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April 11, 2018

Jordan Option Already Failed


There is quite a bit of chatter about bringing Jordan and King Abdullah II to be part of the solution replacing the PLO, Fatah, the Palestinian authority and Mahmoud Abbas along with all the slime in the Land for Peace formula as part of Trump’s Deal of the Century. Jordan was part of the 1948 invasion of Israel the very morning of Israel’s birth along with five other nations, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia plus the Arab Brigades led by the Mufti of Jerusalem and other irregulars from across the Arab world. Jordan was not initially part of the Six Day War but after hearing of the great gains and the approaching of Tel Aviv by Syrian and Egyptian forces, as reported on Egyptian and Syrian radio and television reports, Jordan ignored Israeli reports that they were routing the Syrian and Egyptian forces and attacked Israel to join in the glory of destroying the Zionist Entity. This was how Jordan lost their occupation of what they renamed the West Bank as Israel first liberated Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and then all of the Shomron all the way to the Jordan River. This left quite a number of Jordanian Arab citizens still in the Shomron which have been used by the Arab world to attempt and destroy Israel and wrest the heartland of Israel historically, Biblically and also found throughout the Torah knowing that this would make the eventual destruction of the Jewish State. If this is the idea President Trump thinks will make peace more readily achievable, he has another think coming.


Let us first speak about the one solution which includes Jordan which will actually work providing President Trump has the wherewithal to entice the Arab League and Jordan to accept such a solution. How this peace plan cares for the so-called Palestinian Arabs is that it reactivates or grants, for the younger generations, Jordanian citizenship allowing them to vote in Jordanian national elections as well as their local elections in their towns and cities. They will not be able to vote in Israeli national elections and in mixed towns and cities there will need to be arrangements made such that both sides are permitted self-rule. These Arabs will also need to be required to sign a non-belligerence agreement with Israel in which they promise to respect the rights and existence of the Israelis and that they forswear and renounce terrorism in all forms and recognize the rights of Israelis to reside wherever they choose. They will further admit to the knowledge that, should any member of their family commit an act of terror or be found to be engaging in support or commission of an act of terror, this will result in the entire family being deported to Jordan, or to Syria should Jordan refuse to accept them. This zero tolerance for terror will be required simply because Israel cannot be expected to allow those who harbor or support the individuals committed to terrorism to continue to reside within her borders.


The advantage for Jordan is they get some of their former citizens back but Israel will be tasked with keeping them safe from any foreign violence such as threats from Islamic State and other terrorist activities as well as normative threats. These individuals will most likely earn higher wages than the average Jordanian which means they will pay a greater amount in taxes to the Jordanian government. Israel will be absorbing any cost of protecting these areas from outside threats. The largest problem which the Israelis will need to fight against will be illegal immigration. They will need to prevent other Jordanians from entering into these areas of Jordanians increasing the potential for problems and especially the encroachment by terrorists which will pose a threat to Israelis and the Jordanians residing within Israel as resident aliens. This will be a difficult sell for the Trump Administration with most of the responsibility falling to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo (currently undergoing confirmation hearings), National Security Advisor John R. Bolton and Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis (a former four-star Marine General nick named “Mad Dog Mattis”) will be added to the entourage of Trump Team people pressing to impose his Deal of the Century. The success of any peace plan will be Arab acceptance and proving to Israel that their security will be assured in perpetuity and under their control and not being reliant upon foreign forces. In all honesty, it might be best if these three presented the deal and the Middle East team stands down allowing themselves to be advisors, not to be the front presenters of Trump’s plan.


President Donald Trump, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, National Security Advisor John R. Bolton, Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis

President Donald Trump, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo,
National Security Advisor John R. Bolton, Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis


As far as Trump and his great deal of the century, the final deal to be presented allowing for the Arabs to have any say in the end determination of boundaries and the status of the Arabs residing west of the Jordan River, will be rejected by Abbas and the Palestinian Authority and demonstrations in Jordan will make King Abdullah II accepting the deal difficult. According to the original determinations made when the League of Nations and the allied powers from World War I determined the division of the defeated Ottoman Empire, the border between the Arab state of Transjordan and the Jewish State which would become Israel was along the Jordan River and the Jordan Valley south of the Dead Sea. This was the borders when the Arabs invaded on May 15, 1948 in their war to annihilate the Jewish State in its cradle. This war left Jordan occupying the Shomron parts of Judea and Samaria, which they renamed to erase the Jewish influence of the real names, while Egypt occupied Gaza. The Six Day War returned the borders which Israel was originally given and Israel also held the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights. The Yom Kippur War when Syria and Egypt launched a surprise attack with Israel, resulted in the borders and lands Israel held as unchanged when peace was restored. Since then there have been very few changes with one large exception, Israel restored all of the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt when they made peace but Egypt refused to reclaim the Gaza which they had occupied returning the land to Israel. When Jordan made peace with Israel, they released their claims to the Shomron allowing the land to return to its rightful owner, Israel. Israel has since annexed the Golan Heights which was permitted under United Nations Security Council Resolution 242. When Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt they satisfied the remainder of United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 that demanded Israel return lands, not all lands, and retain those lands required giving Israel secure and defensible borders (see map below). Israel would be within their rights to keep all the lands west of the Jordan River and even in returning the Palestinian Arabs to Jordan, as they are all either originally Jordanian citizens or their children. Thus far, Israel has not taken that route hoping in vain to reach an equitable peace. You cannot reach an equitable peace with those whose sole desire is to kill all Israelis and then every Jew in the world. That is why there has been no peace, not because, as the Europeans and leftists love claiming, because Israel wants to make a Greater Israel. The most Israel has ever hoped to attain is that which was promised her by the world in treaties from San Remo Conference to the 1924 Anglo American Convention. The British Mandate was divided between the Arab State of Transjordan (now Jordan) and the Jewish State of Israel with their border being set as the Jordan River, and that is what the world owes to Israel if their words have any truth.


Map of the lands promised to the Zionist Congress and inviolable and sacrosanct for all time by Great Britain and the League of Nations as an addendum to the Mandate System which makes this promise also enforceable by the United Nations and considered equal to a treaty through Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. This was also considered as an element incorporated to the San Remo Conference which is also applicable in modern times.

Map of the lands promised to the Zionist Congress and inviolable and sacrosanct for all time by Great Britain and the League of Nations as an addendum to the Mandate System which makes this promise also enforceable by the United Nations and considered equal to a treaty through Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. This was also considered as an element incorporated to the San Remo Conference which is also applicable in modern times.


President Trump will likely have some plan which will offer the Arabs lands west of the Jordan which would eventually be utilized as a beachhead for yet another war to try and exterminate Israel. This has been the pattern since the founding of the State of Israel. Every time Israel has retreated from lands, they have been utilized to attack and attempt to destroy Israel by her Arab neighbors. Now this has spread to Iran who is providing military support to Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. The current violent rioting is simply an attack designed to breach the border defenses of Israel and send mobs marauding through southern Israel murdering every Israeli they are capable of finding. Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas, threatened the Israelis stating, the people of the Gaza Strip will “eat the livers of those besieging” the coastal enclave, using an Arabic idiom that means to take revenge on someone. He further declared that, “The March of Return will continue. It will not stop until we remove this transient border.” The border violence is not intended to be peaceful and will not end without a great degree of bloodletting. The only decision will be which side will lose the battle and suffer the greatest numbers of casualties. As to who will lose the media coverage, that has already been determined by the coverage thus far. Israel, as is the norm in the European and leftist media, will be blamed for any result in which Israel survives. The only way Israel can make penance for the crime of the Jews returning to their ancient homelands and fulfilling the prophesies of said return is for Israel to allow itself to suffer utter and complete defeat. The utter destruction of the Jewish State is the desire of the new age secularist evangelicals as to permit the reestablishment of Israel to persist and for the Third Temple to be erected would mean that everything they claim is in error. Their insistence that there is no real right or wrong, that all things are relative and nothing can be absolute, is antithetical to the entirety of Torah and the Jewish faith. Their belief accepts the theory of supersession where Christianity replaced Judaism and Islam replaced Christianity and their beliefs have superseded all former religions as their secular humanism replaces all need for religion. Their world is one of relative truth where truth depends on individuals. There are no absolutes and the teachings of Torah are an anathema to this new breed where each person defines what is and is not permitted in their piece of the world. Relativism is in direct contravention of Torah which gives structure and definition to life directing that which is expected of each person and defines the paths of life.


Israel stands for the Torah and will reconstruct the order and meaning to life for Jews in Israel. The Torah is meant for all people but only need apply for now to Jews. Israel and the Jewish People do not demand that anyone other than the Jews live by Torah. Beyond the borders of Israel, the world may live as they please. There is no demand for the Jews to conquer the world or expand the borders of Israel. We simply want that which the world promised us such that we could live peaceably and study Torah. We wish nothing from our neighbors beyond the right to live. Our desire is for us to live and our neighbors to live and for each to follow the path they desire. Our ways are peace when peace is permitted but when war is thrust upon us, like any people, we defend ourselves. Gaza is the threat we are facing. Israel surrendered Gaza to the Arabs in hope of having peace. Israel retreated from southern Lebanon seeking to have peace. Both places now are threats to the survival of Israel, Hezballah in the north in Lebanon, Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. Both of these fronts are currently backed, supplied, sided and following the desires of Iran. Iran has sworn to destroy Israel by any and all means at their disposal. Iran seeks nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them and the world can only surmise of the threat a nuclear armed Iran will pose not only to Israel, but to the world. If the world will simply allow Israel to keep the lands she was promised and to respect our borders, we will reside within, practice Torah, develop great discoveries in all fields and share these discoveries with the world for its betterment. Allow us what was promised and we will repay the world with wonders just as we have for the past seven decades. Imagine the discoveries and new methods in medicine and agriculture Israel could add to the world if there was no threat to her existence. Just as an example, one small item from Israel which most are unaware but many enjoy, Israel used agricultural science and bred the cherry tomato, and that is one delicious thought on which to close.


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