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July 9, 2014

What is Behind the Israeli Military Actions in Gaza?

Listening to much of the news reporting from as many places as I am able to find the one constant has been their coverage over the conflict between Israel and Hamas. The vast majority of coverage in Western coverage, even to include many in Israel, tells all about the airstrikes being flown by Israel and the numbers of Hamas members who have been killed and only after many minutes of detailed coverage of the Israeli offensive do they relate that Hamas has been launching some rockets into Israel. Even if you have spent the past weeks following the events in Israel you have not likely gotten the real feel for what has been transpiring here. The abductions of three Israeli youths who were eventually found to have been murdered were followed by some extremist Israeli youths who abducted a Palestinian youth and murdered him in a revolting manner as their idea of revenge. Within thirty-six hours came the reports that Israeli police had arrested six young Israelis who were being questioned and that one had reportedly confessed before the courts placed a gag order at the request of the Shin Bet who feared that their further investigations might be compromised by continued publicity. Meanwhile, even with the names being provided of the Hamas operatives who abducted and murdered the three Israeli teens being provided to the Palestinian Authority, there has been little if any efforts to seek out and arrest these terrorists. Another item which has not been reported has been the celebratory dancing in the streets and the handing out sweet cakes and candies in Gaza during the three weeks while Israeli law enforcement and IDF units searched for the kidnapped teens. Also during this period the numbers of rockets and mortars fired at Israeli civilians from within Gaza by Hamas have been steadily ramped up with over two-hundred rockets and mortars having been launched in the past two days. Hamas has also announced that they intend to continue and increase the numbers and to also fire larger rockets and mortars further into Israel promising an earthquake to come. This is the impetus behind the Israeli attacks on Gaza.


There have been reports that fourteen people have been killed resulting from the Israeli strikes in the past two days. What has been left out is that all ten were identifiable Hamas terrorists and none have been civilians. Will the Israeli strikes increase in intensity or even escalate into a ground assault? Oddly enough that depends on Hamas and whether they cease their rocket and mortar attacks on Israeli towns, cities and kibbutzim. The Hamas rockets and mortars have destroyed two factories, struck the home of a family with five children and a preschool was struck mere minutes before the youths were to arrive. Fires have been started from rockets striking Ashkelon. Then there is the social media front to the conflict where the BBC, not exactly a pro-Israel media source, issued a short report you can view here supporting that much of the most graphic images showing horrendous injuries and numerous children murdered are not from Gaza but are actually graphic images and reports from the wars in Syria and Iraq. As the BBC reporter advised, make sure the sources you quote are accurate, double check and try and find supporting reports before spreading misinformation. In the coming days should Hamas continue or even increase the barrage of rockets and mortars then it is very likely that Israel might deploy ground forces in order to destroy the manufacturing sites for the rockets and explosives as well as destroying other terror related infrastructure as well as potentially capturing where possible many of the Hamas leadership. Already Hamas has displayed their intentions to maximize the numbers of innocents injured or killed during this conflict. They will continue to fire their rockets and mortars from out of school yards, mosques, hospitals and from amongst crowds of innocents. There was already an instance of insanity when an Israeli drone fired a flare atop a high value Hamas target signifying that it was about to be struck and as the Israeli fighter plane launched its missile, the Hamas operatives called for all the civilians, innocent bystanders, to rush towards the structure to prevent the Israeli strike. The result was a number of people needlessly injured as Hamas operatives attempted to utilize innocents as human shields. When the Hamas terrorists fire a rocket or other round from within homes and schools and other such sites against all the laws of warfare and aim them almost exclusively at civilian targets they are committing two war crimes simultaneously. Yet, despite this and the intentional stationing of innocent civilians around known military targets, the majority of the reports of war crimes coming out of the United Nations, the Human Rights NGOs, the many and varied world courts and those European national courts who have reserved for themselves universal jurisdiction will single out the presumed actions against the rules of war by Israel while ignoring anything against such rules that Hamas commits. Please read our previous article, Of What Restraint Doth the UN Human Rights Office Call? which discusses such slanted coverage by many in the human rights lobbying business.


The kind of deceptions described by our article and in the BBC report above will only grow more severe and cause frantic denunciations against Israel using these types of exaggerations and misrepresentations as proof that Israel is using disproportional force which is resulting in the unnecessary death of untold hundreds or more. How can I be so sure of this coming to media and other coverage and reports? Let me ask a simple question to illustrate the point after which I will suggest a different story and allow you to research which is true, your memory or mine. I am talking about the Jenin massacre where reports placed the death toll of innocent Palestinians in the city of Jenin in the thousands and told of the complete devastation over the entire city. The reality was all of the destruction caused covered about a square mile and the total numbers of dead were twenty-three dead fifty-two wounded Israeli Defense Force soldiers and at least fifty-two dead with at least twenty-seven militants and twenty-two civilians as per Human Rights Watch and generally confirmed by a United Nations investigation. Do not feel sad or upset as to this day there will be numerous instances where the Jenin massacre is still bandied about with the inflated numbers still claimed as valid and often when the United Nations investigation is brought as proof that the Jenin massacre story is a lie, those wishing to continue the blood libel will complain that the United Nations was tricked or controlled by the Jews. We can fully expect all new atrocities to be reported during this conflict including the claim that Israel used way too much military force for the provocations. I wonder how the state of New York, not to mention the entire United States, would react and how much firepower would transverse Lake Ontario heading north if Toronto were to launch a couple hundred rockets and mortars into Buffalo, New York and the aforementioned barrage topped off a month where an average of ten to twenty a day? We already know how England reacts when rockets are launched across the English Channel along with bombers raining bombs on London day and night. They bombed Dresden into a firestorm after twenty-four hours of concentrated bombing as well as near constant bombing of Berlin and other German controlled areas during World War II with devastating death tolls of civilians and accompanying destruction of civilian housing and everything else while also striking military targets. Israel often uses modified missiles where they remove much of the explosives and retain only that which they assess is adequate to destroy just the target without causing unnecessary injury, casualties or deaths. This has been exemplified when they have taken out Hamas terrorist leaders while they travel in a vehicle without killing any bystanders, even those within a few yards. There have been a few cases when they launched a missile at the rear seat and killed the target terrorist in the rear seat while only injuring his driver. The sad reality is that at some point Israel will be forced by necessities of the terror war being waged against her and her citizens endlessly and use whatever force ends up being required to end the capabilities of Hamas and the other terrorist organizations such as Fatah, Islamic Jihad and the newest arrivals, ISIS. May Hamas be deterred and lose their desires to continue the raining of rockets and mortars as well as placing improvised explosive devices (IEDs) near the border between Gaza and Israel detonating them when IDF patrols or unsuspecting civilians pass too close and into harm’s way. I can only pray that Hamas also cease to fire anti-tank RPG missiles at IDF or at other targets such as the big yellow school bus which resulted in the death of the one sole teen who remained on the bus which had just discharged the rest of the children just before cresting the hill bringing the bus into view making it a target. As bad as the death of the one innocent teen was that day, the fact that the rest of the children had just been dropped off is a miracle in its own way. Peace and security with no terrorist attacks of any kind would be preferable to miracles to keep Israeli children and other Israelis safe and sound. May this latest round of violence end and quiet return and remain henceforth and forever.


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