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February 3, 2017

False Flag Refugees, Deceits and Protests


Palestine, what is in a name? In that name is the greatest deceit in modern history, if not all history. What makes this deceit all the more malicious is the simple fact that everybody using or referencing this deceit are complicit in perpetuating the deceit. There may be a select ignorant few making up less than a single percentage point of the protesters throughout the world. Even the hordes of college youth caught up in the anti-Israel falsely identified pro-Palestinian demonstrations across the campuses of the developed world; certainly they are not all aware of the deceit. Well, actually, except for that single percent that are likely too simple to understand the difference between lies and truths, these protesters are also familiar with the deceit. They know that every time they chant, “From the river to the sea, Palestine must be free,” they are not calling for any compromise; they are calling for the annihilation of Israel and her Jewish People. They support the PA as well as Hamas and their demand that the lands they hold be completely cleansed of any Jews and that their end promise is to rid the entire world of any Jewish trace. They will claim that this is not the case and claim that Hamas and the Arab Palestinians do not desire every Jew on Earth be executed, but they also know that in saying this they are simply repeating the big lie. The one rule they all stand by is that the Arabs are the aggrieved party who have no homelands and the Jews are invaders who have never resided in the Holy Lands. For them to believe that this is true they would need have grown up without having any knowledge of the Bible, both Old Testament and the New Testament. Further, they would have to be completely ignorant of the person referred to as Jesus Christ, Jesus of Nazareth and pretend they did not know he was a Jew who lived in Nazareth, was born in Bethlehem or preached in Jerusalem. Anyone raised in the Western World making such a claim is, pardon our bluntness, a lying piece of work beyond rescue or salvation.


But today being anti-Israel, and further, anti-Zionist while chanting support for the wretched and oppressed Arab Palestinians even if it demands no small amount of additional anti-Semitism is all part of an active social acceptance and the avenue to future opportunities including entry into many of the most elite political groups including but not limited to Black Lives Matter (BLM), the 99%, Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER), Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Friends of Sabeel-North America (FOSNA), If Americans Knew (IAK), International Solidarity Movement (ISM), Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), Muslim American Society (MAS), Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation (USCEIO), Electronic Intifada, US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS) and the Boycott Divestment and Sanction Movement (BDS). The leadership of many of these organizations are located in the Middle East or even originated in the Middle East such as the BDS Movement which began as the Arab countries boycotts of Israel and that was taken global under direct administration by the Palestinian Authority which also initially funded the BDS Movement just as they work and fund the ISM movement which has collaborated with Hamas in efforts to counter Israeli actions even to the point of transferring weapons and terrorist fighters in their vehicles which carried neutrality markings to prevent their being targeted by the Israelis. The side-effect of these often concerted efforts to vilify Israel and work for her destruction has been the targeting of Jews on some of the most active campuses. Some of the activities carried out by these groups actually intentionally target the Jewish students with one type of harassment being fake eviction notices meant to force the Jewish students feel the same panic and threat felt by the families of convicted terrorist murderers whose homes are destroyed. Then the Jewish students are often targeted with the false checkpoint protests and false arrest protests where the aim is to make the Jewish students’ lives feel as if they are now the terrorists or presumably Arab Israelis.


Anti-Israel Protests

Anti-Israel Protests


The problem is that Arab Israelis face exactly the same type of security protocols and inconveniences as any other Israeli including the Israeli Jews and the vast majority of Arab Palestinians never need cross a checkpoint as their lives are lived entirely within the areas governed by the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Arabs residing in Gaza only face a checkpoint when entering Israel. The fact that Arab Palestinians face checkpoints actually is normal for any person crossing from one nation into another in the Middle East and most other places worldwide with the exception of within the European Union providing one has a European Union or other European recognized identity card. The Arab Palestinian resides either in Gaza under Hamas or within the Palestinian Authority regions and only when crossing into Israel or Israeli areas are they subjected to checkpoints and in many locations Arab Palestinians are able to cross into Israel without facing any checkpoint which is what should be seen as the exceptional instance, not having to cross through a checkpoint when leaving the semi-autonomous regions of the Palestinian Authority governance into Israel or to cross from Hamas ruled Gaza into Israel. What is next, protests that the fighters in Syria are met at the border by the IDF when they are taken by Israel and treated for their injuries with no questions asked. Then I guess we should not tell you that once these injured “Syrians” are stabilized, they are returned to Syria and not granted an apartment in Tel Aviv and Israeli citizenship. Israel even has checkpoints for Egyptians, Jordanians, Lebanese and even Americans flying into Ben Gurion International Airport. Imagine that.


Palestinian Refugees are another false flag as they are dissimilar from every other recognized refugee group recognized by the United Nations. While all other refugees are handled through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) which works to resettle refugees in neighboring nations or throughout the world in rare instances such as the current Syria crisis where the neighboring countries and related Arab nations are refusing or claiming inability to absorb refugees. Some claim that this refusal is being coordinated in order to infiltrate the western world with an inundation of Islamic refugees and possibly mixing in a select set of terror organizers and other terror facilitators and collaborators. But even with over half a century the Arab Palestinian refugees have not only never been resettled, but have grown from under three-quarters of a million to somewhere over five million with some claiming over six million. This is due to their agency, United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) is coordinated and structured in such a manner as to propagate the refugee situation and purposely invigorate and aggravate it. In this end they pass the refugee status from one generation to the next thus far ad infinitum. No other similar situation exists or ever has existed throughout history. This situation can only be performed in this manner in order to exacerbate an existing problem making it worse over time. The only reason for such treatment, more mistreatment, of these refugees is to use as a weapon to berate and eventually inundate Israel with these refugees destroying its Jewish majority and destroying the Jewish State by refugee. This mistreatment and denigration of the human spirit in a people is nothing short of inhuman and the real sorrow is that these refugees are being held in camps by their own people, fellow Arabs. These refugee camps even exist within areas under Palestinian Arab control as well as in Gaza under Hamas rule. In Syria they became double refugees and Bashir al-Assad dropped barrel bombs and used chemical agents on the two largest refugee camps fearful that they would rise against him. These camps contain entire families most with numerous children but the Syrians simply wanted them dead instead of continuing to feed and care for them. That is the attitude of many other nations who have these camps and if not for their threat to Israel, these people would be treated better by their own people.


There never was any nation called Palestine. There have never been a Palestinian people throughout history. The Arabs claiming to be Palestinians simply needed to have resided in the British Mandate for two years, or claim to have been there for two years, in 1948 to be granted status as a Palestinian as the British were doing everything in their power to increase the numbers of Arabs, including shipping them in themselves, while refusing to allow the Jews from Europe entry into the state of Israel. Then there are the forgotten refugees. These were the over eight-hundred-thousand Jews directly evicted or driven from their Arab homelands where many the family had been residing there for over a thousand years, two thousand for some in Egypt, and were sent packing mostly to Israel as European nations, Canada, Australia and the United States refused to accept any of these Jewish refugees unless they had relatives willing to prove they could support them. This sent the vast majority of the Jews to Israel where today they make up approximately half the population. There are also Jewish refugees taken in from Ethiopia as well as India and anywhere in the world where Jews face a hostile environment. The true refugees from the Arab world, the only refugees who would never be permitted to return to their former homes, the Jews from the Arab world of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have been completely accepted into Israeli society and as time passes and the European and MENA Jews as well as all others intermarry, there will be no distinguishing them one from the other. How do I know, because my mother’s family was from Iraq and my father’s was from England; I am one of those Jews with a foot in each continent and it showed in my upbringing.


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July 29, 2014

Ceasefire or Cease Sanity?

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United States President Obama had a long conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu this past Sunday insisting that an immediate ceasefire for humanitarian reasons was absolutely necessary. The United States President repeated his standard bromides denouncing Hamas firing rockets from amongst the Palestinian civilian structures and their endangering both their own population while attacking Israeli civilians; also, the President expressed extreme consternation over the excessive numbers of Gazans who have died or been injured resultant to the border conflict. President Obama further claimed he fully supported the Egyptian proposed terms for a ceasefire which calls for the reinstatement of the conditions as established in the ceasefire established to curtail the 2012 Hamas-Israeli conflict. If this was what was actually being proposed on the ground in the Middle East there might be progress providing that Hamas could be pressured to accept this offer, the same offer they have unilaterally and completely refused claiming that their demands must be agreed to by Israel for them to accept any ceasefire. The Hamas demands are being fully supported and backed politically by Iran, Qatar and Turkey. While from President Obama’s conversation with Prime Minister Netanyahu would imply that the United States is not backing the Hamas demands as a precondition for any ceasefire; unfortunately, United States Secretary of State Kerry is not on the same page nor singing a similar tune as was President Obama. Secretary Kerry is pressing for Israel to agree and sign onto the Qatari proposed ceasefire and its specific requirements to be imposed on Israel which parallel the Hamas demands. This proposed ceasefire conditions have been rejected initially by Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel while being considered viable by Hamas, Qatar, Iran and Turkey. Where there has yet to be a full disclosure over the exact demands of the Qatari ceasefire initiative, it is rumored to contain elements which would require relief from the Israeli naval blockade and the permanent opening of the Rafah Border Crossing between Egypt and Gaza. Such an agreement would allow the terrorist groups within Gaza, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda in Gaza, recently established ISIS affiliate and other lesser terror aligned entities to import arms of any variety as long as they could afford them or somebody was willing to arm them as a sign of support. This begs the question as to whether Secretary Kerry and President Obama have briefed each other and are working in concert or is one of them completely out of the loop on what the other is pursuing.

There is another explanation which is even more sinister and unfortunately has evidence to back up the theory that namely President Obama was playing good cop to Secretary Kerry’s bad cop and that behind the scenes the two are working together to force the Qatari pro-Hamas conditions for a ceasefire on Israel and Egypt with the support of Qatar and Turkey. While Qatar is known to be a major financial backer of Hamas, one might wonder why Turkey would be supportive of Hamas being a member of NATO which lists Hamas as a terror organization. The reasons behind Turkey supporting the strengthening of Hamas is due to their desire to return the Muslim Brotherhood to power with President Morsi returned to his post which he lost when the military conducted a coup presumably in response to popular demands from the people. Turkey also would desire to have the coalition headed by the Freedom and Justice Party returned to the Egyptian parliament. Since Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood arm in the struggle against Israel and has previously assisted Muslim Brotherhood and other Sunni Islamists in their attempts at insurrection in Egypt, it will take great efforts or extensive bribes to turn Egypt to their views. Further, it might be suspected that another reason Qatar would desire an open port to receive goods free from any interference by Israel or Egypt has something to do with their recent near eleven-billion-dollar weapons purchase from the United States which included among other items Patriot missile batteries, Javelin anti-tank defense systems and Apache attack helicopters with hopes of also signing a jet fighter contract in the near future. The reasoning explaining this sale was in order to allow the small nation to resist any threats emanating from across the Gulf from Iran. Some might have doubts of any threat condition between Iran and Qatar as Qatar has been suspected of aiding Iran find paths around the nuclear sanctions as well as having held meetings with Iran and Russia to discuss situations and future relations in the heart of the Middle East all seemingly signifying cooperation to be far more likely than any threat situations. That begs exactly why Qatar would require eleven-billion-dollars of top-line military systems. Perhaps they plan on placing them on display in a similar manner that Steve McQueen used to display his car and motorcycle collection. There is no chance they might have much of these weapons finding their way to Gaza, not a chance as I am sure they gave President Obama assurances against such an eventuality.

A final note is that it appears that there has been pressure applied on Egypt to either alter their ceasefire stipulations to more closely match the Qatari offer or simply accept all of the Qatari stipulations and back them thereby applying additional pressures on Israel. Additionally, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has announced his participation for talks in Cairo where the others invited are Hamas and Islamic Jihad representatives who are scheduled to meet with Egyptian officials in order to examine how the Hamas demands as well as any additional demands from the Palestinian Authority, Fatah, Islamic Jihad and it would not be beyond belief for them to include the Popular Resistance Committees and who knows who else. These discussions are not going to include Israel but Israel will be pressured by a less than sympathetic world which is far more antagonistic than benevolent towards Israel to agree to accept whatever is hammered out no matter the consequences. Will this bring pressure from the Security Council of the United Nations which already issued a Chapter VI resolution for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas? The next resolution would likely be a Chapter VII demand for Israel to accept the given ceasefire and a Chapter VII resolution is enforceable by military force. Will this be when the world turns against Israel?


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March 15, 2014

Palestinian Style Terrorist Tactics Now on American Southern Border

Starting about a decade ago I tried to inform people that the terrorist groups which were often targeting Israel were now allied with the human and drug traffickers on the United States Mexico border. My comments often were in response to queries by friends and acquaintances asking when and why the level of violence in the border areas between Mexico and the United States had ramped up so severely. My response was always that the terrorists, in particular Hezballah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) among others, who had earned their teeth committing terror attacks against Israel were now also taking aim at the United States and have allied themselves with the drug cartels and traffickers of drugs and human beings operating in northern Mexico and have been training their enforcers in terror tactics, infiltration techniques and other martial activities. When a few years later these same people were horrified and wanted to understand where and how decapitation came to be used in northern Mexico and even across the border in the United States originally once every few months but eventually more frequently I repeated that this was a direct result of Middle Eastern terrorist forces training the enforcers and were now so completely allied and intertwined with the Mexican drug and human traffickers and cartels giving them training in terror techniques in exchange for access to the drug and human smuggling tunnels in order to insert supplies and operatives in order to have terror and other assets stationed within the United States. Throughout these exchanges I was normally waved off as having lost my mind in order to discount what I was telling them as such a dire situation was far too shocking and frightful for them to accept, so the messenger had to be invalidated.


Well, the final nail is in the coffin and the argument against the presence of terrorist trainers working with the drug and human traders has hit the news as the Border Patrol is currently working to establish protocols to guide their agents under which situations they will be permitted to use lethal force against rock throwers. The new standards were released late last week in an effort to reduce drastically the instances of agents shooting at moving vehicles or at migrants throwing rocks by reversing their former policy that resulted in the death of more perpetrators than the agency was comfortable with. Some of the earth-shaking and brilliant innovative rules include that agents have been advised not to place themselves in the path of fleeing vehicles and are advising them to simply allow the suspected perpetrators to flee when they are utilizing a vehicle and to no longer shoot at occupied vehicles. This directive makes one ponder how many unoccupied vehicles the border agents face fleeing their stations. The agents have also been advised to take cover in instances where they come under rock throwing attacks, preferably some variety which also provides shelter from thrown projectiles, only shoot when facing “imminent danger of death or serious physical injury to the agent or another person.” These new guidelines were released in a four-page memorandum covering the use of lethal force by border agents on the borders of the United States, both Mexico and Canada, by a special commission that investigated the use of firearms in response to a study by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights which protested the fact that a minimum of twenty-eight illegal migrants had been shot and killed on the Mexico-United States border since 2010.


These advisories make for some interesting comparisons with the similar circumstances faced by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) in dealing with rock throwing, fleeing vehicles and other confrontations with Hamas, Fatah, Hezballah, Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda in Gaza and the rest of the alphabet soup of terrorist forces which act against Israel and her citizens. Obviously these guidelines being implemented by the United States is designed to reduce the level of violence or any possibility for a deadly cycle of violence and to protect the perpetrators in order to minimize the condemnation and repercussions of bad media coverage when confrontations result in casualties and especially those casualties which result in fatalities. Much of these guidelines appear extremely familiar with anybody who has studied the standing orders and the situations faced weekly by IDF soldiers who are often challenged not solely by Arab terrorists but often organized and well trained agitators from Europe who come regularly into Israel for the expressed mission of forcing a confrontation with IDF soldiers just to get damning videos which are made through selective editing which omit every threat, instigation and intimidation to only show any response which can be utilized to demonize the Israeli youths in uniform who are the victims of these mob tactics. This has led to standing IDF orders which attempt to minimize any possibility of a violent response from any IDF personnel who are restricted beyond reason and must only use force when their lives are critically endangered. One of the more infamous cases concerned Lt. Colonel Eisner who struck a European anarchist who had repeatedly challenged Lt. Colonel Eisner breaking one of his fingers. Remarkably, the video released on YouTube and on several European news outlets did not show the instigator striking and kicking the Israeli officer or the antics and violent assaults perpetrated against Lt. Colonel Eisner and his troops but showed repeatedly and even in slow motion the one violent act from Lt. Colonel Eisner when after the provocations, pain and threat to his men he momentarily lost control and struck the leader of the instigation with the butt of his rifle. That video led to an onslaught of demands that Lt. Colonel Eisner be removed from service. The worst and most offensive part of this particular incident was the participation of numerous Israeli leftists and agitators who demonstrated in a successful fabrication, pushing the point until, in order to defend against the publicity that were causing difficulties for command, Lt. Colonel Eisner was tried for using excessive violence and was drummed from service. Lt. Colonel Eisner had been an excellent and superb commander and officer who was pilloried for reacting after taking insult and provocation that would have tried the patience and faith of Job and was drummed from service in the name of political correctness. There was nothing correct about his termination of service and there will be similar events in the future for some unfortunate border officer when he reacts what will be determined to be incorrectly to some instigation. There is a reason that Israel and the United States are the two nations which take such extreme positions and so restrict their forces from using lethal force to protect themselves from terrorists and professional instigators and provocateurs resulting in sacrificing men of honor who are well trained simply for one momentary loss of discipline, they value human life above virtually anything else. Too bad their enemies use this form of honor against them. Furthermore, they should be given great credit for their values and expectations of super-human efforts and disciplines from every last one of their men and women in uniform. They never will, but they deserve such almost hourly but minimally daily.


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