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November 4, 2016

As the Pacific Far East Crumbles Away


Eight years of steering the United States away from even the slightest whiff of conflict or controversy leaving virtually every former ally stuck out in the wind swept stormy seas of fate have started to leave some palpable damage along the Asian Pacific Rim. These damages may only last until the few weeks after the next Presidential Inauguration or may be cemented with more to follow; it all depends on the coming, and it can’t come too soon, American Elections. The slow tear between Washington and Manila may have just torn well past the turning point as the State Department may decide to hold on an agreed arms shipment for the Philippine Police because a single Senator, Benjamin Louis “Ben” Cardin, a Democrat from Maryland, informed them he would block such a request. It seems unusual for an already approved arms deal would be held, maybe cancelled, because a single Senator raised his displeasure unless his displeasure was requested from a higher source who preferred hiding in the shadows this close to the election. No reason to risk the Philippine and other related votes in what might be a closer election than the media has painted. The reason, apparently, for Senator Cardin demanding the weapons be withheld was due to the violent manner in which the Philippine authorities are carrying out their resolute and determined crackdown on the drug lords and their criminal enterprises. The claim is that the Philippine government is using extrajudicial killings against the drug gangs because obviously there is little chance the drug gangs might be resisting the efforts to close their operations down. It is interesting to note that extrajudicial killings is exactly the same charge made by leftist Europeans, leftist Americans and the Arab lobby to throw at Israel whenever a terrorist is killed instead of coddled like a harmless puppy.


In nearby Malaysia, Premier Najib Razak also had some suggestions for Washington, though he directed them at the West in general referring to the former colonial powers when he cautioned, “It is not for them to lecture nations they once exploited on their internal affairs.” He was referring to the July lawsuits filed by the United States Justice Department implicating the Premier in a money-laundering scandal referencing more than three and a half billion dollars which were allegedly misappropriated. The Justice Department charges could not have anything to do with Najib is looking to strengthen ties with China and his recent six-day visit to Beijing. The United States State Department cannot be overly happy as Premier Razak’s China visit followed on the heels of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s visit. Not to worry folks, it’s all part of fundamental change President Obama promised in his October 30, 2008, speech where he stated, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” We would say job well done except that the entire job is not near finished. Yes, the news from the Far East, particularly the Philippines and Malaysia, but many allies of the United States have held silently strong knowing, or at least hoping and praying, that the United States would return to its former policies and things returning to previous normal. The four year hopes died hard and the eight year prayers will be determined within the coming five days even if there are states making recounts.


Malaysia Philippines and Indonesia

Malaysia Philippines and Indonesia


There is a theory that no matter the results of the Presidential Election there is one coming end of term surprise from the White House, a surprise President Obama wants the visceral satisfaction of performing personally. This is one that is so personal that President Obama may even take a vacation and visit Turtle Bay and the United Nations in order to call a Special Session of the Security Council to hear a proposal to solve what he has determined is tantamount to the root of all problems in the Middle East if not the world, solar system, galaxy or potentially the entirety of the Universe and all creation, Israel and the formation of an Arab State for the ‘Palestinians’ in Judea and Samaria with East Jerusalem as its Capital City. President Obama would be sure to relate how the recent UNESCO decision which removed all Jewish and Christian connection to the Temple Mount or the Old City of Jerusalem, which is most of East Jerusalem, and that it is solely a Muslim Holy Site thus would serve as a natural capital for a new Islamic Palestinian nation. This would be his argument along with the seeming international itch to take away a fair sized additional chunk of the lands originally promised for the Jewish State and form yet another doomed to fail Arab Muslim State reneging yet again making a mockery of international treaties. The only surprise would be such a move being vetoed by one of the other four permanent members of the Security Council; Britain, France, China or Russia. Is such likely? In a word, “Yes.” As to which one, that remains to be seen. Our guess has three in the following order least to most likely, China, Britain, or Russia.


That leaves a single pair of questions. One is whether nations which have started to distance themselves from the United States could be gathered back to the warm bosom of Washington and all the wondrous prizes that includes? Should the next President and advisors in the administration return to a more traditional set of policies, then time will reset most relations. Some of those who have moved away or distanced such as the above mentioned Malaysia and Philippines and includes Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Pakistan and an additional small selection largely in Eastern Europe will move further from United States orbit unless concerted and deliberate efforts are expended. Even then the chances of returning all will prove near impossible. Nations such as Iraq and Egypt may be lost for the foreseeable future as Russia and China pick up influence. Still. The majority of estranged nations would gladly return given the slightest of efforts. That is the good and the bad side, but there is a worse possibility.


What could be worse than losing as many as a half dozen or potentially more lost due to the changes made during President Obama’s Administrations? Well, the continuation of this path which is and always was an idea which found favor in the State Department no matter the President and their policy preferences. Many Presidents since some time after World War I and the infestation of Progressive, Leftist anti-American policies siding with virtually every enemy of the United States changing hands while the highest levels nurture whatever opposing force of the moment that faces the United States with the chain simply altering as the leadership is always passed to those supporting the subversion. These State Department employees are Civil Service workers who are protected by Civil Service rules and very strong unions, the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) or the National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE). There have been instances where these unions have been suspected on working on campaigns, something quite unethical if not illegal. Should the advisors from the State Department continue in their privileged positions for setting foreign policy, then the current damage will only come closer to becoming permanent and the United States losing her position as leader of the free world. There are those who are claiming that continuing the current policies will lead to the death of the free world. Our comment is to say not so fast. There are places where freedom is still strong and others where freedom is slowly growing. Will there be a terrible and rough period? There are always such, the areas affected simply change with time. Hope should never be lost as cycles are a constant and things constantly change and that is unavoidable. As for what level of hope one should hold? Wait just a bit and we will get back to you on that.


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September 5, 2015

Americans Are the Only Force That Can Stop the Iran Deal


When we hear claims that America can stop the Iran deal if Congress would just stand up to President Obama and override his veto as a way of taking back their power we all should realize that such is not about to happen. I am unsure what it is that President Obama holds over the heads of the members of Congress, well, at least the Democrat members of Congress, but whatever it is, he does hold their undivided attention and they snap right into line as he demands. The fear shown is palpable unlike anything I have ever witnessed or anybody else we have spoken with. But it does not matter what President Obama has that holds the members of his party into obedience at his slightest whim because there is a force far more powerful than anything in Washington. This force made Coca-Cola make a complete U-turn and find a way within weeks of reproducing something called Classic Coke because a few people got upset and demanded their old Coca-Cola back. All right, it was more than a few people, it was tens or hundreds of thousands of people, and Coke does not even hold elections other than at the cash register. They could have said we changed and we are headed in a new direction and tried to leave the people no choice confident they would just get used to the new Coke.



Lausanne in Switzerland which sits on Lake Geneva where much of the ill fated Iran nuclear disastrous negotiations were held and Secretary of State Kerry sold out his country again

Lausanne in Switzerland which sits on Lake Geneva where much of the ill fated Iran nuclear disastrous negotiations were held and Secretary of State Kerry sold out his country again



So, there are a number of Americans who are about as thrilled with the Iran mistake from on a Swiss Lake (the talks were held in Lausanne in Switzerland which sits on Lake Geneva), better known as the worst deal in treaty history and it is a treaty which is another whole issue in itself. We know that any Republican President attempting to pull off such a bag of lies would never get away with claiming that it was an Executive Agreement as if the United States government was a business and the President of Company America did not necessarily need to put every agreement to a vote of the Board of Directors, Congress in this case. And if a Republican President attempted to take a treaty to the Security Council before Congress, the Senate in particular, there would be impeachment proceedings and the Ambassador to the United Nations would be demanded to veto the item before fifteen minutes had passed. Congress can function when its fat is on the fire and some things done by the wrong party get the media, and thus the people, all steamed up over the most minor of ‘infractions’ and that ain’t all Jack. We know that the media has split on this Iran deal into three camps. The first camp has about a hair less than twenty percent who are writing daily about how horrific this Iran nuclear deal is and how it will allow Iran to produce nuclear weapons by the dozen within a year or two and the inspections to prevent such are ineffective and ridiculous, and that’s the good side of the deal.


There is also the billions and billions (as Carl Sagan was famous for saying) and billions of dollars which will be used to amplify terrorists world-wide throughout the Iranian proxy infiltrating military wing foreign legions division of the IRGC. This includes such terror groups as Hezballah who are in control of Lebanon for the most part, assisting in the war for keeping Bashir al-Assad in power in Syria as well as aiding the Shia in Iraq to murder the Sunni in Iraq and even put some teams in Yemen assisting the Houthis in their assault to take over the entire country and control the Red Sea Straits of Bab-al-Mandeb. There are also a number of Hezballah and IRGC units which run terrorist training facilities at the tri-border area where Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil borders meet and each claims the other two are responsible, keeping all happy including the terrorists and other criminal elements which all also run their Americas operations which includes, you guessed it, the United States which they infiltrate through the Mexican border, but you already know about that as it has been the one thing from the Republican Primaries for the Presidency the media had deigned to cover as they cover all Trump all the time. Every republican Presidential Primary update begins, end and all but solely spotlights Trump. But that is for some other rant; we want to rant on the Iran deal and the apparent response from the Congress to take it lying down. Well, at least thirty-six, and probably closer to thirty-nine Senators folding like a cheap suit before the President’s pressure.


The next set of the media, somewhere around fifty-five percent or so are all gung ho about covering every single one of the shootings and demanding more gun control. And they are also praising President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry for their unbelievable deftness and ability to make the most incredible and wondrous deal which will prevent Iran from enriching Uranium past anything beyond five percent. They will not be able to enrich it anywhere near the levels necessary for making nuclear weapons and everything. Plus their efforts that will bring Iran back into the community of nations gaining them the mantle of civilized behavior which they will now have to live up to due to all the expectations of the rest of the nations of the world. That was breathtakingly brilliant which will further so much more because this deal will have a taming effect bringing Iran to become peace loving and accepting of the same limitations as other nations. They will no longer desire to spread Shia Islam to the entirety of the world by whatever means necessary or to destroy Israel or the United States. They will still chant “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” but they’re only joking and don’t really mean anything by that.


The remainder of the media are saying very little if anything about the Iran deal as why get people all riled up over such trivial items when there are so many more interesting things to get all worked up over. There is the who is being seen with whom and what this must be doing to their flame from last week not to mention the outfit she wore, oh my heart be still, it was like hideous. And that new hairstyle, what was she thinking. And then the divorce has him so overly wrought he even has been so impossible on the set and just not taking it well. The gossip and tabloid media have even covered the Iran deal as it means that the price of pistachios will become more reasonable once the Iranian crop hits the market shelves, and talking about Pistachios….


The media has failed the American people, who have the great sense to, by a respectable majority, come out against the Iran nuclear deal. Their elected President has shown repeatedly since his initial election that he cares very little for what they believe, hold sacred or almost anything else. He had shown complete disdain and insensitivity and spent more time tearing the nation apart through any difference possible, race, gender, charges of police use of overt and unnecessary force, criminal charges before actually knowing all the facts and whatever else could be used to turn people against each other. There were the complete incompetence and ignoring of the law throughout the Administration with such gems as Fast and Furious running guns across the border and then losing thousands of automatic weapons delivered to the cartels as just one prime example. Then there appeared to be a real propensity with e-mail difficulties. A problem servicing veterans in the VA Hospitals was kept hidden by using two sets of records, one for performance review and another for actual appointments. The IRS somehow had the idea that any organization with such words as patriot, liberty, tea party or other pro-gun, libertarian, or conservative labels in their names had their reviews for tax exempt placed on the impossible train where all sorts of additional questions and forms before they were approved or disapproved or placed to be reviewed for their tax filings and all of these additional burdensome and timely disturbances such that as many as possible were facing these difficulties which crippled their operation during the six months leading to the 2012 elections cycle. There were also other suspicious troubles and additionally Benghazi. All of this and there still has not been a single special prosecutor appointed to look into anything, go figure.


Future of the Middle East from Legacy at Any Cost to the JCPOA to Nuclear Iran Followed by Nuclear Everyone Eventually Leading to Nobody Left at All

Future of the Middle East from Legacy at Any Cost to the JCPOA to Nuclear Iran Followed by Nuclear Everyone Eventually Leading to Nobody Left at All



But now we all have reached what we hope will end up being the pièce de résistance with the Iranian Nuclear Treaty that’s not really a treaty but an agreement sort of executive agreement type not quite a treaty so we can blast through Congress requiring merely one third plus one instead of two thirds plus one as a treaty requires. That is why the magic number has been thirty-four instead of the sixty-seven a treaty would have required. So it was Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, who has her reasoning listed on her web site which can be read here, who was the thirty-fourth senator to support Obama and put him over the top. Enjoy, I didn’t. So, the challenge facing those in the world, and I am assuring you that includes people in more nations than Israel alone, as President Obama is fond of telling people, as Saudi Arabia and Egypt for two who have the same reservations as does Israel, talking about strange bedfellows. Unfortunately for those of us outside the United States there is not a whole lot we can do to change the situation and we are all going to have to count on the people in the United States who, like us, are worried about the whole Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or the JCPOA as it has become known in the media. To put this in perspective, the JCPOA will probably prove a larger disaster than Benghazi as Benghazi, and the entire Arab Spring, murdered countable numbers where a nuclear armed Middle East and nuclear weapons spreading even further will eventually leave countless numbers of dead. The only power which can prevent the United States from gifting Iran with the over one hundred billion dollars of unfrozen assets is the average American, and we will all look to those Americans who might actually stand against this deal as honest brave heroes to whom we will owe our admirations. What the Americans need to do is set a date before the vote tentatively scheduled for September 17th which is a Thursday, so perhaps for convenience Sunday September 13th or perhaps Sunday September 6th to allow more time and hold the biggest across the country demonstration in every major city all at the same time such that every demonstration are simultaneous. The one thing which has to be assured is that these demonstrations are massive with the totals in the tens of millions if not even higher because otherwise President Obama will use any city having a paltry or anemic showing to prove that he was representing the true desires of the American public. This could be a difficulty as many major cities probably generally support the President without any concern for the actual issue while those opposed might need to travel to any demonstration; but that might be the cost of preventing a bad treaty resulting in a nuclear armed Iran leading to a generally nuclear armed Middle East which can only end badly.


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February 12, 2013

The Big Three Obama Appointments

Three of the most important nominations a President makes, as the Administrative Branch of the government is primarily responsible for foreign affairs, are Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, and Director of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). President Obama could have made appointments which would have been uncontroversial, middle of the spectrum, and well versed in their fields and received quick Senate approval with little confrontational debate. But that was not his intent. The President cast cares aside and chose three candidates who were at best problematic.

For Secretary of State he chose Senator Kerry who originally made his name making outlandish and adversarial accusations before Congress demeaning his fellow soldiers with whom he had served side by side with in Viet Nam. He accused them of committing horrific atrocities comparing them with Genghis Kahn and the Mongol hordes. Since being elected to the Senate Kerry had castigated the State Department who served under Republican Presidents and was never really much of a defender of the state on the international stage. Still, of the three Senator Kerry was likely the least controversial and due to his relations with the members of the Senate received an easy confirmation hearing. Senator Kerry becoming Secretary of State was never in doubt and, by comparison with the other two appointees, was the least troubling.

Next is the President’s appointment for Secretary of Defense, former Senator Hagel. Senator Hagel’s hearings have had a grand display of ruffled feathers and looks to be flailing and headed to defeat. His hearings were a relief in many ways, none to Mr. Hagel’s credit. He was unprepared for answers which any competent appointee for Secretary of Defense would have known would be asked. His lack of having even a basic grasp of President Obama’s foreign policy positions was appalling and shocking. His admission after receiving corrections and admonitions from even Senators with whom he had served surprised and shocked even those who initially had supported his appointment. When even Senator McCain, who had been a friend and cosponsored legislation with Senator Hagel, appeared to lose his temper at Hagel’s’ evasions and prevarications was seen as shocking and a telling problem which evidenced the downturn of any possibility for Hagel to be approved. What may have been the final nail in the Hagel appointment coffin came when the senior committee member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma, announced he planned to filibuster the appointment should it be brought before the Senate for confirmation. Seldom do we get to witness such a display of animosity shown publicly for a former Senator when brought before the Senate for confirmation. Partial proof of the deference shown by the Senate to former Senator during confirmation hearings was the easy and rapid approval given Senator Kerry just weeks prior when considered for Secretary of State.

The final appointment was the President appointing John Brennan to be the Director of the CIA. Any candidate for such a sensitive position is required to possess many varied and crucial qualifications. One of the most vital is the trust of both the employees of the CIA and the President while being able to display same before the Senate. Another would be a high sense of morality and a solid moral breadth to guide him in a position where temptations to go afield of the straight and narrow are numerous. That is where there may be some difficulty with the Brennan appointment. This was evident with his first appearance before the Senate where the hearings were disrupted repeatedly by demonstrators. What was amazing is that I have to give Code Pink credit for their consistency on this matter. Code Pink had problems with Mr. Brennan when he was instrumental in defending the use of enhanced interrogation techniques. Since then Mr. Brennan has been neck deep in President Obama’s use of drones for targeted assassinations including that of Americans overseas who have been identified of ties to terrorism. This too has troubled Code Pink and their demonstration against him as a President Obama appointee was something not often found in politics in the United States, a consistent and independent sense of morality that is applied without regards to political party. Code Pink was right on target about Mr. Brennan who has demonstrated that he has no internal morality and will simply take his orders and perform whatever he is assigned to without regards to legality or righteousness. He has uncanny ability to find justifications for any actions no matter their actual morality. That combined with Mr. Brennan’s tendency to be a simple yes man makes him problematic at best and a disaster waiting to happen at worst as Director of the CIA. Unfortunately, the Senate is very likely to allow Mr. Brennan to be confirmed as it is rare for the Senate to refuse two senior Presidential appointments so close together, but we can pray.

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