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July 31, 2012

What is the Capital of Israel?

There appears to be some a misconception about which city is the actual Capital City of Israel. The question is most often between Jerusalem, where the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament is located along with the Prime Minister and the Presidential residences, and Tel Aviv, where the overwhelming numbers of foreign governments have placed their embassies. What is interesting is to look throughout history and determine what cities have served as the Capital City or the center of power in Israeli history from ancient times and in the present. Hevron, now spelled Hebron on most maps and articles referencing it, was King David’s first capital city of Judah which he transferred to Jerusalem once the twelve tribes had been united under one banner as a single national entity. Hevron was also the lands where Abraham settled when called by the L0rd to leave the house of his family and travel to the land G0d promised to give to him and his descendants. Furthermore, according to the Bible, Hebron is the burial place of Abraham and Sarah. Genesis 23:17-21 tells the story of Abraham’s purchase of a cave, the Cave of Machpelah, for a tomb in which he and his descendants could be buried.

Going back to immediately after the initial conquest for the Promised Land had been accomplished under Joshua, the Israelites (Hebrews) established the resting place for the Tabernacle in Shiloh making it the place where sacrifices were brought and established the city as the seat of power. In Joshua 18:1 it is explained that now the whole congregation of the children of Israel assembled together at Shiloh, and set up the Tabernacle of meeting there. And the land was subdued before them. So Shiloh was the very first city which could have been defined as the Capital City after the Exodus from Egypt during the time of the early Prophets and before the times of Kings. Putting the ancient centers of power starting with Abraham we have Hevron before the four hundred years of travails and bondage in Egypt followed by Shiloh as the initial seat of power with the establishing of the Tabernacle within the city followed by Hevron again as the seat of power under King David and finally Jerusalem became the final and everlasting Capital City of Israel. In modern times the Capital city of Israel has been Jerusalem with Tel Aviv temporarily serving as the seat of government as relating to embassies and other worldly affairs as from the founding of Israel until June of 1967 Jerusalem was a divided city with the eastern parts, which included the Temple Mount and the entire Old City, occupied without recognition by the world at large with two exceptions, Great Briton and Pakistan, by Jordan. The Jordanians had invoked by force the complete and total cleansing of every single Jew from the areas of what was intended to be land for the Jewish State of Israel but occupied by Jordan after the 1948-49 Arab Israeli Wars, the first also known as the Israeli War for Independence.

Resultant of the Six Day War in 1967, Israel liberated lands occupied by Jordan, which had been held under the British Mandate in trust to be utilized for the Jewish State of Israel consisting of everything between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Immediately after these hostilities ceased Israel had reclaimed all of Jerusalem and had incorporated the entirety as officially part of the State of Israel and dedicated the whole of Jerusalem as their Capital City. With the levels of violence being much higher in Jerusalem than were the risks of similar attacks in Tel Aviv being significantly lower, virtually every government retained their embassies in Tel Aviv and chose not to move them into Jerusalem, not even to the more modern areas of western Jerusalem. This act of convenience directly led to the Palestinians claiming that Jerusalem was their Capital City to which the Jews had no proven history or claim making Jerusalem the Israeli Capital. This is a fabrication, just like the fabrications from the Palestinian Authority and the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) about there existing a rich history of Palestinian Arabs residing in these areas going back as much as nine thousand years, denial of there ever having been a First Temple, let alone a Second Temple which they also deny existed, and numerous other claims utilized to discredit dismiss, and vacate any Jewish claims of attachment to any lands in the entire Middle East.

An analogy can be made which would easily explain the intrigues and the ridiculous calls to forbid Jewish sovereignty and ownership over a united Jerusalem and especially no attachment either historically or religiously to the Temple Mount and Old City of Jerusalem. Back in the history of the United States there have been cities other than Washington DC which served as the Capital City for the new country. Both Philadelphia and New York had been considered and utilized as the American Capital. Soon after the founding of the new country of the United States and the final and current governance was implemented, Annapolis became the temporary capital of the United States. This occurred after the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1783. Once the trappings and mechanisms of the American’s government had returned to Washington DC, what effect would it have had if countries left their embassies in Annapolis and continued to state as their policy that Annapolis remained as the Capital city of the United States? This is the same scenario regarding the conflict over which city is the true and actual Capital City of Israel, Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Fortunately, foreign peoples and governments have little power in deciding in which city any country declares as its Capital City. All of this boils down to the simple facts that Washington DC is the Capital City of the United States while Jerusalem is once again and hopefully for all of eternity the Capital City of Israel. So, the spin doctors utilized by the current government of the United Sates can twist, bend, spindle and mutilate the answer to question of where does the Administration of Presidency Obama perceive and act upon as the Capital City of Israel, Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Perhaps, for security’s sake, all the nations who retain the Tel Aviv location for their Embassies should also move their embassies in the United States to Annapolis.

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