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December 30, 2018

Strange Games in Israel Played


Some Israelis who live near the Gaza, Lebanon, Egyptian or other borders play an odd game while going to bed and fall asleep. This game is more prevalent for those residing on the ground floor. They listen intently to the sounds working their way through their pillows and into their ears to be discerned by their brains. Is that sound reverberations from the heater or air-conditioning, the vibrations of the computer fan whirring at its higher speed, the vibrations of trucks hitting speed bumps or terrorists digging an infiltration tunnel under their bedroom. This summer the IDF also played the game of whack a tunnel. They used secret technologies and located dozens of Hamas tunnels which were exploded which destroyed millions if not billions of Euros in cash and provisions to construct. The same Euros which were intended for reconstruction of the ravages of previous wars, repair roads, water works, electrical generation and distribution and aid their economy which has suffered greatly from the dedication of their rulers, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, to terrorism and the destruction of Israel. That was the summer and now it is fall. This fall and probably into the winter, the IDF is playing that same game on the Lebanon border. Thusfar the IDF has located four or five such tunnels dug from Lebanon under the border into northern Israel which have since been demolished. We can only guess which border the IDF may find more tunnels invading into Israel from her neighbors. The border with Gaza is being updated with a version of fence which reached into the ground many meters standing as a barrier in the opposite direction from the fence the Gazan rioters are constantly threatening to destroy in order to swarm into Israel on a murdering spree where they are wildlings killing whomever they meet. Then there are the problems which no defensive wall, fence or obstacle can prevent, mortars, rockets and missiles. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have likely thousands which can reach well into Israel and Hezballah has over 150,000 rockets and missiles many of which can reach anywhere in Israel. All of these terrorist forces are allied and under the direction of Iran. Iran, that is the real threat to any possibility for peace in the Middle East and perhaps well beyond.


These games are not really games; they are very serious business and very real threats. The world conveniently ignores these threats while they continue trading with Iran providing the Mullahs with a steady flow of funds. The aid they send to the Palestinian Arabs pays for those tunnels out of Gaza. Their money infused to the Palestinian Authority allows Mahmoud Abbas to have his ‘pay to slay’ program driving increasing stabbings, vehicular homicides and other forms of terrorism targeting Israelis. To all too many of the Europeans, the terrorism in Israel is deserved because the Jews actions beg for the Arabs to desire to murder them. But the terrorist acts in Europe are the fault of the Israelis because the Jews make the Arabs want to murder Europeans. At the United Nations, all the terrorism in the world can be traced back to what Israel has done and the wars, as the old trope states, are the fault of the Jews and thus caused by Israel. The growth of anti-Israelism, well, not growth but continued exploding anti-Israelism as well as anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism worldwide, are just another symptom of the spreading of an illness in the world. There is an old belief which is best stated as, ‘Hate which starts with the Jews, seldom ends with the Jews.’ The reality is that it is not really about the Jews, it is about hate. That is why hate of the Jews seldom ends with the Jews because there are and never will be enough Jews to contain the growing hate. Hate, once set free to seek targets often starts with the most vulnerable group, always a minority of which the Jews are one of the smallest, and as it becomes more accepted in the public sphere, then something begins to be evident as the hate spreads and grows, that initial minority is incapable of being the only target for the hatreds. This then spreads the hate further and includes the next minority to target. Highlander was a story which tells one what the result of these various hates lead to as people give their hate reasons because hate without reason is an abomination, this means, since those doing the hating, that their hate must be based on reality, on a logical means of reasoning, thus those they hate are impure, imperfect, diseased or whatever makes their hate meaningful. Once people start to weed out those who are beneath their expectation, then as time flows, the bar is raised and eventually it will be raised to a point that some who were once amongst those doing the hate to those who are now derided and the target of the hate and in the end, there can be only one.


In the End there Can Be Only One

In the End there Can Be Only One


Israel has found part of the answer for the missiles and rockets and other projectiles in the Iron Dome systems. The problem is that Israel would require so many of these Iron Dome systems that it would become cost prohibitive. Even further on this scale is the fact that each interceptor costs around fifty-thousand dollars while the rockets they prevent cost approximately fifty to one-hundred dollars. One does not need to be a genius at mathematics to see where the problem will arise. This is almost a universal problem when it comes to defensive systems compared to even the most simple offensive weaponry, the cost of throwing objects at an enemy are always far less expensive than the systems which defend against these projectiles. Israel is almost always on the defensive, and there is a real and ugly reason, the rest of the world. Israel could use offensive weapons which are equally inexpensive to persuade Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza and Hezballah in Lebanon from launching at Israel. Israel could simply fire three or four or more rockets back at those who are firing at Israel with similar disregard for where or how close they land. This would even allow Israel not to do trajectory tracking for their response, just simply you launch three, we launch a dozen. But the world would immediately start screaming that this was collective punishment because Israel was not only targeting the terrorists but merely launching without any concern for who was struck. You see, the world is incensed should Israel kill a single Arab by mistake while targeting terrorist forces. This perpetuates the terrorists using human shields as then they can show pictures of dead innocents which the world can become enraged over. This is partly why Israel spends so much in order to prevent any dead innocents, or as few as possible. There is another reason; Israel actually cares more about Arab lives than their own governments care. Thus, Israel invests trackback targeting, Iron Dome, David’s Sling, the Trophy System and other defensive systems for protecting civilians as well as IDF soldiers. Israeli defensive systems are used by numerous nations around the world. Inventing these defensive systems consumes quite a number of brilliant engineers, considerable brain-power which could be better utilized for inventing items to help all society and not simply to protect against violence.


What is interesting is that Israel has been developing new technologies which can be utilized to protect people from terrorism and other threats. Soon people will be looking at many new inventions out of Israel. Some they will be looking at these systems as the system looks back at them. One might even look at people and be able to tell who is a terrorist and who is not. We could continue to list these new developments one at a time, but for convenience, here are ten surveillance systems developed or in development by Israel. These are but the tip of the iceberg of discoveries which branch across numerous different fields and sciences. As these systems are developed and their potential is fully applied to all fields and purposes, there will be both positive and negative usages. Those which protect the innocent from criminals, terrorists and other vicious intents are going to be great. Those used to monitor the people looking for those specific things which show those who are discontent with the way their lives are going and thus most in need of counselling or potentially being sent to reeducation camps. These technologies, like all technology, can be used for the betterment of mankind or the subjugation of mankind. They can be utilized to benefit the people and empower them or used to categorize people and empower government at the expense of the people. We can predict that much of the technology coming from Israel will be beneficial by making air travel and other forms of travel safer, make places where robberies are common more easily identifying potential robbers allowing for security to be activated, facial identification used to hunt for criminal elements making them more readily detected in a public crowded area, and other algorithms which will be capable of making different determinations from video data. Some of these same systems will also eventually be used in medicine just as medical X-ray went from medical use to security use at airports except some of these will go from security usage to medical usage. In the meantime, Israel will continue in making inventions which will make collateral casualties and damage less likely and rendered minimal by making weapons more accurate and targeting far more accurate. These advances will benefit all of mankind in the future and make life better for everyone.


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July 10, 2018

Preview of Middle East Coming Attractions


We open our fictional projection somewhere in the not too distant future with the Mullahs in Iran officially announcing their entrance into the nuclear age and as a full-fledged member of atomic weapons club. They went further with actions to showcase their accomplishments with two detonations. The first detonation was a test in a deep bunkered test facility which they had dug in the southwestern desert region which measures approximately twenty-five kilo-tons. Reactions referred to this blast as being a Hiroshima type atomic weapon and minimized the threat. This reaction was corrected early the next morning when an above ground test was conducted where the Iranians has launched a missile from eastern Iran towards northern Syria near the border with Turkey. This missile struck its target, a Kurdish strongpoint where they were dug in against the Turkish forces. This weapon was a thermonuclear device and was approximated to have been in the twenty to twenty-five megaton yield and was sufficient to complete obliterate the small Kurdish stronghold and the entirety of the city. This has drawn responses from the European signatories to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA) filled with ire blaming President Trump for the failure of the agreement solely because he pulled the United States support for the deal. The French, German, British, European Union and United Nations all condemned these events laying all the blame at the front door of the White House in Washington D.C.


The new American President, sworn in just hours before these tests were carried out, stood steadfast that the United States was not in approval of the Iranian use of a nuclear device against the Kurdish population and the resultant killing of tens of thousands of civilians. The Iranian Supreme Leader blamed their need to use the weapon on the United States arming the Kurdish forces leading to the stand-off in northern Syria. Also, in reaction to these events, Israel has mobilized half of the IDF reservists and placed the military on an emergency stand-by mode where all reserves are required to carry a phone or be near to a phone with which they could receive any call-ups which may be deemed necessary. The Israeli Knesset called an emergency meeting for this afternoon and the Prime Minister’s emergency cabinet is meeting this morning. The newly crowned King of Saudi Arabia announced his nation’s intention to process uranium and build nuclear weapons as a response to the Iranian threat. Pakistan announced that they had already honored their commitment to Saudi Arabia which they made when the Saudis financed the Pakistani nuclear research and production of their atomic weapons they felt the need to produce in response to India going nuclear. Informed sources tell that Pakistan released six planes which have already landed in three separate Saudi Air Bases each craft carrying two compatible warheads which will fit atop the existing Saudi missiles. Each of the Pakistani devices can be programmed to produce yields from ten to twenty-five megatons. These weapons are being considered a gift from Pakistan and they claim they are now paid in full to the Saudis.


The above is a fabrication of what the Middle East could soon have as its appearance. The major situation at that point would be an Iranian-Saudi exchange with Iran figuring their losses would be minimal compared to waiting and having the Saudi produce hundreds of weapons. Nobody would know exactly how many warheads the Iranians would have produced because of the fact that Iran has uranium mines with which to provide their own raw materials for nuclear warhead production (see map below). Iran also has the reactors from which they can produce additional types of weapons fuels. The problem is it is also such a scenario which could become reality next year, next month, next week, later today. This is the reality with which we live with the exception of the Iranians testing their weapon themselves. The Iranian scientists and engineers have been on-board at every nuclear test conducted by North Korea and some have surmised that at least two of these tests were of Iranian design being tested by North Korea as part of their cooperation in nuclear weapons and missile systems. Anyone believing that anything stands between the Iranians building a thermonuclear warhead should immediately disabuse themselves of such thinking. Iran not only had the plans but has probably found the means of either smuggling in the required electronic devices or building them in Iran. The world leaders should not be talking about how to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons and start thinking of how they might contain an already nuclear armed Iran, as that is a far more likely current reality than the lollipop hallucinatory views taken by the Europeans Union, European nations and United Nations. It is far more likely that Iran has fifty to one-hundred thermonuclear devices than it is they do not even have their design for a weapon already completed.


Iranian Nuclear Sites and Uranium Mines

Iranian Nuclear Sites and Uranium Mines


The world will go on thinking what they want to believe is true and dictatorial regimes with delusions of reestablishing their empires of old and dominating the world scene once again will continue to arm themselves to their teeth and when the real shooting starts, once again Europe will be caught unprepared. The problem is that this time unprepared will equal dead and conquered with many major cities having been turned into smoldering nuclear wastelands uninhabitable for the next twenty to ten-thousand years. The other reality is that the next major war will yield results by the end of two days and the war will be largely over after two days. Whatever nation starts the next conflagration will not survive the first day and will receive a doubling down the second day just for good measure. The countries initially targeted will be in one of two states. Those without adequate anti-missile technology will be the greatest losers with however many missiles sent targeting them will very likely strike their targets. The United States nuclear umbrella is largely a promise to provide a return strike on the culpable nation and not an anti-missile shield. The United States is not adequately protected from the track of Iranian missiles and would have to rely on strategically placed naval assets. Congress has not seen it necessary even to discuss closing the southern gap in the old Soviet Union and Chinese defensive grid which NORAD commands. Those anti-missile defenses are barely functional to intercept many of today’s Russian and Chinese fourth generation missiles and warheads. Add to this the southern gap which reaches in an arc from just north of Los Angeles across the entire southern United States and up the other coast to the central region of the Carolina’s (see map below). These systems protect Canada quite adequately but rely on less proven systems for detection of incoming missiles to cover the southern exposures. This was why both North Korea and Iran have practiced launching polar orbiting spacecraft which approach the United States from the south on numerous passes each day. The Chinese and Russians realized this weakness and had determined the launch angles. It is uncertain which power gave this information to North Korea or Iran.


Existing NORAD and Coastal RADAR Shows Southern Open Region Reliant on Over-the-Horizon Systems which Detect Aircraft and Cruise Missiles Better than ICBMs

Existing NORAD and Coastal RADAR Shows Southern Open Region
Reliant on Over-the-Horizon Systems which
Detect Aircraft and Cruise Missiles Better than ICBMs


There is one nation which is fairly well prepared if for no other reason than the absolute need and a constant state of threat facing her daily. That nation, of course, is Israel. Israel has developed a multi-stage intercept system where four separate systems each perform in their set range parameters providing maximal coverage. Also, Israel is not a United States, being merely the size of New Jersey, thus Israel can cover all her borders equally as every system can intercept missiles from all directions. Intercept systems placed in the northern Negev cover every border just as well as a system placed just east of Ben Gurion International Airport. The only system requiring strategic placement is the Iron Dome which is not designed for interception of ballistic missiles but for shorter range rockets and missiles and having a very short acquisition time. Still, even the vaunted Iron Dome which has proven its effectiveness with close to a 90% intercept rate when including not firing at systems determined not to be striking vital civilian areas and most likely to strike an open field. Not firing when unnecessary is an important feature as each missile interceptor costs approximately fifty-thousand dollars and are used against fifty dollar rockets. Of course, if it is your house and children who are saved by the Iron Dome, then we all agree that it is well worth the costs. But Israel has a layered series of longer ranged interceptors which include but are not limited to Arrow Systems I, II, and III as well as David’s Sling. Other systems are in the works and remain classified, as do some of the newest deployed systems still being tested. These make sleeping at night much easier. Still, the best deterrence against Iran using nuclear weapons as a threat or in actuality would be regime change and the installing of democratic based governance, the exact system the multitude of demonstrators are hoping they will be granted the opportunity to put in place and work from there. This is something which we might speak of when its coming to fruition is more likely as currently, with the Mullahs possessing all the firearms and the military still supporting them, the demonstrators have little chance for success. At best, they could end up facing a fate similar to that in which Syria is suffering with the Mullahs on one side, MEK (Mujahedeen Khalq) on the other, and the people with hopes separate from both caught in the middle. That would not be helpful or desirable. There would be little difference between the current regime in Iran and any system put in place by the MEK terrorists, as both are simply different forms of radical Islam. The Iranian people desire an opportunity to choose their leaders and have a constitution with a nation operating under laws, not men, and all deserve a system such as this and all too few are permitted to keep such.


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