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June 21, 2013

Time for the Diaspora to Stand With Israel on Annexation

To stand for Israel in this world today is a very dangerous place to stand. Should one stand for Israel on many college or university campuses is to risk great harm to one’s body. If you stand for Israel on those college or university campuses and be attacked by the hordes who hate, do not expect the campus security or police to come to your aid as they are more likely to arrest you for causing a disturbance than defend your rights against the hordes who hate. The Holocaust, the Shoah, did not bring an end to anti-Semitism; it only suppressed it to wait for anti-Semitism to once again return as acceptable in polite society. That time has come and Israel is target one and the rest of Jewry will be target two. First they come to dissolve Israel and murder those six million Jews, then they will come for the six million Jews in the United States, and finally they will come for the six million Jews in who remain in the rest of the world. Judaism does not survive the death of Israel and do not fool yourself that the hatred the world spews at Israel will end when Israel surrenders all that the Arabs demand. They are not pursuing a Palestinian State; they are pursuing the eradication of the Jewish State and the replacement of Israel by an extended Jordan or Syria or Egypt. As one who loves Israel the time to stand is now and to do so without delay. For the Jewish people the time to love Israel is now and to do anything else is to commit communal suicide. The only question any Jew should ask is how I can stand with Israel and what does standing with Israel really mean.


Standing with Israel means that you answer every editorial, article, broadcast news or Internet video with a barrage of responses defending the right of Israel to exist and the right of Jews to have a homeland just as any other peoples are permitted. Equate the right of Israel to be the Jewish State with the right of Japan to be the home to the Japanese, the right of Spain to be a home for the Spanish, the right of France as the home for the French people, the right of the twenty Arab States to be declared homes for the Arab people, the right of Russia to be the home of the Russian people, and on and on through the rest of the nations on Earth. Stand and declare that Jerusalem is the eternal Capital City and the Holy City of the Jewish State just as Vatican City is the Holy City of the Catholic Church and Mecca and Medina are the Holy Cities of Islam. Standing with Israel means to declare that Israel may not be singled out to be held to a standard different than any other nations. Standing with Israel means one never backs down no matter the odds. Standing for Israel means expressing your pride and love for Israel at every opportunity and doing so with a reverence and respect. Standing with Israel for any Jew also demands that you stand with pride for being a Jew. Standing with Israel is to be standing with the L0rd.


Supporting Israel requires that you defend her decisions to the best of your ability. Standing with Israel requires one to dispute the lies of the Palestinians, the Arabs, the anti-Zionists, the anti-Semites, and the boycotters. Supporting Israel means calling for the world to respect their promises given Israel and the Jewish People over the last century which guaranteed that the Jewish State would extend from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea and include the Golan Heights. These promises came in the Churchill White Papers, Versailles Treaty, the Sykes–Picot Agreement, San Remo Conference, Balfour Declaration, the British Mandate, the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923 as well as the United Nations recognition of the British and French Mandates inscribed into the United Nations Charter in Article 80. Standing with Israel means learning at the least the basic history and documentation which grants Israel rights to all of the lands the world now wishes to steal away. The time has come for the mendacity of the Palestinian cause to be revealed for the deceits that they are and to expose the hatreds that drive their terror war against Israel and the Jewish People. Standing with Israel means to disclose the Hamas and Fatah Charters which demand the eradication of Israel and afterwards the Jewish People. Standing with Israel means to push for the inclusion by annexation all of Judea and Samaria and the indivisibility of Jerusalem and keeping Jerusalem in its entirety for the Capital City of Israel. To stand for Israel means to reveal the deceit that the Palestinians have no homeland as their declared homeland by treaty is Jordan which was established as the home for the Palestinian Arabs in 1922. To stand with Israel means to represent the real truth backed by history against the lies and deceptions which have been repeated in the hopes that truth can be changed by repeating the big lie sufficiently loud long enough until people believe it to be truth. Israel is being vilified and her destruction demanded by the new anti-Semites who once they have destroyed Israel will proceed to the eradication of Jews wherever they reside. To protect the Jewish People one must first protect and defend Israel and her rights to the lands promised her at the end of World War I, not because of the Holocaust. Am Yisroel Chai.


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