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July 10, 2013

Thoughts From Abbas to Zimmerman

As we have stated before, Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, will continue to play a game of trading precondition to Secretary Kerry one for one for the successful forcing of Israel into concessions. At no point will he be completely out of preconditions and if he condescends to meet Netanyahu and negotiate, such negotiations will not be productive and Abbas will walk away within weeks stating that Israel is inflexible when the truth, though most new sources will never admit so, is that Abbas refuses to make any peace and will only accept the complete removal and supplanting of the Jewish State of Israel with the Palestinian State of Palestine.


The second round of the Egyptian demonstration against freedom destructive governance will end either with the Military appointing the next President, even should they win an election or the Muslim Brotherhood candidate winning, in what will be described as open and free elections. The only other possible outcome would be a second failed state like Syria in a horrific and destructive civil contest where the innocent noncombatants will bear the brunt of the harms.


In Syria the United States can only prolong the fighting by arming the Rebel forces as Russia and Iran are serious about never giving up their influence over Syria. The Sunni-Shiite conflict, which is what the Syrian war has evolved into, will soon wash over Lebanon and possibly beyond. Even if the Rebels are defeated they will likely continue their struggle using terrorist and guerilla tactics. Life in Syria will not return to any form of normal for quite a long time.


Obama Care will likely run into difficulties which will lead directly into a Single Payer Plan provided by Government much as healthcare operates in Britain or Canada. It will be sold as the only option to save the healthcare industry which will be on the verge of collapse because of the unwieldy regulations and untested systems which will utterly fail. Obama Care was never supposed to function as a healthcare system but was the level with which to ply open the forced imposition of a Government Healthcare System which will be just as unwieldy as it has proven almost everywhere it has been implemented.


And finally let’s discuss the Travon Murder Trial. The jury of six women who are hearing the Zimmerman evidence will most likely end without reaching a verdict and the trial will result in a hung jury. There will be some who will believe the evidence which has been proof that charges should never have been filed and they were filed simply for political means. There will also be at least one woman on the jury who will decide that a mother lost her child and somebody has to pay for that plain and simple. There will not be a second attempt at a trial of Mr. Zimmerman with the impossibility of finding a jury as the excuse. That will not be the end of this nightmare for Mr. Zimmerman as then the Federal Government through the Justice Department will bring denial of Travon’s Civil Rights charged against him. Since for all intents and purposes, the filing of such charges is also a virtual guarantee of a guilty verdict. Mr. Zimmerman was destined to lose his freedom as too many have too much on the line of which are some hustlers’ entire reputations. Justice may be blind but she is not deaf to the loud demands that Zimmerman had to be guilty of something, it was obvious.


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