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March 7, 2017

American Delegation Visits Israel About Embassy


United States delegation led by Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL) visited Israel this past Saturday and Sunday and has studied the possibility of placing the United States Embassy in Jerusalem. In the past, Palestinian and Jordanian leaders have warned moving the embassy could spark violence in Israel, the Palestinian territories and the Middle East region as a whole. We posit the question of how one would be able to find this any different than the current situation. Obviously there would be little if any noticeable effect on Syria, Yemen, Iraq, the Sinai or even Turkey which has had a number of large terrorist bombings in the past few months. In Israel and the Palestinian Authority ruled areas it runs hot and cold on the levels of terror all depending on the signals they get from the ruling media. When Abbas takes to the airwaves and claims that he cannot control the uprising which is solely the expression of the desperation of the people oppressed by Israel, they know that this means it is time to rise up and try to kill Israelis by any means available. Then whatever means they find, stabbings or ramming with vehicles become the name for that Intifada which was how the last Intifada was called the Stabbing Intifada. The Palestinians decided by personalizing their uprisings instead of numbering them they would not be drawing attention to their nearly constant level of violence. Though Israeli defensive measures brought the level of stabbings down measurably, we still have the vehicular assaults as proven by the recent truck attack in Jerusalem. The reality is that the threat of added violence is exactly that, a threat. There will be no change in the levels of violence, especially in Jordan where their militarized law enforcement will not tolerate even peaceful demonstrations, let along any violence. Should Mahmoud Abbas decide to elevate the levels of violence and terrorism against Israel, then Israel will find the solution and implement one as rapidly as possible. That would be an Israeli problem and should have little effect upon the American decision to locate their embassy in the Israeli Capital City of Jerusalem. Israel promises that your embassy will be safe and guarded equally in Jerusalem as it has been in Tel Aviv and those guarding it will feel a small measure of greater pride guarding it in Jerusalem, trust us.


United States Embassy Tel Aviv, Israel

United States Embassy Tel Aviv, Israel


But it will cost the United States status in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) as the Arab and Muslim worlds react to the move. Well, allow us here in Israel to give you a little insight. You already lost that little edge you are so afraid of losing just by bringing up the subject for debate. Further, the level of loss will continue to increase for as long as the debate continues. Now there are two means of ending the sliding effect of the United States in the MENA world’s view, either by moving the embassy or declining to move the embassy and announcing that you are fearful of moving the embassy. Oh, you claim that fear would not be the reason; it would be so as to respect the feelings of the nations who have stated their opposition. Really, you think that works? Here is the reality, should you decide not to move the embassy then whatever amount of respect you believe you had lost in the MENA world would instantly be surpassed immeasurably. By not moving the embassy you signal now that you can be bullied by the nations of MENA simply claiming that your intended act would hurt their feelings and you have no stomach for any disagreement, let alone an actual fight. You claim you really want to not lose any respect from the MENA nations by moving the embassy but the truth is to regain everything that they claim you are and will be losing by moving the embassy and gain measurable amounts of extra credit for making the correct choice, then simply move the embassy because ignoring threats and saying what you believe and then acting on it counts for everything in the MENA world.


What you need to learn if you do not yet understand the MENA world is that everything is a threat and every threat is a bluff. The only thing which gains you respect is calling everyone else’s bluff. When you call their bluff, then they need to decide whether going through with their threats is worth what it may cost in the future and if they back down, how they can mitigate their timidity. Their reaction to your not moving the embassy is pocketing the knowledge that if their world threatens violence then the American back down. This will only serve to make their actions towards the United States as cowardly and able to be scared by threats of violence. Once you decide to move the embassy, the ones who threatened you will influence others from their world to join in making greater threats hoping to still make the United States back down. The announcement that you will move the embassy threatens their image of the United States as a nation which can be backed down with simply threats as that has happened ever since the first announcement for moving the embassy in the 1990’s. These threats will continue and grow or lessen according to the believed potential for the United States to move the embassy. Remember that a certain level of violence equal to the ability of the terrorist organizations to penetrate the security and intelligence of the United States exists at all times. Their efforts increase whenever the United States either acts against the terror interests or when the United States announces plans that those controlling the terror interests wish to prevent.


Move American Embassy to Jerusalem


There is but one means to remove the threat level over moving the embassy to Jerusalem once and for all, move the embassy. Do not even announce the move, simply in secret in concert with the least number of Israeli departments and individuals as the less number of people knowing of the plans, the less the possibility for any leaking of the plan. It should be possible for the United States to build an embassy building using security approved construction personnel from the United States who can hold to a cover story. Make the building being constructed be referred to as a new office building from where a series of headquarters of American companies will be operating. This would qualify for why a building is being built by American workers in the center of the modern downtown of central west Jerusalem. Then once the building is completed and everything is readied for operations, the grand opening can reveal the new name which will appear on the outside of the building which has been covered since it was first mounted. The cover comes off and it states “United States Embassy” and then be ready for about ten to twelve weeks of screaming and shoe throwing. Place additional Marines around every MENA embassy and meet the reaction head on. Once the MENA nations and groups have vented sufficiently to make their chest beating need be satisfied they will quiet back to normal, which is not all that quiet as the NSA, CIA, Military Intelligence and other data gathering agencies can tell you and back it with evidence in spades. Then everything can return to its nominal level, not its normal level as nothing about the MENA nations of the world can be deemed normal, so nominal will have to suffice.


Imagined New Style for United States Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel

Imagined New Style for United States Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel


Further, the embassy will be in Jerusalem, West Jerusalem but still Jerusalem, and that will set a precedent for other nations and it will remove the claims from some out of the MENA world who claim that all of Jerusalem belongs to Islam and that neither the Jews nor the Christians have any rights, claims or history to or from Jerusalem and that neither Jews or Christians ever held Jerusalem because before Islam conquered Jerusalem it had no previous history because everything in Islam begins and ends with Islam and no other existence holds even the level of fancy as far as the Muslims are concerned. Moses, not a Jew, Noah, well, he really was not a Jew, Abraham, not a Jew, Isaak was never taken for sacrifice on Mount Moriah because that was Ishmael just as the Koran says and the Hebrew Bible is a misrepresentation because Judaism made up everything because only the Quran is true and the Christian Bible is also just a pack of lies and misrepresentations also because only the Quran tells truths and Jesus was an Islamic prophet, nothing more. Jesus will play a role in the end times according to the Quran. Jesus will return as a prophet readying the world for the return of the true final prophet of Allah, Jesus will return and make the world suitable for Muhammad who will come and lead the world into the age of perfection Islamic style. With this as the prescription for our future according to the Quran and Islam, what possibly could be the terrible consequence for moving an embassy to the Israeli capital city? Face it, there is nothing to fear but prolonging the agony by continuing the debate as the law declared the embassy move into law and all any President can do is prolong the agony so why not go for the ecstasy and just move the embassy to Jerusalem and get ‘er done!.


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October 22, 2015

Temple Mount Status-Quo Must Go


The current rendition of a Temple Mount status-quo includes the understanding that whenever rioting on the Temple Mount strikes, then Jews must be banned from accessing the Temple Mount, is quite removed from the initial status-quo from right after the Six Day War in the first weeks of June 1967. We discussed this in yesterday’s article to some depth and will hopefully add more to the discussion here. We find the discussions, demands, condemnations and exclamations between politicians, be they Jordanians speaking for the Waqf which is run with Jordanian oversight, the Arab Palestinians who constantly make demands and incite violence, Arab leaders including the Arab League who simply add fodder for the rioting masses, the United Nations leaders who are stuck on blame Israel first and always, and defensive Israeli politicians who try and sound serious and upset while apologizing all to be useless in altering the volatile situations and providing a final solution which will end the current insanity. The truth of the current state of affairs is that the Arabs are in the process of incitement and attempts at expanding their boundaries to outside the walls of the Temple Mount. The incitement has been instigated and inflamed by Mahmoud Abbas, the moderate inciter, and other Arab Palestinian Authority (PA) government officers with assistance from Hamas out of Gaza.


The initial violence which has led to where we now are facing the Third Intifada began just before Rosh Hashanah in efforts planned well ahead of time to prevent Jews ascending to the Temple Mount during the Jewish High Holidays. The al-Aqsa Mosque played a very important part in the instigations and the actual rioting being the main base and armory providing safe refuge for the rioters to retreat beyond the reach of Israeli Security Police and to store rocks, cinderblocks, pyrotechnics, and Molotov cocktail making supplies among other weaponry and supplies (pictured below). The instigation is identical to the cry which began the rioting in 1929 murder spree in Hevron and Jerusalem and again across the entirety of the 1930s which was the lamentation that the Jews were violating the al-Aqsa Mosque. In his speech Abbas claimed that, “The al-Aqsa (Mosque) is ours, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is ours (as belonging to the Arab Palestinians), and they (Jews) have no right to defile them with their filthy feet. We will not allow them to, and we will do everything in our power to protect Jerusalem.” The complete video from Palestinian Media Watch can be viewed right below the al-Aqsa picture set.



Armory al-Aqsa Mosque Desecrated by making it a fortified base from which to launch rioting





The pre-Rosh Hashanah violence did have pretty much the effect desired as free access to the Temple Mount was not permitted and when the first few Jews were permitted onto the Temple Mount Arab women descended upon them calling them names, screaming “Allahu Akbar” at the top of their lungs and spitting with shoving whenever possible and the rioters mounted a simultaneous assault coming out from the al-Aqsa Mosque armed with large rocks, fireworks and Molotov cocktails with backing by others with steel pipes and clubs which these added pressures forcing the cancellation of further visits until things calmed and when they attempted another the escalation was again immediate and final. The rioting continued with it ramping still more fevered than before heading into Yom Kippur and continued through Sukkot and beyond. The rioting also was accompanied by attacks across all of Israel both within and outside the Green Line. There were attacks even in Tel Aviv including two assaults in a Tel Aviv neighborhood called Ra’anana which occurred within minutes of each other. In both instances there were four injured in the second attack after one was injured in the first before a number of others in the immediate vicinity intervened and subdued the terrorist forcing him to remain on the ground until police arrived and pushed the crowds back and arrested the ‘suspect’ while in the other attack the terrorist ran from the scene and was subdued at a short distance and turned over to police. Below is a video which caught the second terror assault where four people were stabbed in quick succession before the assailant continued to flee the scene only to be subdued by a number of other pedestrians and turned over to police.





The rioting has included a growing number of stabbings, some shooting attacks, the use of vehicles to run over people walking on sidewalks or waiting for mass transit more often than not at bus stops as most train and light rail stops have been fortified against such attacks after some horrific terrorist acts earlier this year. These transit stops which were fortified with steel and concrete barriers were relatively few in number compared to the number of bus stops across all of Israel and fortifying these will take a large outlay of funds and probably years to complete. Fortifying bus stops will likely cost even more than it did to fortify schools which were determined to be most vulnerable to being struck by Hamas and other rockets which continue to be fired into Israel at a rate of anywhere from two or three to a half dozen each week with nary a week going by without at least one attempt. Fortunately, there have been a greater than normal percentage of rockets which have not cleared Gaza and instead have hit locations within Gaza and have struck a number of residences and a few other buildings within Gaza. We have been waiting for the United Nations to demand Israel fortify buildings in Gaza as there were calls for Israel to share some of the Iron Dome anti-missile batteries (launch of interceptor pictured below) with Hamas so Hamas could guard Gaza from rockets and artillery. The actual words, according to Haaretz, from High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay were, “They have not only provided the heavy weaponry which is now being used by Israel in Gaza but they’ve also provided almost one-billion dollars in providing the ‘Iron Domes’ to protect the Israelis from rocket attacks. But no such protection has been provided to Gazans against the shelling.”



Iron Dome Launch to Intercept Rockets Originating from Gaza which is Under Hamas Governance and Held Responsible for all Rockets by Israel Regardless of Who Actually Launches Rockets

Iron Dome Launch to Intercept Rockets Originating from Gaza
which is Under Hamas Governance and Held Responsible for all
Rockets by Israel Regardless of Who Actually Launches Rockets



The latest information about the levels of violence and what part Hamas can play was defined in their call for Hamas terrorists who live in Judea and Samaria to assault Israelis using suicidal homicide bombing attacks instead of Hamas returning to a rocket onslaught out of Gaza. Their reasoning for not starting another rocket offensive was, according to the Hamas rumor mill, they did not want to outshine the efforts currently being performed by Fatah and other PA aligned groups with the stabbings and using vehicles to injure and murder Israelis, especially Jews. The one complaint was that nobody was attempting to use bombs even if it became necessary to use suicidal homicide bombing attacks which they then made the request for Hamas operatives to immediately start to work with whoever was required to carry out such attacks in the immediate future. Should this actually signal the next ramping in the violence it may bring a definitive series of steps by Israeli security and IDF forces in order to put an end to the slowly rising level of attacks and do what will eventually be necessary. No matter how long the leadership is willing to put up with the violence, it has driven many an Israeli to the point of distraction and they have already started demanding that the government take the required steps to return calm and make the streets and bus stops and everything else safe again before there is an attack whose results are so horrific that the government will have no choice but to act. It would really be preferred for things not to escalate any further and for the government to cut the IDF, Shin Bet, Police and Border Patrol free to put an end to the violence and have them start by arresting Mahmoud Abbas, Saab Erekat and the rest of the Fatah, PA, PLO and al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades leaders and cut the head off of this terror snake. Enough was enough when the violence just continued to ramp through the High Holidays and now has turned to general mayhem across the width and breadth of Israel and the areas beyond the Green Line.


The reason that the world will be upset is ridiculous as we all know they will be upset with anything the Jews in Israel do to protect themselves and will only accept Jews who allow others to murder them at will and simply plead for our betters to come and save us. That is not the kind of Jew who lives in Israel and it is time for our leaders to have the same grit that the citizens have shown when faced with armed terrorists and they charge them in numbers and subdue them despite the danger or the fear of what the world will think. We honestly do not care what the world may think. We care about what we think and we think that this is our homeland, all of it from the Sea to the River and it has gone beyond time we enforced that and took control of our future taking it in our hands. We need to take responsibility for our lands and take care of the threats which reside within and without, and there are legions of both and we recognize this. We know that the threat will only increase and grow for as long as we allow the Arab threat from within our homeland to continue with their murderous defiance, and we have seen where many of the latest terrorist attackers come from within Green Line Israel and the world is not at ease that we arrest them any more than when we arrest Hamas and Fatah terrorists from within Arab Palestinian areas. The world can rot for all that matters here; what matters here is our safety and our future and the government making both as promising as possible. The first step to that promise is to end the murderous terrorisms from all sources. If that means taking control of all of Judea and Samaria, then get it done now as there will be no better time. Should we wait we will end up facing armies of Europe and the United States and who knows who else. As Israel we have One Ally and He sits on high and sees all that we do. Hashem is likely very sad at our timidity and lack of faith that He is with us and wants us to take care of the land, all the lands which He entrusted to us. What more reason could one need beyond Hashem commanded us to take, keep and flourish in His lands for as long as we followed the commandments and kept the covenant and it is time to do both. The people of Israel are ready and Hashem is always ready for when we act boldly and in His name and with the blessings of Hashem, so what are you waiting for, the people to rise up on their own? That you cannot afford and we know that as well which is why it is necessary for the leadership to act and let the world cry and fume, at least we will have served Hashem, Baruch Hashem.


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October 21, 2015

Temple Mount Is Not and Never Has Been at Status-Quo


We keep hearing about maintaining the status-quo on the Temple Mount. That begs the question as to which status-quo are they speaking about. Do they mean the status-quo right after the Six Day War when Jews and Christians were free to enter the Temple Mount freely and pray as they pleased even to the point of davening for Jews and crossing themselves for Catholics and everything inbetween. Time passed and the First Intifada came as did the end of free access and over the ensuing times leading up to the First Intifada and as the Arab incitement increased there started to be changes in the status-quo on the Temple Mount. The initial limitations were regarding hours of access, then which gates one could utilize, to limitations on how one could pray, until it reached that non-Muslims were relegated to one gate fed by a bridge which was near collapse and the Waqf has refused to permit replacement or proper repair so small enforcements had to be used to keep the bridge from being closed by engineers over safety concerns. Prayers by non-Muslims became problematic so they were cancelled. Finally we reached where we are today where when the Muslims riot the Jews are barred from the Temple Mount and the world is told, you see, the Jews were the trouble and when they stop defiling our holy al-Aqsa Mosque, which by the way encompasses the entirety of the Temple Mount, then the trouble leaves with them and finally there are riots whenever a Jewish holiday is near and continue until the holiday has ended. Since Jewish holidays run pretty much one into the other from the High Holidays through to the end of Sukkot and beyond there was required a full two months of rioting in order to keep the Jews from their holiest of all sites on Earth.



Temple Mount Arial View

Temple Mount Arial View



This almost went further with the Arab states attempting to have UNESCO declare the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) a Muslim holy site along with the plaza in order to then riot there and prevent Jews the little access they have which has blessed and made that a holy site. Fortunately UNESCO, despite having recognized Palestine without borders defined, denied the request and went all critical on this blatant attempt to appropriate other religions’ holy sites. One might ask where was this righteous indignation from UNESCO when they declared the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Kever Ruth (Ruth’s Tomb) both holy sites as Mosques of Islam. Perhaps they are waking as if they were to give this last mile to the Muslims the next request would be to claim the Tel Aviv central bus station as a Muslim holy site and from there, who knows, the Vatican, Big Ben, the White House? For everybody’s information, all of these have been declared as future Muslim holy sites and for proof please visit yesterday’s post and spend a couple of minutes and view the video midway down the page, thank you.



Western Wall also Known as the Wailing Wall and Sacred Site for Jewish Prayers Ever Since the Temple Mount Became Denied to Jews and Christians by Muslim Waqf which Also Wants to Assume The Wall and Reserve for Muslims and Deny Jews and Christians

Western Wall also Known as the Wailing Wall and Sacred Site
for Jewish Prayers Ever Since the Temple Mount Became Denied
to Jews and Christians by Muslim Waqf which Also Wants to
Assume The Wall and Reserve for Muslims and Deny Jews and Christians



The truth is that Islamists today want, if they can get away with it, to appropriate or destroy as they did the giant Buddha statues in Afghanistan, if memory serves me correctly, which they destroyed utterly with explosives simply because they were not Islamic and were older then Islam but not permitted to remain on Muslim lands. They will eventually make the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Church of the Nativity into Islamic holy sites simply be covering over any decorations or destroying them and placing four minarets around them as they did the Hagia Sophia. They will spread their domain over all of old Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Shechem and every other place holy to Judaism and Christianity starting with whatever they can grab in Israel and then before finishing the task in Israel where they will be fought tooth and nail if I have anything to do with it, and instead turn their attentions to Rome and every church and especially cathedral across Europe. They may start another front with Europe by retaking what they call Andalusia and we call Spain and they claim is occupied while most call it liberated and returned to the true faith which unfortunately also resulted in the Inquisition taking the Spanish Jews and either expelling, converting or murdering them as well as the Muslims. For some reason whenever the bath water is thrown out the Jews appear to be the bar of soap which all too often was thrown with the bathwater as a minor inconvenience as long as the baby was safe. This truism is valid whether it was Christians throwing out Muslims or Muslims throwing out Christians, both also took out their Jews while they were at it. That will not be the case in the Holy Lands any more. The Crusades and Muslim re-conquests were bad enough but this time we Jews hold our homelands and we, very many and more every day are awakening and joining in exclaiming, “NEVER AGAIN!!!”


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