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October 22, 2021

China-Taiwan and Other Threats

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The numbers and types of threats in our world are mounting as the United States tends self-inflicted wounds. We will concern ourselves to the immediate two threats posed by China and very likely Russia as her ally. You have heard, as have we, about the near daily overflights of Taiwan by Chinese warplanes. Recent overflight patrols have reached sizeable numbers with one flight reportedly having more than twenty aircraft. Additionally, a fleet of Chinese and Russian warships cruised from the Sea of Japan through to the Pacific Ocean using the waterway separating northern Japan from mainland southern Japan. Things were ominous enough caused by China warning Japan, the Philippines, United States and Australia not to interfere with internal Chinese matters. They were referring to their intent to reincorporate Taiwan some time in the future. The Taiwan situation shakes the nerves more than enough; but what if there is more?

Route of Russian-Chinese Naval Fleet

Everything begins with increasing insistence, leading to demands, that Taiwan be returned to its proper home, under mainland Communist China. There will be a brief reprieve while China prepares for what President Xi claims are just war games, possibly including naval exercises with the Russians. Those war games will appear to be just another simulated taking of Taiwan with the world expecting the invasion fleet to stop and return only going half the distance to Taiwan. President Xi will watch closely reading President Biden waiting for some action or at least the threat thereof. Xi knows the Europeans are unable to have the nerve to oppose China and only the United States has such power. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen will attempt to rouse a response from President Biden and there things will rest. Unfortunately for the world, President Biden will likely have called it a ‘lid’ and turned off from the world for the rest of the day. Restoring Taiwan under rule from Beijing is just the initial thrust by China, especially should the United States stand idly by. The message was loudly made when Russian and Chinese naval fleets sailed through the Strait of Japan, separating the northern island from the main island, that Japan is the next target. Without United States interference, Japan will fall fairly quickly to the combined Russian and Chinese militaries. How far will China go on their list of nations? For China the Philippines are simply a necessary stepping-stone on their way to Australia. There is another front where China is threatening a neighbor, India. There has been a low-scale intermittent conflict even to the point of exchanging fire. Watch Taiwan and any reaction out of Washington and if things go poorly, prepare to duck. If Afghanistan was any representation of the United States military command, then we are all in danger and better prepare to defend ourselves by ourselves. Fortunately for us, Israel has always refused to allow other nations to fight our wars, that is a wholly (or holy) Israeli responsibility. In closing we advise we watch Taiwan and wonder why the United States is hinting they will accept a nuclear armed Iran.

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August 23, 2021

Taiwan About to Meet the One China Policy

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Even the media has noticed China threatening Taiwan, flying fighter jets into their airspace as well as other threats. Currently, China and Russia are holding joint military exercises exceeding any former troop, air and naval movements. Russia, like China, has designs on the Ukraine as well as the former Soviet states neighboring Russia. Israel is also feeling some insecurity resulting from the same catastrophic wholesale retreat by United States forces from all of Afghanistan with the exception of the Hamid Karzai International Airport, leaving chaos and Taliban forces in their wake. For once being in Israel makes one feel more secure than so many other people facing even greater threats. Of all the threats on the horizon, Taiwan has the privilege of being the closest. Mainland China (Communist China we’re old school) has placed articles equating the American betrayal (the Commies said that) of Afghanistan with the presumed coming betrayal of Taiwan when the unification comes, implying its imminence.

China and Taiwan

There are two opposing forces within the government establishment, one centered around the military and the other centered on the State Department. The military wants to hold onto the promises given Taiwan from so far back it was called Formosa. Back so far, it was a promise made before I was born. It was the result of the Communist revolution in China forcing the capitalist and democratic government to flee to the Island of Formosa where the United States promised to protect them from Mainland China. Back then even the State Department was on board as the leader of the Free World. This was the status-quo until that fateful date, February 21 to 28, 1972, when President Richard Nixon traveled to Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai, China.

Resulting from the Nixon-China visit was the One China Policy which resulted in Mainland China being the sole recognized nation and Taiwan was but a wayward province which would be welcomed home sometime in the future. No longer would the Portuguese name Formosa be used and it was to be Taiwan, the Chinese name for the island province. The promise to defend the democratically elected government island nation, whether you wish to call it Formosa or Taiwan, was not voided as far as many in the military will argue; but the State Department went with Nixon and the One China Policy hook, line and sinker. They will argue that the absorption of Taiwan into Mainland China is inevitable and should be permitted to occur naturally. Mainland China is of the opinion that this inevitability should occur imminently rather than some more distant eventuality. After witnessing the complete collapse of the American forces’ mastery and control of Afghanistan, President Xi Jinping of China has to be feeling emboldened by what he has witnessed, as have all the other expansionist powers (Russia, China, Iran). Russia has a region which they believe are breakaway provinces, not actual nations. Iran desires solidifying their control of the Iraqi Shiite government and the rebel forces in Yemen, reestablishing their control of Syria, and cementing control of Lebanon while also arming Hamas in Gaza; all in order to threaten Israel and Saudi Arabia. How fast the other so-called bad actors will surface requiring some response is debatable. Their existence is, unfortunately, all too real. But we believe the initial tripwire will be the absorption of Taiwan as a province of Mainland China. What we fear is the reclamation of Taiwan will be far more difficult and violent than the ongoing pacification of Hong Kong. Further designs held by President Xi Jinping of China mostly in the Pacific will have to wait for a later article.

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July 23, 2021

What a World We Wrought

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President Biden and his administration have taken the entire world on a wild and soon to be destructive jaunt basing far too many decisions on simply to do the opposite of most Trump positions. We will list those which threaten the world from our Middle East view.

Russia appears to favor using malware attacks upon American companies, civic entities, utilities and public offices and services in order to extract sufficient cash inflow sustaining Russia. Thus far President Biden has entertained the ruse of brushing aside these attacks as minor ripples not worthy of response.

Communist ruled China has brutally beaten almost all freedom in Hong Kong while the world, including Trump to some extent, did barely an action and not too much more in denunciations which carried the weight of sanctions. But this has not been sufficient for mainland China to have absorbed Tibet in 1950 displacing thousands of Tibetans and importing twice that number of Chinese into Tibet. This was called ‘Normalization.’ Hong Kong is being aggressively Normalized in a planned efficient, and brutal, if necessary, and rapid manner.

But wait, there’s more. China has announced their intent to reabsorb their temporarily lost province of Taiwan. Escorting this pledge was a Chinese message that any interference would face the entire wrath of the CCCP. The Chinese specified that this includes their intent to use thermo-nuclear weapons in a first strike against Japan and the United States within their sphere of control. Theirs is not an empty threat. China long ago claimed they would gladly lose as many as five-to-eight-fold casualties in a war with the United States and Chinese numbers alone would prove the victor.

What me worry?

The Biden administration repeatedly states they are at war with an internal evil infecting the United States. This evil has a name, White Supremacy. Purges are already ongoing with an enormous emphasis on the military and enforcement institutions such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, Secret Service, BATFE and more… Should the violence in the cities begin again in earnest next summer, expect that towards the fall the violence to begin their inexorable expansion into the suburbs until the calls for protection at any cost begins. That usually comes immediately after a truly shocking event such as the Reichstag Fire from February 27, 1933 Berlin, Germany. The current obsession with January 6, 2021, will dwindle into nothing and will be completely eclipsed by whatever event the government is able to stage. We admit that events are becoming more than simply a little spooky moving quickly to imminent catastrophic disasters; yes, plural!

Finally, and closer to home, Russia and China are arming and funding, with an assist from the Biden administration, Iran. This will present further violence in Yemen, and spilling ever more often into Saudi Arabia, as well as into Syria. Iran also arms Hamas in Gaza and Hezballah in Lebanon which makes up much of the Iranian sponsored distress, death and war in the Middle East. Iran also had assisted Osama ben Laden and other al-Qaeda fighters and leaders; as well as the Taliban which will soon rule Afghanistan plus far more including a training base in the Tri-border region in South America. There is one other little matter, Iran is enriching uranium as quickly as they are able with, what we would observe, full intent towards making and threatening and even using thermo-nuclear warheads within three years, before the Biden-Harris administration is defeated in 2024.

Iran, followed immediately by China, are the nations we fear are the greatest threats at this time. Fortunately for Israel, we are not even target one for Iran and are probably not even appearing on the Chinese tactical maps. Iran has strong determination to rule over the Two Great Mosques, the cities of Mecca and Medina, which places Saudi Arabia sharing highest priority with the United States on their list of targets. Yes, Israel comes third on that list which is why so much has been invested in defensive missiles with rather good track records.

While more threats such as population-replacement, inflation, spiraling-crime and governments which no longer believe they are answerable to the population; we have an answer first given us by one of the last century’s greatest and most overlooked philosopher who relayed the message, “What, me worry?”

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