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December 4, 2018

The Democrat Party has a Religion


This religion is something rather new and special. The most notable of its elite members include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib who have been all the rage in the news as part of the latest “Year of the Woman” and two are members of the latest surge in leftist politics, the Democratic Socialists. This formerly fringe wing of the Democrat Party also had an impressive showing in state elections. The best known Democratic Socialist used to be Bernie Sanders, but with the success of the youth from the party, you can bet good old Bernie will be tossed onto the trash heap of history while these more newly minted leaders take to the fore. The Democrat Party itself has been slowly but inexorably sliding leftward as was made obvious by the impressive showing of Bernie Sanders in the Democrat primaries for President against Hillary Clinton. There have been claims, never echoed by Senator Bernie Sanders, that Hillary only won the primary election through cheating, slight of hand, party suppression and backroom deals and other shenanigans. Cheating in elections by the Democrats, who could have ever imagined such a thing. What is frightening is that these Democratic Socialists are not the only ones out on the farthest left limb of the political tree, they are joined by stalwarts such as Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson, Jim McDermott, John Conyers, Sheila Jackson Lee as well as some lesser known names like Kara Eastman, Susan Wild, Scott Wallace, John Fetterman, Jan Schakowsky, Pete Stark, Bob Filner and here are fifteen Senators who voted with Senator Bernie Sanders 95% of the time or greater; Sherrod Brown, John Kerry, Jack Reed, Sheldon Whitehouse, Patrick Leahy, Tom Harkin, Kirsten Gillibrand, Richard Durbin, Jeanne Shaheen, Ben Cardin, Frank Lautenberg, Jeff Merkley, Barbara Mikulski, Roland Burris and Ted Kaufman. These are all members of the Democrat Party in Congress who have bonafides as leftists; those so far to the left they cannot even see any Republican with whom they could share any positions.


Not to be outdone, over the years the Republican Party has slid leftwards as well and currently stands for issues more similar to any 1954 Democrat Congressional candidates than to the majority, if not all, of that year’s Republicans running for Congress. The entirety of the United States political structure has moved leftward and by doing so has alienated a large segment of the American people, especially the voters. This is partly why Donald Trump was elected President; he was the closest thing anybody had seen to a true, through and through candidate with core conservative positions. That brought out the vote from large, Yuge even, numbers of true conservatives as they were finally excited by the positions stood for by a candidate for President. What was another reason is they saw a conservative who knew how to fight like a leftist and who did not meekly hide from controversy and gave as good, if not better, than he got. This has infuriated the Democrats and especially their most leftist voters who came out in droves for the midterm elections. All things being even, the election was closer to a draw than a victory for either side. Trump improved his hold on the Senate which will permit his nominations to move forward while the Democrats took back the house which will place stumbling blocks before the President in everything he attempts to do and is also likely to bring charges of Impeachment against the President, charges which will die in the Senate thus they are mostly to satisfy the leftists demands that at least the charges be brought forward.


The real problem with those on the far left is that it is no longer a political position, as it has become their religion. Their politics has developed a dogma from which one may not deviate otherwise they will be ostracized and be shown similar dishonor as one would have shown any heretic who had been excommunicated in the Middle Ages. We have discussed how those showing up to the Chicago Dykes March in 2017 flying the Rainbow Flag with a Star of David emblazoned upon it were refused permission to march as they were opposed to BDS and the replacement of Israel with an Arab state, and how the next year at the same march they were again rejected while many marched with the flag of the Palestinian Authority. This leftist religion has as it basic belief structure socialist politics mixed with Secular Humanistic doctrine. They have taken the approved of political policies and intertwined them into one megalithic position which they call Intersectionality. Through this definition, the numerous approved political positions are protected from being denigrated by contamination of those unapproved political positions. Intersectionality rules out any political positions which support Israel even within the Green Line. This was decided by Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour and Carmen Perez, all supporters of Louis Farrakhan. Part of their refusal to allow anything Israel is anti-Semitism in its finest. Many of those who have adopted the religion of leftist political dogma demand that anyone who has a Jewish background take rabidly anti-Israel and anti-Zionist positions, sometimes requiring that they sign affidavits proclaiming their opposition to all things Israel. There is no other nation anywhere on or off planet Earth where any similar demand is made to refute any support one might have. That makes this entire Intersectionality and leftist positions and the Democratic Socialist wing of the Democrat Party squarely anti-Semitic because of these positions and demands.


Those who desire to join the Democratic Socialists and adopt their far leftist doctrine are entering into a quasi-religious order in which many of the membership are watchers who enforce the purity of mind and heart of all members turning upon any who have even a momentary slip and potentially taking a wrong position. They have strict codes of belief and dogma which makes demands that the members place nothing before the positions of their party hierarchy. Everyone is forced to support all the approved positions with the same exuberance as they have for their own most closely held views. They also are required to emote equal hate for every political position which is unapproved by the high priests of the far left. When it comes to President Trump, for him only the greatest rejection and animosity to an extent that they have uncontrolled bouts of antagonism bordering on violence against any television upon which his visage appears. Their religious celebrations are, in many ways, very reminiscent of the “Two Minutes of Hate” George Orwell’s novel 1984 where Emmanuel Goldstein has been replaced by President Trump or Israel; they are of relatively equal evils. Imagine the Intersectionality Temple where one prays through sheer unrestrained and unending spite is heaped upon the mere representation of President Trump placed before the pews. Here is where your true path to acceptance is won. This is where you make your commitment to support only those causes which further the liberation of those selected minorities who have been deemed downtrodden and where you take out the proper revenge against the Christian, white males as they have held power and suppressed all others. Here is where you can vent the purest of rages against the ultimate evil, the double whites, the Jews. This name was derived for the Jews in order to claim that the Jews are in the top one-percent even above the Christian, white males and as such require a special form of hatred.


President Trump and Intersectionality’s Two More Years of Hate

President Trump and Intersectionality’s Two More Years of Hate


Such revolutionary leftists believe that their positions in politics are always altruistic and truly rewarding for all people. Thus, they become the true elites who are the only people who fully understand all the intricacies which afflict our world allowing for them to claim that they should control all the levers of power and the wealth such that it can then be evenly divided allowing all to benefit. Needless to point out that those whose position allows for them to distribute wealth eventually will decide they require additional funds in order for them to avoid such theft. These self-appointed elites often do not understand why what is occurring is occurring and will make rash judgements eventually striking out at balancing the books. Often, such governance begins to collapse causing panic, as power structures become fluid and the money worthless. This scenario is exactly the one warned about by our functionary elites. The very policies demanded will bring our lives full circle and result in the collapse of the system through, more often than not, mismanagement of money, which is often the cause. Still, there are many a slip between the plate and the lips. Often this is the challenge which the make or break point where a fiscal response is required. Thus, in the end, every society will come down to money and how it is handled. In small unit societies, socialism can and will function quite adequately as everyone knows what job each person does and they will be able to hold each person accountable for completing their tasks. Unfortunately, the best group to have tried socialism only to have it fail were the Pilgrims coming to America from Britain. They initially used a system where everybody assisted with the farming and construction as well as any other jobs that required doing. Everyone shared equally in the food produced and use of the buildings plus having them work on additions to your house. Some people worked more diligently than others and soon they found they were coming up short in food and other material goods. They tried tweaking the system to no avail and finally had to try something drastic. They permitted each farmer the same size plot of land and everyone was to be allowed to retain forty or fifty percent of their grains and crops for their own families. This brought forth a bounty of crops to the level of excess. Human greed is a strong and powerful motivating factor. Anything which attempt to feed greed’s voracious appetite will fail but any system which uses the wants as a motivating and driving factor will succeed beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. But the Social Democrats know that they can employ Socialism correctly and their form, which is no different from that of others, will really produce beyond any capitalist’s dreams. We have heard this sirens song before and found those promises to be empty. The proponents of every world order imagine themselves as the benevolent ruler which is not as wonderful as it first appears, as it does not take into account those leaders who will follow after them. Such altruism is to be enjoyed warily for what the future will hold, but not necessarily a desired working model. Simply look into Jewish history where King David followed by King Solomon and Israel flourished. After that Israel suffered one catastrophe after another eventually leading to the destruction of the Second Temple and being dispersed throughout the Roman Empire and beyond in an attempt to end all belief in Hashem.


There are two ways to have governance which will respect the rights of all their citizens and provide the means such that they never stray too far from their ideals. The first is a nation based on a document which seriously reflects the ideal of the American Declaration of Independence and the government is structured based very closely to the American Constitution with the Bill of Rights and every half century the nation strips all the laws from the books, dismisses all the government workers, dissolves all the new departments not included in the initial founding and the nation starts again from scratch. There are new elections and those who held office in the previous half century are barred from returning to government and the same goes for government employees. This prevents the development of some form of governance within the government which is unelected, what is currently called the Deep State. The other is the one described in the Torah where Hashem is the true ruler of the nation and the people follow the Laws from the Torah. Should they decide to appoint or elect a king or other ruler, they would face serious limitations in their ability to gain wealth. Under Torah, those who seek to govern are required to serve the people and depend on the support of the people for their sustenance. In this way, good leaders whose prophesies prove true and beneficial are rewarded and the others find an urgent need to find a different occupation. Here to, there is not supposed to be hierarchal lineages as each King is to be anointed by Hashem and chosen by prophesy. Such governance required a people willing to live the life as defined in Torah with some modifications such as replacing animal sacrifice with providing sustenance for those who tend the Temple in Jerusalem and the people provide for the celebrations of the pilgrimage holidays. A Torah bound society is set around a more simple life but would actually still be a functional form of governance even today. All governments which are the product of human invention will erode from their pure beginnings leading to the problems seen today in much of the developed world where the governance has become bloated and unmanageable leading to government running wild over the rights and against the expectations of the people. There will always be the need for a reset taking the fat and waste out of the government regularly if it is expected to function and truly serve the people.


Beyond the Cusp


November 8, 2018

Requiem for America


Everyone is putting their own spin on the elections and avoiding the issue of what kind of future does this bode for the United States. There were some very significant events which require addressing if we are to understand what is the future direction and where will the United States sit after a few more rounds of elections. The immediate take away from the election is the nation is still impossibly divided. President Trump’s opportunities for reelection were actually bolstered by the election results. We know, how can that be when he lost control of the House of Representatives. Well, this will take a bit of explaining, so please be patient. The first item comes at us from the Senate where we vote for the Senator most likely to become the new John McCain and lead the Republican Resistance. That will be the freshman Senator from Utah, Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney was anti-Trumper extraordinaire from the very beginning and only came out as a remade man and new Trump supporter when he announced he was taking the Utah Senate seat. There was an up a coming Republican who was prepared to run, but money and influence won out as usual and the Republican Party caved to Uncle Mitt. Now that he is safely in the Senate, Mitt Romney can return to his former self and oppose Trump leading a crew of five to ten Republicans working against the President depending on the issue. In too many items, this group will prove sufficient to prevent the Senate working with President Trump. This will work against the President and he would be best advised to avoid any attacks or criticism of Mitt Romney and instead work with Mitt as closely as possible in order to make his opposing the President appear to look vindictive and traitorous.


That is it for the Senate and so on to the now Democrat controlled House of Representatives. Welcome back to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, at least for the next year after which she will be deposed by the Democrat most likely to run for President if that is at all possible. A very big amount is going to depend on what the first piece of business is in the House. Numerous Democrats have trumpeted that they would immediately bring up charges of Impeachment against President Trump on charges ranging from Russia collusion to Obstruction of Justice to mental incompetence to we just really hate him so he must be terrible. Any version of Impeachment is a declaration of war against the President by the Democrats in the House. This would signal the beginning of a battle of wills which will result in a stand-off which neither side gains anything. On the other hand, the Democrats could surprise everyone and take up the budget as their first item and deliver the President a budget which represents their agenda. Such a budget would defund much of the already planned military build-up, raise taxes, reinstitute a 35% Capital Gains Tax, reinstitute the Death Tax, double the amount of welfare so as to cover all illegal immigrants, defund ICE, defund the border wall, increase Medicare ten fold to cover everyone under a Medicare for All plan, raise the debt ceiling and a plethora of other pet projects proposed by any house member whose ideas coincide with the leftist agenda. This budget would be dead on arrival in the Senate, but it would serve as the litany of items the Democrats will demand in exchange for funding anything the President proposes and they will also demand that at least Capital Gain Tax, Death Tax, a return to having five levels of taxes based on income and their demand that the top three of these pay their fair share while allowing the lowest to get a refund larger than anything they could possibly have paid. Once there is an agreement, should they get higher taxes, they will run to the media claiming Trump is a hypocrite who lied about lowering taxes, if they force raising the debt ceiling, they will scream to the media that Trump is ruining the nation fiscally by increasing the debt and if they get some of their programs say Medicare for example, they will decry that Trump is starving Medicare because he cut it by tens of millions of dollars because, this part is left out, he settled to only raise medicare five fold and not ten fold. With the Democrats, a cut in a program they support is any amount less than their wildest hopes for funding that program. For example, Program Y is currently funded to the tune of three and one half billion dollars, they are touting five billion dollars for Program Y and the end result of negotiations they settle on four and a half billion dollars, then they will cry out that Program Y is being cut by half of a billion dollars. We actually have an old article on Politicians and their meaning of spending cuts if you care to be amused and potentially enlightened. For President Trump to get his agenda through Congress, he is going to have to pay the House Democrats’ price, and that will not necessarily be all bad nor will it be all good.


What is more important is the general direction of the future for the United States. For this, one will need to wait for the full coverage of the vote breakdown by age, location and virtually every other category. As we like to take stabs into the murkiness of the yet unknown, we are going to take a stab at what we think will be these breakdowns and what it will mean. Some of what we will be predicting should already be fairly obvious if anyone really cares to sit down and honestly think about these items. The first thing is the majority of the Republican voters are well over thirty, the dividing line past which we were told back in the day not to trust people past that age. Of course, now we are past that age, so can we trust ourselves. Truthfully, the majority of the Republican voters are over forty and, dare we say it, even fifty. Voters under twenty-five are well over 90% Democrat voters, especially those registered as close to deadlines for voting in any state. Those youth with a general education or soft-sciences education are coming out of college as sworn socialists and will probably remain as leftists well past age forty. Youth still in High School actually are not quite as bad off as maybe as many as eight percent would vote Republican though fewer would identify as conservative. There are some students who believe that the Democrat Party is conservative, and these are the lost generation for sure. The Social Democrat Party has the majority of its members, other than Bernie Sanders, under twenty-five in age. At a Social Democrat Convention, one might mistake it for Bernie Sanders on an outing with his grandchildren. The Democrats, which includes the Social Democrats, have invested their future in forming an education monopoly where the instructors strongly lean towards being dedicated socialists who believe that despite it having failed everywhere else, it has not been attempted here and they know they can make it work this time. Truth is, it cannot work for a simple reason, it is not driven by human nature.


You allow people to list their needs and also their ability you will very quickly receive very long lists of needs and find very few with abilities to fill the needs requests. That is socialism despite the fact that every socialist simply assumes everybody will work diligently and be worth more in productivity than the cost of their needs. Why, when working hard and doing nothing, will result in basically equal wages, or at least working at a very relaxed pace, as compared to working as hard as possible, results in the exact same amount of pay? Capitalism is based on that horrible and disgusting concept, according to everybody except a true capitalist, greed. You work hard to earn more and this is never more evident than at a worksite where one is paid by the number of completed units your group can produce. Piece-work is the purest form of Capitalism and it works because it benefits off of each worker’s greed. In Capitalism, if you work diligently, you will be able to get more of what you desire and if you work smart as well and find a means of self-employment where you can hire others to work hard while you work smart, then the sky is the limit. But, this time, according to many of our youth here as well as in the United States, the disease has reached every shore, Socialism will work because the groups in the United States know how to apply Socialism such that it works and they will not make the same mistakes as the last hundred and fifty cases who tried Socialism and failed. Can we simply say a half dozen words more about the wonderful results of Socialism; Soviet Union, Cuba, Ukraine, and Venezuela.


Now for what portends for the future of America. The youth are solidly Socialists and they become ever the more so with greater amounts of education. They have been so solidly locked into this Socialist belief structure that they are beyond reach probably well past forty and somewhere close to fifty. As the more conservative people educated before 1975 age out of the public roll, these youth will rapidly become the majority. This was evidenced in Texas despite the apparent ease with which Ted Cruz won reelection despite the polls predicting he would likely lose his seat. The seats for the House of Representatives went stronger for the Democrat Party with the Republicans losing three or four seats. Texas is going to be the most important state in the near future. Once the Democrats flip Texas, and do not even claim this cannot be done as they flipped Colorado and they are working on Texas with the same tactics, target specific regions, have the Californians fleeing California resettle in these vulnerable districts and then you flip the balance of the state. Should Texas land in the Democrat Party basket along with California and New York, the Democrats would simply be required to hold the remainder of the current states in which they have comfortable majorities and then they will love the Electoral College. Further, as more and more Americans reside in major metropolitan areas, these areas tend to play Democrat for sociological reasons, they will gain in the percentage of voters in many states. The further future of about a decade or two at the most the leftists will take control of the government. They will easily hold the House of Representatives and will take the Senate but by a slightly less of a percentage than the House and will at some point take the White House. Once the Democrats again attain the magic majorities with the White House, expect a retooling of the United States with little if any regard for the Constitution and by the time any of their measures have been taken to the Supreme Court, the damage will have been done.


The man who praised the United States in the most majestic of terms also defined what would bring the end of the great American experiment. That man was the French diplomat, political scientist and historian, Alexis de Tocqueville. He stated numerous times about the wonders, the faith and the love of freedom along with some like this, “In no other country in the world is the love of property keener or more alert than in the United States, and nowhere else does the majority display less inclination toward doctrines which in any way threaten the way property is owned,” where he stressed the importance of private ownership. But he has a few very prescient views about what would cause the American downfall of which the following is the more necessary for the current times where he stated, “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” Many more Tocqueville quotes can be read here. But here in the near term we are going to see the Democrats in the House of Representatives doing everything to undermine President Trump. Speaker Nancy Pelosi will not have all the control of the future of the Democrat Party in the House of Representatives. You will have a number of committee chairs who will have their own demands on what needs be done to punish President Trump for his win against Hillary Clinton, the one they absolutely believe should have been President. There will be Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, Adam Schiff and others will each try to find some means of using their committee to begin an investigation into Trump’s mishandling or outright criminal behavior and then possibly demand impeachment on the grounds of whatever they can manufacture, or even find which is legitimate.


Capitol Cash Machine

Capitol Cash Machine


Should the Democrats in the House of Representatives actually push through Impeachment, which having a majority is easily accomplished, they only need a majority, the Senate requires two-thirds to find the President guilty and to remove him from office. So the Democrats in the House of Representatives go ahead and push Impeachment proceedings and send a bill of Impeachment to the Senate, what next. Well, the Senate must hold a trial and not just vote it down. This trial must have the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court as the acting person ruling the Senate, instead of the Vice President, and the charges need to be read and then there will be the representatives chosen by the House to be the Prosecutorial agents and the President will have his representative to take the side of the defense. The end result is already known unless the Democrats can find something so heinous that the majority of Republicans would decide that they could not defend the President, which is what happened to Nixon when the leading Republicans in the Senate informed President Nixon that they were not going to prevent his being Impeached from Office, which is why he resigned and we can assume Trump would do similarly if faced with such a proposition. The odds of the Democrats finding anything which even began to approach such a level of serious is highly unlikely, we would put it at next to impossible. But, as they say, hope springs eternal and so the Democrats will continue to chase after each passing idea just as the neighborhood dog chases after cars and probably with equal outcome.


The odds are that the House of Representatives will be so demanding and overplay their hand in such a fanatically fantastic manner as to provide the Republicans with quote after quote which they will be able to use to their advantage. We will bet that the Democrats will have sufficient wisdom not to allow Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to speak without having first become safely confident she had memorized her answers to any questions and was not going to go off of script and say whatever was echoing around in her head. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has some of the greatest potential to be the gift which keeps on giving. Joe Biden was also a master of the gaffe, but at least he was amusing, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez lacks the breadth of experience nor has she the mastery of words to compete with Joe Biden, plus he gaffed in a far less toxic environment, today the political swamp is turning to acid. It was the overplaying of their hand under President Obama which brought the United States to where they are today with Donald Trump as President. There is a scintilla of truth when the Democrats claim that their taking of the House of Representatives is but a harbinger of things to come. We will close with a prediction that the Democrats will win the trifecta of a very comfortable majority in the House of Representatives, over sixty Senators and the White House in the 2028 election. As nothing placed on the Internet is ever lost, we are posting what will be potentially a great successful prediction or something which we will come to regret when on Wednesday, November 8, 2028, the majority of our followers will let us hear from them. So, we will promise to continue posting even if our prediction proves slightly less than correct.


Beyond the Cusp


August 17, 2018

Israel Must Act Suicidal to Receive Acceptance


On the same day that Palestinian Arabs in the Shomron threw pipe-bombs at the Tomb of Rachel while Arabs in Gaza continued to launch incendiary devices into Israel all while Mahmoud Abbas not only continues to pass hundreds of thousands of dollars to terrorists and their families each month declaring that this is the most important expenditure of the Palestinian Authority, we find people claiming that Israel should not be permitted to prevent people from entering the country whose designs for entering Israel is disruption and attacks on the government and people. Needless to add, the Europeans expressed shock and intense despair at Israel, not for actually turning away several American Jews who advocate boycotting Israel, but that they were questioned for twenty to thirty minutes as they entered Israel recently. That we are quite used to as many in Europe, politicians included, act in such a manner as to seemingly work towards the destruction of the Jewish State. What was disparaging was when Ron Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, wrote in the New York Times that he was critical of the recently passed Nationality Law, calling out the country’s “Orthodox monopoly” and accusing the Netanyahu administration of damaging “the sense of equality and belonging of Israel’s Druze, Christian, and Muslim citizens.” Mr. Lauder continued with a litany of complaints which largely circled the idea that Israel just does not get it and really needs to stop acting in its own self-interest and instead begin to comply with all the demands of the American Jewish community and their leftist ideologies. Mr. Lauder had in the past and also in the New York Times insisted that Israel be reasonable and pull back behind the pre-Six Day War Green Line and surrender the remainder to the Palestinians enacting the two state solution even without any peace agreement. Apparently Mr. Lauder suffers from a pathology with which we are quite familiar, and love of Israel is not as paramount in his list of priorities as he has indicated, complying and pursuit of his leftist ideologies and forcing them on any and all who have the audacity of disagreeing with that ideology is his foremost driving force.


President of the World Jewish Congress, Ron Lauder

President of the World Jewish Congress, Ron Lauder


Now we will delve into this pathology which had taken hold of the majority, if not the vast majority, of the non-Orthodox Jews in the United States. Their unwavering support of the Democrat Party is just one of the signs of this pathology. Their driving force has been given a name from the very Bible they never read, Tikkun Olam. They translate this as “Repair the World” and claim that their leftist, socialist single party desires are the path to such an enlightened state. They insist that spreading this belief far and wide is the true path for completing the task of Tikkun Olam. One of the first concepts I came to grips with after moving to Israel and rediscovering a remarkable religion, Judaism, something I had almost lost when living in the United States, was Tikkun Olam as practiced by Traditional Orthodox Jews. Oddly, it has absolutely nothing to do with leftist ideology, socialism or spreading anything to the less enlightened. Tikkun Olam in the sense it is interpreted in Israel is to work on yourself, your habits, your interactions with others, your dedication to prayer and largely your love of Hashem and everything which he gave us here on Earth such that we could thrive and live with such splendor. Of course I understand that the leftist Jews who are out to change the world to fit their new world order of socialism with free everything for everybody have already perfected themselves. I know this as I had gathered such in countless conversations with numerous of these Jews and a selected few who were totally honest admitted their near perfection. Also, it almost goes without saying, almost to the last one, they believed that I was a monstrous person who was ignorant, rude, ill mannered, uneducated, virtually illiterate and completely clueless about the virtues of their political views and the complete absence of merit in my political views. Thankfully, they did act kindly when we were all in Synagogue and some would even deign to socialize while most simply nodded and continued to avoid us. So, I am not foreign to these crusading true believers who have the inside track on perfection in all areas of life, theirs, yours and mine, if only we would awaken and realize the errors of our ways and then do the proper penance which would include voting for whichever candidate the Democrats run against the demon in the White House, President Trump.


The problem is these Jews and all their coreligionists are actually practicing Secular Humanist Socialism and not so much Judaism. Their Synagogues have been converted into centers for group-think and often are used to promote Democrat Party candidates and even have run campaign assistance as a committee within the Synagogue. Their prayerbooks are often devoid of any Zionism declaring for the longing to reestablish the Jews ancient home in Eretz Yisroel. Many of the traditional prayers have either been reworded or done away with completely. Had we attempted to use the prayerbook from some of the Synagogues we belonged to in the United States, we would not have been able to follow a service in a Traditional Orthodox service here in Israel. Their prayerbooks have been sanitized with a new theme centered on all that could be if only the world were remade in a more socialized manner. Sermons often carried messages straight from the leftist list of most important political battles to still be fought and won. In many such Synagogues, they will allow for mixed marriages where one of the couple is Jewish and the other is not. Some will go further and allow same sex marriages in the Synagogue. This is their choice and if that is their idea of Judaism, they are free to pursue exactly what they choose. On Yom Kippur once we were treated to a sermon about how gloriously wonderful the two recent people of a couple married by the Rabbi, but in a hall and not the Synagogue as this was a more religious Synagogue and community, and how they were so gentle and tender and the beautiful point where they were to kiss and how it was almost tearing in many of the attendees eyes as these two men kissed. We were told about the great wonder their love was and all the details. After the service, we heard many members of the congregation congratulating the Rabbi for the great sermon and his willingness to officiate such a wedding and some inquired why the marriage was not held in the Synagogue. Apparently, the Rabbi and the couple mutually decided to hold the ceremony outside the Synagogue was the answer. This was the sermon on the Day of Atonement and nothing deeply spiritual about self-improvement, forgiveness which Hashem bestows upon all of us and an entire history of sermons rich in Torah but instead we sat through a sermon which we found difficult. We were still in the United States when having this experience and there were an extensive list of similar such sermons from back in the 1960’s where my family had joined a Reform Temple, they did not have a Synagogue, but that was not a problem as here everyone was indoctrinated regularly at services in the liberal leftist ideology as if that was what was dictated in Torah. Back then, the name of Hashem was in some of the prayers just as today as it is impossible to say the Shema without naming Hashem.


We fully understand where Mr. Lauder was coming from in his articles, though we would have preferred his publishing them in one of the many Jewish publications so as to be less conspicuous as to have the President of World Jewish Congress being so publically critical of Israel is less than helpful. Maybe Mr. Lauder does not realize that Israel is being attacked on all fronts by virtually everyone with an obvious exception, President Donald Trump, the man who actually did move the United States embassy to Jerusalem. But we are pretty sure Mr. Lauder is fully aware that Israel is being attacked. He probably also believes he understands exactly why Israel is being attacked and is the man with the answer, become like the American leftist Jews and stand for the ideals and beliefs they hold dear. Should we complain that doing such would violate Torah, we believe he would refer to the Torah as an old scroll still being written on parchment and as such is obviously outdated and we need to get with the program. Mr. Lauder is far from alone and had a backup choir of very full-throated fellow leftist Jews demanding that Israel throw out the playbook which has kept Judaism alive for over three millennia, and instead pick up the Democrat playbook and adopt the views of the supporters of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as she is their new cheerleader and spokesperson campaigning everywhere as she is just so wonderful. We hope you did not miss the sarcasm. There is also Rabbi Jacobs who also desires that Israel fashion itself after the Democrat Party and Reform Judaism. Both of these men and their ilk are also very upset with Israel for actually having the unmitigated gall to have again elected right wing governments and allowing Bibi Netanyahu to once more be Prime Minister. They would prefer Yair Lapid, Avi Gabbay or Tzipi Livni to be the Prime Minister as their political thoughts and remarkable brilliance in their agreement that the Two State solution is best for Israel. That these political parties would support such a thing as the Two State solution is one of the main reasons they must continue to be in the opposition and not in power. We would love to have these very same Jews come home and we would welcome them, as they are family. As family, we would really prefer to keep our squabbles within the family and not on the editorial page of the New York Times.


Beyond the Cusp


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