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February 10, 2019

They Are Coming to Bargain Away Israel Again


Coming in late February will be White House Senior Adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner and President Trump’s Middle East envoy, Jason Greenblatt, on a one week tour hitting the best of the spots the Arabs offer. They will be visiting Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. They will be on a mission, but not one from the Most High. Their efforts are to sell the “Deal of a Century” while only revealing many of its financial rewards which will be available to those willing to assist reaching the deal for Trump. As is almost always the case, rumors have been flying. Some even extend to the Middle East conference being held next week in Warsaw where the men are expected to hold meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Israel’s Channel 13 News reported leaks claiming that Jared Kushner will be expected to share an update about the “Deal of a Century” during the Warsaw Conference. The White House claims that Kushner will be participating in a discussion hosted by former Norwegian foreign minister Borge Brende on efforts to end the Israeli-Palestinian Arab conflict. Does anybody remember the Norwegians? They were the go-betweens acting largely for the United States State Department and the rest of the let’s sell Israel down the river entities who worked with Israelis Simon Peres, Yossi Beilin, Yair Hirschfeld, Ron Pundak, Uri Savir and other leftists willing to go to any lengths for self-gratification, fame, and a shot at a Nobel Peace Prize all at the expense of their nation and her people. The Norwegians were the go-betweens who assisted in greasing the skids that produced the Oslo Accords and almost every mounting disaster since. While on the subject of leaks, another Channel 13 report back in January claimed that the “Deal of the Century” would include the establishment of a Palestinian state in about ninety percent of Judea and Samaria, with at least part of eastern Jerusalem as its capital. Jason Greenblatt rejected the report claiming it to be inaccurate. Either way, this coming “Deal of the Century” sounds an awful lot like the Ehud offers, what Ehud Barak and after him Ehud Olmert offered to Yasser Arafat and then Mahmoud Abbas the first under President Bill Clinton and the second under President George W. Bush, both rejected out of hand by the Palestinians. Whatever the “Deal of the Century” may hold, Mahmoud Abbas has already dismissed it as unacceptable sight unseen.


Of course, looking at their itinerary and seeing the absence of a stop to visit with Mahmoud Abbas or other Palestinian Authority official, one can only reason that the trip is a fishing expedition seeking anybody willing to replace the Palestinian Authority and accept the “Deal of the Century” in their stead. Perhaps we should save these busy Trump representatives by alerting them to the Khartoum Resolution issued September 1, 1967, as a reaction to the Six Day War where the crux of the agreement could be summed up with the “Three No’s”: “no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel.” That is succinct and as straight forward as any rejection can be. There is also rumored to be an economic stimulus and large aid package included to assist Gaza in overcoming their economic woes. That would be a completely wasted effort and would only serve to empower Hamas and Islamic Jihad with the people of Gaza who need such aid never seeing a single red cent. Everything will result just as the numerous aid packages designed to assist in rebuilding the apartments and other structures which remain as mostly rubble since the first Gaza war with Hamas. The more rubble Hamas forces to remain, the more photo opportunities there are to blame Israel for the destruction. Repeatedly Israel has been threatened, cajoled and otherwise twisted until allowing building provisions to enter Gaza only to have them time after time become bunkers, command centers and infiltration tunnels reaching under the border as much as two or even three and more kilometers into Israel. Any aid to Gaza will build more and deeper tunnels as well as rockets and launchers while allowing for extending the tunnel network which crisscrosses Gaza already. But rebuilding Gaza is a Western dream and an Israeli nightmare. Actual rebuilding of Gaza will never occur until the terrorists who govern the region have been defeated. Even then, the probability is that the people of Gaza will simply form a new terror group which will immediately be elected and they will do the only thing they have been educated to perform, attempting to murder Israelis, or as they refer to Israelis, Jews.


Perhaps we should clarify the Arab League’s official position on peace with Israel. There is no such position unless Israel agrees to be placed under Arab rule with Islamic Sharia as the only law. This is actually the mildest position one will find officially across the Arab and extending into much of the Muslim worlds. The Palestinians are even less caring as their idea of an acceptable peace is every Israeli Jews they can catch being murdered in as slow and torturous a means as humanly possible. We had an example of what happens when a group of everyday Palestinians, the ones who actually make up the majority, do when they find a couple of Jews. The case we are referring to came about when two reservists made a wrong turn and as a result ended up in the Palestinian Authority areas. The Palestinian police initially arrested them and placed them in a cell for their own protection. A crowd rioted outside the jail demanding to be permitted to slaughter the Jews. The police abandoned their station leaving the reservists locked in the cell and left the keys on the desk. The result is evidenced by the picture below. They were mauled and torn apart and disemboweled and mutilated with one teen displaying his trophy blood-soaked hands and the crowd outside reacted with brutish and primal screams of ecstasy. These are the people the world treasures and demand that Israel make nice with them.


Teenaged Terrorists Displays Bloodied Hands Sending Crowd Gathered to Witness or Take Part in Sacrificing IDF Reservists Tearing Them Apart with Their Bare Hands

Teenaged Terrorists Displays Bloodied Hands Sending Crowd
Gathered to Witness or Take Part in Sacrificing IDF Reservists
Tearing Them Apart with Their Bare Hands


The above example is far from the only sign which reveal what the nature of those who the world wishes to adopt and favor over Israel. There is another place where the actions speak so much louder than words. This place is Joseph’s Tomb in Hevron. It is in the area of Hevron controlled by the Palestinian Authority and outside the reach of the Jewish community at the edge of the city. The Arab revels and celebrates, as if in carnal ecstasy, as they destroy the Jewish shrine time and time again. Each time Jews under protection of the IDF steal their way in armored buses and rebuild the entire sight in a few hours only to have the Arabs make it into an unholy sacrifice to their unbridled hatred. We have a montage of pictures below where the top displays the Arab brutality to a Jew who has been dead over two thousand years and the bottom the devotion of setting things right as we Jews cannot permit his soul’s resting to be so disturbed. Joseph’s bones were carried back from Egypt by Moses personally in order to keep a by then centuries’ promise made by our early ancestors. If this and the above are typical examples, and as the desecration of Joseph’s tomb is a regular event we can expect such are exactly that, then what peace could ever be reached with such people. We will not even begin to go into any description of what had been done to synagogues and Jewish cemeteries by Jordan in the nineteen years they held parts of Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, today referred to as the Shomron. The typical example was the tombstones which had been used to build latrines. When Israel restored one of the destroyed synagogues, the Palestinians and other Arab spokespeople referred to Israel rebuilding the synagogue as a mission of hate and spite and an offense to Islam and threatening the peace process. Perhaps some will remember the disaster which resulted when thirteen Palestinian terrorists barricaded themselves in the Church of the Nativity knowing that either the Israelis would be stymied and unable to reach them or be forced to destroy this Christian holy place, a holy place which to them had no special value except as a cloak to hide behind from the Israelis. These monsters tore up priceless ancient books and used the pages as toilet-paper and burned relics to cook their meals. They harassed and threatened the priests, used priceless chalices, when not drinking straight from the bottle rummaging through the Church wine cellar laughingly breaking bottles and drinking numerous others. They left the Christian holy site a shambles and the world either laid all the blame on Israel or said nothing.


Six frames depicting the destructions, discovery of damage, finishing rebuilding, prayers and an endearing good-bye, or perhaps with luck til next time


Whether the gentlemen from Washington succeed in finding any Arab to claim they will assist President Trump with his deal, they should not celebrate too quickly. It was claimed after an earlier trip by Trump officials that Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia were onboard with assisting in pressuring Abbas or acting as an agent for the Palestinians in place of Abbas. Those promises turned into wisps of smoke and dissipated faster than one takes to read their report once they got home. The initial glee and excitement quickly became disappointment. President Trump should prepare for more disappointment should reports come that there has been remarkable success with their flash-dance across the five Arab states as that will be what the success will become a flash, a little dance and when the music stops and the song is over, the promises will vanish just as before. The reality is this is not a real estate deal nor is it about land. This is about life and death; they desire death while we desire life. They are willing to have fifty million Muslims die if it would destroy Israel. We want to live and would like to live in peace, they want us dead and are willing to kill everything including themselves if it leads to our deaths. The only deal which the Arab World, and much of the Muslim World, will ever accept is Israel wiped from being the Jewish State and the Jews gone, and if nobody will take the Jews, that is fine as they already have an example on how to solve that dilemma, they can behead the men and they have a different use for the women as spoils of war. They always have their example by the way Muhammad would have handled the situation once he was ensconced in Medina. This is why the Medina Quran is so diametrically opposite to the Mecca Quran. We gave an introduction to the differences in our article, “Which Quran, Mecca or Medina?,” and numerous friends have added links to deeper discussions within the comments section. This is why President Trump will not fare any better than his predecessors at finding the middle ground, there is no middle ground, either all the ground is given to the Arabs or they will simply wait until Islam has conquered Europe and the Americas and then turn their attentions towards Israel, and then it will likely be three, four or more, billion Muslims against perhaps sixteen million Jews. This will be the foretold world against Israel, a war foretold by prophesies and it is said that it will be better to stand with Israel when this final war takes place. Personally, we would be even happier if President Trump does find a settlement which is real and effective and allows for all the people to have an opportunity for a positive and bright future. Unfortunately, this is a dance we have witnessed before and it almost never turns out well for Israel as the Arabs will demand Israel forfeit something to prove that Israel desires peace, and then they will pocket the concession and walk away until the next time, rinse, repeat…


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December 24, 2018

The Syria Connection


One hears rumors of deals and arrangements being touted which predicated the United States departure from Syria. One can only pray that these are valid statements but should plan as if those words were never heard. Does anybody in their right mind believe that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is really going to end his murdering of the Kurdish population in Syria? How many actually are able to convince themselves that once the United States has departed that Bashir al-Assad will not simply begin to slaughter not only the fighters who still oppose him in the eastern parts of the nation but will also choose a genocidal approach to the civilian populations in these regions slaughtering millions of innocents for the crime of being Sunni Muslims or Kurds. There was one promise already kept, but whether the promise was made to United States President Donald Trump or to Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is unclear. The good news is that Russian President Vladimir Putin did lean on Lebanon regarding the Hezballah tunnels dug under the border and into Israel plus warned them to take steps to assure the border with Israel remains quiet. This also serves Russian influences and interests that there does not open up warring between Lebanon based Hezballah and Israel as such a war is bound to spill into Syria even if just to prevent arms from reaching Hezballah from Iran through Damascus, the route usually taken, though of late Iran has begun using Beirut International Airport to transport guidance system upgrades to the massive Hezballah rocket inventory making them deadly accurate missiles instead of launch and pray rockets with marginal accuracy.


The problem is that either President Trump has not learned that in the Middle East falsehoods are a way of life and actually demanded of the followers of Islam if that lie furthers the goals of Islam. The American President is accustomed to making deals with people whose word is their bond and such does not exist throughout most of the Middle East, Israel being the exception. This has caused Israel many serious problems when dealing with the Palestinian Authority (PA) as they would often make a promise which they had no intention of ever honoring as that would be counter to their interests, and as they are Muslim, their interests when dealing with Jews is an imperative that they gain specifically when they lie. The PA has not kept virtually everything they have ever agreed upon with the greatest and most obvious lie being that they rewrote their charter removing calls to totally destroy Israel and kill all the Jews. To the credit of the PA, when Washington DC sent State Department monitors to determine if the PA was to alter their charter, they had a vote to form a committee to look into having a committee which would consider making the prescribed alterations. The State Department monitors returned to Washington DC reporting that the PA was indeed going to make the changes required, and that settled that argument. Of course, that committee saw no reason to form another committee to decide if the changes should be made, as obviously they never intended to alter one letter of their charter and nobody in the Western World can understand their charter as it is written in the apparently untranslatable Arabic. We can expect the same for any and all guarantees given to President Trump as conditions under which the United States military could leave the region-claiming job done in the defeating of the Islamic State.


That takes us to whether or not the Islamic State has indeed been defeated. That would depend on one’s definition of defeated. The Islamic State lost virtually all of the territory it once held, had its declared capital city taken and has been reduced to sparse groups scattered over many square miles of territory all of whom have melted back into the population, often in the very villages they left to fight with the Islamic State. Such a dispersed group would be next to impossible to hunt down and the effort would make such more and more difficult as time progressed as many of these people would be torn from their communities leading to resentment and making more terrorists. So, was the Islamic State defeated? Well, yes, as much as such can be the case as the remainder has vanished into the countryside and in small towns and villages. The remnants if they were to gather to attempt another power seizure, they would become a simple target which could be eliminated using aircraft from the fleet in the Arabian Gulf or Mediterranean Sea as soon as they were identified. Will the Islamic State ever return and become a new menace? Probably not, or at least not in the same form with the same leadership and it would only take the name Islamic State because there is a history to be found in the ruins of the Islamic State. President Trump was basically correct in reporting that the Islamic State had been defeated, but his move to pull the troops may prove to have been premature.


Reports have stated that this was a decision made by the President and only the President. Security Adviser John Bolton argued against pulling the troops out claiming it was premature. Secretary of Defense James Mattis was in so much agreement with Bolton that he tendered his resignation claiming that the President should have somebody supportive of his decision rather than himself who was vehemently opposed to this move. The leadership of the Democrat Party stated that what the President did with pulling the United States military troops from Syria was a form of deserting America’s post in the troubled region. Yes, you read that correctly, the Democrat Party is now in favor of a military campaign half way around the globe to eradicate every last person who ever had any cordial relations with the Islamic State. These are the same people who scream as if somebody murdered their pet puppy any time Israel is forced to act against Hamas, a terrorist group on the immediate border from Gaza yet bemoan the removal of United States military which was fighting terrorists extremely far removed from the American borders. That, our friends, is hypocrisy. But nobody ever honestly claimed that the United States had no double standards when it comes to Israel. Every nation, or virtually every country, holds contrary expectations of Israel which are far and away more restrictive and bordering on making it dangerous to the point of allowing Israel to face destruction while applauding any other nation taking steps for protection from terrorists even if the threat was thousands of miles distant; for example, the United States and Islamic State for whom the United States sent troops to the far side of the planet.


Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis

Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis


The first and near immediate consequence of the United States pulling her troops from the region will produce will be Iran establishing a direct route across Iraq and into Syria and Lebanon with the equipment headed for Lebanon and will be utilized by Hezballah. The IRGC will become more active vis-à-vis the Israeli border with more regularly stray bullets just happening to strike somewhere along the Golan Heights and even rockets will stray into the Golan Heights all of which will make soldiering on this front more demanding. Bashir al-Assad will take the American troop withdrawal as a signal that he will be free to do as he pleases while he completes his retaking of Syria. The human rights abuses are simply going to become a major part of the coming Syrian despotic regime returning to power. Assad will definitively punish those peoples he feels were disloyal or critical of his rule. This will include the Kurds and the Sunni Arabs in large part as their Alawite Shiite leader purifies their nation. Once the perceived enemies of the Syrian despot have been cowed, then everything will return to an eerie form of normalcy. Such will take time as the people are going to have to rebuild their lives and their homes in all too many instances. Bashir al-Assad has proven to be at least as great a destroyer of worlds and has exceeded his father’s totals and Bashir is not yet near to the completion of his transformation of his nation and its population. Additionally, Turkey’s Erdoğan will be serving al-Assad by sweeping through and killing the Kurds in the north of Syria while disarming any he allows to remain. We may be on the verge of witnessing the murder systematically of millions of Kurds. In far too many cases, the military troops have been hand picked selected for their proven loyalty and their brutal oppression they are willing to inflict often on innocent persons. The anti-Kurd animosity is very apparent in both the sweeping away of described terror cells and the brutal treatment of all of those who are not them. The Kurds are also facing murderous troops in northern Iraq as the Iraqi militias, the Iraqi military and the IRGC from Iran are sweeping Kurdish territories seeking to kill anyone who ever had even the slightest connection to Kurdish Militias. This sweep may even include what is left of the Yazidis who escaped the Islamic State slaughterhouse by the skin of their teeth. Life outside of Israel in the Middle East can be horrific to the point one simply gets trampled by one despot after another. The United States departure from this region will have detrimental effects, but these will be nothing when compared to what will occur once the United States pulls their support for Israel and no longer provides cover in the Security Council. That is something which is already in the pipes and coming before you know it. Before that day arrives, Israel will require a new and kindly friend who has a permanent veto.


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December 13, 2018

Evident Worldwide Coordinated Anti-Semitism


The fact that anti-Semitism is growing across much of the world is beyond debate any longer. There is the anti-Israel hatred throughout much of the Arab and Muslim worlds. That is largely been based upon verses in the Quran and continuing the atmosphere that the Jewish People are inferior and been relegated by Allah to be subservient to the Islamic peoples. In Europe anti-Semitism has been growing partially due to the influx of Islamic people from the Arab worlds of the Middle East and North Africa in mostly uncontrolled immigration. This has also allowed for the formerly quiet anti-Semitism which ran under the radar in the European culture which has become more accepted and thus has come out from the shadows and into the mainstream. The growing anti-Semitism in the United States is harder to reveal as it is very often downplayed, especially that which is coming from the far-left. The facade which has been the cover that the left cannot be anti-Semitic because so many Jews support the Democrat Party and leftist policies has started to break down with the recent linkage of the leadership of the Women’s March and their connections to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. The political anti-Israel stance proposed by Linda Sarsour and the election in Michigan of Rashida Tlaib who wrapped herself in a Palestinian flag at her celebration party has seriously cracked the leftist anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism into the limelight. Expect the media to quickly move on and pretend that these were simply minor items which were overplayed and really meant nothing, but they are actually portends of what is coming in the near future.


One editorialist from Italy has had his finger on the pulse of what is changing the face of Europe and how it has permitted the old monstrous hatreds to resurface in Europe. Two of Giulio Meotti’s recent articles about these events are “Western suicide via anti-Semitism” and more recently “The goal: No Jews in Europe and no Jewish State in the Middle East.” The later article speaks of some of the more underhanded means through which the European government and the European Union are working to undermine the Israeli democracy making the actual desires of the Israeli people appear as if they are a minority. They also provide cover for the terrorist activities of the Palestinian Authority which operates through the PLO for deniability as well as for Hamas and Islamic Jihad and their continuous border rioting and use of incendiary kites and balloons destroying hundreds of acres of crops, forests, wildlife preserves and endangering thousands of Israeli civilians. These attacks have no military application and are totally to terrorize Israeli civilians and to destroy the Israeli economy damaging such as much as they are able. What is a further example of the slanting of the terrorism by the European media and governments has been their representing these terrorists as being militants as if they are righteous warriors fighting the good fight against the monstrous oppressions of Israel. Adding to their perfidy is their blaming terrorist attacks within Europe as caused by the Israeli occupation. The one item they have correct is that there is an occupation by the Arabs on lands which legally are reserved for the Jewish state under Article 80 of the United Nations Charter which places the enforcement powers of the United Nations behind the Mandate Systems set in place after World War I by the League of Nations with their source within the San Remo Conference amongst other treaties of that era.


Then there is the greatest enabler of the terrorist war on Israel, the United Nations General Assembly. We recently wrote about the refusal of the United Nations General Assembly to denounce the launching of rockets and border assaults by Hamas and Islamic Jihad since March of this year which can be read here. Another editorial written about this disgraceful action by the United Nations General Assembly was authored by David Singer titled In embracing Hamas, the UN has sold its soul to the devil which provides actual numbers and names some of the responsible nations in this disgraceful lack of action. The reality which makes all of these all the more appalling is that should the Europeans or the United Nations and all of the agencies of that body, especially the Human Rights Council, is were these acts perpetrated upon other nations than Israel, condemnations would be automatic and by overwhelming majorities such that it would matter little whether they demanded a mere majority or a super majority. But these acts under consideration are not being perpetrated against other nations, the normative nations, but instead are being perpetrated against the perfect target, Israel. Because Israel is the Jewish State, and do not believe the canard that Israel is a European colony as at least half of the population in Israel originated from the Middle East, North Africa, Ethiopia, India and other non-European nations and Israel is the restoration of an ancient people in their documented and well-known homelands recognized even by the Quran from its Mecca writings, this fact of its Jewishness is what drives the scorn and drive to eliminate Israel, and only Israel, from the community of nations.


The dichotomy which is Israel is that much of the world demands that their Jews leave and go to their own country, to go to Israel. Then they take every opportunity to do everything in their power to eliminate Israel from any consideration as a normative nation and instead treat her like a pariah. Yet, the majority of these same nations are more than willing to take advantage of the goodwill of Israel dispatching assistance unequaled by any other nation with the possible exception of the United States in some instances, whenever a nation suffers a natural or unnatural catastrophe such as earthquakes, typhoons, nuclear power plant disasters or similar disasters (see video of CNN coverage of the Haiti earthquake relief and her near speechlessness upon coming to the Israeli field hospital). These nations use many agricultural developments such as drip irrigation, plants capable of growing in arid conditions, crops that can use treated sewage waters and other such developments. They use cell phones and text programs developed in Israel. They enjoy other computer software, medical inventions, infant heart surgical methods offered to them without charge by Save a Child’s Heart which trains surgeons, provides entire departments for their hospitals and brings at risk children to Israel for treatment including from the Arab world where they route them through a third nation to protect the family. There are many other developments which originate in Israel and are used the world over but where using that which is made available to the world by Israel apparently does not carry over to their political votes at the United Nations or even the actions of their governments. Israel will continue to be what she is tasked by Torah, to be a light amongst the nations, it did not say we had to be liked or appreciated, just to do good without expectation of being appreciated, but it would be so nice if sometimes we got thanks through support when we are targeted because we are the Jewish State.



Lastly, we would like to present the facts of a recent terrorist attack which had personal ramifications. One of the people almost killed is related to a close friend. She was thirty weeks pregnant and the physicians were forced to do an emergency C-section and are still fighting to save the mother and the child, the child was in grave danger and eventually died from the wounds inflicted on both mother and infant. The situation was this past Sunday evening where a group of Israelis was waiting at a bus stop, something many people do around the globe without any fear or even the slightest apprehension. Arab terrorists drove by spraying the people in a drive-by shooting. The follow-up the next day gave little relief as the newborn was still in grave danger and eventually succumbed as noted above. We would like to ask for prayers for all those innocents who were shot simply for being Israelis. We call these shooters terrorists, but there are those around the world who call them militants and claim they are totally justified as they are largely shooting Jews.


Car of Drive-by Shooting from Security Video

Car of Drive-by Shooting from Security Video


This is not always the case as not all Israelis are Jewish and many are Arabs. The Israelis of every ethnicity, religious beliefs, origins and races all share the same rights. When you hear that the Palestinian Arabs are being neglected by Israel, there is a valid reason, they are ruled by their own governance and are not Israelis. The ones in the lands formerly occupied by Jordan until 1967 are ruled by Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority which Abbas refuses to allow elections knowing he would lose his position which has been very lucrative for he and his sons. The Arabs in Gaza are ruled by Hamas in a dictatorial regime which Israel released all claims back in August of 2005 and removed every Israeli, even reinterring the dead Jews for fear of their graves being desecrated, a fear which the results of Israel leaving Gaza proved accurate, and presented Gaza to the Palestinian Authority who lost it in a coup to Hamas in 2007. Since then Gaza has been a constant threat to the people of southern Israel with their threat capabilities growing to the point that Hamas rockets can now reach Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Eilat and everywhere inbetween. It was this threat which the United Nations just decided was not worthy of condemnation. This would also probably apply to the drive-by shooting which has endangered a number of Israelis including one close to our friend for whom we appreciate your prayers, allow us to thank you in advance.


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