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October 25, 2012

Benghazi and Gaza Reveal Government Spin Over Action

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In the United States the public is being slowly traumatized by the horrors slowly coming to light as the putrefied onion that is Benghazi, Libya is slowly peeled one rotting later after another while in Israel there is the escalation by the terror governance in Gaza of rockets being hurled across the border at civilians and often timed to strike while children are transiting to or from school thus traumatizing the millions within the ever increasing range of these explosive projectiles. In both countries the government in general and the leadership in particular; President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, United Nations Ambassador Rice and others in the Administration in America and Prime Minister Netanyahu and the military and coalition leadership in Israel; are dodging responsibility and avoiding directly addressing the truth in a futile hope that neither problem will have any defining affect upon the upcoming elections. The similarities in both of these horrid and tragic instances go further than simply the attempt to wish them away by each nation’s leaders, they also have similar solutions which are based on honestly admitting some painful truths, taking responsibility for protecting the people and interests of the nation, giving an honest and complete assessment of the realities each nation faces, admission of mistakes and shortcomings committed by those in the positions of leadership and decision making, and finally refusal to take bold steps that would protect those in harm’s way and use necessary military steps that would prevent any further damages and show an understanding and consideration for protecting those who stand vulnerable from these threats.

The United States leadership needs to admit that it is very possible and even likely that the changes brought on by the so-called Arab Spring are more likely to result in situations less favorable to the West, freedom, liberties and even the economies of the nations where the Muslim Brotherhood or other Islamist entities have taken over the governance and are going to resemble an Arab Winter and relations are going to turn colder, not warmer. This places our personnel in the embassies, consulates, and other assets in greater threats of danger either directly from the new governance or from other terror-like threats acting with the permission of the governments if not directly being organized by these governments. It will not only be unwise to allow for security to be provided by the governments of the countries in which there are personnel and must insist on having United States Marines on duty guarding these people or should let it be known that American personnel will be pulled if forced to do so as well as financial and other consequences. Niceties cannot be extended if they will result in the death or threats of violence to American personnel. There are times when niceties must be put aside and putting forth a steel gloved hand becomes necessary instead of a white silk glove that President Obama appears to believe will solve everything. Reality is often not as pretty and in this case is extremely unseemly and ugly, but the truth is the truth.

Meanwhile, in southern Israel there have been close to one hundred rockets, mortars, bombs and other attacks originating from the Gaza Strip in less than one week. While the Iron Dome system protecting the city of Ashkelon has been of adequate success by intercepting at least eight rockets fired in its theater, there are simply not sufficient Iron Dome systems to protect all of the communities. There have been mounting casualties and an even larger number of people suffering stress and other nervous attacks and disorders as a result of this seeming declaration of war. If this many explosive rockets and mortars had been fired across a border into any country in the world other than Israel, the United Nations would be holding emergency sessions and there would be world-wide concern and denunciations against the senseless violence and provocations. Of course, since these attacks are against Israel there will be no fury of concern, hand-wringing and denouncements unless and until Israel should retaliate with any appropriate force which will be labeled as disproportionate as is the custom of the world in its current state of affairs. But just because the rest of the world will likely get their panties in a wad should Israel launch a ground attack that is carefully planned and executed sweeping through the entire length and breadth of the Gaza Strip searching every single building, shed, hospital, and mosque for rockets, mortars, rocket launchers, mortar launch tubes and any other such equipment of war and confiscate and destroy every single piece found does not preclude the possible necessity for just such an action. There should also be arrests of every leading terrorist and the rocket, mortar, bomb and explosive expert should be arrested or taken as prisoners of war to be released once all violence originating from the Gaza Strip has ceased for twelve straight months and a treaty negotiated. It may even have reached the point in time where returning IDF forces into the Gaza Strip to patrol the area and keep the peace has become a desirable and necessary option. Simply promising to reinforce the homes, businesses, hospitals, schools, malls, and other buildings to make them better able to withstand the rocket attacks is insufficient, irresponsible and completely inadequate. Election or no election in the offing, protecting the people of Israel is job one Mr. Netanyahu, not the strengthening of your coalition in the Knesset. What may not be obvious to you is that by assuring the safety and security of the people you also assure the size and loyalty of your coalition in the Knesset.

In both the United States and Israel there will be elections within a few months. The United States will have their election within fourteen days and may very well end up a referendum not only on President Obama’s performance in his first term, Obama Care, the economy, or any of the other items the American people have been fed for the whole election year thus far, it may well be a referendum on Benghazi and who will most likely keep the American people safe and the United States strong and respected with a sufficient dose of feared that nobody would ever consider attacking Americans anywhere in the world. In Israel the election might be a referendum on the authenticity of a return as an innocent man into politics by Ehud Olmert, or the return of Tzipi Livni. What should be the issues are a leader who will put the final nails to seal the coffin where the Oslo accords have been laid for some time by Mahmoud Abbas and his refusal to compromise or even discuss compromise, protection of the citizens living under constant threat in southern Israel from the rockets, mortars and other attacks originating from the Gaza Strip under the direction of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and related terror groups, the acceptance and application of the Levy Report along with all it implies, and stand firm before the hatreds and bigotries of too much of this world and establish that Israel is entitled to every millimeter of lands guaranteed under the numerous agreements including but not limited to the Peel Commission, San Remo Conference, Churchill White Papers, and Article 80 of the United Nations. The other way in which the United States and Israel are facing a similar situation is the possibility that the upcoming election in each country could have an effect on the entirety of each country’s future beyond what anyone can anticipate. Act One in two weeks and Act Two scheduled for late January of next year. The time between these two important dates should prove interesting, especially on how the results of the first could have influences on the second. These surely are interesting times but as such, are these a good thing or a curse as the Chinese believe.

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February 19, 2012

Obama Will not Use Options on the Table Until Election

We have been hearing from officials from the Obama Administration just as we did from the Bush Administration that all options are on the table concerning the Iranian Nuclear Program. Right from the top I wish to make clear that blame for the inaction by the United States towards the potential Iranian threat, should they be allowed to produce nuclear weapons, falls just as hard on President Bush as it does on President Obama. My reasoning is that if President Bush even had the slightest glimmer of a hint that the incoming Obama Administration would take no actions preventing an Iranian Nuclear weapon, then it was completely upon his shoulders to have taken action before he left office. Currently, though, all blame now rests with President Obama as he is the sole person empowered to address this issue as it currently stands. From what we have observed, the military option is still sitting on the table while the sanctions placed on Iran are increased one minimal increment after another. The problem with this use of sanctions is we are slowly bringing the water to a boil on the frog in the pot. By ramping up in as measured amount of steps each new set of sanctions does not feel all that more restrictive than the last. Granted, when all these steps are considered as a whole, the sanctions are relatively severe, but since they have stepped up slowly and consistently over a long stretch of time, their bite has not had that pounding effect one usually wishes to impart using sanctions. What has been necessary for quite some time has been a serious ramping of sanctions whose pain was unavoidably felt thus a definitive mark. Unfortunately, to reach such an effect today would take a near total sealing of the Iranian borders not allowing any land, sea, or air transport or trade. This is a nearly impossible goal. So, what is left?


According to the signals from President Obama and his Administration, the only thing left is more of the same. The theory and the plan appear to be one and the same and if the theory fails, well, there is no other plan. The safety of the world is to depend on the dulcet and irresistible charms which are the orations of President Obama with the threat of presumably severe sanctions should diplomacy fail to turn Iran away from seeking nuclear weapons and rule of the Middle East for now and the world given time. The Israelis have been told both directly and indirectly to simply stand by and wait for the sanctions to work. If Israel appears to be imminently set on actually taking concrete actions, then the sanctions will be ramped a little tighter. We have placed the final set of sanctions on Iran three or four times, it is hard to keep track as final appears to be a relative term which always allows for one more final round to be applied. It is like a bad slasher movie with a fiendish, disfigured, demonic entity which stalks the hapless victims and dies at the end but returns from the grave to make another movie of the same plot timed for release around Halloween every year.  Such is the current best laid plans concerning preventing Iran from reaching their goal. In this movie we get repeats on ratcheting sanctions and Iran’s willingness for talks or IAEA inspections only to turn evil and renege on any and all promises as soon as the threats from Washington and the European Union are safely aborted. Lately we have been treated to one new wrinkle, with Israel appearing to tire of the endless and ineffective song and dance being performed between Iran and Washington. President Obama has had either Secretary of State Clinton or Secretary of Defense Panetta come out and make a statement charging that Israel is about to or will be attacking Iran by such and such a date. These announcements to the press are intended to force Israel to deny and make statements affirming their backing and willingness to continue with the plan, always, the never ending plan.


Meanwhile, the table with all the options on it that we keep hearing about has been moved to a safe location. It has been stashed in an armored vault and President Obama gave his wife Michelle the key and claimed loudly that he does not want to see the key, or the table, until after Thanksgiving. This, of course, has nothing to do with an election coming three weeks before Thanksgiving. So, this is where we sit and have been sitting for some time. The Europeans, the United States, Canada, and a few others are pretending that there are strong and crippling sanctions placed upon Iran making the leaders in Tehran very nervous and anxious and they will break any moment now. Meanwhile, Russia, China, North Korea, and to a slightly lesser extent Japan and India are all still trading with Iran. They are all buying their oil from Iran and have been allowed to use whatever currency suits them as long as it is not dollars. There are some European companies who are still honoring contracts they have made with Iran though nobody is willing to call them on this. There are other players also trading with Iran buying their oil to the point that Iran continues to pump oil as fast as they ever did and are easily selling the bulk of that oil. Also proceeding without any regard to President Obama and his Administration are Iraq and Afghanistan who are cozying up to Iran and making mutual deals and promises as they are waving good bye to the leaving American troops. What a great plan we have to prevent Iran from making progress on their nuclear program. Listen carefully and you can hear the Ayatollahs laughing hysterically as they throw darts at a targeted picture of President Obama.


Eventually one of two outcomes will have to happen. Either Israel will take their best effort to end, at least for the time being, the Iranian nuclear program or somebody will be the test subject of Iran’s first half dozen nukes and the associated EMP and then it all goes dark as the world plunges into what may very well be the end of civilization as we have come to know it. As I have been saying, what a great plan we have going.


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February 5, 2012

Obama Administration Consumed with Israeli Iranian Attack

Over the past month the Obama Administration issued statements by Secretary of State Clinton, Secretary of Defense Panetta, and President Obama referring to the potential for an Israeli attack on the Iranian nuclear program, as well as sending the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dempsey, to Israel insisting Netanyahu inform and receive permission from the United States before taking any actions against Iran. Add to this the presumed accidental slip made by <a href= target=blank>Senator Feinstein</a> during a televised committee meeting which made public the private meetings with American Administration officials by the head of the Israeli Mossad. Judging from such actions one might draw the conclusion that the current American Administration was attempting to protect Iran and prevent an Israeli strike under any circumstance and had not a care in the world about the Iranian nuclear program reaching fruition. At no time has there been even the slightest hint of an offer of support from the United States to the Israeli concerns and intelligence pertaining to the advanced state of the Iranian efforts towards producing a nuclear weapon. This despite the accepted knowledge which claims Iran has sufficient Uranium which should they enrich to weapons grade would be sufficient for four and possibly five nuclear weapons.


From all appearances, President Obama and his Administration appear to be far more concerned with the potential for an Israeli action against Iran than they are with the potential for Iran attaining nuclear capability which Iran has all but promised to use against Israel, the United States, Europe and even possibly Saudi Arabia and other neighboring countries. This must seem rather strange and contrary to statements made previously which had seemed to support measures to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapons by President Obama and many members of his Administration as well as members from both houses of Congress. Perhaps those who have claimed all along that the United States was confident that they could rely on deterrence to prevent Iran from ever using nuclear weapons once they achieved the ability to produce them were correct. Considering the many threats and bluster which has come from Iranian President Ahmadinejad as well as Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei about their intended use of nuclear weapons to destroy Israel, their promise that a World without the United States was within their grasp and the threats to close the Straits of Hormuz to all shipping cutting off a large amount of the world’s oil supply, one might expect the United States to be assisting those who were opposed to Iran going nuclear and not inhibiting them at every turn.


Perhaps I do not understand President Obama and his actions have some hidden meaning. Maybe the United States is planning to take the necessary steps to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power. One would think that if this were the case, they might have clued the Israelis in in order to minimize any confusion which would in and of itself be sufficient reason for Israel to stand down. Perhaps President Obama fears that the Israelis would not be able to keep such information confidential and somebody in the Israeli government might let slip such delicate information during discussions and they would be overheard and reported upon. Surely the United States policy is not to allow Iran to attain nuclear weapons and possibly use them against another country. That would be insane. Perhaps I worry too much and should have more confidence in President Obama to take appropriate and needful actions in preventing an Iranian nuclear attack. Still, by all appearances and past record, I am not comforted that such actions are to be expected. But then, he did order the strike on Osama Bin Laden, so there is hope, isn’t there?


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