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February 10, 2015

The Most Difficult Political Speech is Honest Speech


Before getting to today’s subject, please allow us to interject with this little revelation about which little needs to be commented as it explains itself. The New York Times, attached to the bottom of the article titled Netanyahu Is Talking to Leading Democrats to Little Effect So Far, stated,

Correction: January 30, 2015

An earlier version of this article misstated when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel accepted Speaker John A. Boehner’s invitation to address Congress. He accepted after the administration had been informed of the invitation, not before.
Methinks the Administration doth protest too much.

Thank you for your patience and now on with today’s article


The Most Difficult Political Speech is Honest Speech


Naftali Bennett spoke honestly and is paying a price before the paragons of all that is correct and permitted to speak. Mr. Bennett made a promise, which if made by Tzipi Livni or Yitzhak Hertzog would have been acclaimed as taking a difficult and brave stand against a situation which plagues too many Israelis and is more prevalent in the less wealthy neighborhoods, a promise to address crime which targets south Tel Aviv and many across the Negev and Galilee where gangs, often Arab gangs thus the potential problems mentioning such if one is not of the correct political bend, victimize the more vulnerable amongst us and whom the authorities appear reluctant to address. This is the promise the Jewish Home Party is basing their call for their own Ayelet Shaked to take the Public Security Minister position should they be included in the next ruling coalition. The media immediately jumped on Naftali Bennett claiming he was making racist incitement or accusing all Arabs of committing criminal acts. Nobody apparently thought to grant Bennett with being concerned with a plight which inflicts the lives of people who for reasons not of their own making face increased criminal elements victimizing the areas where they live. Should anybody on the left make such a claim to target crime in high risk neighborhoods they are lauded as taking the brave stand, caring for the downtrodden, leading a needed crusade or simply shows their nature as a risk-taker not afraid to broach the most sensitive of subjects. But Israeli society needs to go further into these areas and by doing so remove some of the barriers between the different areas of our society and make our personal and community lives be as accepting of people spanning the entirety of Israeli populations as has been accomplished in the IDF.


That brings us to a couple of horrific acts for which those responsible deserve the strictest application of the law possible. Ghazi Hasisi, a Druze from Daliat al-Karmel, had stepped outside of the Ultra Sound club in Kibbutz Yagur where he was overheard to speak Arabic which led a group of young people to assault him throwing rocks injuring him. Ghazi Hasisi serves in the Golani Brigade. This assault was reminiscent of another assault which took place at the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem where Tommy Hasson, a Druze army veteran, was assaulted quite likely for the same reason. Such acts of violence are horrid and that they would be committed for such an absurd reason as that somebody was speaking a different language makes it abhorrent. Just as the violence perpetrated against Jews for their religion in Europe and elsewhere, it is just as if not more-so when it is committed in Israel against anybody simply because of their religion, ethnicity or anything which used by the judgmental amongst us. These two attacks in some ways are more offensive than many other attacks which occur within the areas under Israeli control as these two assaults were committed by Jews. That makes these two attacks a sin on every Israeli Jew and a reflection that something is wrong with our society that such acts can even come from any Israeli Jew. The one reprieve came from the act by members of grassroots Zionist movement Im Tirtzu visited Ghazi Hasisi in his room at Rambam Hospital in Haifa on Sunday. May their kindness erase the shame committed of the uncouth assault and may our Druze friends accept that the majority of Jews are horrified by the actions of the few and pray that both Ghazi Hasisi and Tommy Hasson can find it in their hearts to allow and accept our apologies. May the miscreants of these two senseless and irresponsible acts be found, charged and sentenced with the harshness they deserve.


This takes me to somewhere a little further off the norms than usual. I know some are wondering if that is possible, trust me, after the rest of this article you will agree, well, probably. Israel is presented in Torah as having a unique purpose and as Israeli Jews we are tasked with that special purpose. This is described as being a light unto the nations. We are not tasked to try and convert others and are only supposed to explain the particulars and requirements placed upon the Jews, especially when we are residing in our home of Eretz Yisroel. What we are to do is set such a high standard for ourselves and in our actions such that other peoples desire to follow our examples when it comes to establishing their nations and cultures. We are to live a holy life according to Torah and through our actions show how high and moral human society can be simply by the actions of the individuals collectively and that improving life and society is a personal thing which does not require government to make a society pleasant and caring where people want to live and look to the society as the model for their own society. That is why Jews acting in such a boorish and brutish manner is actually so offensive to other Jews. While fashioning a society around such high standards is difficult, actions such as these racist assaults detract from the whole society and require that the rest of Israel work that much harder to make up for those who acted in such a manner which is so against what is desired. This is why Naftali Bennett’s challenge to reduce crime in every neighborhood and especially where the people already are facing the difficulties of making ends meet on an income which is below average, is actually an effort which will expand and make the lives of all Israelis safer and that much more enjoyable. These neighborhoods are often left on their own and thus become targeted by criminal elements as they are assured that the enforcement of the law is not as strict as in the more affluent neighborhoods where if the police are insufficient to protect the people, then they hire additional security to guard them and only them. That is why it actually makes sense that the Jewish Home Party would place improving all of Israeli society and work towards making all of Israel safe and living up to the standard of being a light unto the nations. As mentioned above, these efforts will lead to making everywhere safe and by doing so make everywhere more friendly and an exemplary place to live and raise a family. That is another aim is to make all of Israel family friendly where everybody is treated with honesty, friendliness, respect and granted honor due every one of G0d’s children.


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June 19, 2014

Should the State Protect the Scoundrel?

How does one refer to a member of their national parliament who constantly praises their nations worst enemies, makes excuses for every crime perpetrated against the citizens of the nation, demands the nation surrender granting every last complaint and answer for every recrimination, and goes so far as to stand and enjoin with the enemies’ combatants and lawless terrorists whenever they assault the nation? What does the nation owe this member of their parliament when they praise and excuse agents of an enemy entity giving them comfort and praise for a kidnapping of three innocent school boys. How should a nation treat a member of their parliament who has praised every attack, celebrated every mass murder of the people of the nation and attacks other members of the parliament and questioning the rights of that nation to continue to exist? It is obvious; you assign them additional security personnel to assure they are able to continue without fear of reprisals demonizing the nation and its people. The latest detrimental denouncement expressed by this parliamentarian was to excuse the forcible abduction of three teen age school children making their way home from a late day of studies claiming that they had no other way of expressing their desire for a homeland which the nation in whose parliament she sits refuses to dissolve their nation completely and giving the lands to their antagonists who will demand the citizen depart or be murdered simply because they were citizens of the nation of Israel. The parliamentarian is Minister of the Knesset Hanin Zoabi. For the record, Knesset Security Chief Yosef Grif decided on Wednesday to assign a security detail after she received death threats for justifying the kidnapping of three Israeli teenage boys.


This is far from the first time that Knesset Minister Hanin Zoabi has sided with the perpetrators of terror against the nation of Israel. She was aboard the Mavi Marmara during the assault and attempt to break the legal embargo blockade recognized as completely valid by the United Nations. This was not some group of Palestinians who Knesset Minister Zoabi usually joins in their protests and supports their attacks on Israel while condemning any action taken by Israel in their own defense. This was an effort by the Turkish government aiding and supporting the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation (an internationally recognized Turkish NGO) is the front organization which also funds and employs terrorists who in this case planned an assault for when they were inevitably boarded by Israeli forces as they attempted to break the blockade. Knesset Minister Zoabi likely had prior knowledge of the planned ambush which was to be sprung on the defense forces of Israel, the nation on whose parliament she sits, and yet made no attempt to warn her country’s forces of the danger which threatened them. She then defended her actions claiming that she had the right to stand with and even aid the enemies of Israel and her position in the Knesset in no way obligated her to support her nation or its forces and that it was her duty to work to compromise and defeat the nation of Israel and work to support the Palestinians in their eternal mission to liberate all of their invented nation of Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, the complete and total replacement of Israel by Palestine. This is the member of the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, who is entitled to additional security personnel to protect her from those she fears wish to harm her.


Knesset Minister Zoabi has taken such positions repeatedly over the years she has served in the Knesset and up until now she has never needed additional security and it is unlikely she actually requires the additional security personnel currently. She probably requested the additional security so as to emphasize that she was in danger from those violent Israelis who desire to deny her a voice in the Knesset. There is only one slight problem with the scenario she wishes to convey is placing her life in danger from an imminent stack from some deranged hateful Zionist; there is next to no possibility of her being harmed in any way by those she defames daily. Was she likely to have received death threats? Possibly, but the question is from whom and from where did these threats originate and were any of them probable to be acted upon? She is as safe as any other member of the Knesset and probably more so. I understand the need for such protection as a precaution but she will now present herself as the victim in order to detract from her instigations against her own nation making them into the violent terroristic entity detracting from the facts that she was protecting and justifying the real terrorists who abducted three innocent teens on their way home from studies. The terrorist who abducted the boys has been revealed most likely to have been Hamas, a recognized terrorist group by the United States, the European Union and the majority of European governments. These are the people worthy of the representation of Knesset Minister Zoabi.


There are those which have received the scorn of Knesset Minister Zoabi such as Minister of the Knesset Moshe Feiglin who she demonized for having the audacity to visit the Temple Mount, the holiest place on the planet in Judaism, how dare a Jewish Knesset Minister visit such a place. There have been attacks on Knesset Ministers in public places which have been reported in the past. One of the more recent came about while a Knesset Minister Elazar Stern toured south Tel Aviv to witness for himself the problems caused by the many illegal immigrants who have taken control of the streets in these neighborhoods making the residents’ lives impossible. Minister Elazar Stern was assaulted after he ignored taunts from two Eritrean illegal immigrants knocking his kipa to the ground. He was not seriously injured and his attacker was arrested by police and he continued his tour but was not awarded with additional security forces. Knesset Minister Moshe Feiglin has been assaulted numerous times upon visiting the Temple Mount and the only steps taken to make his life more secured was the security units for the Temple Mount barred him from making any additional visits to the most holy ground in all of Judaism. But Minister Zoabi is considered to be in danger. Let me make one thing crystal clear, I want no harm to ever come to Knesset Minister Hanin Zoabi under any circumstances and I would protect her to make her inflammatory rhetoric from now to the ends of eternity. I also reserve the right of those who oppose her commentary to express their disgust with her traitorous actions and words, even the right of opposition leader and Labor party leader Knesset Minister Yitzhak Herzog who has finally found an article of agreement with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Perhaps there is hope for Knesset Minister Herzog as a sane and reasoned leader of the opposition which could instigate a period of cooperation towards resolving some of the seemingly intractable difficulties Israel has faced in these turbulent times. One can always hope.


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