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March 23, 2018

Arab Israel Peace Takes Turn for the Worse


United States Ambassador to Israel David Friedman and Palestinian Authority President has recently been battling in the media with exchanges of accusations and insult. The exchanges began with Ambassador David Friedman expressing dissatisfaction and sorrow over the fact that nobody from the leadership of the Palestinian Authority had spoken forth to condemn the series of deadly terror attacks that took the lives of three Israelis over the weekend. As a simple review, please allow us to review the events from this past weekend. On Friday March 16, 2018, an Arab terrorist rammed his vehicle into four soldiers and killed two Israeli soldiers in northern Samaria, and injured two more. The terrorist was caught and was injured and hospitalized while also facing interrogation. Our murdered soldiers were Captain Ziv Deus, 21, from the Azor Regional Council, and Sergeant Netanal Kahalani, 20, from the town of Eliakim. A third Israeli was murdered in the Old City part of Jerusalem when he was repeatedly stabbed. The victim was identified as 32-year-old Adiel Kolman, a father of four from the town of Kochav Hashahar. The terrorist fled the scene but was identified as 28-year-old Abed al-Rahman Bani Fa’adal, a resident of the Palestinian Authority-controlled town of Aqraba, near Shechem [Nabulus] and was found to have entered Israel with a valid entry permit.


These permits are provided to Palestinian Arabs so they are able to enter Israel and work. In this case the permit was reportedly a temporary entry permit, intended to allow Abed al-Rahman Bani Fa’adal to find work. It is more likely that the entry permit was applied for in order to carry out the attack and the terrorist lied in order to receive the permit. As long as you have no record of terror activity you are issued these permits. Fa’adal reportedly received several entry permits in the past. Abed al-Rahman Bani Fa’adal was faced at the scene of the attack and an officer who shot and killed him. Below is a picture of the knife used to murder Adiel Kolman, the father of four from the town of Kochav Hashahar. The reason behind Ambassador David Friedman’s distress likely stems from that in the past, at the very least Mahmoud Abbas would make some statement condemning acts of terror and express (false) sympathy for the immediate family of those slain. It is realized that Abbas will continue to grant pension style funding to the terrorist in prison or the family of those slain terrorists commensurate with the number of Israelis murdered with other bonuses for special considerations. The lack of even the pretend sympathy is a further sign that all civility between the United States and the Palestinian Authority are gone and the United States will not be considered as equal to the Israelis living beyond the Green Line. These Israelis reside in Area C on lands that are legally intended for Israel to possess. The sliding scale which Yasser Arafat perfected and Mahmoud Abbas has continued has convinced the world that Israel is encroaching on lands which belonged to a nation called Palestine which was a victim in the Six Day War. The problem is there was no nation of Palestine nor has there ever been such a nation. The lands between the Green Line and the Jordan River were occupied Israeli lands by right of the San Remo Convention and numerous treaties since including Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. The occupying power was Jordan who when signing their peace treaty with Israel forfeited any claims to these lands which means there is no actual legal controversy, these lands all belong to Israel unless she recognizes another owner to whom she gifts lands such as was the case with Gaza which was turned over to the Palestinian Authority who subsequently lost it in a coup to Hamas. The rest is, as they say, history.


Knife Used to Murder Adiel Kolman the Father of Four

Knife Used to Murder Adiel Kolman the Father of Four


Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas responded on Monday to Ambassador David Friedman’s comments on the lack of condemnation of the weekend terror attacks. In very informal and unacceptable language, Mahmoud Abbas referred to Ambassador Friedman as a “son of a dog, settler.” This is referencing of Jews as the offspring of apes, or sometimes simply monkeys, and pigs. In Islam additionally dogs are considered an unclean animal which they are advised to avoid contact with. Thus calling Friedman the offspring of a dog, he avoided using the usual denotation for somebody who is Jewish using Dog instead of Ape or Pig. Abbas was still insulting the American Ambassador and went further to call him a settler and his family to be settlers in his Ramallah speech where Abbas said, “The United States legitimizes settlements. That’s what American officials do, and at their head, in Tel Aviv, is David Friedman. He said, ‘They’re building on their own land.’ The son of a dog, they’re building on their own land? He himself is a settler, and his entire family are settlers.” This name calling and using an unclean animal could easily make them a legitimate target for a terror attack in the minds of Palestinians. Some terrorist may go so far as to decide that he will strike this “dog settler” and rid Abbas of this thing which is obviously unclean and residing on stolen lands. The American Ambassador’s apartment is in West Jerusalem, not in East Jerusalem, which does not matter to Mahmoud Abbas as he considers Tel Aviv residents to be Jews living on occupied Palestinian Lands. Mahmoud Abbas and the majority, if not all, of the Palestinian Authority, the PLO and Fatah Party leadership view all of Israel as rightfully theirs. This is what they mean when they refer to the seventy years of occupation as Mahmoud Abbas consistently states at the United Nations without even a peep of opposition. The video below is from the official Palestinian Authority television broadcast station from March 11, 2016, just over two year ago. In this video near the forty-second mark is where Abbas refers to what he called their occupation for 67 or 68 years which takes us back to 1948 when Israel was established. When Abbas states he wants to go back to before there were lines, he desires a return to Ottoman Rule where the Muslims ruled all of the lands from Turkey. Jerusalem was home to a majority Jewish population and Jews were permitted to reside anywhere in Jerusalem. Abbas has even denoted that he desires to return to May 13, 1948, one day before Israel declared her independent existence and when six Arab armies supported by a number of militias all attacked Israel and when she lost Gaza to Egypt and Judea and Samaria to Jordan. But Abbas simply desires to erase Israel from any lands and existence.



Needless to say, American Ambassador Friedman did not take the slight from Abbas well. As a matter of fact, he made it the central theme of his opening remarks to the Sixth Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism (see video below). Ambassador Friedman stated to the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism, “Three Jews were killed in cold blood by the Palestinian terrorists, and the reaction from the Palestinian Authority was deafening. No condemnation whatsoever. I pointed that out, without further adjectives, without further commentary. Abu Mazen (Abbas) chose to respond. … His response was to refer to me as the ‘son of a dog.’ Anti-Semitism or political discourse? Not for me to judge. I’ll leave that all up to you.” One can easily assume how the attendees at the Sixth Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism would react to this dangerous game and name-calling.



Meanwhile, Israeli leaders have let their feelings be aired, with Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) saying, “David, after just one year in office, we can already see that you’re going to go down in Israel’s history as a true friend of the State of Israel.” Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu responded, “Abu Mazen’s remarks about US Ambassador David Friedman say everything. This is the first time in decades that the US government is no longer spoiling the Palestinian leaders, and he’s telling them: enough. Apparently the shock of hearing the truth made them lose their senses.” Our additional words will be quotes from Giulio Meotti where in his article 14 New Israeli Orphans in One Month where he states In just one month in Israel, the same scene took place three times in three different locations: Har Bracha, Havat Gilad and Kochav Hachachar.”

  • 1) Hundreds of people crowded in a cemetery, sometimes an improvised one.
    2) The victims, all young Israelis, civilians, fathers, husbands.
    3) Killed by Palestinian Arab terrorists just because they were Jews.
    4) Families in agony.
    5) Young wives and mothers in mourning, small communities devastated by the violent death shattering the sense of security.
    6) No condemnation by Palestinian “peace partners”.
    7) Faint, inaudible voices from Europe.
    8) Horrendous newspaper titles.
    “Western ears and eyes are full of images of Palestinian Arab youths, often impostors like Ahed Tamimi, the darling of the “popular Intifada”, but never of these 14 Israeli orphans. Double orphans. Their fathers killed twice. First by the terrorists. Then by Western indifference.”


Giulio Meotti struck the vital chord in this saga, the reactions in the Western World and the reason they are so jaded. They are shown scenes of people starving or standing before a half destroyed building weeping for their loss. Every one of these stories tells of Palestinian troubles and hardships. You will see a Palestinian mother whose son, a terrorist, was killed while perpetrating a terror attack aboard a Jerusalem bus in October of 2015 and said she hoped her other sons would follow in his footsteps, and, with knife in hand, announced her intention to carry out her own attack against Israelis. The next video is from July 22, 2009, and depicts a mother before and after her son commits an act of terrorism seeking to be killed by Israeli troops. One might ask what gain is there in being killed by IDF troops or police while you are in an act of terror murdering innocents who are usually not armed. The reason is obvious, it brings honor to your family and guarantees them a far better wage for their son dead than he could make while living. Many of the terrorists when captured claim that there are no decent jobs even with the Palestinian Authority government and the stipend granted the family of a martyr is far greater than even a good job would pay in their society. They give their lives so their family can have a better life. If they commit a sufficiently violent crime killing many Israelis leading to their house, their family’s house, being demolished, the Palestinian authority builds them a new house. So it could be two benefits, a new house and a high stipend salary earned each month by their now dead son. She also states her wish to have one-hundred sons to sacrifice to Allah. What religion do you know where you sacrifice your children to your deity? Think about this religion existing in our modern world where sacrificing your children to your deity, to your god. And this idea of sacrificing children to Allah is not new and exists throughout much of Islamic culture and lands. An entire webpage is dedicated to such exuberance from parents of martyrs, for any wishing to see more. We do not even wish to think about this any further; it sickens us.



The terror war in Israel is unfortunately continuing at a higher than acceptable pace. Hamas is still taking all the cement and bracing lumber to make their tunnels into Israel and Israel continues to destroy them as they are detected. Hamas has invested anywhere from two to five million Euros on each tunnel and Israel destroys a tunnel almost every week and two on a good week. That is a lot of time and effort and steals from the people in Gaza who also need these supplies to rebuild their homes and lives. Below is a picture of one of the discovered tunnels which was subsequently destroyed.


Hamas Tunnel Discovered in Israel by the IDF

Hamas Tunnel Discovered in Israel by the IDF


Hamas could build apartment buildings and it is estimated that the cost and supplies utilized in building one tunnel which Israel finds and destroys could have built three schools or five clinics or almost two hospitals. These estimates do not include the entire network of underground bunkers and interconnecting tunnel structures which are underneath Gaza City, Rafah, and Khan Yunis as well as the refugee camp. Why there is a refugee camp in Gaza is beyond our understanding, as there is little if any difference between the people in the camp and those outside the camp except those inside the camp eat even if they have no job, those outside the camp do not have that privilege. These UNRWA camps have found a means of destroying any possibility for civility between them and those outside their camps throughout the Arab world. Much of this has to do with the refugees selling off items, which UNRWA replaces freely, making a tidy profit off their fellow Arabs. Additionally, the refugees receive a stipend so as to provide them some dignity despite not having steady jobs as these camps often are closed holding the refugees within as in the past when they were permitted free movement a fairly large number fled to start life over and live a normal life. Still, others have adopted the life of living off the largess gifted them by UNRWA and are in their third or fourth generation exploiting the charity of the world. President Trump decided the United States was not going to further invest in this wasteful system and ended United States UNRWA aid monies. We should end on that one good sliver of hope.


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March 18, 2018

What Israel Must Do if Elections Plus War is Forced Upon Her

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There has been much noise lately that this coalition is starting to be torn asunder by opposition promises to the weaker factions of a great future when they defeat Likud and finally topple Bibi Netanyahu for good. There are even rumblings that should elections be called soon that Bibi would be arraigned on the flimsiest of evidence with charges of anything they can find and then the Supreme Court will receive a suit against allowing him to even run. This is their best hope to unseat Netanyahu, call elections while using the media to force some charge, any charge, just to get him disqualified from the next elections. With the skulduggery and political warfare going on currently in some of the darker recesses which exist with parliamentary governments, the fact is that Israel’s greatest enemies are gathering on her borders again. It may just be posturing, it may be simply pretense, it may be symbolism, it may be a series of shows for the public image, it may be an increase in terror which appears as the weather warms or it may be preparation for an all out war called and directed from Tehran. Whichever may be the case; Israel need restate the reality of her plans for any response to a terror war and state it loudly and clearly with no chance for any doubts or misperceptions. These promises need to go out and be understood that these are the standing orders, government or no government.


Hamas must have it be understood that their fiefdom will be no more. Should Hamas initiate another rocket and tunnel war with Israel, it needs to be conveyed that they will be put out of business whether they initiate the offenses or if Islamic Jihad does or anyone starts shooting unceasingly out of Gaza at Israelis. This out of business will be exactly what it sounds like it means, they will never attack Israel from Gaza again and if we are able to, and we are, to catch their leaders, they will be tried for crimes against humanity, war crimes and will never see the light of day again when Israel is finished. Israel should inform them that there is one bill which will be passed into law before the government retires and instituted into the basic laws that terrorism makes one eligible in cases of death for the death penalty, and the leadership of the terror organizations would qualify in spades. If these terror masters think for one second that such a trial would be held in the Hague in Europe, they are sorely mistaken as such a trial can be held by the offended nation, in this case, Israel. Should they force war then Gaza will not remain an independent Arab entity and the people of Gaza will be free to move elsewhere, and after the half willing to leave has sold their homes, farms, businesses and anything else they wish to sell and happily relocated elsewhere, the remainder will be advised it would be wise to leave on their own volition and sell off everything as otherwise they may be facing expulsion if there is even a shred of evidence they or a family member was involved in any acts against Israel. After this area has been cleansed and made safe for Israelis, the area will be reclaimed and made capable of having a population with clean water and electricity and everything has been almost sterilized, then it can be the new front for Israel to settle.


Then there are the various levels and directions of threat from Hezballah from out of Lebanon, Syria or both. Their missiles and those of Bashir al-Assad could be unleashed at Israel and there would probably be only one volley launched before they would receive an Israeli response. If the absolute worst-case scenario would develop, Israel had better prepare for a two front war with some threats coming from deep into Syria and as close as they can from Russian installations. Israel must go through private channels and inform Russian President Putin that as long as his forces, particularly his Air Force, do not engage with Israeli actions, then Israel will take precautions not to strike near his positions for as long as Russia keeps the garbage at a distance. Should attacks be permitted launching from near or in Russian held areas, then they will be struck despite the Russian presence. We will put the onus on Russia to police their own areas and prevent terror or acts of war to emanate from those places. Meanwhile, if Syria assets are used against Israel, Bashir al-Assad must know that he will be a target of opportunity, and that opportunity will present itself at some point. Meanwhile, Hezballah and Lebanon need understand that any war launched from within Lebanon will constitute an act of war by the nation of Lebanon. This will need to be understood as the Lebanese government and military are controlled by Hezballah. Since Hezballah will be using assets given to the Lebanese military by President Obama after receiving weak guarantors that these weapons would not end up in the hands of terrorists, this would constitute an open state of war between the two nations as Lebanese military equipment has been utilized by the terrorists. After such an engagement, the areas infested with terror tunnels and bunkers will not be returned to Lebanon with the new border with Lebanon will be the Litany River. This will be the Israeli position after the conflict has ended. Israel will also be using her full force and might in any conflict with Lebanon and all infrastructures in the country will be eliminated such that it can no longer be diverted to run the communications and control and command structures of Hezballah. This will be treated as complete warfare with no reservations should Hezballah strike Israel from within Lebanon or using any Lebanese military equipment.


Eretz Yisroel from back in the time immediately after Exodus and before the additional conquest by King David and King Solomon with the original division of the lands between the Tribes covering both sides of the Jordan River. The Israelis and Jews in general could attempt to demand that Eretz Yisroel, the Land of Israel be made whole as was First Apportioned by Hashem.
Litani River was Israel’s Northern Border


Hezballah, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, which is better known and still operates under the name of PLO, will be decimated with its ranks dead or scattered in the winds of war. There will be no reestablishment for any of these entities and any others who are involved when the war ceases. This war will cease when Israel has attained and completed all of her parameters for victory. Their inability to ever be reformed will be at the top of that list. Their leadership decapitated and struck down will be amongst the highest parameters. Hamas should be informed that using the basement of a hospital makes that institution a legitimate military target. The physicians, patients, administrators and others interested should be known to understand what consequences come from having Hamas in their basement. All field commanders of Hamas need understand that they will be targets of opportunity and that any pilot who diverges from mission in order to kill these people in leadership positions, they will be decorated, not punished. Hiding amongst women and children will not prevent their targeting. This is something those who protect these people also need understand, as it may be their lives being endangered as well. Hezballah needs to understand that despite hiding deep in bunkers that Israel has the technology to read their heat signatures from in the sky and has deep penetrating warheads and bombs which will seek that thermal signature before they detonate. As to which thermal signature they lock onto, that will be at the discretion of intelligence and the military commanders of the sorties flown for such engagement. Hamas and Hezballah leadership much understand that there will be no hiding and living to tell the tale. This will be their final encounter and their next encounter will be in the next world. Israel has had it with taking out the trash every couple of years while allowing the real leadership to live and skate free returning to their mansions in Gaza and Beirut. Never Again; a phrase applied to Israel fighting wars limited by the orders of the United Nations or the European Union and if they believe that the United States will assist in their protection, they are sorely mistaken. The State Department higher leadership might squawk and screech demanding Israel be compassionate and show tender mercy which Israel will interpret as doing so for her citizens such that they never suffer from these threats ever again. Any confrontation will result in a final confrontation and an end to their ability to attack Israelis in the foreseeable future. “This is the end, my only friend, the end. Of our elaborate plans, the end. Of everything that stands, the end. No safety or surprise, the end.”

The End!


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February 22, 2018

Iranian Nuclear War with Israel or the World


After reading Professor Louis René Beres’s article “Looking Ahead: Longer Term Prospects for an Israel-Iran Nuclear War” we found some additional aspects which were either dismissed or ignored. We decided that perhaps we could add some information by looking more closely at the Iranian perspectives and what these should mean to Israeli planners. The one item with which we took the most critical concern was his statement, “In essence, there are no conceivable experts on fighting a nuclear war, not in Washington, not in Pyongyang, not in Jerusalem, not in Tehran.” He also postulated that, “Insofar as a nuclear war has never been fought, what will be needed is more broadly intellectual guidance than Israel should ever reasonably expect from even its most senior and accomplished military officers.” The reality is that senior officers often have educations equal to that of many professors and their minds are just as keen and capable of any academic. We will grant that officers exist who are nowhere near the expert of some academics, but mostly those are junior officers and by the time an officer makes Full Bird Colonel they have at the least a Bachelor’s degree and probably a Master’s degree and many a General will have a Doctorate in at least one field from Military History to Mathematics, Physics and possibly Nuclear Physics. They will all have taken courses in Military Tactics, as even Noncommissioned officers are required to take such courses. They will have been required to take a number of command courses and often have attended some very rigorous military training courses which is how they get those impressive patches such as Ranger, Airborne and even Special Forces or Seals in the United States. So, to be honest, there are likely very few professors or other experts who would be better trained, educated and able to make the decisions and make plans to handle any threat including, or even especially, a nuclear standoff or even an actual nuclear exchange.


Professor Beres also said that there had never been a nuclear war, but that is technically not entirely valid as the War with Japan at the end of World War II was ended by the use of nuclear weapons which kind of means that the War with Japan did turn into the first, and thus far, only nuclear war. That was a completely one sided nuclear exchange as Japan had no nuclear weapons with which to respond which is what made the American use on Hiroshima and Nagasaki so effective. Fortunately, the Japanese did not know that the United States had used every nuclear weapon at their disposal and did not posses a third weapon. Had Japan tested the resolve of President Truman, the American’s next move was to build fifty additional nuclear weapons in the ensuing year and strike Japan with most of them in simultaneous strikes including Tokyo and a number of nuclear weapons into Mount Fuji in the hopes of causing a massive eruption. This was not much of a lesson for a nuclear standoff between two nuclear-armed adversaries. Such a standoff has limited lessons to teach us with only two which come to mind. The minor one has been the battle of the boasting idiots between President Trump and Kim Jong-un. Deciding which one is the larger idiot would be a difficult call but we would have to side with Kim Jong-un if he honestly believes he is a man-god and that his nation is as happy and well off as any other on the face of the planet. All he would need do is look southward to the Winter Olympics in South Korea to see that his nation is in dire shape and has some extreme problems. But then he knows this and this was what caused him to test President Trump and pressure the world with threats trying to force them to treat his temper tantrum by sending his beleaguered nation food and money. The more serious standoff between two nuclear powers was the Cuban Missile Crisis. This pitted the United States and President Kennedy against the USSR and Commissar Khrushchev. This standoff ended peaceably but not before nerves throughout the globe was frayed to the breaking point.


So, let us now look at what the future nuclear situation might be between Israel and Iran as well as Iran and the rest of the world. The first thing which can be stated, is, that Israel would not be the first to use nuclear weapons except in response to an attack using weapons of mass destruction (WMD) against Israel. Israel has made this their policy on nuclear weapons and their use such that they would only be used in response to a WMD attack. Now, such a nuclear response might be used on Iran if there were a massive WMD attack emanating from Syria or Hezballah which could be traced as being ordered by Iran. Should Iran launch a nuclear or other WMD attack on Israel then an Israeli nuclear response should be expected against Iran and for Israel to go on alert in case of an attack across the northern border from Hezballah or Syria. This covers every use of her nuclear weapons by Israel except for one rumored plan known as the Samson Option, used as the basis of “The Samson Option: Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy,” a 1991 book by Seymour Hersh. The theory put forth presumably from an Israeli intelligence source who told of plans that should Israel be facing being overrun and destroyed by invading armies, then she would respond by launching her missiles at the main population centers of numerous Arab and Muslim nations which was hoped to prevent any attacks by Arab armies. The last organized assault on Israel by national military forces was the Yom Kippur War of October 1973, which was before Israel was assumed to have a nuclear arsenal. Since then the Arab world has not launched an assault on Israel using conventional forces and only through terror forces. There may be a question whether Hezballah, with there over one-hundred-thousand rockets and missiles could be considered to be a national type military force equating any attack by Hezballah into an attack by Lebanon and possibly their masters in Tehran thus including Iran? This is a conundrum for the heads of state and the military in Israel and we are not about to second-guess them and will wait for any announced policy. There has been some mention that should Hezballah attack Israel that Israel now considers Hezballah as being the governance of Lebanon and thus any attack by Hezballah would, at the least, be considered an attack by Lebanon.


This leaves Iran and what their leadership might be thinking about nuclear confrontations. It was reported by CNN on September 11, 2015, that the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said during a speech that week in Tehran, state-run media report, which translated as, “I’d say (to Israel) that they will not see (the end) of these 25 years.” That, in and of itself, is ominous enough to rattle nerves or it could be written off to bluster meant to impress the Iranian people. One thing people need to understand about the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is that his life revolves around the Quran and it is the Quran which provides him with his authority, gives him authority to make Iranian foreign policy decisions, and allows him great latitude concerning internal decision making within Iran. The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is all but unopposable when it comes to decision making and his word is as good as law. If the Supreme Leader were to order a nuclear attack on Israel, the missiles would be launched within minutes with almost nobody even thinking of questioning these orders. What is unknown is who, other than the Supreme Leader, is able to order such an attack. This is not as well known and there are suspicions that there are some military high level officers who might also be permitted to give such orders including the leader of the IRGC, the special forces and most fanatical of the Iranian military. These are also the forces responsible for foreign operations including terrorist attacks. For our concerns, we will limit our concerns to address just the possibility for the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ordering a nuclear strike on Israel or on any other nation.


First, let us look at what logic might be used by the Ayatollah. He would be aware that the United States has extended their nuclear umbrella to Israel which would imply that any nuclear attack upon Israel would potentially result in the United States striking back at the attacker. Between Israel and the United States, there is little comparison between their nuclear capabilities as the United States has a far more capable nuclear capability. The first question is whether or not the United States truly would respond as promised to a nuclear strike on Israel. The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has witnessed a number of United States Presidents and has very probably noticed that the level of support Israel receives wavers from President to President, especially under the administration of President Obama. Thus, it is more likely that the Ayatollah would be more likely to consider taking any actions when the United States has a President who has shown preferably hostility to Israel or possibly only an indifference towards Israel and has pressured Israel over the ill-fated peace process. The real problem comes back to the one book which guides the Ayatollahs and much of the higher officers, especially those of the IRGC, which is the Quran. The one command from the Quran which has appeared again and again when it comes to relations towards Israel are two-fold, first, to kill the infidel wherever one finds them, and second, that the hour (end times) will not begin until you fight the Jews. The combination of these two concepts could lead to problems as the Iranian leading Imams and Ayatollahs have repeatedly proposed that Iran was chosen to bring on the coming of the Mahdi and the End Times. They have claimed that should they cause sufficient chaos and follow prescriptions written in the Quran, that they can cause the onset of the End Times and the coming of the Mahdi. This has often been stated to be solely the hope and ideas held by the Twelvers but some in politics have also adopted these ideas in order to gain greater acceptance by the ruling clerics. Many claim that Iran is not ruled by Twelvers though former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad brought this threat to a head and since then there have been more and more in the power structure who have been revealed as Twelvers. The prevalence of the Twelvers would make the leadership more aggressive which could be a problem, a definite problem.


Israel and Iran

Israel and Iran


What would possibly push a greater threat would be a Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah who came under some suspicions of impropriety or other weakness which might lead them to make a desperate grab at ending the rumors replacing them with a far greater news story. The Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah could be completely above all suspicion; but should the economic situations worsen leading to greater demonstrations and complete civil unrest and the regular military side with the people and the Ayatollahs believe they are losing control of the nation and may soon be deposed, then having nothing further to lose they might take equally desperate moves. Either threat could lead the Iranian leadership to throw everything they have in their arsenals at Israel and potentially also the United States. But no matter what the immediate future will bring, eventually the Ayatollahs will decide to use any weapons they have and in the not too distant future, that will mean nuclear weaponry. The Quran will eventually force the leadership who will be pressed by the IRGC commanders to press their revolution and Israel and Saudi Arabia are the two targets highest on their list. This means that sooner or later the Iranians will launch weapons at Israel. We will grant that this would not happen until Iran had struck Saudi Arabia and taken over Mecca and Medina, the two holy cities of all Islam. They also have desires to take over Egypt and would have to take Turkey so as to place somebody to rule there as President Erdoğan still has dreams to reestablish the Ottoman Empire and as he will support Iran, that will only last for as long as the Iranian dreams of reestablishing the Persian Empire do not interrupt his idea for the Ottoman Empire. There is no way for the two empires to coexist as the Persian Empire included all of Turkey and much of the Ottoman Empire plus, the Ottoman Empire also included Mecca and Medina, something the Iranians already have their own ideas about. The one place where Turkey and Iran will agree is on attacking Israel, providing that Israel will only be striking back at Iran and Turkey can remain unscathed. The problem is that at some point in the future the Iranian Supreme Leader and Grand Ayatollah will call for an all out attack to destroy Israel and should Israel see a fair number of ballistic missiles headed for Israel launched from Iran, Israel will no longer have time for diplomacy, Israel will need to reply anticipating that the Iranian missiles are tipped with WMD’s and most likely nuclear weapons. We can only hope that before such an eventuality comes to fruition that the people of Iran succeed in replacing their theocratic dictatorship with a true democratic governance which represents the people’s desires and write a constitution which will revitalize the Iranian economic situation and liberate the people from the Ayatollahs and their oppressive rule. We need remember that before the return of the Ayatollahs in 1979, Israel and Iran were friends with embassies and good relations and vital trade. A return to such would be good for Israel, good for Iran and good for both Iranians and Israelis as well as the rest of the Middle East.


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