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December 1, 2017

Ten Democrat Senators Send Warnings to Netanyahu


There were four Jews amongst the ten Senators from the United States who decided that it was their responsibility to instruct the Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, exactly what he is permitted and what he must never do. The ten Senators, beginning with the four Jews, were Senators Barbara Feinstein of California, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Al Franken of Minnesota, Brian Schatz of Hawaii along with Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Dick Durbin of Illinois, Tom Carper of Delaware, Martin Heinrich of New Mexico, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Jeff Merkley of Oregon. Really, what is wrong, demeaning President Trump getting a little tiresome and boring so you’ve decided to run the world starting, where else, with Israel. Well, not much of a surprise all things considered. You probably believe that with President Obama out of office it has fallen to you to be the conscience of the world and the ultimate advisors of what will be acceptable and correct and that which will not. Allow me to thank you for your thoughtful, kingly and wonderful advice for Prime Minister Netanyahu as he has proven far too weak when facing American leftists when they decide to instruct Israelis on how they must act, what they must accept, those things they are required to accept, what the proper course of action is and of the things the world demands of Israel. Please understand that perhaps you should turn your attention to the small deficits of your own country which managed in the past decade to triple its national debt from a mere seven-trillion dollars to closing in on and soon to surpass twenty-one-trillion dollars. Perhaps you might desire working on the divisions in your society and let us address the divisions in ours. Considering the track record of the United States while under the ruinous control of your political party over most of the last decade, perhaps we would be best advised to take a diametrically opposite path to anyone you might recommend.


The audacity of you and the European Union in condemning the demolition of illegal Arab structures while also demanding we demolish legally built Jewish ones is beyond all measure of presumptuous pompousness. You are the Emperor dressed in his new sheer garments parading around proudly until the child points out the truth, that you are naked in your arguments and accusations and are like said Emperor giving others apparel advice. Your own mistreatment of those who make the near fatal mistake of disagreeing with your world-view makes your instructions to our Prime Minister for what they are, opinionated blowhard blustering containing nothing but accusations of crossing lines you draw at random simply to accuse others of daring to cross over and not dance to the piper whose tunes you write and we actually refuse to perform the dance you demand. Well, excuse us if we dance to the beat of a different drummer and ignore your piper and the sweet tune frosted with the leftist ideology which demands that everything resulting from Judeo-Christian ethics and history must now be destructed, torn down and replaced with the new barbarism which you expound. So sorry, but we will keep the tablets and the Ten Commandments written there by Hashem and while we are at it we will also keep the traditions of Torah and follow the commandment to live in all the lands that Hashem has given us. We understand that to you Torah is but equal to Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Chaucer’s tales, just more boring and even older and because they are old, they are no longer applicable in your brave new world. In your world everything from before that fateful year of 1984 must be discarded and the new definitions of gender, or lack thereof, new definitions of race and racism, the new definitions of everything which you and your ilk have devised for the perfect society, we must choose a different and far more tried and tested path which Hashem commanded of us.


Five beautiful, glorious and holy Torah Scrolls which carry near infinite wisdom and are the foundation of all Judaism and their culture and civilization is built around the Torah and the teaching of Torah

Five beautiful, glorious and holy Torah Scrolls which carry near infinite wisdom and are the foundation of all Judaism and their culture and the Jewish civilization is built around the Torah and the teaching of Torah


You have your egalitarian society where all are created equal by acts of Congress because unless the laws of the land force people to love one another and treat everyone by the same rules, they will act as barbarians; well, we have a different way of instructing the interactions between people and they are far older than your nation and were commanded by a force far superior to your new world symphony which your piper plays and according to you the world must dance the proper dance as choreographed in your leftist confabs. We will dance to the source of freedom and liberty of the spirit and the basis upon which Western society was based before your redefining of the moral fibers of the world you envision. A gender neutral society where one may, if they are struck by such a whim, choose to be male, female or genderless, where one may marry whomever, or even whatever, they choose even to include a mannequin (see image below). You have invented names for so many new and varied genders that the Biblical simplicity of only two, well, we can understand that in your new definition world that two would simply be boring and not permit sufficient diversity. That is the driving force behind everything in this perfect world construct, the diversity quotient. The greater the diversity, the better, provided the diversity be defined by the exacting rules which you and your fellow Democrats and the rest of the leftist culture have derived for all of us. We understand that Israel must be simply the America under your terms in the Middle East because we must live and act as defined and instructed by our New Leftist masters. We understand that if we refuse to follow your wise council then we will be defined as deviants and possibly lumped in with the worst of the worst, conservatives, or even worse, Trump supporters. You are aware that he has gained a following here in Israel and we find him thusfar to be a welcome relief after President Obama and his ruinous policies in the Middle East.


Senji Nakajima and Mannequin Wife Saori

Senji Nakajima and Mannequin Wife Saori


You made clear your demands of Israel while President Obama held the White House and we rejected it then; what makes you believe it would have any greater weight now? We understand that when we hold our next election you will send Democrat Party campaign managers, media experts, and a bevy of ground workers all in an effort to make Israel into what you demand of it by electing those who will obey your every demand. You attempted that last election and the one previous and it did not succeed. Granted, in 1999 you succeeded in electing Ehud Barak and defeating Bibi Netanyahu, well those days are done and if we may quote a famous saying, “Never Again.” Were we to actually follow your demands we would very rapidly find ourselves in just the situation which Never Again, as a driving force, is meant to prevent. We understand that as long as we do what you insist that you are willing to accept any result including a second Shoah and the death of Israel. Of course, you probably believe if only you destroy Israel that the Middle East will break out in flower power and have a summer of love. You are dead wrong and we do not wish to join you and end up dead wrong because if we are dead wrong we are dead. That is why we will not be listening to your demands or your advice. We will ignore the mean articles and editorials which will follow in your media. You have to understand that we are not trying to have a democracy which happens to have a Jewish flavor, we are building the Jewish Homeland which for now will have a democratic flavor. If having a democracy should preclude being the Jewish Homeland, then we will simply have to dump democracy and continue being the Jewish Homeland. You have misjudged that which is most important to us in Israel and until you understand Zionism as the dream and the answer, the solution, of three thousand years of Jewish homelessness, then you will continue to give us misguided advice which is of absolutely no use, so please be quiet until you actually understand Israel because thusfar you are proving how completely ignorant you are.


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November 29, 2017

Votes for Change Mostly Useless


The odds are that numerous Representatives and Senators are the meat of the problem when it comes to the graft, malaise, inaction and unresponsiveness which have become the largest problem facing President Trump and the American People. This is driving voter dissatisfaction with numerous Representatives and Senators who will face rough battles in trying to keep their seats at their next run for office. The problem is that these two groups are largely separate and have only the smallest of overlaps (see diagram below). This means that the greater number of members of Congress vulnerable to change from voter actions is not part of the problem and the problem stems largely from those members of Congress who hold seats which from gerrymandering or simple numbers are safe from the voters, as they will be reelected short of anything except intervention from the Almighty. This has been the truth for the longest time as the two parties have operated in such a manner as to all but cement the members of Congress in their respective seats almost permanently. This was because once these parties had control over a state during an election year or census year, they fixed the boundaries for Representatives such that their party would win the most seats and the opposition party would win the fewest seats possible. Even with this working against change, change does occur once the populace is united for change. Right now, the populace is not at all united and is as far apart as possible. The desire for change is largely with one party which makes things worse, that means those elected by the party desiring change are most vulnerable. The depth of the problem gets even deeper as the members of Congress are masters at deceiving the public on their record. When the Congress faces a piece of vital legislation that the people back home desire and the big moneyed interests want quashed, there is a means by which every member of Congress can claim they voted for the legislation while actually voting to kill the measure. Each bill will come up for a vote many times before it might pass or be voted down. As each preliminary vote arrives, the opening comes for many members to vote in favor at one of these junctures and still vote against the legislation on the final vote, thus killing the legislation. Once before the voters they can claim to have supported the legislation and voted for it at one of the most crucial votes that it faced and these statements are valid though misleading. Now this Congresscritter will garner the support they need both from the big money interests and from the involved public voters as they gave both sides their desired result. For the voters they honestly told of voting for the legislation even having the rollcall vote result with your vote in favor while you voted against the legislation in the only vote that counted, the final vote for pass or fail on the legislation. Isn’t elective office fun? You can vote for and against every piece of legislation and when the time comes for reelection, you can put your finger into the wind, determine the direction, and tailor your record to match the will of the majority.


Diagram of Problematic Congresscritters and Vulnerable Congresscritters


The above demonstration explains how people like Senator John McCain get elected claiming their full support for every measure for replacing Obamacare and then at the most critical juncture, be the point man leading the Republican “Never Trump”ers in their six Senator vote against replacing Obamacare leaving it entirely intact. You need understand that Senator McCain told his voters about how he had supported every single one of the fifty, sixty, some places claim hundreds of times that the Congress over the last six years that President Obama was President and Congress was with a Republican majority in both houses. There was a secret which Senator McCain was not telling his constituents. Senator McCain was beholden to some very wealthy people and their corporations, specifically pharmaceuticals and health insurers, as well as he is really a “Big Government” stalwart. Thus, he supports government healthcare whether it is Obamacare or the only thing better, single payer government healthcare system like in Canada and Europe. When these bills to repeal Obamacare came which he supported, he did so confident that President Obama would veto them and they were not able to overrule his veto with the required two-thirds vote of each House of Congress. This made his support nonthreatening to his wealthy and interested parties who he assured that the President would protect his healthcare system and he would not allow it to be replaced by anything other than full government run healthcare. His reelection campaign was centered on his voting consistently when it did not matter to repeal Obamacare and how he was guaranteed to continue his opposition to Obamacare as it stands (see McCain Reelection Poster below). This, too, is truthful. Senator McCain would vote immediately to repeal and replace Obamacare with a single payer government run healthcare bill such that Senator Sanders Medicare for All legislation would be the perfect fit. Such was the perfidy applied to the campaign for his reelection to the United States Senate where he now leads the “Never Trump” contingent of the Republican Party which is assuring that President Trump fails to fulfill a single campaign promise thus all but assuring he will lose any bid for serving a second term in the White House. These Republican “Never Trump” stalwarts are guaranteeing the election of a Democrat in the next Presidential elections in 2020 and most likely with a willing Congress led by these same Republicans.


Senator John McCain Reelection Poster Depicting McCain Leading the Fight to Stop Obamacare

Senator John McCain Reelection Poster Depicting
McCain Leading the Fight to Stop Obamacare


The above are a perfect example about which we are speaking. Senator McCain is all but impossible to defeat in Arizona. In his most recent election, he won with 53.7% of the votes. Something becomes evident if we are to track Senator McCain and his vote record on previous election results as in his first election to the Senate in 1986 he won with 60.48% of the vote, in 1992 in a five person race he took 55.82% of the vote, in 1998 and a four person race he won with 68.75% of the vote, in 2004 in a three person race he took 76.74% of the vote, in 2010 with another four person race he won with 59.29% of the vote, and in the recent 2016 in a three person race he garnered 53.70% of the vote. Looking at the last three elections it appears as the percentages drop from 76.74% through 59.29% down to a slim 53.70% that John McCain has been fooling less and less of the populace as this drop is far greater than the changing demographics. By our reasoning, and knowing Senator McCain’s general health with a debilitating cancer of the brain, this will very probably be his last term if he should survive and finish even the coming six years. We wish Senator McCain to find a miracle which cures his disease and renders him full health but at the same time, considering his recent rantings about not supporting any legislation unless it is supported by a bipartisan group knowing that the Democrat Party has already made it clear they will vote as one against every proposal by President Trump and the Republicans. Quoting from the New Yorker Magazine, “When McCain returned to Washington for the first time after his diagnosis of brain cancer, he gave a speech on the Senate floor that called for bipartisan health-reform legislation that was the product of so-called regular order, where legislation goes through a transparent committee process and both parties are able to shape it.” From the same article quoting Senator Schumer who applauded Senator McCain for his stance claiming that he influenced Senator McCain stating, “I have assured Senator McCain that as soon as repeal is off the table, we Democrats are intent on resuming the bipartisan process.” That helps, if you promise not to repeal, which also removes replace, then we will work on how to throw more funds at Obamacare until it works, yea, that will help, NOT!


This will be the problem going forward as the Democrats in the Congress, at least in the Senate, have given their word to their leaders that they will vote as a group against every proposal from President Trump unless they are told they may do otherwise on a case-by-case basis. With Senator John McCain leading six recalcitrant Republicans who have promised to vote with the Democrats, President Trump is facing a deadlocked Senate which will reject everything he attempts to do unless he bows before the Senate Democrats and grants them veto control over his proposals. Lack of Republican vote discipline in the face of total vote discipline by the Democrats places everything which President Trump proposes on a fast track into the trash. Yes, the Republicans voted 100% against Obamacare and it passed on total Democrat support. That was the sole time the Republicans voted in such a manner. The Democrats have voted as a block against every Republican President since Reagan if not Nixon. The Democrat Party has a simple rule, if they are not making every decision, then nothing gets done if they can prevent such. Meanwhile you have McCain and friends siding with this Democrat Party undemocratic approach that they get final say on all legislation. Yet the Senators and Representatives who will mostly pay for this recalcitrant behavior are probably the Republicans who are working to try and pass repeal and replace Obamacare, tax cuts, border security and the other Republican and Trump proposed legislation. That is because a few of them fall into the red zone and deserve such but the vast majority is in the green area and are supportive of the President and Republican proposals. The odds favor the Republicans losing the Senate simply because their base is angry with John McCain and his five followers and this can cost the Republicans Senatorial seats and they only have a two-seat advantage now. It is the slight majority which allows the likes of Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska joining with John McCain which ends any hopes of passing the President’s proposals to the Congress. Unfortunately, the majority of the opposition falls in the light blue region of the diagram given earlier in the article with some decent safe seat Senators who vote for their constituents first and foremost, and they are unfortunately not the majority. That is why in the coming election the votes for change in Congress will have little if any effect on the final outcome of votes in Congress. Those supporting more government will continue to control the vote and the people will not be decently represented, as most Americans would like the government to govern responsibly and not just throw money at problems with no oversight or guidance, which dooms the programs to failure.


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September 15, 2017

How to Kill Two with One Stone


If your aim is to cripple the United States and destroy its healthcare system with one idea, the left-wing of the Democrat Party is your place to be. If a Single-Payer Government Healthcare System is your desire, then the government will become almost exclusively a health care organization and abrogate all its other responsibilities. We are going to hear one lie repeated over and over during this debate quite often with a different nation place at the closure of the statement. Backers of the plan will claim, “Government run healthcare is used in every major Western nations and it works so well; just look at how well it works in (place your European nation of choice here). The problem is it has not worked in any nation without consequences, and the world cannot afford for the United States to fall for this trap and become just another collapsing European country. Inspecting each nation which has adopted Government Healthcare and some specifics become apparent to those wishing to see the truth.


The first and probably most important item of note is none of these nations has a decent military which could respond to any external threat. This has worked for Europe simply because they have NATO and NATO means the United States. Should the United States become just like Europe, then the entirety of the Western World becomes defenseless. That would leave Europe completely open to invasion by any of a number of enemies who do not care about their citizens but do care about their military forces. This brings to mind Russia, China and Iran right off the top of our heads. And as Iran has stated their desire to bring Europe to its knees bowing before Shia Islam, why not just invite them in and start the mass conversions and beheadings now. Why wait for the inevitable should there be no United States Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines? Allow the United States to fall for the Succubus of National Healthcare and she will become as weak as (place your European nation of choice here).


The main reason within the United States is the amount that taxes will need to be raised in order to have what will amount to Medicare for all. The first hurdle will be to get all the individual hospitals, physicians, clinics, HMO’s, PPO’s, EPO’s, POS’s and other various health plans to take Medicare style lowest cost for procedure payments. There will need at some point to pass a law which will make providing, receiving or paying for any form of healthcare outside the system to be heavily taxed. This will prevent the Middle Class from opting out of making the necessary payment into Medicare to belong and in its stead buying private healthcare at a private, government independent health providing system. This will never be made completely illegal, as the wealthiest five percent will still require their own competent best possible healthcare without traveling to Israel, India, Brazil or Mexico to receive their healthcare.


Meanwhile, the fee for receiving Medicare will start creeping upward leaving many elderly it was supposed to care for out in the cold without even basic care outside of Emergency Rooms. Taxes will also increase lowering the standard of living with every increase. The final stages will require the government to cut other programs in order to pay for healthcare costs which will continue to rise. The first cuts will endanger the military of the United States until the Navy becomes a shore patrol venture, the Air Force will fly only coverage of the United States skies, the Army and Marines an internal security force, the National Guard and Coast Guard will be absorbed into the Marines and Navy respectively and the Border Patrol absorbed into the Army. With time, even these will be drawn down to the point that the United States will barely be capable of guarding her borders.



After eviscerating the military and public Federal Protective Services, the government will begin to look elsewhere for funds. The Park Service, other social programs, anywhere and everywhere will become vulnerable and all the while, the quality of healthcare will fall. The physician pay will slowly be eaten away until nobody desires to become a physician, especially a surgeon or other specialist while nursing schools will become empty of students and healthcare will bleed and the number of places providing care will be eroded. Hospitals will be the first to close their emergency services and then their doors entirely. That will be the slow death of even the lowest denominator of decent care and the price will continue to skyrocket. Eventually the government will be forced to restrict service allowing only the most life threatening surgeries and other special services. Diagnostics will revert to the least expensive procedures and many actual diseases such as cancers will go undetected until far too late. Mortality figures will steadily climb and life expectancy steadily decline.


All of this will come at an ever-increasing cost with rising deductibles used as a way to discourage the use of the services which remain. When something is presumably provided for free, then it will be used to the point of abuse and beyond. This has been proven beyond debate using many government programs as the proof. Once the Federal Government ruled that all hospitals that receive government funds, that included Medicare and Medicaid and Veterans programs, were required to provide health services, particularly emergency room services, regardless of ability to pay for services, emergency rooms were swamped and hospitals who provided clinical services to the public found these clinics were used to replace normal physician visits costing hospitals from tens of thousands to tens of millions annually. Much of these care billings were passed by the Federal Government to the individual states who often were well behind or simply defaulted. What became basically free health care is what drove the hospital crisis threatening many hospital closings. This is one example of government health care and the inability to cover such costs. Another pair of prime examples are Veterans Hospitals and health care as well as Native American health care systems. Does anybody honestly believe that within a decade the same problems will not permeate any single payer government health care system?


Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren


Former Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (Democrat from Montana) told NBC News “I just think the time has come. Back in ’09, we were not ready to address it. It would never have passed. Here we are nine years later; I think it’s time to hopefully have a very serious good faith look at it.” He subsequently added, “I started out by saying everything is on the table. But I did make an exception and that was single-payer. I said, nope, we’re not going to put single-payer on the table. Why? In my judgement, America was just not there … It’s branded as socialistic by too many people.” Baucus was the main centrist Democrat around which the Democrat opposition to Single Payer Government Health Care had been anchored. With his new position, these few remaining centrist Democrats no longer have anyone to take their position and hold the line. This would likely mean that the entirety of the Democrats in both houses of Congress will support the plan which Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren plan on submitting in the Senate this fall as the way of saving the nation from Obamacare. This is just one more prime example of the Congress creating a problem just to take more power and completely ruin what they first damaged beyond repair. How turning all of health care over to the same people who destroyed the best system for coming up with new drugs, treatments and cures the world has known for the past two centuries will improve it rather than bring its destruction is beyond us. The Democrats by voting as if they were a single block represented by their most-extreme leadership probably in history will only need approximately twenty-five Republicans in the House of Representatives and three in the Senate. With John McCain and his cohorts of “Never Trump” Senators consisting of about a half dozen, the Senate passing such a measure is assured, the House might be a little closer but as it appears that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan seeming to be colluding with the Democrats, the House would also likely pass such and that is the story if the people of America do not wake up fast and scream until the mountains crash. Without a popular uprising, single payer government health care, just like in Europe, will destroy the United States and leave the Western World all but defenseless.


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