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March 23, 2014

Ultimate Syrian Atrocity Against Their Children

In many wars the most heart-wrenching realities are the often unintentional pains and suffering inflicted on the children. Where unintentional deaths and injuries of children are awful and distressing enough leaving observers to wonder how anybody can permit such heartless acts, in Syria Bashir Assad’s snipers have taken it beyond acceptable disaster into intentionally aiming at the children. Making this reality even worse is that the Syrian snipers are not aiming at the children to kill them, they are aiming for their spines in order to leave them alive and permanently paralyzed causing the most horrific injury possible and intentionally inflicting permanent misery and disabilities. These crimes are monstrous and inhuman and beyond contempt. These youngest victims of the inhuman side of the Syrian civil war are brought to Nahariya, Israel to the West Galilee Regional Hospital, the same hospital I would be admitted to in case of any emergency, where they are treated under the careful eye of Dr. Yoav Hoffman, a senior physician at the pediatric intensive care unit. Dr. Yoav Hoffman has described the injuries he has treated stating, “The injuries are very specific: gunshot wounds from a single bullet to the lumbar spine, near vertebrates 2 and 3.These shootings are not intended to kill, but to cause misery. They result in paralysis or slow death in Syria’s conditions.” His description is evidence that Syrian snipers precisely target children’s spines to maximize their injuries and suffering intending to leave these innocents with permanent misery beyond imagination. Dr. Hoffman has seen 25 children come into his unit for treatment for these exact injuries and the children are treated and sent back to Syria in donated wheelchairs and are paralyzed for life.


The Syrian civil war has surpassed three years and over 150,000 deaths and near countless injured and many millions forced to flee to neighboring countries as refugees with no hope of ever returning to a normal life. Even should the Syrian civil war end in the near future, it would make little difference as whichever side wins the battle stands to inherit a nation suffering near complete destruction of its infrastructure and absolutely no discernable economy. The refugees would be returning to their home cities where their homes no longer exist and virtually everything will need to be rebuilt once the rubble has been cleared. The recovery will take decades and during the rebuilding process there will be little economic production outside of the rebuilding. Farms will need to be completely reestablished from scratch. On top of these difficulties will be the other residue of the conflict, the permanently disabled children and people resulting from the wounds of war. At the head of the ever increasing list of disabled victims of the Syrian civil war will be the young victims from this revolting practice of Bashir Assad’s forces which include Syrian military soldiers, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps troops (IRGC), and Hezballah terrorists from Lebanon. Where reports are vague as to which soldiers are responsible for this horrific practice of using snipers to shatter the spines of children leaving them alive and permanently disabled as paraplegics, it really does not make much different whether the snipers are members of IRGC or Hezballah as their actions are still reprehensible; but if the snipers are Syrian military, these acts of inflicting inhuman suffering of the most innocent victims, it would present us with evidence of the most horrific monsters imaginable, people willing and intentionally causing such misery on their own fellow citizens of Syria. This practice needs to be revealed worldwide and condemnation should be heaped on its perpetrators. There needs to be war crime tribunals to bring the perpetrators and those responsible for their orders to account for their inhuman atrocities.


What is beyond my ability to fathom is how people can be so cruel and inhuman and act with such malicious and horrific callousness against children, especially the youngest who pose absolutely no threat to them. Such cold-blooded, hard-hearted sadism is reminiscent of barbarism from ancient history and has been attributed almost exclusively to some of the most vile and despised forces from history. Many had believed that such horrific acts were something beyond possibility in the modern world. The evidence which has been brought to light from the treatment rooms of Nahariya’s West Galilee Regional Hospital should shake consciences throughout the world and result in a hue and cry that is heard universally bring this situation to light. I would hope that shining the light of world scrutiny would shame the perpetrators of such horrific practices ending their evil endeavors, but the monsters capable of such inhumanity probably would find any condemnation as honoring and recognition of their accomplishments and the precision of their shooting abilities. The perpetrators of this practice are lacking in conscience or any ability to feel compassion and must be completely dead inside placing them beyond the effects of decent civilization pressures. This is simply the latest injustice and treachery exhibited by all sides in Syria, a civil war where it resembles all sides against each other. All of the violent, malevolent hostilities which are generated in Syria and the fact that the war exists between the forces of Bashir Assad against the various rebel forces and secondarily violence and mayhem exists between the different factions such that in any battle it is possible for bullets to fire in multiple direction as there exists the possibility for any one battle to contain numerous sub-battles with rebel force against rebel force while they both also fight Abbas’s military and allies. Still, the worst horrors are those that strike at the children, the innocents.


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