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October 14, 2018

Gaza Heading for Final Confrontation


The Hamas government in cooperation with Iran and the other terror leaders has decided on a steady infestation of violence along the border with Israel. They have found a low-tech means of launching explosive devices by using helium balloons and kites to set much of the surrounding farmland in Israel alight. These efforts have burned down many millions of dollars of crops and equipment as well as destroyed square miles of protected forests and wildlife reserves. They use their youth, largely people under thirty and most less than twenty years of age. The claims are these are spontaneous demonstrations which just happen to, more often than not, increase every Friday afternoon resulting from sermons calling them to action by their Imams. To believe this, one needs to ignore the claims that Hamas pays families to come to these outbursts in order to be part of the photo-ops which the media uses to prove these are completely innocent and peaceful protests, well, except for the riots, the firebombings, the explosive devices, the thrown grenades and the snipers who shoot at the IDF troops from behind the youths attempting to destroy the border fence. Does the United Nations call emergency sessions to condemn the violence on the Gaza border? That is reserved for when Israel responds and takes steps to quell the violence such as came when Israel responded to the initial surge back around the end of last March. For the next emergency session of the United Nations General Assembly, simply wait for the next time Israel feels forced to act against the continuing Gaza violence. This is the norm at the United Nations as the only time there is an emergency is when Israel defends herself.


Hamas has not been resting on their laurels as they are continuing to dig tunnels into Israel even to the point of one which tunneled out under the Mediterranean Sea trying to find an alternate route the Israelis might not detect. These tunnels have mostly, if not completely, been detected by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and summarily exploded. Hamas has put so much effort and use of funds into these tunnels, that had they used the material and efforts to rebuild the structures damaged in the last three wars Hamas forced upon Israel, they could have rebuilt all the damaged structures, built some new schools, two new hospitals and at least a half dozen clinics. For a map of these tunnels, please study the map below. Just this week, Israel was required to destroy another of these infiltration tunnels, one might call them attack and kidnap tunnels as this is what is their intended use, once more this week (see map below). There have been fifteen of these tunnels found and destroyed by Israel. We pray that that has also been the complete number such that we do not awaken one morning to some horrific news of some town, village, kibbutz or other region close to Gaza had people slaughtered and their children kidnapped. Even should such a terrible even occur, we still would not expect the United Nations General Assembly to be called into special session that morning. They would be called into special session the following morning after Israel responded with a major incursion into Gaza in an attempt to rescue the children. The Israeli response to such an act of violence and the abduction of her children would be roundly condemned by a vote which would resemble one-hundred-fifteen condemning Israel, twelve voting against that condemnation and thirty or so abstaining, voting present or simply voting absent. It will be at the future times such as this where Nikki Haley will be most missed.


Hamas Infiltration Tunnels Dug into Israel

Hamas Infiltration Tunnels Dug into Israel


Meanwhile, on the other front with the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its terror base, Israeli suffered having a thirty-two-year-old IDF reserve soldier being wounded in a stabbing attack near the Samaria Regional Brigade Base. According to reports, a twenty-six-year-old Israeli woman who was in the area was also lightly wounded. These attacks are in addition to the recent attacks in which Ziv Hagbi, Kim Levengrond Yehezkel and Ari Fuld were murdered by Arab terrorists from the PA ruled regions. Returning to Gaza, the confrontations and increased use of grenades and explosive incendiary devices as well as shooting at IDF positions and the burning of an abandoned forward position which was not used since the early violence had forced a response by the IDF. There has been increased movement and apparent reinforcement at some of the most critical points around Gaza. Despite these threats, Israel has attempted to continue to deliver critical aid to Gaza but has faced Hamas refusal of the aid or their simply taking the aid for their own use or for sale on the black market. Hamas refuses to distribute international aid as by keeping the Gazans starved economically, they can more easily control them through distribution of the aid they have confiscated and meanwhile gain funds for their terror funding. Hamas further can use the economic ruin of Gaza as a stick with which they strike at Israel with the United Nations echoing, actually amplifying, blaming Israel for the impoverishing of Gaza which is caused by Hamas.


The problem is what may be about to come upon the world yet again, that the actions of Hamas aided by Islamic Jihad and Iran may escalate their violence on the border with Israel leading to the Israeli government having little choice but to finally respond. Then we will most definitely see any number of meetings of the General Assembly and calls for the Security Council to intervene in order to end Israeli aggression. Israel has faced almost seven months filled with violence and attacks against Israel causing the destruction of the livelihoods of all the farming cooperatives and individual farms and the destruction of forests and wildlife reserves and not a peep out of the United Nations. Now, should Israel finally act after over half a year of regimented and ever increasing destruction to the surrounding countryside with intermittent firing of rockets, then we will hear the United Nations General Assembly decrying the awful and unprovoked violence of the IDF and the misuse of military power by the Israeli government all without any perceived aggression against Israel. The Israelis who reside near Gaza have been living under constant threat for this entire period with their warning sirens of the Red Alert System going off where many were false triggers, fortunately. Still, there have been a couple of dozen rockets fired this year and the increased actions along the Gaza border is often the pressures to large escalations with numerous rockets being fired for a couple, three, four days and then a claim that Hamas has agreed to an Egyptian brokered ceasefire. This is more often a ruse as they do this in an attempt to prevent any Israeli response. Meanwhile, the United Nations General Assembly will be standing in the ready to react to any Israeli response decrying the Israeli escalation of the violence and demands that Israel cease their unwarranted and excessive violence against the innocent people of Gaza.


People often query as to what will be the final determination which will end this cycle of violence between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs. The actual answer is obvious and will never be accepted by the United Nations General Assembly or their agencies such as UNESCO, Human Rights Council, UNICEF and almost any other agency and the vast majority of their NGO structure. There are only two possible ends to this conflict. Either the Arab forces will realize their desired revenge and every Jew and many others in Israel will be murdered in a great bloodletting or Israel will end up forcing the Palestinian Arabs across the Jordan River and sweep Hamas and Islamic Jihad into the Sinai Peninsula which will not end the violence but will at least now make the terrorists act from within foreign nations. We believe that eventually, hopefully before not too many more on both sides have their lives taken, there will come an Israeli government which decides they will no longer live with the current insanity as the daily normal. They will take the leadership of the PA, the PLO, Fatah and the PA Security Forces and send them into exile denoting them as persona non-gratas. The Israeli government will offer the Palestinian Arabs to buy their property and give them a generous resettlement reward if they choose to leave the region which is legally Israel and settle elsewhere. Those Arabs who are honest and desire a real new start in life will take this offer and we will wish them the best and wave good-bye. The ones who remain will be told they will be treated as resident foreign aliens and should they find any having any connection with terrorism, those such connected will be sent into exile and labeled as persona non-gratas. These Arabs will be permitted to receive a buyout of their property should they decide to leave Israel within the next year. After this, the remainder, should they decide to leave Israel, will only receive any reimbursement for their property if they should fund a buyer. But there is another front which will be a more difficult problem.


The Gaza front is completely different than the PA regions, as the PA ruled area is actually part of Israel and they have their current semiautonomous governance but only as long as Israel will suffer their presence, because the Hamas governance in Gaza took control of what was supposed to have been a region where the PA was given complete autonomy of the region in order to prove their viability as an actual operating state. The coup by Hamas placed them ruling over this region which Israel had released her claims to Gaza. This means that Gaza could be recognized as an actual nation and is not occupied by Israel in any way. Yes, Israel has placed a blockade on the virtual nation of Gaza once the terrorist group Hamas took control in 2007 replacing the PA in control of the region. Before Hamas took control of Gaza and after August 2005 when Israel removed her presence in Gaza, completely to the last individual, there was no blockade and Gaza was able to trade with anyone directly. It was upon the coup when Hamas took over Gaza and murdered a large number of the PA security personnel and governing officials, many of which were simply taken to the roof of the tallest buildings in Gaza City and sent them to the road below by the fastest route available. This was when Israel found it necessary to blockade Gaza from direct shipments, having all trade unload at the docks in Ashdod where the goods are processed for military materials and then passed directly into Gaza. Israel ships tons of goods into Gaza daily, even when there are active hostilities between Hamas and Israel. The final solution to the Gaza threat will come once the PA has been settled and most, if not all, their resident Arabs taking the Israeli offer and will have relocated outside Israel allowing Israel to simply recognize Gaza as a nation. Once this has been accomplished, any aggressions against Israel from within Gaza would be treated as acts of war. This could lead to a final solution as Israel could, after sufficient aggressive actions, declare war against Gaza and once defeated, the citizens of Gaza could be deported from the region as a result of this war. That would be the advantage to recognizing Gaza as an independent nation, which is actually a valid recognition as Israel has already ceded the land to the PA which lost this region in a violent coup. That left Hamas holding lands which Israel had ceded her ownership to the PA which makes Gaza technically a nation which could be named Hamasland. As a nation, Hamasland could be held responsible for acts of aggression and her people forced from the region should the area be lost to Israel in an actual and real war between nations. Such a war can result in the relocation of the entire population which has many precedents throughout history, and will be the likely end of violence with Gaza. If the citizens of Gaza are permitted to remain, they will be resident aliens without a nation. Why is it that Israel is so lucky as to get all the new and unusual situations and making these situations that may result in new conditions and populations, which if the situation was any other nation (with the possible exception of the United States) would be permitted to initiate a final and definitive solution which could easily include the resettlement of large populations in result of responses to violence and acts of war. Hamas will have to be removed from Gaza, and whatever is the result with the population, they must never be permitted to reengage in terrorism and should any feel such a need, they would need face exile and persona non-gratas status. Should Israel ever be forced to reconquer and take full control over Gaza, the resultant resolution for that population would require their being prevented from resuming terror acts and other forms of violence against Israel (and also Egypt). This would require their being denied, at least initially, any form of self-rule as the result of an election in Gaza produced the Hamas majority in the last PA sponsored elections in 2005. It was in Gaza where Hamas received a comfortable majority which has been reported as being over three-quarters of the vote totals. Their support for Hamas in Gaza was partly responsible for the takeover by the terrorist group in 2007. This is why the population of Gaza would need to be deHamasized in a similar manner as Germany had to be deNazified after World War II. That would also be a very difficult form of deprogramming, as for these people their support of Hamas is steeped in their religious beliefs and thus next to impossible to change by any normal means. This is why their being relocated is actually the only real solution which would remove any threat from rematerializing. That is the difficulty which the world would ignore as they would demand that Israel allow the people of Gaza to have self-rule if they promise to forgo terrorism. That is right; Israel would be demanded by most of the world to take their word that they would act civilly in the future as if there is no such thing as Taqiyyah in Islam. But why should the world worry about their honesty as they would not be the targets of the forthcoming terrorism, Israel would and that is just fine with the remainder of the world, well, most of them. The solution is to first recognize that there is no solution to the problem and thus the only true solution is the complete removal of the troublesome populations from the region and doing so with such finality that nobody would dare question the action.


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October 12, 2018

The World Can be Wrong, Dead Wrong


When it comes to Israel, we have a very unique situation. It is possible that on some issues, Israel might stand almost totally alone and still be correct and right while the world stands steadfastly wrong, dead wrong. The problem is while the world is dead wrong; there are numbers of Israelis who are doing the dying. The most recent were murdered in cold blood, tied and shackled before being shot execution style in the head. They were Kim Levengrond Yehezkel, 28, and Ziv Hagbi, 35, and they join Ari Fuld who was murdered just miles away being stabbed in the back. What do these three victims and those also wounded by these two terror attacks all have in common? This is the root of this terrible problem which will only serve to make matters worse and they are legion in their numbers. The first and possibly most important similarity is that their perpetrators, the two terrorists, will each receive large salaries which are easily four times the average salary earned at other professions in the Palestinian Authority controlled region. They will purportedly receive these salaries (see table below) for life and Mahmoud Abbas has exclaimed proudly that these ‘warriors against the occupation’ will receive their blood money before their government pays any other obligation. This is the pay to slay solution invoked by the leader who is also the individual Israel has as their peace partner. These murders are also a direct result of having zones of cooperation where the Palestinian Arabs can traverse the border between the Israeli controlled regions and their Palestinian Authority ruled regions without often even passing through a checkpoint. This is what permitted the terrorist, who perpetrated the murders at the Industrial park, to be able to simply cross into Israel with a rifle unchecked. That is the reward Israel receives for providing jobs to Palestinian Arabs, including this terrorist murderer, and the promise of a brighter future through coexistence. Mahmoud Abbas’s idea of coexistence is the Jews either as Dhimmis allowed to live as long as they provide for their Arab masters or dead and buried. The problem is the world supports Mahmoud Abbas and his ideas and believes that all the Ziv Hagbi, Kim Levengrond Yehezkel and Ari Fuld and the rest of Israeli Jews are the problem and Abbas and company have the right to murder them, as they are merely Jews.


Palestinian Authority Remunerations for Terrorists

Palestinian Authority Remunerations for Terrorists


We have heard people across the political and social spectrum of Israel lamenting the cost and potential death of coexistence and the shared future of Arabs and Jews would have if only there were some shared experience which could act to merge the two peoples together. This is the entire concept of the coexistence operations and we see where that leads, to more terror and more solemn services as we place the bodies of the Israeli martyrs to coexistence. The difference between the Israeli martyrs and the terror martyrs of the Palestinian Authority Arabs is the Israelis were innocent victims of terror and the Palestinian Authority Arabs are often the terrorists who murdered them. Currently, the terrorist murderer who felled Ari Fuld is being carefully cared for in an Israeli hospital and the murderer of Kim Levengrond Yehezkel and Ziv Hagbi is still being sought by the IDF and other security teams. While most Israelis are mourning the loss of our brothers and a sister from the past few weeks of violence, political Israelis such as Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, IDF Spokesperson Brigadier General Ronen Manelis, Head of the Samarian Regional Council Yossi Dagan and even Sarah Vettori, an employee of the Alon factory who was moderately wounded all joined the ranks hoping that the coexistence and coexistence zones will not suffer from these horrific acts. Over 30,000 Palestinian Arabs from the Shomron have work permits for the different industrial zones, also known as the ‘zones of coexistence, which means there are exactly that many Palestinian Arabs who could decide to retire and earn their salary for life by murdering the very Israelis they worked besides just the day before. Coexistence is costing Israeli lives, plain and simple.


What is depressing about this situation is that the Palestinian Authority will continue to pay its people to murder Israelis, preferably Jewish Israelis, while Israel will continue to broaden the areas which will be taking advantage of becoming the newest coexistence zone and Israel will continue granting work permits such that additional Palestinian Authority Arabs will be added to the already over thirty-thousand work permits granted to Palestinian Arabs to cross the border into Israel and enter these industrial parks, from which gaining entrance to the shopping centers and even the Israeli villages all because of coexistence. This will inexorably lead to more Israelis being murdered by enterprising youth who will see this as the preferred route to wealth as well as fame. Additionally, these murderers and their families are praised and rewarded with social status in addition to the retirement salary. Terrorism is the one position which will pay into perpetuity for a single hour’s work and Israel is facilitating these murders. The Palestinian Arabs do not care about coexistence zones because they have no intention of ever coexisting. Every so often, we fall into the trap that there is something we can do which would permanently bring peace and end the terrorist violence and then we wake up and require facing murder after murder. Only complete separation of the two populations would bring about an end to these attacks as well as ending coexistence, but the Israeli politicians are too concerned about what the Europeans, Americans, Canadians and possibly some remote Inuit Tribesmen would think of them if they were to close down these coexistence zones. Any normative nation would have at least temporarily closed these zones once the death toll reached one, but Israel is leaving them open despite three falling in a single month. There needs to be a complete and total separation of the Palestinian Arabs from all who are dissimilar for the safety of the others.


Family Home of the Barkan Industrial Zone Terrorist Who Murdered Ziv Hagbi and Kim Levengrond Yehezkel

Family Home of the Barkan Industrial Zone Terrorist
Who Murdered Ziv Hagbi and Kim Levengrond Yehezkel


We have suggested solutions and now believe that there are parts which may require adjustments in order for them to work properly. We have spoken and written about allowing numbers of Palestinian Arabs who chose to remain to simply sign a statement of nonaggression and agreeing to reside peaceably and not in any way or means support terrorism or other violence. These Arabs would have received legal alien resident status and been permitted total access to all of Israel. Should anyone under their roof commit an act of terrorism, the entire family would be summarily deported. The original offer was for those who desired being bought out at market prices for their holdings and potentially a relocation stipend. Finally, we believed that allowing Israeli companies to open manufacturers in Jordan dedicated for product sales in the United States with new apartments in the surrounding area which would provide new homes for those relocating to the QIZ (Qualifying Industrial Zones). Now the QIZ are looking to be less of an opportunity as a certain number of Israelis would be required to work in these zones and it is now obvious that they would become targets of some hero seeking the reward from the PLO as the Palestinian Authority would have been disbanded, or should we say sent into exile. Both permitting some Palestinian Arab to remain is dangerous and the QIZ would be a further difficulty and very likely, both would prove to be too great a threat to actually work. Additionally, in the Palestinian Authority ruled region the level of anti-Semitic function was almost off the charts coming in at over 90%. Permitting any to remain would be allowing a danger to the nation of Israel to be nestled within our borders. The only workable solution is complete relocation and annexation of the Shomron making the Jordan River to be our border in the east with Jordan.


This does not mean that Israel should not buy the lands from them at a fair price and they should receive an additional amount to make their relocation less of a difficulty. As far as the amount for the relocation bonus, that might be set at 100,000 shekels. The entire project should be carried out in seven steps:

First, all current convicted terrorists in prison should be expelled and told of their status as persona non grata and should be warned that returning without prior permission would result in death or a life sentence. This should include the leadership of the Palestinian Authority, PLO and any known terror leadership.

Second, there should be a sweep of the area for all known terrorists and their immediate family and send them unceremoniously into exile and labeled as persona non grata and warned of severe penalties should they ever return and are caught in Israel.

Third, a second sweep needs to be made of those who strongly objected and especially those who rioted.

Fourth, families of terrorists, especially those having more than one family member who has committed or has interrelations with terror, such as the Tamini Family, should also be shown the border and informed of their becoming persona non grata.

Fifth, the remainder should be given two weeks to settle their personal needs as after that time they will be bought out of their property, provided transportation to their destinations either by air or alternative transport, and will receive a bonus to assist with their relocation and they will be told they may return for as long as they cause Israel no threat or other harm.

Sixth, the entire region where the Palestinian Arabs had resided needs to be leveled with every structure brought down and the entire region leveled. Then the bricks and other materials should be removed while the charcoal piles should be taken for use in modern industry.

Seventh, the entire region should then be opened up for Israelis to move to and take up residence. This will cement the Israeli claims to the region. Those Israelis moving into this region could be rewarded with a stipend to get them started and a similar stipend could go to the families already residing in this area.


Israel will have legally and fully annexed the entirety of the Shomron, every millimeter of what Jordan referred to as West Bank, as the first step could only be carried forward had Israel taken ownership of the region. After formally declaring ownership of these lands, then it becomes necessary to take the steps required to clear the lands of those foreign occupants. The reason that we place the members of the Palestinian Authority at the head for removal as well as jailed terrorists is that they pose the greatest risk and make up much of the organized resistance to any Jewish presence in the Middle East. As far as Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the top echelon of terror manipulators, these will require being removed from the vicinity completely and placed in disparate regions making any coordination more difficult and easily intercepted by intelligence groups. They cannot be permitted to sit in the Sinai or Jordan and plot ways to destroy or destabilize Israel. The reason to exile them far from one another is it makes communication more difficult and most means are easily intercepted. Further, their transfers of money will also be able to be prevented or at the very least hindered. The steps above are also the initial requirements for ensuring the safety of Israel and the quality of life for all Israelis including Arabs.


Our previous ideas of allowing for those who signed non-belligerence confirmations promising not to take part or support terrorism in any way or means is no longer the way to secure Israeli society. As we have witnessed in the past few weeks is that the youth have been so instilled with a hatred, a murderous hatred, of the Jews and Israel that they are no longer under the control of their parents. Thus, having the parents promise they will not take part in terrorism does not indemnify Israeli society against their children grabbing the family rifle or taking the largest kitchen knife and heading out to the closest shared zone and them start murdering everyone who appears to be a Jew or an Israeli. Thanks to the hate education sponsored through mostly European and United States money over the years, whether the education was provided by the Palestinian Authority or through UNWRA, the children are ticking time bombs which can erupt into a violent rage at any point in life and are completely unpredictable. Additionally, the cash incentive to a young person is very enticing as it provides an income greater than they can probably find within the Arab areas and even greater than the average Israeli’s salary. When much of your education has been the false history of a Palestinian people whose history goes back thousands of years and were the original Canaanites and other various lies and theft from Jewish history adding the adoption of the term Palestinian which was originally used for the Jews when the Arabs were referred to as Arabs, imagine that, they have stolen all of Jewish history and then tell these impressionable children that the Jews are attempting to steal their history and land, no wonder they are ready to murder Jews. They unfortunately act before they reach a point where they might question what they were indoctrinated with, but as Islam teaches that one is to surrender to those older and presumably wiser or to the Imam and what they preach, which in the Palestinian Authority and Hamas ruled regions is hatred of Israel and Jews and the need to murder them for Allah. This goes hand in hand with the seventy-two perpetual raven haired virgin beauties and the land with grass and flowing rivers with waterfalls and endless wine which never makes one drunk but they still feel great and other benefits galore while being taught that this life is worthless and difficult and they can have it so much better if they manage to die murdering Israelis. These youths must be distanced from Israel if the Israelis are to expect to live in peace. That is all Israel desires, to live in peace in the lands promised her by the world through the League of Nations and the United Nations, but the world now wishes to renege on their promise and instead simply does away with the Jews in Israel. Not to fear, they plan to get the rest soon thereafter. This is why Israel must clear the land and will need to do the same with Gaza if they continue to act belligerently.


Beyond the Cusp


September 27, 2018

To Make a Safer Israel


We will take a look at what it would mean to make Israel safe for all such that none need fear a knife in the back, a gun in their face or any other threat to life and limb. Such an Israel would make life better for both Jew, Muslim, Christian, Arab, Pilipino, Druze, Bedouin and anyone else be they temporary workers, tourists and especially people living inside the borders of Israel. This will not be an easy task nor will it come without some actions guaranteed for brandishing against Israel by her consistent detractors worldwide. The storms which will follow actions intended for mutual advancement and insuring safety for all will be portrayed as racist, the favorite charge of those opposed to equality for all and seeking only power for themselves. You will not have to believe us on this as if and when any of these ideas are adopted generally within Israel, the screaming which will follow calling the people behind the changes racist will be just the start. There will be meetings demanded in the United Nations General Assembly, the Human Rights Commission, petitions of the United Nations Security Council, claims filed with the Israeli Supreme Court, emergency sessions of the European Union and these are but an introduction before the storm of protests in every western capital and major city by all the usual suspect NGO’s. Still, the safety concerns and threats to all residing between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea must come to an end.


The main threat to all these people is terrorism. Terrorism affects every part of the Israeli community from the Jews to the Arabs and everyone inbetween. This scourge should never have been invited back into Israel with the return of Yasser Arafat. We now know that he did not return to be a partner to building the best Israel for all its peoples but as a conquering hero to deconstruct everything which had been built and accomplished by Israel and prevent all which was still to be accomplished by Israel. Oslo is now a sad fact of history and unchangeable. The Second and Stabbing Intifadas are two more sad facts of history which are not going to be easily erased. But as much as these events tore great wounds in the Israeli society and destroyed lives, we would rather not count, and been the cause of too many funerals on all sides; there is no longer reason to continue with this farce, this charade, this war by peace process. Israeli governments had every reason to end this at its infancy and at every painful growing step inbetween and must finally put this monster in its grave. Jews have born the brunt of the damage in deaths and maimed citizens. Arabs have born an unintended damage of lost trust, lost opportunity, lost liberties, loss of freedoms and loss of trust by non-Arabs. The casualties from this monster cut across racial, gender, ethnicity and religious grounds and have taken a toll on all. This must end and end immediately.


The initial step will be the most difficult, it always is. As every paratrooper learns if they have never jumped before, the hardest part of that first jump is the step off of a perfectly functioning aircraft. That first step is a crucially necessary yet frightening step, as are all first steps as they take us from what we were comfortable with, even if uneasily so, and place us in a new and uncertain future where things are going to need to change. The same will be true in making Israel better and safer for every one of her peoples. The first step in this case comes concerning Mahmoud Abbas and his concert of fellow terror masters. They need to be returned to where they were before Oslo, not necessarily Tunisia, but definitely exiled and persona-non-grata from Israel. Then the remaining leadership of Fatah, the PLO, Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, officers from security forces and everyone who is a known participant in the terror campaign to force the Jews from Israel and replace the Israeli democracy with an Islamic Sharia tyranny will need to be removed. This step will be opposed with force often using the very weapons Israel provided the security personnel. At the start, let it be known that every person, both Jew and Arab and all others will have a simple choice, which side they stand with. One side will be represented by the IDF and Shin Bet security agency and the other by the terrorists and their supporters. Those deciding to stand with Israel should let this be known at their earliest convenience to an IDF soldier or Israeli security personnel and you will be located in a safe place for the hopefully fairly short duration. The leadership is known to Israeli security officials and will be located and sent into exile with their ill gotten gains and can live the remainder of their lives in wealth. Those who decide that they would prefer to go out in a blaze of glory, the IDF is fully capable of providing that blaze, as far as glory, the IDF is not in the glory business, just the saving of innocents to the best of their ability.


Terrorism is Light’s Out


After the leadership has been removed, the remainder will be more at ease and able to decide their own future. This offer will be made to all residing between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea, and it will be a one time offer for each to choose including those who are Jews as we would not desire to leave out any from even amongst our own who have questionable loyalty. For Israelis, it will be assumed that you are loyal to Israel and if this is a problem for you, it would be to your advantage to avail yourself of one of the deals which places you outside Israel; otherwise, it will be assumed that you have accepted the loyalty oath. For those residing in Palestinian Arab regions, if you desire to remain within the borders of Israel (River to the Sea), then you will be required to sign a loyalty oath where you are simply promising to never take up arms against the country of Israel nor intentionally harm those residing within her borders. What are the other alternatives should you decide not to sign such an oath? They are very simple. There will be an offer to buy your properties for which you can prove ownership and then you can leave Israel never to return. It is likely that there will be a sliding scale bonus which is intended to make any relocation more easily accomplished. This relocation bonus will start at some set figure and then each month that passes it will be reduced by ten percent and after the tenth month will no longer be available, so if you are leaving, haste is to you own interests. After a year has passed from the completion of removal of the leadership and known terror planners, bomb makers, rocket makers, terror trainers and all the other people deeply entrenched in the terror trade, those remaining who have not signed the loyalty oath will be found and forced into exile as they will be assumed to be sympathetic to the causes of terror and intend to destroy the Jewish state. From this point forward, any act of terror will result in exile with no opportunity for return for the terrorist and every last person who aided the terror. Those who decide that Israel was joking about permanent exile and return into the borders, they will be arrested and their penalty will be simple, first offense will result in exile and second offense will have a sentence of life imprisonment or the death penalty. The latter will be more likely if the return was with the intent of causing an insurrection or for the commission or coordination of acts of terror.


We can propose what we view as the best hope and opportunity for the Palestinian Arabs as have a number of other editorialists and political scientists, and each of our plans will give a disparate group an idea of how their area would best be served, and their situations may change while they adjust, but they all have the same shortcoming, they are not able to be implemented as long as Mahmoud Abbas has the heaviest and largest group of guns and the thugs to use them. Nobody is going to step forward to take any of these opportunities is doing so will only get them dead. That is where Israel will need to step up to the plate and remove the threats hanging over these people’s heads and give them one final shot at freedom and the management of their own lives. They will also need to understand that this is their last and final shot at living real, ordinary lives and that it is going to take all of them working to realize a true and tangible, honest and viable peace with Israel or they will force Israel’s hands, and those hands have even more and bigger guns than Mahmoud Abbas, the PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and all the other terror and criminal gangs combined. Israel can and should offer the Palestinian Arabs willing to sign an agreement where they will no longer wage a war of any kind against Israel in exchange for the managing of their own lives freely and with the rights they are willing to grab. If the Palestinian Arabs cannot take over their own lives and allow criminals or terrorists to take over once again, then they will have spoken for their area and will face the appropriate action in return. Mess up this opportunity and lose your opportunity to remain within the borders of Israeli provided protection and the result is you will likely find yourself in Jordan if lucky and Syria if not or potentially anywhere inbetween where somebody is willing to take you. But this final opportunity will obviously not be won independently by the Palestinian Arabs without Israel first removing the threats from around their collective necks. Initially, this will be peace at the end of a collection of IDF bayonets as Israel provides the initial fertile ground for the Palestinian Arabs to show their true colors.


Israel will need to remove the PLO, Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and everyone else who refuses to permit the Palestinian Arabs their right to freely choose their new leaders for possibly the first and definitively their last time. Either they choose leadership capable and willing to work with and reside peaceably under an Israel security umbrella which will keep out the rain but also not permit threats of any kind from within the Palestinian Arab population. The people of Gaza were presumably given an opportunity to build the perfect Palestinian Arab society and they did this by throwing off the Palestinian Authority and PLO largely and for the main reason that they were not killing Israelis fast enough and they chose Hamas to lead them. Well, this time there will be no PLO, no Hamas, no Islamic Jihad, no Islamic State, no Iran and nothing to prevent the Palestinian Arabs willing to sign a loyalty oath declaring their intention to live at peace with Israel from choosing leadership and a form of self-governance which will work for their benefit and pose no threat to Israel. Of course, some groups of Palestinian Arabs will choose to continue the old habits under new leadership. The first ones caught heading in this direction will hopefully serve as warning to how this will end for any others contemplating their own extinction event. Israel has run out of patience with those dead-set on attempting to murder every Israeli and some even every Jew in the world. This is the one thing which will be evidenced as the quick way to lose everything. This will be the final opportunity to have self governance and for remaining within these walls. Any attempts at choosing a terror based governance or other governance evil in its outcome will result in the elimination of that group of Palestinian Arabs as they will be deported. Any group deciding to elect Barghouti or similar anti-Israel, anti-Zionist or anti-Semitic leadership will find themselves under close scrutiny and if some form of general insurrection is their true choice, well, that will be their last lost hope for independent and a free existence. Israel should be prepared for anywhere up to half of the disparate Palestinian Arab choices to result in a simple continuation of the same embezzlement and rampant violence forcing the Israelis to act immediately to counter such a choice from initiating a more dangerous and well armed core group. Any such group should be treated as the pariah as they have earned to be treated. Israel is under no real suffocation and need not permit any rejectionist groups from operating within her borders and posing a danger to her people. Any township, city or other entity resulting within the Palestinian Arab leadership inimical to Israeli interests will be removed along with those who support them. Should this result in the exile of the entirety of the Palestinian Arab population, then that will just have to be the result with which the world will simply have to adjust, even the European Union. If the European Union truly cares so deeply for the Palestinian Arabs, then perhaps this could be the place to put those whose final choice was to one last time choose those who would work to destroy Israel.


There have been ample opportunities for the Palestinian Arabs to find a suitable form of governance which could provide them with the means for productive lives posing no threats to Israel. Even so, this will necessarily be their final shot at a decent life of self-respect, self-reliance and peaceful coexistence with Israel. Choose poorly and one can expect consequences as the Palestinian Arabs will not be provided any more opportunity to choose wisely, carefully and fully cognizant of what a poor choice will bring upon them. Still, we figure at least one third will still choose leaders who desire to bring Jihad against Israelis before even thinking of their responsibility to govern the people for whose lives they are responsible. These will be sent to join the initial wave who voluntarily decided to leave. There will not be any further games or failures of leadership as the safety and opportunity to live full and productive lives is also the right of every Israeli. Far too many Israeli lives have been lost or shattered being sacrificed for the sake of Palestinian Arab freedoms. It is far beyond time that Israel acted solely for the benefit of her citizens and made a future for their children free from the fear, war, terrorism and the other pestilence which have plagued Israeli society as they wore the albatross of the Palestinian terrorist debacles around their necks. Israel is and always has been and will be a beacon of life and opportunity and must no longer suffer these defeatist attitudes. This may be the last time Israel will have the backing of the White House in taking such steps to bring an end to what has been the most intractable problem of the last hundred years. None of this means that Israel must act rashly or vindictively out of desires for revenge. This is an opportunity to give doing the most for the Palestinian Arabs this final time before simply cutting them out no longer permitting them the free range to harm Israeli citizens. Israel need not suffer any more deaths, kidnappings or even holding the bodies stolen from the field of battle as hostages. The time to push a new dynamic is long overdo and if Israel misses this golden opportunity, she very well may never see another such opportunity come her way for the foreseeable future. Israel no longer has any time to count her blessings and must realize they need to strike while the opportunity is available with a guaranteed veto of any Security Council sanctions. Israel, if required, must act in her highest interests which must be her own people and especially her children. Israel must suffer no further Fogel family slaughters or Salomon family slaughters who were assaulted at their Shabbat evening dinner meal, deaths of infants such as Adel Biton or Chaya Zisel Braun’s whose family were struck as part of a vehicular ramming attack at a Jerusalem light rail disembarking point (see video below), no further Park Hotel Massacres where people, largely older people, siting for a Passover Seder were gunned down where they sat or any other of the nearly uncountable terrorist attacks which have plagued the Israeli people since this war against the Jewish People began around 630 A.D. in Medina, Saudi Arabia. Israel need not lose another soldier to terror and its ramifications.



This must, by necessity, be the absolute final opportunity for the Palestinian Arabs to get their governance correct. Should they at any point going forward allow terrorists to take over their government, then they will have earned Israel sending their entire village, city or area into exile. It is well past time for Israel to simply say, ‘Enough,’ to all the terrorism and violence. There is no other viable option than to pacify the Palestinian Arab population by destroying their ability to do harm as well as removing those communities which pose a threat. This can be accomplished by new governance but should they choose to remain ruled by terrorist masters, then they will be ruling themselves from outside of Israel where such actions would be able to be considered an act of war, and aggression from a foreign nation upon Israel. If it becomes necessary that Israel take the position and the world be damned, then such need be the case. Anyway one slices this cake, it is the last opportunity for a group which has been granted several such opportunities and never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity. No more.


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