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August 30, 2018

Israel Negotiations with Islam Fruitless


President Trump believes that by substituting the nation of Jordan for the Palestinian Authority (originally the PLO terror organization led by Yassir Arafat) as the coming solution known euphemistically as “The Deal of the Century” also known as President Trump’s grand solution, it will bring peace. We may remember that during the campaigns, both the primaries and the Presidential elections hearing candidate Trump making the grand claim the he would be the man who would solve the Arab-Israeli Conflict. We thought he was being presumptuous then and we think his idea of using Jordan is an equally grand pipe dream. Israel made peace with Jordan under their former King, Hussein bin Talal (Arabic: الحسين بن طلال) back in 1994 and back then Jordan released their claims to the Shomron (a.k.a. West Bank) which Jordan had illegally annexed in around 1951 after having taken it during the 1948-9 War of Intent to Eradicate the Nascent Jewish Aberration (a.k.a. Israel’s War of Independence). Interestingly, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon and the remainder of Arab militias and national contingents attacking Israel the morning of her birth had this strange concept. They all believed that the lines drawn on the proposal from the United Nations General Assembly contained in UNGA Resolution 181 were the defined front lines dividing the Arab world from the Zionist Entity. International Law believed, immediately after the Arab League refused the offer under UNGA Res. 181 voiding the entire offer making it as if it never had existed, believed the border of Israel in the east was the Jordan River. This means that according to International Law, the border for the Jewish State of Israel at the crack of dawn of May 15, 1948 included all of the Shomron and all of the Gaza Strip as it was called back in the day as their basis was the British Mandate borders (see map below). The war’s Arab intent was best described by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League as follows: “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history that will be talked about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades.” Obviously, as Israel still exists, something went terrible wrong with the Arab plans.


British Mandate with its division between an Arab State of Jordan and Palestine denoted to be the Jewish State later named Israel

British Mandate with its division between an Arab State of Jordan and
Palestine denoted to be the Jewish State later named Israel


The result of this war, Egypt had control of the Gaza Strip and Jordan had control of the Shomron. Egypt controlled the Gaza Strip but never annexed the region nor provided the Arabs residing within Egyptian citizenship and left them as people with no actual country but as a protectorate of Egypt. Jordan, on the other hand, did annex the Shomron and renamed it West Bank, as the name Shomron was far too Jewish. They also extended full citizenship to all the occupants within and permitted free movement between the two sides of the Jordan River. Jordan even went further and gave many prominent Jordanians deeds to lands which had belonged to the Jews who had been dispossessed and forced from these now Arab lands. Further, the Jordanians also forced numerous thousands of their own citizens into the West Bank in order to cement their claims, almost tripling the number of residents. Only the British and Pakistanis recognized the Jordanian annexation of the Shomron while the rest of the world, including the Arab League, all refused to recognize the Jordanian move. This is an illegal act under International Law as the lands west of the Jordan River were gained as a result of an offensive war against Israel. Their claim was that the border was not the Jordan River but the result of UNGA Res. 181, but as we explained, the Arab League’s rejection of this resolution voided it and it has no legal standing. Yet time and again, the Arab World will pull out the map showing the planned borders of that resolution and demand that it be enforced as now they fully accept it and thus it is revived from its posthumous state. Fortunately, the enforcers of International Law, the World Court System, recognize UNGA Res. 181 as merely the vitrified remains of a proposal which was sunk by the Arab League’s rejection as do the Arabs which is why they have never challenged the legal borders of Israel, as they know the result will be the Jordan River.


When Israel and Jordan reached their agreement, just like Egypt surrendered their illegally held Gaza Strip, Jordan surrendered their illegally held Shomron. Then afterwards they made a grand announcement that their surrender of the West Bank had been to the PLO and not to Israel after Yasser Arafat threw a fit. Now we need take a look at the PLO which was formed in 1964 and not as a result of the Six Day War as the propaganda of its mythological beginnings likes to claim. The PLO was the brainchild of the KGB who assigned two of the top spots to their protégés, Yassir Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, who both came from their training in Moscow. The KGB worked with the Arab League and a number of Arab nations and this was the beginning of the Palestinian Arabs. Previous, when referring to the Palestinians, one was referring to the Jews, as the Arabs were known as Egyptians, Syrians, Iraqis, Jordanians, and Saudi Arabians, or simply as Arabs. The KGB had planned well as they now used the fact that there existed a history of the Palestinians in the land which was the history of the Jewish residents under the British Mandate. By repetition they adopted the entirety of the Jewish history which called the Jews Palestinians and now they simply claimed that it meant Arab and the Jews were never in the lands until after World War II, a complete and total fabrication, but claiming the Jews came from Europe after the Holocaust and the world run by the British and Americans planted their unwanted Jewish refugees from the camps in the middle of Arab lands in order to destroy all the Arab lands. Never mind the 1917 Balfour Declaration, the 1920 San Remo Conference, the 1920 Treaty of Sèvres, the 1922 League of Nations Mandate System, and Article 80 of the United Nations Charter which made the United Nations responsible for enforcing the Mandate System exactly as applied when enacted by the League of Nations. All of these items came well before World War II and were mostly as an action where the European victors of World War I were seeking how to distribute the lands that they had won without actually taking the lands. There were also treaties which completely restructured Eastern Europe cutting up the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) were not the sole places which were altered as a result of the end of World War I and one of the main concepts behind these restructurings of borders was to return lands to their original existing indigenous peoples.


There were some exceptions such as the Kurdish People had been promised they were to receive lands in northern regions of Iraq but the finds of sizable oil fields in the Mosul region and a favorable agreement between Getty and the King of Iraq led to Britain simply granting Iraq rule over the Kurdish regions and the Kurds were cheated by the British out of their own promised homeland. When the Kurds recently took a vote and over 90% of their people demanded they declare independence, the United States threatened they could not support such a move with military aid as it was inconvenient at this time according to the United States State Department. Israel had backed Kurdish independence and told them that they would regret not taking this opportunity. Somebody should have also told them that the State Department is not the department which controls weapons sales and providing people protection, that is the Department of Defense. Since their choosing not to declare independence the Kurdish People have been under constant assaults by Iraqi and Iranian forces in northern Iraq and sweeping Turkish attempts at a genocide in northern Syria. The Kurds and the World will regret not granting the Kurds their required needs to make a free and democratic nation in the heart of the Middle East.


Now we are hearing that President Trump is about to make one intelligent move and one far less so. The first is going to be announce that the United States rejects Palestinian ‘Right of Return’ and puts a shot through the heart of UNWRA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East). What the State Department recently found was that the numbers of actual refugees, who remain of their original populations, not including their five or more million offspring since 1948, is estimated to be in the low tens of thousands. The United States claims these refugees should be placed within the Department of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees which should address the situation as per the same rules as for all refugees, honest and real and not manufactured refugees, the problem will be completed within five years. This is the first time anybody has dared to claim that the Palestinian Arabs as normal people and not as the most privileged individuals who are so far and away more important than anybody else and even beyond imagination. Still, Jordan as a replacement will produce difficulties, so now let us get down to the real business.


The first and very important item is that, as aforementioned, Jordan and Israel reached a peace treaty back in 1994 and in that peace Jordan released their claim to the Shomron. Former Jordanian ambassador Walid has presumably resurrected Jordan’s long-dormant claims to sovereignty in the disputed territories that completely undermine those of the PLO which was presumably inferred in this following statement:

“First of all, the unity of the West Bank with the East Bank was officially and constitutionally adopted on 24 of April 1950. No one disputes this fact. The Constitution of the country at the time was the 1952 Constitution, which stipulated in no uncertain terms that no part of the Kingdom shall be ceded, period. This provision makes the 1988 decision to cut off all legal and administrative relations between the two banks stopping short of ceding the West Bank to any side whatsoever. Any other interpretation of the 1988 political decision is absolutely untenable constitutionally.”

The first disputed statement was his claim that, “No one disputes this fact.” In reference to his statement that, “West Bank with the East Bank was officially and constitutionally adopted on 24 of April 1950.” Only, as previously stated, Pakistan and Britain recognized the Jordanian claim to the Shomron, even as the West Bank, as the world either had ulterior motives, such as the Arab League and Arab nations, or were aware of the invalid claim of annexing lands conquered in the Arab World’s offensive war of 1948-9. The entireties of the Palestinian Arab assertions are for a singular purpose, to destroy the entirety of the Jewish State. The original charter of the PLO laid absolutely no claim to the Shomron claiming that as it was part of Jordan and already in the hands of Islam, they had no problems with that situation, instead they laid claim to the entirety of Israel. Furthermore, the PLO charter did not claim they desired a Palestinian State and made no mentions of Palestine except that this was the lands in which Israel resided. Their intent was to turn all of the lands of Israel over to Jordan once they had eliminated the Zionist presence. It was not until after the Six Day War in June of 1967 that the PLO laid claim for liberating not only the original lands of Israel but also the Shomron. Their intent was still to claim these lands for existing Arab nations.


It was in 1993 with the Oslo Accords that the idea was broached to the PLO demanding their state of Palestine in the regions of the Shomron and Gaza for the state of Palestine. This concept was very likely suggested by Terje Larsen, a Norwegian sociologist, and Yossi Beilin, a member of Israel’s Labor Party during the earliest and secret negotiations carried out without the knowledge of the Israeli Knesset and only to select extreme left politicians one of which was Simon Peres. The Israeli government was quite shocked when the signing was brought to the Knesset as a complete deal backed by the United States State Department, the European Union, and numerous European leftists with a heavy representation from the Norwegians who provided the secret meetings in the earlier negotiations. We have often mentioned the European desire to find a means of destroying Israel and forcing the Jewish People back into the subservient position they once held where they lived and died on the whims of Christian and Islamic rulers. The concept of armed and proud Jews is an unimaginable and frightful presence to these paranoid delusionals. One of the claims is that Israel poses a threat to the world and especially the Europeans and Islamic worlds with its central location (see map). The paranoia and over-hyping of the presence of Israel and it presumably being the largest and most threatening nation on the Earth is beyond fantasy and well into the ludicrous. This effort by President Trump could be the final and last gasp of the entire Palestinian indigenous people and ancient nation of Palestine hoax.


Israel Compared to Europe and the Islamic World is Really Such a Threat?

Israel Compared to Europe and the Islamic World
is Really Such a Threat?


The Palestinian drive to destroy Israel has reached a point where the world is getting completely fed up with the rejectionism of every deal no matter how generous. Ehud Barak even went to the point that he offered over 90% of the Shomron and even included East Jerusalem which was meeting everything which Yassir Arafat had told President Clinton was acceptable and would bring peace. Arafat stomped out the next morning rushing past everyone including the media and out the door, into his limo and straight to the airport and back to Jordan where he then returned to his office and began the implementation of the Second Intifada which he unleashed in the fall of 2000. Ehud Olmert made a similar offer to Mahmoud Abbas which was refused without offering any counter deal. It has become more than plainly obvious that the only deal the Arabs will agree to make is the complete removal of Israel from the map. The Khartoum Resolution of September 1967 where the “Three No’s” were agreed upon, “No peace with Israel, No recognition of Israel, No negotiations with Israel,” defined all dealings with Israel and the Jordanian peace was used to insert the Palestinian plan for Israeli destruction. This concept was simple where the idea was to change the appearance from Israel against the entirety of the Arab World to the Palestinian against the superpower Israel. It worked better than they could have ever hoped, for a while until it all started falling apart. The aggressive hatred of Trump which has been overly obvious and expressed in no uncertain words by Mahmoud Abbas and Saab Erekat and the Palestinian Authority’s absolute and complete rejection of United Stated mediation has bought them real problems. Their position has been lain bare showing that their only peace with Israel is an Israeli grave, and that means the entirety of the Israeli non-Islamic populations. This has bought them being circumvented by President Trump who has now rested his hopes on Jordan.


Initially, the Jordanians rejected replacing the Palestinian Authority in negotiations, telling President Trump’s representatives that they could not in good conscience represent the Palestinians as only the Palestinian Authority was capable of being their true representatives. President Trump then sought out Egypt and Saudi Arabia and both initially sounded much more promising. Following statements by both nations then revealed that they would not agree to anything which was less than exactly what Mahmoud Abbas wished for. All of these games could not have set well with Trump as he is more of a straight forward, tell me the reality and do not play games about it. There is no way we can know what President Trump used to change the minds of the leaders and King of Jordan. Whatever he used, it will not avail him in the end, as Jordanian leaders and even the King of Jordan are answerable to the Arab League and other higher institutions all of which will only accept the end of Israel as the Jewish State. We hope for their sake they do not tell President Trump that the Jews need to return to the nations from whence they or their families originally resided. This should go over well as President Trump is aware that half of the Israeli population originated in the Arab world and that Israel absorbed 850,000 Jewish refugees who were ejected from their homes in nations within MENA and many of these families have resided in these lands for generations many for over two thousand years. This was due to the Roman dispersion of the Jews around the year 135 A.D. which included all of the Middle East and Northern Africa. We would love for there to be peace and have suggested that the Palestinians could be given the opportunity to reside within Israel as resident aliens by signing a non-belligerence statement and also have the option to be well reimbursed for their properties and an additional relocation bonus for signing a non-return statement. What should be done about those who refuse both offers? They would need to be treated as belligerents which might prove to be a very unwise choice. Belligerents would simply be granted three times to choose one or the other and if they persist in complete refusal and continue to claim that their only acceptable end to their violence would be the end of Israel, well, they would be invited in a very strong and persistent manner to leave. Should they turn to violence, well, violence begets violence. The only end to this problem which is a war by other means is for one side to be able to declare victory. Israel needs to declare victory and give the Palestinians their choice as to how they wish to be treated. It must be made clear that this is a final situation and there will be no further debate or negotiations, Israel is simply declaring victory. First, let us see how well President Trump and his efforts prove to be. Should they fail, and they most likely will, then Israel must declare victory and end the charade of a Palestinian Arab People whose nation was conquered by Israel. The lands they claim were Palestine were Gaza which was held by Egypt and the Shomron which was illegally claimed by Jordan. There was no Palestine at the time of any of the Arab-Israeli Wars, not in 1948-9, not in 1967 and not in 1973. That is the reality and it is time to apply reality.


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August 28, 2018

A Monetary Solution to Remove Settlers


Dr. Martin Sherman gave a defense of his formula for solving the Palestinian Arab versus Israel conflict in an article titled, “</a href= target=blank>Haaretz vs. IISS-The anatomy of ‘Fake News’,” which he depicted how he was misrepresented in an article in Haaretz, and we would advise reading his defense. In his defense, he covers his concept for a solution to the Palestinian Arab-Israeli conflict which involves several interwoven cloths of solutions which are far different and more complete and far less violent than the Haaretz article depicted. We are not surprised by this but were conflicted as to why Dr. Martin Sherman actually deigned to give any interview to Haaretz and why he expected they would treat him with any sense of propriety or responsibility. Why Dr. Sherman thought he was getting an opportunity with any equal treatment from this far left newspaper with a record of excoriating every right wing or nationalist position and having done so for decades was beyond our scope of understanding. Their slanting of the news in our opinion was so far left and anti-Zionist that we stopped reading them except when they came up in searches for exact information, which we will credit Haaretz in that they do often represent facts with a straight-forward and honest manner which is why we have often quoted their presentation of facts. Their problem is with those who hold opinions which differ from their political framework, which Dr. Sherman qualifies, along with his great ability to speak and write in a clear and easily understood manner. Apparently, he was not clear enough or the author of the article had some animus for the position presented by Dr. Sherman and thus heard something quite different than the actual words presented, whatever the reason, she really got under Dr. Sherman’s skin enough to have him write, as he pointed out, an entire article in defiance of the Haaretz lynching of his actual opinions and positions.


Dr. Martin Sherman

Dr. Martin Sherman


We actually agree with much of what Dr. Sherman includes in his formula with some basic differences. The very first item is to differentiate the indigenous people from the actual settlers. Factually, as you will realize, the Jews are the indigenous peoples while the Arabs are the settlers, so glad that has been sorted. The first item we would present the Palestinian Arabs with is that Israel will annex all the lands west of the Jordan River in a fixed period of one year or less, depending on the mood of the government and what they will accept. We would advise that the time period should be decided to be as short as considered feasible and not a second longer because the longer the time period, the more time there will be for problems and interference from the rest of the world. For some reason, the entire world believes that they have the right to tell Israel how they will be permitted to run their affairs. Simple things which if performed by any other nation would simply pass without even notice is immediately snatched by the busybodies of our world and immediately made into a life or death problem which must be negotiated by the European Union, the United Nations, the Arab League and so many other organizations and nations who all feel that before Israel is permitted to conduct any business, the item of that business must first be passed through the rest of the world and made to fit the particular perfidies of every critic. Sorry world, Israel is an independent and equal nation with the same rights, powers, political freedoms, passage of laws, declarations of national established origins, basic national flag along with anthem with language as well as being a national home for the Jewish People and court case decisions which do not require, need or desire your assistance in accomplishing these areas. So, when it comes to dealing with the remnants of Arabs left behind after Jordan lost the area it illegally occupied and illegally populated with numbers of their citizens, some which they forcefully transferred, Israel needs to tread softly yet definitively to correct the crimes committed by Jordan from 1948 through the Six Day War in 1967. In providing for solutions in many wars, including both World Wars, the people whose governing nations lost the regions which they resided within were relocated to their previous national lands often without any compensation and given a very limited time frame before threat of military force would be applied. This option was, of course, denied Israel as was retaining lands gained in a defensive war as has been the rule of international law except for Israel. So, how can Israel finally address this problem and possibly get this monkey off our backs and the whole world can finally rest at night, though we completely doubt that any of the detractors of Israel will lose ten seconds before exploding into indignation, but at some point Israel will have to weather such a storm and simply reply to the world that they can simply bug-off.


The solution which Israel may need to take, and do so in the near term, is to inform the Arabs residing in the Shomron (Jordanian named West Bank) that they will be required to sign a guarantee that as resident aliens of Jordanian lineage they swear to act in a manner which will have the characteristics and results of non-belligerence or face deportation without any reimbursement for property or other losses. They should also be granted that they have two other alternatives. The first and far preferable would include their being reimbursed for all properties for which they have deed proving ownership above market value plus a relocation bonus which should be of a level which would make them attractive to most nations as their wealth would be welcome. This bonus would be less than many Israelis or others might believe, likely less than one-hundred-thousand-dollars. This payment would be a one time offer and one time payment for which they would sign that they are satisfied with their settlement and also promise to never seek to reside within Israel in the future under pain of deportation. The other choice would be to refuse either option above and as such have decided to take up a belligerence against Israel and consider themselves to be in a state of open war with Israel. In response to those choosing this option will be complied with and will face the full power of the IDF as soon as they are located without any measure of remorse. These would be the three choice method in which the Arabs currently residing in the Shomron could be given which would resolve the difficulty and remove any doubt as to their desire to remain within Israel peaceably without any desire to disturb the peace while others will have chosen to not reside in Israel and take monetary compensation and seek to reside outside of Israel and surrender all rights to reside within Israel in the future. Then there will be those who will decide they wish to wage war against Israel. They will face the rules of war and such a war will be waged against those so choosing. We would believe that anybody choosing to war with Israel will be minimal and the vast majority of the Arab population would take the reimbursement and inducement and the remainder will likely choose non-belligerence and actually mean this.


The problem would result from those who either signed the documents and stay or take the payments and leave and then continue to commit acts of terror and target Israelis. This should also be stated that should any choose either option and continue to commit acts of terror, they will immediately be considered to actually be amongst those who chose to war with Israel and be treated as such. The likelihood that those deciding to be at war with Israel will continue to be a problem for more than a few months is highly unlikely as the Israeli Defense Force is a well trained military and as this will be actual acts or war, the IDF will be informed that they may feel free to engage those choosing to war with Israel with maximum vigor and that Israel is willing to take prisoners but that prisoners are not a high priority. Those taken as prisoners will be placed within a prisoner of war camps built specially to care for them until the entirety of the Arab and Muslim worlds make peace with Israel and establish friendly relations. We would prefer that they actually live long enough to see such become a reality but if they do not, we will not lose any sleep. Those who choose to remain within Israel as resident aliens will be given as many freedoms as feasible with the hope that they will fairly soon be able to be treated with equality to all other legal aliens who reside and work within Israel. All other problems should resolve themselves within two years and after these are settled, then Israel can hopefully live in peace and the world can finally take a breath and leave Israel to their own future.


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July 11, 2018

So You Claim Lands Beyond the Green Line are Occupied by Israel?


We could go through the technicalities of standing International Law where the original Mandate under the British set the eastern border for Israel as the Jordan River and set aside Jordan, a total of 78% of the Mandate Lands for the Palestinian Arab state and 80% of the Jordanian population consider themselves to be Palestinians. We could note the San Remo Conference which set aside all of the British Mandate for the Jewish State which the British reneged upon. We could go to the Oslo Accords which everyone claims states that all the lands belong to the Arabs, a lie, where the area of the Shomron (West Bank) was divided into three sections where Areas A and B were under Arab civilian rule and Area C was granted to Israel. All of the Israelis residing beyond the Green Line in the Shomron reside in Area C which contains a mere 4% of the Palestinian Arabs. These are not settlers as they are residing in the area which was to remain as part of Israel in the preliminary divides made under the Oslo Accords. But wait, we hear, the United Nations demanded Israel return everything after the Six Day War. Again, that is a lie. The United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 stated that Israel had to return land, not all land, not the lands, simply land. British Ambassador to the United Nations Lord Caradon was adamant and very forceful threatening that the British would use their veto should anything demanding that Israel must return all the land was the implication. According to the wording of UNSC Res 242, as soon as Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt, she had met the requirement of returning land and could retain all the remaining lands as Israeli leaders wished to do so. Those are the facts, but let us look at the rationality of those claiming that everything beyond the Green Line does not belong to Israel.


That would mean that quite a few places have no ties to Israel or Judaism and that the Jewish People should simply turn them over to the Arabs who will care for them on a level of great respect and honor. The first place we will tell about is the great cemetery on a hill overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem where hundreds of Jewish luminaries and tsaddikim have been laid to rest over the millennia, the Mount Olive Cemetery. When the Jordanians had control of this revered and holy place, the Arabs destroyed the cemetery, used tombstones as paving bricks and in the building of latrines, still regularly throw firebombs and break tombstones, and Arab youth from a nearby school throwing stones at funeral processions or at mourners entering or leaving the cemetery. What does any rational person believe would happen should the Palestinian Arabs be given over control of this holy site. The Temple Mount would no longer be able to be visited by Jews, be they Israelis or visiting from all over the world, just as when the area belonged to Jordan. The Western Wall would again be placed beyond the places Jews would be permitted to visit; so you claim the Western Wall is not Jewish enough for Israel to have access, let alone control. In Hevron is the Cave of Machpelah, Tomb of the Patriarchs, where Abraham, Sarah, Isaak, Rebekah, Jacob and Leah are buried, and this too does not belong to the Jewish People according to those denying Israeli right to retain lands liberated from illegal Jordanian control when they took this area in the 1948 war to genocidally clean the entirety of the land of the Jews, also misnamed the Israeli War of Independence as it was actually a war for Israeli survival against at least a half dozen Arab armies who launched their attack the morning of Israeli declaration of statehood. The tomb of Joseph, whose remains were brought from Egypt when the Israelites left in the Exodus, is also in Hevron. This we can show how the Arabs treat this holy place as it is currently controlled by the Palestinian Authority (see pictures below). Jericho is beyond the Green Line, is this not a place which Jewish history includes. Rachel’s Tomb is beyond the Green Line and when visited by Jewish women, they often come under attack by Arabs and must be protected by the IDF when paying their respects, even more so on special holy days when such visits are traditional. We could continue to list additional sites as the Shomron is the heart of the Jewish homelands and its hills played a dominant part in the many times these lands were defended by the Jews in our history. The Prophets wandered these lands educating and caring for their flock, the Jewish People. The entirety of the Old City of Jerusalem is beyond the Green Line, can anyone claim that Jerusalem played no part in Jewish history. The City of David, the First Temple and Second Temple and so much more resides in these regions the world wants to rip from the Jewish People. Christians also would no longer be permitted to visit many of the places where Jesus preached, where he was crucified and everything in and around Jerusalem and Bethlehem would only be permitted twice a year, Christmas and Easter, as the Arab merchants make their living selling mementos to the Christians on pilgrimage. This would mean a surrender of many of the places which the Judeo-Christian faiths are based upon in the hands of people who desire to erase the proof of their existence as Islam is a supersessionist faith.


Destroyed Josephs tome after Palestinian assault and the tortured death of IDF soldier Palestinians allowed to bleed to death



Joseph’s Tomb Burning in the Night While Religious Jews and Sympathizing Humans Are Outraged at their Act Allowed to be the Status Quo

Joseph’s Tomb Burning in the Night While Religious Jews and Sympathizing Humans Are Outraged at their Act Allowed to be the Status Quo



Kever Yoseph or Joseph's Tomb s it burns once again desecrated as only Islam can desecrate the holy sites it deems unworthy of respect or even existing as it is not of Islam thus worthless

Kever Yoseph or Joseph’s Tomb s it burns once again desecrated as only Islam can desecrate the holy sites it deems unworthy of respect or even existing as it is not of Islam thus worthless



The Scene of Joseph’s Tomb Being Torched and Burned to the Bare Stone with All Things Righteous Destroyed Once Again and the World is Silent

The Scene of Joseph’s Tomb Being Torched and Burned to the Bare Stone with All Things Righteous Destroyed Once Again and the World is Silent



Six frames depicting the destructions, discovery of damage, finishing rebuilding, prayers and an endearing good-bye, or perhaps with luck til next time


These are the truths which those purporting to be social justice warriors and the defenders of human rights claim are false when they push the BDS Movement upon many who are lacking actual knowledge to rationally decide and end up swept into these acts. The reality of the people, the originators and money behind the BDS Movement never reveal their roots. The BDS Movement was originally the Arab League Boycott of Israel which is still in place today as almost every Arab nation refuses to trade with Israel. They gladly use Israeli technology and medical discoveries and the Palestinian from Gaza and in the Shomron often come for treatment in Israeli hospitals. This even includes officers from the Palestinian Authority, relatives of Hamas leadership and other Arabs who require additional treatments only available in Israel. More examples here, here, here and from the Palestinian Authority we treated them and their relatives as told here, here, here, here and in summation, this. Imagine if the Palestinian Arabs and even the entirety of the Arab world would recognize Israel how many more Arabs would be able to receive such medical care and how the sharing of these procedures and techniques with Arab doctors could save so many lives. But Israel is the devil and must be destroyed, except when the cream of the Arab crop need medical care, then Israeli hospitals are considered an exception. But Israel must not be permitted to retain the lands promised her from after World War I and long before World War II and the Holocaust. We would like to share one last Israeli medical group which provides care for children the world over, teaches their methods to doctors from around the world, established entire operating rooms and wards in other nations free from charge so the physicians they train are able to perform heart surgery on infants and who do work recognized by the World Health Organization, this group is called, “Save a Child’s Heart.”


Now, allow us to state a little truth about Israel. If the Palestinian Arabs, representing the Arab world and do not believe otherwise, were to make peace with Israel, the lives of the average Palestinian Arab would improve directly proportionately to the rate of the decrease in terrorism. Arabs would be permitted to work in Israel after they pass a background check to assure that they were not involved in terrorism. Were Israel permitted to have everything they desired, the main losers would be Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the hierarchy of the Palestinian Authority, PLO and Fatah, all of which Mahmoud Abbas is either the President or the Chairman, as they would soon not have the flood of aid monies coming in from Europe, the Arab world, the United Nations and the rest of the sources of their terror money (graph shown below). Israel would like to have the eastern border promised her by the British, the United States, the League of Nations and the United Nations who assumed the implementation of the Mandate System from the League of Nations as per Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. The Arabs residing within the Shomron would be granted resident alien status and be permitted to vote in the local elections thus providing each city to basically rule themselves but be prevented from voting in national elections, as they would not have Israeli citizenship. They would not be required to serve in the IDF as Israelis are (Israeli Arabs are not required to serve either), serve in national service, or any other citizen requirement. They would be required to reside and live under the Israeli legal system, particularly when in the main regions outside their control. Each family would be given three choices, they could sign an agreement accepting the above, they could decide they wish to move and start over elsewhere thus receiving fair market value for their property and possibly a relocation stipend but would have to promise never to return to reside within Israeli controlled regions, or they could choose violence at which point they would be fought and when captured they would be expelled from Israel and also not permitted to return for any reason. There may be a possibility, in time, to permit the Arabs who remain a means of acquiring Israeli citizenship, but that would be dependent on numerous conditions. Any Arabs caught committing terrorism or aiding terror would also be expelled summarily. This would end the Palestinian Arab problem and would hopefully eventually lead to the Arab world ceasing their boycotts of Israel and possibly even normalizing relations. This would still leave the problem of Iran and their allies of Hezballah in Lebanon, the IRGC and Quds Brigades in Syria and Hamas with Islamic Jihad in Gaza.


Graph of Aid Money to Palestinian Territories and other needful locations

Graph of Aid Money to Palestinian Territories and other needful locations


Gaza is a different situation than the Palestinian Authority. In the Shomron, Israel has not ceded ownership of the land to the Arabs while in Gaza Israel renounced ownership granting the lands to the Arabs. Hamas took control of Gaza in a coup pushing out the Palestinian Authority. That does not alter the Israeli relinquishing claim to Gaza, unfortunately. Gaza is and will remain, unless retaken by necessity at some point, independent of Israel no matter what happens elsewhere. Hamas, Hezballah, Islamic Jihad and Iran have all sworn to erase Israel from the face of the earth, all denials aside. The threat from Hezballah is probably the most serious at this time. Recently, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Deputy Commander Hossein Salami promised to fight Israel from Lebanon in his speech on al-Quds Day 2018. This was a new strategy he proposed as previously, only Hezballah was acting in Lebanon and this places Iranian forces also in Lebanon. Iran commands a number of threats to Israel beyond its own missiles which could be fired from Syria, as has occurred, or from Iran or Iraq. They also command Islamic Jihad and Hamas in Gaza who are currently attempting to set Israel on fire while still attempting to breach the border and spread mayhem and murder in southern Israel and beyond if permitted. They command Hezballah which stands with over one-hundred-fifty-thousand rockets they claim are poised to be fired into Israel and they could also command the Lebanese Army to attack Israel as they are all but commanded by Hezballah. Then there are actual forces from Iran fighting in Syria assisting Bashir al-Assad which according to Deputy Commander Hossein Salami could be used to solve the Islamic world’s problems as he stated in the following, “The problems of the Islamic world stem from the existence of the false, counterfeit, historically rootless, and identity-less regime named Israel. Seventy years have passed since the policy of England and America planted in the Islamic world an accursed and criminal tree. For seventy years, this poisoned dagger has been embedded in the body of the Islamic Ummah, and all the problems of the Islamic world stem from the existence of the false, counterfeit, historically rootless, and identity-less regime named Israel. In addition to the threat to Palestine’s existence, the Zionist regime constitutes a threat as well to the entire Islamic world.” You get the idea. The rest can be read here. Should Hezballah, with or without the IRGC and Quds Brigades, attack Israel, the threat would be overwhelming enough to demand dire responses from Israel. The commander of the Lebanese Army has stated that they are willing and able to repel any advance by Israel onto solemn Lebanese soil, which can only place all of Lebanon as the enemy and thus a target to respond to Hezballah. Thus, any war between Israel and Hezballah would now include a war between Israel and all of Lebanon, not just the terrorists and Iranian forces. Such a war would have dire results for both nations. The initial attack coming from Hezballah would constitute tens of thousands of rockets and missiles raining down on Israel before Israeli forces could mobilize their response. The initial response would come from Israeli air power and missiles all targeting the Hezballah strongholds and missile stores. Within two to three days there would no longer be any threat left coming from Lebanon and the next question would be whether or not Iran desired to use their remaining assets from within Syria, providing Israel had not neutralized them as well. The most serious question would be whether Israel also responded with attacks on Iran itself. This is why Iran currently unleashed Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza, as they are not prepared to institute such a war with Israel which could result from any attacks out of Lebanon, especially an all-out attempt to overwhelm Israel with a decisive first strike. This still leaves Gaza.


Gaza presents a problem, as their attacks are often more terror and guerrilla tactics than actual warfare. This makes any Israeli military response appear to be disproportional. The reason this has not played into the recent attacks is due to a number of particulars including the low level and specific targeting by Israel, the media coverage has been less slanted than usual, damage by the Hamas and Islamic Jihad attacks have struck almost singularly civilian targets, Hamas accepted on television that the percentage of terror operatives killed was over 85% of those killed and the world has generally tired of these threats to Israel and are at the cusp, not quite yet beyond the cusp, of accepting Israel simply resolving the situation in Gaza by whatever means are required. Yes, if Israel actually were to do so the entirety of Europe, or at least a fair share, would erupt in indignation. It’s what they do. Even the Palestinian Authority has worn out their welcome as it has become so overtly obvious that they are the ones who refuse to allow peace that the world is fed up. The outburst by Mahmoud Abbas cursed President Trump publically with one of the most vile Arabic curses when he in an outburst let loose with, “May your house be destroyed.” Trust that he added a whole lot more which can be read at the link above. The meaning of this particular curse is that your entire extended family be turned into beggars who must scape before others just to survive, not just have your house destroyed, but all of your house meaning extended family. We believe that this was explained to President Trump who apparently did not take well to such insult. So, Abbas has burned his bridges, Hamas and Islamic Jihad are so obviously Iranian pawns that the world is deserting them. With any good fortune, Hamas and Islamic Jihad will also finally face the Gazans ire and their demand to have real leadership which will serve the people and not foreign demands for violence and terrorism. The one thing you have not read in your news is that each day of the Gaza riots, one and three-quarter million people did not attend the rioting festivities and attempted to take care of their difficult economic situation as best they could due to their governance spending virtually all their aid monies on tunnels, rockets and firebombs to attach to kites and balloons while paying those who did come to riot a stipend because that is how you get people to riot. Perhaps a number of those rioting did so for the cash and nothing more. These are some facts to chew on for a while.


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