March 5, 2014

The News AIPAC Will Not Hear From Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is currently in the United States where he met with President Obama where it is assumed he was heavily pressured to announce and enact a building freeze and anything else that Abbas whines and demands while President Obama hurries to satisfy. Netanyahu will then address the AIPAC Conference where he will avoid giving any news that would be overly depressing while reaching extremes to sound a positive and hopeful picture. Where the Prime Minister might recount about some of the terrorist acts suffered by Jewish residents, especially those living beyond the Green Line but will he also mention the spread of terrorist attacks on Jews in Jerusalem and even of late in Tel Aviv. Will the Prime Minister speak of the rock attacks and the fact that in too many incidents there have been infants and children below four years old with at least one fatality and others permanently crippled left without any future? Will he tell of the attacks of this past week where Palestinian Arabs have assaulted Beit El throwing firebombs which landed within the security fence within mere meters of homes, none of which fortunately caught fire but that is only by the grace of G0d. Even the media here in Israel has turned away from reporting any news that pertains to terrorist attacks, especially when the victims are the Jewish settlers these media outlets believe are living on Palestinian lands. Will the members attending the AIPAC Convention hear that there are two Israels, one Zionist and the other willing to surrender anything believing that doing so will pacify the Arab hatreds? Will the Prime Minister challenge the American Jews to stand with Israel and take the extra efforts to prevent President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry from pressuring Israel in their efforts to support the Palestinians? I hope he will tell the conventioneers the truth about Iran and that Iran is likely producing atomic weapons as he is speaking and that the United States is in as much peril from this as is Israel. Will those attending his speech believe and accept these warnings should Prime Minister Netanyahu inform them of these troubling truths or will they return to their lives feeling they had done their part to support Israel by writing checks and attending the AIPAC Convention.


The world has become far more dangerous in the past decade and appears to promise that this trend is only going to continue with ever greater speed. Much of the Arab world is either in crisis and active turmoil or is very likely to fall into strife once Iran has reached what they have set as their conditions for their breakout on their way to spreading their reach across the oil fields and cementing their preeminence in the Muslim world. Meanwhile President Putin is making his bid to expand Russian hegemony and guarantee Russia has a warm water port at the tip of the Crimean Peninsula. Further around the globe there are the Chinese who are constructing a blue water navy with the announced aim to supplant the United States in the Western Pacific Ocean. Add to this fact the extension of their territorial waters which paralleled their claiming two disputed islands which much of the world recognizes as belonging to the Japanese. How much longer before China decides to reunite Taiwan by whatever means necessitated? Almost everywhere one looks on the globe there are fires raging or threatening to become yet one more conflagration. All of these world difficulties and much of it can be traced directly to a weak presence, if any, of the United States in the world. President Obama’s charm and go along to get along method of addressing international relations is not accomplishing any of the promises he gave as the reasoning for United States timidity on the world stage. President Obama has accomplished more than any previous President in removing American influence which has permitted every bad intention appear to be requiring a herculean effort to turn back around. This is all due to vacant American influence which has stood for order and the rights of individuals and the fair treatment of nations and people. Without a strong American presence these ideas wilt and that is the result we are witnessing. The question is will the United States reawaken in time or has the United States permanently taken a vacation from leading allowing the world to spin off into unchartered and dangerous waters.


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September 29, 2013

The Unavoidable Intifada

Even before the resumption of the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians the violence level had been ramping upward in Judea and Samaria. The most obvious evidence were the increasing frequency of vehicles being hit with large enough rocks to smash through their windshields causing bodily harm to drivers and passengers alike and too often also leading to horrific crashes and life threatening injuries. Once the peace talks resumed the spike in violence was palpable, especially the rioting on the Temple Mount which was being committed with the purpose of denying Jews access to their holiest of places on Earth. The reasoning went that since the police would always take the easiest route to restoring quiet which meant they would close the Temple Mount to Jewish visitation in order to placate the Muslim rioters rather than attempt to break up the rioters and possibly suffer physical harm from rocks thrown, iron rods wielded, wooden bats wielded and often even Molotov cocktails being thrown in attempts to immolate the officers. Eventually the rioting escalated to a point that a core group would continue to riot even after the Jews had been escorted off the Temple Mount simply to attempt to harm the guards as they found that such activity sometimes yielded multiple-days of Jews being denied entrance. The Palestinian aim in this was to prove that Jews did not have any actual claim to the Temple Mount because if they really did care and have such strong feelings, then why was it so easy to chase them off of the Temple Mount. After all, if you are not willing to fight for your rights to an area, you must not have very strong emotional attachments. This argument would probably sound convincing to those who would, like the Temple Mount Police Force, simply want to placate the rioters and end the violence at any cost. This means that outside of Israel in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere this argument would prove conclusive.


The Palestinians have learned that the Jews believe in respecting authority, the rule of law, and setting a high standard for societal norms under which violence is eschewed. This is simply a further difference between the Jewish society and their Palestinian neighbors. Where the Jews value life, the Palestinians value death by their own admission. Where the Jews value order and lawfulness the Palestinians prefer chaos, rioting, and violence. And finally, where the Jews cherish construction, building and progress, the Palestinians pursue destruction. When referring to Palestinians here the reference is to those who are mostly younger, under forty years of age, radicalized, terroristic, lawless, self-proclaimed Jihadists who believe that the true path to victory lies in the instigation of maximized chaos, destruction, death and particularly the disregard and insult of anything not Islamic in its origins. This same attitude was displayed by the Afghani Taliban who destroyed the ancient Buddhist statues which had been carved in a cliffside long ago as well as in Egypt where some of the most fanatical Islamists have called for the destruction of the pagan idols referring to the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza. There have been almost an innumerable cost of holy relics, structures, murals, libraries, and other precious items destroyed over the centuries at the hands of Muslims who were simply carrying the ideal that there is but one knowledge source worthy of being known and that is the Quran. Anything not derived directly from the Quran is evil and despised knowledge and any religious item, structure, shrine, etc. must either be altered to serve Allah or be completely and utterly destroyed.


This describes another action taken by the Waqf on the Temple Mount in order to utterly destroy and remove every particle of proof of any Jewish history or other archeological evidence of the First and Second Temples which stood on these grounds long before Islam was even a concept. This is also the reason that Islam claims that Jesus, Moses and other historical and biblical figures were actually Muslims and not Jewish or Christian. This is carried to such an extent that many Islamics believe that Adam, Eve and Noah were Muslims when even the Jews and obviously the Christians recognize that these figures predate the arrival of their respective religions. The Islamic claim that Islam has always existed and was simply reintroduced as the final and original true faith and that the Jewish and Christian Bibles are but poor attempts to rewrite the Quran and were actually attempts to corrupt the message of the Quran and thus those following the writings of the Jewish and Christian Bibles were believers in an improper and evil demonic faith and thus must be saved by conversion to the only true faith, Islam. The Palestinians adapt this as further proof that the Jewish presence in Israel is a modern invention by the Jews in an attempt to steal holy Muslim lands. Once any land has come under the rule or conquest of Islam it must forever remain under Islamic rule and should it be conquered by anyone else then heaven and earth must be moved to correct this injustice and insult of Allah.


Meanwhile, as long as the peace talks continue, the violence will maintain its current heightened level. The reason is the Palestinians know from previous experience that any violence they commit while negotiations are under way will not result in any Israeli reprisals worth note as the world will demand that the Israelis just accept the heightened violence as part of the price paid to reach a peace. All the while the world and the Israelis realize that the Palestinians not only do not wish to make a peaceful settlement but cannot reach any deal which allows Israel to continue to exist. Europe has become increasingly acceptable to such an eventuality and the idea has been making inroads on American and Canadian college campuses. The efforts to inculcate an acceptance that Israel is an illegal construct that the Jews are attempting to purloin Islamic lands using the memory of the Holocaust as their rightful claim to the lands of Israel and Jerusalem in particular. The small fact that the Zionist beginning which claimed to be the origins of the returning of the Jews to their ancestral lands dated to the early 1800s is ignored by those who know the truth and otherwise unknown by most. The fact that the originating document which spawned the entire founding for the Jewish State, the Balfour Declaration, was written and accepted by the English Parliament and Prime Minister dates to 1917 and that by 1919 had been accepted in principle by the victors of World War I including the United States though the Americans accepted it under a Congressional declaration which was also signed by the President, an unusual act for Congressional declarations, all predate the Holocaust and negate the Palestinian protestations. By 1923 the British had control of the Mandate lands which were to become the Jewish State but Winston Churchill faces a dilemma, the British had also promised numerous Arabs including the Hashemites a State as well. This led to the Churchill White Papers which granted the Jews the lands west of the Jordan River in perpetuity to remain undivided for all times in exchange for the Zionists forgiving the lands east of the Jordan River in which Transjordan was formed for the Arabs and placed under the rule of the Hashemites. The British have regularly proven throughout their history to have ridiculously short memories whenever anything becomes slightly difficult. The United Nations also recognized, in theory, the Mandates for Israel as well as Syria, Lebanon and Jordan in their founding documents under Article 80. But we all realize that if sufficient violence is applied to oppose any agreement among those who call themselves civilized, then the agreement will soon become too difficult and challenging to continue to remain committed to its promises and the violence will be assuaged and the agreements nullified. That is why the entire Palestinian problem will remain a thorn in the side of the world until a solution is imposed by military facts which ends the conflict once and for all. It is a sad fact, but it is the unfortunate truth and I seriously doubt any other solution will be found.


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May 31, 2013

IDF Avoiding Confrontation and Reality

Chief of Staff General Benny Ganz was recently questioned as to what was the policy and rules of engagement for IDF soldiers when confronting rock throwing attacks. His reply was they were under orders to use passive riot control measures only unless there threat to life was imminent. When queried to explain the logic behind minimizing any confrontation when these attacks had already proven life threatening as proven by the Palmer and son murderers who were just convicted and three year old Adelle Biton still barely clinging to life unconscious in an Intensive Care unit, General Ganz replied that the reasoning behind their strategy was not to cause the situation to escalate by turning up the IDF response. Perhaps the time has come to look at the recent history since the end of the last major strikes on Gaza that resulted in a measurable decrease in the numbers of rockets launched into southern Israel.


Since the IDF took determined and forceful measures in responding to the rocket assaults having increased to an intolerable level the rockets have almost stopped while the rock attacks in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and even a few attacks in the Galilee and Negev areas have ramped up beyond simply noticeable to near intolerable. While a couple of years back the major impetus for the Palestinian attacks was rocket fire out of Gaza well before that was ramped up, the rock attacks were at a lesser level of scattered attacks measured on a weekly basis of two or three a week. Over time the frequency, though not covered by most news outlets including print, internet, radio and television, the frequency has ramped up such that the attacks were almost daily when the Defensive Smoke (Shield) was finally launched as an answer to the rocket attacks. Currently the attacks have ramped to the point where calling them daily almost does not give an accurate description and perhaps these rock assaults would be best characterized as hourly. They have also escalated to the point where arson fires are lighted in order to have fire departments respond so that the Palestinians can assault the first responders with rocks often using slings which make the rocks life threatening. If you ask the Israelis living in these areas under a level of assault with rocks where it could be best described as a war footing, they would tell General Ganz that the rock assaults have already escalated even without any measurable IDF response. These victims of what resembles a greater and organized assault on their lives and any movements they need to make such as driving to work or to shop or any travel that takes them on most major arteries connecting them with the rest of the country deserve adequate protections from the rock assault threats which is the responsibility of General Ganz and the IDF. These assaults have escalated to the point where the rock attacks have entered into their communities where youths using slings and slingshots or simply throwing of rocks into the communities or at the community members who tend their fields and crops. What exactly is General Ganz waiting for and what will it take for him to estimate that the Palestinian assaults have reached the point where he would consider the situation critical?


The assault on Gaza which ended, at least temporarily, the rocket fire into Israel was a proper use and show of force and it had the desired results. Why is it that General Ganz now believes that taking these rock attacks for the serious threat and escalated risk that they have become would not be deterred should the IDF troops respond with greater than passive force. Where there have been instances where an argument could be made for the use of deadly force, but there are lesser responses which could be utilized to deter these potentially lethal rock attacks. The rock attacks made where the attackers utilize vehicles moving at great speed in order to make the rocks a greater threat as they launch them at coming vehicles adding greatly to the impact speed and momentum making these attacks obviously intended to threaten lives and definitely have reached a level deserving of lethal response. Those rock attacks against people in an open attack where slings or other speed enhancing methods are utilized to again increase the threat raising it to potential fatal levels also are deserving of whatever response is necessary to end such attacks plain and simple. These types of attacks have become the norm and are occurring numerous times each day in numerous locations and are of a sufficient threat that the Israelis under such threats do not have the comfort of fearing escalation which has inflicted General Ganz and likely his political higher-ups. General Ganz and those politicians responsible for such decisions, it is time to end these murderous attacks before any more Israelis pay with life and limb. It is time to perform the duties for which you hold command, the protection of the innocent from the terrorists who are threatening and plaguing their lives with rock assaults on an hourly basis. And if you need even more of a reason, your own troops are also under threat and will continue to be so until you allow them to act. Soldiers especially should not have to feel like their lives are less important than those who attack them mercilessly and the same goes double for the citizens they are tasked to protect. Please take off the velvet gloves and wear the steel gauntlets of determined defense of the innocent and bring an end to the rock throwing terror threats.


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