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November 19, 2014

Senseless Anti-Semitic Slaughter in Jerusalem Synagogue

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Yesterday morning two Palestinian cousins who hold full Israeli citizenship carried out an act of brutal terror disrupting morning prayers at the Kehillat Bnai Torah Yeshiva Synagogue in Har Nof where they brutally murdered five and injured many others. These terrorists hold blue teudat zehut identity cards (resident identity cards which denote status and citizen by their color with blue meaning full citizenship) as they reside within the East Jerusalem areas that Israel has officially annexed. The annexation of the rest of Jerusalem immediately after the June 1967 defensive Six Day War where Israel responded to Egyptian casus belli of blockading the Israeli access to the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf on into the Indian Ocean created a situation where the Palestinians living within could have been granted full Israeli citizenship and this was exactly what Israel did making the East Jerusalem residents full citizens of Israel with all the benefits, rights, responsibilities and full and equal treatment in relation to all the rest of the Israeli civilian population. The two cousins, Uday and Rassan Abu Jamal (pictured below), who resided in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukhaber, entered the Har Nof’s ‘Kehilit Yaakov’ synagogue and as one opened fire the other began assaulting worshipers with a meat cleaver while they shouted “Allahu Akbar”, a chant often yelled by terrorists and Muslim protesters in Western nations. One of the terrorists was employed at a grocery store in the Jewish neighborhood which was located adjacent to the synagogue. The two terrorists were armed with axes, knives and handguns as well as a viscous hatred for Jews which has been carefully honed and supported by the never-ending incitement which permeates every facet of Palestinian life being injected into the media and every other aspect if Palestinian society such that it borders on brainwashing. These murdering cousins assaulted worshipers draped in their prayer shawls and wearing their phylacteries, as is Jewish custom for morning prayers, making their repulsive acts all the more detestable within any civilized society. Also pictured below is the meat cleaver used in the attack with the blood of victims still soaking its entirety.



Terrorist cousins Uday and Rassan AbuJamal who attacked Jerusalem Synagogue murdering five Jewish worshipers

Terrorist cousins Uday and Rassan AbuJamal who attacked Jerusalem Synagogue murdering five Jewish worshipers


Cleaver Used in Jerusalem Terror Synagogue Assault by Uday and Rassan Abu Jamal

Cleaver Used in Jerusalem Terror Synagogue Assault by Uday and Rassan Abu Jamal



The PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), which are a faction of the Mahmoud Abbas headed PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization), military wing, the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, claimed credit for this attack referring it to a mission against the occupiers who are building and colonizing neighborhoods, usurping Muslim lands. Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad members and officials celebrated the terrorist murderous massacre which claimed five innocent worshipers’ lives, injured as many as a dozen other worshipers with a half dozen injured sufficiently they required treatment at Shaarei Tzedek and Hadassah Hospitals. Five of those hospitalized have sufficiently serious wounds that they were placed into intensive care and post-operative care wards. These victims’ survival is not guaranteed and prayers are requested for their health and recovery such that their lives will not show obvious signs of having been crippled by these horrific acts of terror having such limitations working as constant reminders of this fateful day. Mahmoud Abbas gave a tepid response condemning the terrorist acts while United States Secretary of State John Kerry also condemned the assault telling reporters, “This morning in Jerusalem Palestinians attacked Jews who were praying in a synagogue.” Secretary Kerry went on to label these acts as “act of pure terror and senseless brutality.” Kerry further called on the Palestinian leadership to denounce the attack, a request which fell mostly on deaf ears. The Abbas headed Fatah faction of the PLO on its Facebook page had entries from numerous officials, leaders and functionaries which praised the attack calling the terrorists martyrs fighting to free Palestine from its Jewish occupation.


There were the usual protestations as they struggled to understand the reasoning behind this assault on their closely knit religious community. One resident commenting on how he had narrowly avoided being at the scene after oversleeping. “This is a yeshiva community. Ninety percent don’t serve in the army. We’re not violent,” Moshe Eliezer queried as he tried to understand the carnage. Shaken by the level of violence in a house where many had prayed for peace, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat perhaps summed up the shock and inappropriateness of these acts of pure and violent hate stating, “To slaughter innocent people while they pray… it’s insane,” Many across the length and breadth of Israel are asking themselves the same question as they try to wrap their heads around the reasoning behind this inhuman carnage. That is the one fact which is beyond reasoning which perplexes many after each horrific assault on the Jewish communities and brought to the fore on Agassi Street yesterday morning. Some will never understand that acts such as these are the result of the communities of hate which are being raised and nurtured around the feelings that their everyday problems are the fault of the other, those who are outside their community making it impossible for those within their community to succeed. This feud has gone beyond any reason as it is stoked by a false sense of injustice and frustration. If there is anything which should be taken from this massacre it is that reason and logical explanation have no place on this field of battle. The motivations are the lessons learned during a childhood steeped in hatred where any unfulfilled desire is the fault of the Israelis and in particular the Jews. The fact that the Israelis appear to have so much and similar levels of wealth are unseen in their communities has nothing to do with their leaders but instead is the fault of the Jews and all of Israel. The Palestinians never get to see the villas and billions of dollars of funding which is placed in the numbered Swiss bank accounts of their leaders and their friends and families.


The Palestinians teaching their youths to hate in place of educating them with the tools to succeed is never the problem. The hatreds ingrained in them by repeated propaganda which permeates their lives through the lessons in the schools, the sermons in the Mosques, the stories depicted in their childhood cartoons and the glorifying of the martyrs who died before them. Setting such martyrdom as the only and highest goal worth seeking, many disaffected young Palestinians see no other achievement to fulfill their lives’ purpose and choose to end their suffering going out in what they perceive as a crowning glory of jihad. The Israelis are at a loss to figure out that the conflict is centered around religious teachings which place all important goals for life as to die for Allah and go to heaven where the martyr receives pleasures which were denied them in this earthly life. Until the Israeli leadership comes to grips with the incitement combined with an education devoid of building young adults with the skills for succeeding in their lives instead taught that their lack of skills to succeed are due to the Israelis stealing those items from the Palestinians and that all misery comes from the Israeli oppressions, then these fruitless acts of barbarity steeped in hatred will continue to be the dead-end for too many lives, both those guilty of the burning suicidal hatreds who die for Allah and their victims whose only crime was being an Israeli. That is the lesson that Israeli leadership must realize from this tragedy and in order to start working to prevent more of these calamities they will need to take control of the Palestinian educational system and replace all their teachers and provide them with the kind of lessons which will provide them with the skills necessary to succeed and not just the seeds of hate. Even should the Israelis come to their senses and realize that it is the poison of the nurturing within the Palestinian society for jihad and only jihad that it will take literally two or three generations before these acts will be able to be mitigated early enough to make the needed difference. The past twenty years, where the future leaders of Palestinian society provided their people an education based on hatred for those people over there in that opulent society and until that system is replaced with an education which provides a sense of worth and dignity, teaching how to realize positive goals rather than throwing their lives on the bonfires of hatred which will be utilized to lionize the next generation in hate and towards the empty lives of jihad, then lives will fall wasted and incomplete causing only regrets, horrors and emptiness for both societies, the victims and the murderers. In the meantime, the Israelis will clean away the blood-soaked stains and try to patch their lives back together and continue on seeking answers which will prevent the next murderous slaughter as the Palestinian society awaits their next glorious celebration of blood and death. That is the true cycle of violence and it will continue until the world wakes up to the monsters being raised and trained to respond to life’s difficulties in a constructive manner and not using those difficulties to fuel a raging hatred which can only be extinguished in the fires of jihad and one final act of suicidal vengeance as what alternative does the jihadist leave Israeli law enforcement but to extinguish their lives so their death will instruct their younger siblings to follow their path of hatreds and wasted lives. It all starts with the educational system.


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October 15, 2013

Give Gaza an Inch and They Take it a Mile

Whenever Israel responds to terror attacks they are accused of responding too forcefully. When Israel files complaints at the United Nations, the very action Israel is often told is preferable to Israel taking military steps in response to terror attacks such as rockets and mortars which land close to their towns and kibbutzim causing minimal damage and causing no casualties, the actions taken by the United Nations are laughable and often they are so minimal as to be undiscernible. So, what will be the response from the world to the latest action Israel has taken in response to terrorist activities which, had they not been averted preventing the execution of their plans, could have resulted in deadly attacks and possibly even multiple kidnappings of Israeli civilians, possibly children. Upon the discovery of a steel and concrete reinforced tunnel complex running four-hundred-fifty meters under the Gaza border wall branching out in different locations which could have facilitated a multipronged attack in several locations simultaneously causing untold horrors, the Israelis took the precautionary step of stopping all steel and concrete building supplies which they had been providing supposedly for civic and public building and certainly not for advanced tunnels complete with tracks for carts to transport terrorists and supplies more rapidly. Israel has resumed supplying these materials under duress and great amounts of pressure from the usual suspects, the United States, European Union and national governments, United Nations and so forth, all of whom gave assurances that this time would be different and that only approved projects whose plans were provided by reliable sources and were to be built by the most trustworthy of construction companies with solid international oversight which guaranteed that none of these dual use items, especially the steel and concrete, would fall into the hands of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda in Gaza, the Palestinian Resistance committee (PRC) or other terror related or unauthorized entities. Needless to say, the tunnel that was discovered was not in any of the approved plans presented for which Israel was supplying the dual use building materials.


This tunnel was large enough for a healthy sized man to easily stand erect inside and ran out under the Gaza Security Barrier for over a quarter of a mile and had a number of side tunnels leading to other desired locations. This tunnel was the most advanced and largest tunnel to be found connecting Gaza with border communities inside Israel and was far larger and technically sophisticated than the tunnel used when two IDF soldiers were murdered and Gilad Shalit was kidnapped and held hostage for five years. With the multiple exits spaces over a sizeable area near numerous Israeli communities and there existing tracks for use of motorized carts, Hamas could have launched a wide spread, multiple target, coordinated attacks and possibly have taken a number of hostages or simply murdered as many as they could before retreating or continuing further into Israel until caught leading to casualties and damages near unimaginable. This tunnel may have been the result of something many have suspected and feared where terrorist entities such as Hamas, Hezballah, Islamic Jihad and any others with sufficient funds and the wherewithal to arrange such transportation send teams to South and Central America and to the southern neighbor of the United States, Mexico, where the terrorists assist in the military training, bomb building and other terrorist training which the drug cartels find valuable and in exchange are given training in advanced tunnel construction and infiltration methods which the cartel members can advance the terrorist knowledge base. There may be some advantages for the Israelis and the United States Border Patrol to exchange notes and determine if this tunnel’s construction bears any similarities with the drug and human smuggling tunnels of the United States southwest. If such similarities exist then it may be time for the IDF and the United States Border Patrol to take a page from the cartel and terrorist cooperation handbook and do some combined training and exchange of methods and other appropriate information.


Meanwhile, the question now is how long will it be before Mahmoud Abbas and many Arab leaders who are aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, and by such also with Hamas such as Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, take to their respective soapboxes and extol the world media with the horrific conditions, lack of proper housing, and deteriorating conditions within Gaza because the most evil regime on Earth, Israel, refuses to allow building materials shipments to enter Gaza leaving the Palestinian to live in squalor without proper shelter or infrastructure. We can expect the Lady Catherine Ashton, the European Union High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, to be one of the first along with Dr. Navi Pillay, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and representing the United States it will likely be either Secretary of State John Kerry or President Barack Obama. We should also list the majority of Foreign Ministers from the European continent who are always in good voice when it comes to advising Israel how to best proceed in order to be appreciated and acceptable to the reputable nations of the world. The problem with the advice given by all these not so well-meaning officials of high title and low morals is that their advice always seem to resemble instruction on the best and fastest way for Israel to cut its veritable throat. Just once I would love to see the world give Israel the kind of advice they would demand for themselves if they were facing the threats and challenges which threaten Israel and every single Israeli citizen. We have all witnessed the reactions of these other nations when struck by terrorist threats. We witnessed the delicacy the English troops practiced in Belfast, the restraint shown by the United States after 9/11 and the Afghan and Iraq wars and drone strikes all around the globe, the reactions in France, Spain, Germany and others when facing terrorists. None of them showed restraint nor did they bother to solicit permission from every single nation who wished to advise them on exactly what amount of violence would constitute a reasonable use of force. Nope, they gathered their arms and took care of business and did so with little concern for delicacy. Just once allow Israel the same latitude and there might be a surprise afterwards, Middle East peace as such a peace will only come once the Arab and Muslim Worlds come to the final realization that nothing they can do now or ever into the future will remove Israel and the Jewish People from their ancestral homelands.


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September 25, 2013

Nairobi Proof al Qaeda not as Dead as President Obama Claimed

With al-Shabaab striking the Westgate Mall in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi the world was reminded that al-Qaeda still has the ability to strike targets and murder those they consider to be infidels contrary to the pronouncements made by President Obama who had announced the end of al-Qaeda. We have to give some limited credit to President Obama as he was talking about al-Qaeda being defeated in the areas where the United States military had been fighting them over the past decade and here he was partially correct. Al-Qaeda has been driven from Afghanistan for the time being and had been defeated and sent scurrying from Iraq but even these claims will only hold for a brief period. Unfortunately for President Obama, going forward now that the President has failed to negotiate a reserve military presence for the United States which would have had the ability to effectively prevent the reentry of al-Qaeda into the areas where so much effort, time, lives and treasure was invested by the United States, his claim will prove to only have a temporary validity and we will soon witness the return of al-Qaeda in both venues. We are already witnessing increasing violence in both Afghanistan and Iraq though much of the mainstream media in the United States tends to try and ignore these apparent failures of policy.


The assault on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi was horrific in lives lost, property destroyed, confidence shaken and future implications of the possibility of more attacks of a similar nature becoming something we need to address. The lesson that needs to be taken from Nairobi is that authorities, especially intelligence agencies, need to be constantly on alert and expecting an attack at any time. This means that they cannot stop for one moment from being on heightened state of alertness and constantly keeping their eyes, ears and electronic surveillance all at a high level as such attacks will find any time when your guard has been allowed to relax. It is as has been stated by almost every expert and politicians (and we try never to confuse the two) when they talk after events such as we just witnessed and they excuse their being unprepared by reminding the people that where the terrorists only have to succeed once in many attempts while the authorities must get it correct every single time every day and night throughout the year and that it is a thankless never-ending task of immense proportions. I would never think to argue that point and would agree. The task of preventing a terror success if it works is something we never hear about, or at least should never hear about their successes as to brag over a single success only serves to give away some hints as to the sources and abilities of our protectors and redoubles the effort of the terrorists to strike us even harder, and we really do not need to encourage them, do we? The best anti-terror intelligence agency is the one you never hear about and who never needs to explain what went wrong. That is asking for a very high level of expertise and dedication and those who are on the front lines of this war, and it is a war, should receive our gratitude though they neither expect such nor would acknowledge it as those in this fight need to remain nameless. They are also the people who are feeling the failure over the lives lost at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi very personally and have likely gone over their data and efforts looking for what it was they missed in order to assure themselves, not just the rest of us, that they will never miss such a sign ever again.


Having served in the military I am familiar with and have known some of the men and women who are members of the ready fast response teams. These units take turns on a rotation being the tip of the spear on alert status where they do not leave their deployment station and have their gear ready to deploy anyplace within their command at a moment’s notice. These brave souls will try to smile and make light of the pressure and the tension they feel when on station, especially if there has been reason for heightened alertness, and that happens far more often than we in the citizenry will ever be allowed to know. In the current world I cannot even begin to imagine what it is for those who are holding the watch over our safety knowing that at any moment they may be called upon to act realizing that their actions will very likely make a critical difference in the eventual results. This must be even more difficult after the failure in responding to the battle in Benghazi. Whether it was those on alerts fault or the fault of somebody high in the chain of command, such things do not matter when you realize that you might have made the difference and because you were not permitted some may have died. That is the worst you can make these service members go through for they prepare and train and they know that others depend on them just as they at times must depend on others. The question is where will the next terror strike come, will they be prevented, and if not will first responders arrive in time to save the lives of many of the innocents, because that is why they train, to serve and save lives. Despite what Hollywood paints in so many of their movies that the soldier’s job is to kill the enemy, that is not their first and most important job. Their primary job and the one that gives them their ultimate pride is that of saving lives and keeping the innocent safe and alive at the end of the mission. It is about guarding more than anything else.


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