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May 26, 2015

West Ignoring Fatah Naqba Day Message

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As has become customary in this new age, the messages by Mahmoud Abbas headed Fatah Party including its militant wing the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades and the Arab Palestinians from within and outside the governing Palestinian Authority were united in their message during their fulfillment of their most cherished and important ideals this recently passed Naqba Day observances, the destruction of all of Israel by violent actions presumably conquering by force that which was stolen by force. Probably the most efficient way to convey their intended message would be to quote a direct translation made on the Fatah ‘official’ Facebook pages for May 14, 2015, which is Naqba Day (Day of the Catastrophe) where it was translated by PMW (Palestinian Media Watch) where the entry read, “What was taken by force can only be regained by force, the 67th anniversary of the Nakba.” This post was accompanied by a poster remembering that this was presumably the 67th anniversary of Naqba Day seen below. It should be noted that one of the numerical figures has been constructed using a AK-47 assault rifle attached as the blade of an ornate and old key presumably to the home lost in 1948 during the formation of Israel and the ensuing Arab war to destroy Israel at birth and map showing all of Israel including all of the areas within the Green Line, the boundaries marking the frontline positions at the end of hostilities in 1949 which were the results of the two years of assault by seven Arab armies to destroy the nascent nations of Israel immediately after it was established on May 14, 1947, and all of Judea and Samaria, renamed West Bank by Jordan while they held those lands under occupation which were finally liberated after Jordan joined the forces of Syria and Egypt, then jointly referred to as the UAR (United Arab Republic) on the second day of the Six Day War in June of 1967, which matches the popular chant even repeated on the campuses of colleges and universities throughout the Western World which states, “From the (Jordan) River to the (Mediterranean) Sea, Palestine must be free.”



PMW Naqba Day 67 Anniversary poster for the conquest of all of Israel by force replacing Israel with Palestine after removal of the Jews by any means necessary, an old and resurgent theme in Arab-Palestinian society directly resulting from government efforts through the media, schools and celebratory remembrances of the martyrs of the revolution naming streets, parks, schools, sporting events among other events and area after these martyrs.

PMW Naqba Day 67 Anniversary poster for the conquest of all of Israel by force replacing Israel with Palestine after removal of the Jews by any means necessary, an old and resurgent theme in Arab-Palestinian society directly resulting from government efforts through the media, schools and celebratory remembrances of the martyrs of the revolution naming streets, parks, schools, sporting events among other events and area after these martyrs.



The representation on the post puts to lie the claims made by Arab-Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in English when speaking to the Western leaders and media that all he seeks is the return of the lands liberated from Jordanian occupation resulting from the June 1967 Six Day War. Abbas often uses an obscure and easily misinterpreted claim to only desiring the 22% of the lands for the state of Palestine without defining what exactly he means by the 22% of the lands. Often this is interpreted by the Western media and political leaders to mean the areas of Gaza and Judea and Samaria (West Bank) which makes up just short of 23% of the total lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea which is quite close to the mentioned and implied 22% of the lands. There is another reference for 22% of the lands and that is the division of the British Mandate Lands dividing them along the Jordan River establishing what today is Jordan on the lands east of the Jordan River and bordering Iraq in the eastern border which constitutes exactly 78% of the lands of the British Mandate which the lands west of the Jordan River were promised to be totally used for the establishment of the Jewish State and never to be divided by guarantee of the British and allied powers at the time of the forming of Jordan after World War I, lands which equal exactly 22% of the British Mandate lands and the actual 22% Mahmoud Abbas claims for the making of Palestine. This demand that the 22% actually is meant to describe 22% of the British Mandate and equates exactly to the claims and decrees issued by Mahmoud Abbas, the Fatah Party he heads, the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) which he cofounded in 1964 with Yasser Arafat for the purpose of destroying Israel replacing it with an Arab state freed of all Jewish presence three years before there was any occupation as the Western leaders define such meaning Gaza and Judea and Samaria, and the borders Abbas has demanded even before the United Nations, the lands constituting all of Israel both within the Green Line and the disputed and mislabeled occupied territories.


Another post was presumably made by the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades in commemoration of Naqba Day stated, “When the al-Asifa (the storm) roars and the nation applauds the eternal Fatah, the world’s dwarfs should remain in their burrows.” The mention of “world’s dwarfs” in a reference which has two meanings in this declaration, the Israelis and particularly the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) and on a more general level to mean all the Western nations, their militaries and their peoples and is, obviously, meant in a very derogatory and demeaning reference implying their fear and submission before the all-powerful forces of Islam in general and the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades specifically. See depiction of the posting made by the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades depicting one of their terrorist members with his AK-47 holding a decorative headdress pointing towards the Fatah logo with two rifles clenched in fists placed over a map depicting the entirety of Israel, the actual target for the establishment of Palestine replacing Israel, not living side by side in peace as is often the claim allowed to stand by the silence of Abbas to its mention. His silence does not mean agreement as it is oft taken to mean, it merely means he prefers to allow you your mistaken beliefs as there is no need to correct a fool who is deaf to the words spoken by Abbas to the Arab-Palestinians in Arabic as to the Western media and leadership Arabic is a language which cannot, or must not, be translated into any Western language as then those words would need to be explained away, much easier to pretend the fool.



The al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades commemoratory poster depicting one of their terrorist members with his AK-47 holding a decorative headdress in his hand and pointing towards the Fatah logo which bears two rifles clenched in fists and arms decorated in the declared colors representing the Arab-Palestinians all placed over a map depicting the entirety of Israel.

The al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades commemoratory poster depicting one of their terrorist members with his AK-47 holding a decorative headdress in his hand and pointing towards the Fatah logo which bears two rifles clenched in fists and arms decorated in the declared colors representing the Arab-Palestinians all placed over a map depicting the entirety of Israel.



The theme of this year’s Naqba Day also is a complete farcical redefinition of the connotation for the term Naqba which means ‘catastrophe’ but originated long before there were Arab-Palestinians or the PLO or Palestinian Authority. ‘The Naqba’ was the term applied to the formation of the Mandates over the province of Greater Syria by the Allied Powers after World War I. In the Mandates the area of Greater Syrian Province was divided into two parts, the northern Mandate which was assigned to France and the southern Mandate which was assigned to the British. It was this division and the new requirement for those Arab Muslims residing under the British Mandate in the south to get permission from both the British and the French to travel to Damascus which had become the new destination for the Arab Muslims of the areas of Greater Syria to perform a version of making of the Hajj. The formal definition for the Hajj required travel to Mecca except during the times when Mecca was under separate Islamic rulers than the Muslims in the area of Greater Syria, such as under the Ottoman Empire, there was a ban on travel between Greater Syria and the Arabian Peninsula and thus their being cut-off from Mecca and making the actual required Hajj at least once in their lifetime so the powers ruling over Greater Syria invented reasons to turn Damascus into the objected destination for the Hajj standing in, so to speak, for Mecca. The new requirement, though most likely a formality in order to retain assigned populations and prevent excessive travel which might lead to the fomenting of an uprising, thus the regulating of such travel caused great distress for the residents of British Mandate lands as they feared being cut-off from Damascus and that was a great hardship, a catastrophe even, and thus was called the Great Naqba all the way back in 1922 thus far preceding the adopted, or should we say stolen, use for Naqba Day. Of course this too was stolen by the Arab-Palestinian movement just as they have stolen the entire historical legacy of the Jewish People and with some changes adopted it to establish their claims to all of Israel as it was presumably their ancestral lands from, if one is to believe even the most absurd of claims, over nine-thousand years ago when they first settled in the area now making up Israel. The small fly in the ointment, about a ten ton fly in five ounces of ointment, is that they have no historic leaders’ names. They claim Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon and many of the other names of leaders from the Jewish Bible and writings. It is interesting that they claim Noah as the Jews do not claim Noah as having been Jewish as Abraham, the first Jew, followed years after Noah and the ark and great flood and thus the Jews define Noah as one who had a relationship with G0d and was a righteous man amongst barbarians of the most uncouth and perverted nature who had invoked the wrath of G0d and were to be destroyed to the last individual with the exception of those taken aboard the ark. As they stole the Jewish history they stole from their own history and redefined Naqba not to mean difficulty in travel to Damascus but instead to the formation of a state for the Jewish People in their ancestral lands which even the Quran states that the lands are to belong to the Jews rightfully and be observed and permitted by Islam, but why bother with any truths at this late stage.


The declaration by virtually every side this marking of the founding of Israel as per the Western calendar, Israelis use the traditional Jewish Calendar thus the date is different on the Western Calendar every year which is good as it permits the Israeli celebrations to be less disturbed by the Arab-Palestinians with it not coinciding with their Naqba Day. One wonders why the Arab-Palestinians use the Western Calendar and not the Islamic Calendar. The reason is obvious, they wish to remind the Western world of the calamity which presumably beset them by the founding of Israel on almost a whole one percent of land in the midst of the sea of Muslim lands stretching from the Pacific Ocean in the southern Philippines all the way across Asia, the Central and Middle East and along northern Africa to Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean and it is that less than one percent which must be destroyed for the formation of a new and never before heard of state called Palestine. Some of the lands under Islamic rule have open spaces where nary an individual treads each year, let alone resides in, and these Arabs insist on taking the most populated space for the establishment of their state and demand the removal of any residing there who are in any way different than they.


This is interesting as how does one define the Arab-Palestinians who mostly arrived in the areas now under Israeli control within the past four or at most five generations, that equates to under a century. At the beginning and before the times the final decade and a half before the Twentieth Century saw the rebirth of the lands coinciding with the return of many Jews, the earliest Zionists returning to reclaim their homelands. These lands were mostly a collection of rocks, desert, swamps and ancient ruins with a few small pockets of barely populated cities with the greatest being Jericho, Akko, Tiberius, Jerusalem and a few other names familiar from the Old Testament. Probably one of the most famous descriptions of the lands of Israel, the Holy Lands, is the description from Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) writings across these lands in his worldly travels described in his writings titled, “Innocents Abroad” and specifically the parts described as “Mark Twain in the Holy Land.” Perhaps a few excerpts will give a flavor of his reports starting with his most astonishing comment on Jerusalem compared to the city as it stands today he wrote, “A fast walker could go outside the walls of Jerusalem and walk entirely around the city in an hour. I do not know how else to make one understand how small it is.” Describing the trip from at the Sea of Galilee in Chapter XLVII Twain wrote the following:

We traversed some miles of desolate country whose soil is rich enough, but is given over wholly to weeds — a silent, mournful expanse, wherein we saw only three persons — Arabs, with nothing on but a long coarse shirt like the “tow-linen” shirts which used to form the only summer garment of little negro boys on Southern plantations. Shepherds they were, and they charmed their flocks with the traditional shepherd’s pipe — a reed instrument that made music as exquisitely infernal as these same Arabs create when they sing.
In their pipes lingered no echo of the wonderful music the shepherd forefathers heard in the Plains of Bethlehem what time the angels sang “Peace on earth, good will to men.”
Part of the ground we came over was not ground at all, but rocks — cream-colored rocks, worn smooth, as if by water; with seldom an edge or a corner on them, but scooped out, honey-combed, bored out with eye-holes, and thus wrought into all manner of quaint shapes, among which the uncouth imitation of skulls was frequent. Over this part of the route were occasional remains of an old Roman road like the Appian Way, whose paving-stones still clung to their places with Roman tenacity.
Gray lizards, those heirs of ruin, of sepulchres and desolation, glided in and out among the rocks or lay still and sunned themselves. Where prosperity has reigned, and fallen; where glory has flamed, and gone out; where beauty has dwelt, and passed away; where gladness was, and sorrow is; where the pomp of life has been, and silence and death brood in its high places, there this reptile makes his home, and mocks at human vanity. His coat is the color of ashes: and ashes are the symbol of hopes that have perished, of aspirations that came to nought, of loves that are buried. If he could speak, he would say, Build temples: I will lord it in their ruins; build palaces: I will inhabit them; erect empires: I will inherit them; bury your beautiful: I will watch the worms at their work; and you, who stand here and moralize over me: I will crawl over your corpse at the last.


Such as that was the lands which today lie between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea and produce a richness of life, agriculture, invention, production and vibrancy returning the lands to their exalted state of preeminence and stature in the world. No longer are these lands ignored by the world and actually have become an unfortunate obsession beyond description. Often there appears to be a driving impetus to force these lands back to their quiet ruin described so aptly by Mark Twain who traveled and wrote in an age before political correctness ruled the tongues and pens of even the mightiest of men and the agencies of their minds and hands. The scorn once reserved for the Jew and often only the Jew has now turned their nation out claiming it to be a pariah amongst nations deserving of scorn and denounced in the harshest of terms whether they actually apply or not. There are groups formed around the idea that the multi-cultural state where women have equal rights and every religion is practiced freely with free and open elections should be deemed a practice of Apartheid while the neighboring nations it is forbidden for a Jew to tread and selling lands to a Jew is punishable by death, where ISIS beheads Christians and Muslims alike for failing to answer questions in their peculiar way, where women are not permitted to drive a vehicle and may only leave the house accompanied by a male relative, places where courts will convict a woman victim of rape to a sentence of death by stoning for having sexual relations with her rapist, where barbarity rules and civility a sign of weakness and forgiveness as much a sin as the sin being forgiven, but Israel is the oppressive nation. This is the state of the world and if the leaders of Israel and the world do not awaken and view the horrors that are fast approaching then once again, and potentially for the final time for many millennia, mankind will gather their swords and shields, their bows and arrows, their aligns and spears and prepare to do battle. The problem is the new weapons do not require even facing one’s enemies to destroy them. Now one pressed the red button, flips a plastic switch, launches a deadly missile and an entire city is consumed in the blast leaving nothing standing, nothing breathing and a band of pain and eventual death at the edges of what was. Armies of steel beast shoot flames pushing projectiles with great speed and greater accuracy and the steel beasts from both sides burst into flames and roast their crews alive. Silver and black birds grace the skies dropping fiery eggs which streak to their target leaving twisted wreckage in its wake. These birds fire streaking spears aimed at the other’s signature locked by computers removing most chances for failure guaranteeing a defrocked bird falling, crashing in flames to the earth below. This war will not require the gathering of great armies for the new armies are automated destruction on scales never before imagined unless those who claim we were once greater than today and we destroyed it all and began again are correct and we are repeating an ancient calamity from which a few may restart and soon forget the higher math and nuclear physics and start by planting seeds and tending herds avoiding areas which nobody dares to tread as only death rules these desolate skeleton of once great metropolises. There will be a great forgetting as the necessity of assuring food will replace the need for education, especially education which produced the destruction because mankind has never invented weapons so powerful that he refused to use it and thermo-nuclear tipped missiles will be no exception. Especially as the next nuclear race will arm those who are largely oblivious to the horrors the use of such weapons are and will have little compunction towards utilizing such weapons as their preferred first-strike equalizer. The abhorrence will come far too late to save civilization from the least civil amongst us. Perhaps this is why mankind will never develop much past tribal affiliations ruled by clannish patriarchs whose minds are fueled by testosterone, not refined postulations and cost analysis, they desire only victory no matter how hollow so they may inherit the world, but this world will be the result of an End of Days scenario turning all into a world made largely of ashes.


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December 29, 2014

Time for Israelis to Proclaim Their Dreams Proudly


The world has proven beyond any doubt that they have chosen sides in the Arab Israeli war, and make no mistake; it is most definitely a war where the loser loses completely in the small tract of land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. The idea of two states living side by side in peace and security is a miasmatic dream. The deadly nature of this concept was made all too tragically evident Thursday evening when eleven year old Ayala Shapira and her father were ambushed while driving the last few miles to their home and an Arab youth and young Arab adult threw firebombs at their car penetrating the interior and setting the vehicle ablaze lightly injuring her father and seriously wounding Ayala with smoke inhalation damage, severe heat damaged airways and third degree burns over most of her body, head and face landing her in the intensive care unit where she received the initial surgery of undetermined numbers of other in her future. She has stabilized but is still as near to death as she is life. Video clip showing the car as firefighters extinguished the flames and the body is shown after being extinguished and the warping of the frame and body panels are evidence of the ferocity of the fire all in our previous article “May These be the Last Victims of this and All Intifada.” European politicians largely have chosen to support the Arab claims against Israel to such a point that they echo any and every claim made by Arab authorities against Israel, especially the charges against the Israeli Defense Forces and other Israeli enforcement personnel, even repeating such charges even after they have been disproven and shown to be defamations holding absolutely no validity such as the claims of thousands having been murdered during the Jenin Massacre during Israeli sweep of Judea and Samaria on April 8, 2002, as we discussed in our article “Abbas Lays Plan to Turn American Public Against Israel.” There are some exceptions who are also vocal but are almost lost in the cacophonic debates and completely lost in the mainstream media which produces possibly an even more slanted coverage of all things Israel with Geert Wilders, and from a more personal story of an awakening experience weaves her story, Brigitte Gabriel.


It is sad that some of the most vocal defenders of Israel come from outside of Israel and the political field within Israel is largely silent on the international stage while there are numerous Arab spokespeople who are as vehement as they are loud who speak so often that at least one is quoted almost every day somewhere in the Western mainstream media while Israeli supporters and spokespeople are rarely given anywhere near as much mainstream media coverage. Further, not only is the media editorial content slanted favorably to the Arab narrative; but the same preference is evidenced in the reporting of stories and the inclusion of quotes in such articles as often there are twice as much content by spokespeople favoring the Arab narrative which is also given supportive commentary while almost all pro-Israeli spokespeople’s statements are challenged or left without any supportive commentary. The story in the United States is more favorable but there too problems exist. Many of the most vocal supporters of Israel are often derided not only on their views on Israel but derided for any and everything they support or even the manner in which they choose to give their support. One of the most visible examples might be Texas Senator Ted Cruz who is possibly the most derided and ridiculed members of the United States Congress. Another couple of Israel supporters who have been hounded by the media even after she departed the political arena are Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. What has always amazed as well as angered me has been the coverage and Jewish anti-Israel spokesperson receives and the fact they are lauded as being somebody whose opinion must be taken as the most serious and knowledgeable person on all things Israel because of their being Jewish by birth while Jewish supporters of Israel are often assaulted with marginalizing their opinion and even their facts often challenged even if they are simply challenged to give corroborative evidence one could pursue to validate their facts.


Despite such media difficulties, challenges and other obstacles, more Israeli supporters must make themselves heard by any and all possible and available means and to do so loudly and without any remorse or defensive timidity. Israel can no longer depend almost exclusively on the Prime Minister or a few members of the Knesset, party leaders and media personalities to make the case for Israel. But even if all of the pro-Israel members of the Knesset were to become active spokespeople seeking out every opportunity and even forcing the issue and making every possible moment into an opportunity to get the message out and defend Israel, this would still prove insufficient and would still pale as the media would still be critical of their support and use the fact that they are in the government of Israel their support should be expected and hold less weight for that reason. Already when Knesset Ministers who deplore and condemn everything Israel and specifically denounce the Israeli Defense Force in every action they take they are swamped by the media and are lauded and granted great praise and coverage often above the fold on page one. You read that correctly, we stated that Ministers from the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, condemn and denounce Israel and the Israeli Defense Force and the list of whose who is astounding. There is Ahmad Tibi who in a previous position was a close and trusted advisor to Yasser Arafat, the same terror master Arafat who initiated the first Intifada and the second Intifada. Tibi was also actively advising the Arab terror master and political leader, Yasser Arafat, who was also one of the Arabs who’s defaming and violent attempts at replacing Israel through military action was but one facet of his evil, as Arafat also arranged the assassination of the United States Ambassador to the Sudan possibly with assistance of his close advisor turned Minister of the Israeli Knesset, Ahmed Tibi. There is Hanin Zoabi who is possibly one of the most virulent of the Arab Ministers in the Knesset who opposes the existence of the Jewish State and was one of the people on the Mavi Marmara which was one of six civilian ships of the “Gaza Freedom Flotilla” during May of 2010. She had knowledge that there were terrorists onboard the Mavi Marmara who would be assaulting any Israelis who might board the ship with metal rods, baseball bats, knives and possibly handguns if things went as planned. Hanin Zoabi regularly leads trips to the leaders of enemy nations often in direct contradiction to direct policies even immediately after they were stressed to her personally by the Prime Minister. MK Zoabi regularly makes commentary during debate in the Knesset solely to provoke disgust and revulsion from other Ministers including one recent comment which could have been taken as humor except it was well known that the comment was meant as a challenge to the mere existence of the Jewish State and the existence of Jewish communities when she challenged that the Jews were fortunate that she and the Arabs permitted them to reside in Israel as all of the lands were rightfully Arab and Muslim lands. These were simply the two most well-known of the Israel detractors in the Knesset.


Where Israel really needs desperately to have speaking out and seeking public pronouncements and media coverage are her Rabbis. By Rabbis I am not referring to the Ministers of the Knesset who are also Rabbis but Rabbis who are knowledgeable of Torah and the facts surrounding the claims that these lands were the original homelands where Abraham and Sarah resided as did their children until the Egyptian period of the first exile and was the lands to where they returned as Moses led the Israelites and Joshua led them into their new home. Israel needs the world to hear the voice and certainty of a Zionist Rabbi giving an extensive and illuminating story explaining all that is Israel and its importance to the Jewish People along with further explanations concerning Jerusalem, Hevron, Tiberius and the other ancient cities which were intimate parts of the historic narrative and that the future of the Jewish People is very likely dependent on the existence of Israel. Most of the Rabbis I have encountered through life’s experiences have been very capable speakers, astute debaters and formidable debunkers when challenged while being extremely competent and knowledgeable far beyond my comparatively menial efforts here at Beyond the Cusp; but we all do the most we are able with what the good L0rd gave us. Until, and even after, the legions of Rabbis seek out the media and give them specific and deeply persuasive arguments, the rest of the Zionists and their allies of Israel in all walks of life wherever they may be found must take available opportunities to support Israel and explain to others the truths.


Do some research into the earliest times of the Zionist movements which continues today to bring more Jews home to Israel. Read some descriptions of the barren and forgotten lands turned into an uninhabited wasteland with a desert in the south and swamps and rock strewn hills and fields untilled and cities almost devoid of people which described the lands which would become Israel well after the description made around the late 1800s and back to soon after the fall of Rome. Samuel Clemens, also known under his pen name of Mark Twain, wrote a detailed description in his writings describing his trip around the Mediterranean titled “The Innocents Abroad” which included a section on the Holy Lands even to include details of Jerusalem. Research the Balfour Declaration, the San Remo Conference, the Churchill White Papers, the League of Nations treaty and the Charter of the United Nations Article 80 and the truth that it was not as a response to the Holocause that Israel became the national home for the Jews. Of all the treaties, conferences, papers and other legal proceedings, both binding and not binding, only Article 80 of the United Nations Charter came after World War II. The rest came well before World War II and the general knowledge from the news of the Holocause was made public pushing the formation of the Jewish State as these decisions and treaties and conferences were a direct result of persistent and loud protestations of the Zionists who refused to be quieted until their demands were addresses and satisfied. The decision to reestablish the homeland for the Jews would have eventually been reached as Jews would have continued to return home, as they had been doing since the mid-nineteenth century and is still occurring today and into the future.


The inflow of Jews making Aliyah this past year set a number of records with more French returning set a new high, the United States set a new high mark, the Anglo-speaking nations other than the United States set their new high mark and, almost needless to point out, Jews returning from everywhere combined to set a new benchmark. Israel, that small but innovative nation comparable with New Jersey in size, surpassed the entire United States to become the nation with the highest numbers of Jews with just over six million Jews. That number will increase significantly as the Jewish populations of Europe from Portugal to the Ukraine have been returning at rates well into two, three, even five times all previous record years. This has been part of the housing crunch which has been further stressed by the unannounced building freeze which has remain in effect despite the negotiations having collapsed simply to avoid exacerbating further relations with the problematic United States President. The next few years are going to be very decisive with many threats and actions posing challenges far more of a threat than past crises. Israel is in a decisive, vital and definitive period which at the far end we will be witness to either a land of celebratory rejoicing or a land so embroiled in a war for her continued existence while Europe remains silent in response to Israeli diplomatic inquiries while giving sympathetic voice to the Arab claims of Israeli illegal tactics, tactics producing victories instead of defeats. The more supporters of Israel who place her needs and reputation at the top of their arguments, the better the hopes that Israel will provide the Jews a much needed homeland.


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