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August 17, 2018

Israel Must Act Suicidal to Receive Acceptance


On the same day that Palestinian Arabs in the Shomron threw pipe-bombs at the Tomb of Rachel while Arabs in Gaza continued to launch incendiary devices into Israel all while Mahmoud Abbas not only continues to pass hundreds of thousands of dollars to terrorists and their families each month declaring that this is the most important expenditure of the Palestinian Authority, we find people claiming that Israel should not be permitted to prevent people from entering the country whose designs for entering Israel is disruption and attacks on the government and people. Needless to add, the Europeans expressed shock and intense despair at Israel, not for actually turning away several American Jews who advocate boycotting Israel, but that they were questioned for twenty to thirty minutes as they entered Israel recently. That we are quite used to as many in Europe, politicians included, act in such a manner as to seemingly work towards the destruction of the Jewish State. What was disparaging was when Ron Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, wrote in the New York Times that he was critical of the recently passed Nationality Law, calling out the country’s “Orthodox monopoly” and accusing the Netanyahu administration of damaging “the sense of equality and belonging of Israel’s Druze, Christian, and Muslim citizens.” Mr. Lauder continued with a litany of complaints which largely circled the idea that Israel just does not get it and really needs to stop acting in its own self-interest and instead begin to comply with all the demands of the American Jewish community and their leftist ideologies. Mr. Lauder had in the past and also in the New York Times insisted that Israel be reasonable and pull back behind the pre-Six Day War Green Line and surrender the remainder to the Palestinians enacting the two state solution even without any peace agreement. Apparently Mr. Lauder suffers from a pathology with which we are quite familiar, and love of Israel is not as paramount in his list of priorities as he has indicated, complying and pursuit of his leftist ideologies and forcing them on any and all who have the audacity of disagreeing with that ideology is his foremost driving force.


President of the World Jewish Congress, Ron Lauder

President of the World Jewish Congress, Ron Lauder


Now we will delve into this pathology which had taken hold of the majority, if not the vast majority, of the non-Orthodox Jews in the United States. Their unwavering support of the Democrat Party is just one of the signs of this pathology. Their driving force has been given a name from the very Bible they never read, Tikkun Olam. They translate this as “Repair the World” and claim that their leftist, socialist single party desires are the path to such an enlightened state. They insist that spreading this belief far and wide is the true path for completing the task of Tikkun Olam. One of the first concepts I came to grips with after moving to Israel and rediscovering a remarkable religion, Judaism, something I had almost lost when living in the United States, was Tikkun Olam as practiced by Traditional Orthodox Jews. Oddly, it has absolutely nothing to do with leftist ideology, socialism or spreading anything to the less enlightened. Tikkun Olam in the sense it is interpreted in Israel is to work on yourself, your habits, your interactions with others, your dedication to prayer and largely your love of Hashem and everything which he gave us here on Earth such that we could thrive and live with such splendor. Of course I understand that the leftist Jews who are out to change the world to fit their new world order of socialism with free everything for everybody have already perfected themselves. I know this as I had gathered such in countless conversations with numerous of these Jews and a selected few who were totally honest admitted their near perfection. Also, it almost goes without saying, almost to the last one, they believed that I was a monstrous person who was ignorant, rude, ill mannered, uneducated, virtually illiterate and completely clueless about the virtues of their political views and the complete absence of merit in my political views. Thankfully, they did act kindly when we were all in Synagogue and some would even deign to socialize while most simply nodded and continued to avoid us. So, I am not foreign to these crusading true believers who have the inside track on perfection in all areas of life, theirs, yours and mine, if only we would awaken and realize the errors of our ways and then do the proper penance which would include voting for whichever candidate the Democrats run against the demon in the White House, President Trump.


The problem is these Jews and all their coreligionists are actually practicing Secular Humanist Socialism and not so much Judaism. Their Synagogues have been converted into centers for group-think and often are used to promote Democrat Party candidates and even have run campaign assistance as a committee within the Synagogue. Their prayerbooks are often devoid of any Zionism declaring for the longing to reestablish the Jews ancient home in Eretz Yisroel. Many of the traditional prayers have either been reworded or done away with completely. Had we attempted to use the prayerbook from some of the Synagogues we belonged to in the United States, we would not have been able to follow a service in a Traditional Orthodox service here in Israel. Their prayerbooks have been sanitized with a new theme centered on all that could be if only the world were remade in a more socialized manner. Sermons often carried messages straight from the leftist list of most important political battles to still be fought and won. In many such Synagogues, they will allow for mixed marriages where one of the couple is Jewish and the other is not. Some will go further and allow same sex marriages in the Synagogue. This is their choice and if that is their idea of Judaism, they are free to pursue exactly what they choose. On Yom Kippur once we were treated to a sermon about how gloriously wonderful the two recent people of a couple married by the Rabbi, but in a hall and not the Synagogue as this was a more religious Synagogue and community, and how they were so gentle and tender and the beautiful point where they were to kiss and how it was almost tearing in many of the attendees eyes as these two men kissed. We were told about the great wonder their love was and all the details. After the service, we heard many members of the congregation congratulating the Rabbi for the great sermon and his willingness to officiate such a wedding and some inquired why the marriage was not held in the Synagogue. Apparently, the Rabbi and the couple mutually decided to hold the ceremony outside the Synagogue was the answer. This was the sermon on the Day of Atonement and nothing deeply spiritual about self-improvement, forgiveness which Hashem bestows upon all of us and an entire history of sermons rich in Torah but instead we sat through a sermon which we found difficult. We were still in the United States when having this experience and there were an extensive list of similar such sermons from back in the 1960’s where my family had joined a Reform Temple, they did not have a Synagogue, but that was not a problem as here everyone was indoctrinated regularly at services in the liberal leftist ideology as if that was what was dictated in Torah. Back then, the name of Hashem was in some of the prayers just as today as it is impossible to say the Shema without naming Hashem.


We fully understand where Mr. Lauder was coming from in his articles, though we would have preferred his publishing them in one of the many Jewish publications so as to be less conspicuous as to have the President of World Jewish Congress being so publically critical of Israel is less than helpful. Maybe Mr. Lauder does not realize that Israel is being attacked on all fronts by virtually everyone with an obvious exception, President Donald Trump, the man who actually did move the United States embassy to Jerusalem. But we are pretty sure Mr. Lauder is fully aware that Israel is being attacked. He probably also believes he understands exactly why Israel is being attacked and is the man with the answer, become like the American leftist Jews and stand for the ideals and beliefs they hold dear. Should we complain that doing such would violate Torah, we believe he would refer to the Torah as an old scroll still being written on parchment and as such is obviously outdated and we need to get with the program. Mr. Lauder is far from alone and had a backup choir of very full-throated fellow leftist Jews demanding that Israel throw out the playbook which has kept Judaism alive for over three millennia, and instead pick up the Democrat playbook and adopt the views of the supporters of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as she is their new cheerleader and spokesperson campaigning everywhere as she is just so wonderful. We hope you did not miss the sarcasm. There is also Rabbi Jacobs who also desires that Israel fashion itself after the Democrat Party and Reform Judaism. Both of these men and their ilk are also very upset with Israel for actually having the unmitigated gall to have again elected right wing governments and allowing Bibi Netanyahu to once more be Prime Minister. They would prefer Yair Lapid, Avi Gabbay or Tzipi Livni to be the Prime Minister as their political thoughts and remarkable brilliance in their agreement that the Two State solution is best for Israel. That these political parties would support such a thing as the Two State solution is one of the main reasons they must continue to be in the opposition and not in power. We would love to have these very same Jews come home and we would welcome them, as they are family. As family, we would really prefer to keep our squabbles within the family and not on the editorial page of the New York Times.


Beyond the Cusp


August 12, 2018

The Big Question Most Heard


That question coming from Sabras (Native Israelis), Russians, Europeans and the other sundry Jews from the world over is, why don’t the American Jews move to Israel or make Aliyah. The answer often given is that they will come in good time. Unfortunately, that is probably the truth and the shame is that for the American Jews this will prove to be unfortunate. This may prove to be the most difficult article to write while not making many people very upset with what we write. Some may want to get upset and scream that this is not me; I want to live in Israel, but with my work and my home and everything, in time it will become easier. That is not really true as we waited until we were retired and it was still difficult choosing what to keep, what to sell and what, despite our attachment, to simply throw out. We were fortunate and sold our entire beer brewing system and bar equipment and limited our stuff needing a moving company to at most one container. Whatever the reason, this is a great time to make Aliyah as the building of apartments and residences have been being built at a fairly rapid pace which had lowered prices. That is as much of the advice we can offer.


Akko is the Oldest City in Israel Seen Overlooking Mediterranean Port Wall

Akko is the Oldest City in Israel Seen Overlooking Mediterranean Port Wall


How to answer why most American Jews are not making Aliyah and also answering the other main questions is difficult for one to be able to explain while remaining positive. This gets particularly difficult when the added question is to explain the reasoning behind the antics and demands of the Open Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist and other branches in American Judaism for accepting new definitions for Halachic Law. Not every Jew is overly observant and even fewer attend all three services each day, but a large share of the population we have met are religious and attend services on some form of regular basis. They attend for yahrzeits, almost every holiday, and try to make Shabbat morning prayers every week. From what we remember, we probably have more people attending our Synagogue daily morning prayers than we often had on Shabbat morning prayers in the Synagogue we last attended in the United States. But very few question the definitions of Halachic Law. The Torah says exactly what it says and cannot be twisted to say otherwise. The Written traditions in Talmud and other commentaries are also quite definitive in their final decisions. On the necessity for adopting a new Oral Tradition to partly replace Talmud is accepted as something of a work in progress, but it is in progress by going through Talmudic principles and adding or questioning ideas and concepts within the structure which already exists. Very few desire throwing the entire system into the trashcan and defining all to fit every whim and societal idiosyncrasy existing today in European or American society. Judaism is supposed to offer alternatives from a tried and true history guided by Torah and our history, not a cult turning on every whim and being redefined to fit some leftist ideology. This has been the case of the demands by Rabbis from the ranks of Open Orthodoxy. We found an article which explains the problem likely better than we ever could in probably one of the most liberal media sources in Israel in Haaretz. Will some of the changes made in America eventually become accepted in Israeli Orthodox, probably. They are already accepted in many of the Conservative and Reform communities in Israel and these do exist but are a lesser offshoot than the more traditional Orthodox, which also have their flavors from Hassidic to Religious Zionist and everything inbetween, but all are governed by the Rabbinate.


The truth as most see it from many of the Americans already having made Aliyah is not as pretty as most might prefer. They see things differently than many in the United States see things, and perhaps that comes partly from the fact that being religious in Israel is far more readily attainable than it is in the United States. If one could only afford to reside over ten miles from the Synagogue in their city, they could not be expected to walk to Shabbat Services as at some distances one would need almost a full day to walk both directions. Such would not be resting on the Sabbath. But the problems go deeper than that. Many American Jews have replaced Halachic Law with the standards and positions of their leftist political positions. Such things then become “traditionally Jewish” as same sex marriage, inter-faith marriage, women rabbis, mixed seating for prayer (though this may change over time) and other modernisms. There is another problem in that many Americanized Jews no longer believe that the Torah is historically accurate and that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Queen Esther and the others from Biblical history and most of the Torah and Old Testament are fables to reveal a code of law whose people are imagined and never lived. Come and see the history for real here in Israel where discoveries, especially in the area known to have been the City of David and Cave of Machpelah and these people are very real and the history of Torah and Bible are also found to be accurate and as described. There is a reason why the Waqf has carried away truck loads of crushed rock from their “digging to replace old water pipes and to modernize the facilities” on the Temple Mount always digging in places which are described well in the Bible. Below is a montage of a few of the rubble piles and shown at the lower end are the efforts by the Israeli Antiquities Institute which took up with assisting the efforts when proof of their viability for actually producing artifacts, though dating them has posed a challenge as it is often difficult to discern at what depth and period some artifacts represent. Many Israelis offer their time to assist with this painstaking labors of love and dedication to preserving whatever historical remains can be found. These siftings have produced a small collection of the pomegranate-shaped bells that the Levites and Kohanim wore on their priestly robes (pictured below montage). Unfortunately, there have been far less large objects for after finding an intact column block the Waqf began their crushing of all larger stones to assure nothing of consequence might be found.


Temple Mount Destructive Arab Waqf Excavation Dumping Site and Reclamation Sifting Inspecting Seeking Remains of Artifacts not Completely Destroyed as Intended

Temple Mount Destructive Arab Waqf
Excavation Dumping Site and Reclamation
Sifting Inspecting Seeking Remains of Artifacts
not Completely Destroyed as Intended



Collection of Pomegranate Shaped Bells from Biblical Priestly Robes

Collection of Pomegranate Shaped Bells from Biblical Priestly Robes


The story of why American Jews are not arriving in Israel with the urgency some European Jews have shown is simple, they are not being targeted as Jews as of yet. The American Jews are not going to be that far different from other populations. The Ethiopian Jews were brought here after they became persecuted and required saving. The Arab countries expelled their Jews who were refused entrance in most nations other than Israel, so theirs was a case of limited options. The first mass Aliyah of European Jews is well remembered as they had been brutally persecuted and slaughtered across Europe. The Russian Jews were escaping Communism and persecution. The Jews in America live lives which are mostly free of any anti-Semitism and only hear of such in the news and they realize how insulated and safe their lives are. They live an almost fairytale existence lacking want or acceptance. They are not the Jews of Babylon, of ancient Egypt building their cities, of ancient Greece where circumcision was punished by death and teaching Torah treated the same, of the Roman Empire where they were dispersed throughout the Empire and some past the Empires borders in order to make them as extinct as the Carthaginians became, or even of Persia where they loved in relative peace until they were targeted by Hamas and their salvation was the Queen, Esther, whose uncle Mordechai gave her the task of intervening with the king to save her people, or the Jews of any other period as none until the United States the Jews have felt persecution, and even the United States is not perfect as General Grant’s General Order No. 11 of 1862 which displaced the Jews in Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi before President Lincoln could countermand the order and return to General Grant with a turnaround of almost two months. But history is not a guarantee of the future as the Jews in Germany found out when they went from assimilated to hunted in a matter of under a decade. The other thing that history teaches is that no society is immune from drastic change when the wrong people take power.


The American Jews are largely in two communities, the very Orthodox and the varied but mostly assimilated. The main communities of the very Orthodox are found around New York City and a few other major cities and are largely closed communities who look out for one another and can be considered to be insular. The assimilated also seem to live largely in the suburbs or in high-end areas in some cities in communities such as Georgetown within Washington D.C. The assimilated have jobs in virtually every form of employment with the majority in professions which require advanced degrees. They also hold high positions within the government and political office. They are represented at far higher percentage then their percentage of the population in such professions as physicians, lawyers, engineering and college professors. This has made some fringe groups incited over this fact claiming that the Jews are attempting to control the society through these positions. Most of these people are largely ignored and make up an infinitesimal percentage of the population. The real challenge to the Jews in the United States comes from another direction, and they are largely blind to this coming threat.


This threat comes from the secular far left who see religion of any kind as threatening and rather than be agnostic or atheist they are secular humanist who believe that their natural and superior enlightenment means that they should dictate future politics and manage all legal and social regulations. Their real threat is that they have risen to numerous controlling positions in many, if not a majority, of the departments of the government. These are the people who control the machinations of the “Deep State” and thus influence regulations. These are the people who in the too near future will be producing legal systems which will make religious observance regulated to such a point that much of Torah and the Bible will have become legally prosecutable. Reading from numerous Bible passages would be considered to be a violation as hate speech. Some similar prosecutions have occurred in Canada as preaching the Bible has run up against legal regulations there. With the Constitutional guarantees, specifically the Bill of Rights, coming under attack from numerous NGOs and other organizations and political lobbying groups, who knows how long the religious protections in the First Amendment will survive. The Second Amendment is under extreme distress and the Tenth Amendment is all but dead as are much of the Eighth and Ninth Amendments. Once the Second Amendment falls, expect the First and then Fifth followed by the Fourth to follow within a decade.


What is coming in the near future in the United States will be considered shocking to the older generations but the youth have been indoctrinated to such an extent instead of instructed such that they no longer believe free speech cannot be abridged and any speech which is offensive to their peer groups should be illegal. They find that the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights to be too old to have meaning in our modern society and that the rules need to be changed to reflect their programming they received from their teachers and then their professors and believe that taxes must be raised and equaling income is a necessity. They also do not accept the concept of a Supreme Being and many believe that religion is a concept which is evil and the Bible is just some old book which is basically worthless. What is frightening is that many American Jews appear to believe the same things as the youth as they have joined the leftists and are members of the Secular Humanists. They have a completely new form of Judaism and demand that the Israelis adopt their interpretation of Torah. The difference between Israel with the acceptance of the Torah, Bible, Gomorra and Talmud as real and applicable as written and that the final two can be adapted, but only in reference to Torah and slowly and methodically while the American Jews (non-Traditional Orthodox) have adapted Torah to fit their beliefs completely throwing out the old commentaries as irrelevant to their modern society and in their stead placing the preachings of their new wave Rabbis whose ideas are more suitable to teaching a college philosophy class than to Torah commentary.


The immediate reply will most likely be that we have no idea about what we are speaking. Allow us to speak of the Rosh HaShana sermon given by our Rabbi of a Conservative Synagogue, a loveable and kind Rabbi who was a good person and likely his sermon was adapted in order to please the congregants, especially those who only come to the synagogue three or four times per year but also make very large and generous donations to make up for their lack of making it to Shabbat morning services. His sermon was about a same sex marriage he had recently officiated at our Synagogue and how beautiful the service and the loving couple were and the greatness that we, as a congregation, allowed such a celebration to be held and how our acceptance was indicative of our religious faith. This wedding was a great stride in healing the world from old prejudices and the making of a rich, new world filled of acceptances of all varieties of people and making inroads into wedding our faith with the other faiths proven by the inter-faith marriage he officiated at a church with the minister and the wonderful loving couple and how their children would be so rich having both religious beliefs. The sermon went on for close to thirty to forty-five minutes, maybe more; one of us kept nodding off for some wishful bliss. We have found out that our Synagogue was far from an exception of the new definition of Judaism and stretching of Torah to include the leftist ideologies where all forms of coupling are accepted and where sin has become a relative term with no absolutes beyond unacceptance of this new secular humanist theology. Yes, secular humanism is a religion complete with a dogma and its own sins, many of which are political in nature and any of the keeping of the old ways is one of the greatest of sins and now all religions must adopt the secular humanist diktats.


This difference has become a serious problem between Israeli Jews and American Jews. Now there are quite a few Israeli Jews who believe in the secular humanist philosophy and probably would not be too deterred should Israel become more akin to American Jewish thought, the non-Orthodox variety. But in Israel, they accept that the majority are religious and orthodox following Torah. The Rabbinate is a fact which in Israel the only change some wish to make is for there to be only one Chief Rabbi, not two. The big change coming in Israel, which will take far longer probably, not allowing us alive today to witness without assistance from Hashem, will be the unifying of the several sects into a single Judaism. There will inevitably come a merging of the Chabad, Hasidic, Sephardi, Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, Ethiopian, Bnei Menashe, Sabras and numerous smaller sects and there will be a single Judaism finally in Israel, that is our most immediate task. Much of this will take place simply by the most natural means, intermarriage. Whenever we see a mixed couple of Jews, we get a smile and feel that day approaching just that little bit faster. As far as Israel adopting the Secular Humanist views, that is highly unlikely and there are other differences which live in the political arena.


The political difference is also fairly stark. The assimilated, secular humanist, non-Orthodox, American Jews are sold on the idea of the Two State Solution because it has that fairness and equality theme they believe the world naturally uses to resolve differences, in their world that is. Even many of the most liberal Jews have surrendered the idea of the Two State Solution as impossible and as having been destroyed by Mahmoud Abbas. The American Jews looked at the recent Gaza border riots as a peaceful demonstration against the Israeli occupation and embargo and there were a small few who hijacked parts of the demonstration using violence and that it is time for Israel to loosen their embargo and end the occupation of Gaza. Israelis know that Israel finished their disengagement from Gaza that was enacted back in August 2005. Israelis also realize that any loosening of the embargo which is established simply to prevent Hamas and Islamic Jihad importing heavy weaponry is not workable and that the vast majority of goods are allowed in, especially aid goods, mostly passed on for Hamas to distribute the same day or the next day. Israelis know that Hamas uses the vast majority of these goods to raise funds charging the Gazans for the aid while keeping any building materials for the construction of underground bunkers for Hamas and Islamic Jihad members to be secured within along with interconnecting tunnels or to build infiltration tunnels into Israel in order to carry out attacks or to attempt kidnapping of Israelis. Many American Jews believe that Israel has no option and that the original idea was to make both an Arab and a Jewish state west of the Jordan River.


Israelis know that was simply one idea suggested by the United Nations General Assembly in Resolution 181 which was negated as soon as the Arab League voted to reject that idea as they refused to permit any Jewish State. The reality instead returned to the San Remo Conference and the related British Mandate agreements. These all made for an Arab State today known as Jordan and everything west of the Jordan River was reserved for the Jewish State. Israeli Jews realize that Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian Authority all agree that their goal is for no Jewish State to exist. They disagree on who gets to rule and Hamas also declares that they are to destroy Israel and then continue to kill Jews everywhere while they conquer the world for them to rule. Israeli Jews realize that the recent Gaza rioting had as its intent exactly what Sinwar, Hamas leader, stated, to break down the border fence, murder Jews tearing out their hearts and eating their livers as we have already reported repeatedly, and to replace Israel with a state ruled by Hamas. Had they succeeded, then it would have been not only the end of Israel, but the end of the Palestinian Authority as they would be the next target, as Hamas believes them to be apostates deserving of death. The world might have mourned the dead six and a half million Jews, but we would not expect many would honestly care and the few who did would mourn quietly after the initial solemn announcements which would end as quickly as possible as it would be a bother.


We could continue to list the ways Israeli Jews, in general, are different and separate from American Jews, in general. There is no reason to continue, as there are numerous articles written on the subject for those interested. Many are written from the American point of view but there are those from the Israeli view with many simply responses to those other articles. The two groups have taken very different paths and it will take something traumatic for them to forge a single people. As the two societies are, there can be no immediate merging of the American Jews with the Israeli Jews. We know this, as we were not an acceptable fit in our last congregation but once here in Israel found our fit was transformational, as finally we had found a Jewish group of communities where we fit in naturally. There were some in that last congregation with whom we fit and some requested we keep such our secret as they had hid their conservative beliefs and reached general acceptance and they did not desire their work to be undone. As we have told before, many in that Synagogue responded to our announcement of moving to Israel with almost the same words which were, “Why would you want to move to a place like that, they are so backwards.” Well, I guess we like backwards, though we believe that Torah and the Bible are eternal and the proper guide for life, and certain realities which measure the health of a society are proving this to be a valid statement.


Beyond the Cusp


August 9, 2017

Bondi is Part Australia’s and Part Israel’s Fault


First, in case you have not yet heard, in Bondi, Australia the city blocked the building of a Synagogue in a residential area near the people it would serve because it might be a tempting target to attract Islamic terrorism. The Jewish community brought this before an Australian court which upheld the city’s prohibition finding the threat sufficient reason to prevent the building of a Synagogue in an area near the people it would serve, or in simple terminology, no Synagogue in a residential area, even a mostly Jewish residential area. Perhaps the next thing will be that Jews need to live in a separate residential area as they too might pose a threat for terrorist attacks. When this story broke around a week or so ago, we waited to write about the situation simply because we desired to give Australia an opportunity to correct this offense to Jews of Bondi, of Australia and of the world. Apparently, the Jews who desired to build their house of worship are not going to be receiving any support for their quest from their presumed friends in the Christian community organizations. Apparently, nobody desires a synagogue in their neighborhood as it is a threat to destroy the kismet of the neighborhood because anything Jewish is a terror magnet so much so that perhaps all Jewish stores, houses of worship and organizations should have bullseyes painted on them for easy identification. What will be next, demands to close the kosher deli or kosher restaurant or kosher grocery store? What about a small grocery store with an aisle of all kosher food, should that be outlawed as it taints the rest of the grocery store? Maybe the next thing will be to push all the Jews into a special neighborhood, not a ghetto, nope, we won’t call it a ghetto, it is just an exclusive Jewish neighborhood, as we cannot have the Jews living with normal people because their houses might be terrorist targets. Where has been the Israeli outrage, the calling of the Australian Ambassador to explain? Such is the least of a reaction from the Jewish State, from Israel, but so far silence?


Preventing the building of a synagogue because Jewish houses of worship are more likely to be targeted by Islamic extremist terrorists but churches are fine, as they have not risen to the top of the target list, as there are still Jews in Australia. Tell you what, ask the Christians in Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Syria, Iraq, Iran what happens once the Christians do not back the Jews and allow the Jews to be chased from the country. You know exactly what they will tell you, the churches and Christians will become the targets of choice and the government will not protect them any more than they have the Jews. Wait a minute. Why wait for the terrorists to come seeking just the right synagogue to use as their next target. We checked and there are a fairly significant number of these terror targets better known as synagogues or houses for worship already strewn throughout the greater Bondi area (see map below). Why would it not be smarter to have them all closed and build one great synagogue and place all the Jews to live in the neighborhood surrounding this new great synagogue. Why there could even be a high wall with fencing around the top of it and the Jews only permitted out for short periods each day and they should probably have to wear something special such that any Islamic extremist terrorist would know whom to target, maybe a bulls-eye with a Star of David in the center which would look like the picture right below the map. If it cuts down on terrorist strikes in Bondi, of which there have been none yet we understand their fears as a planned terror attack was recently prevented from striking a plane presumably at the Sydney International Airport with four of the plotters arrest just a week or so back on July 29, 2017. Perhaps this is what has spooked the good people of Bondi, Australia.


Synagogues in Greater Bondi Area Where Danger of Terrorist Attacks are Potentially Imminent

Synagogues in Greater Bondi Area Where Danger
of Terrorist Attacks are Potentially Imminent


Jewish Identity Armband

Jewish Identity Armband


Still, you have sufficient numbers of synagogues to keep even a hyperactive terrorist busy planning for so long that they are bound to get caught before they figure out how to strike them all in one really busy afternoon. The option you have taken by refusing to permit another synagogue be built because it might some day become the target of a terror attack when you have many synagogues strewn across your area already that if this is really that serious of a concern to you, the entire community would have to be tranquilized just to walk down the street. There are easily over a half-dozen synagogues in the immediate area of Bondi that adding another would not increase your vulnerability in the slightest. There are also an equal number of churches in the same relative area which would pose the same threat once any synagogues would be removed (see map below). Would the same zoning officers also refuse to permit a church be built in a similar neighborhood, as it too would represent an inordinate possibility for becoming a target of an Islamic extremist terrorist attack? If that became or ever would become the case, then please explain how such an area like Bondi, Australia would be any different than say Saudi Arabia where it is illegal to construct or repair any religious building other than Mosques and other Islamic buildings. Has Bondi decided to invoke Sharia replacing the civil laws of the country of Australia in their little section of Down Under?


Churches in Greater Bondi Area Where Danger of Terrorist Attacks are Potentially Imminent

Churches in Greater Bondi Area Where Danger
of Terrorist Attacks are Potentially Imminent


This is starting to become the way of things not only in Australia but in Europe and soon to come to Canada and areas of the United States we fear. This hysteria once it gets going will see no stopping point and soon religion other than Islam will become banned from the public square. Then where will we be? As long as people believe in freedom of religion, then they have to act accordingly. Banning the construction of a place of worship because it might offend people of other faiths is not what the Western Civilization was founded upon. This battle was fought once and it was called the Reformation. We did away with Inquisitions and the burning of witches and heretics and permitted free choice. That had been the strength of Judeo-Christian culture. What we fear here the most is that this was not done honestly because of a fear of terrorism but because people have decided that it is too dangerous to allow Jews the same freedoms which everybody else will be granted. Trust us when we tell you that what starts with the Jews never ends there and it will spread to either the Christians or the Muslims being told they too cannot build their holy buildings or practice their religion freely. Is this truly the direction society desires to go? If that be the case, then we are glad we live one place where that will never become the situation generally and hopefully the one small instance here will fall as will the one small instance in Bondi, Australia. If one religion is banned, soon many religions are banned until either only one faith is permitted or no faith is permitted, and there really is no difference as where there is no faith permitted, the state becomes the end-all and consumer of all power and the leaders become despots expecting all to revere them and that itself is a strange and horrid religion where men are worshiped as gods. They become Caesar, Pharos or Führer. Does anybody really want such a world again? Then why start down that road again?


Beyond the Cusp


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