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November 17, 2015

Today Europe Labels Judea and Samaria, Tomorrow All Israel


The European Union has voted their fate casting their lot with the anti-Semites, the anti-Zionists and the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement) which was originated by Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) which is the terrorist group made legal by the world’s insane drive to destroy Israel, to destroy the Jewish State. The European Union has decided their future is with the Islamic world and they will very likely get their wish as Islam is poised to crawl over the rotting corpse of a dead culture spent and tired crawling towards extinction as they forfeit their culture for expediency. The Europeans’ society has fallen so rotten in its core that their reproductive rate has fallen well below replacement levels and this has bode extremely troubling for the now elderly society realizing that there are insufficient youth to pay taxes in order to subsidize their retirement pensions and other services the governments have promised. The European Union realizes this more than most of the wealthier nations seeing the dissolution of Spain, Portugal, Greece, and the possibility that soon these will be joined by Italy and eventually France. Then the European Union looks to the east to see the former Warsaw Pact nations, from before the Soviet Union, and satellite Communist nations imploded due to financial and other systemic problems. These nations are still crawling, scratching and clawing their way in recovering from almost a century of slowly degrading and collapsing governance which took a toll on infrastructure, lacked modernized systems for power, water, energy and transportation leaving a ruined near wastelands which have been performing bravely but still not ready to support the over-bloated and aging society of Western Europe and also facing some of the same demographic inequalities though for different reasons but the same result of aging societies as the youth fled to greener pastures leaving their former generations behind and not even looking back. This is the demographic and financial bombshell which is threatening to explode all across Europe.


Europe desperately needed more working youth to support the top heavy aging society and believes they found the answer in the Islamic world. But there is a problem inviting what they saw as their potential salvation in the Islamic world. The Germans initially looked to Turkey, France to Algeria, Italy to Libya and Spain and Portugal to the smaller states from the coastal regions of northwestern Africa. What nobody predicted was the tens of hundreds of thousands of refugees flooding Europe like army ants clearing the jungle as they open their path from the old nest to their new nest. They thought they were getting Syrian families who had no home left and were stranded in camps with no hope seeking a savior, and the Europeans led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel who announced in a speech the willingness of Germany to absorb eight-hundred-thousand Syrian refugees. Well, Europe got their refugees but they were not quite what they had been expecting. The refugees did not have demographics of families with small children, mothers and fathers but instead these refugees were not all Syrian and not anywhere near as many were families but rather military age of fifteen to forty years of age, alone and many riotous already and refusing food aid claiming it was not Halal. They have broken from any holding areas and have torn through the areas stealing and antagonizing the people who reside in the adjoining neighborhoods. Obviously these disturbances were minor inconveniences as we now know after the assault in Paris, France last Friday.


But the European Union is still more concerned with the possibility that Jews and Arabs are working together receiving equal respect, equal treatment, equal pay, and equal opportunity. With a mix of Arabs and Jews at every level of the companies except for one, the companies are owned predominantly by Jews, but this is not sufficient so it must not be permitted to stand. Jews employing Arabs as well as Jews and treating them fairly is simply unthinkable and as such cannot be true. Those all-knowing Europeans have assessed this according to their beliefs that Israel is in an Apartheid State and its Jews are all racist. The fact that in the Israeli Knesset, Arabs such as Minister Ahmed Tibi (United Arab List) insists that Hamas is not a terror organization while holding the position of Deputy Speaker and Hanin Zoabi (Balad) was on the Mavi Marmara when the deadly assault with Israeli forces enforcing the legal embargo took place and she is still protected by the Israel Supreme Court and serves in the Knesset as well. In virtually any European country at least one of the pair, if not both, would have been tried and convicted of treason but in Israel they are coddled darlings of the left and not only free but serving in the Israeli Parliament. The Europeans might not be as open minded towards Israel and the Jews as the Israelis are to the Arabs in their midst. But certainly this cannot be true, Europeans are as accepting as they come, after all, look at the refugees the Europeans have accepted into their nations.



Muslim Rioters Burning Denmark Flag Protesting That They’re Not Being Permitted to Shape the Laws and Society to Match their Islamic Homelands

Muslim Rioters Burning Denmark Flag Protesting
That They’re Not Being Permitted to Shape the Laws
and Society to Match their Islamic Homelands



Then there are the newest wave of refugees, or should we call them what they really are, front line shock troops. No, I am not going to actually claim that all the refugees are militants out to destroy Europe and there are likely many families honestly seeking safe shelter and a place to make a fresh start. Unfortunately, it does not take a multitude to spoil the entire European welcoming of the honestly needy and abused Syrian refugees, it doesn’t even take a plurality, it merely takes a remarkably small percentage when the numbers of refugees are approaching over a million souls. The other problem is that it often takes but a few well trained instigators to bring what would be an otherwise small problem into a full blown riot. It is what in the United States is often called a community organizer, and there appear to be quite a few such well-trained instigators amongst the refugees as riots have broken out throughout the heart of Europe. These riots are tame compared to the terror attack in Paris and we are not making any comparison but the rioting is disconcerting when it is your neighborhood. There have been reports that even in Germany there have been serious advantages taken by the government by sending hundreds of refugees to very small towns in the countryside which have long traditions and had agreed to accept some, a reasonable and justifiably reasonable few in proportions to their populations. This was exemplified to the ridiculous, even worse, this could only be equaled by the theater of the absurd as the tiny German town of Sumte, population 102, will soon be home to 750 refugees from around the world. There have been other reports, some from other than known trusted sources, which tell of numerous other towns where the numbers of refugees will completely change the communities by refugees equaling half that of the population to as much as double the population and this is just the first phase of German distributing the onslaught of refugees and other Muslims which have overwhelmed German capabilities to manage. There have even been discussions by German officials to try and place a large number of refugees in other European countries. The rioting which has been claimed to have become a serious problem of late surprisingly began farther back than many might believe. Here is an example in the video below from September 5, 2015 in the city of Budapest.





With such a number of incoming Muslims and the percentage of radicalized observant Muslims apparently amongst them, there is the possibility that the European Union might be bowing to the Arab Palestinian BDS Movement in order to transform Europe making it a more comfortable and sympathetically adjusted atmosphere. One might posit that by labeling the goods made by a well-adjusted, multicultural, integrated, multi-ethnic, religiously mixed, religiously blind, mutually profitable businesses which pay Arabs and Jews according to their positions and promotions are merit-based but are owned by Jews is but the first step by the European Union in ridding their shelves of any Jewish Israeli owned products. Their historic support of all Arab demands over Jewish interests, especially Israeli interests, from the 1948 war of Jewish genocide where Israel lost the Gaza to Egypt, the Golan Heights to Syria, and Judea and Samaria to Jordan who found Judea, as well as Samaria, as sounding far too Jewish renamed them West Bank and attempted to annex them which was not recognized as their possession was an obvious occupation which was all but impossible to ignore. What might be next might be the European Union folding to the Arab Palestinian BDS Movement’s oft stated goal of having all Israeli products so labeled as the Arabs claim is that all of Israel is occupied lands. Should such a step be taken it would be an even more obvious and threatening situation for Europe’s Jewish citizens. Such steps might even be taken as a move meant as a threatening acquiescence to such Arab designs and demands so easily and eagerly, there might be those who might believe that these moves were intended to be making Europe Judenrein for the incoming Muslims. The politicians will deny such designs were their intentions, but the truth will eventually emerge despite all the hype, screaming, yelling, knocking in doors and all the temper tantrums, the truth will eventually be heard.



BDS Was Never Meant To Free an Inch of Palestine It Was Always Meant To Destroy Every Inch of Israel

BDS Was Never Meant To Free
an Inch of Palestine
It Was Always Meant
To Destroy Every Inch of Israel



There is an interesting effect which has been seen by those who have bothered to seek the trends within Europe. The distance between the average politicians, especially those of the European Union, and the peoples have been ever widening. This trend has seen the peoples sliding towards a more conservative, right-wing, nationalist position. At the same time the politicians are flinching before the loudest complainers, the leftists whose international and domestic policies will estrange the politicians from the people. Part of any polls since Friday or over the next weeks will only show these gaps widening as the peoples and politicians each react in totally disparate ways. This distancing between the peoples and the politicians can only be resolved in one of two ways; either the peoples will replace the current parties and people with ones which more closely represent their growing nationalist and conservative views or the politicians will find ways of buying votes with programs, spending money or other investments to persuade sufficient numbers of voters to give them their votes to maintain their seats. There is coming turmoil in Europe which may result in a new map of the Islamic World as compared to the one we have used previously.



Arab and Muslim World After the Initial Breakout until World War I
Arab and Muslim World After the Islamization of Europe except for Switzerland and Israel in Red Both Standing Against any Islamic Assault or Tide



The world, not only the Europeans, is completely and totally obsessed with Israel. Their hatred is beyond the white hot rage which blinds their eyes to the facts and burns out the circuitry of their minds to recognize their completely off-the-wall crazy-insane slogans and actual points they chant and applaud whenever they gather in a group larger than a dozen believers. Here are a few examples to ponder while you have your third morning cup of coffee, hopefully rich and aromatic coffee. The chanted demand for “From the river to the sea; Palestine must be free.” Where does Israel belong in your claimed perfect solution of two states living side-by-side in peace and security? Next, “The IDF is committing genocide in” (your choice as you use these interchangeably) 1) “Gaza,” 2) “the West Bank,” 3) “Jenin which was wiped off the map” (proven by the special investigators for the United Nations and verified by the HRC, UN Human Rights Council, to be an actual battle fought completely within a half mile radius not harming the rest of a major Arab city) and 4) “Israel is committing ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians” yet somehow there are over five million Arab Palestinians, that’s 5,000,000, all from an initial population estimated to be somewhere between a half and three-quarters of a million original refugees. Trust me when I inform you that should the IDF actually decide to cleanse the areas of Arab Palestinians there would be a few less alive today, not five million Arab Palestinians, like somewhere between zero and none. Of course you know as well as we do that such a situation would only be the result of a Pan-Arab and Muslim final Jihad against Israel and Jews everywhere were to be declared, and such would not be an idea from Israel, never. Then the IDF and every Jew with an ounce of common sense would join the fight as better to die on one’s feet than be beheaded stooped over on one’s knees. Then the battle would be to the death of one side or the other, the Arabs or the Jews, then you will see what genocide looks like, but we fear that the Jews will be at the wrong end in such a war.


Beyond the Cusp


November 15, 2015

Will This Be the Last Surge of Islam?


There will be reactions from all sides on the slaughter in Paris, France this weekend. There will be calls for arming the populace or at least those who desire to carry weapons and undertake the responsibility with respect to the law and the society. There will be those going exactly the other direction demanding all firearms, especially automatic rifles as well as the scary looking so-called assault weapons and who will denounce those calling for arming everybody. Those two groups can go to some out-of-the-way corner and argue vehemently and vociferously for as long as they desire as long as they leave the sane people from suffering their diametrically opposed views of the world as neither one is the complete answer. Both those extremes are also what makes democracies, specifically democratic Republics, so preferred a manner of governance as the fact that there must be debate, something the prior mentioned will assure their side gets their two-cents worth in, and this causes deliberations and eventually some compromise is reached which has had all the sharp edges and deep crevices smoothed over and something that all can agree is adequate usually ensued, or that is how it is supposed to function. There will be a lot of debate in the Western World about what to do with the Islamic refugees, many of which are true refugees but apparently all too many are not so innocent, nor are truly refugees, dispersed within the hundreds of thousands swarming into Europe and beginning to arrive in New Orleans in the United States with ten thousand are due shortly with the initial groups already ashore.



Generic File Image of Syria and Other Refugees Arriving for Processing

Generic File Image of Syria and Other Refugees Arriving for Processing



The one thing we can be assured of is we will hear from more experts expounding disparate and contradictory ideas on how to best handle the situation and most will be so far afield that they will at best offer entertainment or at least amusement. We can always count on experts to provide the comic relief until the lawmakers start agreeing and trying to implement their suggested remedies. The truth is the world at large needs to address what is coming and whether we like it or not, something evil this way comes. The alarmists are once again on the right track and viewing the world as it is and not how we wish or experts tell us the world might be. The Paris attacks are far from the first assault in this coming conflict. Paris wasn’t even the first of this type of attack by terrorists as that assault came in Mumbai, India on November 26, 2008, where hundreds were slaughtered and the assault lasted three days before order was restored. The lone terrorist taken alive was Abu Jundal who was charged and tried for his alleged role in the terror assault.



The Iconic Taj hotel on Fire During the Mumbai, India Terror Attacks on November 26, 2008

The Iconic Taj hotel on Fire
During the Mumbai, India
Terror Attacks on
November 26, 2008



These events are the recent escalation which was set in motion by the bombing of the World Trade Center Towers parking garage where a truck filled with explosives had been parked and detonated on February 26, 1993 leaving a sixty-foot cratered hole in the structure collapsing several floors directly adjacent to the bomb and six people were killed and more than a thousand people were injured. The structural supports for the World Trade Towers, though compromised, were not sufficiently damaged to cause either tower to collapse and contained the blast damage to the somewhat local area. The parking garage and immediate surroundings had taken more than five-hundred-million-dollars in damage. After the attack it became necessary to evacuate fifty-thousand people from the buildings where hundreds were suffering from smoke inhalation. This evacuation lasted the entire afternoon closing numerous offices on the larger effected areas including areas which were initially considered dangerous due to the structural damage and danger of further collapse.



World Trade Center Towers parking garage where a truck filled with explosives had been parked and detonated leaving a sixty-foot cratered hole in the structure collapsing several floors directly adjacent to the bomb

World Trade Center Towers parking garage
where a truck filled with explosives had been
parked and detonated leaving a sixty-foot
cratered hole in the structure collapsing
several floors directly adjacent to the bomb



Needless to add, the World Trade Center Towers after this failed attempt to destroy this world renowned image of the strength of the United States and its economic wealth as well as the fact that several government departments located their Now York headquarters within the World trade Center Complex making it an even more enticing target became an obsession to al-Qaeda and its leader, Osama ben-Laden who eventually planned an attack using four civilian aircraft to attack the two main towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and one flight we will never know their intended target because that plane, flight 93, was brought down by the passengers after they had learned of the other attacks and they stormed the cockpit to take back control of the aircraft which crashed into the ground as the terrorists chose death before dishonor and are likely proud of that choice wherever their souls may be rotting. Of course, most of the world believes the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center as the seminal moment the terror war began, but historians will trace the modern Islamic aggressions to the seventh century and the breakout from the Arabian Peninsula of the forces of Islam which eventually were stopped in Tours, France and twice at Vienna, Italy and now rule in one form or another the entirety of North Africa and the Middle East (MENA) and large populations of followers of Islam reaching to the southern islands of the Philippines and into Indonesia. (see map below)



Display of the Muslim Nations of the World in the Middle East, Asia and Northern Africa in Green with Israel depicted in Red making the relative size of Israel evident and consisting of under one percent of the land mass

Display of the Muslim Nations of the World in the Middle East, Asia and Northern Africa in Green with Israel depicted in Red



Stepping ahead to the present and the attacks in Paris, please allow us to repeat our emotions and wishes from yesterday’s article where we added to the beginning the following, “Our Prayers and emotions reach out to the victims of terror everywhere in the world and especially at this time to Paris and all of France. May the people and their leaders restore order and care for those injured both physically and emotionally. Our caring thoughts and prayers for a recovery from the horrendous acts being perpetrated in the name of submitting the innocent through brutality; may the peace and goodness win out these days.” These attacks had at the time of our writing had taken approaching one-hundred-fifty innocents with untold injured and many dozens of people reported as missing by families and friends with the one constant, confusion and conflicting reports. As with the Charlie Hebdo murderers, the social media is filled with sympathy and posts of “Je suis Paris” and “Je suis France” which, though understanding and appropriate, the sympathy is such a contrast to the reactions to the shooting of a mother and father in front of their four children sitting in the back seat of the vehicle on an early morning in early October and just yesterday another family was struck by terrorists in a drive-by-shooting in which the father and elder son were murdered, a second teenage son was injured with multiple gunshots from a drive-by shooting and the four remaining children were deeply shocked just this past week. Israel has been under a continuous series of terrorist attacks under the direct demands of their governing body with Mahmoud Abbas directly organizing the violence giving it his blessings with his now infamous declarations in which Abbas begins his tirade demanding, we won’t allow Jews with their “filthy feet” to “defile our al-Aqsa Mosque” and “We bless every drop of blood spilled for Allah. We bless every drop of blood that has been spilled for Jerusalem, which is clean and pure blood.” Abbas continued further on stating, “Every Martyr will reach Paradise, and everyone wounded will be rewarded by Allah…” Abbas went on to claim during this tirade meant to inspire additional deadly violence against Israelis aimed primarily at the Jews demanding, “The al-Aqsa (meaning the entirety of the grounds and structures upon the Temple Mount) is ours, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is ours and they have no right (Jews in particular and Israelis in general) to defile them with their filthy feet. We will not allow them to, and we will do everything in our power to protect Jerusalem.” Despite the numerous stabbings, vehicles used as ramrods into crowds of people waiting for busses or light rail, large rocks hurled at cars, slinging rocks shot at people and finally shootings have begun and who knows what the future holds as there is always the possibility for bombings, rockets from Hamas and Islamic Jihad and lastly there are the one-hundred to one-hundred-fifty thousand rockets and missiles stored throughout Lebanon with the worst having ranges reaching everywhere in Israel and the largest having many-hundreds of kilos sized warheads yet whenever such events strike in Israel, instead of seeing “אני ישראלי” (I am Israeli) we get warnings that we should exercise restraint and that reacting may escalate the situation. After every terror attack throughout the world outside Israel the call is for steps to be taken to protect from any future such assault. There is sympathy pouring from all corners of the globe. In Israel we are told to basically suck it up and take care not to further upset the murdering beasts across the street in all too many cases. This differentiation must change and the reasons are legendary because as we pointed out near the beginning of this article, something evil this way comes.


Islam in its history has already experienced two distinct periods of expansion. The initial expansion started in approximately 610 lasting through 750. The initial spread came under Mohammad spreading throughout the Arabian Peninsula followed by the break-out across Middle East and through Egypt, Tunisia and Libya under the Four Caliphs and finally Umayyads reaching across the rest of North Africa into Spain before being turned back at Tours, France by Charles the Hammer Martel. This defeat ended the western advances under Islam and from 750 through around 1300 Islam consolidated their unbelievable expansion and worked on educating their new territories converting the populations and the golden age of Islam experienced great knowledge and the important transcribing and keeping the Greek and Roman writings in math, philosophy, medicine and the carious sciences and literature. There was a transformation from the rule of the Umayyad to Abbasid dynasty. The Islamic Golden Age is traditionally said to have dated from the middle-7th century to the middle-13th century.


From the middle-14th came the second advance of what became the more familiar phase of Islamic advancement after the Abbasid dynasty had declined losing control of the furthest lands, something which historic logistical experts could have predicted as no empire can expand and continue to influence and control anything at a distance able to be reached by any mode available within a fairly brief period of days and not weeks. At this time there was the emergence of a small but well-organized and motivated tribe called the Ottoman Turks, or just the Ottomans, who were breaking out of northeastern areas of Turkey across the Islamic lands. The Ottomans not only took control of the existing Islamic lands but expanding them beyond the furthest points up the Nile and through southern Libya and further into Eastern Europe bordering southern Poland and Germany with some stubborn areas bypassed due to either treaty or simple heavy resistance making the conquest counterproductive. The Ottoman Empire, as the lands became known, lasted in a weakened state until they chose the wrong side of World War I standing with the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Germany. This is what led to the beginning of European nations ruling over the areas which were previously Ottoman Empire lands which means that the Europeans occupied the lands of MENA for far less than a century, with most less than fifty years, while Islam ruled them for as much as ten to twenty times as long, most for over a thousand years. This is a truth not often noted as it does not serve the occupying colonial guilt that is supposed to be laid upon the Europeans and associated peoples despite the realities of history.


The leaders of the Islamic nations do have some critical reasons which are valid to be irate with the Europeans beyond the obvious Sykes–Picot Agreement which made the boundaries of many modern states of the Middle East as well as the borders of much of Eastern Europe, the European portion is oft ignored while the Middle Eastern nations are often stressed as the result and reason for hate over the prolonged and intolerable European occupation. The further anger was based in the fact in the Quran which claims that no land ever under the rule of Islam may ever be allowed to be ruled by any other as such is an insult to Allah which must be repaired at any cost as immediately as possible. This is why Israel has faced a perpetual and unremitting string of terror attacks and wars with no reason allowed as all of Israel must be returned to the rule of Allah, meaning returned to the Rule of Muslims and never be permitted to continue under Israeli-Jewish rule. But there is a rumbling going on deep inside the Islamic world.


After the decline of the Ottoman Empire which outlasted its innate ability to defend its conquests as the military was outstripped by the developments and discoveries the Christian world experienced after the Protestant Reformation, Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, and the entry into the Information Age. Weaponry in Europe proved to be the deciding advantage against the Ottomans from east to west. The Ottoman Empire fell with as much violence and bloodshed with much of it coming from Muslims within their empire who had grown tired of Ottoman rule and desired a change thus allied with the British and the French in overthrowing the Ottoman rulers while the Jewish Brigades (also called the Palestine Brigades though nearly no Arabs served within the ranks which were almost exclusively Jews under British officers) were largely used in keeping order in Alexandria, Egypt but did see some fighting in northern Italian front lines towards the end of World War I. These units officially make up the 38th and 39th Battalions of the Royal Fusiliers of which the former was comprised largely by Zion Mule Corps and a large number of Russian Jews while the latter consisted of all Jews from the United States and Canada. The fact that some of the defeats of Ottoman forces could come at the hands of the Jews was not accepted well and pained the Muslims even more than losing to the European forces which were more modernly armed and whose support was excellent and often is what made the difference. This weakness which brought on such a rapid crushing of the Caliphate which had existed largely in lands won by the first breakout and struck at the heart of Islam.


This has led to rumblings and the formation of ever more radical (which means religious) Muslim organizations. The proof of this has been revealed over the few years as we had al-Qaeda, then the Taliban, Boko Haram in Nigeria and now the world is facing the Islamic State and soon a nuclear armed Iran. These Muslims are dedicating themselves to follow the teaching of the Medina Quran over the Mecca Quran thus they are neglecting the moderation of the early Quran in favor of the violence inherent in the latter Quranic verses. We covered the Quran a while ago and have received some positive feedback on our explanations of the two sides to the Quran and the reasoning and changes in Muhammad’s life. Ever since the Muslim Brotherhood blessed the terror groups starting with their joint effort with the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) followed by Hamas which became known as the radicalized terror organization. After a while the Muslim Brotherhood established another group modelled on the same basic principles as was Hamas as religious ties to Islam were found to run deeper and thus prove to be great motivation which far exceeded Arab tribalism. Then from al-Qaeda was spun the Taliban which is very much like Hamas and the finally we now have the Islamic State (ISIS) from which will theoretically be the force which can defeat any state necessary to place their influence over that nation starting with Syria and Iraq. It was theoretically an ISIS terror attack which exploded across the French capital of Paris. If this assault becomes something which occurs somewhere in the middle of any major city in the United States, as they have no stomach for any fight unless it hits home, or with an assault either in one nation or in a number of nations striking out in several cities, then perhaps the world will truly awaken. We are unaware as to what more damaging ISIS might prefer, the taking of people in one city of a single nation, the murder of a number of people cutting a swath across hitting numerous cities or finally striking numerous cities strewn across any number of Western Nations or even other sites such as Asia or MENA as even the monarchies are not safe from such assaults.


But all of this, the attack in Paris, the ongoing war against Israel for over sixty-seven years, the Mumbai attack, the Boston Marathon Attack, the World Trade Center Attack, the Bali Attack, the attacks in Kenya including one yesterday, the Fort Hood Terror Strike and the numerous others both grand and small having one common thread, the toppling the government or strangle the economy such that Islam in its most powerful means as people hear such sermons teaching hatred and violence often aimed at the great Satan, the United States, and likely otherwise Israel targets. Time will tell if the Islamic assaults are simply further terrorist killings or part of an organized escalation which will lead to a greater heat from the attacks as they spread their efforts ever further along with the initial seeds to try and impose a Caliphate over the Islamic nations and threaten the rest of the world.


Islam has been at war with the world since the fall of the Ottoman Empire which resulted from World War I and their desire to reassert unitary rule over their vast holdings; do not be fooled when something simple may soon follow. The first step towards global hegemony is the finishing of the taking of Iraq and Syria. Until that has been accomplished I would be able to reassess their ability to sell the Islamic war on the same promise made centuries before, to unite or conquer every Islamic nation in MENA and then break down Europe. There is a reason nobody has ever conquered the world, namely there is too much there to take. The final question is what was the first warfare and earliest we had with Muslims. The problem the world faces is whether it might be possible for Islam to conquer the world and impose their law, every part of Sharia, on an unsuspecting world of souls. Some claim the initial attack was the wars with the Barbary Pirates, but are they correct or is it something far more recent and seldom given a single thought; can you name the start of the modern war on the Western World? (Answer Below Scroll Down)


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Answer: It was the assassination of Robert Kennedy by Sirhan Bashara Sirhan on June 5, 1968 as Sirhan Sirhan was a Palestinian Arab who was obsessed with Robert Kennedy and his support for Israel. He decided to kill him when he came to California.



October 15, 2015

How Will Europe Handle Unlimited Terror


The unsettled Arab refugees are not committing terrorism, they are simply demonstrating. That is how they demonstrate, that’s all, nothing more. What Europe is experiencing now is simple unrest which will die down over time and as the weather cools. Demonstrators, almost without exception, tend to demonstrate only when the weather permits and once the mercury drops below 10oC the demonstrators will thin out and soon be so few that three police is all that will be needed to monitor their antics. If they were to get media coverage there would often be more reporters than demonstrators. But once spring comes and the weather tops 20oC then the numbers start to return and the demonstrations next summer will very likely qualify to be called riots. But even that is not the worst of what Europe will soon be facing. Europe needs to understand that the influx of refugees has only just begun and will slow until next spring when they will follow the frost line as they head north into Germany, France, Britain and the Scandinavian nations where the life is the easiest and the benefits the most generous. But even with the best of benefits, the most gracious hospitality, the nicest neighborhoods, accommodations for Islam as good as any Middle Eastern nation, and department after government department going head over heels to provide and meet even the most contrary set of demands will only strengthen the image of weakness as polite and caring social services is the most definitive sign of weakness to the Islamist.


Let us explain. By going the extra distances to meet or exceed their grandest expectations, this will simply produce further demands. If the government and the people continue to try and meet even the most absurd and grand of demands, the Islamists will interpret such action as being fed by an innate fear which drives this high level of accommodation and striving to please. The Middle East Islamist mindset expects minimal efforts to meet the mere minimalist needs of the people as their governments were designed more to enrich the klepto-politicians rather than meet the peoples’ needs. The European rush to meet and even exceed expectations is inconceivable and is interpreted as the ruling class being so fearful of their presence that they actually are not stealing most of the funds for themselves but instead actually providing everything promised and then some. That can only be undeniable proof that these Europeans are just as weak willed and timid, as these refugees had been told they were, thus the demands will simply continue to grow while their feeling of power will grow and this will lead to rioting as this is the first step in their uprising to conquer these lands for Allah. As soon as they have determined, whether accurately or because of misunderstandings, that the local and national government officials, and thus also the people, are dutifully cowed and showing the complicity of timidity, the Islamist instigators who were sent to organize the young men, which appeared to make up the bulk of the refugees by some miracle of nature, will instigate starting the terror war for Europe which will commence soon thereafter. This will present the European media a conundrum as they will want to display the Muslims as the wretched and destitute who have been given the short rift in life which supposedly explains their anger, something that the European media has often claimed causes the terrorism in Israel included with the assumption that Israelis detest the Arab Palestinian and the mistreatment by the Jews is what drives the terrorism. Obviously the treatment given by the Europeans has been the epitome of caring affection with largess and benefits showered generously covering every accommodation required, requested or anticipated yet still not preventing terrorist attacks which do resemble the current third intifada stabbing marathon and the horrific terror spree across Jerusalem and throughout the rest of Israel.



Islamists Flying the Black Flag of the Islamic State Assaulting Greek Police with Murderous Intents from all Appearances

Islamists Flying the Black Flag of the Islamic State Assaulting Greek Police with Murderous Intents from all Appearances



What will the reaction be across the nations of Europe? That will all depend on which party is in power during the coming rioting and terrorism replete with stone throwing, stabbings, firebombings, muggings and potentially shootings. Should the more leftist parties such as the Social Democrats or even more leftist of the parties be in power inactions and policy lock-up will be the result. If, on the other hand, a right wing nationalist party heads the ruling coalition then law enforcement might just be granted a green light to do whatever is required to restore order. But even with a rightist government run coalition in power, it is possible that the more centrist parties in such a coalition might take a more cautious approach to the problem thus hindering any actual use of overt force to quell the riots, stabbings, rock throwing, firebombings and other attacks such that limited police actions such as tear gas and possibly water cannons will prove ineffective against the terrorist acts which are actually life threatening. Needless to point out that should there be a terrorist suicide bombing with a sizeable loss of life then all bets are off as long as there is a reasonable government in power. Still, sufficiently left leaning governance which abhors the governmental use of deadly power would prove to have insufficient actions to really end the threats. Whatever the makeup of the government, after a full summer of such terrorism and sufficient death toll, the next election will see the elections of right wing, nationalist, law and order parties across all of Europe. The result will be a bloodletting should such terrorism and rioting continue as the government elected on an enforce the law and take no prisoners campaign, such a government could easily react by calling out the military to support the police or to enforce the law through use of martial law. Either way, the military is not a police force, they are not well trained in limited use of force and when facing potentially deadly force used against them a military unit is far more likely to shoot first and never ever consider asking questions before, during or after. After the first time the military lets loose with deadly force against rioters there will be a potential for a backlash against such use of deadly force that the government will quite possibly be forced into a state of inaction as they will be uncertain as to what the public actually desires and is willing to support. Such a response is also almost guaranteed as leftish NGOs will be waiting for just such a scenario to take advantage and attempt to push for the return of a leftist, peace at any cost, give the rioters and terrorists whatever it takes to make them happy as supplication with ice cream is always preferable to tear gas and bullets.



Water cannon used on Islamic Rioters as Hungarian Police Attempt to Restore Order After Rioting

Water cannon used on Islamic Rioters as Hungarian Police Attempt to Restore Order After Rioting



There is something almost poetic about what is coming down the pike for the Europeans who have been riding Israel about their reaction to such violence from the Arab Palestinians. There has been the accusation of Israel as racist, though Israel has Arabs, Muslims, Christians, Druze, Ethiopians, and the Menashe from India included in the IDF and all other aspects of society. There has been Europeans accusing Israel of being an Apartheid State which is even more ridiculous than the charge of racism and for much the same reasoning. Then there have been the claims that Israel has been practicing genocide against the Arab Palestinians but as they have gone from less than three-quarters of a million to over five million in numbers the Israelis have been doing one horrific job and have probably the worst efficiency rating of any group in actually carrying out genocide. Trust that the Israeli Defense Force is far too competent to have such disastrous results if their efforts really were to genocidally eliminate the Arab Palestinians. The idea to boycott any business beyond the Green Line because they are profiteering on Arab Palestinian lands actually works against those very Arab Palestinians as many are employed by those companies who the Europeans are boycotting. Who do you think will lose their jobs if those companies all relocated to within the Green Line and many of their Arab Palestinian employees having no pass to enter within the Green Line would be left without employment. Further, the Israeli companies provide the second highest paying positions, higher paying than even the Arab Palestinian Security Forces and only lower than the payments made to terrorist’s families who are in Israeli prisons for murdering more Israelis. If the aim was to help the Arab Palestinians and prove that peace does have a chance, then the Europeans would be supporting and encouraging such enterprises. But despite the facts on the ground, we have heard and read stories from the media in Europe and the United States where the stories often begin with the shooting death of an Arab Palestinian for undetermined reason, they were simply shot dead leaving a wife, kids, heartbroken parents, a sick brother or sister needing an operation or any humanizing softening of the story making their case one for sympathy and buried somewhere within the story it is mentioned that the now victim of horrific cruelty by Israeli police, IDF or vigilante overzealous citizens had just previous to their death been shooting, running-over, stabbing or hacking Israeli civilians at a bus stop, light rail station or other gathering place where the potential for carnage was higher right before being shot and was only shot to end their killing spree. Then there is this Arab Palestinian who set himself on fire pictured below.



Arab Palestinian Sets Self on Fire Attempting to Throw Molotov Cocktail

Arab Palestinian Sets Self on Fire Attempting to Throw Molotov Cocktail



There has been an instigating infrastructure already in place across Europe waiting for just the right time when there would exist sufficient young men who were unfamiliar with European society and the different moral codes and accepted lifestyles and so many other societal differences between Western Judeo-Christian ethos and Islam. Such individuals are primed weapons which simply need the right circumstances and goading to turn a frustrated youth into a riotous, violent weapon of jihad who only needs to be aimed at the soft underbelly of Europe to extract revenge for all the slights they have been convinced they were suffering at the hands of the Europeans. Of course the Europeans will be completely puzzled and confused unable to come to grips with this situation. They will try to find where they fell short in assisting these obviously angered refugees who the Europeans believed they had provided for their every conceivable detail except one, the complete surrender of their culture and beliefs that all men are created equal, replacing it with the even simpler code of each man for themselves, a far more primitive and less developed and uncomplicated, straight-forward culture.


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