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June 26, 2013

The Only Possible Result from New Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations

As impossible as the situation appeared, the latest news is there will be a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian President and Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in the near future. At the behest of United States Secretary of State John Kerry, fully backed and supported by United States President Barack Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has agreed to impose an unannounced, silent, stealthy building freeze and to release as many as fifty pre-Oslo terrorists still serving life sentences from Israeli prisons. In return Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has agreed to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu without the rest of the litany of avoidance-driven preconditions being met in a complete appeasement by the Israelis. What may have been offered to President Abbas by Secretary Kerry, likely without Prime Minister Netanyahu’s knowledge, is unknown and may prove to be the poison pill that will derail this possibly last gasp attempt to reach an accord under the Oslo-Roadmap-Saudi peace based framework, though any final agreement would not meet all of any one peace-plan. After three years of President Abbas ardent avoidance of any honest negotiations, one may be rightfully shocked that Secretary Kerry was able to cajole, persuade, threaten, bribe and whatever else was required Abbas back to the negotiations table. Now the question is whether this will be another meet once and never meet again as was their prior meeting which required nine and a half months of a promised ten moth building freeze before even reach that one time meeting which was then followed by demands of a permanent freeze which was only the first of an endless litany of preconditions that were to be forthcoming. Where Secretary Kerry deserves accolades for this rather impossible accomplishment, the real accolades will only be forthcoming if he can pull the peace rabbit out of the Middle East hat.


Channel 2 News reported President Abbas told his associates he would be willing to meet Netanyahu under a limited format so as to test Prime Minister Netanyahu’s commitment to reaching a true and honest peace. Where this sounds promising when read in the Western world, those familiar with the history of the peace process will be wary at the conditional wording of the statement. This was the same promise that President Abbas made before their last meeting which resulted in a handshake and that was all as there were no further serious meetings or honest negotiations. The rest of Mahmoud Abbas’s acceptance reveals the likely path that he intends to pursue as he also posited that should Prime Minister Netanyahu not present serious proposals which meet Abbas’s expectations that rather than negotiate or make any counter offers, Abbas intends to announce that there exists a political stalemate under which it has become impossible for the continued operations of the Palestinian Authority with everything the way things are and Abbas will again unilaterally turn to the United Nations. This sits very well with the ongoing complaints that President Abbas has been expressing that the Palestinian Authority has run out of funds making it impossible to meet payroll or other necessary functions and that he will have to dissolve the government and drop the entire situation in Israel’s lap. The one interesting item has been that despite the presumed financial difficulties of the Palestinian Authority, they have not only been able to not only continue to pay salaries to the families of terror prisoners in Israeli prisons but have actually increased their payments. There has also been no decrease in the funding for the Hamas security forces in Gaza coming from Nablus which frees up Hamas funds for buying rockets and mortars with the money they save by not paying salaries of those in government within Gaza.


It will be surprising if these renewed peace negotiations last past one or, at most, two meetings before Mahmoud Abbas stalks out of the meetings refusing to return and starting his preparatory commentary that will lead to his bringing yet another request for Palestinian statehood before the United Nations this fall. The difficulty Abbas faces at the United Nations is that he is unable to find a way around the United States veto power in the Security Council which stands directly in the way of his receiving the necessary vote recognizing his desired state of Palestine with whatever borders he desires. After Abbas’s last trip to the United Nations where he received upgraded status from non-voting observer entity to non-voting observer state in the General Assembly by a highly lopsidedly favorable vote of one-hundred-thirty-eight in favor, nine against with forty-one abstentions, any definition up to and including fully recognized state would be delivered on a silver platter by a similarly lopsided affirmation and likely applause and much revelry. This vote granted him semi-state status despite the declaration not setting any borders, granting a capital city, or any other honest definitions required of any other nation but allowed him to attempt to gain membership in any United Nations Agency which was willing to grant membership, which UNESCO jumped at the opportunity almost immediately thereafter. Perhaps Abbas is working to bring Secretary Kerry to his side in the opinion that Abbas has done everything any reasonable person could ask and it has been Israel, and Netanyahu in particular, that has stood in the way of reaching a true peace in the hope of persuading both Secretary Kerry and President Obama into abstaining rather than vetoing another Palestinian petition in the Security Council for recognition of statehood relying that with the United States veto out of the way his dream of statehood is in the bag. The really frightening part is if Abbas manages to pull off receiving such a guarantee from the Obama Administration, then he would very probably have that cleared highway to statehood and possibly with whatever borders he would care to claim. If that should become the situation, then comes the really unthinkable question, what does the world do when Abbas and supporting nations agree that the borders of Palestine are from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea including Gaza and the Golan Heights and that Israel is simply in the way of the will of the people of the world. Would the world through the auspices of the United Nations declare a general state of war against Israel and gather their armies for the final push to erase the mistake of 1948, a position expressed very clearly and succinctly by numerous national and international leaders, organizations, and nations. We all know that a majority of the nations in the United Nations would most gladly and enthusiastically support such a decree and only a United States veto prevents the Security Council from also supporting such a motion. Should that day come everybody will need to make a choice on where they will stand for all time, and not choosing will be to have chosen to affirm the Palestinian request and this time the choice has permanent ramification possibly more than any other time throughout history. Talk about a fatal date in history; do we really need to say much else?


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May 9, 2013

End the Charade and Annex Judea Samaria and Jordan Valley

The time has come to make one last stab at a valid and viable peace with the Palestinians. Present Mahmoud Abbas with that map he has demanded of exactly what Israel envisions the borders for their state of Palestine. The map should be based purely on Israeli desires and interests where Israel retains all of Jerusalem, all of the Jerusalem suburbs, all of Area C, the north-south corridor of the Jordan River Valley, all of the Israeli towns and settlements, and the undeveloped and Israeli developed parts of Area B leaving the Palestinians all of Gaza and Area A with some minor additions in which to make their state. It makes no difference whether the map offered is unacceptable as Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the Palestinian leadership have given ample proof that nothing short of replacing Israel would be acceptable. Once this offer has been rejected, as have been all offers previously attempted, Israel should annex the entirety of Judea, Samaria, Benyamin, the Jordan Valley, and Jerusalem also making sure to stress this annexation includes Hebron, Shechem, Kever Yosef, Kever Rachael, the Cave of the Patriarchs and every single place which has any biblical mention or records. Then the Israeli leadership will need to prepare for the onslaught of indignant and shocked world leaders. Israel’s answer to the ruckus that is sure to follow this declaration should simply state that the Palestinians negated the Oslo Accord Treaty when they went to the United Nations seeking recognition of statehood and thus Israel has taken the resulting steps in accordance with their treaty with Jordan which ended hostilities between the two states.




There will most certainly be those within Israel who will be at least, if not more, incensed by such a move as any anywhere around the world. Let them say what they will and if necessary allow for new elections so the people of Israel can have their vote on this position. It is my belief that Israel would never have and never will see a stronger electoral victory affirming the people’s support for the complete annexation of what in reality are rightfully ours. Such a move would require the repatriation of those Palestinians in the refugee camps on foreign soils as well as the deportation of those who are in the leadership of Fatah, the PLO, Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, Islamic Jihad, members of any terrorist group, and others who are known to be opposed to the existence of the state of Israel as the Jewish state. The general
Palestinian population who have not already been granted Israeli citizenship should be allowed to petition for such status and a method of evaluation leading to citizenship once completed will need to be made into law. It should also be made clear that should any member of a family be convicted of terrorism their entire family will be deported if the family is found to have had knowledge of the plans and not reporting such in a timely and effective manner. Such will definitely be viewed as a draconian approach but the scope of the potential terrorism problem Israel faces makes such an approach necessary. The route required for those wishing citizenship should take a number of years not to exceed ten but of a minimum of five years so as to allow a full vetting of the candidates. Should any Palestinians wish to remain in their homes, farms, lands or other abodes, they should be permitted to remain as legal alien residents and be subject to the same laws as any other resident alien. Palestinians who choose to relocate outside of Israel should be granted generous compensation for any lands or properties they would necessarily need to relinquish their ownership. All of the many details can be addressed as they present themselves with the eventuality of a unified Israeli state kept in mind as the end reality.




There will be almost immeasurable blowback from all corners of the Earth. Israel very likely will be ejected from the United Nations which may be a favor more than a punishment. Some will argue that such a move would cause the world to despise Israel. Truth is that much of the world already does despise Israel. Sure Israel would not gain friends from such a move but it would establish most definitively who are Israel’s true friends, assuming there are such. The only true difference between the world’s attitude before the annexation and the world’s attitude after the annexation would be the amount of honesty being represented. Annexing those lands that at a minimum should have been annexed on June 13, 1967, will only serve to clarify and focus Israeli friends from that point forward. Any friends Israel might lose due to acting honestly on Israeli interests were never a trustworthy friend to begin with. An easy measuring stick for determining Israel’s true friends and honest critics would be to compare their view on Israeli annexation of those lands which were the biblical heartland of ancient Israel and lands liberated in a defensive war brought against Israel and their view and comfort level with the Chinese occupation and annexation of Tibet since their conquest of the Tibet in 1951. If they have no problems with the rape of Tibet and they are throwing fits over Israel, simply pay them their due attention, none.




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May 8, 2013

World Suffers from Palestine Fever

Last Friday Finland and Denmark became the latest European countries to upgrade the status of the Palestinian Authority diplomatic missions to full-fledged Embassy status placing them on an equal status with every other nation in the world. The Palestinian entity is now treated by the United Nations, UNESCO, many countries, NGOs, many religious organizations as well as their ruling councils and now also by Google as being a real nation despite their glaring deficiencies. The Palestinians have no independent currency, no borders, no established capital city, and the population possesses no individual identity which serves to differentiate them from the surrounding native populations. But why allow such minor items get in the way of granting premature recognition to the Palestinian entity and in the process snub Israel presenting them with what amounts to a preemptive establishment of Palestinian statehood without demanding them to reach an agreement and have an actual treaty with Israel when one can simply forgo such technicalities. I would like to be able to believe that when Mahmoud Abbas has gathered sufficient nations who have granted them equal status as a national state as they have such others as the United States, France, England, China, India, Brazil, Australia, and the rest of the almost two-hundred nations of the United Nations that he will also receive their support in declaring whatever borders he chooses.


I can honestly visualize the day coming within a decade when Mahmoud Abbas will stand before the United Nations General Assembly and demand that they resolve to have the member nations to assist in every manner necessary to establish the state of Palestine within its natural borders from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean sea and receiving a standing ovation right before an overwhelming consensus vote affirming his request. This vote would necessitate another vote follow it where the United Nations finally would affirm that it has discussed but never approved before, a vote to rescind the United Nations General Assembly declaration which allowed the establishment of the Jewish state of Israel. Then the world will have chosen to stand behind the Palestinians and enforce their desire to not just form their state within borders sharing the land with Israel, but to form their state in place of and atop the corpse of the state of Israel. Can there be much doubt as to the inevitability of such a ruling when the vote to establish a Palestinian state over the objections and in denial of United Nations Security Council resolutions pertaining to the establishment of said state by the astounding affirmation of one-hundred-thirty-eight votes in favor, nine votes against and forty-one abstentions? And once this precedent has been established, what country would remain safe, independent, and free from being dissolved by a vote of the United Nations that was then used to align all the power of all the world’s militaries against them to erase whatever state fell on the wrong side of the masses who would then hold the powers of fate to thusly destroy any nation they so desired.


Would anybody actually be surprised if the United Nations General Assembly once they had established the legitimate power to dissolve any nation that the Non-Aligned Movement groups of one-hundred-twenty member nations and seventeen observer nations would not use their overwhelming majority in the United Nations General Assembly to realign the world in their favor at the expense of those whom they accuse of having oppressed, exploited and pilfered them and their resources by the colonial and imperial nations as well as the industrialized world? The only reason such has not yet been acted upon has been that limitations placed on the powers of the United Nations General Assembly while the main authority and the right and power to resolve for the use of force was reserved solely to the United Nations Security Council. This is much of what has been behind an ever growing demand to reform the Security Council to allow a realignment of those countries holding permanent status, removal of the veto power of the permanent status members allowing them to prevent any action by their simple vote without having to give any reasons, and strip or dilute the powers of the Security Council and transferring many of those powers either exclusively to the General Assembly or at a minimum a share of such powers. Once such a revolutionary reconstruction and redefinition of the powers and responsibilities within the branches of the United Nations has been enacted even should it require a complete rewrite of the United Nations Charter, does anyone really feel safe that this would not lead inevitably to a conflagrative conflict that would envelop the world and leave in its wake a world in ruins with most of its major cities having been laid waste and starvation being the normal state of existence persisting for an indeterminate amount of time while the world attempted to rebuild from the ashes. This would not be the aim or even the desire of those who would initially support dissolving the Jewish state of Israel and replacing it with the twenty-second Arab state established for those claiming to be a separate peoples known as Palestinians, but it would be the eventuality which such inevitably would spawn. That is the one problem when expedience trumps thought, there will always be unexpected consequences hiding in the shadows of the future, and they would often be dire and extremely undesirable. But caution has proven not to be a welcome element when emotions run hot and actions are the result of the moment coming into fruition free of restraining contemplation. I have realized that if you do not think things through before acting you usually find yourself later asking yourself what was I thinking.


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