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February 28, 2016

American Mainstream Jews and Israel Has the Love Waned?


American mainstream Jews’ love affair with Israel has all but died, but it ain’t over yet. Just as in Europe where its Jews had all but turned their backs completely on Israel as there were more important and pressing things that mattered and anyway, loving Israel when all around you are critical and demanding you back-up their views in order to fit in, well, you know. And Israel with its resorting to the sword at any little provocation because, after all, those rockets almost never hit anything vital and the people were mostly safe, at least that is what their friends in Tel Aviv had told them. And the terrorism was mostly aimed at those crazy Jews, the settler people who lived the bible. Now Europe has changed and its Jews are rapidly changing their tune as well. They are coming home in droves compared to ten years ago. These droves will appear as but a light drizzle when the floodgates open and the European Jews come forth returning to their true home as fast as their arrangements will carry them. Towards the end of Judaism in Europe, something the European elite feel cannot happen fast enough, there will be a flood and selling their holdings back home will not even slow them, many leaving that to a real estate broker who they hope does not cheat them too badly. The end of Judaism in Europe will be the final specter over a soon dead Europe as the new owners take to their voting booths and install the exact same theocratic, dictatorial governance they fled dumping democracy because that is not how the Sharia works, the Imams take over and they decide what is best for every last person and their demands are final. This will be the final chapter in Europe as a result of throwing off all religious observance and then even the pretense of Christianity and soon thereafter they will be wondering what was happening as the last vestiges of Judeo-Christian society and all of its niceties fade as a crescent moon rises triumphantly over Europe.


The final flood of Old Europe will make that voyage to Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, anywhere where the old customs still flicker. Perhaps when they reach the shores of North America they will realize their lost religions and rededicate themselves and even mean it. Their stories about the end in Europe might even wake up the masses in the United States though it is doubtful. As the economy in Europe fails, just as the economies in the Middle East and North Africa had failed before, and the population continues to grow as that is the directive of the Imam and the reason polygamy was prized by the Imams in times past, it produced the maximum numbers of children and the majority of the men would find themselves without a wife as the wealthy and positioned each has four wives, some secretively even more as their concubines leaving the one hope for marriage as the spoils of war and conquest. A large share even found they enjoyed the thrill of war and became savage killing machines and Islam prospered through conquest always gathering more wealth as the former rulers across the path of North Africa and the western and eastern edges of Europe slowed and eventually turned back the tide of Islam which became the Ottoman Empire, appeared to have lost their lusting’s for conquest and settled down to a few centuries rest before the house of cards fell during World War I. The centuries of Islamic foreign dictatorial rule ended and the mere decades of European and Christian conquest which largely modernized the large cities where the Europeans were initially met with small bands of resistance and the majority enjoyed the new wealth and modernization which came behind the Europeans. Eventually the small bands became large bands and remaining was not worth the efforts and after World War II the idea of colonialism had died. The retreat of the Europeans gave way to the rule of dictators mostly installed as the Europeans set governances up which would permit their access to the raw materials and other requirements such as the oil of the Arabian Peninsula which remained in foreign hands until the late 1950s and through the early 1960s as one nation after another overtook the oil fields and a weakened Europe simply cried foul and then were not interested in enforcing their will into foreign venture. So, the Europeans came, modernized while setting in place technology for the extraction of raw materials for which the Europeans had some use. They tired far faster than their Islamic predecessors and returned to their familiar shores in Europe and Britain. The locals federalized these assets the Europeans desired and continued selling them to the Europeans and their forces of funding which allowed the rulers to purchase modern weapons with which to firmly entrench themselves with the backing of the Europeans.


This remained the situation with the occasional coup replacing one dictator for another while nothing really changed and Europe remained fat and happy. This was not the case in the United States which though having a lesser interest in raw materials, other than oil for keeping the economy humming along, they demanded maintained blocking mechanisms such as Turkey and their holding both shores of the Bosphorus Straits through which the Soviet Union Navy had to pass to reach the Mediterranean Sea and thus the Atlantic Ocean. All this was occurring while a sea of change in Jewish identity was also progressing. Zionism had been rekindled and Jews sought to return home to Eretz Yisroel, to Israel. This drive preceded World War I but became possible due to the fall of the Ottoman Empire. What must be noted is that Jews had already began to return to Israel before World War I and had set up their communities which introduced modern farming techniques and introduced new wealth and opportunity in the area attracting Arabs to also move to take advantage of an actual economy. After World War I the Europeans seeing a way with which to rid themselves of the incessant demands of the Zionists and at the San Remo Conference where the Balfour Declaration into the Conference final documents which were further finalized and made international law with the acceptance by all parties involved including any Arab representation at the Treaty of Sèvres which was enacted within and superceding by theTreaty of Lausanne. The inclusion of the Mandate System which would eventually lead to a Jewish State, the nation of Israel, which unlike the other nations, exactly as Lebanon, Syria and Jordan which were all birthed, Syria had existed previously but this could have been called the new Syria as it was more the name taken from the Ottoman name to the region, just as the British mandate was over the former province of Palestine so it took that name, was being established as a new and recognized State and not a colony as once released it was freed of European rule making it more like the colonial holdings when they eventually threw off the yoke of European rule. Simply put, Israel was a colony, not a colonizer. Israel was not a purely European venture as it also had a large percentage of Jews who were not from Europe and that percentage grew rapidly in the initial ten to fifteen years of Israeli existence.


That brings us to the world of today after another World War, the European thumb lifted off the Middle East and Northern Africa and beyond setting numerous developing nations free. This included the final ending of the colonization of the lands of Israel setting her borders as the Mediterranean Sea, the Sinai Peninsula, the nation of Lebanon and the Jordan River to the east. Those borders are being blurred and erased by, of all people, the Europeans who should have no business in Israeli affairs beyond assisting with any agreement and not the financing the illegal building of settlements in Area C as set in the Oslo Accords, but when it comes to Europe what is a little item like the entire validity of the reference to another separate state taken out of Israel’s hide. After all, did not the United States with added pressures from the European Union and many of its member States and the United Nations with a large assistance from the Arab League force Israel from Gaza presumably given over to the Arab run Palestinian Authority (PA) who in turn lost it in a coup to the terrorist organization Hamas? What does it matter that the PA lost control of the lands within the first half of the decade after receiving it from Israel and would likely lose the remainder to the Islamic State leading to an inevitability of a major war between Israel and the Islamic State. Perhaps this is President Obama’s actual secret plan to get the Islamic State removed from its Middle East component and showing them to be weak thus destroying their credibility. With the European powers out of North Africa and the Middle East thus ending their colonial rule across the region, still, Israel remained and had joined the nations of the Middle East after its colonizing power, Great Britain, finally packed up and went home. That Israel too had been held as a colony by the British and had fought the colonizing power in order to receive their independence at an even later date than had most, if not all, of the others.


So that brings us to the final question, why is Israel referred to as a colonizing power? That can be answered in three distinct and observable steps. The first is the discounting of the Arab population within Israel and their relative freedom and equality to their Jewish counterparts. What about the lack of freedom of the Arab Palestinians? Are they not colonized? No, they are not colonized but a sizeable number were forced to move into the region when Jordan illegally held the lands they called the West Bank which they conquered during the 1948-9 War to Eradicate the Jews and Israel. The Israelis claim they won that war as they survived while the Arab and Muslim powers claim it as a partial victory because they gained land and it ftr their new idea of eliminating Israel in stages. Their next genocidal attack meant to push the Jews into the sea fell somewhat short as they had lost the lands gained from the 1948-9 War in the June 1967 Six Day War which left Israel back to their Jordan River border, gained and annexed the Golan Heights, gained and returned the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula which is an area vastly larger than Israel itself. The 1973 Yom Kippur War left the borders exactly as they were after Israel agreed to return the lands she had gained in that conflict. When making their peace with Egypt, Israel returned the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula. A subsequent peace treaty with Jordan returned the occupied areas of Judea and Samaria to Israel. This is what led soon thereafter to the claims that the lands which Jordan had occupied and lost/returned to Israel plus the lands the “colonial power Israel had stolen in 1948” be returned to Arab rule under the name of Palestine. This was where the label of colonizing power Israel began and was given world-wide acceptance. This was latched onto by the Europeans as it lifted any accusations that they had colonized that area of the Middle East as it was Israel imposing colonial occupations.


Then there was the super power status Israel gained through advancing her economy from a mostly agrarian economy to one of the best hi-tech start-up nations realized and noted as the leader in many areas in these fields. This tied the Israeli economy to be based on production and as an equal against the Europeans and having a democratic government where the democracy functions and is not a sham which elects the people in power back into those same positions. This difference makes Israel also appear more European if not actually American thus they must be from another place to have these great economic and technical excellence, thus Israel must be a colonizing influence. The final one is the easiest as it takes almost no explanation. The Palestinians, as noted above, have sold a willing world on the idea that Israel has stolen their lands despite the fact that proves the influx of Arabs coincided with the improving technology and economic engines churning out opportunities. But when the Arabs were returned to Yasser Arafat rule they returned to their dictatorial manner simply allowing him and Mahmoud Abbas to take as much of the world’s generous funding as they could get away with. This led to an entrapped Arab Palestinian culture where elections were no longer held and it was Abbas who refused as fear he would not be able to control them and Hamas or worse might defeat him and that would end his comfortable position lording over the peasant Palestinians while blaming Israel for every shortcoming and the Israeli colonization of the Arab Palestinians. This has been accepted in the United Nations due to rabid anti-Semitism, accepted in the European Union and amplified in many individual nations all riding on a sea of anti-Semitism. Much of the rest of the world has been shown to harbor anti-Semitic ideas and views simply because the first world media set the tone for the debate and much of it denounces Israel as a Jewish oppression of the Arab Palestinians and presents the story with a good stoking of anti-Semitism.



Jewish Section of European Cemetery Emblazoned with Swastikas Painted on Every Last Jewish Gravestone

Jewish Section of European Cemetery
Emblazoned with Swastikas Painted
on Every Last Jewish Gravestone



That leaves the United States where the claim is they are free of anti-Semitism, they only hold that Israeli policies are on an errant track. Israel, it is claimed, relies too heavily on the sword using it to victimize the Arabs who are only aiming rockets at Israel in volleys totaling over one-hundred per day before Israel acts. Who could call that excessive use and reliance on force? Well, there is one who is amongst the founders of the NGO named J-Street, a self-proclaimed pro-Israel while also pro-Peace, pro-Human Rights and other warm catch phrased opinions just so loved as you go further and further to the leftist extremes where all must yield to multi-cultural ideals which have worked so well in Europe. Hint, the Europe they envision remains intact and unthreatened as it was 1920s on La Rive Gauche with the famed artists and author/poets of the day lounging in decadent Paris, all so sophisticated and correct in language and style, carrying themselves with that particular aristocratic style, oh, all was and could be so again if only we were allowed to rule the world, the universe itself. But of course the problem is, as always, Jews messing things up, namely those Israeli boors. Their unsophisticated uses of force, if they would only compromise and give the Palestinians what they want, demand. Perhaps a short video showing that founding member of J-Street in an interview, a short except will clarify everything as if a picture equals a thousand words, a video must equal a gazillion words.





Yes, you heard him correctly, Israel defending herself bad, dissolving Israel good, Jews being nationless with nowhere to go when the tides reach the United States and then as things change inalterably they will cry, “It can’t happen here.” These self-defeating Jews will hold on to their copy of the First Amendment while shunning the entirety of the Second Amendment and then wonder how they ended up in a camp just for Jews. They will go to their deaths condemning Israel claiming, “If only those Jews, the Israeli ones, if only they had put down their swords then none of this would have happened.” All they needed do was fall on their sword for the good of the secular Jews who were so worldly and above it all sophisticated. “It can’t happen here.” Oft followed by, “What, move along? Hey, no need to scream, I heard you, I’m moving, I’m moving. How did we end up here?” Yet still they will claim this is different than before, they won’t be executing us, no, they cannot just murder us, after all, it can’t happen here.” For all too many they will be facing a line of men with machine guns and asked if they wish a hood over their head, and they will reply, “No, what for, you can’t do this.” When asked why such can’t happen when it is obviously happening, they will exclaim with their last breath, “It can’t happen here.” They believe that anti-Semitism is dead but it is alive and well and entrenching itself since the 1960s and 1970s in the worst place, the universities. It has been creeping into the military and will march its way into every profession and they will all be comfortable in their anti-Semitism. That does not mean they will actively persecute the Jew but when the government moves to mark Jewish goods into classifications of good Israel vs. bad Israel the first step has been taken. The European Union enacted such a procedure and will now get each nation to comply and a response came from the United States where they said we can do so as well and our law over this is an old promise made into law under State Department pressures in the 1990s. We just needed to write a prescribed regulation and done, it may as well be our first step, but that first step was taken long ago even before the destruction of the World Trade Center.



Start of Anti-Semitism Within the United States Came Before the World Trade Center Destruction As Well as Before Sirhan Sirhan Assassinated Robert Kennedy Way Before the Refusal to Disembark the Jews on the SS St Louis Well Before You or I Walked the Earth As it Was Sewn into the First Flag Unknowingly As Anti-Semitism Then Was the Normal Thing To Do

Start of Anti-Semitism Within the United States
Came Before the World Trade Center Destruction
As Well as Before Sirhan Sirhan Assassinated Robert Kennedy
Way Before the Refusal to Disembark the Jews on the SS St Louis
Well Before You or I Walked the Earth
As it Was Sewn into the First Flag Unknowingly
As Anti-Semitism Then Was the Normal Thing To Do



It was well before Israel from Gaza, even before it was withheld that Sirhan Sirhan who murdered Robert Kennedy was a self-proclaimed Palestinian Arab from Lebanon and he murdered Robert Kennedy because Kennedy was too pro-Israel. It was all in his confession but redacted for years. It was not when the United States placed an arms embargo on Israel in 1948-9 when she needed arms to survive. Czechoslovakia provided the lion’s share. It might have been when the United States refused to take in Jews trying to escape the Nazi extermination camps or the steamer the St. Louis with her nine-hundred-thirty plus Jews refused entry to the United States. Perhaps those were the initial sign as I have a feeling anti-Semitism was sewn into the first American flag as the seeds were there waiting to sprout and sooner or later they were going to grow, and they did. It was those who in sermons blamed the Jews for everything, of from economic difficulty to the murder of Jesus, the reasons are from antiquity with embellishments that are modern but it is and always will be and that is the reason for Israel being vital as without Jews there can be no salvation in the Judeo-Christian World. It is that simple and to my fellow Jews speaking ill of Israel, be careful what you wish for as Hashem will make your words choke in your throat some day and that will come when you realize how much you need an Israel because, for you, it can happen here or anywhere, and when you finally see that you will beg Israel to accept you.


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August 10, 2014

Are Hamas Demands Really Reasonable?

Much of the mainstream media is echoing the Hamas and Islamic Jihad story line that the reason they had to resort to launching rockets and ending the ceasefire is all because Israel refused to meet their minimal demands. What the new reports are not bothering to report is that the Hamas and Islamic minimal demands bear a striking resemblance to their maximalist demands, so much so that one would be hard pressed to find one smidgen of a difference. So, what are these demands that the Israelis are being so short-sighted as to refuse to grants? The first is that Israel lifts their naval blockade, assist in rebuilding the Gaza port facilities and in the reconstruction of Gaza International Airways. Further, Israel must open all border crossings allowing for free passage between Gaza and Judea and Samaria (West Bank). That all Gaza borders be permitted open import and export free of any undue inspections. The border with Egypt must also be opened in a manner matching the Israeli crossings. Hamas also demands that all the Palestinians held in Israeli prisons be released.

Of the list of demands the least threatening would have to be releasing all of the terrorists in Israeli custody, and that would prove damaging enough to negate any possible agreement. The problem is the Western nations and United Nations look at these demands with an eye to their vision of a final solution where there will be a Palestinians state including Gaza and most of the West Bank with Eastern Jerusalem as its capital living beside the state of Israel in peace and mutual security. Unfortunately, Israel has to take a different view of these demands, namely the Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Islamic view which allows for one of two scenarios; the first being an Arab Muslim state with the Jews gone or a Palestinian state living next to Israel which was overrun by Palestinian refugees, all five-million, and is also an Arab Muslim state with the Jews gone. When these demands are seen through this more realistic viewing port it becomes obvious why Israel has refused these demands. But what about the demands when taken singularly, certainly there must be some middle ground where a consensus can be attained.

For argument’s sake, let us look at each demand. What do the Western powers believe would occur should Israel no longer impose a naval blockade over Gaza? They claim in their innocence that it would simply allow for Gazans to import and export food and other produce and goods. Opening up their access to the sea would permit them to fish further into the Mediterranean and provide the Gazans a port which could bring in building supplies to rebuild their homes, schools, hospitals and Mosques. They completely ignore the facts that showed when Israel was forced by world and Western pressures to permit Gazans to import so many numbers of tons of concrete in order to build a new hospital, a number of schools and apartments that none of these items were ever constructed but Hamas and Islamic Jihad did have an extensive underground complex of tunnels and storage areas. The outside world would be shocked to learn that the plumbing pipes which were provided to repair the water and sewage treatment and storm drainage systems that these systems all remained in disrepair but Hamas and Islamic Jihad had thousands new rockets to launch into Israel. So, if these supplies were enabled to come in unrestricted, then all of a sudden Hamas and Islamic Jihad would have a change of mind and start to build hospitals, schools, apartments, clinics and other civilian infrastructure in place of rebuilding their tunnel complex including their infiltration tunnels into Israel and would utilize all of the pipes for water, sewage and water treatment systems and not make tens or hundreds of thousands of rockets.

What would Hamas, Islamic Jihad and their backers in Qatar and Iran do once there was an international airport just outside Gaza City? Would there be even the slightest chance they might send trainers and IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps) fighters to enhance Hamas and Islamic Jihad abilities when they next chose to rain rockets down on Israel. With both an operating international airport and open fully operative sea port, there would be little delay before the exporting all of the eleven billion dollars of military aid recently purchased by Qatar, a nation who a mere thirty percent of their military consists of their own citizens and the rest are hired mercenaries from foreign nations. Iran would never consider arming Hamas and Islamic Jihad should Gaza possess completely open sea ports and airports and providing them with trainers and advanced weapons including guided missiles, aircraft, tanks, anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons and the other tools of war. Well, actually these are minimalist estimations of what would result from allowing Gaza unrestricted trade with the outside world. There would be little change in the day to day suffering of the Gazan people as their leadership is all about the destruction of Israel.

But what about their request for freedom of movement between Gaza and the West Bank so they can pray at their treasured al-Aqsa Mosque be used for other ulterior motivations? There is no way that Hamas would take advantage of such an open passage to infiltrate the West Bank with sufficient forces to execute a coup to take power in the West Bank just as they had done in Gaza. This is providing they do not simply take control through elections if and when they should ever be held. The immediate problem of permitting Hamas and Islamic Jihad access to the West Bank is should they launch rockets into central Israel from the West Bank the likelihood for hitting populated areas or infrastructure would be inversely proportional to their current targets in southern Israel. As open and widely spread out buildings are in the south, leaving only sparse areas where structures exist, in central Israel there are sparse areas which are open and without infrastructure making striking structures or vital infrastructure almost guaranteed even with un-aimed rockets. Additionally, having Hamas and Islamic Jihad in control of the West Bank the Israeli communities there would suffer from attacks similar in nature to those suffered by the Gaza communities before their expulsion from Gaza by Israeli Prime Minister Sharon in ill-conceived August 2005 disengagement. Permitting Hamas free access to the West Bank would assure Israel facing an Iranian subordinate on three fronts, Hezballah on the northern border with Lebanon and Hamas in both the West Bank and Gaza. Further, such a situation with an open border with Egypt would allow for the Muslim Brotherhood to arm and train their proxies in order to open their desired war for control of Egypt.

This begs the question as to how the Western nations and others could be so much in error when it comes to viable solutions of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The answer is that they have a basic misperception of the root of the conflict. The Western nations and their allies see the Arab- Israel conflict as merely the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and do not take into consideration that the reality is that the Palestinians are simply the tip of the spear being wielded by the entirety of the Arab and Muslim worlds. They also believe the struggle by the Palestinians is one of liberation only desiring their own homelands and not their desire to destroy all of Israel and remove the Jews from the entire area restoring Islamic rule over what they believe is Islamic lands for all of posterity. The Palestinians and the Arabs backing them do not see Israel as the nation of the Jews returning to their ancient homelands, they see it as the Jews, a hated and reviled peoples from the very beginnings of Islam, stealing hard won and noble Islamic lands to which they have no rightful claim. They view the Jews as lesser peoples only worthy of perhaps pity if they are to be permitted to remain under Islamic rule in Dhimmitude and otherwise forced to convert or be put to the sword. Of course as we have witnessed in Iraq with ISIS, converts to Islam receive the same quick death by the sword as their fellow Christians who refused to convert with the difference being that those who converted before their execution, their souls were permitted to enter heaven with Allah.

That is the challenge facing all of the Western world, a total misunderstanding of the Islamic threat. The Western world view the Islamic unrest from within their own nations as a string of completely unrelated individual events executed by troubled individuals completely devoid of an underlying cultural and religious motivation. Never mind that almost to an individual those who perpetrate these terrorist motivated acts claim to be committing their crimes as their portion of the Jihad for Allah against the infidel nations and their desire to bring down the house of the infidel. Never mind that often in their trials they demand to represent themselves and then go on tirades about how they definitely committed these acts and would do so again given the opportunity and then demand the death penalty so as to become martyrs for the cause of Jihad and cement their place in heaven. The war between Western civilization the extremists Muslims, which does not mean that these extremists are not supported in their acts and goals by the greater majority of Muslims around the world and even within the Western nations, is not over land, treasure, property, or any perceived slights; this is a war for the future of the human race and it can have but one victor.

This is the reality which is only now beginning to sink in beyond the chosen few who have followed Islam since some early warning that just happened to pique their attention and sensitize them to the threat. In this writer’s case it was an early assassination by a self-proclaimed Palestinian named Sirhan Sirhan who during his questioning repeatedly told his interrogators that he had committed no crime and that he was entitled to murder Senator Robert Kennedy as Senator Robert Kennedy supported Israel thus he was acting in the defense of his homelands from the Jews and Israel. This was almost entirely concealed from the American public at the time and was not mentioned much in the foreign Western media. But there was this one nonconformist sixteen year old who had a fascination at that time with Rabbi Meir Kahane and the Jewish Defense League and received their newsletter which told a completely different story on the assassination of Senator and Presidential aspirant Robert Kennedy that fateful day, June 5, 1968. This event placed into the head of that youth the reality that the war was not against Israel alone, it was against the entirety of the human race and that it could only have one of two outcomes, either no Islam retaining their concept of eventual world conquest or no religion or political system but a world under a single Islamic tyrant. The question that youngster has asked since is when will, or even simply, will the rest of the world ever get a clue.

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