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August 27, 2021

Afghanistan Bloodbath Begins

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President Biden has promised the Taliban that all United States military forces will be completely removed from the Afghanistan theater by August 31, 2021, which comes next Tuesday. We feel assured that President Biden will order all forces left at the Hamid Karzai International Airport out of Afghanistan before dawn of Monday at the latest with our best estimate being they will be gone by sunrise in Afghanistan Saturday as the last aircraft will takeoff sometime around 0330 hours Saturday morning ending all allied efforts to free Afghanistan from terrorist rule. For anybody in doubt, we firmly hold to a truth of the Middle East, every terrorist group can change flags and perceived alliances seemingly in an instant and back again when dealing with the fools in the Western world governments. The example became clear as the last forces at the airfield came under suicide-bombers murdering at least thirteen American Marines. Taliban claims that this was the work of some rogue group which was operating outside of orders professing their innocence.

Hamid Karzai International Airport Last Call in Afghanistan

There have been intermittent reports of Afghan troops being greatly outnumbered, out of ammunition and without aircover while being surrounded by Taliban forces that were shot in cold blood after they attempted to surrender. Taliban forces are not a regular military force but rather a coalition of terror groups combined with anti-Western forces without any clear command and control structure. This is why no arrangement with the Taliban is worth the paper it is written upon as every breakdown where Americans or Afghanis are slaughtered is cast aside by Taliban leadership as being performed by groups beyond their control and they will assist in tracking the culprits down. Anybody in the American chain of command who honestly believes the Taliban at their word need step down immediately. But all of this is merely common sense, something which is apparently missing from the top of the American command, specifically the White House. This is all President Biden acting upon his complete lack of faith in American military capabilities believing the military slants their reports in order to increase funding and is otherwise disconnected from reality. Unfortunately for Americans in Afghanistan after the military has departed, it is the President who is disconnected from reality and is about to claim all but under a few hundreds that were unable to reach the airport with the remainder either rescued or have not registered with the United States Embassy or decided to remain in country. President Biden is obviously out of touch and deluded, what is the excuse of the rest of the administration and the leadership from the Pentagon? Do not fret, there is no excuse for the mismanagement of the Afghanistan retreat, pullout, disengagement or, simply put, total incompetence.

The potential for the Taliban to begin their pacification of Afghanistan will include the slaughtering of entire families simply because they speak English, as that is the threshold for having assisted the Americans and their NATO and other allies. We read one report where a single Taliban unit repeatedly beat the wife of a suspected Afghan translator for the Americans. As they beat his wife, they screamed for him to speak English. When he finally spoke English, they left his wife to watch his beheading. We can expect the rounding up of suspected Afghans who assisted the American efforts, they have two lists, one of their own makings and another listing Americans the Biden Administration knows are still in country but were unable to reach the airport. Well, that is one big surprise, not. What we fear is that there will be beheadings and tortures resulting in death of Afghanis who the United States had promised sanctuary in the United States if and when the war effort ends. Who, in their right mind, will ever believe promises given by American government and military officials in any future efforts? This will be a festering wound which we risk as turning gangrenous if completely new leadership, political and military is not changed, as the current Administration and nine-hundred-plus Generals and Admirals are about as incompetent as the most inept, bungling, clumsy, hurtful and destructive leadership as is probably humanly possible.

There is another promise being broken and this may be the worst of the culmination of the Afghanistan efforts, the unfortunate Afghanis themselves. Whether or not Afghanis worked with the Americans will be of little consequence after the initial execution of those Afghanis on the Taliban lists. Women will become shadows of their former selves as they will not be permitted to leave their homes without a male relative escorting them. Unescorted women are considered harlots and treated a such. The Afghanis were shown a modern world where freedoms were the norm. That is over now and Sharia is being imposed. The Afghans who live far from the cities will continue farming their land hopefully with little or no Taliban interference and little change to their way of life. The urban Afghans will feel the main brunt of the changes. Women will no longer be permitted to work or attend schools. They will be treated as second class citizens, if that well. Men are going to be watched to assure they are attending daily prayers all five times each day. Anything less reverent than total commitment to Allah will be severely punished. Thieves will lose their right hand while women accused of sexual impropriety are stoned to death. These punishments are carried out in public in order to further impress Taliban control over the population. We expect that news for the near future will contain far too much content considered worthy of warning viewers of graphic content, and what will be shown or depicted will be the most gentle of the tortures being carried out by Taliban and other groups within the conglomerate under some form of Taliban control. The truth will be far too ugly to be shown to delicate American viewers of the mainstream media which will attempt to paint a beautiful scene claiming that Afghanistan is now stable due to the fine work led by President Biden. That just might be the sign of total abandonment of the remaining Afghans who we promised the leaving American forces were going to take them to safety. The promises were made by people with good intentions but their promises are unheard in the halls of power in Washington D.C. where their fate is being sealed.

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February 20, 2018

If Only the Media Showed Self-Control


There has been proof that these mass shootings cause more mass shootings. They are almost contagious as if it were a virus spreading throughout the population, particularly the youth. Another item we know is that there is the notoriety aspect. Perpetrate a mass shooting and instantly your name is shot around the entirety of the media, you are on every televisions screen and your name is in every newspaper and magazine. Sure, you might spend the next twenty-years or possibly less in prison, but you are now famous. That is the one side which the world can control. Where is my evidence of this? Well, how about what the Oregon shooter who we will not name wrote, “A man who was known by no one, is now known by everyone. … Seems the more people you kill, the more you’re in the limelight.” Then the Fort Hood shooter noted and posted on Facebook, from the same article, “These bastards have perfected their way of attacking by studying previous massacres to gain publicity and their minute of fame as a villain.” In the article, Mona Charen referred to a website which supports the same idea we will explore, it is called No Notoriety and puts forth the simple concept that if the media would leave these names out of their reports and the cases were tried with no media allowed and a closed courtroom, then the big name aspect would be gone, no notoriety, no motive, no fame thus one large reason taken away.


That would be one great way to take a bite out of these shootings. Will it end these mass shootings? Unfortunately, this only addresses one aspect and there are so many other reasons starting and not ending with but including mental illness, pure hatred, depression, drug abuse and all the other reasons which drives these shooters. Still, if these shooters are denied any notoriety, then we will likely and fortunately have less of these events. Removing one driving motivation is and always will be on the plus side of the equation. Whatever society can do to take away one reason driving the school and other mass shootings is to the benefit of society. The problem is the media would claim that it is the right of the people to be given news, all the news and any attempt to limit or silence the media from reporting every iota of any and every news story would be the start of the slippery slope to censorship of the news and an end to the First Amendment protections. Of course, this is the same media which shows absolutely no reservations to restrictions of the Second Amendment in order to presumably to bring an end to the same mass shootings. So, apparently, according to the media, it is just wonderful and cool to erase the entirety of the Second Amendment but the First Amendment is sacrosanct. Perhaps they are unaware that the entireties of the Bill of Rights, the first Ten Amendments, are all protected by the Second Amendment. Further, nobody is trying to silence the media; there is simply a request for self-control when reporting on mass shootings. The other way of preventing the media from reporting these names, the authorities need to control their release to the media of these names and the trials should be kept under gag orders silencing the opportunity for the names to be made public. What would be the last resort would be for judges to intervene and impose a gag order silencing the media and everybody else from reporting the names even if they managed to become known. The problem with this idea is the foreign media would have a field day reporting the names and would work overtime to get the names of every shooter just to scoop the American media. Once the European media would release the names, there would be no way of continuing to prevent reporting of the names in the United States as they would just be quoting the foreign media claiming according to foreign reports, the shooter was identified as John Doe.


Various Firearms

Various Firearms


But there is another solution to the school shootings which the left will scream bloody murder rather than listen to reason. The NRA’s Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre has repeatedly stated, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.” Israel had a mass school shooting back in 1974 when terrorists attacked a school in Maalot. Israel took the novel approach and armed teachers, in particular, IDF reservists from the infantry teachers who were trained in firearms. They also offered those teachers who desired training the necessary classes and proficiencies before arming them as well. As reported in Arutz Sheva in an article titled, “Israel proves the NRA’s arguments,” they tell all about this and other means Israel has faced violence and defeated it through armed civilians including bring the Stabbing Intifada to an end by simply requesting that all Israelis with legal right to carry weapons, do so and protect the peace. Israel took the opposite route to eliminate violence perpetrated against its schools and as a threat on her streets, she decided to give the innocent protection by arming citizens who had military training or those who had received training in firearms and they became the arm of keeping order which could be places where the military or police were not. This added the fact that now a terrorist or other perpetrator could not tell simply by looking around for police or military personnel and seeing a clear coast know that they would be the only armed individual and thus in control as any civilian might be equally armed and there may even be multiple people armed to respond in preventing a terror attack or other crimes, particularly shootings and with armed teachers, especially in the Israeli schools. Terrorists have reported to police that they more often will attack Haredi Jews because of there being less of a chance for them to be carrying weapons. That is an example of how effective arming the populace can be and should be a warning to the Haredi that they might want to change the equation which makes them a greater target for crimes and terror attacks.


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September 27, 2017

Terror Murders Near Jerusalem


The scene was a quiet, open, peaceful community just outside Jerusalem. At least until yesterday morning when, while opening the workers’ entrance to allow the Palestinian workers to enter as they have done every morning, a terrorist opened fire killing three security personnel and severely injuring a third. The terrorist initially “aroused the suspicion” of the guards on scene. They called for him to stop and he drew the weapon, a pistol, from his shirt and began shooting. The murdered were two private security guards and a Border Police Officer, all in their twenties. The injured person suffered injuries to his stomach and chest, as had those who were murdered, and was taken to Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem, where he was taken immediately into surgery. The terrorist held a legal work permit, something considered a privilege, was also killed in the ensuing exchange of gunfire.


Weapon and Two Clips Used in Jerusalem Area Terror Attack

Weapon and Two Clips Used in Jerusalem Area Terror Attack


The odds are that you never heard a single mention of this attack on your newscasts unless you happen to live in Israel, and even then, it was covered in the recent aftermath and the ensuing twenty-four hours. The reason is that for much of the world terrorism in Israel, and particularly in and around Jerusalem, is considered old news and repeats of what are considered an old subject are not given much notice. Newscasts around the world might carry one out of every ten or even twenty such events, and then only if there is something of note making it different. Perhaps an entire family was murdered while having a Sabbath dinner on a Friday night celebrating the birth of a grandchild, as with the Salomon family. The lack of frequency of terrorist attacks reported unfortunately does not equal a lack of frequency of terrorist attacks.


Yosef Salomon age 70, his daughter Chaya Salomon age 46, and son Elad Salomon age 36

Yosef Salomon age 70, his daughter Chaya Salomon age 46, and son Elad Salomon age 36


The same is becoming true of terrorist violence in Europe, especially as the authorities are doing everything in their power to hide crimes committed by the very same “refugees” they are welcoming into their countries. This has been especially true when one considers the lack of reporting of the criminal increases in sexual crimes, robberies and numerous other criminal activities. Such crimes went hidden until they finally came to light in Manchester, England. Then there was the massive increase of sexual assaults and other crimes carried out on New Year’s Eve in the German city of Cologne. These were simply a few of the more extreme cases, but they are far from the only cases of criminal cases which could be termed as terrorism which escaped the net of media coverage.


This has become a tired story which the media believes is too tedious and oppressive to cover. They believe that people would prefer to simply ignore terrorism or criminal activity related to immigration, especially when it pertains to the invited “refugees” from Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia and the plethora of other MENA nations. These criminal actions run counter to the political presentation which the political elites, the mainstream media, entertainment elites and the numerous vested interests in the continued influx of immigrants with no limitations. The Obama years also trained the media and the public to ignore anything related to terrorism as actually completely unfounded because they succeeded in passing actual terrorist attacks like Ft. Hood or the Hyper Cachet market which was part of the Charlie Hebdo attacks into simple descriptions such as workplace violence, the given and persistent explanation for the Ft. Hood terror attack, or a random attack at a market, ignoring the fact that was a targeted attack on a kosher Jewish Market on Shabbat Eve. With taking of actual terror attacks such as these and turning them into minor criminal acts which required no additional attention, concern or alarm, we belittle terror into a simple criminal act with no political or social implications.


Whether this pretense that there is no terrorism of consequence continues may change with the new administration in the United States remains to be seen. But it should expect no assistance in any effort from Germany, as their reelection of Chancellor Angela Merkel to office with a compliant parliament will mean the continuing of her open door policies pretending there is nothing wrong and these “refugees” are the future in Germany. The remainder of Europe, especially Western Europe (Old Europe), their position going forward will remain to be seen, as they will be determined by elections over the next few years. France chose a center left government while the British appear determined to retain Brexit style politicians preserving their leaving the European Union. Perhaps it is we here at BTC who are too sensitive to terrorism and we need to simply accept that such attacks are simply going to be part of life for the foreseeable future. We would hope not for all our sakes, but perhaps that too remains to be decided as things proceed.


What would be promising would be the realization that there is a conflict in progress for the control of the future. There are those who desire bringing an end to Western Culture and an end to Judeo-Christian civilization. This has been one of our concerns here at BTC but apparently of little concern in far too many institutions. The current curriculum in the liberal arts colleges does not appear to hold any great affection for either Western Culture or Judeo-Christian civilization. Actually, they appear to be just as hostile as the most leftist, anti-Western, anti-Christian and vehemently anti-conservative efforts which appear to have decided that violence is an acceptable weapon to use when opposing everything with which they disagree. This has become apparent on far too many colleges where riots have broken out to prevent conservative speakers from delivering even a speech as innocuous as a commencement address. Should the current trends continue it would mean that generations to come would live in a very different world where freedom may become something dictated and limited to only those who march according to the dictates of the selected leadership and any divergence will be severely punished providing anyone so accused survives their likely lynching.


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