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July 14, 2019

The Forgotten People are the Israeli Public


We hear almost incessantly about the plight of the Palestinian Arabs never stopping to wonder how their lives differ from that of Israelis. We are referring to daily life along with the occasional trip to see a doctor, go to Tel Aviv to get goods not available in our town, take a trip to Jerusalem to visit government offices or to simply look at all the sights or a myriad of other items. The first things we will talk about are the regular obstacles and things which make up an average week. Should we decide to go to either mall in town, there will be the checkpoint where we walk through a magnetometer checking for metal no matter how small and any bags you have are gone through by one of the people at the checkpoint. Just to get this out of the way, there are checkpoints all over Israel even to include restaurants, office buildings, train stations and on and on meaning that it is possible to have to pass through three or four or more on a badly planned day. Additionally, there are security cameras in places throughout town. Some are looking for shoplifters while others are actually for security. Checkpoints and monitoring cameras are simply part of life in our current state of the world. We take them as a necessary part of our being kept protected and safe. Even with all the precautions keeping one safe, often you just worry if you really are being kept as safe as possible, and you accept that some balance has been attempted, but, yes, checkpoints can be a hassle, more so when you are late and barely have time to catch the right train.


The biggest difference between residing in Israel and the Palestinian Arab regions is economic. Do not take that to mean that there are no wealthy Palestinian Arabs, as there are many who have gotten quite wealthy often through providing the terrorists with their tools of their trade. Others were favored by the leadership, be they Hamas or Palestinian Authority (PA), and thus given special treatment which provided them with a steady and quite sufficient cash flow. This is much the same as it is in many places except theirs is on steroids. If the PA or Hamas are not getting their “rightful” cut of your business, then you will soon find yourself out of business and replaced with somebody more appreciative. In Israel there are stratification in wealth with some who have become extremely wealthy and those who are barely getting by. The housing makes this quite apparent. The main difference is in Israel the government is restricted by the rule of law under which the government and its officials are constrained to work. The Palestinian Arab governments are rule of man where the people with political power can use such unrestrained for their own purposes. In Israel everything lives within the same set of rules, not so much under the PA and even worse under Hamas. Your opportunities being greater in Israel is largely due to the fact that the government is constrained and not taking half of the profits and using it in a terror war against Israel. This also puts a damper on the Israeli economy as there is the added cost of providing security which requires a virtual war footing 24/7 and yet Israel has managed to be a successful economic nation.


There are a few things which Israelis suffer through silently, for the most part with this article an exception, which the Palestinian Arabs do not suffer of which the most obvious is the fear of being caught in a terrorist bombing. We hear some claiming that they have to fear being caught in a bombing raid from Israeli fighter jets, this we will get to in a later paragraph. Then there are terrorist attacks such as stabbings, vehicular ramming, shootings, stones slinging and other forms of attacks. Fortunately, these are a rarity in our little town, probably because we are considered to be in the boondocks and rarely merit attention, which can be a good thing. Still, when we take a trip to Haifa, our chance of being in a terror attack likely doubles, Tel Aviv it becomes four-fold and going to Jerusalem makes such nearly ten-fold a problem and we will not even talk of Hevron or visiting Joseph’s tomb or other places which require visiting around 2:00 AM with a full IDF escort platoon or company as if the visit is discovered, the visitors will require a military styled extraction as a riot with fire-bombs, rocks, bottles and anything else being hurled at the “invasive Jew.” Even visiting the Temple Mount, one runs a risk of having a riot break out or a shooting to occur threatening their safety. Visiting the Western Wall one can sometimes find that there are those from upon the Temple Mount hurling sometimes sizable rocks down on those praying below and this is a three to four story fall where the rocks pick up their share of momentum. All of these terrorist threats do not exist for the Palestinian Arabs as the Jews are not seeking to murder every last one of them as they are attempting, or at least desiring, for us.


About that threat of being caught in an Israeli airstrike, that is a fairly rare occurrence with the exception of when there is open warfare. If one reads the reports on the Israeli retaliatory strikes, they will find that any number of buildings have been hit and there are no or extremely few casualties and rarely fatalities resulting. The IDF is ordered to strike buildings known to be vacant and often when an Israeli strike has been provoked, Hamas or the PA make sure to keep their forces out of harms way. Further, Israel targets military forces and structures and attempt to avoid civilian structures with the exception of targeted strikes on leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups. When strikes are formulated by the Palestinian Arabs, they target Israeli civilians and often the most vulnerable, our children. One deadly example is pictured below where a mortar struck a kindergarten play area fortunately a mere hour before the children arrived. The attacks are often planned to coincide with the times when children are on their way to or from classes. Even the disjointed and varied schedule has little effect as they simply observe and choose the best times for killing the children to attack. Israeli strikes are usually executed in the early, early morning when there are few if any people who might be hurt or worse. That is a major difference. Israel attempts to minimize civilian casualties while the terror groups target Israeli civilians, which includes sometimes Israeli Arabs.


Remains of Tail Section of Mortar Striking Kindergarten Play Area

Remains of Tail Section of Mortar Striking Kindergarten Play Area


Mind you, there is one threat which actually targets our little town along with everywhere within Israel, and that is Hezballah. Hezballah is a terror army under direct control of Iran who also has provided them with weaponry including a large supply of rockets and missiles. The estimates range around one-hundred-fifty-thousand rockets and missiles. The fortunate break, if it can be considered as one, is that as we are a smaller city and reside rather close to the Lebanon border, the rockets (rarely missiles as we do not have targets that important to the terrorists) they strike us with have smaller warheads, usually between fifteen and forty pounds of high explosive or incendiary agents (see tables below). Still, having three to five hundred of such projectiles striking in and around your town can make for a really bad day. Have it happen for ten, twenty or over thirty days in a row and life approaches unbearable. This is something which, believe it or not, you get accustomed to as just one additional potential threat which can ruin one’s life. We understand that the damage caused by these “smaller” warheads is nothing compared to four-hundred-pound warheads on their larger missiles. Still, one really does not wish to be anywhere close to a missile strike. These threats were much of the impetus for the development of Iron Dome which is capable of severely reducing the risk for Israelis being struck in any such attack. The problem should Iran order Hezballah to start launching their rockets and missiles in great numbers, when they are launching hundreds of these every hour, even the Iron Dome has its limitations.


Hezballah Rocket and Missile Types and Sizes

Hezballah Rocket and Missile Types and Sizes


There is one other threat which Israelis face that the Palestinian Arabs only need worry about misfires or faulty guidance systems, and that is the threat of an attack directly from Iran. Such an attack would most likely be targeting Tel Aviv metropolitan region, nowhere in Israel is all that far outside of this area and thus potentially could be struck. Iran would only be firing missiles and there is the potential for these warheads to carry anything from explosives and incendiaries to nerve agents, biological agents and other chemical agents. The nerve, chemical and biologic agents are all qualified as weapons of mass destruction and constitute war crimes should they be employed. Iran could not care less about such niceties. They would launch anything and everything if it might add to the body count in Israel. This includes nuclear warheads should Iran possess such weapons, and we fear they have a stock of nuclear warheads and potentially thermonuclear warheads. These missiles would need be intercepted by David’s Sling or the Arrow systems which are designed to intercept ballistic missiles, exactly the variety Iran would utilize in such an attack. Are they as effective as the Iron Dome? We need remember that we only know of the effectiveness of the Iron Dome because it has been tested in actual conditions during the last set of rocket barrages out of Gaza launched by Hamas and Islamic Jihad. We hope to never find out exactly how well the anti-ballistic missile systems work as we would just as soon avoid any situation under which they would be tested. The fact that the United States placed a THAAD system in Israel to provide further defensive capabilities should Iran attack Israel is another sign of how serious the situation has become. This was a precaution provided for these times when tensions between the United States and Iran are running high and keeping in mind that Iran has promised to destroy Israel within an hour after any American attack upon Iranian assets. This means that Iran already has missiles targeting Israel ready for launch as soon as the word is given. But you get used to such things.


Life in Israel is good and always a bit interesting. Fortunately, these interesting items mostly include trying something new for lunch, watching the local schools play sports, wondering if the movie will be any good, and other normal items. Then, in the back of your mind, you have these other little elements which cause an entirely different kind of excitement, the not so pleasant kind. We all know of the threat and sometimes even discuss what we expect, what we should expect and what we fear we need to expect. One-hundred-fifty-thousand rockets and missiles is a terrible and real threat. Hezballah is the largest and best armed non-state military. The reality is that Hezballah is to Lebanon what the IRGC is to Iran. So, the next time somebody complains about how the Palestinian Arabs have to pass through checkpoints, please inform them that Israelis also are required to pass through checkpoints as part of their everyday lives as well. When their complaint is that the Palestinian Arabs have such a poor economy compared to Israel, tell them it is their terrorist governments which steal most of the funds and take a lion’s share of the economy to operate their terrorist attacks and to line their own pockets. And lastly, when they claim that the Palestinian Arabs reside under constant threat of attack, please do not let that lie pass unchallenged as the attacks Israel directs are targeting buildings used by the terror outfits and Israel attempts to minimize casualties while the threats against Israelis are targeting the public at large. Finally, there is always the threat sitting on the northern border of Israel in the form of Hezballah and the threat off in the east known as Iran, and that last threat very probably is a nuclear armed state. The main difference is that the Israelis do not have a propaganda system in place around the world financed by billions of petro-dollars and supported on virtually every college and university campus in the forms of BDS and the plethora of Palestinian Arab rights groups and other groups disguised as human rights groups which are in reality anti-Israel teams used to attack any time Israel defends herself. These are the realities which are clouded in a storm of anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic hatred which is poisoning much of the Western World and already has inundated most of the third world nations. Strip away the lies and propaganda and the picture radically changes, but we do not expect such a miracle for the time being and still hold out hope the Messiach will soon arrive and all will be repaired one way or the other.


Beyond the Cusp


January 10, 2016

Disturbing Dreams Near and Far


The nightmares can also come from our subconscious mind and strike while we are walking, gazing out the window, watching what passes for television or simply staring into the far end of the room but not really seeing anything as you’re listening to your mind. For me this often happens when I am sifting through articles and reading one which just did not quite measure up to expectations so you continue seeing the world but hearing a different tune, or set of thoughts. OK, maybe I’m a bit different getting stories weaving between two extremes, in this case the near reality which is going to have serious consequences as the masses try to continue to differentiate between the events in their world from the events in the Middle East.


The recent Islamist terrorist shooting in San Bernardino on December 2, 2015, where fourteen people were killed and twenty-two people were seriously injured and the terror couple were caught traveling on their way to another location and had the SWAT team not been at a training exercise with all their equipment and vehicles within a few miles from the last reported position and were able to intercept the Islamist couple and end their rampage before they reached their next location and victims. It was discerned the couple had planned to continue their murder rampage until stopped. The very recent execution style assault on a Philadelphia police officer where thirteen bullets were fired at Officer Jesse Hartnett while he was in his patrol car with the self-declared jihadist and suspect, Edward Archer, told homicide investigators he “pledges his allegiance to Islamic State, he follows Allah, and that is the reason he was called upon to do this.” Below is coverage from ABC in the United States with video of the assault and the officer responding and giving chase miraculously despite three bullets in his left arm making it unusable yet Officer Jesse Hartnett managed to shoot and wound the assassin leading to his being captured.





I can barely hold my excitement to hear President Obama explain how this has nothing to do with Islam because the man was deranged and though he was responding for the Islamic State which we all know had been contained by President Obama’s coalition and they too are not Islamic as Islam is the religion or piece, oops, did I misspell that, so sorry. The truth is that there have been numerous terror attacks since initial World Trade Center bombing on February 26, 1993 where a truck loaded with explosives detonated at approximately seventeen minutes past noon and killed six people and injured more than a thousand people causing a reportedly half-billion dollars in damage. It is claimed that the main terrorist players were rounded up and caught though we will never know for certain. The one certainty was that the plotters were all Islamists and they were driven by the same book, the Quran, which is actually two books written in two cities and two opposing viewpoints, the Medina Quran and the Mecca Quran representing the contrasting periods and fortunes in Muhammad’s life. The followers who finally recorded the modern Quran almost two centuries after Muhammad’s death decided that the verses they attributed to Medina were to supercede those written after the original supernatural inspirations Muhammad received in a cave outside Mecca from spiritual visitation of the Archangel Gabriel as the Medina’s verses served their motivations of conquest and spreading Islam and their rule by their swords. The people the FBI claimed were the main forces and minds behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing are pictured below.



World Trade Center Original 1993 Bombing FBI Top Seven

World Trade Center Original
1993 Bombing FBI Top Seven



The ringing sounds of Islamic terrorism is something Israelis do not candy-coat, though the level of violence required for even Israeli politicians to actually label an act as terrorism is often beyond belief. Huge stones, cinderblocks, firebombs and mob massing and surrounding a car using tire-irons and bats to break the windows and assault the occupants are not reported or commented on as terrorism unless there is a rising of emotion of the Israeli people or they cause a fatality or something else forces such an attack into the news cycle. Shootings where the shooter does not injure anybody, or worse, are often simply dismissed as harassment, not actual terrorism, and we don’t even have anyone once known as Barry Soetoro for the media to run to for the wisdom of the ages or at least the Maison Blanc. The proof is the stabbing terrorist attacks which hit the news cycles at the end of September and into the third week of October and since have gotten spotty coverage at best but these stabbings have continued at near the same pace and silence even in much of the news in Israel. Arab attacks and murderous intents and actions against Israelis are not newsworthy.


On the other hand, especially in Haaretz, the Duma Jewish perpetrated arson terror attack was given constant daily deep coverage and was considered a national disgrace, and it was. But why was that two Jews who acted possibly out of frustrations similar in magnitude and importance to these youths as the Arab’s are constantly excused for their acts because of frustration but Israelis, especially Israeli Jews are supposed to be above such distresses and act more morally and never give in to such distress in their lives and just bear anything and everything and never lash out in violence. Such would be a nice thing if the world were anywhere near perfection but the world is not. If the world was perfect the promises to the Jews and the Zionist Congress that all the lands west of the Jordan River would be sacrosanct reserved throughout time immemorial but that had been made into a mockery. Stabbings daily and that is considered just the price of being a Jew in the Middle East as if the half of the Jewish families in Israel who lost all as they were forced from the Muslim lands where their families had lived through good times and not so wonderful times where being a Jew brought scorn and abuse and times of acceptance or at least passivity and were suddenly facing increasing belligerence and violence forcing them from their homes and businesses leaving all wealth behind. These Jews arrived mostly in Israel and were met over the first decade of Israeli existence by a core of Jews who had been residing in Israel and an equal number of survivors from Europe and the death camps and knowing they too could never go home again and were leaving all behind. The real miracle was that these difficulties never produced any refugee camps or any sob stories to the world on how things which were done to them were so terrible that all they could think to do was sit in an apartment complex and wait to be returned to a place that likely no longer exists and for that they have basically sacrificed three and four generations of their family as they are held behind high fences and barbed wire and some even with guards by their own fellow Arabs.


So, Arab refugees from the late 1940’s through the 1950’s and through the 1960’s are to be supported by the world and because their leaders refuse any settlement which does not end the existence of a Jewish Israel. Now Europeans and much of the third world as well as Barry Soetoro, oops, I meant President Obama all insist there must be almost another quarter of Israel sacrificed in the name of peace and equality. This sacrifice would include the most emotionally, religiously and historically precious locations to be surrendered and placed beyond the ability of Jews to easily visit. Just as today it requires a military guarding force provided by the IDF using cover of darkness to visit Joseph’s Tomb despite promises by the Arab authority leader, Mahmoud Abbas, and their lead liar, I mean negotiator, Saeb Erekat; their promises for these other locations would be equally as false this time as they proved last time. This is the great deal which sacrifices what was promised lands by the League of Nations and presumably by the United Nations but instead of returning lands stolen through act of war started by at the least a half dozen Arab States in 1948-9 to the rightful nation who liberated these lands west of the Jordan River and the world knows all of this but refuse to even permit the Jews their Promised Lands in peace. There is only one Jewish States while there are twenty plus Arab States with Hamastan founded from lands stolen by Egypt and then stolen again by Hamas founding their own little fiefdom and the world wants us to allow another rocket launching failed state all along the high ground overlooking the heart of Israel giving the rocket launchers line of sight to correct their aim. Unlike Hamas who in Gaza are shooting over expanses of desert where the land is less developed, the other state proposed by the worlds arbiters of what is fair to handicap Israel want to place rockets to fire where every rocket would be bound to strike something unless intercepted by Iron Dome which would mean requiring Israel to fire a ten to twenty thousand dollar interceptor at every last fifty dollar rocket. That would be a surefire economic disaster in the making eventually, and not all that eventually, such would bankrupt Israel which somehow appears to be the plan.


But the world is about to realize the real danger of terrorism in this world. The levels of terror attacks suffered in Israel will never be visited on the world, and for that we here at BTC are glad as nobody should be forced to suffer the constant terror levels suffered in Israel. Israel has worked to keep the price on both sides to a minimum but this latest Intifada if it continues to escalate as it has shown is likely the price will become very high on both sides. No matter the level the terror rises to in Israel as the other shoe is preparing to drop and, as the Reverand Wright would say, “The chickens are coming home to roost.” The first show has been the sporadic terrorism throughout the developed first world but nothing even remotely comparable to what Israel faces. That will become a closing gap as time passes and the Islamic State and Iran each try to make the biggest splash in Europe and the United States with al-Qaeda and Taliban amongst others also in the mix seeking fame and followers. The world thinks what they will; as soon, when the Islamic State, Hezballah and other injected terror leaders who are amongst the ‘Syrian refugees’ and lone wolves each seek the glory of constant news coverage and their fifteen minutes on the world’s stage, will erupt in a symphony of terror. When Iran decides it’s their turn to take center stage, then the real horrors will begin. Iran has not had Hezballah training terrorists in the Tri-Border Region in South America since the 1970’s and possibly even earlier for nothing. Hezballah has trained terror cells and inserted into the United States and others in Mexico working with the Cartels.



Tri_Border Region of South America Terror training haven and Iranian proxy state in the Americas and Base of operations for the 17 March 1992 Israeli Embassy Bombing murdering 29 injuring 242 and the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA) 18 July 1994bombing murdered 85 injured over 800 and now we must add the murdered Argentine Prosecutor Alberto Nisman to AMIA fatalities

Tri_Border Region of South America Terror training haven and Iranian proxy state in the Americas and Base of operations for the 17 March 1992 Israeli Embassy Bombing murdering 29 injuring 242 and the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA) 18 July 1994 bombing murdered 85 injured over 800 and now we must add the murdered Argentine Prosecutor Alberto Nisman to AMIA fatalities



These plans have been in the works for decades and the level they will unleash will be horrific and will cause an upheaval as the people demand of the government protection even at the price of their freedoms being temporarily curtailed. Those freedoms will never be restored as once gone government will feed on the added powers. Once drinking the intoxicant that is the power of a police state, always will continue the police state. That story has been written and been the last stage before the democracy dies throughout history and in every case the people always claimed the same thing as they would sing these words as they watched all hope slowly dim, “It can’t happen here.”





Sing the extra verse with the ending fade out:
Honest, it can’t happen here; can it, well, please tell me, truthful or not, it can’t happen here. If I say it, sing it, shout it out drowning the news and those screaming about doom, then it can’t happen here, can it?


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November 14, 2015

The Dreaded Escalation Has Come


Our Prayers and emotions reach out to the victims of terror everywhere in the world and especially at this time to Paris and all of France. May the people and their leaders restore order and care for those injured both physically and emotionally. Our caring thoughts and prayers for a recovery from the horrendous acts being perpetrated in the name of submitting the innocent through brutality, may the peace and goodness win out these days.



Eiffel Tower Symbol for Peace Restored to All France and the World

Eiffel Tower Symbol for Peace Restored
to All France and the World



Here in our pre-Shabbat preparations, we were interrupted by the news which brought everything crashing to a halt as minds reeled trying to get our thoughts to grasp how life has just changed and everything took on a whole new level of danger. Stone and boulder throwing, stabbing and hacking, muggings and other forms of physical attacks are serious and deadly enough and scare you into awareness of your surroundings even inside your home. Today it started in a home in the Negev South near the Gaza fence in the Nativ Haasara Kibbutz where 7.62 millimeter bullets, the kind that are fired by the ever so infamous Kalashnikov rifle, found inside lodged in the side of a house. People in this area have good reason for checking their houses for bullets. This sensitivity was the result of a smaller caliber round was fired into a Gaza Belt home hitting a television just feet away from the two children who were watching it at the time. These were just the leading news to the real tragedy and escalation as the occasional bullet being shot into Israel from Gaza is a fact of life and a constant threat despite Israel having pulled completely from the Gaza area handing it over to the Arabs completely. For this granting of complete self-rule where they choose the government and receive tons of international aid every single day which the Hamas government, possibly incorporating officers from Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda, Islamic State and who knows what other groups in their planning and distribution of the aid foods, medical supplies, building materials, clothing and other material aid, rules absolutely since they routed Mahmoud Abbas and his United States trained security force in a brief but fierce six day war from June 10–15, 2007 routing the former government. But this was simply the early morning and there was so much more day left.


Half way through the afternoon the news struck with the ferocity of a thunderstorm with a huge bolt from the sky followed by the booming thunder, two Israelis shot dead on a highway under an overlooking Arab village. The news continued telling of four children in deep and paralyzing shock and a teen injured. The specifics were telling. The two murdered were a forty year old man, an eighteen year old young man both of whom suffered multiple gunshot wounds to their torsos and the sixteen year old injured had received multiple bullet wounds to his extremities presumably his arms and was taken to Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba for treatment. The four younger children were also taken to Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba for treatment for shock.


The scene was described by Magen David Adom emergency personnel stating, “When we arrived at the scene we saw seven people outside the car; two of them – a man around 40 years old and a young man aged 18 lying unresponsive (on the ground) with gunshot wounds to their upper bodies. They had no signs of life and we declared their death at the scene. We also provided first aid treatment and evacuated to hospital a 16-year-old boy, with gunshot wounds to his limbs, and four trauma victims.”


Israeli Defense Forces are searching for the perpetrators and have released a description of what they were told of the attack as, according to an initial investigation, the Arab terrorists overtook an Israeli family traveling in their car and raked it with bullets. When the car ground to a halt the terrorists continued firing at it, before driving off.



Van Belonging to Family Caught in Ambush by Arab Terrorists Who Committed Drive-by Shooting Stopping to Shoot Additional Rounds After Van Crashed to a Halt

Van Belonging to Family Caught in Ambush
by Arab Terrorists Who Committed Drive-by
Shooting Stopping to Shoot Additional Rounds
After Van Crashed to a Halt



This was an obvious attack with murderous intent and only luck and the blessings of Hashem that it was not even worse. The ramifications of this attack cannot be initially determined as an escalation and the beginning of an all-out terror war with shootings and bombings being the new stage of the Arab Intifada but such an evaluation will be possible in the near time rather than a more distant future. The Second Intifada also called the Oslo War after the agreement that put terror masters in as the leaders of the Arabs and sealed the fate of both peoples, started with stabbings and eventually claimed over a thousand Israeli lives. The Terror Wall in Judea and Samaria and across Jerusalem, though it is more fence than wall, but the news distortions have left it with the misnomer of Apartheid Wall despite it actually performing its purpose, as it almost completely ended the terrorist bombings and brought a calm from the stormy days of the Oslo War. There is a strong likelihood that Israel is about to face another onslaught of fatal attacks using automatic rifles, bombs, grenades and homicidal suicide bombers which will bring horrific responses at whatever level required on the Arabs living near any hub of terrorist activities. This may very well include much of eastern areas of Jerusalem, much of Hevron, Nazareth and other areas in what many refer to as the Arab Triangle in the central southern Galilee. The unrest might be joined by Hamas not only in Judea and Samaria but out of Gaza and potentially attacks from Hamas allied with forces from Islamic State out of the Sinai Peninsula where mostly until now they had been causing troubling difficulties largely for the Egyptian government of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and the Egyptian military and security personnel. There have been a few sporadic and tense moments from attacks out of the Sinai Peninsula including the necessity for the IDF to engage and destroy a couple of stolen Egyptian armored vehicles taken after an assault on the checkpoint at the Gaza entrance in Rafah who made their escape, temporary and fateful as it may have been, into southern regions of the Negev Desert in Israel. There has also been some sniper fire, the most major incident involving shooting up a bus and its passengers causing the closure of the southernmost highway into Eilat.


Tactically, this would be one of the worst times for Abbas to start such a war with Israel. The world will not care and anything if such a conflict were to erupt, well, that is until the first Arab was shot and then there would be a chorus of condemnations in four part harmony from the European Union, the United Nations, the Arab League and the Obama Administration. Speaking of the Obama Administration, former US special envoy and aid in establishing new peace talks Martin Indyk decided the world needed more humor as he declared that Mahmoud Abbas “could become a partner tomorrow for the deal you’d like to make if there was a settlement freeze. Why not freeze the settlements? Does it affect your security?” Somebody should allow Mr. Indyk to buy a clue as there has been a settlement freeze since 2009 when President Obama demanded it of Prime Minister Netanyahu the first week after his being sworn in for a second term. Abbas knows this but demands that the Israeli Prime Minister officially state it all but personally to every last person on the planet before he will even considers accepting the fact; and even then he would then demand the underworld freeze over first.


Right now in Israel there is the beginnings of a meeting of ideals over peace talks, giving murderers the lands to arm themselves to the teeth in order kill us better is being rejected across the political spectrum. Yes, there are those still enamored with the concept that brought the world the condemnable and erroneous Oslo Accords. Those of the likes of Simon Peres, as brilliant a man as he may be, are completely out so far into left field they have vacated the stadium, the parking lot, the city and possibly even further than that. There is no reasoning with such as they whose eyes are too fogged and hindered by self-imposed blinders believing that talk and only talk is the civil and sole path to peace; but that only works if your opposite number is civil, and Abbas and the particular Arabs he honestly leads are not civil. What makes the whole ordeal so much more troubling? There are quite a few Arab Palestinians, as they wish to be known or at least are stuck with the label, who simply wants to live in peace, make a decent wage, have a functional government and even have elections and choose new leadership. Mahmoud Abbas is fully aware that if there were free and open elections without armed terrorists watching every ballot and Abbas not having been schooled by the KGB where he learned that it is unimportant who and how many cast ballots, it only matters who counts those ballots, and Abbas and his terror army and the bureaucracy he had built around him all of whom depend on his staying in power to be paid; even with all that in his corner, Abbas is too frightened to hold elections which is why he is about to enter what has to be his eleventh year of a four year term as President of whatever he is calling his personal fiefdom this week.


And then there is the biannual four act play where the desperation is all scripted and well-rehearsed down to the new releases which cover the entirety as if it was new news all started by the rumors that Abbas is tired and may soon be stepping down. Abbas is not the Chairman, though that is one of his titles, not is he the President, not is he any of the other titles he claims because his true aspirations are for his epitaph to read “Here rests the Royal Highness the Grand Vizier and Sultan Mahmoud Abbas. The truth is in the palatial residence, office complex, troops’ barracks and probably Force 17 luxury billets right down the hall on either side of Abbas’s residence which are described as spacious, luxurious, palatial and almost any other over the top adjective one might care to add as is evidenced by the picture below. The description of the planned estate says it better than any description could without the accompanying picture as the numbers tell the tale and yet the thirteen million dollars estimated price tag, it will end up costing three times that after the Abbas Swiss retirement fund gets its cut.



Mamoud Abbas planned masion estimated cosr of thirteen million dollars but will end up costing far more after required kickbacks



There are Arabs fed up with the tyranny and inefficiency of the kleptocracy which steals the funds for public improvements, repair of infrastructure and other actual governing functions and Israelis across the board realizing that there can be no peace as long as the terror structure runs the show and that those who attended the terror indoctrination centers called laughably schools, the combat training summer camps, watch the incitement filled media even to include children’s shows for ages down to the youngest toddlers over the past twenty plus years either must have the greatest parents to instill independent thinking and rationality to not fall victim to the hatreds and violence taught as preparation for Jihad and the seventy-two perpetual virgins and family fame and honor after they are killed while they attempt to kill as many Israelis when their opportunity to die for Allah comes up. And kudos to that child who is capable of yelling the required calls when marching and echo the indoctrination and resist being effected erasing any morals taught at home. Except for those few, the rest will need to be normalized or they will continue to be ticking time-bombs which could explode at any moment. Below find some choice videos as examples of what it is that passes for education and parenting.



Interview with mother of recent “martyred”
son threatens Israelis with hidden knife



Hamas version of children’s mouse witnessed
death of grandfather who gives him key to his
original house in Tel Aviv that has been in
family for generations and then mouse
is killed presumably by Israelis.



Bee replacing recently killed mouse
takes part in lesson for killing Jews



Islamic Jihad run military training
summer camp for young boys, you can’t
start training and indoctrination too young.



Summer Camp for children run by UNRWA
(United Nations Relief and Works Agency for
Palestine Refugees in the Near East) Investigated
and witnessed the lessons and games and how
every activity is used to indoctrinate the children
with emphasis on their assigned Israeli city from
which they were expelled and that they will
liberate from the Jews who steal land.


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