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September 17, 2018

And We Predicted It With Picture to Boot


We know, we predicted what? Well, the closure of the PLO Consulate in Washington D.C. is what we predicted, well, our picture did. It was our article “Add the PLO to President Trump’s Dump List” in which the picture below was our main graphic. It is a picture of the PLO Washington D.C. Consulate; they like to refer to it as their Embassy, with a picture of President Trump superimposed with a “Sorry We’re Closed” sign like the one a diner might have. We had warned in that article that playing hardball with President Trump when you are holding only a pure bluff of a poker hand and he is holding the rest of the deck, that this may not be the brightest tactic. We predicted any number of other items and gave President Trump one very simple piece of advice, if he really desires being the President who untied the Gordian Knot of the Arab-Israel conflict, then he should plan on completing his efforts in his first term. Looking at his actions, he may have read our article, or some low level functionary had it as part of his assignment to research the Middle East, as he has taken steps in the past two months to completely alter the field of play and redefined some of the most precious tools which Mahmoud Abbas always trotted out as spoilers and removed them from any equation. Now, at long last, it is appearing that Mahmoud Abbas is soon to be removed from the equation if he has not actually been removed already. I guess our warning now should be to the King of Jordan warning him that he is probably just as replaceable as Mahmoud Abbas, and he should meter his attitudes accordingly if he is at all intelligent. We would guess that the King of Jordan may test President Trump initially and probably become more obliging just in time to remain the King of a far smaller Jordan and the Palestinian Arabs getting their state in the rest of Jordan with those residing in the Shomron being permitted, actually encouraged, to relocate or remain as resident aliens under what will basically be Israeli rule.


Coming Soon if Abbas Refuses Trump Again

Coming Soon if Abbas Refuses Trump Again


Now to elaborate. What we see coming will leave Mahmoud Abbas retiring somewhere which is willing to take him and his billions of Euros. The same will go for many of the top Palestinian Arab leadership and terror structure. The Arabs in the Shomron (West Bank if you prefer the Jordanian name) will be permitted to remain where they are or relocate to places in Jordan which will be built for them in record time. Entire cities will be constructed and new apartments and potential other incentives and these may even become or be located around Qualified Industrial Zones short version is (QIZ) which are areas within Jordan where Israeli companies are permitted to open factories (to save on labor costs) and then export goods to the United States free of tariffs thanks to President Clinton issued a Presidential Proclamation (No. 6955) on November 13, 1996. The lure of employment and a brand new apartment, especially as the employment will pay higher than average wages, may prove sufficient to take care of those seeking a real future for their families completely distant from any terrorism or living under a kleptocracy. There will be some problems no matter how great a deal is applied because this is the Middle East, nothing goes exactly as planned. More on that in a moment, meanwhile, President Trump did take the PLO, Fatah, Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas and UNRWA and place them all together inside a trashcan which he is very close to placing at the curb for pick-up. This was absolute brilliance upon President Trump’s behalf, and not just because it was exactly what we had stated back in January, though that does not hurt. Trump apparently has little if any concern as to with whom he will end up making his deal, just as long as his deal gets made.


What is going to happen next? Well, that depends on if you mean what will happen next of consequence or not of any consequence. Even at this late date, Mahmoud Abbas will continue to believe that if he just continues to refuse everything out of President Trump and the members of his team, that the European Union, numerous European nations, the United Nations and who knows who else will back his demands to the very end no matter what because this is how it has always worked. Trump really does not mean any of this, he is just pacifying the Jews in the United States. We have some bad news for Abbas, very little concerning Israel matters to far too many Jews and this is especially true about the younger generations. As far as the remainder of the list Abbas believes will back him, they will not be worth a plug nickel when the final deal is put in place. The King of Jordan, according to the last things we have seen, was backing Mahmoud Abbas and trashing President Trump. We hope he is aware that there is a group which is supposedly willing to work peaceably with Israel while ruling the Palestinian Arabs and he has a group of people all waiting to move to Amman and take control of Jordan. Of course, it would not be that easy, as the King has a loyal military behind him. The reality is if King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein has an ounce of common sense, then he will work with President Trump to accomplish whatever is required and simply take it at face value and take it like a man and not go screaming about how this is totally unacceptable. President Trump has had just about all he is going to take from pompous fools who think they are the top banana in this mix. President Trump is the eight-hundred pound gorilla in this arrangement and what he wants is what will come to pass. This concept of a working relationship where Israel works with Jordan to provide governance for the Palestinian Arabs which will actually allow them to have a life and not have everything stolen by those holding power has its plusses and its negatives. The main plus is the fact that it sidelines Mahmoud Abbas and his merry band of terrorists. The other plus is actually for Jordan in that if they can find the means to work with Israel, they will have an improved economy and many potential other benefits with time. The negatives is we are working with a group who still believe that Taqiyya is a central part of their religion and is to be used in every negotiation with those not of Islam. Attempting to get one over on President Trump did not work very will for Mahmoud Abbas and it will not ingratiate the King of Jordan with the American President. The other negatives become apparent down the road when there is a more accommodating President ready to insist Israel came by any settlement through dishonesty and attempt to undo and backtrack the solution which President Trump might actually reach. That will always be the main problem to any deal reached in this near future.


President Trump is determined to reach a deal if for no other reason than he promised he would do exactly that. From what we have witnessed of President Trump is that he really does not care about the niceties, does not care too much about the rules, will do whatever is required to accomplish those items he promised in his campaign and lastly is applying an actual managerial approach to being President. Of course, he has to include the Congress which had Democrats who are doing everything they can to prevent his accomplishing anything and the Republicans often appear to be working with the Democrats though there are some Republicans who were with Trump as he was their party’s President and others have come around slowly as he has surprised them by doing a fairly conservative agenda. Still, President Trump will be looking at a new Congress and we will all just have to wait and see what the reality is then. It will depend on whether the Republicans hold their majorities in both houses, if they gain Trump supporting Republicans and not more like Romney, who will win in Utah making him the replacement for McCain (may he rest in peace). I seem to remember they were referred to as RINO’s, which is a mean thing to say about such a grumpy and irritable animal, at least the animal is consistent, if they see something, they charge it. President Trump is looking as if he will be capable of completing his Middle East Israel-Arab plans and very likely within the next eighteen months or perhaps a year and a half. Fortunately for President Trump, this is something he can use the tools in place and at the command of the President and not have to rely on Congress to pass anything. It is highly unlikely that any peace plan would include the United States in an actual treaty, thus there will be no confirmation necessary. From what we have pieced together and projected with our own guesswork, the end deal will not include the Palestinian Authority and may even address Gaza, though if necessary, that will be left for Israel to take care of possibly with Egyptian assistance of some kind.


Whatever is the final arrangement, there are going to be some lingering problems. No matter how efficient everything is in removing terrorists from the population, there will be some number of terrorists remaining and an underground attempting to turn as many against Israel as they are able. Additionally, there is the possibility that the agreement reached may not include Gaza. This would be really a bad result for the people in Gaza who desire peace. On the other side, when given a chance to vote, over 80% of Gazans voted for Hamas. When the world went crazy during the earliest days of the Gaza rioting, the riots the world referred to as peaceful protests for as long as they were able to deny the violence, when the IDF had killed sixty-two Gazans, even in an interview which was to go out to the world, Hamas admitted that fifty were their operatives and later Islamic Jihad claimed at least three were their people. That comes to over 85% of those shot were actually admitted terrorists while we can probably bet some of, if not all, the remaining people were either human shields or also attempting to breach the border or endangering IDF troops either by launching incendiaries or shooting at them (video below). Even then, the world continued carrying on for weeks until finally the truth made their contention that Israel was being horrible monsters just killing people at random for the sport of it or something, but eventually truth does have a way of surfacing. Perhaps the scenes of flaming kites and balloons and the resulting fires which destroyed huge swaths of croplands, forests and wilderness reserves that brought people to realize the reality. Perhaps it was the image below of the unfortunate falcon they used to fly an oil soaked rag tied to its legs and the resulting dead falcon caught in a tree which led people to realize the monsters Israel was facing. Perhaps it was the fact that the media simply grew tired of writing the same article day after day and people no longer cared to hear about rioting Gazans. Whatever the cause, it was better for Israel that the media ended their repetitive groaning about how terrible Israel was being to the most innocent people who ever lived, which is exactly what their reporting often sounds like.



Dead Falcon Found in Tree with Twine and Incendiary Device Attached

Dead Falcon Found in Tree with Twine and Incendiary Device Attached


Even if this only cures the problems in the Shomron, it will be a huge (Yuge for Trump fans) to have that problem settled. Were Israel granted a green light and cover the next time that Hamas, often at the behest of Iran, decides it is time to make life miserable for the Israelis residing within ten miles of Gaza, then this problem too would become history. Once Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the rest of the criminal and terror infrastructure and personnel have been removed from Gaza, the remaining people could be granted a similar deal with Egypt and Egypt could be given an opportunity to have Israeli companies build plants in the Sinai along with housing units making some QIZ developments sparking some economic opportunities for Egyptians and Gazans alike. This would also provide additional revenue for Egypt through taxes on these areas, though not the companies as that is an additional incentive to risk such ventures. As these actually became fruitful and accepted, then the added infrastructure in the Sinai might serve to reduce if not eliminate the terror and criminal elements. This might happen even faster were Egypt to make arrangements for the IDF to be responsible for protecting these QIZ developments. Any additional security forces could only be an improvement in the Sinai region. The final two problems are not likely to be solved by President Trump, well, at least not in his first term. These are Iran and Hezballah. The first step President Trump could take is to make sure no further arms are provided to the Lebanese military as they are currently just the reserve arm for Hezballah and these terrorists have access to most of the Lebanese military equipment. The remainder of the problem is purely Iran. Keeping Iran cash strapped helps but it will take more than that. Let’s put this as delicately as we care to, regime change would solve the problem. That does not mean to replace the Mullahs with MEK (People’s Mujahedin of Iran) as they are simply a Sunni replacement for the Shia fanatics. Sunni Jihadists would not help the people of Iran, as placing MEK in the government would be placing them under just another theocracy with the same problems. This would really be, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” Let’s hope we won’t get fooled again, honest. Allow the people of Iran to choose their new government and allow them about eighty days to get one in place, after which, whatever forces assisted the regime change are leaving and that will be that. Israel is certainly not capable of nation building except in a nation where the problem was one of a natural disaster and the government is inoperative at the moment but will return as soon as the emergency has passed. One would be right in believing that the American people have pretty much had it with attempting nation building anywhere and might accept eighty days and out, but only if at eighty days the Americans are out. Nobody can blame the Americans as their nation building may have worked in Europe after World War II, but that was Europe and the Far East and Middle East are not Europe, at least not yet. As far as Israel is concerned, Iran is the nuclear threat which is being opposed by some of the best anti-missile systems in the world. Hezballah, on the other hand, is right across the Lebanese and Syria borders and currently has over one-hundred-fifty-thousand rockets and missile all loaded and targeting Israel. These exist from as small as five-inch rockets with half-kilogram warheads to missiles which could strike Cairo or Riyadh, which means all of Israel, and carry one-hundred-kilogram warheads, which makes these technically nuclear capable. Hezballah is known to have chemical agents including Sarin Gas which is a nerve agent with a very high mortality rate as has been proven in Syria. Further, Hezballah soldiers are equipped with modern anti-armor rocket launch systems and numerous sizes of mortars. Hezballah has claimed that they could easily overwhelm the Israeli anti-missile systems by launching tens of thousands of projectiles per hour, a threat which they might not be capable of maintaining longer than two or three days, but one hour under such a barrage would leave Israel with unbearable casualties. Damage can be serious, especially if it is vital infrastructure or any of the Israeli nuclear power plants and our desalinization plants as water is necessary for life. But much of the structural damages Israel could recover from fairly rapidly or at least in a reasonable amount of time. What we would be at a loss for would be the people killed and injured. People are our concern with property a secondary issue. It is this threat by Hezballah which has some Israelis calling for Israel to take out their provisions now while they are engaged in Syria and Yemen and unable to strike at Israel with full force. There are also those who believe we should sweep Gaza clean of terrorist and other illegal interests and people before Iran finds a means of providing them with even larger missiles. Already Hamas is capable of striking Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem metropolitan areas which placed over 90% of the Israeli population within their sights. Hezballah can strike anywhere in Israel so possibly living closest to them is an advantage as the rockets fired in your direction would be of smaller sizes. Perhaps the best bet is to have Hezballah disbanded or cut off by taking care of Iran leaving them without a national sponsor.


When the day comes that the world accepts that the Jews are permitted the same rights to have their own homeland and self-govern, then these other problems can be approached in a normative manner and not with the shadow of the hope these terrorist forces might destroy Israel. That will bring the world closer to the day Jews have prayed for for years, that Israel could be a light unto the nations benefitting all of mankind with inventions, cures to diseases, new drugs and discoveries in virtually every area of life. The other nice thing is once the world truly accepts Jews as having the same rights as other peoples, then the world will be very close to having done away with all varieties of hatreds. This is why the efforts being carried forward by President Trump may prove to be worth far more than the world realizes at this moment. Currently, in Britain it has been reported that at least one-third to three-fifths of the nation’s Jews are ready to move to Israel, Canada or the United States (the majority to Israel) should the Labor Party win the next elections and Jeremy Corbin become Prime Minister. The rising anti-Semitism, which appears often to be worldwide, is another reason that President Trump succeeding in his peace efforts is so vital to world peace. We have stated that we do not believe that the next world war will start with Israel. We still feel this way but it is not because such a chain of events is that improbable, it is actually one of the likely scenarios which we have seen presented, it is that there are so many other flashpoints which are more likely to erupt first. The majority of wars which involve Israel are more often of a local nature and highly unlikely to spread as long as the neighboring nations have more to lose than they are willing to risk. Currently, the only nations not making this list all have one thing in common, Iran. The nations who have little to lose by joining a war with Israel are Syria, Yemen and to some extent Iraq and with the unrest building in Iran, we are afraid they might soon join this club. Replace the Mullahs with an honest democratic republic in Iran, if required the Shah can have one palace back and an honorary title with a sensible stipend, and all of these other problems would rapidly end. Russia would very likely tell Bashir al-Assad that he cannot have the entirety of old Syria back and then allow the Kurds to have their own country and the Druze to have their own country and from there we would have to see what would be what. Turkey is another problem which is currently attempting to commit genocide against the Kurds starting in northern Syria and they might just continue on into northern Iraq at which point there would be the face-off between the Mullahs and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, or as the two sets of leadership see it, Persia against the Ottoman Empire. That is one pairing which the world has yet to see and one which it could do well to avoid. I guess what this last part shows is that Israel could be a solution a whole lot more than she is a problem. If only whatever resulting solution will come of President Trump and his efforts would hurry up and arrive, it could make the entire Middle East at least appear less frantic and dangerous. Note, we said appear, we did not say anything about reality.


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September 3, 2018

A Dagger Through the Heart


Imagine bringing the Arab-Israeli Conflict to the point where peace is not only possible, but if avoided, then the standing International Laws would be enforced and peace reached through this means. This would take the Arabs from the Shomron (West Bank) and they would be reunited with the nation of their familiar nationality. Each family would be given the choice of returning to the nation from whence their family immigrated into the region or being returned into Jordan as this is the last nationality their families were known to have held. This result would be even more harsh than those we have supported and stated here. The entire field has been reset this past week thanks to the efforts of President Trump. Yes, President Trump. The initial step was completely ending all United States financial aid to UNWRA, the anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic United Nations organization which is based on bringing an end to the Jewish State. Their educational materials and lessons have been revealed and laid bare depicting their hate filled curriculum and the fact that in Gaza the majority of their employees are assigned from within Hamas and hold positions as teachers and the majority of administrative positions in control of exactly what is taught. With the United States withdrawing their financing from UNWRA, an amount equal to one-third of the UNWRA budget, now it will be up to the European Union and the Arab League nations to either finance the required funds which may happen for a year or two after which UNWRA will slowly wither on the vine. But this is but the initial blow which is bringing an end to the Arab dreams of destroying Israel by flooding Israel with Arab refugees.


UNWRA Headquarters the Building Rarely Shown

UNWRA Headquarters the Building Rarely Shown


President Trump just had the State Department research how many actual people who were refugees from the 1948-9 initial war to destroy Israel where six Arab armies and other forces from around the Arab world attacked Israel and as a result gained a foothold in Gaza and the Shomron (West Bank) taking land from what was originally set aside for the nation of Israel by the British Mandate (see map below). The State Department returned with their result and they found mere tens of thousands, probably around twenty-thousand. In response to this finding and the problems entrenched within UNWRA, President Trump has taken the refugees and their so-called Right of Return off the table claiming it void and only the actual refugees to need a solution. These offspring who would not be considered to be refugees under any other refugee program in the history of the earth and especially modern day earth will no longer be considered refugees when discussing Israel and the Arab world. Basically, President Trump has decided something almost unprecedented in modern history, the last time such consideration was shown the Jewish People was by Cyrus the Great in approximately 550BCE allowing the Jews to return to the Holy Land and build the Second Temple, and he is treating Israel as an equal amongst the nations. President Trump has decided that Israel, the Jewish State, should not be treated as if they were the red-headed stepchild and be treated as any other nation on earth would be treated. There are not going to be special set of impositions placed upon Israel and instead Israel will be considered and treated as an equal amongst nations.


British Mandate with its division between an Arab State of Jordan and Palestine denoted to be the Jewish State later named Israel

British Mandate with its division between an Arab State of Jordan and
Palestine denoted to be the Jewish State later named Israel


When Egypt and Syria initiated their war against Israel in late May and June of 1967 resulting in what has been named the Six Day War, Israel liberated both Gaza and the Shomron. Israel also took command of the Golan Heights and the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula. The United Nations, in a ruling which was quite a deportation from International Law about the rights of a nation which gains lands due to a defensive war, insisted that Israel was to surrender land, just land, not the land, not all land, just a nondescript land and was to retain regions necessary to provide safe and secure borders. Well, Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula, that definitely fits any description one might define as land. Israel annexed the Golan Heights as they make a defensible border. It was original believed for some time that Israel would retain the Shomron making the Jordan River once again the eastern border at the Jordan River, which includes the Jordan River Valley, a very defensible border (see image below). The Arabs have concentrated on making sure that the Arab world retains areas west of the Jordan River to allow for them to have a foothold beyond the natural defensive border which the Jordan River and its accompanying valley would provide Israel. This is being rapidly taken away by President Trump and he has made it purely evident to the Arab world that he is serious about forging a peace and either they can choose to take part in what is decided or simply accept whatever just comes about.


Cutaway View of Tactical Advantage and Necessity of the Jordan Valley and Judean Hills for Defending Coastal Plains and Israel Alongside the Mediterranean Sea

Cutaway View of Tactical Advantage and Necessity
of the Jordan Valley and Judean Hills for Defending
Coastal Plains and Israel Alongside the Mediterranean Sea


The Palestinian Autocratic Leadership is all upset that their money train might soon be derailed and their floating on cushions of cash be withdrawn. This has them making really revealing statements. For example, PLO executive committee member Ahmed Tamimi (yes, related to the darling of the anti-Israel groups who recently was released from Israeli incarceration) exclaimed, “Jerusalem is at the heart of the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic peoples.” Here is the problem with this statement found within Article 1 of the Palestinian National Charter which declares, “Palestine is the homeland of the Arab Palestinian people; it is an indivisible part of the Arab homeland, and the Palestinian people are an integral part of the Arab nation…” Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Quran and has seldom been the third holiest city in all of Islam. Everyone knows that Mecca is the first holiest city with Medina holding the second slot. What has been interesting has been the history of the third holiest city. Over history, it has been Damascus, Baghdad, Persepolis, Constantinople, Madrid and whatever city was the highest priority for the Arab and Islamic empire desired to take next. Currently that is Jerusalem but even in recent times that title also was assigned to Paris, London, Rome, New York, Los Angeles and various others. PLO Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi declared, “The rights of the Palestinian people are not for sale. There is no glory in constantly bullying and punishing a people under occupation. The U.S. administration has already demonstrated meanness of spirit in its collusion with the Israeli occupation and its theft of land and resources; now it is exercising economic meanness by punishing the Palestinian victims of this occupation.” Well, she used one word incorrectly, and that word was occupation. The Palestinian Arabs are not ‘under occupation’ but are ‘occupying’ the presumably contested region. All one need do is review the treaties, conventions and other agreements reached after World War I and signed in most instances by the leader of the Arab World King Faisal. These documents will all denote to the Mandate System and for the area in question, it will denote the British Mandate. Researching the British Mandate and the border for the Jewish State, Israel, was definitively defined as the Jordan River. Everyone involved knows the facts and the International Law which is why the Arabs never took their claims before the World Courts simply because they have no case and would quickly lose.


With UNWRA being defunded by the United States Trump Administration and the Palestinian Authority (PA) having their funding from the United States seriously cut largely due to their insistence on financially subsidizing terrorism and the murder of Israelis and their refusal to negotiate with anyone unless they have all their demands met as a precondition, the only thing left to discuss is whether or not Israel is to survive. President Trump has met the Palestinian Arab terrorist leadership’s bidding to eliminate the Jewish State and raised them an end to their ever having a state. This has unsettled them greatly and has them protesting that only they can dictate any answers, but President Trump is simply not hearing any of this. President Trump has simply but silently informed the leadership of Fatah, PA, PLO and Hamas and all incorporated in the Palestinian Arab refugee gaming of the system that these refugees are to be assimilated into the nation where they are currently located, especially those within the PA and Hamas regions as the only difference between the refugees inside the camps and outside the camps is the fences placed to force the refugees to remain outside the rest of the population so that they may be used as a political weapon. That weapon has been disarmed.


What is the Israeli part in this entire situation? Thusfar, the Israelis have remained quiet and low-keyed and not doing what many expected and expanding into the Shomron like nobody’s business. Instead, Israel has kept any building limited to the regions where Israeli developments already exist and have not started any major new developments. Politically, Israel has not been pressing anything and simply watching as President Trump redefines the rules of the game which had been being played since the formation of the Jewish State. Israel did provide President Trump with all the data and legal backing including solid evidence of the perfidy of Iran and their nuclear program. This came in the form of a Mossad raid in Tehran through which a half-ton of secret materials were stolen from the secured warehouse where the entirety of the history and evidence of every piece of research and paper trail along with CD’s and computer information revealing the whole of the Iranian nuclear program including proof that more than two decades ago, Iran had assembled the materials it needed to produce a nuclear bomb and all of this was performed within a mere six hours and twenty-nine minutes in the single night of January 31, 2018. Digest this for a moment, Israeli agents broke into a warehouse in the heart of Tehran and cut their way into some extremely secure and strong safes without destroying the contents and brought the entirety back to Israel as requested at some level. This information, every piece, was shared with the United States CIA, Military heads, State Department and President Trump and selected Administration representatives which aided President Trump in making his decision to void the American commitments and obligations under the President Obama’s Iranian Nuclear Deal, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). This only required President Trump to declare he was not going to honor the JCPOA as it was not an actual treaty but simply a Presidential Agreement and thus could be annulled by the sitting President at his will without any need for Congress to act.


Thus, the main Israeli part of these actions has been to be nice and quiet and provide President Trump with information which the State Department may not be so forthcoming as the Deep State is basically not President Trump’s greatest allies if not more antagonistic. President Trump said he was going to be the person who could bring about the seemingly unattainable Arab-Israeli peace in the Middle East. With Syria in dissolution and Bashir al-Assad only holding on because of Russian and the Iranians even more so keeping him in power and likely to eventually reestablish a very depopulated nations which may lose its northern territory to Turkey and the Druze might decide to declare their own state in the south (we hope, we hope) and with any luck, Iraq will lose the north along with a small region of northeastern Syria for a new nation of Kurdistan (should the Kurds awaken to the fact that they were conned by the State Department) and Iran is actually overextended with Syria, Iraq and Yemen all requiring their assistance and having the threat of a general uprising at home, Jordan with a King whose hold is tenuous, and Egypt about as steadily lead as the military support exists, the Arab world around Israel is as shaky as unsupported jello on a warm hotplate. Israel is the stable nation in the center of a whirlpool and President Trump can make a deal with Jordan through which he guarantees that King Abdullah II retains his kingdom in a secure region. The Palestinians will also get their nation except instead of it being in Israel, it will be in the western region of Jordan where they rule themselves. The leadership of the PA and PLO will be sent packing into retirement with all their Swiss bank accounts. Israel and King Abdullah II will both be interested in preventing any terrorist influences to grow out of the Palestinian area and thus will work together to tend the Palestinian leadership. Initially, their first election will be monitored by international watchers who will mainly be formed by people which President Trump approves, thus not any of Hamas, PLO, PA, Islamic Jihad etc… This last part is a hope from us and not necessarily what President Trump has in mind. Further, there is another problem where President Trump has claimed that the sides of the negotiations must agree to any solution which may require some arm-twisting. The one thing we can believe that arm-twisting is something that President Trump already knows exactly what will make a great arm-twister. The truth is out there and with time, it will become more evident and we will keep attempting to reason this out.


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June 28, 2018

Gazans and Iranians, Two Entirely Different Reasons

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If even reported on, the mainstream media will do what they are able to cast the Iranian protester as a small and radical fragment of the society attempting to destroy the natural order while on the same page casting the Hamas rioters will be shown as peaceful human rights demonstrators just attempting to rectify wrongs. One can only wonder how the media can expect anybody to believe a word they say when they are so consistently on the wrong side of every issue. We have spoken about the Gazan situation lately and these articles can be found on our main page and going back over the past six weeks, so we will simply update a few aspects of what has happened over the last week and then talk more in depth on the Iranian situation.


The rioters in Gaza along the border, acting on the promptings from Hamas and Islamic Jihad, have been making a decent living earning from three hundred to five hundred dollars a day for launching incendiary kites and balloons into Israel burning forests, croplands and wilderness preserves which formerly were safe spaces for some endangered species. Reports tell us that three of the fires were in the Beeri forest, while the two others were in the Kissufim forest. Extensive damage was reportedly caused to the forest regions. On Sunday, an incendiary balloon was found in a populated area of the city of Sderot where Police bomb disposal experts neutralize the threat. Firefighters have been working non-stop in shifts over the past five weeks just to try and contain these fires, some of which have taken on firestorm proportions (see image below). The damages to crops alone has breached ten to twenty million dollars and the forests may take twenty years or far longer in some of the regions to recover and the wildlife has been permanently harmed.


Firefighters extinguish fire in wheat field caused by Gaza incendiary kites (c/o Arutz Sheva)

Firefighters extinguish fire in wheat field caused by Gaza incendiary kites (c/o Arutz Sheva)


In the more recent days Hamas and Islamic Jihad have resumed their rocket launching firing at least nine rockets towards the regional councils Hof Ashkelon, Sha’ar Hanegev and Eshkol in southern Israel. Fortunately, the Iron Dome systems intercepted one of the rockets headed for a populated area. Where there were no injuries and damage from the rockets was minimal, there are still costs both human and financial to these attacks. The obvious cost is that each Iron Dome interceptor costs over fifty-thousand dollars while the rockets they intercept cost a maximum of possibly twenty dollars. This is the difference between the two societies, one places the cost of destroying life at twenty dollars a shot with no guarantees while the other protects lives at whatever cost it takes. The further costs are the peoples’ lives which are interrupted by the alert sirens where they then hurry to find appropriate shelter either in a bomb room or in an underground shelter. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are willing to destroy the land if it will kill the Jews. They do not want Israel for their gain and to live as a productive society, and they are determined to make Israel unproductive for the society who is attempting to make these deserts bloom. This is a basic difference between the Middle Eastern tribal mentality and the mentality of the Western World.


Where in the Western World all emphasis is on productive ventures and taking care of those closest to you and attempting not to harm those around you, in the Middle East you do everything in your power to destroy the livelihoods and lands of those who are different from you. This is evident in Syria where there are three or more groups fighting against Bashir al-Assad while they also fight against one another. Libya is a similar example where the twelve or twenty or however many tribes spend most of their efforts on destroying everything the next tribe owns and not on forming a cohesive society with single national governance and where everyone works for mutual betterment. There is the Shia-Sunni-Kurd wars in Iraq where the government has destroyed most of the lands of the Sunni and are now doing similarly to the Kurds. In Syria troops from Turkey are sweeping across the north killing Kurds because they are not Turks. In Yemen there is violence with the Houthis attempting to cleanse the nation of every other tribe. This is also what Iran is supporting across the Middle East assisting every Shia tribe in cleansing the lands of those who are not Shia or are not Arab or Iranian. The one exception is Hamas who Iran supports simply because they hate the Jews more than they hate the Sunni terrorists of Hamas. Should Israel pick up tomorrow and go settle in space, then Iran would turn on Hamas and assist Islamic Jihad (Shia) destroy Hamas (Sunni). There you have the entire Middle East in a simple package, destroy everything which is not of your branch of Islam, tribe, family until there can be only one.


In Iran, the people have poured into the streets with a simple, almost Western, demand for the government to leave Syria, Yemen and elsewhere alone and start to pay attention to them. They have suffered spiraling inflation and youth unemployment in double digits with no relief in sight. These protests closed down two of the main markets within the capital of Tehran (see video below). This round of protests has thus far been nonviolent and the government has yet to make any moves to restrict or end these demonstrations. These are peaceful protests even if somewhat disorganized and boisterous and rambunctious with chants catching on getting rousing responses. Their anger is palpable and these are not just youth from the colleges but also taxi drivers, merchants, shop owners, teachers and people from almost all walks of life in Iran. These have been reported as some of the most serious protests in Iran since the 2009 crackdown where the government, in an attempt to decapitate their resistance as they saw it, arrested, tried and executed thousands of the protesters. Despite that the people are rising and demanding that their needs be addressed first and foremost by their government while others included in the protests, some reports claim this view is a majority view, want the government to step down and a true democratic government to replace the Mullahs.



Where will these protest lead is the big question. Will the people have sufficient power to bring down the Mullocracy and their tyrannical theocratic and oppressive regime? This will not come to fruition through peaceful protests as was proven in 2009 when the government simply broke up the protests by using teargas, water cannons and eventually live bullets killing people wantonly and randomly. If you were in the front approaching the troops, you were a target. What was worse was the unleashing of the Basij Militias onto the university campuses where they sought out people from the protest movement and beat them sometimes to death using bats, iron rods and other usually blunt weapons though at times they came wielding swords. These current protests, from what we have viewed, have a wide assortment of people out marching in the streets from the always-present youth to men and women in dress clothes such as button down shirts and other clothing which would be worn by white collar workers. When the working classes representing different stratum of employment are out and the shops along the protest routs are closed in support plus additionally the protests are not restricted to a single area but are filling the smaller streets of the bazaars and even inside a shopping mall shows that these protests are wide ranging. This can be found in the extended video below. We wish that the protests alone are capable of bringing change though we seriously doubt the reigning theocrats will budge or give up their control and comfortable, if not lavish, lifestyles. For some reason we do not buy their pious we live a Spartan existence completely lacking in overtly great comfort and we eat as the little people eat, you know, pheasant under glass, caviar, roasted lamb with mint jelly and other simply meals.



Unfortunately, dictatorial governance does not topple easily. The Mullahs are little different than the man they back in Syria, Bashir al-Assad, and in being his ilk, the Mullahs will not step aside even if they have to line the streets with corpses. They have their Basij Militias, their Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) who are sworn to perform the bidding of the Supreme Leader, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei. When the decision is reached that the people have had their say, they have expressed their protests, and now it is time to restore the rightful order of things, these forces will confront the protesters and demand that they cease and desist immediately. This will last at the most three or four days before they start to break up the protests. About a week of teargas, water cannons, rubber bullets and nightsticks will force many of the protesters to give it up and return to their normal activities. This is also how the Mullahs’ government weeds out regular people such that they can explain to themselves that the remaining protesters are radicals attempting to overthrow the government and thus traitors. This is when they take off the silk gloves and replace it with their iron fist. Now they can perform mass arrests and soon simply start shooting the protester in the streets. The reason for the mass arrests is so they can take down the confessions of how these protesters were paid for by President Trump and by Israel or Saudi Arabia. They tape these confessions, after cleaning up the traitor such that they appear to not have been tortured, and play these confessions on Iranian State run television as proof of foreign provocateurs and agents being behind the protests using these as a warning to the people. This is the result in nations where the ruling elite have all the firearms and the people have next to nothing with which to fight back.


Is it possible that this will be the eventuality where the people find the will to storm the ramparts and bring everything down. That will actually depend on how the Mullahs decide to treat these protests. If their actions to shut everything down come before the majority of the protesting people who are less engaged in regime change have spent their energy and have begun to believe that perhaps this is not the time, then they could enrage the public. This might be the time where any overtly violent attempts to shut down the protests will rile the people into an actual revolt. Even troops armed with full automatic submachine guns and steeled determination backed by a high discipline and full belief they are doing the right thing can be rushed by a crowd of a few thousand, and these protests appear to have the thousands and a few spare thousands, such a cadre of enforcers would be overrun and probably before they used up all their ammunition. Now those who overran the enforcers have weapons and ammunition and the revolution is on. The story of the Jews revolt in the Warsaw Ghetto shows how you start with a single, old, barely functional revolver and hold off an entire Panzer division for almost six weeks and can be an instruction manual for how to start a revolution. The Iranian people have a proud heritage as Persians and many feel that Supreme Leader, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei is a usurper and is not a fellow Persian. They also resent the Mullahs thinking similarly that they too are not truly Persian. This could add to their frustration the feeling that these outsiders are using their nation for their designs which do not serve their Persian ancestry and are destroying their Persia. The one item we can guarantee is that the current governance of Iran is playing with a potentially explosive situation and even if it does not explode this time, there will come that point in time when the protests grow beyond anybody’s control and the theocratic governance will be overthrown and the replacement will very likely be some form of representative governance which will resemble a republic, parliamentary democracy or something closely resembling a Western nation. The Iran that emerges will be closer to a Western governance than a Middle East governance and this will bring great wealth to the Iranian people and perhaps they will set an example for an Islamic governance which values similar principles as the developed Western World. Hope springs eternal.


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