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April 7, 2019

Where Can the World’s Jews Go?


Let us, for argument’s sake, presume that Israel would not be the first choice for much of the Jews should they face needing to relocate from their present country. This is not too far from reality when considering far too many of the American Jews believe every evil thing the world accuses Israel of perpetrating. We are going to assume, for this article and potentially some not too distant future, that the United Nations had voted through the General Assembly a resolution that the Security Council strip Israel of her membership in the United Nations, rescinded the November 29, 1947 Resolution which many believe was permission for the founding of Israel (it was not anything of the kind), declared Israel a non-entity and barred Israel from any interaction with the world of the United Nations. Impossible, you tell us. The United Nations in UNSC Res. 2334 authored and submitted by United States President Obama has already declared all the regions beyond the Green Line to be off-limits to Jews. This was President Obama’s parting shot at Bibi Netanyahu as well as Israel and all Jews in general. Does anybody think for a minute that should the United States cease vetoing anti-Israel resolutions in the Security Council that the rest of the world would waste any time before delegitimizing Israel? Such would be a done deal within two weeks. So, our premise that, thanks to the United Nations, in particular a Security Council with no moral compass remaining, Israel has been ostracized from the rest of the world and the only means of reaching Israel would be to run a United Nations enforcement blockade or walk through Lebanon, Syria, Jordan or Egypt to reach Israel. Your best hope would be a very fast ship in the dead of night simply initially trying to sneak by and if intercepted, well, that is why we stated very fast ship. \

So, the world has spit Israel from its midst, surrounded her with a naval and air blockade, has already shot down two aircraft for entering Israeli air space and detained hundreds from attempting to enter via the Mediterranean and there are no numbers telling the outcomes of any who attempted entry traveling through Arab lands, but it is assumed they did not fare well. At this point in time, there are still over a million Jews in Europe and over three million, possibly four million, Jews in the United States. Were they to face rising levels of animosity both from numerous groups who have rid the world of the scourge of Israel and those who have now set their sights on the remainder of the Jews, where would they find safe refuge. When this is brought up, we hear a lot about the rule of law, human rights and the protections granted by Constitutions and legal principles. Where these arguments fall flat is when one simply looks back at the 1920’s and early 1930’s. Seeking the most advanced, politically free, most private rights protections, highly civilized, leader in physics, mathematics, chemistry, power generation, literature, music and virtually every other human endeavor all eyes turned to Germany. Germany was where scientists went to advance their careers and learn from the greatest minds on the planet. Remember that Albert Einstein still resided in Germany during this period as did most of the other top physicists of this era such as Heisenberg, Edward Teller, James Franck, Wernher von Braun, Niels Bohr, and many numerous others were in Germany making it the center of the world of physics amongst numerous other fields. So, such a purging has occurred in modern times and if one looks throughout human history, the Jews have been purged from nation after nation with some qualifying for that dubious honor more than once. So, it is not as if such is without precedent.

So, we will claim that three and a half million Jews in the United States and almost another million from around the world largely from Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania plus any region with any sizeable Jewish presence, are all forced to vacate from their homes and find someplace in this wide world where they can find refuge. This mass revulsion against the Jews would have been preceded by a United Nations Resolution condemning Jews equating them with being merely half-human and the rest alien to the safety and purity of the human genome. With the Jews now officially a taint to the DNA if they should breed outside their own and a danger should they have children one with another, the only safe path was to expel Jews from everywhere they could be identified. By this time, the world anti-Semitism had reached unprecedented levels and universal acceptance. Obviously, universal acceptance of some of the most damning claims against the Jews now being common fodder everywhere and with Israel barricaded, to where do these Jews flee? The truth of the matter is they would have nowhere to flee just as the nine-hundred-plus Jews on the MS St. Louis sailed the length of the east coast of the United States while Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the State Department refused to allow them entry to America simply because America already had all the Jews they desired. That was the official position expressed by the State Department and we quote, “Breckinridge Long, the State Department officer responsible for issuing visas, was deeply anti-Semitic. He was determined to limit immigration and used the State Department’s power to create a number of barriers that made it almost impossible for refugees to seek asylum in the United States. For example, the application form for US visas was eight feet long and printed in small type. Long believed that he was “the first line of defense” against those who would “make America vulnerable to enemies for the sake of humanitarianism.” Long and his colleagues at the State Department went so far as to turn away a group of Jewish refugees aboard the St. Louis in May 1939 when the German ocean liner sought to dock in Florida after the refugees were denied entry to Cuba. Following their deportation back to Europe, many of these people perished in the Holocaust.” Yet, still, there are numerous Jews who protest to this day, it cannot happen here. Early in 1939, an unidentified Canadian immigration agent was asked how many Jews would be allowed in Canada after the war. He replied, “None is too many.” We could take a trip around the world and seek out more and similar positions concerning allowing the Jews to escape persecution and we doubt it would be any different in such a future. \

(The refugees, (Jews)) were welcomed nowhere and could be assimilated nowhere. Once they had left their homeland they remained homeless, once they had left their state they remained stateless; once they had been deprived of their human rights they were rightless, the scum of the earth.
–Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism (Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1973), 267.

Now that we have basically established that it can happen here because it already happened here, let us continue with our little imaginary escapade. With no other nation on earth outside a select few who also took in Jews during the Holocaust and one even denied their Nazi allies when ordered to either murder their Jews or turn them over to the German SS Officer to return them to Germany and put them where they belonged, which of course was Japan, who along with China and the Philippines allowed Jewish refugees harbor. These nations could not give refuge to close to four million refugees without causing unrest in their own cities. Realistically, should the world decide that Israel is the pariah amongst the nations and that the Jews are the contamination which causes such, the only refuge Jews would have available would be Israel.

Perhaps the world would be kind and allow the Jewish refugees from the rest of the world to be permitted a one-time allowance to enter Israel. Such a “kindness” would likely be a limited time affair where they would be permitted at most one month and likely less to make port and live in Israel. This would be welcomed by Israel as she would likely be demanding to be permitted to give refuge. This was proven during the crisis over the Vietnamese Boat People as from 1977 to 1979 the State of Israel permitted approximately 360 Vietnamese boat people fleeing the 1975 Communist takeover of Vietnam to enter the country. Israel has always been more helpful taking people with real emergency situations into Israel from the Syrian civil war and taking care of their immediate needs. Can anybody claim that were the situation reversed that Israelis would be treated in Syria? This is the reality which was evidenced when the Arab world expelled almost one-million Jews with most expelled between 1948 and 1960. The majority were taken in by the young state of Israel despite hardships, difficulties and challenges this caused. Israel did not have sufficient housing and some refugees had to initially be housed with families in Israel who stepped forward and assisted their brothers and sisters. This also is why Israeli statistics today we find that approximately half of the population originated from the Arab world. The idea that the Jews could simply return to Europe if Israel disappeared is as false as any premise could be. These Arab nations would most certainly not permit a single Jew to return and the Europeans would not be much more willing. What we witness today across one third of the world and another third of the world not far behind does not bode well for the future for Jews in the world outside of Israel. This is a reality which the Jews will need to face and unfortunately it will be sooner rather than later. This is true even in the United States as evidenced in this poster which was distributed on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago. This is a sign of traditional Jew hatred and such has become endemic on numerous campuses in the United States and across Europe. All the signs are evident for one who is capable of reading the direction politics, life, public opinion and the general mood is headed, and I have been watching and warning Jews since the late 1960’s receiving numerous rebuffs and worse. Perhaps, if my protestations caused a small number to sit up and notice, then I had a positive effect.

Anti-Semitic Flier used on Campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago

Anti-Semitic Flier used on Campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago

Those who claim that the Jews would never face such a scenario, especially where they reside, are simply ignoring history. History has shown that the “other” is always eventually persecuted, ostracized, ghettoized, exterminated, castigated and eventually expelled. This has not been true of only the Jews, but as one of the oldest peoples remaining as an identifiable people, and as one spread throughout the world, we seem to hold the record for such treatment. The Jews throughout history have said the same thing over and over only to end up proven completely wrong, and that is the infamous phrase, “It can’t happen here.” They thought this initially in Egypt, in ancient Persia, in Hellenistic Greece, in pre-Inquisition Spain (Andalusia), in France, Britain, Russia, Germany, Poland and on and on wherever they were to be found. The story is always the same. The Jews arrive and work at trades or take any employment which they can find. Soon the Jews are sending their children to schools using every penny they have ever saved. The Jews with education rise and become respectable. The Jews are finally accepted and this continues for a period of time. Then there would begin some anti-Semitism which spreads slowly like a virus which had a long incubation period. Eventually, the anti-Semitism hits a crucial tipping point and from that time on things start to go awry for the Jews. Initially they no longer receive promotions and their employment reviews head south. Things snowball from there and soon the Jews are being rounded-up for deportation or worse. This is why Israel is vital to the Jewish People. For twenty-five-hundred-years the Jews had nowhere they could go to escape being left to the will of strange people who often were not all that enamored with the Jews and their strange practices and their Hashem who was outside of their reality. Even when those under whom the Jews lived claimed they worshipped the same source, they still decided that the Jews were a threat which required special treatment. These treatments varied and included but not limited to enslavement, pogroms, the Jiyza tax, Inquisitions, expulsions, wearing special marker on their clothing (originated with Muslim rulers in the Eighth Century), purges, purifications and the Holocaust. Still, many Jews living around the world will ignore the history and placate themselves believing it cannot happen here.

They ignore the warning signs such as Ilhan Omar and her ilk in the United States, Jeremy Corbin in Britain and others in each nation as one tours our world. The time will come when Jews will not be considered acceptable to live anywhere outside Israel. The proof is evident in every vote taken against Israel in the United Nations General Assembly where at most a dozen nations actually vote against the measures. Some people will claim that there were twenty, thirty or even forty nations who abstained, that simply means they are in the process of condemning Israel once the United States joins those condemning the Jewish State. The United States joining those who condemn Israel or at the very least no longer provide Israel protection in the Security Council, then we will see who remains with Israel. Fortunately for many nations, Israel does not check their United Nations voting record when they suffer a natural or other disaster and Israel rushes anywhere on the globe to assist those who allow her to do so. We talked about this in our article “Israel is the Unique Miracle Nation” where we concentrated on a few select and gave links to further information. We were even surprised by the number and various disasters which have received Israeli aid including the United States after Hurricane Katrina and Super Storm Sandy. One is left to wonder when this age where Jews are left out, will Israel still be permitted to assist people in distressed conditions due to storms, earthquakes, eruptions or any of hundreds of other problems. Somehow, we feel assured that the developments, inventions, discoveries and scientific achievements made by Israel will continue to make the world a better place, all the world need do is allow Israel to share and she will even to a hostile world. This is just how Jews are wired, we have an insatiable need to make the world better for our being able to play a part in it. As we are commanded, we are to be a light unto the nations, no qualifiers.

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March 14, 2019

Anti-Semitism and a World Committing Suicide


We would like to begin this article by naming the name of an anti-Israel Jew who has spent much of his life within the State Department and backing the Deep State. His diatribe this time covers from his statement that, “Like it or not, the Golan Heights are Syrian territory.” He continued on Twitter following up with, “Israel cannot give them up now given its legitimate security concerns. But to recognize Israel’s annexation of territory that is not its own is to play with fire for partisan political purposes. No Arab state will accept it.” Well, there’s a risky statement right out of the box. “No Arab state will accept it,” the Israeli annexation of the Golan Heights, which is history as Israel formally annexed the Golan on December 14, 1981. As far as any Arab state, recognizing this move, how about telling us when any Arab state has recognized Israel’s right to exist? But former United States Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk under President Clinton and then briefly under President George W. Bush while he sought his replacement, is no stranger to making statements critical of Israel. Much of his angst against Israel is purely political as he loves Israeli governments which make concessions after concessions in return for nada but he develops a serious disdain when a more Zionist government takes power as Indyk is a huge supporter of the two-state solution retreating to the Green Line. Indyk is a good Deep State, State Department operative where hating Israel is policy. Unfortunately, Indyk is far from alone, he is simply from the halls of the government often wielding power over policies which can have such devastating effects should they ever actually be implemented. The State Department opposed recognizing Israel when she declared statehood, but fortunately, President Harry S. Truman had a mother who raised him with a bible in her hand and taught him that Israel was, is and should always remain the Jewish State.


Martin Indyk

Martin Indyk


American Jews, including prominent figures like Naomi Klein, have signed an open letter in support of Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. You cannot make these things up nor is it difficult to find these dangerous types. Their letter went on claiming that she has been “falsely accused of antisemitism” and that there was nothing anti-Semitic about calling out the “noxious” role of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in American politics. They continued claiming, “The pro-Israel lobby has played an outsized role in producing nearly unanimous congressional support for Israel”, and slammed AIPAC and other lobby groups including the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the fossil fuel lobby for its “anti-democratic” legislative influence on US politics. We understand from where these Jews arise, in the far-left who believe that conservatives, Zionists, nationalists and anything which opposes the furthest leftist dreams of the Democrat Party are simply evil and must be eradicated from having any voice in the political arena. Finally, the letter finished by saying “We thank Ilhan Omar for having the bravery to shake up the congressional taboo against criticizing Israel. As Jews with a long tradition of social justice and anti-racism, AIPAC does not represent us.” and called on other Jews to sign the letter. Well, imagine that, a pro-Israel and mildly Zionist lobby, AIPAC, is not their cup of tea, one can only guess where else they have problems with Israel.


Leo Ferguson, the movement-building organizer at Jews for Racial & Economic Justice, expressed hope that the concern about Ilhan Omar will result in a teaching moment for America stating, “The opportunity here, if we take it, is for all of us to become much sharper in our understanding of (Jewish) anti-Semitism,” and that “There is an incredibly powerful opening for white Jews to understand their deep mutual interest and potential solidarity with black people, because white supremacy is coming for all of us.” And then there are the Israeli Jews who side with Ms. Omar and leading the list is Gideon Levy, the Jew anti-Zionist who writes for Haaretz who stands squarely with Ilhan Omar. The truth and sorriest thing is we could list article after article with Jewish groups and individuals all of whom will willingly line up with any group willing to criticize Israel. For some it is political as they hate Prime Minister Netanyahu and his labeled right-wing coalitions as well as many who have hate for those Jews who are religious and follow Torah strictly and finally there are those who politically align on the left and the fact that Israel does not support the Democrat Party, and even worse, align with President Trump, makes them despicable. These Jews have a great blind spot and it derives largely from their political beliefs which claim that all customs, all religions, all political systems which are leftist socialist, and all politicians who also appear to follow the anti-Western World, anti-Judeo-Christian and secular-humanist socialist agenda must be lauded and protected from all forms of protest. Many of these individuals see no difference between their far left ideology which believes that the State should rule supreme and people follow exactly the dictates of those in power see Islam as backing a similar agenda. Many believe that Islam is a great ally and will aid in the ridding the world of Judeo-Christianity and the ethics which it introduced as Islam too desires to rid the world of the Judeo-Christian ethic. They honestly believe that once their secular-humanist allies and Islam band together and rid the world of the evils of Capitalism as it is a money-grubbing evil corrupting the world, then they can simply dance their way in and convince the Muslims to accept their secular-humanism belief system and the world will be forever a better place.


So, these leftists are cozying up next to history’s greatest killers who have actually murdered more Muslims than the rest of the world’s faiths combined. They have gone so far in deluding themselves that many wear Burkas claiming that it liberates women from being sex objects. They do not see the Burkas as demeaning of women, no, they claim that they are liberating. Many of those who stand with Islam, including the numerous deluded politicians who claim that, Islam is the religion of peace, do so and we stand astonished at their complete lack of knowledge about the Quran, the fact that there are two separate Qurans, one peaceful and one is a document for world conquest, lack any knowledge about the history surrounding Islam and many are not even aware of their own country’s historic problems caused by Islam, are simply talking in tropes provided them often by the people in the State Department and other government institutions which have been influenced by billions in petro-dollars. There has also been a great pouring of funds into the universities and colleges largely taking over the Middle East departments. There are some states where Islamic influences have taken over the public schools and choose books friendly to Islam and counter to Western culture and beliefs. These are things which the Western world need to learn and do so before it is too late. For many parts of Europe, it may already be too late as Islamic pressures have resulted in governments backing down and giving additional leeway to Islam.


What is probably the saddest of all stories are those where a leftist, either believing their own lies or simply so far gone that they willingly sacrifice innocent youth before Islam. This is performed by leftist groups and politicians who send young people into the Islamic world supposedly to advance cultural awareness and expand their horizons. Some crucial examples can be found in this excellent article which throws open the light of day on these horrific incidents. It depicts the belief which, while not solely a leftist belief, it is a predominantly leftist idea that true evil does not exist. We have some horrible news for the real world, evil is out there and not all the evil emanates from the man in the White House. Real evil often comes riding the horse of multiculturalism and the belief that the United States would be a stronger and more balanced nation if only America would allow for a broader and more diverse set of immigrants. This was what the Senator Ted Kennedy backed Hart–Celler Act of 1965was designed to do, by altering the quota system away from Europe and to the Middle East and North Africa simply by demanding broadening immigration with the aim of racial diversity. This was the start of immigration from the Muslim world which had only been broadened since and it is reaching the point where most Europeans from traditional nations from which the United States was built became taboo and peoples who had historically been adversarial were now preferred.


The leftists will destroy any and every nation which has based their history on the Judeo-Christian ethic simply because they actually believe that it is beyond time to replace the basic ethics of their society into some foreign concept because the rest of the world has to be superior and the West has a history of being evil by bringing the world into the information age. The world need to be turned onto its head simply to see what shakes out and then if it survives that, they will want to spin the world around to see what shakes out. They insist that they have a better plan for the future in which there will be no poverty, no religion, no borders and everything will be beautiful. Their alliance with Islam is simply to destroy the Judeo-Christian basis of Western society because of the evil of colonialism. They ignore the fourteen-hundred years of Islamic conquest and colonialism. Only Western colonialism is evil, Islam is the religion of peace and what they are banking the future of Europe and the rest of the Western world. The education system is not going to save the society as it has become just another venue for leftist indoctrination and produces “educated” people who have no ability to think logically. This is what is facing the world and specifically Europe and the rest of the Western nations and there does not appear to be any means of preventing this planned decline. Islam will take over the West and that will bring a swift end to much of the progress attained in the last two centuries. We know people will point to the “Golden Age of Islam” claiming that the world will simply return to such a dream world where everything will be simply great. The problem is the Golden Age of Islam lasted for as long as they conquered new lands and died as these lands became totally Islamic and there were no more people with reason, well, not sufficient people. Look and see how many Nobel Prizes have gone to people from Islamic nations and that might provide a small insight. We wish it would look brighter, but there are only very dark and threatening clouds on every horizon. A storm is brewing which may take mankind back a thousand years before it can be reversed, and that would be very sad indeed.


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November 30, 2018

Why the World Seeks to Destroy Israel


The world has been attempting to destroy Israel simply because it is the Jewish State and because of their dependence on oil. Until the late 1960’s and more readily the early 1970’s even the United States was, at best, neutral regarding Israel. People believe that the United States had supported Israel from the beginning because Truman voted for the Israeli statehood at the United Nations in that presumed crucial vote. What most ignore or are unaware of, is that immediately after Israel declared statehood, the United States imposed an arms embargo under pressure from the State Department and the Defense Department of the time. This embargo remained in place until almost 1970 (see graph below) when President Lyndon Baines Johnson realized that Israel could be a permanent and dedicated ally and also the Defense Department and United States aviation industry also desired preventing the Israeli entry into the world’s fighter aircraft industry with the Lavi fighter which Israel was planning on putting into production. Ever since, Israel has been dependent on United States military aid, specifically for fighter aircraft. This is an area where the leadership of Israel should be carefully considering reentering this market with a sixth generation aircraft as the continued graces of the United States is questionable. One only need listen and read about some of the newly elected individuals entering national politics and their visceral hatred for the Jewish State. They are the future which is part of what we will cover.


United States Israel Aid (Military)

United States Israel Aid (Military)


Aid for Israel has had bipartisan support for quite a period, longer than any other issue that comes to mind. That phenomenon is coming to an abrupt end. What is almost strange is initially support for Israel began on the left and had been slowly moved rightward. This made it a centrist issue as it slowly meandered across the political frame. Soon, support for Israel will end up as an issue supported by the right until it falls off the political frame and is simply a non-issue. As such, it will bring United States support for Israel slowly to an end. This is something the Israelis need to awaken and realize what is ahead. Preparation for this scenario, Israel will need to find a new source, preferably in making their own factories, providing firearms, bullets, heavy weapons, financing for the Iron Dome, naval vessels, submarines (as Germany will be less giving once the United States ends their support), space launch vehicles and most important fighter aircraft and all other supporting equipment. The up side will be the creation of thousands of highly paying jobs which will largely make up for the loss of United States aid. What is interesting is the fact that United States aid has become something which Israel could make do without if push comes to shove. United States has provided approximately three billion of dollars steadily since 1975 through to the current time. When one compares United States aid against Israeli GDP (see graph below), one will note that up to around 1980 this aid virtually equaled the entirety of the Israeli GDP. Then when looking at this since 2010, this ratio has flipped severely and United States aid has become a mere one to one and a half percent of Israeli GDP. When one realizes the additional jobs which would result from Israel producing their military goods in country, just as Israel makes their own tanks, the Merkava compared to the M1A2 Abrams with the Merkava rated as comparable in most attributes with a few where it gives ground and a few where it has more advanced and innovative adaptations. It is highly likely that Israeli engineers and design specialists would be very capable in designing and then manufacturing a top-level next generation fighter aircraft which would be specifically designed around all Israeli military needs, something the current United States aircraft actually fall short. We would also advise the Israeli engineers to take a long and hard look at the A-10 Warthog and seriously consider producing a modernized version of this excellent close support aircraft which would provide for superior close support in certain situations where helicopters would face serious threats which such an aircraft with its heavier armor could survive.


Israeli GDP Billions $

Israeli GDP Billions $


Now, let us get on to our titled subject. For the last number of decades, the United States has faced similar opprobrium as has Israel, and for similar reasons. For this article, we will largely ignore the Arab-Israeli Conflict as it is anchored in a complete irrelevant base for our considerations. The Arab-Israeli Conflict is simply about one thing, the Islamic Quranic directive to deny the Jews any rights and to kill them whenever and wherever possible. The rest of the world has other reasons for opposing Israel. We will largely be ignoring the anti-Semitic basis for much of the invective witnessed thrown at Israel. The reason for much of the behind the scenes support for every form of vilification towards Israel has had a similar source as the same scorn thrown the United States’ way. This is due to both nations having vibrant democratically based governance and their, what is considered, scurrilous dedication to their independence and the freedom of their citizenry. These traits stand diametrically opposed to the imposition of a single world governance based on a one world religion (or lack thereof), centralized governance, centralized economic control, greater share of world wealth, renewable energy replacing reliance on fossil fuels, demilitarization, centralized police force replacing world militaries, subordination of national governance to a central world order, and erasure of borders allowing free migration of populations. Yes, this is always called a conspiracy theory, but it is also the goal of the United Nations leadership, was the basis behind the European Union, is supported by numerous developing nations who seek the redistributed wealth and is an idea whose time is nowhere near being applied to the world in its current state. One of the main reasons why single world governance is out of the question is largely based on the tribal nature of the world. There are a number of nations within which there are tribal societies which are subdued by force otherwise, they would not only desire independence, but very well might declare independence. The most recent example of such was the Kurdish vote for declaring independence which the leadership was intimidated preventing their doing what would have probably worked out just as well if not far better than what followed with Iraqi troops aided by IRGC provided by Iran sweeping into the Kurdish region intent on at least partial genocide with Turkey doing the same thing to the Kurds of northern Syria. This was the reason the State Department advised against their declaring independence as they feared such a declaration would prompt Iraq taking military action to destroy any Kurdish nation. How that differed from the current situation is unclear. Another reason the State Department advised against Kurdish independence is that they would simply have been another nation completely resistant to any plans to unify under single governance worldwide. The State Department, continuing their long history of choosing the wrong side, actually works, within its deep state belly of the beast, supports initiatives which are intended to slide the world ever forward into single governance.


The problems with such governance are too numerous to list here, but allow us to hit on a few. One of the main initiatives which will be amongst the first acts of such governance will be wealth equalization which will be accomplished in the name of saving the Earth from the ill effects of humanity, especially the high cost which fossil fuels are taking according to the Global Climate Change initiatives. These are not an honest attempt to cut the use of fossil fuels, it is simply a means of forcing the developed world pay the developing world in order to get tokens, carbon credits, in order to sustain their standard of living and levels of production. One can only wonder how loud the caterwauling would be if in order to cut down or eliminate the need for the United States to buy carbon credits, the United States simply cut their agricultural production by not using fertilizers or pesticides leading to a reduction ten-fold in agricultural production and eliminating their export of food because the United States only produced sufficient food for their own population. When one third of the world was starving, does anyone think they would care one whit about Climate Change or would they be begging the United States to simply have their carbon credits and return to feeding the world. There are means by which the developed world could cut back on their fossil fuel use at little cost to their own people but at a severe cost to the rest of the world. Such could be the cost of unintended consequences from the world adopting schemes by which to transfer the developed world’s wealth to a collection of third world dictators who simply drool at the prospect. What they do not see is there are other means of pressure other than military force, food is one great weapon.


The world desires at controlling the developed world and in this fevered fervor, they place the United States as their number one target, which is sensible, and place Israel as their second target, which is not as sensible. When looking at the top nations in gross GDP, the top ten are the United States, China, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, India, France, Brazil, Italy and Canada. Israel comes in, depending on which ranking, in the middle to low thirties, not exactly the second largest target by such a ranking, but still they are second on the One World Order hierarchy’s list. So, maybe they rate better under GDP per capita. The top nations in per capita GDP according to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) are somewhat unexpected, as first is Luxembourg followed by Switzerland, Macau, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Qatar, United States, Singapore, Denmark and Australia with Israel coming in at twenty. When you check a few other statistics about Israel, serious questions should arise as to why it is so constantly in the news and in United Nations crosshairs. Israel is one-hundredth in population, one-hundred-fiftieth by area, thirty-fourth in population density, and we searched high and low even inventing concepts for which Google had no listings and the highest-ranking Israel received was eleventh place in happiness. We think Israel was robbed, we should have been higher ranked, at least seventh or possibly fifth, but ours is a skewed ranking as Israel is also home. Still, there is no reason why Israel should be the second target on almost any list outside of those controlled by the Arab and Muslim nations, which means almost every list from the United Nations and their various agencies. Still, there can be little doubt that Israel is in the crosshairs of way too many agents who also desire forming singular governance over the world. These same agencies and NGO’s also target the United States making them an even higher nation opposing their efforts. Since the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union (BREXIT), they have moved well up on the targeting list as that was simply a dreaded show of what the One Worlders refer to as despicable nationalism. The raucous accusations clamoring for the United Kingdom to be punished economically even to the point of some demanding the European Union break off all trade with the British Isles has fallen off as things have simmered to a halt which momentarily was aroused for a brief second round when United States President Trump announced the willingness of America to increase trade with Britain. We can almost always count on President Trump to divert attention away from any burning problem of the day simply by stating something which if said by anyone else would not rise to the level of newsworthy. In Israel, we are used to similar treatment whenever Netanyahu or almost any other Israeli gets to a microphone to make a statement. The best example is that any building performed in Israel, particularly a new structure or anything beyond the Green Line, all go through anywhere from five to over ten stages of approvals from conception to the beginning of clearing the region. Whenever one of the beyond the Green Line plans passes one of these stages, they make the headlines of the New York Times and from there a few trips around the newswire. This makes even the addition of a deck or a new room for the coming baby into an international debate and argument for over a year before the first brick is even bought. If anyone who has read the San Remo Conference and the League of Nations Mandate can explain the reason for this with consideration of the promises made Israel which are still applicable under International Law, we would appreciate such a discussion. By the way, do not feel left out of something important if you never heard of these enforceable treaties under International Law which appear to have been sucked up by a political black hole. Forgetting these promises is part of the expediency for placing Israel high on the targeting list. While we appreciate attention, sometimes we would prefer a little anonymity.


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