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December 31, 2013

The Prisoners and the Negotiations

The releasing of one-hundred-four terrorist prisoners, many with blood soaked hands from murdering countless Israeli civilians, in four stages will continue next week with the fourth installment. The ire of many in the public is palpable and some of the reactions by the state have many expressing concerns. The protest which was taking place near the Prime Minister’s Jerusalem address was quickly terminated by the police within a few dozen hours and when queries why the rush to break up the demonstration when the demonstrations for releasing terrorists in exchange for Gilad Shalit was permitted to continue for months on end, the answer was basically that those protests were different. In a free state either the people have the right to protest before the Prime Minister’s official residence or they do not have. It cannot be different rules for one group than there are for a different group. That is what equality before the law is all about. Even 11-year-old Roi Fogel, survivor of the Fogel terrorist atrocity in which his parents and three siblings including a few months old infant were slaughtered in their beds, knows enough to question such a release of terrorists. The youth’s uncle, Ben-Yishai told Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat on Sunday, “My nephew asked why the State of Israel releases terrorists back to Judea and Samaria, when half of them resume terrorist activities? Why do they do it? The 11-year-old child understands what this government does not understand. My nephew really does not understand the government’s decision.” Yet the one person who holds that such a releasing of terrorists is in the interest of Israel is none other than Justice Minister Tzippy Livni who is also the lead negotiator with the Palestinians. This is the same Tzipi Livni who was recently quoted claiming, “I want to see a liberal, Zionist Israel, not a conservative, nationalistic one.” Well, thanks for the honesty.




Then there are the negotiations themselves and the threats which appear can come from any direction as long as their target is Israel. The fact that the Palestinian negotiators and other top Palestinian officials are all predicting the possibility of another intifada should the negotiations fail to meet with their satisfaction and that any result which does not meet their every demand and whim will have them seek recognition and statehood by other means which will also, if such is possible, isolate Israel eventually erasing her and turning all of Israel into their state. Anybody who has followed the whole Oslo Accords rolling disaster is likely not the least bit surprised by the Palestinians negotiating style of negotiations by overt threats. What was somewhat of an unexpected surprise was when United States Secretary of State Kerry threatened Israel in a press meeting he held with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu also in attendance with Kerry that should Israel not make all the sacrifices which will become necessary to grant the Palestinians their state then Israel could expect chaos, a Third Intifada and isolation from Europe and the world stage. This is a new form of mediating negotiations, mediation by supporting one side against the other and threatening the other side with open hostilities. Due to this statement one has to question how anything Secretary Kerry might say would be relevant should the Palestinians walk out of the negotiations once all of the one-hundred-four terrorists have been released, as they have claimed is their intentions, and then proceed to assault Israel with a Third Intifada.




Of course any reasonable person might challenge Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas on his statements concerning the entire Peace Process and the current negotiations. He is among those who have flat out stated that he will allow the negotiations to continue until the last terrorist is released and not one minute longer. He has also claimed that Secretary Kerry has given him a letter that guarantees that he will pressure Israel until they meet every single Palestinian demand, the entire litany of Abbas preconditions. If such is true then it quickly becomes obvious why Secretary Kerry would threaten Israel with isolation, another Intifada, and banishment by Europe if they do not cave to every Palestinian wish. All of the threats and other unbalanced statements coming from Secretary Kerry are reminiscent of the early days of President Obama’s first term when he actually thought up new demands of Israel which even the Palestinians had never had the gall and audacity to demand such as the building freeze and a return to the Green Line with minimal and mutually agreed to swaps which would mean that if the Palestinians refused to any swaps then Israel would be returning to the same boundaries which led to the Six Day War and history would very probably repeat itself.




How long will the fiascos that are the current negotiations going to continue? They will not last long enough for Tzipi Livni to somehow manage to give away the entire store unless she is aided in her quest for peace at any cost by Prime Minister Netanyahu. What are the odds of two Likud Prime Ministers pulling nearly back-to-back disengagements, one being Sharon and Gaza, the other being Netanyahu and Judea and Samaria. It might be prudent, if this has not yet occurred behind closed doors in private, to force a commitment from Prime Minister Netanyahu that he will not surrender the entirety of the so-called West Bank nor will he agree to a partial return of Palestinian refugees beyond fifty-thousand into Israeli property with citizenship being proffered at any future date and that he will not suddenly pull a disaster and announce some agreement which returns Israel to indefensible borders and gives up any eastern buffer zone, especially not the Jordan Valley or the ridgeline of the Judean Hills overlooking the heart of Israel. The pressures which will be forthcoming out of Washington DC, the capital cities of Europe, the European Union and definitely the United Nations will be enormous and the Prime Minister will require fortitude and support of the coalition in withstanding the onslaught. There are very trying times approaching for the little state of Israel; let us hope she really is the little country that could and make it over that hill to live a long life. After all, with the medical discoveries, technical achievements, agricultural methods, scientific revelations and generally great gifts for all humanity which come from that little country, Israel, wouldn’t it be wise and prudent to see to her safety for the benefit of all humanity? Of course it would.




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November 30, 2013

Will Israel Take Steps to Save Herself?

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Often articles about the possible paths that lie before Israel going into the future denote how Israel must appease this one, follow the path spelled out by another, listen to this group or person and other such similar advisories all of which place Israel in a subservient role following the dictates of some other nation, group, expert, advisor or even the columnist writing the article itself. Most of these advisories are more aligned with the interests or desires of the entities leaving Israel in the position of following the demands of others or making apologies for acting in her own best interests. Unfortunately it is following bad advice or giving in to the pressures presented as something that the world demands or expects from Israel.  Many have concluded that Israel has lost something and is no longer that small nation standing surrounded by enemies who wished nothing more than to obliterate that little nation. They claim that Israel has lost her nerve and cannot survive much longer as her time is limited. They claim that because Israel has been maligned and cast as an outcast nation which acts cruelly and has lost her moral compass for so long by so many nations, people, organizations, international conferences, Non-Governmental Organizations and, at the top of the list, the United Nations in all of its forms, tentacles and dark places and faces including but far from limited, and the completely outrageous, over the top, unsatiated display of hate which were the Durban Conferences and the United Nations Human Rights Commission that it has been accepted as fact. So, what can Israel do in a world that appears to have decided that she must be destroyed in order to make all the other problems become solvable. How many more times must we listen to the claim that behind every problem is the fact that the Israelis seem incapable of making peace with the Palestinians, the Palestinian who are peaceable people with only kindness in their hearts and willing to do almost anything to make peace with Israel if only Israel would just meet the reasonable demands they make. The truth that this little demand is for Israel to roll over and die appears to have escaped in the reasoning of the world gone mad leaving Israel in an impossible position of meeting a set of demands which would be tantamount to her committing suicide.


There was a time not that long ago when Israel was considered the underdog nation that was blossoming and developing the deserts and rocky hills of the Middle East. Israel was seen as a paragon of freedom, liberty and personal achievement. What is interesting is that along with Israel being demoted to the point of becoming a pariah that personal achievement has also lost its luster if those who do achieve do not portend to a particular political bend where they constantly seem to be apologizing for having been successful. Perhaps there is some correlation in this phenomenon. Israel has gone from being the underdog fighting the brave fight to the bully and cruel oppressor lording over the poor beleaguered and innocent Palestinians. Israel is being maligned nearly daily on college campuses throughout North America and Europe. Israel is required debate of her most recent or continuing crimes against humanity at every meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council no matter for what reason the forum was assembled. Even if the UNHRC is meeting to discuss the civil war in Syria, the violence in Libya, the murders by the drug cartels in Mexico or whatever the current evil offense of the day may be, the UNHRC is required by its own bylaws to first take time out and condemn Israel for human rights violations whether any were committed or not. One might at this point wonder what is the use of Israel even trying to regain her reputation, but that would be defeatist, and if there is one thing Israel is not, it is not defeatist.


So, is it possible for Israel to regain her reputation, and if so, how? Israel does not honestly need to do much different to regain her solid and bright reputation. Ask the people in Haiti who survived the hurricane only to live in a desolate field of total destruction, the Japanese who suffered the triple blow of a 9.4 Richter scale earthquake causing a tsunami which destroyed the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant to meltdown creating an environmental and nuclear disaster, the Pilipino survivors of the recent Typhoon Haiyan that destroyed everything in its path and killed or injured thousands leaving whole cities homeless, the people in Moore, Oklahoma, USA whose town was virtually obliterated by a massive tornado which remained on the ground as it swept completely across that community, or countless people all throughout the globe who were relieved when seeing IDF uniformed aid arrive and lend a helping hand often setting up facilities and beginning operations before the United Nations, Red Cross and most other nations even got their units together and where possible have left buildings, equipment and tons of supplies that other relief units take with them on departure of site gifted to those in need. Ask these people about what they think of the Israelis they met. In the Philippines you will need to go way off the beaten path and find a small, impoverished little city Bogo City where the IDF was virtually the only help that this little place, considered unimportant to most, received. The Israeli aid was not delivered where the majority of the work was done and where the main news and media coverage existed; they went to a place where they would help those who most needed assistance but were expecting the usual truth, that nobody cared about their impoverished community, but this time somebody cared.


What Israel needs to do to regain the respect and honors she once enjoyed is actually simple, Israel needs to forget what the rest of the world is demanding of them and refuse to fold before outside pressures, even those from her presumed friends, and Israel needs to consider what Israel needs first. The next time anybody, especially the United States who has demanded this more than most, demands Israel release murderous terrorists who will immediately return to their preferred trade of murdering Israeli civilians that includes women, children and seniors; Israel must simply refuse in no uncertain terms, a plain and simple no, not now, not ever again. Israel needs to annex land around Jerusalem including all of the areas of Judea and Samaria that were placed under Israeli civil, security and military control by the United Nations and the Oslo Accords as these were lands that back in 1993 were considered as belonging to Israel and would remain Israeli when the Palestinian State was to be formed five years hence. Israel needs to simply state that which is an acceptable solution to their impasse with the intransigent Palestinian whose sole purpose is the eradication of Israel, all of Israel, and not peace, never was peace, and then enforce any territorial sections of such a plan and then simply tell Mahmoud Abbas that if and when he wishes to have real and honest peace talks then he should recognize the right of the Jewish people to have the State of Israel and that renounce his call for the phony right of return which is simply a ploy to inundate Israel with Arab agents and use elections to erase the Jewish qualities of Israel. Israel must simply worry about Israel first and foremost and not surrender any decisions over her own future to other nations or world bodies including the Kangaroo Courts such as ICC and ICJ. If the United Nations should decide that Israel must be punished for doing exactly what nations are founded to do, serve their own people and interests, then Israel should simply pack up her bags and depart from that hypocritical body. Once Israel has made these positions clear she needs to never again back away from those principles which serve her interests and ignore those who will scream and yell pounding the table and stomping their feet with a flaming rage demanding that Israel bend to their authority. Israel needs to bend to only one authority, and that authority has no spokesperson on Earth but will make His position known when the time comes and everything matters and not before. That is also where Israel must put her faith, in herself and in G0d and nowhere or no one else.


Beyond the Cusp


August 13, 2013

Israel, Terrorist Release, New Israeli Building, and the Peace Process

The Israeli government just agreed to release the first twenty-six terrorist prisoners of the one-hundred-plus terrorists who are to be released as the price demanded by the Palestinian leadership in order to entice them to even come to the negotiating table. As a possible move to soften the distress and betrayal felt by many Israelis over these murderous terrorists, all of whom have blood on their hands and were serving life sentences, the government also announced tenders for building new housing in Jerusalem and areas in Judea and Samaria. Immediately after the announced tenders the Palestinian leadership, including lead negotiator Saeb Erekat, demanded Israel rescind these offers or else they would not return to the peace talks which they had agreed to hold in exchange for the prisoner release. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had offered Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas a building freeze in exchange for Palestinian participation in the peace negotiations but they turned down that offer instead demanding the prisoner release. Now they are backing in to also demanding a building freeze without forgoing the prisoner release. The Palestinians need to choose which concession it is they are demanding, the prisoner release or a building freeze, which one and not both. But this has been the Palestinian method of negotiating as we have pointed out before. They demand a concession, usually one that is very difficult for many Israelis to accept such as this prisoner release, in order to have them return to the negotiations and then as soon as the mood strikes they will demand yet another concessions in order to entice them to meet an additional time. Then down the road they will make another demand for another concession or they threaten to quit the negotiations. Eventually, when it appears that the negotiations are reaching a point where an agreement is imminent they make a string of demands which include certain known deal breakers such as Israel surrendering all of Easter Jerusalem along with acceptance of the pre-June 1967 Lines as the borders with the allowing five-million-plus refugees be given residence and citizenship within Israel and whatever else might strike their fancy for the moment knowing such a barrage of demands will be rejected by Israel. After Israel refuses to grant the final concessions the Palestinians claim Israel blew-up the negotiations by not meeting their obligatory commitments as demanded by the Palestinians.


This new demand for an imposed building freeze or else the Palestinians refuse to rejoin the peace negotiations is exactly what we had been expecting though some here thought it might have waited at least one or two more meetings before being rolled out. So, in review of where things stand, the Israelis offered a building freeze which the Palestinians refused demanding in its stead a prisoner release of pre-Oslo terrorist prisoners. Israel guaranteed to grant a set of staggered prisoner releases with the first twenty-six coming this week just before or at the same time as the second meeting is scheduled. Now, as Israel announced their intention to build on lands which Israel is expected to retain even after the negotiations, the Palestinians have demanded that they be granted an Israeli building freeze on top of the prisoner release or they will refuse to continue with the negotiations. One might curiously ask what exactly have the Palestinians sacrificed or contributed in order to show that they are negotiating in good faith and also showing their seriousness. Funny you should ask as the Palestinians would become very indignant should you ever ask such a question of them. You see the rules according to the European Union, many European governments, most of the Human Rights NGOs, the myriad of Palestinians rights and Palestinian peace NGOs, the Arab League, the Arab and Muslim Worlds, most of the nations belonging to the NAM (non-aligned Nations), the United Nations as well as its attendant Agencies, the United States State Department, United States President Obama, United States Secretary of Defense Kerry, European Union Foreign Minister Lady Ashton, Russia, and numerous other luminaries, the Palestinians are not  required to make concessions as they have nothing to offer as they are downtrodden and victims of cruel, oppressive treatment being ignored and condemned to misery by much of the world and must be treated as the forever injured party which is to be granted their every demand, especially and solely if those demands are for funding from the Europeans, United States and those organizations funded predominantly by the Europeans and United States or anything they dream or desire from the Israelis and must never be made to actually meet any standards or even be held to their promises because they are the Palestinians who shall never be challenged. Yes, that was a long and difficult thought string but after breaking it down and reading it two or three times it starts to become clearer. It basically says that the world had decided that the Israelis are supposed to give and the Palestinians receive, the Israelis get to bleed and the Palestinians get to dance and exchange sweets, just as the West and any nation not under the control and protection of Islam also gets to bleed while the Palestinians get to dance and exchange sweets just as they did in response to New York and Washington DC on September 11, 2001; Madrid trains and train stations on March 11, 2004; London underground and busses on July 7, 2005 then again on July 21, 2005; Mumbai from Wednesday, November 26, 2008 lasting until Saturday, November 29, 2008; and other past attacks no matter where in the world and they will likely celebrate such acts again in the future. The only way this will end is when Israel finally manages to place into the office of the Prime Minister a man with the fortitude, backbone, conscience and chutzpah to agree to one final negotiation without any preconditions or concessions and everything on the table and if no peace is forged then never again will Israel carry the burden of such humiliations and all of Judea and Samaria will be annexed to meet the definition permitted by the United Nations agreements assuring Israel be satisfied they have defendable borders and those Arabs who wish to leave will be compensated for their lands and given a generous stipend to assist their relocation and those who desire to be Israeli citizens will be given a stipulated series of requirements and after satisfying these prerequisites they will be granted citizenship dependent on a background and security investigation. The only other way this farce can end is in a final war where one side is thoroughly defeated once and for all. The other choice is for this insanity to continue ad-nauseum into the future for as far as human existence can endure. That is no future to look forward to for either side but is one of the options which will result if those of weak wills are left to decide the future. My main opinion is I am glad that I will never have to make these choices as I will never be placed into a leadership position of either the Palestinians or the Israelis and for that I am truly grateful.


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