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April 7, 2014

Kicking a Dead Middle East Camel

The latest excuse for negotiating towards finding an acceptable peace which the Israelis, Palestinians, Arab World and the world in general can accept and live with reportedly was blown up towards the end of last week. Who is to blame depends on who is doing the telling. There are a plethora of reasons which can be found, sometimes more than one at a single news source. So as not to be outdone, let’s see how many we can list. The Palestinians are pointing their collective finger at the Israelis for not releasing the fourth and final batch of twenty-six terrorists prisoners, most of which were serving life sentences for committing or planning multiple acts of terror against civilian targets resulting in numerous deaths, critical injuries and often maiming victims for life. Israelis have defended their position claiming they had only postponed the release as the Palestinians had made new demands about who was to be included and the Israelis wanted to negotiate at least some Palestinian concession as compensation for the new demands and point out that the terrorist prisoner releases were presumably dependent on progress achieved during the negotiations, something the Israelis claim had become obviously lacking as the Palestinians were threatening to blow-up the negotiations as soon as the final group were released.


Of course the Israelis are accusing the Palestinians of causing the negotiations to fail through their constant demands for additional Israeli concessions while refusing to compromise on even a single point, especially their refusal to recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish People, the Israeli basic and minimal demand. Further, the Palestinians instead of negotiating when, as the Israelis claim, Israel withheld the final terror prisoner release insisting that there be some Palestinian concession in return for meeting the new Palestinian demand that particular prisoners be included, they applied for inclusion in fifteen United Nations and international agencies, treaties, conventions and institutions which violates the initial tenets and restrictions which were presented and defined under the Oslo Accords. Once the Oslo Accords requirements have been transgressed and its restrictions become violated, then there is not only no reason for the current negotiations, there can be no further negotiations as such a move removes the only existent framework and basic agreements upon which everything else is predicated.


The Arab world has been strangely silent as individual countries over this latest disruption and confrontation between Israel and the Palestinians. The Arab League did respond to the call by Mahmoud Abbas for an emergency meeting where they voted and fully backed the Palestinian positions with special emphasis on the refusal to recognize Israel as the home for the Jewish People and the Palestinian refugee right of return as well as every other demand made of Israel while denying the need to accommodate any Israeli demands.


Then there is the ever neutral United States making carefully crafted statements through which they equally spread the blame, distributing it equally by simply claiming that both sides had taken steps which proved unhelpful. Come-on and just tell us how you really feel. Secretary of State Kerry did give an astonishing update which showed his unbelievable grasp of the obvious. Secretary Kerry stated while in North Africa on the Peace Process situation stating, “You can facilitate, you can push, you can nudge, but the parties themselves have to make fundamental decisions to compromise. The leaders have to lead, and they have to be able to see a moment when it’s there.” Secretary Kerry also spoke of conferring with President Obama to assess the situation and possible courses available going forward but expressed great reservations pointing out that, “I will be having conversations with the administration today, including the President, and we’re going to evaluate exactly what is possible and what is not possible. There are limits to the amount of time and effort that the United States can spend if the parties themselves are unwilling to take constructive steps. Both parties say they want to continue, neither party has said they want to call it off; but we’re not going to sit there indefinitely, this is not an open-ended effort.” And Secretary Kerry’s detractors claim the man does not catch on and sometimes appears to be rather slow witted. Of course, if he should continue making efforts anywhere near the constant flights and the large investment of time and people which has been expended over the past year, then maybe those detractors might have a point. One would think that at some point all third parties would throw in the towel and simply walk away claiming that the Israelis and Palestinians are a waste of their efforts and deserve each other.


Talking about people who never give up no matter how desperate a situation becomes, the European Union has chosen the current situation in which to interject themselves and attempt to add their assistance to the kicking of the Middle East dead camel known as the Peace Process. European Foreign Ministers speaking for the European Union issued a statement claiming they, “fully supported efforts by US Secretary of State John Kerry to keep Middle East peace talks alive.” This was echoed by European Union Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton who stated, “We support the efforts of Secretary of State Kerry.” German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier chimed in on Saturday stating, “Kerry’s initiative is without doubt in a critical phase.” The massive variety of concept and delivery from this group of virtuoso wordsmiths is astounding. What is even more impressive is that these same people who have exhibited such brilliance will likely continue to finance the Palestinian Authority answering their every plea for additional funds. They will even continue to finance the very Palestinian schools and children’s camps where the incitement to violence and dehumanizing of Israelis, and especially Jews, is tied intricately into these systems and is the initial stage of the lifetime exposure to such propaganda utilized to prepare their population’s life of hatred for everything Israeli. Add the individual European governments financing Palestinian hate-filled all-encompassing incitement and you have the basic fuel that allows Palestinian leadership to threaten Israel with violence and be assured of a near endless number of terrorist volunteers and independent violence perpetrated regularly against Israelis. The recent specialty has been the launching of large rocks, bricks and cinderblocks at motorists driving vehicles with Israeli license plates. Often European anarchists make trips to Israel to enter the Palestinian areas and instigate violence against Israeli farmers and IDF anti-terror checkpoints usually including having video recordings made to be edited later and posted to the Internet and used for anti-Israel and anti-Jewish propaganda. The European Union and many individual European governments have worked with European and international leftist NGOs all working towards the destruction of Israel as a Jewish State.


It would be easy to understand the intensive efforts almost exclusive of anything else to force a solution to the Israeli Palestinian ongoing and seemingly eternal Peace Process if there were not so many others equally, if not more pressing, problems throughout the world. Since the start of just the Oslo Accords and the Peace Process that was spawned by them, the world has ignored or paid minimal attention to such atrocities as the Rwandan genocidal war, the Syrian civil war, the ongoing revolutions in Myanmar, the Darfur genocide in the Sudan, the murderous war against the Christians in Nigeria and numerous other atrocities around the globe, but the United Nations, European Union, numerous Human Rights NGOs and countless other agencies and government institutions spend an inordinate amount of time, effort and treasure on the Israeli Palestinian Peace Process. Every American President since the inception of the Oslo Accords has had their efforts dwindle away into just another unsuccessful pressing of the Peace Process which resulted in at best nothing and at worst increased violence such as the Second Intifada which was the result of extreme efforts and unprecedented offers only to see Yasser Arafat stomp out of the negotiations refusing to even answer or offer a counter proposal and return to the West Bank and loose a three year war on Israel utilizing massive suicide homicidal attacks all the time blaming the Israelis for the failed talks and forcing the Palestinians to resort to violence. Much of the world media and many European nations, organizations, along with the United Nations all reinforced the Palestinian claims only to have the truth eventually come out that the Second Intifada had been in planning months before the Peace Talks had even begun and were all set up and awaiting the right trigger, the cause with which to place the blame on Israel and then be launched. As has been said in numerous places, if the world really desires to end the Palestinian Israeli deadlock, then just walk away and pay the entire situation no mind and keep your money at home, your own economies are in more need of those funds and simply set your own houses in order and allow the Palestinian and Israelis the privilege and rights to do the same on their own. Whatever you have tried has failed so let the native peoples tend their own problems and you tend to your problems.


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October 21, 2013

And They Ask Why Israel is Unable to Reach a Peace with the Palestinians

There may not be countless reasons why the Israelis have been unable to reach a lasting peace with the Palestinians but let us list a few of the reasons and actions which depict the roots of the difficulty. One of the most important impasses has been the fact that the Arab world as well as the Palestinians refuse to recognize Israel serving as the homeland of the Jewish people. They refuse to recognize that close to three thousand years of Jewish history was made in and around Jerusalem, Hevron, Shechem, Bethlehem, Jericho, Yafo, Ashkelon, Beersheba, Nazareth, and all of the land west of the Jordan River. They deny that either of the two Jewish Temples ever stood in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount and claim that the Western Wall was built in order to allow the construction of the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock despite the wall dating back approximately one thousand years before the birth of Mohammad, let alone the building of the Islamic structures placed on the Temple Mount in order to supplant the Jewish Temples having been built there and also in an effort to prevent the construction of a third Jewish Temple. They claim that Abraham, Moses, Jesus and many other Jewish holy figures were Islamic and the Jews falsely claim them to be Jewish. The Jews have difficulty making any peace based on mutual recognition of each other’s rights as a people when the Arabs, both Palestinian and numerous others throughout the world, refuse to recognize that Jews have rights as equals with Muslims and demand that the Jews live as Dhimmi under Islamic rule and forfeit any claims to equality or rights of a citizen in their own state. The fact that as Muslims the Palestinians also believe that as the lands of Israel were conquered by Muslims and were once ruled by Muslims that the lands must forever be under Muslim rule otherwise a state of conflict must exist until the lands are returned to Muslim rule. But all of these are often dismissed as technicalities which could be resolved if the Jews would simply be reasonable and recognize the rightfulness of the Islamic claims to the lands and how the land must be ruled by Muslims while all others must live as Dhimmi under the protection of Muslims and under the Islamic code of Sharia relegating them to second class citizens at best.


Then there are the more visceral offensiveness often displayed by many of the Palestinian Arabs that do more than indicate the complete lack of respect but also a rancorous hatred by the Arabs for the Jews and Israelis in general. A recent example of such was the second time in five months that Palestinian Authority Arab residents of Beit Umar, located between Halhoul and the Etzion Bloc and not far from Hevron, have placed a Nazi flag over a major thoroughfare where Jews pass in their vehicles simply to serve as an insult and instigation for further ill feelings. This is committed while at the same time the Palestinian Authority leadership refuse to recognize the history and the fact that the Holocaust ever occurred. Their Holocaust denial stands in contrast to their claims that they will finish that which Hitler started and complete the final solution. This goes hand-in-hand with their celebratory celebrity status given to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini who spent most of the time during World War II in Berlin or within the lands under Nazi rule where he lobbied very strenuously in favor of the eradication of the Jews of Europe and demanded that when the Nazis conquered the Holy Lands and the rest of the Middle East that the Final Solution be extended to deal with the rest of the Jewish people. The Mufti also recruited Muslim volunteers for the German armed forces operating in the Balkans forming two Muslim S.S. divisions. He also broadcast propaganda into the Middle East in an effort to turn the Muslim populations against the allies and into the service of the Third Reich and he was rather successful. The entire history of the Palestinian Arabs is a fabrication spun to follow loosely Jewish history and was crafted by Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas soon after forming the PLO as they saw that they could spin and propagandize into existence a false history establishing a Palestinian people that was indigenous despite there not being any history of such even during British rule or under Ottoman rule. They were aided greatly in this narrative by their handlers from the KGB which backed the efforts of the PLO as the Soviets backed the Arab nations against Israel from the late 1950s until the collapse of the Soviet Union.


Another reason that a peace has been difficult, if not impossible, has been the fact that whenever negotiations resume between Israel and the Palestinian Authority the levels of violence and numbers and severity of terror attacks greatly increase. In response to this increase the United States and the Europeans treat it as something for which Israel must simply endure and they claim that it is simply a strong reason for Israel to make concessions and do whatever is required to appease the Palestinian demands and thus allow for a peace to be reached. The Palestinian Authority also use this lenience bordering on permission from the Western leaders as a blessing to continue their violence while making even more demands. No matter what Israel offers the Palestinian Authority negotiators demand even more. Even President William Jefferson Clinton admitted after the Wye River negotiations that Yasser Arafat turned down what was probably the best offer that could have been expected and which, according to President Clinton, met 99% of what Arafat was demanding and yet he simply turned down the offer and simply walked away not even offering any new deal or compromise. It was soon after this that Yasser Arafat ordered the start of the Second Intifada which claimed over one thousand Israeli lives before Israel finally replied with the IDF going into the Palestinian areas within Judea and Samaria breaking up the terrorist networks and destroying their supplies of weapons, explosives, bomb belts, and other terror supplies and stores. The given fact was that Ariel Sharon had entered and defiled the al-Aqsa Mosque was proven to be a lie. It was confirmed by Suha Arafat, Yasser Arafat’s wife, after his death that he had ordered the Second Intifada immediately after returning from the failed negotiations and that he had planned them before leaving for the Wye River negotiations. Furthermore, anybody who has paid even the slightest of attention to the growing litany of demands, preconditions, and presumed Israeli obligations which are regularly carried out and demanded before the press by Mahmoud Abbas have realized that the list is virtually never ending and that if Israel were to surrender even half of the demands in order to make peace then there would be no Israel as a result.


Palestinian society is inundated with anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, and anti-Zionist propaganda through their music, television, radio, media, school lessons, textbooks, political speeches, and every possible avenue in their society that terrorists are honored, terrorism is highly valued, and hatred of Israel and the Jews permeates everywhere they turn. They name roads, parks, schools, soccer teams, tournaments, parades, playgrounds, summer camps and everything possible after terrorists usually choosing those who either died in what they define as a glorious manner killing the hated Jews or those who were the most deadly murderers of civilians. They often refer to these terrorists as holy warriors fighting in their holy Jihad against the occupier Jews yet if Israel replies in any manner using IDF troops the Palestinians then decry that Israel is using the weapons of war against defenseless Palestinians. In their version of a just world the Palestinians are permitted to utilize any and all methods and opportunities to kill Israeli civilians but Israel must never be permitted to defend and fight against even the terrorists. They have become excellent propagandists often utilizing the same methods utilized by the Nazis and the Soviets in their implementation of using news, music, and all forms of communication in order to inundate and indoctrinate their population as well as representing their plight to the world demonizing the Israelis for wanting to live in peace in their own land. When those the world demands you make peace with will agree only that you have the right to the peace of the grave and that they not only intend to put you into one, they plan to dance on them once your covered, providing they can wait that long, then making a just and honest peace becomes impossible. Many ask what would it take for the Arabs to make peace with the Israelis. The only way that even a temporary peace could be reached would be if the Israelis threatened to conquer sufficient Arab territory that making some form of peace would save them, then they would agree to make a Hudna. What many in the West do not understand is that in Islam there is no word for peace. They divide the world into two spheres, the lands of Islam where Islam rules and the lands of war where Islam will eventually defeat them and rule these lands in the end of all struggle. To the Muslims the only way the world can have real peace is when Islam rules over all of the Earth and all the inhabitants are followers of Islam. When the Muslims make a treaty they call it a Hudna which is a peace which is to presumably last ten years or until the Islamic forces feel they are strong enough to prevail on the field of battle. A Hudna may not be broken by the non-Islamic forces and can only be broken by the Muslims when they are confident of victory and not before. Even the supposed ten year limit could technically be extended should the Islamic forces remain inferior and unable to be assured of victory. Who would not desire to enter into a Hudna styled peace agreement knowing the truth? Such a deal they have for us.


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