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May 6, 2016

Shoah and Anti-Semitism


Today was Yom HaShoah here in Israel where the nation comes to a halt at ten in the morning and the nation stands while the sirens blare. It is a moment of reflection and solemn meditation as well as remembrance both of those who perished and those who survived scarred for life and those who survived and partly due to that adversity not merely survived but thrived. There was one thing I noted from the limited numbers of Holocaust survivors that I was privileged to know or meet, the most successful were slim, fit individuals with great amounts of energy and others were more lethargic and usually heavier than most as if they were eating to make up for the near starvation they faced in the camps. It was as if the experience in both left them with a hunger, one group for the thing they hungered for in the camps, food, the others for life and engaging in everything they did with a ferocity that seemed to eat up every morsel of life as if it needed to be savored before heading to the next. Both were reacting to the same deprivations and horrors in very different ways and are significant as the same dichotomy exists in how most Jews face anti-Semitism even when it is staring them in the face.


The majority of Jews remaining in Europe and the United States are those whose first, second and even third reaction to increasing anti-Semitism is to dismiss it as either irrelevant or as happening to those other Jews, not to the kind of Jews I know who are comfortable and integrated and of course accepted as equals in the society and not seen as anything different. They keep sticking to an old Jewish belief when struck upside the head with anti-Semitic hatreds thinking that “It can’t happen here. Not to me or those I know. We are all assimilated and no different than anybody else. We are accepted. We are safe.” Others feel even more threatened than is warranted as they read a single article and they start using their dead-bolt, read a second article and keep their window shades drawn and the windows locked, another article and they get extra latches for the windows and a second dead-bolt in every door. Eventually they start seeing shadows behind every object and have paranoid feelings that they are being targeted and jump if touched out in public at the grocery store or the bank or wherever.



Wailing Wall with Soft Pale Blue Star of David Writ Large

Wailing Wall with Soft Pale Blue Star of David Writ Large


The reality for both is somewhere inbetween as extra precautions are always a good idea these days even if one is not Jewish and a healthy awareness of surroundings is advised for all, but paranoia to the point of stark terror if outside at night is something beyond reasonable. Of course there are those places where the stark terrifying paranoia is warranted such as Sweden, Malmo in particular, and in France and soon to be areas in Britain and eventually throughout Europe. The answer for the growing anti-Semitic hatreds growing across Europe both emanating from the immigrant communities coming from countries where anti-Semitism is infused into the blood and Jews have become an extinct people or very close to so with perhaps a dozen or two very old Jews who refused to heed the signs and even the forced evictions, some even resorting to residing in their Synagogue where the authorities left them seeing them as harmless and a foil they could trot out as the happy Jews still living the good life, in the shadows trembling, in their fair and multi-cultural nation. Many of these same nations have a small and vulnerable Christian community which is an empty shell of its former self and equally endangered. When facing excessive threats, one is usually facing leaving; but the question is always where to flee. Should one flee to the United States where things are so different or to Israel where we will need to stand no matter the threat. Fleeing to Israel always has seemed like the place of last resort and if one is more an assimilated Jew, Israel becomes a threat in some manner as it is viewed as being too Jewish and is under threat more so than anywhere else; they are just more adapted and capable of minimizing most threats. The United States has always been the nation for those huddled masses yearning to be free, which these Jews honestly believe this includes freedom from anti-Semitism. Unfortunately they would be wrong as the ugly face of anti-Semitism has been lifting its head and snapping at the easiest targets. The latest was a graffiti spree where anti-Semitic phrases and references including swastikas were drawn on a pair of buildings, one being a school, in Rockville, Maryland about ten minutes outside of Washington D.C. on Wisconsin Avenue/Rockville Pike. This is in the middle of a number of heavily Jewish neighborhoods and from what we have gathered has been hushed up in the Capital City area likely not to upset the Jewish communities or blemish the nation’s Capital with such events being publicized.


Europe, on the other hand, had had a rising and bordering on vicious wave after wave of ever increasing anti-Semitism with France, Britain, Belgium, Sweden, Norway and others growing more antagonistic each and every day. The current spate of Ministers, former Minister, former Mayors and the head of the Labor Party all coming under suspicions of anti-Semitic outbursts leading to the suspension of around a half dozen pending hearings could eject them from their positions as Ministers and possibly from membership in the Party itself. These have simply been the most flagrant episodes which lie just sufficiently under the radar to be ignored by the media. Still, many Jewish neighborhoods have become aware and sensitive to the threats being faced and have already had the initial emigrations with half heading across the Atlantic to the United States with the remainder heading straight to Israel. Those heading to the United States may have chosen well, but time will tell. Those moving to Israel are very likely more traditional orthodox or religious and secular Zionists. The secular Zionists are most likely to take up residence in one of the various communities in and around Tel Aviv most likely to choose one fairly close to their new employment or in a neighborhood where the majority speak their native language. Perhaps those choosing Israel were fully aware of the statistics which combines terrorism with normative criminal activities giving a complete view of the dangers of each society, those in Israel against those in the United States. The immediate result between the two which becomes obvious was that in either nation one can avoid criminal victimhood one need only avoid certain areas where criminal activity is the highest. What surprises many people is that even with the terror statistics included, an individual is measurably safer in Israel.



Burning Israel Star of David



The growing levels of anti-Semitism are notable in two main streams. The first is the same type of hatreds as has been seen over the centuries. This is largely the type of anti-Semitism as found in the developing nations. The second type of anti-Semitism is evidenced in Europe and the rest of the modern world and has spread to the rest of the world due to its apparent acceptance in the modern industrial nations, and that is anti-Israelism and anti-Zionism. This style of anti-Semitism basically stated claims that the Jew does not need their own nation as they can be a Jew anywhere they choose just as they have for centuries. The claim is that only the Jew may not have a nation they may call their own. The argument often goes that no other religious groups have their own nation. This ignores all the Islamic nations, Christian nations, Buddhist nations and targets solely Israel. It also ignores that every other religion has at least one nation where they are the majority peoples of the main religions and even Shinto has the Japanese Isles. This demand that only the Jew be forced to reside throughout the world an accursed minority and be denied a nation of their own is simply anti-Semitism. The claim that only the Jew be seen as never having existed as having their own nation ignores the nation of Judea which was the last independent Jewish state, and many well point out that the Jews came exactly from Judea and that before the split into Israel and Judea there was no Jew goes that last step in realizing that the Jew is really a Judean with it shortened to one syllable for lazy convenience. Still, whether we wish to call anti-Semitism what it is because it denies Jews their own state as Israelites, of which the Judeans were but one tribe’s worth, or demands that any and all former Israelites be forced to live dispersed as they are the true people damned by Hashem to forever walk nationless accursed amongst the peoples of the earth, either way it is anti-Semitism and holds the Jew as separate and reserved for hatred, lack of acceptance and scorn.


Lastly, how does the Shoah, the Holocaust fit into anti-Semitism. The manner in which the Shoah fits into modern anti-Semitism is when it is claimed that the only reason the Jews received their state of Israel was because of the Shoah and due to the guilt felt by Europe who punished the Arabs, later becoming the Palestinians, for the evils in Europe. This claim also ignores that half of Israeli Jewish population are Arab Jews from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and arrived in Israel as a direct result of anti-Semitic pogroms. Then there are the classic anti-Semitic tropes where Israel is directly threatened in a manner of claiming that the Holocaust never existed and that there will be another Holocaust when Israel is to be wiped from the map. How you can have another Holocaust while denying the former Holocaust is beyond logic. These Holocaust deniers who promise another Holocaust are a truly frightening sort as they claim there is no break in their logic and at the same instance claim that if only the Nazis had completed the task and followed through on their promises to the Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Hussein there would be no need for another holocaust.


Those claiming to be the final hand against the Jew further demand that they are serving the same deity as do Christian and Jews despite their name of Allah. Their claim goes even further astray in that they claim they follow the god of Abraham, Ishmael and Mohammad and of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Where they claim to be an Abrahamic religion, which is undeniable, their matron was not Sarah making theirs a separate Abrahamic religion not of the same lineage of Christianity and Judaism. This places the Islamic anti-Semitism on a different track of all other forms of anti-Semitism in that it claims the branch of Abrahamic religions as impure to be those from the lineage from Sarah and that the chosen religion comes from Abraham through Hagar, Sarah’s handmaiden. This would further make Christianity as false a religion as Judaism and we see that Islam does hold Christianity as a false religion just as it does Judaism. This should give pause to all the Christian groups who saddle up next to the Muslims as they see them as allies against the Jews but ignore their near equal hatred of Christianity. The one other note that both Christianity and Judaism need take of Islam is their current claims that Moses, Jesus and all the other main pillars and greats throughout the ages after Abraham as their prophets as well and their love of them is a matter of convenience and a method through which they hope to coopt both religions and take from them the weaker and less knowledgeable and plan that once they have eradicated the Jews and later the Christians they will drop these prophets of convenience and claim those believing in these as actual prophets of Islam to be heretics and apostates who need to be crushed and put to the sword and that will be their final treatment of the false Jews and Christians whose faith was so weak they gave up their rightful religions for the protection, temporary as it will be, of those who never wished their company but accepted it as a convenience when it was necessary. The Jews should recognize such as we have seen it time and time again be it the Hellenistic Jews to Jews for Jesus. But history has taught that there is no anti-Semite as hateful as the former Jew coopting Judaism in order to save their lives at the expense of their brethren Jews. That is truly the world’s worst and most persistent and second oldest form of anti-Semitism with the idolaters who served Ba’al amongst others who were the original anti-Semites as the Jews have witnessed many a varied sort of anti-Semite with the Jew turned against their own being the worst as it is their weakness and lack of faith and love of Hashem which has pained us the most throughout the ages. As the old adage claims, “Save me from my friends as my enemies I can take care of myself.” These are the wolves in sheep’s clothing which are the most scary as they attack from within our gates.



Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


Beyond the Cusp


January 31, 2015

An Article Reflecting on Anti-Semitism and Isolationism


This past week much of the world memorialized the Shoah, the Holocaust, by recognizing the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the dual slavish labor camp and industrial scale murder camp which combined murdered approximately ten percent of the estimated twelve to fourteen million souls exterminated in all of the Concentration Camps. People often hear only about the Jewish lives lost in the Concentration Camps and the others are often glossed over, an unfortunate side-effect of the Jews having great cause as two-thirds of European Jewry and approaching half of the world’s Jews (many set the number around forty percent) perished in the Concentration Camps thus giving the Jews a heavier burden through affect and such they have been the guarantors of preventing such from happening again; thus their cry of ‘Never Again!’ Also targeted for extermination by the Nazi death machines, the Nazi Concentration Camps, were the Roma (Gypsies), homosexuals, mentally challenged, the insane, people with other birth defect, the unemployed, physically handicapped, Serbians in the Balkan regions, Polish leadership, Christian leadership who opposed their plans, many of the Russian prisoners of war and anyone considered a threat or problem to Nazi rule. Another reason the Jewish deaths matter in the present is the rising once again of anti-Semitism throughout Europe partially due to Islamic immigrations and partially due to economic and fiscal difficulties which have caused some to demand austerity which has even further angered many Europeans who turned again to their oldest target for all that ails their society, anti-Semitism. There has also been Islamic anti-Semitism which many contend comes with the following of the teachings and sermons of radical leaders who use quotations from the Quran mixed with plain old anti-Semitism. Still there are those who will assure the Jews that another Holocaust will happen where they are rounded up and murdered systematically with industrialized efficiency.


The blight which is anti-Semitism returning to Europe has many familiar scents and attributes with one major difference, the Jews have an escape valve, if they choose to utilize it, named Israel waiting anxiously for their return, for the Jews in the West to return home. The Jewish state is also the target of much of this new virulent anti-Semitism which allows for those anti-Semites who desire to hide behind something in order to be capable of claiming that they are not anti-Semites, they just hate the policies, the overt force, the disproportional force, the collateral damage, the denial of statehood and/or the aggression by Israel against the Palestinians. Where their denials about their being anti-Semitic falls apart is in their accusations which if followed to their conclusive ends would deny Israel existing as the Jewish homeland. By denying Israel her right for existing, those who make claims that Israel should never have been formed and must now be dissolved are also making the case that the Jews amongst the peoples are to be denied keeping the state formed and subsequently founded by a number of international treaties and instituted under international law should now be denied them and instead gifted to their enemies simply because the world has decided that the Jews are unworthy of their own state. The most popular myth is that the peoples claiming to be Jews did not originate in the lands of Israel but instead the Ashkenazi or Eastern European Jews are the descendants of Khazars. A large percentage of Jews who settled in Israel came to the promised lands as the result of pogroms, oppressions and ethnic cleansing in their home nations which were intentionally attempting to force them from amongst them once and for all. These Jewish families were forced from their homes, many stripped of their possessions, robbed of their bank accounts, their homes and businesses simply taken from them without any reparations, their vehicles taken by their neighbors, often nations permitted these Jews one or two suitcases per person, all of this taking place in broad daylight during the middle of the Twentieth Century, largely between 1948 and 1960, and these Jews came to Israel to restart their lives and now their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are living in Israel and make up half the nation’s population. These Jews were not victims of the Holocaust and had not left their homes and businesses in Europe but came from the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) and are Sephardic Jews. Further, many of the Ashkenazi Jews have had their genomes researched by researchers and independently and in the vast majority of cases these people had so many identifiers which are also found in Sephardim. The facts that these Jews were banished from what had been their families’ homes and businesses for the last two centuries for both the European Jews and those living in North Africa and throughout the Middle East and all came to Israel because Israel meant their salvation and their return to their ancestral home.


After the world had spit out their Jews sending them to their ancestral homeland, much of the world sighed in relief as they had solved their Jewish problem. One might think that this would suffice, banning of Jews across much of MENA and many Jews repulsed from their homes when they returned from the death camps only to find their properties stolen and no future for them, only further hostilities. Now, after sixty-seven years living in their homeland the peoples of the world appear to be bent on the destruction of that nation and the slaughter of its people. The initial attempt to annihilate the nascent State of Israel came early on at the founding when over six armies collapsed on the newly founded state of Israel the morning of her founding rallying to the cry of drowning the Jews into the Mediterranean Sea. This genocidal assault failed as did the subsequent attempt in 1967 where Israel captured the Sinai Dessert and liberated Gaza, Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights. Then there was the nearly successful attempt to take back the lost lands and potentially drive the Jews into the Sea but this assault was eventually halted and the gains reversed. After these attempts proved futile, their tactics altered and the terror warfare became the sole pry-bar. This led to the use of the word Palestinian Arab to describe an imaginary people fabricated with the aid of the KGB and organized around Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas as it top leaders. They formed the Palestinian Authority when they gained the backing from some early European journalists and editorialists. NGOs were formed and the lobbying began in parallel to the terrorism and the subverting Western Universities largely by purchasing their Middle Eastern Studies Departments simply by purchasing them through erecting an impressive building to house the staff, parts of which were provided by the foreign Arab nations using CAIR, MAS or other Muslim NGO. This led to the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement (BDS) which would malign Israel and the Jews which led to many college students coming from universities and hating the Israeli Jews but presumably not the Jews in general, or at least the Israelis.


These purchasing of inroads through academics gained many friends and turned more than a few other departments within many universities against Israel. Each year it becomes necessary to increase the list of universities and colleges which hold Israel Apartheid Week where Israel is vilified and often there are mock-ups of checkpoints which Israel is forced to utilize in order to guarantee the safety of her citizens but are cast as evil encroachments onto Arab lands. There are numerous terrorist groups which specialize in Israel and are thus granted protection within the university systems. Jewish students are often not safe on campus when these events are taking place as they are accosted and assaulted often injuring them requiring hospitalization. These demonstrations often broaden their targets from just Israel to all Jews whether they have ties to Israel or not. These efforts have gotten to the point where wearing any items which may be interpreted as Jewish can and often will result in your person being assaulted and when such an assault is reported the university often claims it does not have the resources to investigate and capture the culprit. The problem with protecting Jews in some places while not in others is that the authorities thus begin to denote certain places as ‘no go zones’ which are beyond the law enforcement as police officers have become so unwelcome that they no longer enter these regions. That does not mean that such places are beyond law, it simply means that these places do not follow the laws of their host country, the law within these places is Sharia which makes the value of a woman’s testimony count considerably less than a man’s testimony and a non-Muslim (Kafir) is next to worthless. Some places and even nations in Europe have gone so far as to enforce Sharia and adopt some of the particular statutes and sentences. These accommodations are dangerous as they aid in not requiring these MENA immigrants to assimilate and thus become a true member of the society. Making the area where certain people live into a place which resembles the laws and society which they presumably left behind can make their ability to adjust, reside and become gainfully employed that much more difficult.


Allowing the hatreds and societal stigmas to be maintained in Western civilizations should simply be unacceptable as the inclusion, not exclusion, of immigrants should be the end goal for any society. If a number of Westerners immigrated to a Middle Eastern or North African nation they would be required to learn the language, customs, and obey the laws the same as any native. There would not be agencies and NGOs whose sole purpose would be to gain for the immigrants the power and ability to flaunt the laws of their new land. They would face the challenge of learning the language and adjusting to the diet. There would not be special areas set aside for immigrants from the Western nations where they could live their entire lives feeling as if they never left their homelands. No matter how much they might see their culture and rule of law to be superior, it would not be permitted to replace the laws of the land in which they now resided. This begs the question as to why do these immigrants refuse to adjust to the nation which they willingly chose to reside. What was their motivation to make a long and possibly arduous trip to reside in their new land? Certainly their goal was not to refuse to assimilate and to simply live the exact same life, speak the exact same language, reside under the same laws and be deprived of the opportunities which would now exist right outside their neighborhood. Granted there is comfort in having the same traditions and same societal laws and the same customs when one has moved but that would not provide the advances in the society of which each immigrant came seeking to take the advantage of the potentially upward mobility thus improve their life or at least grant such for their children. Sitting in a no go zone under sharia and forced to live apart from endless possibilities sitting just out of reach, this is the situation in Paris and other cities with much of their Muslim population stuck in their island amidst lands of endless opportunity just an arm’s length away if one could only break from their comfort and grasp the golden ring.


Beyond the Cusp


June 12, 2014

Reading Daily Assault News Reports Out of Europe Sickens Me

I remember while growing up many people of my parents’ age would discuss how life and the world had changed after World War II and how after the reports revealing the atrocities committed in the Shoah, the Holocaust, that anti-Semitism had passed silently into the dustbin of history never to raise its vile and hateful head again. I would suggest that they were wrong and that the only change was that anti-Semitism was more subtle and subdued but still just as prevalent and just as viscous as it had ever been throughout history. They would dismiss my comments angrily and accuse me of being some kind of paranoid, disturbed  and possibly mentally challenged person and I had no way of knowing of what I spoke being too young to have ever experienced anti-Semitism. I never again told them about the times I had been witness or even victim of anti-Semitism after I first tried to explain the problem to my parents who would hear nothing of my complaint and just became upset and insisted forcefully I never speak of such again as if speaking as I had would not only resuscitate anti-Semitism and bring back to life but actually inject it with a renewed ferocity and give it even greater power than it had ever possessed before. I prayed they were correct and never bothered them again despite my experiences.


Perhaps a short trip back to my early youth will help explain. I lived in a county outside the nation’s capital which was consisted of a large Jewish community. My family was middle class but barely and we often skimped in order to remain solvent. Because of this we lived in a modest house in a neighborhood which had a rather small number of Jewish families and a very large number Christian majority which mostly attended a religious school located between my neighborhood and the expansive apartment community adjacent to us. My having a rather Nordic appearance with blonde hair and blue eyes was pretty much excluded from the Jewish groups until around age twelve when the fact that I was studying to have my Bar Mitzvah ceremony finally proved definitively that I was Jewish. This left me to my own devices when at certain times of each year there were raised tensions between the Jewish and Christian youths over claims of historic and unforgivable crimes committed by the Jews against the earliest of Christians. These tensions often targeted me as the one Jew who was pretty much assured of being alone and thus undefended. Resulting from my flight or fight reactions, I became quite a sprinter as I found I could outrun my adversaries better at shorter distances usually just sufficient to place me near any help available. I had experienced that what the adults claimed had ceased to exist was in fact still very viable and for the same underlying reasons that anti-Semitism has always existed, Jews are different and a small minority which makes them a target of opportunity. But, as explained, nobody cared to listen and actually went to any extent to shun any mention of what I knew.


Taking us further along in the years, also due to my appearance, I did have people approach me while I served in the military and ask if I was interested in joining their club, group, or sometimes even referred to as their militia which inevitable proved to be supremacist or neo-Nazi. I respectfully, well, not so much, declined in no uncertain terms and with full expression of my disgust and insult at their offers. Fortunately, by adulthood I had grown to sufficient size and the United States Army had made me all that I could be and this was years before they used that as an enlistment incentive. Also, by my preteen years of my childhood I had already become a Zionist, a goal that tugged at me for most of my life. I made myself a promise to act on this desire to return to the ancient homeland of my people with one proviso, that I had been of whatever assistance my parents might require for the rest of their lives. When I retired my Father asked what my plans were now that I was not working. When I explained, for the first time as the subject had never been breached before, that I intended to make Aliyah as soon as I had given whatever assistance and care for he and my Mother; my Father insisted that that promise had been met simply through my having shown the intent and that as they might live long enough to make my realization of returning to Eretz Yisroel, he released me from the self-imposed obligation and demanded I follow my heart as soon as possible. Soon as possible proved to have pages upon pages of forms and required gathering documents generated in a very full life which had the property of a wandering soul who had travelled widely. Finally I made my way home to live a simple life just a medium walk from the Mediterranean.


Still, I had watched the growing animosities towards Israel and the attempts by some of the most ardent anti-Semitic haters to try and explain they did not hate Jews; they only had trouble with Israel. This, of course, led to reading about the “3D Test of Anti-Semitism” which can be applied to anyone whose acts are centered on Israel to discern whether they have realistic and honest problems with the Jewish State of if their hatred of Jews drives their difficulties with the Jewish State. The three ‘D’ test concerns looking to see if the person’s range of complaints and determining if their roots are based on demonization, delegitimization, and double standards. These tests were originated by Natan Sharansky, a man very respected worldwide and experienced with the many facets and kinds of hatred who learned much through his times as a Russian dissident in the former Soviet Union who spent his share of time incarcerated and in reeducation camps and today is in charge of The Jewish Agency which is tasked with Zionism and assisting returning Jews and Israeli Jews in general. His own explanation of the Three D’s can be found here. My concerns over anti-Semitism grew greatly after the Six Day War as the world slowly but inexorably turned from loving Israel and lavishing this little underdog nation which faced extermination almost daily from the nations surrounding her and those even a little further away. Right after the Six Day War, much of the world would have been completely understanding and even supportive had Israel immediately annexed all of the lands gained even including the entire Sinai Peninsula and even if she had offered the Arabs who remained within those territories a monetary incentive to leave and start their lives anew in any nation in the world which Israel would fly them there on El Al or another airline company if El Al did not fly to their desired destinations, say like Saudi Arabia, and include a somewhat generous stipend to offset the difficulties of reestablishing your life in a new nation. Slow and steadily that position was eroded until we are at the impasse today where Israel is often expected to return to the original demarcations Armistice lines which existed in June of 1967 and made an attempt to annihilate Israel so tempting to her neighbors.


If that was but the only problem Jews worldwide faced, then it might not be so troubling. It would still be disheartening, but not as serious a problem as what honestly exists today. You almost cannot read the news from around the world each day and not find a report of Jews being attacked in some town or city in Europe or North America. In the past week alone there have been at least five attacks I have read about and those were just in France with three from just outside Paris. Often the perpetrators of these assaults are described as Asians or North Africans with no further descriptions provided. Not only have the numbers of assaults increased but also the severity of the attacks have climbed where taunting has given way to assaults which in turn have given way to group muggings of individual or pairs of Jews and gone on to include attempted murder and on to murder itself. There were the strings of attacks across the United States and were referred to as the “knockout game” or “hit the Jew game” which continue but are no longer considered newsworthy as it is seen as simply more of the same and not a breaking story. There is the almost constant ritualistic desecration of Jewish cemeteries or Jewish sections of cemeteries where swastikas and hate phrases painted in the signs, gates, fences and tombstones and grave markers themselves and often the gravestones are smashed and toppled. This too has pretty much become such a common crime that often they get little if any mention unless you read news sources which tend to cover the minutia of attacks and assaults on Jews, Israel and Judaism. There has been a new twist being reported where desecrations and thefts are occurring at Auschwitz and other concentration camps as well as people posing making anti-Semitic salutes such as the regular Nazi stiff-armed salute or using the “quenelle” originated by anti-Semitic comedian Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala.


Even with the news the way it has been, it was not until the last few years that any of my friends and acquaintances with whom I had shared my concerns and belief that anti-Semitism was returning to become acceptable in large portions of Western society concurred with my prognosis. Now they are asking how long it had really been increasing and want to know how could they have missed such a serious and threatening change in the body public as well as the coming acceptance of fascist and xenophobic political movements often which include Jew hatred as part of their platforms, even if unofficially as it has not quite gotten to be completely acceptable. Their concerns are heartening as many of these friends are not Jewish yet their concerns are serious and their new perception has opened their eyes and they have sought to find actual reports and information and have become quite concerned and troubled. Hopefully the fact that it appears the vast majority of the public, Jews included, have been untouched and have chosen to downplay or even try to ignore the increasing anti-Semitism as they prefer to believe the world had finally buried that hatred with it discarded and never to return. Well, return it has and with a renewed vengeance which is just as startling and frightening as it has been any time previously throughout history. There is one even more disturbing truth which I have felt and discerned and that is just as throughout history each time anti-Semitism rose in the world it covered more of the globe and included a larger segment of the world’s societies and peoples. This time it appears that it may reach epidemic proportions unseen previously and even exceed the Holocaust in its inclusion of the world’s populations joining together to eradicate the Jews. The terrifying truth is that this time the intentions are not to eradicate the Jews from their midst and cleanse their part of the world of what they claim is a nefarious Jewish presence, the intentions nearly universally this time amongst the majority of anti-Semites is to eradicate all of planet Earth of its Jews, not just the six million plus in Israel or the almost six million in the United States but the approaching fifteen million Jews worldwide. That is why this time all peoples who are decent and caring people must band together and put anti-Semitism into its grave and bury that diseased state of mind once and forever. Those who choose to fight this chilling and growing reality had best start soon, if not immediately, as waiting will only feed the beast making it all that much more difficult to overcome and, at some point, it will become impossible to stop, making the inevitability of the situation, if not drastically prevented, that will result in a bloodbath unseen in human history for it will not stop with the Jews, it never just stops with the Jews, and the next on the list are the Christians followed by the Secular Humanists in all its many forms, and on and on until the majority of humanity will have been cleansed, leaving the smallest core of fanatics, of true believers, who are willing to murder the whole of humanity, if that is what it requires to save humanity.


Beyond the Cusp


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