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February 13, 2015

It’s not the Humidity it is the HUMINT

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Often in places I have lived where the summers are hot and the humidity rivals the temperatures with both in the mid to upper nineties you often hear the phrase, “It’s not the heat, it is the humidity.” Well, when it comes to the heat being generated out of Washington D.C. and particularly out of the White House the high temperature of positions and equally heated debates and accusations we can only point out that this time that phrase would read, “It’s not the Humidity it is the HUMINT.” If anything the humidity, if there is any, it would be the result of the cold water being thrown at the invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak before a joint session of Congress by Speaker of House Boehner by President Obama and his faithful helpers from his echo chamber of Czars and other sycophantic advisors along with the mainstream media, the liberal punditry and much of the self-professed Jewish Israeli supporters who choose to support only those Israelis who cower at even the softest of whispers from on high in Washington D.C. and who bow and claim before any Democrat President, “We obey and we listen.” The real reason that the White House and their hordes of supporters and the President in particular do not want to have Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak before the Congress and the media is that he might say some truths which the White House and particularly the President are hoping the Congress and the people, especially the people, prefer they never hear about the point at which the Iranian nuclear weapons program has attained, how so very close they are to the breakout point and potentially actually have passed that and need but six to ten short weeks to become a nuclear power with multiple warheads perched atop ICBMs capable of striking anywhere in the globe. Further, the White House is completely aware that the Israelis have something the United States does not possess, HUMINT which stands for Human Intelligence or people who have infiltrated the target system or units to a point where they are able to gather data, information and specifics which are impossible to ascertain with satellites, aircraft, drones, or any other form of externally controlled intelligence systems. Israel very likely has people within some of if not most of the Iranian nuclear and military research facilities and units who have full knowledge of every last detail including what the nuclear scientists had with their morning coffee. There is very likely tangible hands-on information which the Israeli Prime Minister would be capable of giving the United States Congressional members in closed sessions or in one-on-one meetings. Of course such HUMINT cannot and will not be spoken of in public or before the media unless it is so important to making the Israeli case and the urgency so viscerally understood even by a casual observer that it is central to the reasons that The Israeli Prime Minister is suffering the sling and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing, end them. Thank you Mr. William Shakespeare who said it years ago and it is so opportune to this situation where Netanyahu likely did debate to himself, “To be or not to be.” He has chosen to be and to face the ridiculous and outrageous slanders because he also knows that he is among the few who know what must be said and that from amongst those knowing these facts, that he alone has the credibility and standing to state these truths as these truths are not self-evident.


Israel has spent years, nay, decades slowly working intelligence officers up through the ranks and often having to commit acts they found abhorrent but do them they had to in order to remain a viable agent. Dead agents only mean that the information that often is so vital will not be able to be witnessed and passed along until another agent, possibly one already planted within, can work their way to a post with access to the desired secrets. There was a story of an Israeli agent who eventually paid for his love of country with his life about whom this take has been related. The Mossad spy, Eli Cohen, who had attained high rank in the Syrian army, I believe he reached the rank of Colonel, was reviewing the new concealed emplacements for artillery on the Golan Heights when he noted the unnecessary stress and heated conditions the Syrian soldiers were being forced to sustain being in the sun during the hot summer days and suggested that a tree be planted to provide them with shade. During the Six Day War the Israelis simply targeted the base of the trees and presto, no more artillery emplacements on the Golan Heights to target their advancing armor and ground forces. After relaying this I realized it sounded a bit impossible, so I researched corroboration and found some here and here in Wikia Military site. I can personally attest for the two separate people who relayed this story to me with one having been in those units charging the Golan Heights and possibly alive to retell the tale thanks to Eli Cohen, the one part of the story I am relying on Wikia as the story I remembered, the name, well, not so much.


I told you that true story so I could show the solid benefit of people in place to influence decisions as well as to report items they were privileged to hear or learn through their positions and report those things directly which are important enough to risk such communications or to use less urgent and more secretive methods which are the more usual routes for reporting items. In rare cases such intelligence operatives may break their cover and flee in order to report something so urgent that there is no other way in which to report their hot information. The truth and reality is that a person within the enemies military or other sensitive departments can learn so much more than even the most technically advanced surveillance as high tech surveillance cannot build relations by which to gain secreted information normally hidden deep within the layers of government, especially items such as the most clandestine nuclear facilities which Iran is operating unknown and thus not under satellite surveillance and such can be built if care is taken to avoid leaving evidence viewable by satellites during their regularly scheduled overpass. Human within the walls, so to speak, also are privileged to rumors and can take advantage of other foibles such as weak links or somebody known to brag about their placement or other intangibles which only exist on a personal level. These are the avenues which the United States surrendered when they brought to an end their HUMINT branches being permitted to employ people whose personal character may be seen to be compromised or unsavory. This was part of the Church Commission demands made to make the CIA and other intelligence collection agencies and departments more respectable. The most egregious demand made was for all agents to have clean records and ending the use of people with any criminal background. Back when this was discussed I thought to myself that wouldn’t there be a number of criminal activities which would be preferable on an application to be a spy living in the enemy lands and operating within their enemy’s government and possibly their military or even their intelligence agency. Being able to break into a locked and secured office or other building, being able to lie convincingly and numerous other abilities which any normal person would find objectionable would be assets for a clandestine operations officer. But the Church Commission would have nothing of that, no sir, none. With little human assets within Iran, if any, the United States intelligence community has had to rely completely upon satellites and electronic eavesdropping and wiretapping along with electronic intelligence using communications monitoring ships and other assets to listen to the entire spectrum of RF electronics signals and other high tech means for grabbing information and other data which can permit making intelligent assessments of the state and degree of the Iranian nuclear program. Using these systems to their utmost capabilities, the United States was able to detect the Iranian nuclear weapons program about fifteen years after its inception in which time Iran already had a number of enrichment sites and was building a heavy water reactor to produce plutonium for another route to nuclear weaponry.


They had little if any information on the nuclear sites, researchers, developments, military operations and other related items such as rocket research including missile development, arming systems, guidance systems, interceptor avoidance software, missile propellant research, missile ranges, mobile systems, missile silos, anti-missile systems, and various other research and development areas and deployments. It is information such as this which is the driving force behind Speaker of the House Boehner inviting Prime Minister Netanyahu and the reason the Israeli Prime Minister accepted the invitation while this had little if anything to do with insulting the White House or President, making a campaign plea to the Israeli people or any other political ploy affecting either the United States or Israel other than providing the United States Congress with access to intelligence and to ask questions as to the fears and needs of Israel, an indispensable ally of the United States no matter what the mainstream leftist media has tried to spin things and nothing more. Prime Minister Netanyahu would probably have been better served by campaigning in Israel than he will be served giving meetings and closed briefings relating intelligence information and other things which by their very nature are not conducted before the cameras or in any way which can be divulged to the general population, the worst venue for campaigning is any venue which is held secretly for the reasons of security precautions. The only person making this a political affair has been the White House who, had they simply remained silent, would have allowed for Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak to the combined session of Congress, meet with those members of Congress requesting such meetings or whose committee had questions for the Prime Minister or those who will travel with the Prime Minister to answer questions for the members of Congress directly.


The Prime Minister will make a bigger campaign splash with his address to the AIPAC Conference for which he was likely to have been attending in person even if he was not speaking to Congress, especially to use it as a campaign speech as well as speaking to American Jews and others at the convention where there will be far more Israeli media coverage than will cover his speech to Congress and there will be no media at any meetings and private briefings the Prime Minister gives leading to absolutely no gain for his campaign. President Obama is the one using this as a campaign setting if anybody is and President Obama is campaigning as hard as he is able and in every way possible including deploying his national campaign director from the 2012 Presidential campaign to advise and utilize the same blanketing targeted areas to get the votes out and influence as many as can be reached knocking on doors with thousands of volunteers, potentially some from the United States but that remains to be seen, in an effort which they refer to as the campaign for Israeli government change. It sounds almost to be hope and change, well, I guess it is Hope to Change the Israeli government, but those working on these efforts are calling their efforts the “Anyone but Bibi” removing any doubt as to what the President directed them to work to accomplish. With their announced nonpartisan campaign, as they claim not to be supporting any candidate, which is true in a warped way, they simply want to prevent a single candidate from winning and my bet there are others they would also oppose. Can one be said to be supporting a candidate if they oppose all of their competing candidates? V2015 would claim the answer is ‘no.’ V2015 is attached to two groups in the United States, one goes under the name of V2015 or V15 for short and the other is One Voice. One Voice receives funding from the United States State Department and numerous other sources outside of Israel which are planned to be transferred to V2015 in Israel just before the actual election to allow them to pay off their debts and leave a minimum amount of time for any legal recourse to be deployed and acted upon, which was covered and reported by Haaretz, but solely in their Hebrew edition for reasons that are unfathomable, well, except that any Israelis from the United States or other English speaking nation might react smelling something rotten and not from Denmark. Something is definitely giving off some strong aromas that might not be pleasant and that hint of a smell of election fraud despite the decision thus far by the Israeli Attorney General’s initial decision. We will see what the Israeli electorate will think of such American presence stomping loudly trampling their elections for their government this March 17.


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