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January 30, 2019

Iran Threatens Israel with Missiles from Lebanon and Gaza

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General Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran, stated in reference to former Minister of the Knesset Gonen Segev, “While the affairs of corruption are about to suffocate the Israeli prime minister, whose cabinet ministers have become a source of information for Iran and under whose feet hundreds of kilometers of tunnels have been dug, he creates unnecessary noise and still claims that his regime enjoys intelligence superiority.” This barb aimed at Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu pushed the disgraces Knesset Minister Segev, who was recently sentenced to eleven years in prison, after he agreed to a plea bargain deal with prosecutors, while making threats about superior Iranian intelligence abilities as well as the terror tunnels which Israel has been detecting and destroying. Apparently, General Shamkhani has overlooked or forgotten the little fact that Israel stole half of a ton of Iranian nuclear research records from their central Tehran secure location in a single night not all that long ago (read some of the taken files here. But the Iranian General just had to gloat and follow that up with threats adding, “Accurate missiles are in the strong hands of the resistance fighters in Gaza and Lebanon, and they are ready to fire at Israel if it commits an act of stupidity. The shooting of the missiles can make their lives hell.” The problem comes when one understands what the Iranian regime considers Israel acting stupidly.


There are almost an infinite number of things which the Iranian regime considers stupidly. Almost all of them are in the category of nonthreatening acts and a small percentage belongs in the category of defense of border integrity or threat removal when intelligence infers that an attack may be imminent. The obvious items on the list are the attacks Israel has conducted concerning Syria. Using only Israeli air space, Israel has struck targets within Syria containing IRGC missile logistics and launch facilities. Such attacks have been utilized to prevent, as much as Israel finds possible while remaining within Israeli air space, Iranian forces in Syria from placing missile facilities which are placed for their use against Israel and not for the fighting ongoing in Syria. These have been defensive strikes attempting to limit the logistical buildup by Iran of facilities for an attack on Israel. Iran has often declared their intent to destroy Israel and have declared sufficiently loud and clear enough their intentions that a technical state of war exists between the two nations. Still, as no formal declarations have been announced, Israel takes care not to overfly Syria as much as is possible. The threat coming from the Iranian Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council refer directly to their assistance in the buildup of ever greater threats by rockets and missiles in the hands of the two main terror threats perched on the Israeli northern and southern borders. These are Hezballah along the border with Lebanon and spreading into Syria as well, plus Hamas teamed with Islamic Jihad in Gaza. Hezballah has an estimated one-hundred-fifty-thousand rockets and missiles of which about half are capable of striking anywhere within Israel even to Eilat at the southern tip. Some of the Iranian provided missiles are also capable of striking beyond Israel making parts of Egypt and Saudi Arabia susceptible to an Iranian missile launched from Lebanon. Hamas and Islamic Jihad also have some larger rockets which can potentially strike Jerusalem and Haifa which makes Tel Aviv well within the range of these projectiles (see map below for locations of these cities and rest of Israel). The stocks in Lebanon have a significant percentage of smaller rockets which can reach as far south as Haifa and can make the northern parts of Israel uninhabitable outside of a shelter should hostilities break out. By making the Iranian threat one which would have Hezballah coordinate an attack with Hamas and Islamic Jihad would make for some very trying days for all of Israel until the rocket threat had been silenced.


Israel with Select Major Cities

Israel with Select Major Cities


There are those who have claimed that all the bluster and threats made towards Israel have never come to fruition and that Israel simply overreacts to minor provocations. When challenged with this irritating little thing, facts, they will often modify their claim to say that no Arab country has ever made good on their threats. Once we reach this point, we realize that any facts we present will simply result in their making further and further qualifiers always ending with the phrasing that Israel simply overreacts to minor provocations which other nations would shrug off. Then they will group attacks by Hamas and Islamic Jihad from Gaza and Hezballah from Lebanon as simply terror attacks which too many nations have been feeling and none have attacked anyone over these incidents. Terror attacks are one thing, hundred to thousands of rockets a week, or even a day, is not just a simple terror attack. Having over half the nation living in bomb shelters is not a simply terror attack. Israel has absorbed an almost uncountable number of terror attacks and not attacked anyone either. But when rockets are raining down on most of the country, then something needs be done and done immediately.


We sort of remember a similar thing which was far smaller in numbers when France was launching rockets, unguided rockets, over the English Channel onto Britain hoping to strike the major populations centers, London in particular and the British responded with everything they could muster including bombing Berlin. Sure, it was World War II, but we remember being taught that the British public were horrified by the buzz bombs, the British name for the V-1 rockets. The British citizens soon learned that if you could hear these rockets, then you were most likely not to be struck, the next seconds one held their breath searching the sky for the trail of smoke which would signify that that bomb was headed further north. The British military and public had a far more terrifying response to the V-2 rocket, the first true ballistic rocket, as this one struck well before it could be heard thus was dealing silent, unannounced death. These were supersonic and also carried a far larger warhead and would have been capable of carrying some of the modern nuclear warheads had the Nazis developed such. They had the scientists but many theorize that the leading German scientists worked together to hamper the Nazi’s progress to develop such a weapon preventing them from achieving nuclear capabilities. The Nazis also had worked to develop an even longer-range rocket, the V-3, which was a two-stage rocket, basically a V-2 placed atop a modified V-2 used as the initial boost stage of the two-stage system, which they planned to strike New York. Hitler had dreams of New York in flames from this new wonder weapon but technical difficulties and the war ending, all worked to prevent the plan from coming to fruition. The point here was that Israel has suffered rocket attacks which exceeded those of the Battle of Britain and similar in number to the bombing runs of that period. Britain used everything they could throw into the sky in attempts to intercept the Nazis and Israel has developed means of intercepting the new Nazis who are the latest to claim they will end the existence of the Jewish People.


The reality is that Hamas increased gradually the number of rockets per week from one or two to fifty or so leading to each of the wars. That was a mere seven a day which within the next month became almost one-hundred per day. Then the numbers climbed above one hundred and as it reached two-hundred and return fire was not proving successful in deterring the numbers of rockets, that was when Israel responded more forcefully. The European Union, United Nations and all the rest of the usual suspects screamed about the horror that Israel was attacking innocent people who had done nothing to Israel. What one needs to understand about the world reaction to most of the violence suffered by Israel is that they believe that somehow the Jews must have done something to provoke the Arab Palestinians into attacking them. Apparently, raging hatred stoked by their governance and peddled as their education system such that the next generation will hate the Jews even more than the current group is not sufficient to cause Hamas, Islamic Jihad or Hezballah to start launching rockets and shooting at Israel. There actually is another reason for these attacks upon Israel, at least one Gaza and the Second Lebanon War were triggered not by Israel and only under direction did Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza and Hezballah from Lebanon rain rockets and artillery (Hezballah) down upon Israel because Iran gave the order. There is a price that Hamas and Islamic Jihad pay and almost the sole reason Hezballah is as powerful as they are in Lebanon, and that is Iran provides the rocket engines and technologies and in return, Iran can order these terror groups to attack Israel. Asking why Iran would order an attack on Israel, and what purpose could such lunacy prevail, the answer is simple, hatred. The absolute hatred and villainous feelings the Mullahs hold for the Jewish State (Zionist Entity, as they cannot often even say Israel) would be more than sufficient to have them order such strikes, and on occasion, they order a smaller period and degree just to force Israel to respond to see how such responses damage the Israeli economy. Other times they order a ramping attack, which is usually used on the Gaza front, or a full out attack, that is usually Hezballah on the northern front with Lebanon, both with the intent on causing a war between the terrorist groups and Israel so as to divert attention from Iran. This is their means of diverting the world’s attention when they are caught doing something untoward and uncomely.


This current threat comes amongst a slowly escalating number of threats coming from numerous Iranian politicians and military commanders. What is their actual intent and are they going to pull the trigger at some point and lose the dogs of war? Nobody can claim that the growing frequency and intensity of the threats is not at least minimally disturbing, but in Israel, you learn to live a normal life while minimally perturbed. Asking when anything might actually happen is something at which we could take a stab. Iran is currently sailing a naval fleet to the western North Atlantic Ocean. This region has a better known name, the United States East Coast. This is the coast with some relatively important cities including but not limited to Boston, New York, Washington D.C. and Miami. Iran has made a sizable number of threats to attack and destroy the United States. They appear to believe that were they to destroy New York, Washington D.C. and perhaps a few more large cities such as Los Angeles, Dallas-Ft. Worth, San Francisco or even Chicago that the United States would seek to mollify Iran and be all but defeated. They might have decided that they wish to test their two favorite theories. The one about America having become too soft for an actual war with Iran and that they can destroy Israel with a single knock-out attack from the north and south and possible launching from within Iran, Iraq and Syria simultaneously. This would also precipitate catastrophic events as Iran was struck at by both Israel and the United States with both intending to end the rule by the current regime. Unfortunately, one nation or the other would strike hard enough, if not both, that the Iranian people would also end up paying for the mistakes made by their unelected leaders. We do not desire to debate whether or not Iran has fair elections, as it is well known that the Mullahs determine who is eligible to run in their elections thus controlling the choice the people have. There have been claims that they also manufacture the results and that even their reports on the numbers of those who voted do not correlate with the precinct reports. The reality is that at the infamous Friday rallies the crowds, often led by some of the ruling clerics, chant in turn, “Death to America” followed by “Death to Israel.” This is repeated often for as much as an hour and the rallies are held immediately after Friday services. That is the time which most of the Arab Palestinians hold their demonstrations. The Gaza rioting started on a Friday and is often stoked to a peak on Fridays and should Hamas decide or be ordered to ramp things up, such an increase will also be started on a Friday. So what will need watching is how well the Iranian naval fleet holds up or if they need to turn back short of the Atlantic and will the calls to destroy Israel continue to increase or be permitted to lessen for a while. There is a feeling here in the office, such as it is, that something is in the works and is simply waiting for certain things to line up as Iran requires. It may be that the Israeli strikes in Syria are preventing their preparations which would be just such a sad thing that we might need to celebrate.


As far as what could Israel be doing which would qualify as an act of stupidity. There are any numbers of things. Since there were no reprisals, stealing half a ton of nuclear documentation did not qualify, so we can rule out Israeli successes against Iranian interests. This means that the Syrian interventions are not going to be the act of stupidity. To be honest, the main act Israel can do to be considered an act of stupidity by the Mullahs is simply to continue to be and to succeed and be such an asset to the world even if most of them do not appreciate Israeli generosity. Ask any nation after a natural disaster who gave the most advanced, efficient and qualitative assistance and often the answer will be Israel and the Americans. When you compare the two nations in area, population, GDP or anything other than Nobel Prizes and Israel is insignificant by comparison but has an equal presence when people are most in need. Ask them at the United Nations General Assembly and they will denigrate Israel by large proportions every time. Israel could prevent an Iranian attack, a serious attack and not just a volley of rockets which are launched out of Syria ever so often. Fortunately, the Iron Dome systems usually intercept these before they strike any populated region. Most often, it is Israel’s existence which most upsets the Mullahs along with the financial and other successes for which Israel is famous, or infamous in certain circles, that most infuriate the Iranian leadership. Israel simply needs to continue to do what Israel has been doing for over seventy years and getting better at it all the time, and the Iranian Mullocracy will slowly boil into a frothing madness. Israel frustrates Iran because it is in the heart of the lands of Islam and was a part of the Islamic Caliphate, the Islamic Ottoman Empire and under Islamic rule for close to nine-hundred years. As the Quran promises that lands once conquered by Islam must never be permitted to leave Islam and be ruled by another, and especially not the accursed Jews, the Iranians desire to be the ones who succeed in removing this offense to Allah and drive the Jews from what the Muslims consider Islamic lands. For everyone’s information, the Muslims feel the same way about Andalusia, which is the name that they gave to the parts of Spain and Portugal which they conquered before suffering their defeat at Tours when Charles “the Hammer” Martel turned back the Islamic conquerors preventing the fall of France. The Muslims continued to rule much of Spain until King Fernando and Queen Isabella instigated in 1492 the Spanish Inquisition. Yes, we know, Columbus and all that fun stuff, but as Jews, 1492 was memorable for something entirely different in Spain, Jews became even more endangered than the Muslims. But Spain should back Israel as should Israel ever be destroyed, the Muslims will be coming for Spain. Of course, by all appearances, the Muslims are attempting to birth their third attempt at the conquest of Europe, they do not count their defeat at Tours as an abortive attempt to conquer Europe, only their attempts from the east. Both ended at the Gates of Vienna. Meanwhile, Israel continues to act foolishly and often even commits acts which could be considered stupidly simply by insisting on continuing to be successful and inventive with a healthy economy while persisting as having one of the happiest national averages for her people. Israel is also the only nation in the entirety of the Middle East to have freedom of religion, a growing Christian population as well as one of the central places for the Baha’I as well as a number of other minority populations. It is also where one can see such as the picture below and nobody finds it uncommon or disturbing. Israel is a place which is multicultural, multiracial and a free and open democracy with equality for all, every single person regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.


Jew and Muslim in Prayer

Jew and Muslim in Prayer


The only way to understand Israel well, is to visit Israel and travel her for a few weeks, not on some tour but on your own taking in the variety of life. Believing the propaganda without actually checking to see if there is any truth is what leads to Israel being protested so vehemently, especially on campuses of higher learning. The stories about the Arab Palestinians being mistreated are largely untrue or embellishments on anti-Semitic tropes being recycled now as hatred for Israel. Israel does not rule the Arab Palestinians as they are either ruled by Hamas in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority in regions of the Shomron. They are not Israeli citizens and thus are not ruled by Israel but by their own governments, both are primarily dictatorial. Israeli Arabs have all the rights, privileges and freedoms as every other Israeli including the Druze, Bedouins, Christians, Muslims, Jews and every other peoples who are citizens of Israel. Blaming Israel for the problems faced by the Arab Palestinians is the same as blaming the United States for poverty and difficulties in Mexico. Nobody, nobody who is sane at least, demands that the United States permit the people of Mexico to vote in their elections and thus Israel should not be expected to allow the Arab Palestinians to vote in Israeli elections. But these are other things Israel does that the Iranian rulers believe are acting stupidly as they believe that the Jews should be ruled over by Islam and Jews should never be permitted to rule over Muslims.


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December 2, 2018

Iran and Proxies Increasingly Threatening Israel Part I


The level of threats of violence by Iran and its proxies against Israel has taken a marked increase since the ceasefire was negotiated between Israel and Hamas through Egyptian proxies. The Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip, Yahya Sinwar, threatened that Israel would feel the full wrath that the terror group and its allies were capable should Israel start a new round of violence. Hezballah has also threatened to destroy every Israeli city, town and village should Israel attack Lebanon (see video below). Adding to these, Iran has issued a number of threats through President Hassan Rouhani as well as through Supreme Leader, Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei their complimentary denunciations referring to Israel as a cancer which requires excising, while stating on Twitter, “The Zionist regime is clearly weaker than 10, 20 years ago. A few years ago they fought Hezbollah for 33 days and were defeated. They were defeated 2 years later in the 22-day war on Palestinian resistance; in 8-day war on oppressed people of Gaza and recently in the 2-day war.” Adding to these threats is the news that the IRGC has added two new forces in Syria stationing one along the Syria-Iraq border and the other between Damascus and the Golan Heights along the Syrian-Israeli border. A further troubling event has been the flight of a 747 packed with Iranian weapons destined for Hezbollah flying directly from Tehran to Beirut’s Rafic Hariri Airport on Thursday. This opens up an entirely new route being implemented to directly arm Hezballah with the latest Iranian arms. This will likely quicken the pace at which Hezballah receives guidance modules to retrofit their rockets transforming them into highly accurate missiles with which to target specific Israeli vital infrastructure. This addition has crossed one of the Israeli red lines which may be much of what is behind these new vociferous threat warnings coming from Iran and their proxies.



The crossed red line came about as Iran decided that simply adding more rockets to the already burgeoning one-hundred-fifty-million rockets would be basically wasted efforts. Instead, Iran has been providing add-on kits which provide the ability to target specific structures and deliver the payloads often within a few meters of intended targets. Israel recognizes that the largest of the rockets in the Hezballah inventory being altered into guided missiles threatens Israel in a manner unlike that of the less accurate rockets. With these guidance systems, instead of Hezballah launching fifty, one or two hundred rockets in the general area of the Dimona nuclear plant, they would be able to launch as few as a dozen guided missiles which would all successfully target the actual reactors themselves all requiring that Israel successfully intercept these launchings. We do not mean and are not denigrating the Israeli ability to intercept these devices threatening Dimona, as we are aware that Israel has some newer systems coming on-line recently which will surprise her adversaries. Still the refitting of the rockets in Lebanon and the free shipping route being implemented does not bode well for Israel and has definitively threatened the uneasy peace on the northern border. Iran continues to push the envelope as if they are seeking a resumption of violence along the Lebanese and Syrian borders with Israel. Adding in Hamas with Islamic Jihad along the southwestern border and potentially IRGC aided terrorists from within the Sinai Peninsula and basically, one has surrounded Israel except for her borders with Jordan. This has been a dream of the Ayatollahs in Iran for quite a long time and now having the capability for directly aiding their terror representatives in Lebanon, Hezballah, the upgrading of rockets to guided missiles can continue apace and without delays. This will press Israel to answer as allowing these upgrades to progress past a certain point will make defending critical infrastructures and IDF bases increasingly difficult even with the most advanced defensive capabilities. Israel is being pushed inexorably into a multi-front conflict facing Iranian terror proxies Hezballah and Hamas with Islamic Jihad plus facing threats from IRGC forces in Syria and potentially embedded within the Sinai Peninsula as well as along the Golan Heights. One only need peruse the range of the Hezballah rockets and imagine the largest of them transformed into guided missiles to realize why Israel must not permit such a task to be completed (see table below). Such a transformation changes a serious threat from viable to specific threat against the very life-blood of Israel, her infrastructure imperiling life within the tiny nation.


Hezballah Rocket & Missile Threat

Hezballah Rocket & Missile Threat


None of these threats sits well with the Israeli public, much of which would understand any activity taken by Israel to mitigate these new levels of threats. This was partly the reason that Naftali Bennett did not crash the coalition when he was denied the Defense Ministry. What becomes truly frightening is if such violence is unfurled next fall while Israelis are waiting to vote on Election Day. Israel is resourceful, would not allow rubble to mark where building once stood, and has never been rebuilt despite receiving funds in payment for its rebuilding. But the Hamas government thrives on misery. Hamas believes that the Gaza population falls into two categories, those who are actively supporting the revolution against Israel and those who can play victim for the western media to use against Israel. Perhaps you recognized the common chord, against Israel. This is the entire methodology behind the governance in Gaza as well as to the Palestinian Authority and numerous international organizations. These Arab funded anti-Israel NGO’s were the initial wave against Israel and as time progressed and leftist NGO’s required additional funding, guess what they discovered, opposing Israel would lead to funding at levels they had only dreamed of obtaining. This made anti-Israelism and anti-Zionism two of the favorite positions of the left, especially the extreme left, as it provided the funds they required. These were the groups at the forefront claiming that blaming Israel for everything was not anti-Semitism, it was simply honest discourse. This caught on like wildfire across Europe as now they could oppose Israel and Jews who supported Israel and to claim to not be anti-Semitic. Iran latched on to this as it served their discourse perfectly.


What is frightening is if one was to closely scrutinize the Palestinian Authority, Iran and Hamas and one would be able to draw some simple but obvious conclusions. These three separate governances all are devoted to the destruction of the Jewish State, Israel, and all three are willing to sacrifice their population in exchange for making gains in destroying Israel. All three spend their funding financing those who murder Jews, or any other Israeli as the first fatality in the latest Hamas rocket barrages was an illegal Arab Palestinian residing in Ashkelon from the West Bank Palestinian city of Hebron, not an Israeli citizen. The two others residing in the same building were severely injured but survived, both Israeli citizens. Of course, Iran intends dropping a few nuclear weapons on top of Israel and be rid of that they call a one-bomb country. We must at least give them credit over some of the less educated among us who believe that Israel is about the same size as the United States. There is a comparison between Israel and the United States, unfortunately, it concerns the state of New Jersey which shares size comparison with Israel and the Arab world is larger than the remaining United States and closer resembles the rest of the United States and Canada plus possibly Mexico to complete the comparison. Yes, Israel is a tiny little nation nestled on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea and barely perceptible on most globes of the world.


The main difference, for now, is that while Hamas can threaten to be capable of destroying Israel, currently they do not have such a capability and neither does the Palestinian Authority or even Hezballah, they could all hurt Israel and if they used their combined forces possibly push Israel to the edge, but in the end it would be their forces destroyed. Iran, on the other hand, has nuclear weapons, granted they are rather rudimentary, which if they were capable of detonating four or five of them within Israeli borders would almost destroy the nation and make the remnants vulnerable. To accomplish this they would be required to launch very likely twenty-five, thirty possibly over forty to get three missiles past Israel defenses and Iran would never survive the retaliatory strike. Currently, it is doubtful that Iran has that many nuclear weapons to fire at Israel thus they would only be guaranteed of severely upsetting a major nuclear power. The really nice thing is that the people who measure the nuclear weapons capabilities of nations severely underestimate the numbers and kinds of nuclear warheads, but please do not tell them of their error, we prefer it this way. The developed world who are the super-nuclear powers with numbers of thermos-nuclear devices for warheads are of the belief that only their scientists are brilliant enough to design and their machinists so practiced so as to build to design, the necessary components to make the H-bomb, the thermonuclear devices. We agree, there is no way the Israeli physicists, engineers and machinists could ever match the expertise of these other super-powers, Israel is simply a second-rate power, that is all. Of course it is.


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October 18, 2018

When Will a New Israeli Leadership Arise?

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Yesterday, a rocket fired out of Gaza was missed being intercepted by the vaunted Iron Dome. Yes, it does miss every once in a while, which is why its efficiency is approximately ninety-percent, which means it misses one out of every ten. Of course, this will be investigated and will eventually lead to additional lines of code or changes in lines of code so they will be adjusted in order to increase that efficiency. That particular missed rocket landed within a major city, the city of Be’er Sheva, making this event more important and requiring an entire article leading to the general question of the title. This rocket had measurably more explosive in its warhead than previous rockets of the same variety. Making matters even worse, the rocket struck a residential area damaging homes and causing light injuries and numerous people suffering from shock, all of whom were treated at the area and then transferred to Soroka Hospital for further care. Below are a number of pictures of the damage taken from this article from Arutz Sheva where there are additional pictures and a video of the aftermath. This could have been a far more tragic attack launched from Hamas ruled Gaza. For the harrowing account of mother and her three young boys please read this article and send the family prayers and help if you are able. Gaza may as well be a terror country where the people are held hostage to their own hatreds which are capitalized upon by their leaders who tuck away hundreds of millions to billions of dollars while the majority of the people suffer. This vicious attack could have easily murdered a dozen people or more if Israel did not have an early warning system. The sirens are sounded within seconds of the detection of a launch and they are activated in the region where it is tracked to strike and to which Israelis are trained to immediately head for the closest shelter. For those Israelis in an unfamiliar area, we are trained to simply follow the largest group as they probably know where the shelter is located. Israel invests in warning systems and the Iron Dome interceptor system as to us every life is precious. In Gaza where Hamas runs the show, they spend their investments in tunnels through which to attack and kidnap Israeli citizens and rockets with which to terrorize Israelis and disturbing many nights sleep for countless people. But we have talked about these terror marketers too often and, to be honest, are as tired as writing about it as the world is in hearing about these terror rockets et. al.


House Struck by Hamas Rocket First Picture

House Struck by Hamas Rocket First Picture


House Struck by Hamas Rocket Second Picture

House Struck by Hamas Rocket Second Picture


The Mayor of Be’er Sheva was quite upset and likely, this may have led to speak a truth which honestly required saying well before now. Speaking in an interview with Reshet Bet, Danilovich said, “This reality is untenable. What’s been happening in the Jewish towns around Gaza for many months already is an impossible reality. A sovereign country cannot allow this to be its routine. This is a routine that we are not willing to live with, and the State of Israel must provide solutions.”


There were official responses from the higher level of government from Jerusalem. Let us start with Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who was quoted speaking following a security assessment of recent rocket attacks, said that Israel is “not prepared to accept the level of violence that we see week after week…We have exhausted all the options, all the possibilities, and now the time has come to make decisions. We must strike Hamas hard, and this is the only way to bring the situation back to normal and lower the violence…” Yada, yada, yada, we have all heard these boilerplate comments after every attack. The only difference is if they claim the rockets did not rise to a level serious enough… or if the terror comes from Mahmoud Abbas’s goons it goes, this was a lone wolf who we will track down, or , we have the terrorist in custody and there will be consequences and we may raze the family’s house. These responses need to be rejected by the Israeli people and a demand needs to be raised throughout the country for the government to take these attacks as seriously as do those injured, traumatized or who, when it becomes tragic as many attacks recently have caused, families having to bury the victims of these terror attacks. Elections will be upon Israel within the next year and perhaps we should demand during questioning at every event for the candidate standing before us to explain what they will do about terrorism, why they will do this about terrorism, how they will do what they propose about terrorism and finally, how and why should we be patient while they actually continue to blow smoke at us and continue collecting their fat salaries while not honestly protecting Israel and her precious people?


The time is the immediate future that Israel has the backing from the world, or at least sufficient cover from some directions which may or may not ever return to such favorability in the remainder of time, and can actually finally end the threats once and for all and completely declaring the State of Israel with the boundaries promised after World War I. It is time for Israel to take the entirety of our land and return those who are our enemies to somewhere beyond our borders permanently. The time is now to act and not to wait for our enemies to get tired of the response of bombing unmanned guard posts, empty training fields at 3:00AM or striking places with an aim of doing minimal damage with no casualties if possible and still having something which can be made to sound impressive if stated with the right descriptors. According to Channel 10 news, “No Gazans were killed in the IDF’s retaliatory bombing, since the IDF’s jets only attacked empty guard posts and fields.” Really, that is a retaliation? Who exactly was this aimed to intimidate and exactly how would that intimidation be executed exactly?


There was another person quoted who after the Be’er Sheva attack was Former Knesset Member Dr. Michael Ben-Ari called on IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot and the cabinet ministers to resign stating, “You’d be surprised. It seems that restraint and acceptance in the face of terror are increasing desire for more. The IDF is attacking empty bases, and the results will be very bitter. Eizenkot and the security cabinet should hand in the keys.” He was referring to Hamas, but his comment could come after any of the numerous recent and heartbreaking attacks. This is ridiculous permitting our enemies to simply take potshots at our people and our just hoping for the best. This muted and hypocritical attitude of demanding that the IDF choose targets which will cause the least numbers of casualties on our enemies. Their attacks are targeted to cause the maximum murders, not just casualties, but dead Israelis. The terrorist who murdered Ari Fuld was shot by Ari Fuld who chased the terrorist, despite suffering a fatal knife wound in his back slicing through vital organs, as did possibly two other security personnel preventing him from also murdering a second Israeli, a woman who was fleeing for her life. On the border of Gaza, every day is riot day and see how much of the Israeli fields and homes one can launch kites and balloons in order to burn to the ground Israeli fields and homes and even, if the rioter hits the Hamas jackpot, maybe injure or murder an Israeli. They also throw grenades at the IDF troops and positions and some even fire bullets at the IDF positions. These are the riots with murderous intents that the Europeans and leftists the world over claim are peaceful protests against Israeli occupation. There are no Israelis in Gaza and no IDF in Gaza and have not been since August of 2005. The blockade of the terror enclave was not initiated until 2007, when Hamas took control of Gaza in a violent coup. But why let reality get in the way of condemning Israel.


That condemning of Israel is another reason for Israeli leadership to finally end the charade of responding to terrorism claiming that the attacks are taking their toll when the reality is they simply make the leadership laugh and entice them to continue to take every opportunity to attack and maybe murder Israelis. This deadly dance has been going on with the Arabs, as some Arabs who are Israelis have joined in attempting to murder other Israelis as well as those under the Palestinian Authority and Hamas working for the same end, has been going on ever since Prime Minister Rabin along with Simon Peres, Yossi Beilin, Yair Hirschfeld, Ron Pundak, Uri Savir representing Israel were conned by Norwegian officials Jan Egeland, the Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister who provided political cover, facilities and finances for the negotiations, Johan Jørgen Holst as the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Terje Rød-Larsen as a Norwegian facilitator during the negotiations and Mona Juul as another Norwegian facilitator with aid and assistance from the United States Department of State initiated and involved Israel in the worst deal of Israeli history since splitting into two nations around 900 BCE, called the Oslo Accords. The Oslo Accords were initially to be a five year attempt at peace and then extended and eventually altered into the Roadmap and then the pressure under President Obama for Israel to surrender to the Palestinian Arabs and despite Israel actually attempting to almost completely surrender but fortunately the Arabs refused any solution because they desire only one solution, the complete and total destruction of Israel and the subjugation and then elimination of every Jew. This demand which they never actually stated in English while stating exactly that demand repeatedly in Arabic, knowing the United States Department of State, the European Union, the United Nations, and most of the world’s politicians and their advisors are all incapable of translating Arabic spoken by any Palestinian Arab into another language with which they are familiar. We know that is difficult to believe, but what other explanation could there be as it is either they had no clue how to find out what the Palestinian Arabs were saying in Arabic or a bias against Israel hoping to keep the façade going until the Arabs would have finally destroyed Israel.


The time for playing games with the lives of the Israeli people must end permanently and immediately. The leadership must take whatever steps are required to end as rapidly as the IDF can press these terrorists and the societies which support them past the borders of Israel. No longer is it acceptable to read neighbor’s reporting on the insanity of having the house next door struck by a rocket and having to thank Hashem and the early warning sirens for their and their friends’, neighbors’ and others’ lives. Please read the account of this where part of the explicit and traumatizing story read, “A rocket just hit my neighbor’s house. Went right into it and smashed through one of the boy’s 2nd floor bedrooms and their whole 1st floor…except for their safe room…” Where we live, the safe room is close but likely may not be close enough if the initial launch from the closest area would arrive before we could make it to safety. Given thirty or so seconds to catch the cat and herd the dog into the safe room may or may not be fast enough, but we live with the faith that Hashem will provide cover for that short amount of time. This town was mostly abandoned during the Second Lebanon War, which is what we were told by some who lived through the horror and rode it out in place in a safe room for the entire length of the conflict. Israelis would live in their safe rooms without complaint if the government were promising and actually going to deliver on removing all of these threats once and for all. This would mean pressing the Palestinian Arabs across the Jordan River or Golan Heights, pushing Hamas and Islamic Jihad into the Sinai and clearing Hezballah completely from the Baka Valley and the regions south of the Litani River thus ending the threat by Hezballah and then ensuring by whatever means are required that we never face such threats again and absolutely refusing to permit any of these threats back within or on our borders. Lastly, the Israeli leadership must inform Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and finally Iran that no such threat will be tolerated ever again and whomever attempts to place such a threat on the borders of Israel or claim they have a desire to erase Israel will be taken seriously as not just a threat but as an act of war and responded to accordingly. When the United Nations and European Union demand that Israel return to the previous situation, they are to be ignored and if they persist, then further steps need be taken. For the United Nations, simply resign from that body and as for Europe, ask them to choose a side and to choose very carefully as much could depend on their next words. Then, once the threats have been removed, Israel must simply declare her rightful borders as per the map below.


Map of Israel, Should Any of the Nations of the World Actually be Honest and Truly be Seeking Peace, which Can Only Be Attained Should Israel Have the Most Defensive Borders Imaginable

Map of Israel,
Should Any of the Nations of the World Actually be Honest and Truly be Seeking Peace,
which Can Only Be Attained Should Israel Have the Most Defensive Borders Imaginable


No longer must the leadership of Israel be more concerned with the lives of those from the regions of terror than they do their own population. Anyone in the government which is unable to take the necessary and required steps to assure the safety of Israelis into the future in perpetuity should be replaced by any party desiring in ruling our nation. The future of the people of Israel must be the first and foremost challenge for any Israeli government. When a government fails in this task, it needs to fall and allow the people of Israel to choose a government which will take that responsibility seriously. That is and should always be the first and foremost responsibility of any government, not just the Israeli government, and like any other nation, Israel has the right to take the steps necessary for the safely of her people. If none of the existing parties within the Israeli fractured and confusing compilation of parties is willing or able to make Israel safe from these threats, then maybe there need be a new party which is capable of providing the protection and safety for which governments are supposed to be assembled and elected to perform. This result is one that the people of Israel need demand of their political class otherwise the people need to take the reins of power with their own new and determined party.


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