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November 4, 2013

The Loneliest Country in the World

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No matter what Israel were to do there would be millions upon millions of protesters around the world denouncing them for not having done more. This is especially true when it comes to retuning lands they gained through a defensive war where Israel was attacked by multiple Arab nations and managed somehow to turn the tide of the battles and defeat their aggressors. Israel at the end of the Yom Kippur war was closing in on Cairo in Egypt after crossing the Suez Canal, a defensive barrier many thought would prevent any further Israeli advances. Israel was instructed by the United States, Soviet Union, United Nations and likely countless other world leaders to stop and retreat back across the Suez Canal. They complied with the world’s wishes which spared Egypt losing their capital city to the Israelis which would have been an embarrassment but would not have actually signaled the end of Egypt as Israel has absolutely no desire to occupy any Arab nation despite what anybody may believe. The same war saw the Israelis also breaking past the Golan Heights and advancing towards Damascus. The same leaders of the world also demanded that Israel cease their advance and return to the Golan Heights instead of capturing the Syrian capital city. Israel returned the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula to the Egyptians in exchange for a cold peace that may or may not last should the Muslim Brotherhood take political control of Egypt and believe they have a military advantage which they believed would grant them that decisive victory over Israel allowing them to destroy the Jewish State once and for all. Israel also removed every Jewish citizen from Gaza, tore down the IDF military installations and even left fully operating greenhouses intact for the Arabs to use and operate in order to stimulate their economy when they left Gaza turning it all over to the Palestinian Authority claiming that this was an opportunity for the Palestinians to prove their ability for self-rule and establishing an economically viable area. Almost within days and at most weeks the greenhouses had been torn apart and the pipes and other hardware was being retooled and made into rocket launchers and rockets to fire into Israel hoping to kill anybody unfortunate enough to be where these unamiable projectiles struck and exploded. Within a relatively short period the Palestinian Authority lost the entirety of Gaza to the Hamas terrorist organization in a bloody coup. After the coup Hamas and the other terror groups, such as Islamic Jihad, the Palestinian Resistance Committees, al-Qaeda in Gaza and others, have launched well over ten thousand rockets and mortars some of which have killed civilians including elderly, children, and women. None of these lands Israel retuned was done because International Law dictated such as the truth is that any lands gained in a defensive war by International Law that land is considered forfeit to the nation against who they had transgressed. Israel could have claimed and kept the entire Sinai Peninsula including the oil fields and more than five times the area which Israel originally held before the Six Day War. The same rules would have permitted Israel annexing Gaza but they returned that and Israel not only was not given any permanent credit for the return of the land and instead received barrages of rockets and mortars.


Now there is an anxious world which is demanding that Israel return to the very same borders which was so vulnerable to attack that the Arab nations attacked Israel in an aggression intent on annihilation in 1948 and again in 1967 which Israel managed to repulse and push the attacking armies back into retreat. After the 1948-9 War the Israelis were allowed, as per International Law, to retain the lands they gained in beating back the attack by six Arab Armies and numerous militias and Arab forces under the auspices of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. After the 1967 Six Day War the Israelis were again attacked by Egypt and Syria in 1973 in the Yom Kippur War and after initial Arab advances the Israelis rallied and pushed both armies back almost to their respective capital cities. The fact that forcing Israel back to what have been referred to as the Auschwitz Borders would virtually guarantee yet another genocidal war by the Arabs as they once more would try to destroy Israel as they honestly believe that it is their destiny to do so and nothing will prevent their attempting once again especially if they have the advantage of Israel cut back to the almost indefensible borders. Recently Palestinian Authority officials leaked a position paper that Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat had given to Israeli Lead Negotiator Tzipi Livni giving it to the media. This document defined the demands which the Palestinian Authority had presented to the Israelis informing them that once these demands had been met the Palestinians would agree after six months to sign a peace treaty. That alone should make the deal invalid but it gets worse. The Palestinians demanded all but just under two percent of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) which they would exchange for equal land and a monetary remittance. They also demanded an area for passage between Judea and Samaria for which they claimed the northern Negev which would cut Israel in half. They also demanded they retain as their capital all of Jerusalem which was occupied by the Jordanians before June of 1967 during which time Jews were forbidden from all of their holy sites within the old city of Jerusalem and it is very likely that the same situation would soon exist should the Palestinians be granted authority over these areas of Jerusalem. The Palestinian position included demands for Israel to relinquish the Jordan Valley which is a natural barrier and makes for a formidable defensive position against any aggressions from the east. There were numerous other demands including Israel formally admitting that the lands given for the formation of the new Palestinian State was formerly “occupied” and returned, the lands must be cleared of every Jew and no Jew is to be permitted to transgress onto these lands which makes the Jewish holy sites in Hevron and almost countless other places throughout Judea and Samaria beyond reach and the Palestinians also claimed sole right to the aquifer which originates in Judea and Samaria and flows downhill into Israel and is the primary, almost sole, source of water for Israel. Yet all of these pale in comparison to their final demand which was for the admission into Israel proper as citizens of five million Arab refugees and their descendants, the vast majority are offspring of the original claimants and would not be considered to be refugees in any other refugee situation throughout the world and history but an exception requiring a new refugee agency, UNRWA, to be formed solely to see to the rights, care and complaints of these so-called refugees. The original number of refugees numbered an estimated 750,000 which was slightly less than the near one million Jewish refugees evicted from countless Arab nations within the first decade of Israel’s existence who were dispossessed of all wealth, properties, businesses, bank accounts, jewelry and virtually anything of measurable value. The best way to present the aim to be the result of Israel meeting the demands presented by the Palestinian negotiators is that Israel would cease to exist as a Jewish State and with the addition of Palestine as a new Arab State and the new Arab State of Israel there would be added a twenty-second and twenty-third Arab States and a second and third Palestinian Arab States. The truth has been revealed that the only peace that the Palestinians will sign with Israel is one where the Israel that exists now and has existed for just about sixty-five years would be eclipsed and probably soon renamed as it would be overwhelmed by the influx of five million Arabs who would vote the Jewish State completely out of existence. They have admitted blatantly that only the death of the Jewish State is acceptable and any agreement which allows Israel to remain as the only Jewish State is unacceptable. Yet there is something strange about all of this and that is that despite such evidence when the Palestinian walk out of the peace talks and claim that Israel refused to meet their terms, the very terms they leaked to the press, the world will line up to demand that the United Nations Security Council force that very same solution upon Israel no matter what the end result. The scariest thing is there is the possibility that this will be the result as soon as the Palestinians make their grand exit screaming and pounding their fists into the air indignant that anybody dared not bend their knee and cave to their every whim. The real question is does the world actually know what they intend to sow?


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