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June 27, 2018

Eventual Consequence of World Coverage on Israel

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The mainstream media coverage of Israel from around the world is basically appalling. The recent rioting and violence out of Gaza covered as mild mannered peaceful protesters where protesting families hold picnics until the IDF started shooting people. The initial reports said nothing about the burning of ten-thousand tires to mask attempts to breach the border, machete wielding men attempting to chop passage through the border fence, kites with incendiary devices sent burning thousands of dumas including fruit bearing trees which will take more than a decade before they provide fruit, balloons with larger incendiary devices struck deeper into Israel hitting communities, rockets launched with some striking kindergartens and snipers crawling up to the border, some with youths used as shields, shooting at civilians and IDF soldiers. These reports have a very strange definition of peaceful. By this definition, what happened in Charlottesville in August of 2017 was merely a social gathering with an accident with a runaway car in the parking lot. We all know what happened in Charlottesville and it was not a pretty sight. What you have not heard in the coverage is the fact that Israel sniper must receive approval from the command center where expert spotters, software and legal representatives all must concur for the shot to be taken. Yes, software by which they can receive a computer estimate whether the subject is armed or carrying devices to breach the border or other harmful devices. This is part of why over 85% of those shot and killed in Gaza by IDF snipers since the start of the rioting in Gaza have been proven either through admission by Hamas and Islamic Jihad or by tracing their names against known terror operative lists. This is actually a laudable accomplishment, but this is Israel so this is meaningless because even the terrorists are innocents for too many reporters.


Add to the slanted borderline anti-Semitic coverage the condemnations and other accusations coming from numerous nations, world bodies, international church organizations, human rights groups and nearly countless other people and groups and you start to see the demonization of Israel has become nearly universal. The fact is that militaries from around the developed world, including the United States, have judged Israel as taking steps beyond what can be expected to protect civilians in Gaza as well as in Israel. As stated in one article, some of the experts even opined that the IDF had been too careful in trying to prevent collateral damage in the conduct of the war, and that its practices could hinder future anti-terror operations, if they are adopted as a general norm. From the same article comes this quote from the HLMG* report which states, “We can be categorically clear that Israel’s conduct in the 2014 Gaza Conflict met and in some respects exceeded the highest standards we set for our own nations’ militaries. It is our view that Israel fought an exemplary campaign, adequately conceived with appropriately limited objectives, and displaying both a very high level of operational capability as well as a total commitment to the Law of Armed Conflict. It did this under challenging circumstances on a formidably complex urban battlefield. This is not to say that the IDF did not make mistakes, which are inevitable in the context of urban warfare against an enemy such as Hamas, that purposefully hides behind a civilian population.” This has been the rule when investigations have come which proved the slanted coverage and eager jumping to run with every instance where Israel is accused to be sensationalism at best and pure hatred and anti-Semitism at worst. The best proof of this was the “Jenin Massacre” where the numbers of reported killed Palestinian innocent civilians rose from fifty to one-hundred to two-hundred to five-hundred to a thousand and even rising in some reports to five-thousand. The end result when the United Nations did their in-depth investigation was that virtually all if not all those killed were combatants or people forced by the PLO to remain in booby-trapped homes to entice IDF soldiers to enter for the terrorists to then explode the home killing their own people, families, as well as Israeli soldiers which the PLO saw as a worthy sacrifice. This and the Gaza recent coverage is sufficient proof that the news is slanted and many nations exhibit equally slanted views when it comes to Israel to make the case.


Eventually, the world condemnations of Israel are going to reach a point where they are so over the top in conjunction with acts by the numerous United Nations Agencies and NGOs will become unbearable. Additionally, with decisions by the United Nations General Assembly such as their United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379, adopted on 10 November 1975 by a vote of 72 to 35 with 32 abstentions equating Zionism with racism and UNESCO** with its Executive Board deciding by A vote with 22 nations supporting the measure, 10 opposing it, 23 countries abstaining, decided that Jerusalem’s Old City in its entirety does not belong to Israel nor have any attachment to Judaism or the history of the Jews and Israel. The world bodies and NGOs along with ever more national governments deciding to support the Islamic revisionist history which disavows any Jewish attachment to the Middle East and accepting the claim that the Jews are not entitled to have their own nation or ever be granted self-rule anywhere in the world, or possibly beyond if they ever think that far, and the Jews must be subjected to the rule of their betters, which for the Arab world means under the Islamic thumb. How far does the world honestly believe they can push against Israel before Israel finally lets loose?


The IDF shows remarkable restraint in order to assure as much as they are able to target solely combatants. The problem in Gaza and the Arab areas is how one tells the difference between a terrorist and a civilian. Well, the terrorist is armed and wears certain distinctive pieces of clothing. Well, that is almost true. Some wear the headband showing their actual alliance and to whom they answer but not all wear such and often their weapons are left in a vehicle until necessary and often the terrorists will run unarmed from one confrontation while their weapons are transported to their next location where they set up the next ambush in an ambulance. The fact that there are twenty men of fighting ages leaving the region of a battle and seemingly heading to another battle with some wearing the headbands, do you engage or allow them to likely set up their ambush which may be intended for your squad. You demand they stop and they continue to run to some location, what would you do? If you are honest, your answer would be that you do not know. Soldiers in the IDF will not engage such a group despite the danger potentially to themselves or another IDF unit. Next thing is a terrorist has been shot and killed, and it was a sniper and his spotter who were both killed. Immediately after a firefight breaks out and during the fighting, the Hamas fighters (terrorists) take from the sniper and spotter their weapons, headbands, ammunition, binoculars and all other identifying items which depict them as combatants. Now their two bodies wearing apparently civilian clothing are come across later after the firefight and these two bodies are found on the second or third floor of a house where they had set up and takes their picture. Now you have two innocent civilian brothers shot dead by the IDF sitting near a window in their upstairs bedroom where they hid from the fighting and died anyways. That is the article read accompanying their picture. What is the reality? Israel killed two innocents or they took out a sniper team? Once you remove about five or six items from a terrorist corpse, and these are the most desired items such as weapons, headbands and other items one can sell, and you have turned a dead terrorist into a dead civilian. These are just a few things about which you can think. If you need more information on the media actively inventing a story read about the Mohammad al-Dura hoax which was actually invented out of whole cloth by a French news channel who lost court cases and were forced to pay damages to the person who outed their lie, along with other lies.


Mohammad al-Dura and Father

Mohammad al-Dura and Father


As the threats from the various agencies currently threatening continue to grow, some exponentially, Israeli defensive capabilities will eventually become stressed to their limits. On one border they are already threatened to be overwhelmed as Hezballah has well over one-hundred-thousand missiles of which they can launch close to, if not over, ten-thousand of these daily anywhere in Israel with accuracies from within a few meters to simple rockets fired in a general direction with no specific point targeted. Should a conflict break out on the Israeli northern border, until the Israeli Air Force can neutralize the launchers and destroy the stores of missiles, all of Israel would be vulnerable and Israelis know that amongst tactical targets such as Dimona Nuclear Reactor and airfields, they can also expect large civilian structures such as the skyscrapers in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to be high priority targets for Hezballah as their eventual aim is to eradicate the Jewish population in Israel as well as destroy the nation itself. Should Iran find a means, they would similarly arm Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza and are attempting to gain a foothold with the Palestinian Authority in order to militarize the Shomron, they would arm them with as many missiles as they could smuggle into their area. Iran has sworn to wipe Israel from the map, maybe not in those exact words, but the concept is definitely within their parameters for the future while they are on their way to becoming the Middle East hegemon. Additionally, the Arab world has recently shunted President Trump’s hopes for finding an Arab nation to take the place of the Palestinian Authority and allowing getting around the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas and Saeb Erekat is not going to work as well as hoped. Jordan made it a flat ‘no way’ and Egypt and Saudi Arabia said they would be glad to assist with the implementation of a deal based on the pre-Six Day War borders (Green Line), East Jerusalem (al-Quds) as its capital and the refugees addressed satisfactorily as in the Arab Plan. Everything has pointed to the one truth which was stated by Rush Limbaugh in November 2007, that the only means to a solution of the Arab-Israeli conflict was for one side to win. By win he made no bones, he meant militarily defeated the other so completely that they would never consider attacking the other or were completely wiped out.


Collection of Djinn

Collection of Djinn


That brings us to our conclusion and a prediction. The end of the Arab Israeli conflict will only come in one of two ways. The obvious one is that either the Iranian Mullahs or the Arab states finally destroys Israel and murders seven or eight million or more Jews and almost two million Arab Muslims and many Druze, Baha’I and other faiths and peoples. The other is Israel finally gets pushed to the point that they realize that only by winning and winning in a grand and extreme style which puts the fear of a world full of Djinn all determined to fight each and every Muslim for their futile fight with and inability to defeat the Jews of Israel. This might have occurred before as part of the Six Day War and more likely during the Yom Kippur War but when Israel appears on the verge of decimating the combined Arab armies with which she ends up provoked into war, the major power nations, the United Nations and whomever else can get in on the moment all combine to demand Israel cease hurting the unfortunate Arab militaries and simply retreat to the original borders as in the Yom Kippur War or stop where you are as was the case in the Six Day War and the 1948 Arab War of Annihilation which Israel was on the verge of taking all the lands east of the Jordan River back but instead the Arab powers held Gaza and the Shomron (West Bank) as what has mistakenly been referred to as the Israel War of Independence. Eventually Israel will ignore all demands and all reason and go completely to the nth degree and eviscerate the forces which rise against her and when the remainder of the Arab world balks and starts threatening Israel and mobilize their militaries and gather them along the Israeli borders, then Israel will completely destroy these forces. If this should lead to the Arab militaries being defeated to the point where they now become vulnerable to their enemies other than Israel, one might claim that since these will be the Sunni world, then the Shia world under Iran would hold a threat over these Arab states. It is at such a point where Israel can demand the grand bargain, the Arab nations all sign recognition of Israel and dedicate their eternal peace with Israel in exchange for Israel keeping Iran at bay. Then, should Iran attack the Arab nations, the new treaty would permit Israel to answer the call from their new allies and destroy the Iranian military in the process. This is a dream which can never happen, but it will take one side winning and it may just take World War III to bring this to fruition. There is one last possibility where the people such as Egyptian President Sisi and the others who wish to reform Islam succeed and bring Islam to the point where the Mecca Quran is considered to abrogate the Medina Quran. This would reinstate a more pluralistic and peaceful form of Islam. This has about the same chance of coming to fruition before there comes a great conflagration between either Sunni against Shiite Muslims or between much of Islam and a large segment of the world causing what will be termed World War III, which is virtually nil. Eventually either the world will be forced into following Islam, Islam will adopt a more pluralistic and peaceful view of the world or there will be a conflagration beyond anything the world has experienced until now to the best of our knowledge. Which one we cannot predict, but it may become evident through future actions which we will need wait and witness for ourselves.


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*HLMG = High Level Military Group

**UNESCO = United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization


March 23, 2014

Ultimate Syrian Atrocity Against Their Children

In many wars the most heart-wrenching realities are the often unintentional pains and suffering inflicted on the children. Where unintentional deaths and injuries of children are awful and distressing enough leaving observers to wonder how anybody can permit such heartless acts, in Syria Bashir Assad’s snipers have taken it beyond acceptable disaster into intentionally aiming at the children. Making this reality even worse is that the Syrian snipers are not aiming at the children to kill them, they are aiming for their spines in order to leave them alive and permanently paralyzed causing the most horrific injury possible and intentionally inflicting permanent misery and disabilities. These crimes are monstrous and inhuman and beyond contempt. These youngest victims of the inhuman side of the Syrian civil war are brought to Nahariya, Israel to the West Galilee Regional Hospital, the same hospital I would be admitted to in case of any emergency, where they are treated under the careful eye of Dr. Yoav Hoffman, a senior physician at the pediatric intensive care unit. Dr. Yoav Hoffman has described the injuries he has treated stating, “The injuries are very specific: gunshot wounds from a single bullet to the lumbar spine, near vertebrates 2 and 3.These shootings are not intended to kill, but to cause misery. They result in paralysis or slow death in Syria’s conditions.” His description is evidence that Syrian snipers precisely target children’s spines to maximize their injuries and suffering intending to leave these innocents with permanent misery beyond imagination. Dr. Hoffman has seen 25 children come into his unit for treatment for these exact injuries and the children are treated and sent back to Syria in donated wheelchairs and are paralyzed for life.


The Syrian civil war has surpassed three years and over 150,000 deaths and near countless injured and many millions forced to flee to neighboring countries as refugees with no hope of ever returning to a normal life. Even should the Syrian civil war end in the near future, it would make little difference as whichever side wins the battle stands to inherit a nation suffering near complete destruction of its infrastructure and absolutely no discernable economy. The refugees would be returning to their home cities where their homes no longer exist and virtually everything will need to be rebuilt once the rubble has been cleared. The recovery will take decades and during the rebuilding process there will be little economic production outside of the rebuilding. Farms will need to be completely reestablished from scratch. On top of these difficulties will be the other residue of the conflict, the permanently disabled children and people resulting from the wounds of war. At the head of the ever increasing list of disabled victims of the Syrian civil war will be the young victims from this revolting practice of Bashir Assad’s forces which include Syrian military soldiers, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps troops (IRGC), and Hezballah terrorists from Lebanon. Where reports are vague as to which soldiers are responsible for this horrific practice of using snipers to shatter the spines of children leaving them alive and permanently disabled as paraplegics, it really does not make much different whether the snipers are members of IRGC or Hezballah as their actions are still reprehensible; but if the snipers are Syrian military, these acts of inflicting inhuman suffering of the most innocent victims, it would present us with evidence of the most horrific monsters imaginable, people willing and intentionally causing such misery on their own fellow citizens of Syria. This practice needs to be revealed worldwide and condemnation should be heaped on its perpetrators. There needs to be war crime tribunals to bring the perpetrators and those responsible for their orders to account for their inhuman atrocities.


What is beyond my ability to fathom is how people can be so cruel and inhuman and act with such malicious and horrific callousness against children, especially the youngest who pose absolutely no threat to them. Such cold-blooded, hard-hearted sadism is reminiscent of barbarism from ancient history and has been attributed almost exclusively to some of the most vile and despised forces from history. Many had believed that such horrific acts were something beyond possibility in the modern world. The evidence which has been brought to light from the treatment rooms of Nahariya’s West Galilee Regional Hospital should shake consciences throughout the world and result in a hue and cry that is heard universally bring this situation to light. I would hope that shining the light of world scrutiny would shame the perpetrators of such horrific practices ending their evil endeavors, but the monsters capable of such inhumanity probably would find any condemnation as honoring and recognition of their accomplishments and the precision of their shooting abilities. The perpetrators of this practice are lacking in conscience or any ability to feel compassion and must be completely dead inside placing them beyond the effects of decent civilization pressures. This is simply the latest injustice and treachery exhibited by all sides in Syria, a civil war where it resembles all sides against each other. All of the violent, malevolent hostilities which are generated in Syria and the fact that the war exists between the forces of Bashir Assad against the various rebel forces and secondarily violence and mayhem exists between the different factions such that in any battle it is possible for bullets to fire in multiple direction as there exists the possibility for any one battle to contain numerous sub-battles with rebel force against rebel force while they both also fight Abbas’s military and allies. Still, the worst horrors are those that strike at the children, the innocents.


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