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July 11, 2016

Yesterday’s Panic Leads to Today’s Rant


We ended yesterday’s article with a word stretched out as it is sung in a song we love and that word will be the determining factor on whether the Western World had a future, A-m-e-r-i-c-a. Tuesday, November 8, 2016, will determine who will be the leader of the developed world or just another wilted, limp, ineffectual sack of flesh making noise and no ability to lead anybody anywhere, and the world needs a leader and fast. The next American President faces a world in deep crisis and most of the people do not even realize there is a world outside their daily routine. That has been the problem in the last two elections where novelty and personality outweighed abilities and solid knowledge of the world and an idea of the weighty problems which have even worsened drastically in the past months and it continues to gain momentum making the job of slowing the direction to be a sufficient challenge, but turning it around into a positive direction will require dedication and a monumental effort. Within a year and a half by mid-2018 Iran will have announced and tested a nuclear weapon. That might be the turning point in the Middle East and soon spread through North Africa as the Arab Muslim World in MENA will have possibly made the greatest alteration in the history of Islam and the vast majority of Sunnis will decide that the strong horse is Iran and they will overthrow leaders who refuse to fall into the sphere with Iran as their leader. Should such a transformation take place, then we will definitely be facing a terrible war coming. Western Europe may have already surrendered without firing a shot and Eastern Europe will face the hardest years of turmoil as Islamic infiltrators will try to raise a fifth column working through subduction rather than over use of force of arms. Once Iran has demonstrated their nuclear weapons capability, their terror forces will be unrestrained with a nuclear umbrella always hanging over the free world’s leaders making their choices all the more difficult and action appear twice as challenging. Fighting a war on your own lands using only police forces is frighteningly inefficient. The people quake fearing the terrorism and bristling as each new restriction is applied in attempts to alter the field of play in the police’s favor. Police salaries have more than doubled and still finding recruits is becoming more difficult. The Eastern Europeans start to fear that they might need to seek shelter under the heavy arm of Putin’s Russia. What had been a dreaded threat looming for years after a resurgent Russia awoke, now appears as a shining knight, a potential savior. Why would anybody want to lead America with a world this messed up, but the candidates hardly know anything outside the two coasts and maybe Chicago, St Louis, Cleveland and Dallas/Fort Worth; but beyond the borders, they think they have enough problems at home, they are not seeking any new ones from the world.


Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton


That is the problem, which of the two realistic candidates, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, is at all likely to even realize there is a wider world outside of the economy and holding the line on the southern border, which may be the smartest thing they do except the terrorists are being brought into America as fast as President Obama and his silent team can land them in the deep still of the night as well as in broad daylight. Sometimes a media too lax to dig for the truth and who wait for orders from editors and happily grasping any morsel they are sold by White House story tellers like Ben Rhodes, no wonder the American public has no idea the world is burning. The candidates will mostly snipe about the other and all we will hear is about every sour deal Trump has ever had a part in and they are likely plenty to choose from and in return we will hear about the meaning of is, is and Benghazi, e-mails, Whitewater, the Clinton Foundation and every smarmy thing the Clintons have ever had their blood-soaked hands on. Get ready for a roller-coaster ride where only half the track actually exists and the pitfalls are in every strut and brace with an operator who’s an untrained person with little if anything that qualifies them to be leader of the free world. Hillary Clinton knows something about foreign affairs but is a total incompetent as she proved while pretending to be Secretary of State and as President she would simply be playing at the office enjoying the payoff for her supporting Bill through thick and thin and sometimes so sheer as to be threadbare. Donald Trump knows how to deliver an opening ceremony speech and glad-hand and walk with others nodding knowingly while knowing nothing but still insisting he is the smartest man in the room. Where his ability to delegate is admirable, but people who have worked on things with ‘The Donald’ claim he likes to micromanage things and often makes things far more complicated and difficult. Neither candidate is anywhere near the best their party had to offer but they are what the Americans backed and that is what we are stuck with throughout the rest of the world. If you are feeling that you have been through years and Presidential terms of office where the President seemed to be working against the better interests and fear it is about to happen again, well, feel better as that is unlikely. The worst case scenario is there will be an incompetent in the White House whose husband attempts to help and guide her on foreign policy decisions, that would be an improvement, but she is unlikely to take anyone’s advice as she believes she is all-knowing. The other choice, ‘The Donald,’ might actually choose competent advisors and place good people in the cabinet and if he should actually allow them to lead and follow their prescriptions, that would be a hopeful scenario and if his position adjustments on the Middle East, Israel particularly, after choosing Jason Greenblatt and David Friedman as his Israel and Middle East Advisors is any sign, then Donald Trump has shown signs of sufficient maturity to take advice on things he is clueless. Now we just need to hope he believes himself to be clueless about almost everything it takes at being a great President as that will allow him to listen and reason things out from the different opinions he receives from people who are actually knowledgeable. We are not endorsing either candidate as we may still write in for Allen West and we would gladly endorse Lt. Col. West.


Jason Greenblatt and David Friedman Trump’s Israel and Middle East Advisors

Jason Greenblatt and David Friedman
Trump’s Israel and Middle East Advisors


Shall we move on to the rest of the world? As we have discussed the European Union (EU) appears to be planning on merging with the greater Muslim world and according to their own releases which we discussed in our article referencing the release titled The European Union Actually Planning Empire the EU not only plans on expanding its borders and control, or at least sharing the control in some manner, with the nations of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and on to central Asia and Central Africa so as to include all of the main body of Islam, spreading and advancing the joint economic conditions sharing technologies and using resources jointly while sharing in religious practices and cultural activities and celebrations. From the way it is weakly worded one could deduce that the EU would facilitate Islamic takeover of Europe religiously but with the proviso that there be no forcing Islam on those worshiping other faiths or none at all. This proviso is not likely to last more than a few moments before the pressures start to appear and then build and eventually we all know how this will end, we just cannot be sure as to how long. Our guess is eighteen months, but we have been known to be a bit optimistic. The culture would also tend not to remain very European for long and the only defense the Europeans would be able to hide behind would be limiting the movement of peoples from MENA into Europe and vice-versa. Still, the EU is based on free movement and it would not take very long before the MENA populations began moving into EU central nations for the benefits. The employment, benefits, healthcare, free schooling, minimum income and the plethora of other benefits which are largely financial and would offer these people wealth beyond their wildest dreams in exchange for nothing would attract tens to hundreds of thousands. The opportunities for disaster in the EU plan, well, let us just say it is fraught with opportunities for disasters for the current heart of the EU. It is not like the EU is not experiencing any difficulties such as the entire British Isles voting in favor of the Brexit referendum recently ending the near stranglehold the EU had on almost every major producing nation in Europe. Now the second greatest economic engine after Germany has started the required steps for exiting the EU. What makes the Brexit all the easier was the fact that the British retained their currency, the Pound Sterling. Britain is the only nation of the EU intelligent enough not to surrender their own currency and rely solely on the Euro. So far the worst predictions for Britain are coming true and we would, if we knew anything about investments, advise our investor, if we had one, to invest heavily in the pound waiting another eighteen days and then buy Pounds and wait for their recovery which should be scary great. Remember, we are not investment counselors and thus this is not investment advice unless it works, then we would like 5% thank you.


Meanwhile, the EU is very likely moving towards their destruction which will be realized when Islam finally decides that any agreement made really does not apply to limit the spread of Islam as that is demanded by Allah and that trumps the EU. This if backed by a Shiite thermos-nuclear stockpile of warheads and the ballistic and ICBMs (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile), whose range is anywhere on planet Earth, with which to deliver said warheads as was demonstrated with the EMP attack on North America presented to a joint committee of Congress in a simulation, easily displaying how the grid would be destroyed with almost all the main and secondary transformers in the United States and Canada obliterated. They would not even need to do something that drastic as the Iranians could simply launch an ICBM which flies across the lands of the North American continent landing in the opposite ocean with a three ton dummy warhead which the Iranians permitted the United States to recover and also set off a thermonuclear device about the same size making delivery of such no longer a debatable issue and instead into solid fact. Add the productive capacity of the EU to the Mullahs of Iran’s dream of world conquest and Islam’s drive to defeat the Sunni Islamic world and place Shiite Islam as the new master of Islam and the leading candidate for the new Caliph and the leaders of Islam taking over the Saudi and Kuwaiti oil fields solidifying the world’s oil supply, or at least 65% of the world’s oil, under Shia control meaning that there will very likely be another oil embargo making gas a luxury once again in the United States as they require more than can be domestically produced even after adding the rest of the still free world’s oil supplies.


Should the EU try anything drastic before the new President, then it little matters who wins the election for President. As such is next to impossible for them to affect the United States election but the the EU will heavily depend on who wins the United States Presidential elections. Hillary Clinton claims she will continue the President Obama disastrous withdrawal from the world. She will likely initially do exactly what President Obama would pursue leaving the EU to its own devices as Hillary Clinton simply walks away from anything allowing for the world to continue degenerating even before Iran manufactures their broad front terror war. These wars initially and by themselves will not appear to be anything, but in reality they will be nation after nation being subsumed inexorably by the Iranian leadership leaving the surrender of the EU to be the final nail in that coffin. Donald Trump might not surrender as readily but he too will be also sacrificing one nation after another as well. This will be the aftermath of the calculus performed by Iran in arranging for them to develop nuclear weapons in secret right under a blind world’s eyes which by treaty will be seeking to change the very nature of war. Needless to point out that warfare will remain a contest between ideologies for dominance of one over the other in the realm of ideas and principles. This will be the war being fought by alternative means of which the surrender of the EU gifting all of Europe with the exception of Britain to Islam while the United States honors its commitment to trust and not even bother to verify that Iran is obeying their side of the treaty. It will become obvious that Iran is not living within the treaty confines and is instead gearing up for a long war of attrition. Once again the war will appear as have the past two world wars with Britain holding the line at the English Channel and Russia double-crossed holding the eastern front against Iran who will hold much of the world’s oil reserves, the one weakness which finished off Hitler will not be even an inconvenience for the Mad Mullahs and the Aryan march to impose the perfect society will pick right up where it rested at its apex holding the continent of Europe but this time allied with the nations of MENA making for an even stronger and more dangerous front against the world order.


All of this will be happening because of and under the nuclear umbrella of Iran made possible, and even inevitable, by the Iran Deal whose consequences we attempted to approach in our article What is Already Resulting From the Iran Deal? Further, one can read one of the versions of the Iran Deal as each nation apparently had their own translation under which they were operating, and we found the Russia interpretation likely to be the closest to the Iranian interpretation which has never been released. The Russian version of the Iran Nuclear Agreement 7/14/2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is worth suffering through as it is how Iran likely sees the agreement. If we had to point to the greatest failing of the whole idea behind President Obama and his administration it would be the understanding that words have meaning and that meaning gives words the power to move mountains as if they were mole hills and turn mole hills into mountains. We are not speaking of rhetoric as that was one place President Obama soared, he could paint such pictures using hundreds of words that when subsequently parsed were found to have said absolutely nothing but they sure excited the useful idiots to whom sounding great is being great, no accomplishments necessary. This was most evident when President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize because of his rhetoric during the first campaign and the immediate aftermath. Shakespeare defined President Obama to a fine point with his phrase found in Macbeth Act 5, scene 5, 19–28 with which we shall close today’s article.


To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.


Beyond the Cusp


September 13, 2015

Will Western Europe Survive this Population Gamble?


European nations, largely the Western European nations with Germany taking the lead are taking a gamble that the influx of refugees with a drastically different ethos and background will assimilate sufficiently well to offset their declining populations and not prove to be the next great revolution spelling an end to western civilization in Europe. A rapidly falling population percentage under twenty-five coupled with the longer life spans has settled into a demographic time-bomb which had all the indicators that it was only going to grow worse with time. But is Europe playing with demographic fire by allowing almost en-masse unchecked hordes of refugees from the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) nations with Syrian claimants given near complete approval to aim for the Western European nation of their choosing with Germany expected to take in close to a million this year and a half a million each year going forward. Such stress upon an already falling population number with the indigenous majority population falling at the fastest rate will potentially lead to a major shift in the population and speed the day when Islam could become the number one religion in Western Europe. The announced infusion of refugees unfettered and automatically being granted refugee status of one percent of the German population this year alone may be only the tip of the demographic iceberg.


Rumors have claimed that the vast numbers of the refugees pouring into Europe are comprised largely of young males between the ages of eighteen and their mid-thirties, able-bodied young men with an extreme dearth of women refugees. This begs the question as to how these refugees will react when they are unable to find work and start to desire wives. This fact should be unsettling and raise alarms which would require that a majority of the men be married and have their families with them which might mitigate the current imbalance. It is difficult to believe that the refugee population is over eighty percent simply males under thirty yet that appears to be the largest demographic. The other troubling reality is that not all of the refugees are from Syria with the second and third largest are from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as a sizeable numbers still coming from North Africa.



Europe under siege base start point before the refugees flood in out of the east from the Middle East and out of the south and west from North Africa

Europe under siege base start point before the refugees flood in out of the east from the Middle East and out of the south and west from North Africa



History has shown that when any area approaches Islam within their border approaching just over one third of the population they have already initiated the basis for their control of all matters both legal and soon thereafter personal behavior and the onus for respect of Muslims placing them as first citizens with all other as secondary or even threatened existence. Some of the position that Islam takes over when subsuming a native population starts with restrictions upon dress and appearances. It will be a social understanding that one gets out of the way and yields to the members of Islam, women must be protectively covered so as not to overly excite men who might lose control, men should have a beard otherwise will be treated as a child, and other similar and degrading allowances. There will be their influences on the education even to include public education. There already is compliance from most European school curriculum that there is no mention of any religion other than Islam, actually there is no mention of any religion so if the Muslim child asks how a subject is reflected in the Quran, that question is allowable but should another student ask a similar question about Bible or Torah, such is a question for which that child would necessarily be advised of the incorrect behavior which might be seen as insulting to some sectors in the society. In the United States there are and always have been a number of Muslim or followers of Islam who have gone forth and worked to get themselves into positions of power and by their advice certain references to religion were banned entirely including the teaching of any battle where Christians or anyone else defeated an Islamic army. There can be no mention of the Inquisition or the freeing of Spain from its eastern influences which were largely Islamic.


The rate at which Germany, and we are using them as a model as they are the central power situated in the heart of Europe and holding economic power amongst other influences as do France, Britain and some others and are at the top of the Muslim list to be subsumed. Any department of the governance or other position of influence which are ever headed by a member of Islam there will be appointments, hiring and other methods of insuring perpetual control of that part of the governance. Eventually any semblance of democratic governance will be subsumed and perverted in such a manner as to place all things under the approving or negating eye of the leading Imam, a person who has memorized the Quran and the writings of Mohammad’s life, quotations and other historic holy writings of the great Imams, but who mostly can use his knowledge of the Quran to decide what is acceptable and what is an abomination and thus control all of a society. There have been many Imams who have commented about the lack of compatibility between Islam and a democratic form of governance, it is simply an impossibility as Allah must decide all things thus only an Islamic holy man is qualified to decide all matters whether public or private.


This will be an inevitability across all of Europe should the “refugees” be accepted as they are currently coordinated, and trust that they are being coordinated with special people sent with the intention that they will lead the Muslims in each leaders’ targeted city and they will work towards subsuming the culture and governance replacing it with Sharia. Germany has already promised to take in a number of refugees that will be an addition of one tenth, ten percent, of the entire population of Germany. This is the equivalence of one third of the Christian population, one forth the population of Atheists and Agnostics, and slightly more than doubled the numbers of Muslims bringing them to the point of almost matching the Jewish population of which Germany has the third largest Jewish population. Then, should the refugee train continue to pour in, which there is no reason to doubt it will persist for as long as the European foolishly allow an invasion by immigration, will produce an additional ten percent per every two to three years for the ten to twenty years and then Islam will be the largest religion followed in Europe and it adherents will be vocal and dominating. As much as Hungary has been derided for Prime Minister Viktor Orbán claims that he was going secure his nation’s borders from mainly Muslim migrants “to keep Europe Christian.” Victor Orbán continued in his article in Flüchtlingskrise “Those arriving have been raised in another religion, and represent a radically different culture. Most of them are not Christians, but Muslims,” The Hungarian Prime Minister concluded with, “Is it not worrying in itself that European Christianity is now barely able to keep Europe Christian? There is no alternative, and we have no option but to defend our borders.” These comments were insulting to any and every multiculturalist across the Western World. Should Hungary continue this “uneducated, ignorant, insulting, backwards and hateful” policy of exclusion, they may end up being the last bastion for Christians and Jews in all of Europe and the nation most threatened in Europe.



Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán claims that he was going secure his national borders closed from mainly Muslim migrants “to keep Europe Christian.”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán claims that he was going secure his national borders closed from mainly Muslim migrants “to keep Europe Christian.”



So, what should Europe do in the face of the onslaught? Perhaps they could adopt the same code they used on the sinking Titanic, women and children first, then their husbands, then the children’s grandparents, and lastly the single males without family. Perhaps they should demand that Saudi Arabia alone and the rest of the oil wealthy states combined also equal the numbers and proportions which are being inflicted upon Europe. Level of education should also be a part of the policy so those with a trade are taken before those with no education, unable to read or write and have no marketable skill or trade. There must be order placed on this chaos or else the other option will eventually come to be or else Europe will be transformed into another Islamic continent and democracy and much else will be lost including priceless relics and artworks.


So, what would be this other consequence which almost certainly will come to be if Europe is to remain a part of the Western World where individual freedom, religious freedom, plurality of cultures and everything which had developed starting with Torah and the Ten Commandments to the Battle at Marathon and Thermopylae and countless other struggles too numerous to list but one person does deserve the final shout-out which we award to Charles Martel, the Hammer. These things listed might present an inkling of an idea of what would come should this insane policy of completely open borders with no checks, either against known criminals, terrorist members such as ISIS (who has already announced they are using this to place future commanders and recruiters in place within Europe and the United States), al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hezballah, Hamas and countless others, as well as any other listings of people who would cause difficulties or are known to act in a destructive manner or influence which might list certain Imams who have made their name on claiming to be the one who will convert Rome or Europe to bending their knee to Allah and face Mecca five times every day and pray as Mohammad prayed. Eventually there comes the point where it becomes obvious that this has been used as an infiltration tool and it must be reversed if Europe is to remain Europe. This is when either the Europeans decide their lifestyle is worth keeping and when this is presented as the true aim of the Europeans and they are refusing to bend before their proposed Muslim betters, then Europe will likely do what Europe has proven to be the master, they will fight a war which will have had no predecessor of such scope and horrific cost, but it will be a fight for the soul of Europe, and may they heed the sagely advice of Sir Winston Churchill who wrote, possibly stated,


“If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed;
if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may
come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you
and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case.
You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because
it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”


Churchill gated stride impugning the morning about to tackle the world and all its problems

Churchill gated stride impugning the morning about to tackle the world and all its problems



Beyond the Cusp


December 2, 2013

Iran Dealings Explain Obama Demands on Israel

Every so often a news story grows slowly building a character set all its own. Such news items are the kind that just keep on giving more and more material though often little after the initial report is actually newsworthy. The deal made, for all intents and purposes, between the Obama Administration and Iran is one of those stories and even better, it just keeps supplying new twists and revealed misadventures and, even better, gives an insight into the motivations behind President Obama and his dealings not solely with Iran but with the Middle East in general and Israel specifically. Today’s little addition to the growing saga that the Iran deal is quickly becoming is about a priceless bribe. Apparently way back at the meetings of world leaders in New York City at the opening of the United Nations General Assembly this fall President Obama dispatched an unnamed diplomat with an ornate chalice. The chalice taken in a plain white gift bag to an Iranian official on Rouhani’s behalf, the courier diplomat took care to follow his directions to make the transfer without raising any suspicions or attention, especially from the press, and to make the delivery with little or no excitement that might cause the presentation to be discovered. The apparent stressing of making this gesture as secretive and unpublicized as humanly possible does make one suspect that President Obama and those who assisted in arranging the giving of this rare gift were fully aware that publicity would draw some uncomfortable question and any discovery of the act would leave their motives open to display to the public, something understandably undesirable to the Administration and the President.


The chalice was from the area of Syria which was either part or soon to be part of the Persian Empire. This precious silver chalice dated back to around 700 BC and was reportedly appraised in the one-million-dollar range. Fariborz Ghadar, a distinguished senior scholar specializing in Iran and Persia among other disciplines at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C., was quoted describing this chalice, “These were great treasures from a great civilization. Their discovery was of great significance to those who consider themselves Persians, who honor that period in history.” Some experts believe the vessel, known as a rhyton featuring three trumpet-shaped cups that sprout from the body of a griffin. The Iranians had been demanding the chalice’s return for the entire ten-year period it had been held by the United States who had come into possessing the chalice after making a bust on an antiquity dealer after determining the chalice had originally been stolen, as the antiquity is believed to be a vital part of the Islamic Republic’s cultural heritage. President Barack Obama’s administration decided that presenting the chalice would be the best diplomatic gesture that would both ease US-Iran relations and conform to then-current rules regarding interactions between US and Iranian officials. Upon receipt of the chalice the Iranian diplomat’s eyes widened and he thanked the US diplomat profusely for the move, explaining its significance to the Iranian people. It was two days later that Iranian President Rouhani accepted a phone call from President Obama, the first official contact between United States and Iranian leaders since the fundamentalist revolution in 1979 and the ensuing hostage crisis.


Such a gift, or should we call it by its real name, a bribe, was well outside the acceptable means to encourage Iran to return to the bargaining table. This is true especially when the reason for the urgency to meet with the Iranians was the planned virtual complete surrender on all items where the United States and her allies from the P5+1 negotiating team had differed and placed sanctions on Iran in the first place. Apparently this is how President Obama feels that all Western nations should act when having dealings with Islamic radicals who have indicated their distrust, hatred and desire to annihilate western nations should act. First step is to arrange to meet with them by providing lavish gifts or making painful concessions. In the case with the final surrender to Iran it was a basically priceless chalice while President Obama assisted the Palestinians in forcing the Israelis to release over one-hundred terrorists, many with the blood of innocent civilians including children, infants, women, seniors, and even an aged Holocaust survivor. Then President Obama figures it is time to get down to groveling and agreeing to give in on every point of contention providing the Islamic radicals, in President Obama’s case it is Iran, make hollow promises that they will not do anything untoward or transgress any lines that they were nicely requested to honor. Any lack of sincerity or even outright deceitfulness is to be ignored. With Israel this idea is stretched beyond the breaking-point such that when Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas announces as he did this week that he intends to continue with the negotiations simply to get the full number of terrorists released and then he will terminate the farcical ruse that are the peace talks, Israel is still expected to help establish a Palestinian State. Abbas further iterated that he will not compromise on even a single point as he believes, just as the Iranians believed, that as long as he waits, eventually the Israelis will be forced by the universal pressures being applied by Europe, the United Nations, the nations of the Non-Aligned Movement ( NAM) which almost universally side with the Islamic block nations and thus the Palestinians, countless leftist NGOs and best of all the President of the United States Barack Obama to grant the Palestinians their every wish and possibly more.


This has often been the default manner of bargaining with the Western nations as they have been judged to be impatient and unable to wait and play the long game opting for any solution no matter how awful as long as it is timely. This has been made evidently clear for anybody to observe over the entirety of the nuclear negotiations with Iran as they often said they would consider allowing inspection always to act to delay or even outright reject the IAEA United Nations inspectors always finding some reason to impede their timely accomplishment of their routine and outright stonewalling whenever a surprise inspection was announced. Often the IAEA inspectors were relegated to their hotel rooms and quarantined to their hotel until whatever nuclear site they wished to inspect had been cleansed and readied with everything the Iranians wished undiscovered removed and placed elsewhere. The Palestinian do the same thing when they speak in English claiming to be committed to peace while when speaking to the Palestinians, other Muslims in Arabic or to those allied with their cause such as European leftists and certain politicians such as Richard Falk, the United Nations special rapporteur on Palestinian human rights, Ken Livingstone who is a former Mayor of London and outspoken Palestinian supporter or any of the numerous anti-Israeli western politicians in any language. The going comment is that you can tell if Mahmoud Abbas is being deceitful or speaking his heartfelt truths by the language he uses, in English he deceives and in Arabic he speaks his true heart’s desires. What has always been amazing is how the Western mainstream media is completely incapable of translating anything Chairman Abbas says in Arabic when he speaks to Muslim world and especially to the Palestinians. This inability is truly remarkable that they have this inability in a time when simply by entering it onto any computer and requesting a Google translation into any language they desire they can receive a relatively cogent translation of every work spoken in Arabic by Mahmoud Abbas and every other Muslim leader, cleric, politician, dictator, or even protester in Tahrir Square.


The complete inability of Western leaders and politicians to be able to place themselves in the minds of their opponents from other cultures has always been a troubling and disheartening conundrum. This is especially true with cultures which are less harried or operating at a slower pace than those in the West have become accustomed. The Western mind does not appear to be able to grasp the concept that it is just as good to wait unto the tenth generation than it is to accept less than everything you demand. Probably the greatest example of a society that of China which has spent more time waiting for a desired change in their condition such as an occupation by a foreign power than many Western nations have a written history for. This becomes really evident when one realizes that some Western nations are less than a thousand years old while China is tens of thousands of years old and has been through numerous dynasties. Iran may be a new name but it is simply a name change from Persia meant to display their Aryan roots and to put on display their alliance with Nazi Germany during World War II. Another Arab leader that not only aligned himself with the Nazis but had a personal relationship with Adolph Hitler and a number of the Nazi high command and himself commanded Muslim units in the Balkan regions for the Nazis using his troops to round up Jews, Roma, and others determined to be enemies of the Nazis and placing them in extermination camps where many were murdered. This person was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Muhammad Amin al-Husseini who has been found to have had direct input which actually pushed for the Nazis to exterminate Europe’s Jewish population instead of deporting them as was initially the plan. This information should finally set straight that the Muslim Arabs did not learn to hate and derive their desire to murder Jews from the Nazis but rather they were instrumental in giving the concept that the Jews should be slaughtered to the Nazis. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Muhammad Amin al-Husseini was the leader of the Palestinian Arabs after World War II under the British rule of the area of Palestine. He was also a mentor to Yasser Arafat who was trained by the Grand Mufti even before he was trained by the KGB. The obsession that was the driving force of Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Muhammad Amin al-Husseini remains as the central concept at the heart of the Palestinian leadership, both Hamas and Fatah. The Palestinian Authority is not interested in peace but is only interested in making gains through negotiations before they turn to a reliance on military force to finish erasing Israel as a Jewish State. They are not concerned with achieving that goal immediately and will wait until they feel they have gained sufficient advantage and strength to completely wipe the Jews from what they consider their lands. After they have achieved this goal they would likely all move to distant lands as their interest in an otherwise desolate and arid land does not exist beyond completely removing the Jewish control over any part of Israel. What makes this a horrific idea is that President Obama has not only done much to assist the Palestinians in realizing their dream, he has actually aided their cause by introducing concepts such as building freezes in Judea and Samaria, the release of terrorist murderers with the blood of thousands on their hands, the return of every inch of contested lands including much of Jerusalem and then there is the apparent fact that President Obama has sided with Abbas and blames Israel for the lack of a Palestinian State. With the President of the United States making Israel the guilty party for the lack of a Palestinian state all Abbas need do is make more and more ridiculous demands and stick to them and with time have President Obama force Israel to capitulate. This is why it is imperative that Israel find somebody to be Prime Minister who is willing to stand up and tell President Obama one simple word, “Lo!” That is Hebrew for no and that would be a sweet sound for many in Israel to hear from their Prime Minister just once when President Obama demands another Israeli suicidal surrender. If President Obama wishes to sacrifice the United States and place the United States as subservient to Islam, that is his choice, but when he demands Israel follow the United States down that suicidal path, then it is time to simply tell him , “Lo!” and bid him fair travels as he walks down the path to perdition.


Beyond the Cusp


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