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October 26, 2018

Selective Outrage


The luring to a trap, vicious murder and suspected dismemberment of journalist Jamal Khashoggi has dominated the news cycles for over a week. Meanwhile, an American who holds an Israeli Identification Card and is a Palestinian Arab real estate agent acting on behalf of a local clan who sold land to Jews in eastern Jerusalem, has been taken by Palestinian Authority (PA) officials and has remained detained at Ramallah in an interrogation facility. What is interesting about this second case is that despite Israeli officials detaining of Palestinian Authority Jerusalem District Governor Adnan Ghaith, along with Jihad Al-Faqeeh, regional director of the PA’s intelligence agency, the name of the kidnapped American has still not been released. We suspect that gag order on his name is the result of the State Department, as you really do not have much of a story if there is no name you can attach. Thankfully, as noted above, we now have two names, Adnan Ghaith and Jihad Al-Faqeeh, the Palestinian Officials pulled in, kidnapped if you believe the PA high level of screaming about the illegal questioning and were held overnight. This did get a loud and vehement response from the PA officialdom claiming that Israel had kidnapped their officials. Note that the PA kidnapped an American Israel of Palestinian Arab descent and it is a nonevent which cannot even have the individual’s name attached to the story but the two main PA officers who were in charge of the operation are arrested and taken for polite questioning, no thumb screws or other devices from the Spanish Inquisition and that is kidnapping. The selected references and innuendo are baffling but the main thing is the only reference thus far to a kidnapped American citizen by the PA has been in reference to the Israeli questioning of the PA officials suspected of involvement.


For simplicity, we will for the remainder of this article refer to the American who holds an Israeli Identification Card and is a Palestinian Arab real estate agent acting on behalf of a local clan who sold land to Jews in eastern Jerusalem as BOB in all caps, partly to draw attention to what has occurred, and because we do not desire having to refer to the victim as the victim or write a two line sentence just to refer to BOB. The Ramallah detention facility, on the other hand, often does have some resemblance to the Spanish Inquisition, or so it has been intimated on numerous occasions. Now, the sale of land by an Arab to a Jew within the PA carries a death sentence. That is automatic. The preferred alternative has become life in prison at hard labor, and they do mean hard labor which is designed to shorten life. Should the death sentence be imposed, it then requires Mahmoud Abbas to give his approval for it to be carried out. This is so it can be applied at a later point when nobody will be the wiser and all have already accepted that the person selling to a Jew will never be seen again. Often, the hard labor takes care of such specifics of the situation. We assume that the State Department knows what they are doing by not identifying BOB, as they likely figure that they can work far more efficiently behind the scenes as long as nobody, relatives in particular, especially those in the United States, do not know their loved one has been abducted and will likely never be seen again. Anyway, the State Department is loathe to ever accuse the PA of anything untoward or underhanded as they would not have butter melt in their mouths, the little darlings. But they sure have made a huge deal about Jamal Khashoggi and those horrible Saudis in the Turkish Consulate. There have been demands all over the news for the United States, President Donald Trump in particular, break all relations with the Saudi regime, cancel every arms deal already brokered, and everything just short of invade Saudi Arabia and question Mohammad bin Salman, the ruler of Saudi Arabia but not a peep about BOB hit the news until Israel started investigating the kidnapping of one of their citizens.


What has been interesting is that we have to call the abducted and likely already tortured for two weeks victim BOB but Israel is now being reported to have abducted or kidnapped two PA officials as that apparently is what police taking two people in for questioning has become called in PA official channels. The two have claimed complete ignorance, which is expected and that will remain their story, as they know Israel will be handcuffed in their investigation. What is the real problem is that the PA has absolutely no authority in Jerusalem, west or east, and thus their Security Forces even entering the city other than those assigned to guard officials is against the law. All of Jerusalem is outside any areas, either Area A or Area B, where they have security jurisdiction, thus any taking of an individual from Jerusalem is a kidnapping. But that is not even the most ridiculous response to this fiasco. This has reached the highest of PA levels as the PA cabinet on Wednesday condemned what it called settlers’ takeover of property in the area of the Al-Aqsa Mosque assisted by protection of Israeli military officials. PA officials have called on UNESCO and other international organizations to intervene to “prevent the occupation from taking over the original Arab cultural heritage in occupied Arab Jerusalem.” This is a residence and has not been declared as a cultural heritage by UNESCO. Well, that is unless you recognize that UNESCO recognized almost half of Jerusalem as not belonging to Israel and their ruling has been utilized to threaten to make the Western Wall forbidden for Jews to pray or assemble, as it is part of the UNESCO decision to grant all of the Old City as a PA heritage site. That would be similar to UNESCO declaring that the Mall in Washington D.C. as a Native American, in particular Iroquois, national heritage site and then the Iroquois demanding that no ‘pale faces’ be permitted to enter that zone including Congress, the President, most of the central United States government agencies and the Smithsonian Institute and many of their museums including the Aero-Space Museum. We know, do not give the United Nations crazies any further ideas.


We would like to see BOB in the light of day and freed and also sanity returned to the situation. Where is the condemnation of the PA for making the sale of any property to a Jew sentenceable by death? Further, if you really wish to get down on the Saudis for their antiquated, Middle Ages centrist laws such as making it illegal for any but believers of the faith, Muslims, and preferably Sunni, to visit much of their land and forget owning a piece of vacation property in Riyadh, or better, in Mecca or Medina. It is interesting that Saudi Arabia can basically ban Jews and Christians and the PA areas will automatically carry out a death sentence on any Jew entering their sacred turf, and that is what this is in Israel, a turf war, and the United States is fine with that but should Israel install a couple of additional checkpoints in order to curb an uptick in terrorism, that becomes something which the United Nations condemns and the State Department demands that they be taken down immediately. This was exactly what occurred after Israel simply put up metal detectors to prevent further stabbings, shootings and other violence on the Temple Mount after two Israeli Security Police were shot and killed. The reasons given were varied and all mostly false. Already there were metal detectors at one entrance to the Temple Mount where non-Muslims were permitted entry. Jews went through a further check to assure that they carried no religiously offensive material which might contaminate this Islamic area and were always escorted by Islamic WAQF Security and should they even whisper, they would be arrested for praying and contaminating all Islam. So, apparently only non-Muslims are a risk for bringing weapons to such an Islamic holy area except that was not the case, was it. Muslims often brought steel rods, gathered rocks and pelted Israeli Security in attacks always coinciding with Israeli holidays such that the Temple Mount would be closed to Jews, then they would settle down. Where is the outrage that Jews can be so visibly humiliated by repeated degradations at the hands of the PA terror enforcement division, also known as riot at any reason when directed. The truth has been long known that the PA, and Hamas and the rest, all direct these riots, terror attacks, and reward those who commit them and provide incentives and training on the best means of assaulting and murdering Israelis and how to identify an Israeli as a Jew. The PA terrorists who committed the Jaffa terror attack where the victim was US Army vet, Vanderbilt student Taylor Force, age 29, and an American tourist but he was seen as a religious Jew despite not being a Jew at all. He had a beard, dark curls or waves of hair and for intents and purposes, to a PA terrorist that means Jew (his picture is below). His death was a tragedy, same as all the other terror deaths at the hands of mostly PA, Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists in Israel.


US Army Veteran West Point 2009 Graduate Taylor Force

US Army Veteran West Point 2009 Graduate Taylor Force


At least Taylor Force’s loss finally woke America and Congress to take steps with the Taylor Force Act. We hope it will be enforced by Presidents and the State Department under all administrations regardless of party. The State Department has already shown their colors making every argument why aid must continue despite ‘Pay to Slay’ continuing because otherwise the most richly subsidized areas on earth might not have enough baby formula or whatever excuse they wish to use (see graph below). As is obvious, it is not even a close comparison and in second is Lebanon from which Hezballah is heavily financed by Iran. Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake where in response the Israelis were the first to have a fully functioning field hospital and the last to depart. Still, the Palestinian territorial regions are the most exorbitantly financed region in the world and has made billionaires out of most of those who have had positions of power or influence and the remainder are well into at least the tens of millions stashed away. Who claims that terrorism does not pay.


Graph of Aid Money to Palestinian Territories and other needful locations

Graph of Aid Money to Palestinian Territories and other needful locations


So, in the meantime the United States has a problem with Saudi Arabia for their murder and dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi at their Turkish Consulate while BOB remains completely unidentified and left in the Ramallah PA Detention Center and torture chamber without anybody showing the slightest of attention. The Saudi’s have been a steady ally through thick and thin but must be thrown to the wolves over the death of a Washington Post stringer reporter Jamal Khashoggi who is not an United States citizen but does have three American citizen children resulting from his long-term residence in the United States out of curtesy to a major American newspaper while BOB is left to rot in a PA horror chamber unidentified and with nobody demanding that the United States break off all relations with the PA terror masters whose main use for the United States is to pressure Israel and send more money. OK, take a breath and we apologize for the overly-long sentence. Let’s continue. We would prefer that both people would have at the very least similar attention in the media and from Washington officialdom. That is what would occur in a world where things make sense and people are treated as equals. The problem is Jamal Khashoggi being in the employ of the Washington Post has automatic high publicity and is going to be the darling cause of the left-leaning media. BOB is being held by the darlings of the left-leaning media, the PA, and as such must be kept quiet and out of the spotlight so as not to upset the American public and have the people force and demand action. BOB can be sacrificed all in the cause of the PA, those wonderful people who make life and existence difficult for Israel. The initial hush job is being performed by the State Department, a formidable silencer of bad news when it comes to the PA and an amplifier of any bad news for President Trump. Thusly, Jamal Khashoggi is the most important person to have ever been silenced by the Saudis while BOB is of no consequence. There actually is a thread which connects these two cases, they are both victims of Islamic hegemony and their belief that they write the rules and the world is their apple and must jump when they tell them to do so. The PA hierarchy and the Saudi hierarchy both believe that they cannot be held responsible for their actions as long as they are committing acts which they believe are correct. They both believe that as Muslims they are superior and stand at the top of civilized behavior. The world must bend to both the PA and the Saudis as they are the rulers of the world in the future and this is guaranteed by Allah and is written in the Quran, a perfect and holy book, the only real holy book which contains all the truths and information required. They both believe they are superior to all others and that the world is their oyster and they are the perfect pearl within. They believe that they are at the leading edge of the final conquest of the world by Islam and as such, they do not need to respond to or answer for any actions, especially the death of a minor individual of little importance and a threat to the crown. While Jamal Khashoggi was a threat to the Saudi rulers, BOB was a threat to Islam as he gave away precious and holy lands to a Jew, the absolute worst possible act according to the Islamic concept of the world. These similarities and their belief that they are completely guiltless and are righteous in everything they desire to do, choose to act, elect to believe and demand of others. They believe in their superiority in all things and that the United States and the non-Muslim world are all to be subservient, subjected to their every whim. But we wish BOB would receive at least some attention instead of being just one more person sacrificed to the PA hierarchy and their insistence that they are completely innocent of all wrongs.


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August 11, 2017

Will There be a Day of Reckoning?


I was simply curious whether acts have consequences when the acts are simply votes taken in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. You see, these committees meet and consider whether or not a piece of legislation is recommended on the floor of the full Senate. When a committee votes down legislation it might get a mention if only in case some Senator decides to request it be resubmitted either to the same group which just rejected it or maybe a more positive suggestion of submission to a different committee which will likely also reject it. You see the Senate is a rather stuffy club where the main act is mutual back scratching. This is about a piece of legislation which we should have spoken of earlier as it is a wonderful and necessary idea which somebody finally took the initiative to suggest it. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee actually passed it on to either the next committee or, if the world has any decency, on to the full Senate where it receives fairly solid bipartisan support. The vote in this case was seventeen to four where all eleven Republicans affirmed support while the ten Democrats split six in favor and four opposed. The legislation is called H.R.1164 in the House of Representatives, S 474 in the Senate and the Taylor Force Act in public and generally. What follows are the particulars and then we will sink our teeth into just those particulars.


Members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and their vote
Republicans (all voted in favor)
Bob Corker, Tennessee Chairman; Jim Risch, Idaho; Marco Rubio, Florida; Ron Johnson, Wisconsin; Jeff Flake, Arizona; Cory Gardner, Colorado; Todd Young, Indiana; John Barrasso, Wyoming; Johnny Isakson, Georgia; Rob Portman, Ohio; Rand Paul, Kentucky
Democrats (voted six in favor with four opposed)
Ben Cardin, Maryland, Ranking Member, Aye; Bob Menendez, New Jersey, Former Chairman, Aye; Jeanne Shaheen, New Hampshire, Aye; Chris Coons, Delaware, Aye; Tom Udall, New Mexico, Nay; Chris Murphy, Connecticut, Nay; Tim Kaine, Virginia, Aye; Ed Markey, Massachusetts, Aye; Jeff Merkley, Oregon, Nay; Cory Booker, New Jersey, Nay


So, before ripping into Cory Booker, Tom Udall, Jeff Merkley and Chris Murphy; let us discuss the particulars about the Taylor Force Act. It gets its name, obviously, from Taylor Force who was a United States Army Veteran who while visiting Israel last year was murdered by an Arab Islamic terrorist in a stabbing attack while touring in Tel Aviv. The Arab was not necessarily an extremist in any way, shape or form as murdering Israelis, or anybody who is not an Arab Palestinian, is the basis of the Palestinian Authority (PA) economy. The PA pays its awardees a very handsome superannuation directly proportional to the numbers of Israelis murdered plus a smaller allowance for those injured by their cowardly act. These remunerations are of such stature that they far outpace the income of the PA regular employees and even those of the PA Security Forces. These payments transfer to the terrorist’s family if they should die as a result of their actions or if they are imprisoned. These payments are of sufficient reward that some of these murderers have admitted to Israeli officers and intelligence personnel that their motivation was financial and they committed their act of terrorism to provide sufficient financial rewards for their families. These stipends prorated on a per victim and their status of dead or injured is simply another means of incitement by the PA which are performed with the obvious consent and implication of the entirety of the PA officers, officials and employees as all parts of the PA governance is involved in some manner. The terrorist who murdered American Taylor Force receives, along with his family, a handsome reward for his murder plus additional rewards for any others who were murdered or maimed in his “heroic” acts of terrorism. The Taylor Force Act will prevent all funding to the PA until they cease their remuneration of terrorists past, present and future. The attack which murdered Taylor Force also resulted in eleven others being injured; including Taylor Force’s wife was severely injured in the attack, a pregnant woman, an Arab Israeli, and a Palestinian who was illegally residing in Israel.


US Army Veteran West Point 2009 Graduate Taylor Force

US Army Veteran West Point 2009 Graduate Taylor Force


So, the Taylor Force Act was, in the simplest words, a law which demands termination of payments to terrorists by the PA before they will receive funding. What could Cory Booker, Tom Udall, Jeff Merkley and Chris Murphy possibly have found in such legislation which would cause them to oppose the terms found within. What could drive any Americans to not oppose payments made to terrorists on a basis of how many innocents they murdered and maimed. We cannot think of a single factor which might make such payments acceptable. Perhaps the reason was that the majority of these terror victims are Israelis, or more specifically Jews, made the payments understandable. Where this could be something acceptable for some Europeans, but we were taught that the people of the United States were different and had rejected the old hatreds of Europe. Apparently not completely as Cory Booker, Tom Udall, Jeff Merkley and Chris Murphy appear to suffer from some ailment which makes terrorism against Israelis acceptable and even worthy of financial rewards. After all, that is the exact message which they made by opposing the Taylor Force Act. But already there have been efforts to exempt certain allocations to the PA such as to hospitals and other presumed social welfare payments not related to terrorism. The problem is that the PA has proven through past efforts that the terror payments are of such paramount importance that those allocations are allocated before any other payments are approved. The PA was unable to pay their employees including the physicians, nurses, technicians and other hospital employees along with their governmental staffs as they used the majority of their funds received to pay the terror stipends and their security forces and then made a desperate plea to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, other Arab nations and to European nations and the European Union. Most of the response with emergency funds came from the European Union and several European governments as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This was proof that any funding sent to the PA will go to the terrorists and their families before any other funding is undertaken, thus exempting any specific services is actually agreeing to pay the terrorist funding. The PA does not keep records of where the funds they receive are used spending them without any care to the intended usage which might have applied to the funding.


These four Senators are not the sole individuals in opposition of ending any of the funds appropriated to the PA. Another person who desires that these funds continue to flow is Secretary of State Tillerson. He assured the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that particular morning that the PA has intended to end the terrorist payments and then that afternoon told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that the United States and the PA would continue dialog towards ending the payments. Some have pointed to the State Department personnel which have a long history of supporting the PA and the PLO before them while taking strong stands against Israel often calling into question Israel blaming terrorism and the PA for the lack of progress in resolving the Arab/Israeli conflict. The State Department also has often taken positions opposing statements made by Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu as well as other Israeli political leaders, particularly those they consider to be nationalist or right wing. The State Department has also denied the PA payments to terrorists claiming, exactly as the PA claims, that these payments are merely social welfare payments to families whose main breadwinner is serving time in an Israeli prison. The State Department does not make referential differences between terrorist prisoners and other prisoners.


Another supposed reason for leniency in the application of the Taylor Force Act has been that Israeli military courts which hear the vast majority of terror cases brought in Judea and Samaria have a conviction rate hovering around ninety-nine-percent. This is interpreted as meaning that such a high percentage has to be due to biases against those who are charged and could never mean that these cases are almost always of people caught in the act of committing the acts of terror leaving little chance of anything other than a guilty verdict. The percentage in the Israeli civil courts on terrorism cases is also close to perfect and for the very same reason. The Israelis often need to enter areas where the arresting officers must go in force and risk their lives to make a terror arrest as they almost always meet active resistance often with Molotov cocktails, rocks and all too often end up engaged in a major firefight against well-armed terrorist sympathizers and supporters. For this reason, they do not even attempt to make an arrest away from the scene of a terror attack unless the person is a high value target. Another reason for the high conviction rate is when a terrorist escapes the scene they are not always found and unless they have a solid and escape proof case, there will be no attempted arrest. Israel values the lives of their officers as well as those of innocent Arabs and does not place the safety of either in danger unless the need to apprehend an individual is of paramount importance. Often such people are the planners, bomb makers or those who have not only committed terror acts but facilitated the terrorist actions of others. When these are the ones arrested and the remainder being caught at the scene in the progress of committing the attack, then your conviction rate is rather high. According to Center on Law and Security, New York University School of Law (PDF format), “The overall conviction rate for prosecutions involving terrorism charges rate now stands at 89%.” Apparently convictions on charges of terrorism is not something which is difficult as the evidence is, more often than not, quite overwhelming. The Taylor Force Act seeks to remove funding by the PA for terrorism and only if they refuse to end paying families whose members have slaughtered innocent Israelis and others (they do not pay for any Arabs murdered by accident, only Christian, Jews and other non-Muslims), then they would intercede and end funding for the PA making it difficult for them to continue such funding. The legislation wishes not to hurt innocent Palestinians but also recognizes that paying murderers before you pay the salaries of hospital employees and other government employees is wrong and thus must be made to end, period. Taylor Force died because of such funding and the family of his murderer is receiving a stipend where his death added to the cash rewards they receive every month and they will benefit from his death until either the world demands an end to this blood money or the PA no longer exists. Those are the realities of this situation as plainly as we can word it.


Beyond the Cusp


March 18, 2016

One Single Terror Attack Very Revealing


At 11:13 yesterday morning a single event occurred thus revealing so much of what Vice President Biden’s trip amplified but was the mirage of a lie not telling the whole truth. A young twenty year old woman soldier was stabbed in her neck and upper body by a pair of terrorists who were intercepted by Ariel city security officials. The terrorists refused to disarm and were engaged by the security officers who responded killing the two terrorists. The young woman was transferred to Beilinson Hospital after initial treatment by Magen David Adom (MDA) where she was still conscious but in moderate to serious condition with wounds to her neck and upper body. The young soldier, a young woman, was fortunate to have survived and in Israel, as in many places throughout the world, we see her survival from such a life-threatening assault as a miracle, and we celebrate all miracles be they large or small.


When Vice President Biden visited Israel and also met with Mahmoud Abbas, he reportedly sternly insisted that the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority (PA) denounce the terror attack where an American veteran and Vanderbilt student, Taylor Force age 29, who was visiting the many wondrous places of religious and historic significance, was murdered along with a number of people also assaulted and injured before the terrorist was eliminated. Abbas expressed condolences over the murdered American veteran but refused to denounce the terror attack, instead pressing that he was acting beyond the PA ability to affect and they were responding to the settlements and that Israel had murdered over one hundred PA citizens while very few Israelis had died since last October. Never in much of the news reports in the United States which we were able to sample was mentioned the instigation by PA media, television, radio, social media or the support given paying terrorists families a monthly stipend if a family member dies committing a terror attack against Israelis and salaries in the thousands of dollars per month to terror prisoners serving in Israeli prisons. The instigation used by the PA claims that the Jews are defiling Islamic holy sites, planning on destroying their holy sites and holding demonic services in the al-Aqsa Mosque. All these claims are not only unfounded but truly ludicrous and beyond belief from any reason but the instigations are so pernicious and permeating the PA society at all levels often working on pure emotion of the impressionable youth who are encouraged to grab a kitchen knife or even scissors and the plan is to make life dangerous for Israelis. They care little to nothing for their own young and impressionable children’s lives as those who die will have their families paid far more than even PA government employees are paid and these deaths will be flaunted before the world in efforts to besmirch Israel and demand Israeli leaders be condemned for these unfortunate young victims lives which they flaunt while refusing to live up to their unceasing incitement.



American Veteran and Vanderbilt Student, and Terror Victim Murdered by Palestinian Authority, Taylor Force

American Veteran and Vanderbilt Student, and Terror Victim
Murdered by Palestinian Authority, Taylor Force


Back to the young soldier who was attacked at a much used by both Israelis and Palestinian Arabs bus and hitchhiking stop where she was assaulted by the two young Palestinians Arabs who likely attacked her without any warning as she likely thought nothing of their approach as this was a shared use location. Her wounds were sufficiently severe and at least one stabbing wound to her neck could have easily been fatal rather than simply life threatening and her vital areas so barely avoided in the assault that Hashem was watching over her and her being spared was very fortunate. Her life is not immediately threatened but she is reported not to be completely out of danger though she is expected to recover. This makes her far more fortunate than approximately score and a half other Israelis whose families mourned a great loss as they fell to the terror wave being orchestrated by Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the PA assets and multiple instigations and provocations. Just as the Israelis victimized by these terror attacks there are others also victimized by these viscous attacks, and those are the families of the other terror victims, these impressionable youths responding to the incessant driving propaganda being treacherously used to sacrifice Palestinian youths in the hope that each can murder at least one Israeli before being stopped. The PA would gladly trade ten young Arabs in order to murder one Israeli as they honestly believe that such a trade-off would work in their favor as they constantly claim, they celebrate death as the Jews love life, and this terror wave they are impelling is all the proof any observer would honestly need to understand the reality, but honesty and truth are another victim of the propaganda as the rest of the world refuse to understand the motivation behind the attacks and instead rush to blame Israel for, you probably can guess where this is going, blame Israel for using disproportional force. That would be like blaming police for using disproportional force because more criminals resisting arrest violently are killed than police officers were murdered by the criminals. After some of the recent events that received unimaginable media coverage when police could have been said to have used disproportional force even if a different terminology was used, the claim was the same and just as ludicrous in most if not all instances.


This terror attack can be used as a measure for the entirety of the propaganda versus the reality, a young lady and soldier was severely injured and almost murdered while her two assailants attempted to injure others and assaulted security officers who used their weapons to stop the attacks and preserve innocent lives; but if one asked, Mahmoud Abbas would describe today’s terror attack as an Israeli soldier was slightly wounded in an attack where two Palestinian youths, innocent youths, were murdered by the Israeli who over reacted. Terror, of course not, there was only an understandable reaction to Israeli acts which drive the Palestinians to believe they have no other recourse. There is a constant drumming of provocations, propaganda, lies, deceits, and preposterous incitements pushing the youth to believe they are defending their holy places which their own government tells them are under threat because of Jewish desecrations. Abbas then claims to the world that there are provocations because Jews are stealing Palestinian lands and are building everywhere. There has not been even a single new patio constructed since the 2012 reelection of President Obama but Abbas is not referring to building beyond the Green Line, his demand is the Jews stop building on all the lands they claim as occupied, which includes all of Israel. That is the other lie which is seldom if ever mentioned. The truth can be seen simply by visiting the PA, PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad or other Arab social media and translate the Arabic to a language such as English for the United States, or French in France or Brussels, or German for Germany, etc.; but apparently that is beyond the ability of the western media. The political and new media are even incapable of reading the many Internet sites which translate many of these videos and other media such as Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) and Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). Sometimes the easiest things prove to be far too difficult for politicians and media despite they are fully aware of the availability of accurate information as they prefer simply parroting that which makes them comfortable and reinforces their preferred slant on the news, the truth be damned.


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