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February 5, 2018

Abbas is Coming to the Security Council


Mahmoud Abbas has been scheduled to address the United Nations Security Council on February 20, 2018, and his plea is easily predicted. Before tackling our predictive abilities, allow that we look at the recent past and what has led up to this coming confrontation, one we revel in anticipation. The chain of events begins on December 6, 2017, with the speech by United States President Donald Trump. President Trump delivered his Jerusalem recognition as the Capital of the State of Israel speech from the White House’s Diplomatic Reception Room where Trump said, “It is also the right thing to do. It’s something that has to be done.” President Trump was referencing the fact that on November 8, 1995, the United States Congress overwhelmingly, with rare total bipartisan agreement, passed the JERUSALEM EMBASSY ACT OF 1995 declaring that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel and in response to this will move the American Embassy to Jerusalem. This legislation passed in the Senate by a vote of 93-yea with 5-nay and 1 not-voting and in the House of Representatives 374-yea with 37-nay with 5 voting present and 17 not-voting. That results in a total Congressional vote of four-hundred-sixty-seven voting in favor and sixty-five voting against or abstaining in some form which we counted as opposition.


The law was signed by President Clinton knowing that there existed what we like to call the ‘Weasel Clause’ which permitted the President to sign a waver covering the next six months stating that there exist security and diplomatic reasons to put off the enactment of the law. President Clinton had no sooner signed the law that he then signed the first six-month waiver and Presidents have been signing six-month waivers every six months ever since with the gleeful backing by the State Department, an anti-Israel department which has never missed an opportunity to deter everything Israel. This has been a consistent stance by the State Department since they advised against American recognition of the nascent State of Israel. Quoting from “President Truman’s Decision to Recognize Israel” published by Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs wrote in the first paragraph, “President Truman regarded his Secretary of State, General of the Army George C. Marshall, as “the greatest living American.” Yet the two men were on a collision course over Mideast policy. Marshall firmly opposed American recognition of the new Jewish state.” Despite Marshall’s recommendations, President Truman was the first national leader to recognize the new State of Israel on May 15, 1948. Since the passing of the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, we figure there have been forty-six waivers signed collectively by Presidents Clinton, Bush, Obama and even Trump. President Trump has set in motion the initial steps such that he should be the last President signing these waivers allowing the law to finally be realized. But finally, a President has kept the promise that Presidents William Jefferson Clinton, George W. Bush, Barrack Hussein Obama and President Trump had all promised to honor the will of the American people and the Congress and move the embassy to Jerusalem recognizing the capital of Israel. It is unsurprising that President Trump, a unique President as he has no actual history as a politicians but rather a businessman, finally was good to his word and took the initial steps in moving the embassy and recognized the Israeli capital as Jerusalem. Perhaps this stems from the fact that in business one is rewarded for keeping their word and face difficulties whenever they renege on their word.


Since President Trump very publically recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, there has been a variety of reactions with an unfortunate number of negative pushbacks. The European Union, United Nations, Arab League, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, numerous European and Arab leaders and numerous other leaders and NGO’s all decrying the move by President Trump. Perhaps the most negative reaction came from Mahmoud Abbas who erupted in a fiery speech to the PLO Central Council where he cursed President Trump and his entire family exclaiming, “May your house be destroyed.” This is an old Arabic curse which means that you and all of your extended family be thrown into the street and live homeless begging for scraps and dependent on the generosity of others. There are few nastier ways of condemning a person and Abbas wished the worst of the world to befall President Trump and all around him. Mahmoud Abbas was said to have burned his bridges with his declaring the United States no longer an acceptable mediator for peace in the Arab-Israeli conflict.


Mahmoud Abbas to President Trump, “May your house be destroyed”

Mahmoud Abbas to President Trump, “May your house be destroyed”


His condemnations of President Trump and the United States is an integral part of his plans for going to the Security Council where he has plans to use his speech and cooperation of the current Security Council President, Kuwait, to propose a motion to have Palestine recognized as a real and complete nation using the Green Line, the 1949 Armistice Lines, as the borders with Israel. Such a motion is likely to cause some problems for the United States. The current members of the United Nations Security Council are the five permanent members with veto power who are China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, and the United States, plus the ten non-permanent members made up by Bolivia, Côte d’Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Netherlands, Peru, Poland and Sweden. These nations likely to pass such a motion are China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, Bolivia, Côte d’Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Netherlands, Peru, Poland and Sweden, a near unanimous vote of fourteen of the fifteen nations. Even should as many as five nations bend to pressures from the United States or even seven, that still would allow such a motion to pass unless the United States vetoes the motion. Mahmoud Abbas is hoping that he can get the full fourteen or at least more than nine thus being able to further isolate the United States and claim the American veto proves they are the pawns of Israel and thus anything done by President Trump will be claimed to be meaningless regurgitation of what Israel dictated for him.


Mahmoud Abbas is going to denounce President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem, that is obvious. But that will simply be the introduction and repeated theme, as he will denounce everything Israel and United States. Abbas is going to claim that President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu are working together to advance and accelerate the building of settlements beyond the Green Line in order to steal Arab sacred lands which are in a trust for the Palestinian people. Abbas will twist the meaning of United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 where he will attempt to quote it as saying, “Withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from all territories occupied in the recent conflict,” When the actual document reads, “Withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict (see map below).” There was great deliberation about the exact word, “all,” and whether Israel, who was fighting a defensive war, would be demanded to return all of the lands gained during the Six Day War. What is most interesting is according to International Law, any lands gained from a defensive war by a nation may be retained as repayment for having been aggressed and for the reason of establishing ‘more defensible borders’ in order to prevent future temptation of attacks. Only when Israel gained territories did the world first call these rules into question which many here find very interesting and telling indeed. Abbas will be adding the word which was fought over and about which the Security council entered very deep and arduous discussions over whether Israel was to be forced back to the 1949 Armistice lines, the borders which Abba Eban referred to as the ‘Auschwitz Borders’ or would be permitted to retain lands. Much of the discussion pertained directly to the area called the Shomron, what Jordan renamed the West Bank so as to remove the Jewish names of Shomron, or Judea and Samaria, the lands which Abbas desires to steal just as Jordan had in the 1948-9 war when six Arab armies attempted to destroy Israel at her birth. Lord Caradon, the British ambassador who submitted to the Security Council what was to become the accepted version of Resolution 242, publicly declared afterward on repeated occasions that there was no intent to demand an Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 lines. It was his insistence and refusal to have wording which could ever be interpreted as a demand for Israel to return all lands, only that Israel be required to return lands, any amount of the lands but never all of the lands. Israel was to be permitted to establish for herself defensible borders by which many at that time understood such to mean an eastern border of the Jordan River.


Six Day War Beginning and Resulting Positions from June 5, 1967 to June 10, 1967

Six Day War Beginning and Resulting Positions from June 5, 1967 to June 10, 1967


Once Israel made her peace with Egypt and returned the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula, she had met the requirements under UNSC Res 242 and could have simply retained the remainder of the lands. By this time, Israel had only officially annexed the Golan Heights and the remainder of Jerusalem and some bordering neighborhoods unifying the city. After annexing the remainder of Jerusalem, Israel extended limited citizenship where they were permitted full rights within Israel with one simple restriction, they were not yet permitted to vote in national elections, only in local, Jerusalem elections. The remainder of the lands can only be taken from Israel under the condition that Israel officially relinquishes all claims to the land. This is why Gaza is now Hamastan and a terror enclave, Israel relinquished claims to Gaza turning it over to the Palestinian Authority (PA) under a grand plan of President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice by which the PA would be granted the opportunity to prove their ability to self-govern. Obviously, the grand experiment failed as the PA lost Gaza in a coup to Hamas and Islamic Jihad with criminal families and other terror groups.


Now Mahmoud Abbas will demand, that is demand and not ask, that the Security Council recognize and present him with all the remainder of land including the half of Jerusalem held by Jordan previously and intentionally countering President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem. Mahmoud Abbas does not expect to actually succeed, he just wants to force the United States to use their veto and appear to be the Israeli savior, or the Israeli puppet. Everyone knows what game Mahmoud Abbas is playing, but that does not matter, as those who wish to destroy Israel will use the American veto as proof that the rest of the world, the ones desiring the destruction of Israel, be those to decide the outcome of Israel’s future. This may even be an idea given Abbas by the European Union when he met with them the other week. They were not exactly the most gracious of hosts and sent him home without granting him the slightest assistance, at least not visibly. It is very possible that the European Union hierarchy told Abbas to take his game to a higher level, to take his game to the highest level, the world stage of the Security Council. The European Union likely informed him that he was wasting his time trying to force Israel to surrender and should simply take his plight to the one place where they could actually make him the President of Palestine with a nation with the grandest of boundaries. Granted, the Green Line to Abbas is still accepting a consolation prize as he foresees his nation replacing all of Israel. Still, to have the Security Council recognize a Palestinian state, even if all they do is order negotiations with Israel with a deadline for reaching an agreement or the Security Council will force an agreement, this would be a tremendous victory as now Abbas would just have to say no to every offer until the deadline and then plead his case again to his friends on the Security Council.


There is one thing which will be interesting is what each of the Ambassadors have to say during any deliberations. We know pretty much what most of them will be claiming, that Israel has stonewalled the negotiations and time has come to end the entire fiasco. The entire Security Council escapade Mahmoud Abbas is about to choreograph will closely resemble the Durban Conference of 2001 which devolved into an anti-Semitic orgy of dumping on Israel specifically and the Jewish People in general. Still, there will be one scathing retort to be delivered to the assembled should our fears be realized, and whatever United States Ambassador Nikki Haley will say to the assembled Security Council will be epic, we just pray it will also be stated publically.


Beyond the Cusp


February 12, 2014

Did Israeli Civil Administration Commit Price Tag Retribution?

Sagi Kaisler lived in a home in the Jewish village of Kida in southern Samaria which he built mostly with his own hands and the help of neighbors and friends. Sagi Kaisler also was active in the movement against the destruction of homes of those Israelis given the title of settler which implies that they live under a separate set of rules than other normal and regular Israelis. The truth is that they are exactly the same as any other Israeli with the same needs and concerns except they have another concern that just became far more threatening. With the recent destruction without warning, without a court order and without even the slightest concern or compassion allowing the family to recover much of their belongings, though they did at a minimum salvage their piano, before three earthmovers destroyed their home. This was not one of those normal destructions of some temporary shelter or “caravans” that are built illegally and not located on State owned lands. This was a legally deeded home on State lands with all the necessary licenses and other verifications. But this was also the home of a man who stood for his rights and other people’s rights, stood for what he believed to be correct and stood for the settling of all of the land of Israel as instructed by Torah. For this crime he now stands homeless with his wife and children living at the generosity of friends and those whom he has assisted in the past, and that are hopefully a long enough list to allow his home to be rebuilt. So, what exactly unfolded earlier this week in the small village of Kida just beyond the Green Line.


Before delving into the reasons why this appears to have been a demolition done to send a warning to those who are active in the struggles to keep the heart of ancient Israel sending the message that you people are going to be sacrificed to appease President Obama, Secretary Kerry and the leftists who fervently believe that peace is possible if only Israel is willing to make the necessary sacrifices, let me at least give a series of quotes from those living in the area that know the Kaisler family as reported by Arutz Sheva. “Out of tens of houses in the community, the administration chose specifically to demolish Sagi’s house. There is no explanation for this other than to say that this was an act of revenge against Sagi, who has worked for years on behalf of the communities of Judea and Samaria. The demolition of the home of the Committee’s Director is a ‘Price Tag’ act by the Minister of Defense.” It was further reported that activists say the demolition was politically-motivated, as all the houses in the community (including Kaisler’s) had received the relevant permits. Civil Administration personnel, accompanied by police and IDF forces, destroyed the home of Sagi Kaisler, Director of the Shomron Residents’ Committee. And one final part of their reports spoke claiming that many of the settlers believe that Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon was misled by IDF Civil Administration officers into thinking that he was authorizing demolition of two empty caravans, and not a fully constructed family home, with a young family already living in it. They warned that the affair raises questions regarding the way the Civil Administration officers comport themselves vis-a-vis the Defense Minister, and also about the Defense Minister’s governance skills. MK Orit Struk has reportedly promised that she would be filing a parliamentary question on the matter Wednesday to the Defense Minister, and several MKs the demanded establishment of a parliamentary committee of inquiry.


This is a situation which deserves attention as it could be the first salvo in an undeclared war waged by the Civil Administration against those Israelis living in any area which they believe belongs to the Palestinian Arabs. This could spread in a menacing manner to include even some of the major residential and multiple use areas even including some which Prime Minister Netanyahu has stated he intends to have Israel retain through swaps. The problem is that some within the government bureaucracy do not share these views and will work towards having Israel surrender completely every iota of land beyond the Green Line. Some holding this suicidal notion are even in positions of authority. Though it has yet to be proven, I suspect that some of the functionaries within the Civil Administration are working along lines purported by Peace Now and other leftist organizations and may even have connections with members of leftist NGOs both within Israel and from Europe. What might surprise people to learn is that there are demonstrations which are held weekly which include not only Palestinian Arabs and leftist Israelis but also have people who make the trip from Europe representing NGOs which in numerous cases receive government funding from several European nations and even the European Union. These Europeans are often the major instigators with one recent case gaining some degree of notoriety as a European agitator had attacked the commander of an IDF unit during a staged confrontation breaking one of his fingers and further into the instigation the officer broke discipline and shoved the demonstrator using the butt of his weapon. The IDF officer had a very fine record but was still drummed out of the IDF by the publicity and political pressures over the situation. There are some, myself included, who can understand this officer’s loss of control after having been confronted in similar manner many times and he finally proved to be a human being with limitations to the control over his anger. There was a similar case in recent American history from the Iraq War where a ranking officer purposely went beyond approved interrogation techniques in order to get needed information which saved the lives of his men the very next day as they patrolled. He fired his service sidearm behind the captured terrorist leader’s head into a sand bucket used to assure that all rounds have been ejected from weapons safely, the most harmless possible place to aim a live round. The terrorist prisoner revealed the locations of ambushes and IEDs on the routes his men were to patrol and they all returned safely. This officer was also drummed from the American Army in what many, again myself included, consider an overly sensitive code that provides more protection for those who oppose freedom than it gives those protecting freedom and we that live in that freedom. I probably would not be good officer material, would I?


The Civil Administration has often appeared to show way too much energy towards carrying out the demolitions which they are charged with committing. They have been known to employ heavy machinery operators to man the bulldozers and front end loaders and other construction heavy equipment from neighboring Arab villages and even from the Palestinian Authority controlled areas when demolishing Jewish homes. There have been reports of such operators laughing and carrying on in a taunting and ridiculing manner making the procedure humiliating as well as painful from the loss of one’s residence. Such lack of consideration and compassion makes one think that perhaps they approve of these demolitions and appear to have malicious thoughts towards those whose properties they have been sent to destroy. One might wish and hope that at some point those sent to carry out these insults to human dignity and despoilers of good people’s properties who are harming nobody will eventually sicken of their charges and refuse to continue to destroy people’s lives. One can hope and pray as only such has any hope of changing hearts and minds, hope and prayers.


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