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May 22, 2015

Obsessed Appeasement Expropriators Descend

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The circus which accompanies the establishing of a new Israeli government finally formed after any elections cycle, planned or unexpected, comes this time in force beyond imagination. Usually there is coordination resulting in a single team arriving all carrying briefcases brimming with demands for new sacrifices Israel will be expected to make simply to allow these experts to meet with Mahmoud Abbas and his minions and receive another list of demands that Israel submit in order to attain a humbled attitude considered suitable for a meeting an Arab Palestinian delegations whose diplomacy is more insults and degradations than hospitable intercourse which usually accompanies normative mediations. This time the demands will be presented in surround sound as teams from the United States, the anticipatory fomenters, the United Nations, the European Union who come salivating for Israel’s destruction, and an outside agitator granting audience and treaties recognizing Mahmoud Abbas as the maker and seeker of peace granting him every comfort and recognition of his nightmarish nation without setting borders permitting Abbas to define as he desires. All these messengers bleat tired and tortured phrases which have been repeated for over twenty years to a point where they no longer have any real meaning. The most basic of these entreaties is the demand that Israel make some great offer which might ingratiate Israelis in the eyes of the leaders of the Arab Palestinians who already have proven their desire for peace as they have repeatedly asked for any and all these parties to intervene and plead their case in order that they might finally be granted the peace they so desperately desire. The problem is nobody has ever bothered to research and inquire of the Arab Palestinians exactly what their concept of an acceptable peace would require and what the Israelis might be required to sacrifice and perform in order for this peace to finally be attainable. Perhaps that might someday be the first step for these angels for peace who will be descending upon Israel to once again bless Israeli sacrifices even to the point of suicidal dispensations as a first step towards appeasement of the Arab unarticulated demands for peace.


As Israel has already offered the Arabs as much as 95% of Judea and Samaria, detached from their Jewish history by Jordan renaming the area to West Bank, all of Gaza, which is already in Arab hands since the disengagement in 2005, and all of East Jerusalem back in 2000 and again in 2002, both times with exchange of properties and lands to equate the final 5% of land and both times the Arab leadership simply walked out of the negotiations without even making a counter offer, demands for adjustment or any commentary, just refusing in the most impolite and insulting manner possible, silent dismissal as if such an offer were an insult. Perhaps the United States, United Nations, and European Union could, as long as the whole representation of the Western World and beyond are represented, take a different initial step and instead of starting with Israel take a stroll to Ramallah and simply inquire as to exactly what the Arab Palestinian leaders would demand of Israel in order to establish a fair and mutually acceptable and equally beneficial entertaining equal sacrifices and accommodations and once the great leaders who claim they are only in the Middle East to facilitate peace can finally establish the desired demands for a final settlement from Abbas and company and then perhaps there can be some fair and egalitarian resolution with both sides finally reaching a meeting of their minds. Somehow we here at Beyond the Cusp suspect that such a meeting would be revealing as the Arab leadership would either refuse to speak in specifics and decline to even approach a map, let alone speak of borders or perhaps they might surprise the world and actually state their actual demand, all of Israel with the Jews removed by any means necessary including another holocaust. Should the delegations from the United Nations, European Union and United States actually manage to gain a potentially acceptable offer from Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the leadership which might be in any way presentable to the Israelis, then finally the crux of the real problem might finally be brought into the light. The reason that all the demands are always placed on Israel and never on the Arabs is because of a basic truth, the Israelis have proven their desire for peace while the Arabs have only proven their desire to destroy Israel by any means possible. History has shown this truth to the point that it is beyond the ability of any fair and honest observer to avoid, but these presumed messengers for peace are anything but fair or honest, they are coconspirators in the Arab conspiracy to destroy Israel and, if possible, the entirety of the Jewish People. The one thing which has become obvious is that should Israel fail and its population destroyed, then the potential future of the Jewish faith would be relegated to a near oblivion with small cores of religious Jews holding on to what would otherwise be a dead faith.


This was an integral and clearly stated goal by the Arab League and in the Khartoum Resolution of September 1, 1967 where the three no’s became the resolute avenue in the pursuit of the destruction of the Jewish State. The actual resolution which can be read here set forth what became known as the three no’s which stated that the Arab states would observe no formal peace treaty and no direct negotiations and no recognition of Israel. This agreement was broken only once when President Anwar Sadat of Egypt negotiated and reached a peace accord with Israel’s President Menachem Begin in what was the Camp David Accords ending the state of war between Egypt and Israel as of September 17, 1978. For breaking the three no’s Anwar Sadat paid with his life as he was assassinated on October 6, 1981, just over three years after reaching a peace with Israel when during the annual victory celebration he was shot along with a vast number of people in the formal reviewing stands including eleven others killed outright or suffered fatal wounds, including the Cuban ambassador to Egypt, an Omani general, and a Coptic Orthodox bishop and twenty-eight were wounded, including Vice President Hosni Mubarak, Irish Defense Minister James Tully, and four US military liaison officers. These three no’s have been observed via a specific series of accommodations and variations allowing for skirting the letter while accommodating the spirit of the Khartoum Resolution. The compliance to the three no’s of the Khartoum Resolution and the rest of its stipulations is behind the complete refusal of the Arabs to reach a peace despite the Israelis having at least twice meeting or exceeding the demands relayed by Yasser Arafat to President William Jefferson Clinton during the negotiations in Paris where Israeli President Ehud Barak which upon being told that the Israeli President had agreed to meet the conditions for peace even to splitting Jerusalem right along the Green Line boundary from before the 1967 Six Day War where Israel had liberated Jerusalem along with Judea and Samaria from Jordanian occupation he simply walked out refusing to even make a responding additional demand straight to his awaiting car which he had arranged to make ready just in the case that the Israelis might actually make the sacrifices he had thought beyond acceptable. Arafat showed no surprise likely because he realized that President Clinton might actually convince Israeli President Barak that this was the best chance for peace and the Israelis would make the necessary sacrifice for peace and so he knew he would need to beat a hasty prearranged retreat so as not to be caught in a compromised position and have to actually sign an agreement. It was the awaiting vehicle with the motor running and the driver at the wheel allowing Yasser Arafat to make his get-away before Secretary of State Madeline Albright could catch up with him and corner him demanding an explanation. Arafat was on his jet back to Jordan within an hour avoiding any potential interception by President Clinton and never did Arafat ever make an explanation to the American President. So, let these angels of peace alight on their gentle wings and draw from Mahmoud Abbas a specific description of what he would demand in order to make peace. When he refuses to make the same potentially problematic misstep made by Yasser Arafat and actually deceive these merchants of peace and give a response which he is assured in his mind the Israelis would never make such sacrifice for peace because he learned from the Arafat embarrassment of turning down the exact stipulations laid out for peace because the Israeli desire for peace actually made them stretch to their breaking-point in order to have peace, so Abbas will never present what he demands for peace because to do so would reveal that the Arabs do not want peace, they desire Israel’s extermination and nothing less.


Beyond the Cusp


June 22, 2013

Eulogy for the Peace Process and the Horse it Rode in On

The Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process is a dead horse which the world insists on continuing to beat trying to produce the slightest twitch that would signal life, but alas there is no life in this dead horse. This poor horse was born to great acclaim despite its feeble and perilous state. From every corner of the world came the accolades which predicted this new horse would be the first horse to win the Triple Crown and Sweeping every category at the Wellington National Horse Show Competitions, both Stadium Jumping and Dressage. The claims continued despite reports that the horse suffered serious and very probably serious birth defects and was so sickly. But that did not stop the glowing reports of this healthy steed that would be unstoppable and people should just wait and all their expectations would be met. Unfortunately the horse died as a young colt yet still the world is waiting for the dead horse to spring to life and fulfill their every dream. It matters not who killed the horse as long as the world continues to rave about it and place all their expectations upon the horse. The real pity should not be for the horse as it feels no pains. The pity must be for the trainer who is expected to produce a race horse that meets expectations. The veterinarian long ago declared the horse dead but instead of going home simply joined the crazed crowds and encouraged them to continue to tout the great talent of a horse the veterinarian knew was dead and long gone. Periodically the veterinarian announces that he is going to give the great horse his shots and a physical. The veterinarian even has the gall to continue to send bills to the crowd who pay for the horse’s care and collect for treating the horse he buried years ago. And to make the whole charade even more believable the veterinarian releases reports on the young horse’s progress and great health which if given just a little more time and some more vitamins and this special feed he will soon be winning races and the veterinarian continues to pocket the money for seeing to the great horse’s health, the dead horse’s health. Meanwhile the trainer sits in an empty stall listening to the crowds demand the horse to trot out knowing that whoever tells the truth that the horse is dead will garner all the blame, so the trainer simply pretends the horse is not yet ready and continues to pretend to train the nervous horse of unlimited possibilities in private away from the anxious eyes of the ever present expectant crowd.


The dead horse is the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process. The veterinarian is Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinians, who continue to rake in the world’s cash promising that if just Israel would surrender, well, meet the Palestinian’s expectations, then there would be peace. Israel is the trainer who is expected to train the dead horse or make the dead peace process spring to life. The Israeli negotiators have offered concessions that even former United States President Bill Clinton admitted in a lapse of honesty called unprecedented and satisfying everything that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat had demanded but Arafat just slammed the papers onto the table and stalked out of the Paris meeting with former United States Secretary of State Madeline Albright scampering after him imploring Arafat to return and at least make a counter offer. Yasser Arafat knew he could not risk making a counter offer because it was actually possible that the Israelis might accept his offer and he did not want peace, after all, he was the one who poisoned the horse in the womb. Mahmoud Abbas, we must remember, is simply Yasser Arafat wearing a suit, clean shaven, with less of an accent. When the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) terror group was founded with Yasser Arafat at its head, Mahmoud Abbas was his second in command and has been with them from the very start. It was Mahmoud Abbas who assisted the Munich Olympics terror assault for which he assisted with the planning and arranged the financing for the strike that murdered the Israeli Olympic team and coaches. Mahmoud Abbas was intricately involved with the entire Oslo Accords deception which produced the stillborn peace process, our dead horse.


The Palestinians have convinced the world, a very willing world, that they are doing everything even remotely possible or expected of them to make peace if only Israel were willing. That is the veterinarian’s lie and this veterinarian is well paid to the tune of trillions of dollars over the twenty years of the Oslo Accords expectation. Despite this enormous amount of funding the Palestinian Authority still relies on Israel for 95% of its electricity in Judea and Samaria and 75% of its electricity in Gaza and has not paid their bill which now exceeds eight-hundred-twenty-million shekels. Despite this the private electric company is not allowed by the Israeli government to cut off the power while the world insists that Israel not deduct one shekel from the taxes Israel collects for the Palestinian Authority in order to pay their electric bill. For the privilege of providing the Palestinian population with free electricity the Israeli public pays a going rate almost double for their electricity in order to fund the Palestinian usage. The latest attempt to enter the Peace Process horse into a race has begun with United States Secretary of State John Kerry about to make his fifth visit to Israeli and Palestinian leadership. Since his second visit Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has imposed an unannounced stealth building freeze at the behest of Secretary Kerry so he can assure Palestinian authority President Mahmoud Abbas that Israel has met his precondition for a building freeze thus he need not insist on preconditions. President Abbas very public answer has been to restate his demand for an announced building freeze as his aim is to force Prime Minister Netanyahu from office by collapsing his governing coalition. President Abbas is also demanding that Israel meet the request that Mahmoud Abbas claims is an obligation of the Israelis to release one-hundred-twenty of the most heinous terrorists who are serving multiple life sentences each for multiple terror murders. President Abbas has also given a statement in which he stated he still expects for Prime Minister Netanyahu to present a map of the future state of Palestine for his approval and that until he approves of whatever map Netanyahu presents, there will be no negotiation. We can fully expect that should by some miscalculation of Mahmoud Abbas he get roped into a corner and be facing imminent peace talks, he will simply do as he has always done and use the deal killer precondition that the Israelis accept all five-million plus Palestinian refugees from all corners of the planet into Israel proper with full citizenship thus transforming Israel into a second Palestinian Arab state simply be outnumbering the Jews at the next election. Abbas knows the horse is dead because he has poisoned, beheaded, strangled, shot, drowned, impaled, diced and sliced the horse and its resultant cadaver and then presented it to Israel and claimed he will negotiate once the horse wins the Triple Crown.


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