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October 29, 2021

COVID Vaccine Mandate Madness

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Yes, vaccine mandates are here to stay and they will not be restricted to just COVID. The flu yearly vaccine will wait until a serious flu epidemic strikes the entire nation. The government knee jerk reaction, in parallel with some intense media hyping the daily flu numbers of infections, hospitalizations and unfortunate deaths; will bring on new vaccine mandates. But why should a vaccine mandate be restricted to vaccines? A near eventuality will be the option to have your vaccine card. It will become just another credit card sized identification, also acting as your identification, driver’s license, credit cards, cash cards and also vital medical information such as allergies, prescribed drugs and other medical conditions. After allowing for initial registration for such service using your universal vaccine identification card, the government will claim they are simply meeting the demand mailing every American their own card, just like Social Security. Yes, it is true that initially your Social Security Number was never to be permitted to become your official identification code with the IRS and the rest of the government behemoth. But there is hope and it is arriving by an unexpected but very forceful series of events.

Social Security Card or Identification Card

Please bear with me, all puns intended. Ask any hunter or woodsman, or is that woodsperson, what is the most frightening thing about being out in the wild and they will likely be specific. Their answer often will be a mother bear, again all puns intended, with her young as they come around a sharp bend in the trail. Talking about mother bears, it has spread across the United States and not just Fairfax, Virginia where mothers are loudly attending School Board meetings hitting them with a litany of complaints. It was the perfect storm all set in place by the numerous teacher’s unions which insisted on not returning to in-school teaching and mothers either working from home, finding new work from home or simply quitting the workforce. Moms got to overhear, or even watch, as their child received their Zoom computer. They were shocked, turning to upset, on to furious and from there who knows where. There has long been the wrongful generalization that wives simply voted as their husbands instructed. Even were this true, we are about to see what happens when momma bears instruct their husbands who to vote for in School Board elections as well as other local and national races. As I can attest on both varieties, an upset wife at times and once a real momma bear and her two cubs on a trail, which both parties used to run in opposite directions, they are equally frightening. As in most cases, it has been the Democrat Party backing the School Boards. They are about to meet the wrath of some very deeply involved momma bears protecting their precious cubs from what they have identified as an outside threat they intend to correct. My only question is will their righteous and deserved anger last any longer than the Reagan Revolution or the Tea Party. At least there is hope that corrections to the direction of the body politic may be making at least a feint towards the center from the far-left swing intended by a long-standing problem which I got to fight twenty-plus years ago. This will be interesting to watch and our bets are on the moms.

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