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February 20, 2016

When Does Enough Become Enough?


How many Jews need to be stabbed, run over or set ablaze with firebombs before the world says that Israelis should be permitted to fight back against these murderous attacks? The answer appears to be when the last Jew in Israel has been murdered, or better known as never. If Israeli security prevents an Arab assault by shooting dead the terrorist attacker it is called extra-judicial vigilantism. If instead the Israeli security shoots and disables the attacking terrorist and then give them top notch treatment in Israeli hospitals and returns to their family whole and with all limbs functioning as well as the day they took a knife and attacked an innocent Israeli, then Israel is causing them to be disabled and thus a drain on the limited funding of the Arab Palestinian society. The only way that the Israelis would be permitted to stop such murderous activities is if the terrorist died of exhaustion stabbing Jews and other Israelis and then Israel would likely be accused of not permitting the terrorist to have a normal sleep cycle. But there are some factors which the world willfully ignores about this stabbing Intifada which deserves investigation.


First item is that when these terrorists strike at those residing in Israel, they have planned them quite well attacking areas where the percentage of Jews is highest. Those who have used their employment in Jewish communities to gain entrance to the neighborhood can choose their victim carefully. This was the case this week when the stabbing attack at a branch of the Rami Levy Supermarket in Sha’ar Binyamin in which Tuvia Yanai Weissman, an American citizen, was murdered. Security cameras revealed the two terrorists roamed the aisles of the Ram Levy store for more than a quarter of an hour before attacking the couple killing the husband and injuring his wife before two other patrons at the store ended the attack responding to the distress calls by the victims. The terrorists were shot and taken for treatment at an Israeli hospital. It bears noting that the terrorists would be treated by Israeli physicians. When we say an Israeli hospital treated them it means the physician and nurses and other hospital staff could be from any background including Arab, Jewish, Christian or other parentage as in Israel all are permitted to study what they wish and become anything their intelligence and hard work will provide for them. When the terrorists attack, no matter how careful they may be in choosing a target which is Jewish, as long as the person attacked cannot be determined by manner of dressing and wearing religious clothing such as a Yamaka, the terrorist has a one in three chance of attacking an Israeli of other than Jewish religious background including a fellow Muslim, a Christian or one of the other religions represented within Israeli society.



Hamas Terrorists Abusing Their Own Children Raising Them on Hatred

Hamas Terrorists Abusing Their Own Children Raising Them on Hatred



Still, what will it take for the world instead of screaming about the Israeli response to violent murderous assaults with force of their own to actually hold that the initial attack is the root of the problem, not Israelis, particularly Jews, defending themselves. Could it be that Jews have been forced by their societies to play only the part of victim which bothers these people about Jews defending themselves? Can it be that in their eyes of an idealized world Jews would be forbidden of availing themselves of the basic right of self-defense? Granted that living amongst these peoples of the world, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, Europeans, Americans and any other places where such is true have so accustomed themselves to the helpless Jew living at the behest of their presumed betters. Their social customs often left the Jews no protection other than living in their designated areas and not intersecting with their host civilization but allowed to service their needs. Jews were forced to reside in the ‘Jewish zone’ where they theoretically could not infect their neighbors with any Jewishness as if being Jewish were caused by some virus and was an affliction, a contagion which could become infected. A basic amongst their beliefs was that the Jew was inferior and must never be permitted to own weapons. This may be a part of their trepidations, that if the Israeli Jews in Israel have weapons, then the Jews in their countries will demand the right to arm, and that is something they feel they must never permit as the unarmed Jew is the contained Jew. As long as the Jews remain over there and know their place, then society can function “normally” with all as it should be. Israel upsets that balance.


The sad reality is that the Western World may not have much left of their culture and society should the tap on basically open enrolment for citizenship continue much longer. The shaky balance is radically shifting and when one adds the regressive influence this unchecked influx brings with them a completely different culture and many bring absolutely no marketable skills. That means that many of the new citizens will avail themselves of the cornucopia of welfare and other support functions without adding anything into the societies where they settle. This net cost will damage such countries such as Germany which still has a robust economy, cripple the nations with lesser economic health, devastate any nation already on the brink of failure utterly pushing beyond the cusp of financial solvency those nations teetering on the edge such as Italy and France. Europe was already precariously balanced with the hope that the weaker economic powers could be injected with funds sufficient to stimulate their economies back towards some semblance of solvency. Now, with one million plus new denizens about to lay an economic strain on Germany, the Scandinavian nations and anywhere else economic promises of support to be provided these otherwise hopeless peoples will sap every last Euro and there will come that point where the native populations within Europe explode. Supporting Greece or Italy or Spain or even France once their new socialist government overtaxes the producers to finance the ever-growing class of takers and one adds in the refugees who have little to add other than a colorful new segment of society needing almost total care while adding almost nothing useful in Europe. There should be some manner of support granted Europe by those Arab and Muslim nations who refused to care for these people who are their closest match to their populations but were turned away quite possibly with the intent on their eventually being taken in by the Europeans and thus becoming Europe’s problem.


But the problem will not be contained solely within Europe. As the European nations realize the damage they have caused their nations and the continent as a whole through acquiescing and taking some of the burden started by Germany’s Angela Merkel, they will seek relief from the error of their ways. This will add to the numbers already being permitted to seek refugee status in the United States and Canada. The new Canadian liberal government will bring in numbers beyond what that nation can survive and they too will seek a relief by sending their refugees to the United States as well. During his final year President Obama will respond to these urgent calls for assistance and use actual existing immigration quotas in order to facilitate the entry of half to three quarters of a billion, that is as many as seven-hundred-fifty million refugees by using the fact that many are coming from places within Europe as filling European national quotas. This will be the method of entry for Syrian, Iraqi, Afghani, Pakistani and other Arab and central Asian refugees without needing to go to Congress for special permission which would be required if these refugees were being brought to the United States by honest means.


What this has to do with Israel is an easy question to answer. Thus far Israel has treated injured people from the Syrian war without any questions as to whose injured they were, how they were injured and any other what could be uncomfortable questions. These people are treated for their wounds or other medical conditions and returned to Syria via the same manner by which they arrived. Israel is not nor has any plans on accepting a single refugee from the Syrian war or any of the other areas from where refugees currently originate. Israel took in her fair share of refugees as she pulled out of southern Lebanon. Granted the majority of those refugees were Arab Christians, still they were refugees. Israel absorbed refugees from Europe at the end of World War II and from across the Arab and Muslim worlds from 1946 to 1959 of near equal as to those taken in from Europe. Israel has accepted the Ethiopian Jews and the Bnei Menashe Jews from India and works to take in other long thought to be lost tribes including some who had originated in Morocco and ended up three-quarters the way up the Amazon River basin where two synagogues remain in service today. Many of these ancient Jewish tribes face persecution today much as they have throughout their histories and their clinging to their Jewish roots is something amazing and miraculous. The return of these refugees, refugees Israel does not demand others to take in and who would be refused by one and all anyway, that Israel has married into a single nation and has proven to be unbelievably inventive and building one nation which is benefitting the world being as they were commanded, a light unto the nations. But it will be pointed out that Israel did not take in their fair share of the Syrian and other Arab and Muslim refugees. Israel, it will be said, as one of Syria’s neighbors, should have accepted their fair share of refugees, perhaps four or five hundred thousand. That will likely be their starting number and it will rise with time until the claims will reach the ridiculous level and from there the numbers will go ballistic. Israel will always be singled out for special blame. Also, anytime things go awry, such as this misbegotten refugee situation, Israel will be called out for doing her share or not taking on a shared burden never recognizing the refugees Israel has taken in over the years. Problems are made to fit into one of two categories, Israel did not do enough or Israel went too far this time. When the subject is Israel, there is no range where things are in balance. With Israel if five-hundred-thousand is too much, then four-hundred-ninety-nine-thousand-nine-hundred and ninety-nine are too few. On the other hand, if five-hundred-thousand is too few then five-hundred-thousand and one is way over the top, what was Israel thinking. Israel is the epitome of you can’t win for losing.



Paris France Mass Terror Attacks ISIS Takes Credit for Murderous Carnage 129 Dead Hundreds More Injured or Traumatized

Paris France Mass Terror Attacks
ISIS Takes Credit for Murderous Carnage
129 Dead Hundreds More Injured or Traumatized



Israel had the first field hospital up and running after the disastrous earthquake flattened Haiti a few years ago and still to this day the blood libel continued that Israeli efforts in Haiti were strictly to steal organs for transplant back in Israel. What a horrific claim to make and to make it without a shred of evidence is simply monstrous. The claim after every conflict involving Israel since 1980 has been that Israel constantly uses disproportional force. The implication in that claim is obvious; too few Jews are dying and the groups making that claim are the very same people who refer to the shooting of terrorists in the midst of their assaulting every target they can reach until stopped with some continuing to attack even after being shot and shot against until completely neutralized as being vigilantism or extra-judicial killings. One guarantee we are willing to make is that if the same violence were occurring in their streets they would demand their government take action to end the terror. That does not mean their government would act which would very soon lead to that very vigilantism of which they accuse Israel. Watch Europe over the next six months and see how they act. We can look back at the recent Paris attacks where the French authorities talked and negotiated and tried to find what the terrorists wanted, right? They offered them their own state with half of Paris and the Champagne region included with the wineries left intact, didn’t they? What, they shot them on the spot, imagine the cruelty. They just shot them without any trial or anything, just shot dead right in the street. Imagine the traumas caused by their actions; they wounded French society doing such a thing. Well, will you imagine that, the great moralizers of Europe and when the violence came to their streets and was murdering their citizens acted exactly as have the Israelis. Enough said, we will simply sit back and wait for the great moralizers to start their Boycott, Divestment and Sanction movement against at the very least Paris if not the entirety of that violent nation, France. Truth be told, and we all understand and know this, the French did the right thing and the Israelis have done the right thing and there is only one way to act when facing unbridled terrorism, shoot the terrorists, period.



Paris France Riots 2005

Paris France Riots 2005



The difference when it is Israel, and not a problem when the French or anybody other than Israel treats terrorist murderers with hot lead and not cupcakes and ice cream, is their hatred of Israel, the Jewish State. It breaks down to plain and simple anti-Semitism. Call it criticizing the Israeli government, call it the horrific settlements, call it anti-Zionism, call it standing up for human rights, call it the moral thing for society to do, when the standards for Israel differ so starkly from the standards elsewhere, it is anti-Semitism. When Northern Cypress, occupied by Turkey; Tibet, the entire nation, occupied by China; Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara and no protests or burning of government officials in effigy but when Israel legally settles in lands which by treaty, the Oslo Accords, allow Israel to settle and the entirety of the lands are disputed, not occupied or final disposition determined except by high minded and heavy handed navel gazing moralists, then singling out Israel from the entirety of the world is anti-Semitism and not acting morally. It is likely the most immoral action a human being can take as anti-Semitism had proven ruinous and morally empty for over thirty centuries starting with Pharaoh. The real occupation was by Jordan and their relocation of people and their gifting and selling the lands were acts against international law but that never mattered. While Jordan occupied the lands and they could have been used to found a “Palestinian” State, that was not even a glimmer in anybody’s eye. The fact that the PLO was founded in 1964, a full three years before there was any Israeli occupation to protest unless the formation of the state of Israel is the occupation that was and still is what they are referring to. Let us repeat that, the “Palestinian” Liberation Organization with Yasser Arafat as its leader and Mahmoud Abbas as his second in command was founded in 1964 with its mission and goal the complete eradication of Israel and that is the exact mission statement it retains today while Mahmoud Abbas is numero uno. Calling the PLO the PA or Fatah makes it no different; their goal is the eradication of Israel, nothing less. Truth is this is the same Arab Israeli war from 1948 and the aim has not changed, just the tactics. Israel is at war, a slow and long war, Europe and the United States are about to join Israel in that war and we will see what effect if any it has on their views when they too are in a kitchen on fire.


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March 13, 2015

Surely it is March Madness


Usually for March Madness one fills in their brackets with the sixty-four teams and then predicts the winners of each down to the national championship. It takes skill, knowledge and a fair share of luck. The March Madness I am referring to is society seemingly busting at the seams everywhere one looks. The recent shooting in Ferguson, Missouri where somebody used the cover of the crowd protesting outside the police headquarters building to shoot two police standing outside the building striking one in the shoulder and the other in the face. These police were not part of any investigation, had not shot anyone had not done anything to warrant this shooting other than they were police officers in Ferguson. This was a horrific act of violence which is unfortunately not all that unexpected especially when remembering the shooting of two police officers in New York City who were merely sitting in their squad car and were police and thus deserving of whatever they got. Disrespect for societal norms and authority is once again growing across the world. The protests which have taken place in much of Europe have also had their share of riotous behavior and the breaking of police lines to assault specific targets often with ties to Jews such as Synagogues and Jewish Schools and Yeshivas.


On another front the actions of European governments and the European Union have started yet another campaign against Israel by financing and erecting buildings and placing Arab businesses or families into these structures immediately as the finishing touches are being applied. All of these structures have been placed in Area C where Arab building is forbidden by the Oslo Accords. Area C was presumed to remain a part of Israel according to the layout and the assignments of rights to the lands in Areas A, B and C. Area A was presumed to belong to the Arabs while Area C was presumed to remain a part of Israel and Area B was the part to be negotiated as to where the actual border would be placed. Obviously the Europeans have chosen to nullify the Oslo Accords as far as the restrictions upon the Arab side while altering the particulars to make the rules even more stringent and restraining on the Israelis. There may even start once more the idea that all of Jerusalem must remain undivided and as such all of Jerusalem must be rewarded to the Arabs once again and then demand a five, or maybe a ten or even a twenty mile wide thoroughfare complete with an eight lane highway, dual rails for passenger train traffic, a third and fourth rail lines for goods traveling between the two parts of the Arab entity, a special wide two lanes in each direction for busses and another three wide lanes in each direction for trucks and tractor trailers and other commercial traffic, rest areas appropriately set along a scenic path for those who desire to walk between Judea and Samaria to Gaza or the other direction. This causeway and thoroughfare right of way would also become owned by the Arabs completing their state. When Israel demands to know how they are supposed to make transit from north of this zone to south of this zone it would not be surprising for the European Union, United Nations and President Obama to be backing a plan that everything south of the Arab thoroughfare would now belong to the Bedouin Tribes and be formed into the first ever Bedouin State where any claiming to be Bedouins may raise their families and tend their flocks. Israel would then what, be warned any actions against this equitable settlement of every problem that they should take it quietly before the world comes up with further divisions of the lands and reasons every Jew must be removed until every Jew resides in Tel Aviv. Kidding aside, and there are those who will claim that this would be a fair start to an agreement if only it addressed whatever other claim that could be imagined, Israel had faced some rather astounding votes taken to denounce her or to refuse to allow any academic interactions.


Such was recently voted upon in the London University where over two-thousand students, professors and other staff voted on whether to boycott all of Israeli academic institutions. The results were revealing as seventy-three percent favored the ban and sixty percent of the professors supported the ban. Fortunately this was simply a nonbinding resolution as the fact that a mere four-hundred-twenty-five people refused to accept and approve this motion is a frightening prospect that the new anti-Semitism, the anti-Israel or often referred to as the anti-Zionist platforms and resolutions are often introduced. It comes complete with the similar refrains such as I am not against Jews, just the Israeli government and the existence of Israel. Talk to these anti-Israel types and they will inevitably prove to be anti-Zionist as well. When asked to list exact things the Israeli government has committed they inevitably list the theft of Arab lands and the Occupation of Gaza and the (West Bank) Judea and Samaria. When asked if they hold similar opposition against China or Turkey you will mostly get the deer in the headlamps stare of complete vapid dumbfounded stare. Then you need to slowly coax these afflicted people back to life or they will stand there until they collapse and are hospitalized for suffering from some unidentified ailment. It has a name and it is unaware or creeping anti-Semitism. You have to explain that China swallowed Tibet around 1951 and has illegally occupied Tibet ever since and that Turkey invaded Cyprus in July 1974 and took half the island before being stopped and there the armistice lines was drawn and Turkey cemented their claim and hold on the northern half of Cyprus by kicking out the Greek citizens residing there and brought in families from Turkey and gave them the vacated houses. Now, if your poor afflicted person appears to have regained their composure you can ask again about if they hold any other nation responsible for their occupations and see if they have internalized the information you provided, the likelihood is nothing will have changed.


The good news was the last Liberian has been released from the hospital marking their final Ebola victim to have received treatment. It appears the fears of a worldwide pandemic were a bit premature but they also restricted travel out of the afflicted areas and may have prevented the spread of Ebola further. The heroic acts by many healthcare professionals who volunteered and placed themselves in the midst of the outbreak of this deadly disease should be lauded with high praise. They were likely instrumental in preventing the spread of this epidemic into the world and making it a pandemic. What is a pity is that it takes an emergency before many of us turn our attentions to some of the people who need assistance the most and instead join the protest which only requires one’s attention and time for a Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning spent carrying a sign for those few hours each week. Perhaps if one is truly dedicated to the cause they camp out at the protest site over the weekend and display their dedication and definitely join up if there is planned a stronger statement where specific targets are to be targeted. At the other end of the spectrum, an American aid worker who had volunteered in Ebola infected Africa to aid in battling the epidemic has tested positive for Ebola and will be admitted to the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland to be treated. Our hopes and prayers are with this goodhearted person struck by the very ailment they had sought to relieve and treat in others living with them in Africa.


Further, the war against ISIS has taken a few baby-steps in containing and possible taking back the city of Tikrit in Iraq. Meanwhile, the Iraqi military and the militias have shocked their United States trainers and imbedded advisors who have complained to the Iraqi government that these forces have been committing atrocities. The reports claim that some of the atrocities committed by the Iraqi forces border on the same level of violence and disrespect for those captured and in their custody as have been leveled on ISIS. This had disturbed their American trainers and if not rectified could lead to the removal of all United States trainers and other support personnel. State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki said the images amounted to “disturbing and serious allegations.” Below are a pair of photos the first reveals a captive being either hung while blindfolded and restrained or actually having been flung from what appears to be a guard tower with the second depicting a man who had recently been dragged by a yellow rope tied to his right ankle. Both are examples of treatment of prisoners which is unacceptable from a properly trained military and are acts expected of the likes of al-Qaeda and ISIS, not United States trained troops.


captive ISIS suspect hanging from guard tower by Iraqi forces

captive ISIS suspect hanging from guard tower by Iraqi forces


Captive ISIS fighter who has just been dragged by his right leg by Iraqi Special Operations Forces from the “Golden Brigades”

Captive ISIS fighter who has just been dragged by his right leg by Iraqi Special Operations Forces from the “Golden Brigades”



Meanwhile, in Washington D.C. the big news are the lost e-mails from her private internet server of Hilary Clinton. This is simply the latest in a maelstrom of troubles and tribulations which are surrounding Ms. Clinton leading some to question if she would even care to run for President and face an even more thorough investigation of her actions by a seeming hostile media. Of course the media cannot get tired of chasing down every lead or hint of misadventures by Hilary going forward. The real problem is that Hilary lacks in charm as much as her husband simply oozes charm which means every explanation she gives simply gets her deeper into the already deep mire of scandalous accusations. It is still our contention that Elizabeth Warren is the media chosen darling they hope will become the Democrat candidate for the 2016 Presidential elections. There are a number of potential candidates waiting in the wings but the odds of a democrat winning election to the White House is considered edgy as the odds of a candidate, other than the Vice President, of the same party who have held the White House for eight years are historically poor.


Also in the news is the continued fighting under the ceasefire in the Ukraine despite assurances from the Russians that they have nothing to do with the fighting. This leaves many to question where the rebel forces obtained their heavy weapons. Did they have howitzers in their basements, tanks and APCs in their garages and heavy machine guns hanging over the mantle atop the fireplace? The fighting in Syria continues with the death toll rising now estimated to be over two-hundred-thousand civilian lives alone and who knows how many fighters have died. In Nigeria media reports have apparently confirmed that elite South African mercenaries have joined with the forces at the front lines in Nigeria’s war against the extremist Islamic terrorists of Boko Haram. There is a fight worth waging but the world has mostly turned a blind eye to the struggles against Boko Haram which is just as necessary as is opposing ISIS. They have become one and the same as Boko Haram has officially tied themselves to ISIS and claim that they are fighting to establish the Caliphate. The same goes for the forces from Libya who have been announcing their intentions of invading Italy and taking control of Rome and with it Vatican City where they plan on making the cathedrals into Mosques and claiming supremacy over all of Christendom in the process. Such an assault would be a test for NATO and one which Putin would carefully watch for developments which might signal the death of NATO leaving additional nations Putin wishes to claim for Russia more readily assaulted if NATO has become ineffective by the witness to lack of concern or action in Italy. What a world we live in and yet, somehow we each and every one of us make it to the market and have milk in the refrigerator and can pop some popcorn and watch sports or other television allowing us the serenity of ignoring the crazy madness all around us.


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November 11, 2014

Yesterday Answered Why Israel Must Have Security Before Peace

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There will be reports that this is just another episode triggering the next round in the cycle of violence between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Then should Israel exact a price for the death of a young woman and injuring of a soldier and an elderly man at a ride stop where a Palestinian initially aimed to strike these three people waiting for their ride with his car but they managed to dive out of the way. The Palestinian driver then sprung from his car and started slashing and stabbing the three victims of this latest in a string of terror attacks where cars were initially used as weapons and like a former attack where after running down people a Palestinian driver jumped from his car and attacked people with a tire iron and then attempted to strike the police who demanded he drop the iron before being forced to shoot him. In this stabbing attack the security officer at the entrance to a community saw the events and charged over and when the Palestinian turned his attention on the security guard he responded shooting the terrorist. The other stabbing attack occurred at the entrance to the Hahagana train station where a Palestinian who had illegally entered Israel from Shechem (Nablus) in Samaria whose victim was a twenty-year-old IDF soldier and Magen David Adom (MDA) paramedics tried to resuscitate the young soldier whose condition was not known at the time of writing this article. These attacks come on top of an attack Sunday evening outside the Arab town of Taibeh. In this attack an Israeli driver returning home had his car come under rock attack, something which had been restricted to Judea, Samaria and the Jerusalem area until very recently. He was forced to duck to the floor of his car to avoid the barrage of rocks so the mob set his vehicle on fire. He survived in what must be considered a form of miracle as apparently some in the mob were not prepared to commit blatant murder, should one of the cars struck with the rocks have lost control, that would have been different, this was an obvious assault with the intent which guaranteed the victim’s death. These former assailants turned good Samaritans and dragged the victim from his car and snuck him into a nearby car and drove him to an IDF station and left him off where he could receive assistance. This assault was part of a called for ‘Day of Violence’ which also included rock attacks on the Jerusalem light rail system and riots in various Arab neighborhoods both in the Palestinian areas and within Israeli Arab towns.


Of all these attacks, one matched something I have been waiting to arrive as I was curious if the reactions would match my suspicions. I have long suspected that should a terrorist attack strike within Tel Aviv, especially in either the central areas or northern Tel Aviv or any of the northern and eastern suburbs, I predicted that then there would be a general out-calling for action against terrorism and an increased level of security forces to any level necessary to make the lives of those in the ‘nice’ neighborhoods of Tel Aviv safe for the people living within the central city and hub of all that matters. Within a couple of hours of the attack on the IDF soldier at Hahagana train station close to central Tel Aviv, we started hearing from one Knesset minister after another demanding security be increased and Israel made safe once again for its citizens. There had been the occasional peep about turning up the level of efforts to secure places from terrorist violence with most of the calls centering on Jerusalem but seldom calls for securing beyond the Green Line in the so-called settler areas except for the religious Zionist parties and the more right-wing members of Likud. Now, even one of the most centrist and critical of the right wing and ardent Zionists such as Naftali Bennett even spoke up, Tzipi Livni spoke demanding action. The Justice Minister stated, “We should fight against terrorism. We need to understand that everything is connected – Jerusalem, Gaza, the West Bank (Judea-Samaria) and Tel Aviv, and there will be those who will try to take advantage of these days to market childish and irresponsible slogans. It is our responsibility to tell the truth even when it hurts.” Livni went further stating, “For some of the citizens of Israel, Arab citizens of Israel are seen as the enemy; for the Arab citizens of Israel, the government is perceived as a regime over outsiders. We must put an end to it, we must first stop it and say that responsibility rests on the shoulders of our representatives – we are the ones who need to calm the situation before it is too late, even if we say things contrary to public opinion.” Aside from some snide allegations, Minister of the Knesset and Justice Minister Livni’s statement was extreme when compared with her normal measured and restrained language when referring Palestinian violence which seldom receives her most vindictive and acid tongues; that is reserved for the likes of Naftali Bennett, Danny Danon or even Prime Minister Netanyahu. Still, it is appreciated her finally realized that the terrorism can and will strike anywhere and anyone and that it is just a matter of time until wherever you are that terrorism will finally reach your neck in the woods, or train station in Tel Aviv.


There was also commentary from Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s fellow Palestinian spokespeople. Political advisor Nimer Hammad stated, “Abbas is making sure that our people are not drawn into a cycle of violence and counter-violence, according to the Netanyahu government’s plan to curb the diplomatic and political pressure against it.” Meanwhile, Abbas advisor Sultan Abu Al-Einein, wrote on Facebook, “Today, Jerusalem is seething with rage; behold the volcanoes of rage spewing lava in the faces of those who have defiled it, and in the faces of the occupying usurper. The earthshaking reaction came from the heroes of Jerusalem.” Al-Einein has also recently praised those perpetrating violence against Israelis including the assassin who almost murdered Yehuda Glick calling these perpetrators of deadly violence as, “illustrious and blessed children” who are “saturating the land of the homeland with their pure blood and igniting the flames of rage.” This is the usual response from the Palestinian leadership with contradictory statements with one set aimed for European and American audiences while making completely opposite statements for the ears of Palestinians, others in the Arab and Muslim world as well as for those Muslims in Western societies to be utilized as a recruitment or prevocational tool to facilitate terrorism throughout the West as often such terrorism has caused some Western leaders to place even more pressures on Israel blaming Israel for the terrorist activities within their borders such as what President Obama claimed that it was Israel’s inability to reach a peace with the Palestinians and in reaching an accord which formed a Palestinian state around the 1967 lines that caused the situations which led to the formation of ISIS. This would have been ridiculous except it followed within the week of a similar claim and threat from the leader of Iran Ayatollah Khamenei. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between self-proclaimed enemies and friends.


The one benefit which will result from this is that finally there will be a reevaluation of the severe restrictions placed on the police, IDF and other security and law enforcement personnel when facing such acts as the rock assaults and other provocations including rioting and throwing firebombs (Molotov Cocktails) at Temple Mount police such that Palestinian violence, and any other forms of violence, can be thwarted and restore sanity and order in all the areas under Israeli security control by treaties which constitute international law. I really wish in many varied ways that the attack in Tel Aviv and the other attacks had not occurred and regret that there is a young lady who is no longer with us and a family with a hole which can never be closed opened up in their lives. Even potentially worse is that there may be one or two more who may not survive their wounds from the assaults today and other families whose tables will have an empty chair at every family celebration in the future. These losses would be in addition to the thousands on both sides who have paid the ultimate price in what has been an intractable problem which has persisted due to the inability of a large number of people from all across the globe and across almost every classification and nationality to accept the Jewish state of Israel and a subset of those who are willing to commit acts of horrific violence to protest and with aims to terminate that tiny state’s existence.


Would it be beyond reason to hope that there will come a time when Israel will no longer be the most crucial and most scrutinized nation where so many invest so much time, efforts and vitriol on Israel and simply ignoring so many other threatening and dangerous problems? Russia has sent columns of tanks, artillery and MLRS (multiple launch rocket system) including minimally Grad systems as reported by authorities in Kiev, Ukraine. There has been violence in Nigeria where Boko Haram exploded another school killing many children. If you must choose to protest occupations because they are the highest crime against other societies, then why not protest and concentrate on one that has been ongoing for long before the 1967 War which resulted in Israeli holding the lands now contested and far more oppressive and consisting of population transfers designed to destroy an ancient civilization which almost rivals Judaism in age, that is the Chinese occupation of Tibet and their attempt to destroy the Buddhist culture of that ancient and peaceful nation started initially in 1950 and was completed by 1959 with parts of Tibet falling in stages to Communist Chinese aggressions. The Chinese even went so far as to appoint their own Dalai Lama claiming their choice to be the true and real leader of the Tibetan Buddhists despite the original Dalai Lama being in exile and still revered by the Tibetan people. Then there are the people of the Basque Country regions which are subsumed by Spain and France and have desired their independence for many years with their cries being met by the deaf ears of the European Union which is spending much of their time and trouble castigating Israel. Where did the new European Union Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini make her first intervention? Was it the Basque Country? No, she left the boundaries of Europe leaving the problems both economic and others in order to visit Jerusalem where she demanded the Israeli capital city be split and become the capital city for the Palestinians as well even if that might mean that Israelis will be denied access to the holy sites in eastern Jerusalem just as things had been when the Jordanians destroyed numerous Jewish holy sites which is exactly what the Palestinian Authority leadership has promised to do in speeches to their people in Arabic. But does the European Union Foreign Minister Mogherini bother her little head over such threats? She probably claims that she never heard of such threats and would then claim that such threats are made only for the consumption of the Palestinian people and that the Israelis must be exaggerating their claims of Jordanian destructions of Jewish sites between 1949 and 1967 despite Israeli proofs. One item before closing this article, I have noticed that with many European political elites when weighing Israeli claims and objections backed by photographic, video, and published evidence such as the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and anti-Zionist teachings and textbooks which have mostly been paid for by European and American funding and Palestinian simple rebuttal of Israel is lying about us again, the Europeans take the evidence into consideration and back the Palestinians almost universally. Maybe the Europeans should take some of the time they spend attempting to destroy Israel and instead rebuild the Greek infrastructure and economy, assist the Spanish in their well-intentioned and potentially beneficial revamping of their tax system and repeal of their strangling environmental restrictions which killed their economy and climb back to become a contributing economic power within Europe or assist with the infrastructure repair and rebuilding in eastern Europe and the other difficulties plaguing so many within the European continent and find some solution to the threats from Putin to freeze the continent if they do not bow to his will. Maybe you might try to make a deal with Israel for natural gas as there is a rumor that Israel has much natural gas to sell and if you are nice about it, perhaps Israel will grant you a good price. Try, you might be pleasantly surprised.


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