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November 17, 2012

Hamas Iran Rocket Link

There have been a few new twists and revelations which have come into view that provide some insight to the truth of who exactly Israel is fighting as they take on the Terrorist rocket threats from Hamas and other terrorist entities in Gaza. Two of the most striking revelations have been the use of Fadjr MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) which is produced in Iran and an anti-tank rocket called Kornet which was originally a Russian produced armament but has since been copied and produced by Iran and provided to their IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) who then pass them along to their terror proxy forces such as Hamas and Hezballah. The use of these systems points to the truth that the fight is not as it has been portrayed of the mighty IDF against poorly armed Palestinians who are left to fight with outdated equipment and weaponry. These current front line type weapons being brought to bear by Hamas and Islamic Jihad is proof beyond any doubt that these terror forces are well armed and provided by a state sponsor, in this case apparently Iran. The Fadjr rocket systems have a range of 75km which brings Tel Aviv and possibly the outskirts of Jerusalem within range of terrorists within Gaza and the Kornet anti-tank rocket is a guided system that is effective against a large variety of armored vehicles including even the Israeli Merkava Main Battle Tank as well as all armored personnel carriers and other lesser armored vehicles.

This raises the question as to how this fairly large, complex and advanced weaponry managed to come to be available to the terror forces in Gaza as it is highly unlikely that such advanced weaponry was produced locally. The presence of these weapons also stand as further validation of the need for Israel continuing to impose the maritime embargo which allows them to inspect items before allowing them to enter into the Gaza Strip as even with the embargo in place these rocket systems have still managed to find a route into Gaza.

The Kornet missile is likely making its way into Gaza through the smuggling tunnels but such would be highly unlikely for the Fadjr systems even if they were being brought through without being mounted on a vehicle and are placed on a vehicle or placed in a stationary launch pad once they are received. The obvious lesson to be learned here is what categories, types, and numbers of heavy weapons would be transported into Gaza should the shipping lanes be opened up for free transit. One could be fairly sure that rockets and regular artillery pieces would find their way into Gaza placing all of Israel within range of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda in Gaza, PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), PRC (Popular Resistance Committee) and other terror organizations residing in Gaza. Such a set of conditions would also allow the possibility of armored vehicles to be introduced for the terror forces in Gaza such as tanks of every size and capability, fighter jets, other aircraft, and sufficient arms and even additional personnel that Hamas would no longer be just a threat to Israel, but would also serve as an Iranian threat on Egypt’s doorstep. If Iran was able to be completely free to supply Gaza with arms as they have done for Hezballah in Lebanon, the Sinai would soon be conquered and controlled by Hamas and their terrorist allies. Such a condition would threaten war at both ends of the Sinai Peninsula at Iran’s calling. Perhaps this explains part of the reason that despite the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is able to set the agenda in Egypt, the border between Gaza and Egypt remains closed to traffic entering Gaza without first being inspected. Such applies not only to goods and other items but also people who are checked against a list which determines who is and is not allowed to enter Gaza. Egypt had attempted to open up the border with Gaza to disastrous results which caused them to reconsider and they now tightly control passage in and out of Gaza. This is another little truth that is never mentioned as if it was generally known that Egypt also has its own version of an embargo on Gaza, then the Israeli embargo would no longer be a target for complaints and denunciations. The one item that must be remembered is that Iran is supplying Hamas et al with whatever arms they are able to smuggle into Gaza and if given free access, Iran would likely send entire divisions of the IRGC into Gaza to attack and terrorize all of Israel they could place within the range of their weapons. This fight is not Israel against the hapless and poorly armed Gazans but between Israel and a well-armed and trained Iranian proxy force.

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