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September 22, 2019

Avigdor Lieberman, the Deal Breaker

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Introduction of Issues
As leader of the Yisrael Beitenu Party, Avigdor Lieberman has decided to use the leadership position to mount attacks upon the Haredi and religious Israelis. His complaint revolves around a set of complaints including that public transport be allowed to operate on the Sabbath; the recruitment law which requires every citizen, including all Haredi, serve in the IDF; and for all Yeshivot students and other Torah and religious oriented education students be required to attend regular general state education system which allows for their Torah and religious specific education on their own time. One can only but imagine what his next demand might be at some future critical points such as, well, cutting all public subsidizing of religious oriented schools which are not licensed as having certified general education systems and then Synagogues and on and on. Perhaps he would call for expanding on the court order demanding co-ed seating at a religious concert where the vast majority preferred separate seating and most others might feel some disappointment but worthwhile to hear the concert in Synagogues, the Western Wall and everywhere else where this practice of separation is currently enforced.


Avigdor Lieberman

Avigdor Lieberman



Dear Avigdor Lieberman


Avigdor Lieberman, you have been moving inexorably leftward to such an extent that these claims of being conservative is starting to ring hollow. We understand that you support the IDF and this is commendable. But your rubbing elbows with the Blue White Party, a group which has stated their support for the Two State Solution paradigm with surrendering lands to provide the Palestinian Arabs their own state up to the, as Gantz stated very early in the campaign, Separation Barrier. You entered into vote sharing with the Blue White Party which completes cementing your leftward drift reaching a point well past center. Your claims, just as those of the four generals and Yair Lapid, that you support the right-wing and the Israelis living in the Shomron appear as valid as the claims of the average apparatchik spreading disinformation. Your demands of Netanyahu for your support in the April elections was not made with any degree of honesty. You knew that those demands would force the Haredi Parties out of the coalition leaving Bibi with about the same situation we are facing once more, the only government available would be a unity government with Blue White which would break-up the Likud Party with many of the religious and honest conservatives fleeing to the other right wing parties which stand stronger on these issues. Your antics will eventually lead to Jewish Home, National Union–Tkuma and New Right gaining in strength where they will be able to control the discussions and sooner or later take over some future, sooner rather than later, coalition. These are your positions and the items upon which you have decided to take your stand. One of your main complaints is that the secular population and non-Jews not be forced to lead a religious life by the state. Allow us to discuss this point even if it is but the smallest part of your crusade.


Your demands go far beyond freeing those who would rather not be put out by religious laws and be free to desecrate the Sabbath with the blessings of the law and the State. Instead, you would instead force by the law to reside in a secular state which would force their allowing vehicle traffic on their streets on Shabbat and that Torah education be pushed into the region of an elective such as after school clubs except with a heavy study load. You have left no room, by your own admission, and refused to allow for any compromise or middle ground. Maybe there can be some middle ground such as allowing each city, township, community and neighborhood be permitted to decide such laws concerning Shabbat and whether they preferred to observe the Sabbath. Also, perhaps a certain amount of secular education could be considered to be met by any Yeshivot and other Torah or religious oriented education, in order to receiver accreditation or certification which could make them more attractive to those who desire a balanced education. The schools which fail to meet the standards would not be shuttered and those which choose to remain with their current education system be permitted to do so. People could decide for themselves which educational opportunity they wish for their children. All that is needed is for more free choice and as broad a selection be allowed to be presented to the public. There has to be some happy medium by which both communities, religious and secular, be allowed to choose for themselves. As far as the draft issue, a real sticking-point for the past few governments, could be set allowing for a percentage of the Yeshivot and other Torah or religious oriented education systems be permitted deferments. The enlistment from the Haredi and religious communities has been rising over the past decade and is predicted to continue as their communities have been slowly moving towards what you would call normalization. Your stance that it is unfair that the secular public is forced to obey religious laws and your solution is for the religious community to live under secular laws, which often makes their lives impossible as they would prefer to live them. You are simply demanding that everything be done under your preference and who cares about those who have different views and desires.


Beyond the Cusp


December 17, 2018

The Hate Tsunami Against Jews and Blaming Israel


Many wish to differentiate between anti-Semitism, anti-Israelism and anti-Zionism. We will admit right up front, criticizing Israel does not immediately qualify one as anti-Semitic but that there are means of researching to see if their reasoning was driven by anti-Semitism. When one only criticizes Israel while ignoring every other of the ills in this big, wide and often very afflicted world; that just might be a significant hint of anti-Semitism. On the other hand, anti-Zionism, the denial of the right of Jews, and only Jews, to desire and work in support of their ancient homelands, that most definitely is anti-Semitism as there could not be any other name for such a specific denial outside hatred. Anti-Semitism was prematurely pronounced dead and buried by the Allied Powers of World War II. Their presumption was that the everlasting memory of the horrors of the Holocaust would live in the world consciousness thus ending all shreds of anti-Semitism on the entirety of Earth. There were a few problems with their presumptuous. First, there were those on this little blue marble swirling in the ink-black void of space who actually cheered Hitler as a hero, whose leaders insisted that they were the appointed to finish what the Nazis started and the rest of the world had memories which, even with pictures and reminders, fell far short well within the first half of a century. Are there people who remember the horrors, of course. But nobody thought to teach it to the future generations, well, at least not too many in this current generation if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is representative. The troops which were so unfortunate as to walk unexpectedly into the camps liberating them and who saw the human skeletons and other horrors, something normal people prefer not to even wish to contemplate, had nightmares for years yet never conveyed the full horror any further than a quarter century, and then they were forgotten and the world forgot their horror along with their former heroes. The specter of anti-Semitism has returned with a vengeance and morphed into two additional forms, anti-Zionism and anti-Israelism.


What is really disconcerting is reading how anti-Semitism in all its forms is on the increase every time reading the news. Reading things like the fact that one in five youths between the ages of 18 to 34 in most of Europe state that they had never heard of the Holocaust. More than one in four in Europe believes that Jews have too much influence on business and finance. Jews are still accused of having caused much of the conflicts and wars around the world. One in three Europeans admits they knew little or nothing at all about the Holocaust and use the Holocaust to promote their positions and goals. Over 25% in Europe feel that manifestations of anti-Semitism in their countries come in response to Israel’s actions. About one-third in Europe believes Jews have too much influence on the media. Just last week, former president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, excoriated Moshe Klughaft assailing the Israeli political consultant as a “money-grubbing Jew,” and “dirty Jew.” Then there is the entirety of the Arab Boycott gone global as the BDS Movement and the entirety of the anti-Semitic declarations regularly pumped out by the United Nations General Assembly and the related tentacles of the United Nations. Not to leave out the United States, where in 2017 there was over a 50% increase in reported anti-Semitic crimes and attacks over 2016. Now, in 2018, in Squirrel Hill, a gloriously lovely neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, eleven Jews were shot dead during a Bris on what was hoped to be a festive Shabbat morning. This was the worst murder of Jews in United States history. We can only wonder if that horror-filled Shabbat is simply the symptom of a world growing slowly but surely to an old, an ancient disease which robs the mind of reason and instead pours in an illogical hatred of a people who are less than 0.2% of the world’s population. They claim that they have reasons for their hatred, as this minute number from within the world at large is responsible for every ill that the world suffers. They point to the accomplishments of individual Jews and then claim those who contribute so much to the welfare of the world do so to hide their crimes.


Burning Israel Star of David


Perhaps the world should get to know all of the Jewish People. We are an ancient people who have had to manage to survive numerous empires which wished our flame to be extinguished. Some of them might be recognized by the few who have studied some history, the more the better. Naming just a few, the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Caliphate, Inquisition, Ottomans, Nazis and a slew of others. Most are no longer with us and those which are, are no longer empires. But survival also provided the Jewish People with experience in numerous occupations which we had no choice as we were denied ownership of land and eventually were denied even life during the Shoah, the Holocaust which people are so conveniently attempting to forget and bury as ancient history. Sure, there have been many smart Jews as we have always demanded our children read and education was paramount. What is hidden behind the awards and the lauding of discoveries is that there are a fairly sizable number of Jews who lack mental acuity. Some are unable to read or do elementary mathematics. Some have Mucolipidosis, Niemann-Pick Disease, Familial Mediterranean Fever, Crohn’s Disease and a number of others just an unknown to the public at large and even to many Jews. There is a slightly above normal percentage of Jews who suffer mental diseases which many blame to the limited gene pool from remaining a separate peoples. Mostly we take care of one another not relying heavily on outside assistance as with our history such has been not exactly reliable as it has often been withdrawn with little or no warning. One of the familiar accusations against the Jews is that they are all wealthy. Well, if Torah is what the accusation were about, then we would definitely be guilty though we willingly would share the knowledge within and have through the ages. But they mean financially. They also claim that the Jews control governments and all have some secret union from which they all benefit greatly. If by this last accusation they mean we assist one another, again, of that we are guilty.


I was blessed in an unusual manner in that for most of my life I was one of those wealth challenged Jews. I did not live in the main Jewish neighborhoods and very often, the closest Jewish residence was over five miles. While in Wyoming, I believe the closest Jew may have been a day’s drive. This allowed me to reside among largely American Christians and as I have blonde hair and blue eyes, I do not readily get identified as Jewish. This allowed me to hear first hand what many people would say amongst their friends about Jews. If it were a person with whom I was friends or in a group of friends and one person I did not desire to embarrass, I would not mention anything about their comments, though those who knew of my faith would always have their heads swivel towards me when these comments were made waiting for my explosion. Never did I lose my temper about such things with very few exceptions. It was interesting to watch reactions when I asked people after such a comment how they explained my. They would ask me what I meant and that would be when I identified as Jewish. The usual reaction was something like you’re kidding or no way or other expression of disbelief. At times when none of those in the group knew I was Jewish, the challenge question was always to say my Jewish name, which I readily provided and corrected them that it was simply my name given in Hebrew and not like any secret Jewish name. Some thought we had secret Jewish names we used when we met for whatever reason. What was remarkable was how many people I met in the United States, I lived in over forty states over time, who had never knowingly met a Jew in their lives. Yes, there are actually a fair number of Americans who had not met a Jew before they met me, what a representation I was and probably owe many of my brothers and sisters an apology. Their shock was finding out that Jews actually resided, not only outside the main Jewish areas of the city, but one actually lived right there in their neighborhoods. If I educated at least one of those I met, then it served a purpose and whatever the results, they served Hashem as all serves His purpose. In this, I can know, even if I may never understand, that hopefully my small efforts might be seeds which will help some to spread understanding, I pray.


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